Survivor (2000–…): Season 13, Episode 7 - A Closer Look - full transcript

The first fifteen days are revisited and never-before-seen footage is featured.

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>> JEFF PROBST: Tonight, on a

special edition of Survivor:

Cook Island...

>> We play for our team.

>> Right.

>> And when we're in the merge

together, we keep an eye out for

each other, and that's going to

be the difference between our

culture verses others.

>> PROBST: You'll see 14 scenes

of all-new footage.

>> Let's get this party started.

Keep it going, dog.

>> Throw it.

>> Stefannie had about three

swigs, and she's delirious.

>> Oh, yeah, hold her up.

( laughter )

>> I mean, we're getting blown

away from our island.

>> I know.

I don't know what to do about


>> What is that?

>> I hope that's not them

flipped over.

>> Oh, my god.

>> PROBST: You'll see highlights

from the first 18 days of this


>> Ah!

>> No!

>> Ah, stop!

I am so sorry.

>> I came here to play the game.

That's my dream.

My prize isn't even the million


My prize was I fell in love in

this game, love at first sight.

>> Oh, my god.

>> What?

>> The little chick.

>> Oh, man.

>> This thing is newborn, like


>> Wow.

I am really sorry.

I mean it.

>> PROBST: And we'll delve

deeper into Survivor's most

controversial season ever.

>> This was a racially based set

of tribes.

I think it'll be interesting to

see if there really is cultural


You know, the Asian tribe,

they're not all from one

country, per se, I'm assuming.

And I'm a white guy, but I'm a

white Jew.

>> You represent your race.

It's not about avoiding.

It's always a wall.

We can never let that wall down

to interact or be honest with


>> It's a little bit

uncomfortable for me.

It's like you're trying to

change the world in 39 days, and

that just made the game that

much harder.

>> Watch it, watch it, watch it!

>> PROBST: 18 days ago, 20

Americans began the adventure of

a lifetime.

They had just two minutes to

gather everything they would

need for the next 39 days.

30 seconds!

>> The chicken!

>> Forget about the chicken!

Let's go!

>> Get overboard!

>> Paddle.

>> Where's the Hawaiian sling?

>> The teams were actually

devised by ethnicity.

You had a Latino team.

You had an Asian team.

You had a Caucasian team.

And then you had an African-

American team.

So I was like, "Oh, snap, you

know, I'm not the only token

brother for once."

>> Ah!

>> I personally feel like the

division is kind of strange.

Like, I've never been separated

because of my skin color before,

and I don't really like it.

>> Row, row!

>> The Asian invasion!

>> I'm pretty, you know, as

Americanized as you can get.

At the same time, I mean,

growing up, there were times

when people would make

presumptions about me or make

fun of me or insult me because

of my ethnicity.

I remember when I was a kid,

every time we put up Christmas

lights, young kids would come by

and smash our Christmas lights.

>> To me, being a Dominican

American is just a conversation


Because, like, being a

Dominican, what is that going to

do for me out here?

I think that means squat.

I think the content of your

character means everything.

Building stuff, there should be

the shelter, plus I know how to

make a toilet.

>> You want the machete?

>> Well, no.

First I'll just explain it to

you, and then we'll all be,

like, on the same page.

We'll all have the blueprint.

>> Do you want them with us?

>> They're going to do the

leaves and stuff.

They don't really need to hear

all this part.

>> PROBST: At Aitu, Billy

quickly found himself on the


>> It was kind of obvious to me

that he didn't really know

exactly what he was doing.

>> PROBST: ...forcing Ozzy to

step up.

>> Oh, my god.

>> I mean, he may not be very

big, but he's an athlete, and

he's somebody who'd be pretty

good at this game.

>> Really good job.

>> Good job.

>> PROBST: On Puka...

>> You've got a touch of bad


>> PROBST: ...Cao Boi resorted

to some traditional healing.

>> There, you'll feel better


>> It looks like it's burned.

Does it hurt?

>> I've never been accepted by

the Asian community.

I just don't fit the stereotype.

It's a very dangerous position

for me to be in.

>> You all know what this is,


Represent, represent, represent!

>> Whoo!

>> PROBST: At Hiki, Sekou

quickly emerged as a natural


>> Okay, everybody, focus, okay?

Focus on what we're doing.

>> Is it smoking?

>> Yeah.

>> Come on, oh, yes!

>> Yes!

>> PROBST: And then almost as


>> I need a break.

>> PROBST: ...burned out.

>> Want to do it?

>> Yeah.

>> It's all for you.

>> Hey, y'all, look, a boat!


>> What?

>> Yeah, we upgraded!

>> PROBST: But as this never-

before-seen footage shows, it

wasn't just Sekou who lacked

outdoor skills at Hiki.

>> Be careful.

>> Look at all the water in our


>> You know, we thought we were

all canoe tight, like, "Yeah,

we're going to row this thing


That was easier said than done.

>> Oh!

>> Oh, no!

>> I'm trying to hold it!

>> We're a bunch of city kids.

It's not that we are black,

white, Asian, Latino.

It's not that.

We're city kids.

We have one person who's from

the South.

>> Oh, no!

Oh, you okay?

>> Yeah.

>> It's harder than it looks.

>> You know paddling isn't our


>> No, the whole boat

experience, rafts, boats,

anything on water that...

>> I don't know everything, but

I never got on a boat that did


>> I have no clue.

>> So are you getting in the


>> It really doesn't matter to


I'll do it either way.

>> I'll be in the driver's seat.

>> We're about to go out,

Candice and I, catch us some



I'm dying for some protein, so

hopefully we can catch some fish

and get that.

Hopefully by the end of the day

we'll have all that for us.

>> PROBST: Day two at Raro found

Adam and Candice eager for an


>> PROBST: But when the weather

turned, the adventure went


>> I mean, we're getting pulled

away from our island.

>> I know.

I don't know what to do about


Found a little sandbar here to

hang out at, because every time

we try to start paddling, the

current's so strong, it actually

brings us straight back.


>> Yeah.

>> We'd been out there for


We were exhausted.

It was awful.

I mean, we were shivering.

My knees were shaking.

My jaw was shivering.

We were wet, and it's just the

frustration wearing on you.

It's the worst situation I've

been in in a long, long time.

I want to do something.

I don't want to sit...

>> Yeah, I don't think we can

paddle it.

I really don't.

>> You know, we're just going to

have to sacrifice the boat.

>> What is that?

>> I hope that's not them

flipped over.

>> Oh, my god.

>> I don't even see a boat.

>> You know, with the wind and

the current, I mean, we were

shivering, and we were freezing,

and we were exhausted.

It was awful.

But we finally made it back.

>> Can you see the little speck

out there?

>> That's our boat?

>> Yeah, I think so.

>> Did it flip over?

>> No.

>> Wait, it's not flipped over

or anything?

>> No, no.

It's anchored to the sandbar.

>> You couldn't paddle it?

You guys were too tired?

I was concerned about Candice

and Adam, when they came back

without the boat, and they're,

like, shivering and purple.

And then after I got over my

initial concern, I'm concerned

about the boat.

We need that to go fishing.

Like, we need food.

>> I just can't stand giving up,

you know?

>> Yeah, I know.

>> Save the other leaves for

when we make the tent for


>> Why do you say we need more

cross bars?

>> Because when you look

underneath, they're starting to


We probably just need one more.

>> Oh, okay, that's fine.

>> All right.

>> There's a couple here.

>> PROBST: While the Aitu tribe

worked on their shelter, Billy,

in this new footage, went to

work on Aitu.

>> Well, strategically, first I

went up to J.P., and I set up an

alliance with him right away.

Me and him to the end, that was

the first thing I said.

And he didn't want to hear why.

He was just happy with it.

But we don't want to get caught,

like, a surprise challenge, then

we lose, and then right away we

go to tribal, and then we don't

know what we're doing.

The next thing I did was I went

up to Christa and Cecilia, and

I put the idea in her head.

It's like you want to hope for

the best, but you got to prepare

for the worst.

If you two are going to get

together, then I want to be with

you two.

>> Right.

>> You know, it's out there so

we don't get caught.

We can just like... you know,

whatever, give a sign.

>> Okay.

>> And then we know.

I was trying to play both sides

of the fence, because this game

shifts so much that if you rely

on just one alliance or one

person to get you to the end,

you're not going to make it.

>> PROBST: Hiki has their torch!

They're coming back!

At the first immunity challenge

on day three...

Puka wins the challenge!

...Puka, Aitu, and Raro won

immunity and flint to make fire.

Hiki was not so lucky.

No fire for you, somebody going


But a surprise was revealed.

The losing tribe will choose one

person from any of the other

tribes to go to Exile Island.

And the two men of Hiki chose


On Exile Island, Jonathan

searched for the hidden immunity


>> The idol!

I'm cold, miserable, shivering.

Exile Island's really terrible.

>> PROBST: Back at the Hiki

camp, as this new footage

reveals, the tribe considered

the consequences of losing the

first challenge.

>> I think today we learned a

lot about working as a team.

>> Rather than us trying to do

50 things?

>> Yeah.

>> I don't like being on a

losing team.

I don't like it.

But you know, we're sticking


We're keeping our spirits up.

>> You know, it's only natural

that we're all just like...

I mean, I might not even say it,

but I think it.

>> Of course.

>> And it's just...

>> If you have any ounce of

awareness, you know, I think you


>> I knew that I gave it my all

and that should be enough.

But now, because it's been

divided by race, it's not


And that's how the group pretty

much feels, because we do, on

some level, feel like we're

representing a race.

If whatever we... if we lose a

challenge or we don't succeed in

something, it has nothing to do

with the color of our skin.

>> No!

>> Nothing.

We're just all people trying to

succeed in a game.

Now it was just figuring out who

was the weak link within our

tribe, which, again, doesn't

have anything to do with the

color of a person's skin, just

personality, who clashes.

>> PROBST: At the first tribal


First person voted out of

Survivor: Cook Islands...

...the women of Hiki decided

that Sekou was their weak link.

Sekou, the tribe has spoken.

>> I knew my head was on the

chopping block.

Nathan kept warning me all along

that the sisters would stick


I don't know, maybe they felt I

was taking a leadership role and

they needed to get me out.

There were some things that I'm

not knowledgeable about, but I

was willing to come out here and


I take a lot of pride in that.

You know, that's what made it

such an adventure for me.

>> Let me just say straight out,

like, I trust you.

>> No, that's what... you were

from the very beginning, yeah.

>> PROBST: On day three, Yul and

Becky formed an alliance at


>> Sticking together, obviously,

would help us in the game.

>> I want to stay together.

I agree.

Yul and I are both Asian, both

Korean, that we're automatically

going to form alliances because

of that.

In Korean, you call an older

brother an opa, and he seems

sort of like an older brother to

me, and I trust him a lot.

>> Oh, this is good eating.

These are some kind of nuts.

I don't know what they call


>> PROBST: Later, Cao Boi and

Yul searched for food and common


>> You mentioned the other day

that people assume that you're



>> I look... I look Japanese.

I go to Vietnam, they all try to

speak Japanese to me.

But then I tell them, "No, why

don't you look at a history


This is your ancestor's face."


"All of you look Chinese to me."

They don't like that, but they


>> A lot of people can't

differentiate among Asian


I mean, "Asian American" is a

very broad term that encompasses

a broad range of communities,

and we're not all alike.

>> Each one of us is an

ambassador of our own race,


>> Yeah.

>> We play for our team.

>> Right.

>> And when we're in the merge

together, we keep an eye out for

each other.

That's going to be the

difference between our culture

versus others.

>> All right.

>> I'll see you, brother.

Good job.

Thank you.

>> PROBST: At Aitu, Billy wasn't

pulling his weight.

>> We lose Billy, we come back

stronger than ever.

>> PROBST: So Ozzy suggested a

bold plan to throw the challenge

and oust Billy.

>> Billy is just dead weight, so

we might as well cut our losses

now and get on with the game.

>> PROBST: J.P. was on board,

but Christina was skeptical.

>> I'm thinking, "You know, this

doesn't seem right."

I don't know if I can trust

Oscar anymore.

>> PROBST: But at the


Puka's on the course.

Raro's on the course.

Hiki's on the course.

...Ozzy's plan went into action.

Aitu completely unconcerned

about this challenge.

Puka, Raro, Hiki all safe from

tribal council.

Aitu came in dead last and chose

Yul from the Puka tribe to go to

Exile Island.

Yul, boat's waiting for you now.

Before the tribes parted, Billy

thought he and Candice made a


>> PROBST: At Aitu's tribal

council on night six, J.P.

confronted Billy about his work


>> I came here to play the game.

That's my dream.

>> Part of the game is trying to

involve yourself.

That way, people find...

>> Well, excuse me, I'm still

talking here.

>> That way, people find you as


>> I'm still talking here.

You'll get your turn.

>> That way, people find you as


>> I'm still talking here.

You'll get your turn, Mr. Bully.

>> Because obviously you're not


>> My prize isn't even the

million dollars.

My prize was I fell in love in

this game, love at first sight.

Her name is Candice, and in


( laughter )

>> PROBST: Candice from Raro


>> Yeah.

After the last challenge, we

sort of mouthed the words "I

love you" to one another.

So that was my prize.

My prize was her.

>> PROBST: In the end, Billy's

tribe mates cut him lose.

Billy, the tribe has spoken.

>> Wow.

I learned so much about myself.

First of all, I learned what my

priority was.

I learned that I'm not motivated

by money.

I never was.

This game definitely favors

those that are willing to stoop.

That part of the game, I kind of

wish I'd have did without and

just played, you know, to have a

good time.

I'm definitely not the conniving

type or whatever.

That's not for me.

That was definitely the wrong

way to go.

>> PROBST: On day six, Yul made

the most of his time on Exile


>> Oh, mama.

I found the immunity idol, which

is probably the single biggest

stroke of luck I could have had.

>> PROBST: and in this never-

before-seen footage, Yul

destroyed the note and covered

up all evidence of him finding

the hidden immunity idol.

>> I didn't want the box lying

around on the island, so I

constructed a little raft made

out of coconut husk, and I'm

going to set it adrift.

>> PROBST: With the idol gone,

everyone else searched in vain.

>> Okay.

"Use the mast and an island to

form a letter.

Block out the south, and you'll

be doing better."


So many places it can be.

I'm just going to cover a big,

wide swath 20 feet long and

three feet down.

If I don't find it, well, it's

not from want of trying, you


Boy, I could use a toothbrush

real bad.

>> I have a good chance of

finding it if I'm digging in the

right place, but I guess anybody

has a good chance of finding it

if they're digging in the right


And it's got to be in between

here somewhere.

>> "If the southern isle

vanishes, a salvation you'll


That makes me think that I

should head that way.

>> I don't know if the idol is

even still here.

Right now I'm just kind of

digging wherever.

>> PROBST: All right, drop your


On day seven, the four

ethnically divided tribes merged

into two very diverse groups.

You are the new Aitu tribe.

You are the new Raro tribe.

Two new tribes, a whole new


>> Yeah!

( cheering )

>> One, two, three, Raro!

>> You just moved up, girl.

( laughter )

>> At first it's going to be all

smiles and "A pleasure to meet

you, and we're glad you're


But in the back of your mind,

it's a game, and you're in it to

win it for yourself-- and first

and foremost, cold, hard cash.

( cheering )

>> PROBST: At the new Aitu

tribe, Jonathan and Becky

understood this immediately, and

the game was on.

>> I trust Yul.

I trust Candice.

>> I totally agree.

Becky came right to me.

She said, "Yul and I would like

to get together with you and


I said, "I believe that I have


Stay with me and Candice, and

we'll take these other two, and

the five of us will go to the


>> PROBST: And Yul solidified

his bond with Becky.

>> I found the idol.

>> Oh, I'm so excited!

I'm so proud of you.

That's so awesome.

>> PROBST: Back at Raro, Parvati

saw an opening of her own.

>> There are so many men on this

tribe now.

It seems like we got all the,

like, really big, buff guys.

Your pants are falling off,


I'm absolutely going to flirt

with them.

It's what I do best.

>> I think Parvati feels really

safe because the guys love her.

She's, you know, a happy-go-

lucky, young, adorable girl, and

I don't think they want to see

her go at all.

She's entertainment for them.

You know, it's like watching a

movie to them, sitting around

and letting her be adorable.

>> Bombs away.

>> Okay, mama, you do that one

more time, I'm going to come up


When I first saw Parvati, I was

like, "Damn!"

>> Boys will be boys, you know?

There's nothing else going on on

this island.

There's no music, no anything.

So what else are they going to

think about?

They're bored, you know?

>> She likes to put on her buff

as a miniskirt.

It's great scenery.

>> So I want to get in tight

with all the guys, work on them

and manipulate them and stuff

like that.

Like, I haven't even begun to

work my feminine ways.

It's all a game.

The dating game, the game of

survival, it's all the same.

>> Give it all you got, go!

>> PROBST: During the immunity


Yul going to try to fight them

off as long as he can.

...Aitu was outmatched by the

brawn of the new Raro tribe.

Raro wins immunity!

Raro sent Candice to Exile

Island, saving her from tribal

council and jeopardizing the new

Aitu alliance.

>> PROBST: Suddenly, Becky was

on the chopping block.

>> Jonathan!

>> I thought Flicka was with me.

So we've got a serious problem


>> We have to let Becky go.

She's a princess out here.

>> She's not, like, weak.

She's strong.

>> PROBST: Yul and Jonathan

scrambled to save Becky.

>> If five of us vote for

Cecilia and three of you vote

for Becky, then all of a sudden

you're on the outside, you know

what I mean?

>> That's so not the point,


>> Well, what is the point?

>> She is the weaker link.

>> I'm trying to think ahead of


>> I'm not thinking ahead.

I'm not...

>> But this is a game.

This is like a chess game.

>> Hmm.

>> PROBST: At tribal council,

Jonathan and Yul's efforts paid


Cao Boi and Jessica flipped,

saving Becky and sacrificing

Cecilia, Ozzy's original tribe


Cecilia, the tribe has spoken.

>> I didn't sell out for a

chance to be on that island

another three days.

Given that I did try to play the

game with some sort of

integrity, really, my word meant

a lot, so those people missed


>> PROBST: On night eight, the

mood at Raro was confident and


>> How about "Amazing grace"?

Everyone knows that, right?

>> ♪ Amazing grace

how sweet the sound

♪ That saved a wretch

like me

♪ I once was lost

but now I'm found

♪ Was blind

but now I see... ♪

>> Yeah!

>> Thank you.

( applause )

>> That was tight!

>> That was beautiful.

>> You're really good!

>> That was very good.

>> That was touching.

>> Thank you.

>> Ah, ah, ah!

>> PROBST: On day 11, the kid in

Cao Boi got the best of him.

>> Oh, my god!

>> What?

>> Aw.

>> Oh, wow.

>> A little chick.

>> It fell out?

>> Wow.

I am really sorry.

I mean it.

>> This thing is newborn, like


I mean, what do you with this?

>> I cannot put the nest back


>> We can try.

>> Okay, buddy, I'm going to put

it back for you, okay?

Curiosity got the best of me,


I'm sorry.

That kid in me just keeps

wanting to do stupid things.

I feel really bad.

I'm really humbled.

>> Forgive us, please.

>> Forgive us.

I'm sorry.

I intrude in your house.

There, secure, okay?

>> Nice, good job.

>> I'm sorry.

>> PROBST: Meanwhile, the men of

Raro were content to kick back.

>> It's like Sunday Night

Football or something or Sunday

morning football.

>> I know.

>> The guys are starting to,

like, rule the roost a little


It was kind of annoying.

Because they know that we need

them; they're strong.

>> No way.

>> You think they were?

>> Even if they all do think,

what's that going to do to us?


These girls, they're going to

need manpower, so the four-guy

alliance is definitely relaxed.

>> PROBST: What J.P. Didn't know

was that his cocky attitude was

becoming a real thorn in the

girls' side.

>> Parvati, can you hand me the


>> Where is it?

Oh, yeah.

J.P. is very demanding.

He's like, "Oh, hand he that


You know, "Serve me."

That just doesn't fly with me at


>> PROBST: While the men of Raro

were taking it easy, Ozzy was

bringing in the big haul for


>> He's the fishing star, for


Ozzy's a mad fisherman.

>> This is so great!

>> I'm happy being the sole

provider of this tribe.

If they lose me, then they're

going to be losing a lot of


>> I think we should call him

Poseidon now or something.

>> Yes.

>> Poseidon!

>> King Neptune.

>> PROBST: And Ozzy raised his

Survivor stock even further...

Ozzy just made up a lot of time

with the long run!

>> Go, Ozzy!

>> Ozzy first to the mast!

...when he and Cao Boi brought

home the victory for Aitu.

>> Here it comes.

>> PROBST: Aitu wins immunity!

>> Good job, guys.

>> Great job.

>> PROBST: Back at Raro...

>> Keep our heads up, guys.

>> PROBST: ...Stephannie

expressed some self-doubt.

>> PROBST: ...opening a door for

her tribe to make an easy


>> Someone doesn't want to be

here, I'm not going to keep you


>> PROBST: But Rebecca and Jenny

concocted a different plan.

>> Why don't we switch this up

and just have all the girls

align right now and get rid of


>> That's what I say.

Women should stick together.

It's five women, four men.

So if we're going to do any type

of alliance, it needs to be done

right now, tonight, if any of

the women really want to stay in

the game.

>> PROBST: But when Artie

expressed reluctance, the girls

approached Brad.

>> Wow.

>> PROBST: And, as seen in this

new footage, they approached

Nate as well.

>> Hey, listen.

>> Whoa!


>> Yeah.

>> No!

>> Uh-huh.

>> No!

You guys are stupid!

That's not smart.

We need his strength.

>> We'll be fine.

We're still stronger than the

other team.

I thought it was Stephannie too,


>> PROBST: But J.P. was kept

completely in the dark.

>> And I was just so pissed at

myself and wanting us to win so

badly and not feel like I had

given it 100%.

>> Yeah, I hear you.

But you know it kills everybody.

>> I just set myself up to go


>> You're a beautiful, beautiful


>> Thank you.

He actually came up very

confident that I'm leaving

tonight, and I played right

along with him and said, "You

know, thanks.

I've had a great time.

I'll miss you guys."

So I basically played my tail

off on that one.

You know, I hate that it has to

be like this, but, you know, you

do what you do, and you go out

on top, and you smile, hold your

head high.

>> You've been... your face just

makes me... kept me going.

Definitely, definitely.

And I will think about your face

every single day.

>> Oh!

Thank you, baby.

I appreciate it.

>> I think this will be the

hardest vote ever any of us will

ever have to do.

>> PROBST: J.P. never saw it


At tribal council, everyone but

Nate pitched in and gave him the


Fourth person voted out of the

Cook Islands...

>> Wow.

>> PROBST: J.P., you need to

bring me your torch.

>> Damn, you guys outwitted me

big time.

>> PROBST: J.P., the tribe has


>> My biggest attribute is my

loyalty, and I think my biggest

attribute was my biggest

downfall, because I think I

trusted people too much, and

everyone that I trusted ended up

not working out for me.

>> PROBST: On day 12, Aitu let

the reward challenge slip from

their fingers.

Jessica drops out.

Raro wins reward!

( cheering )

And Raro took home wine and

fishing supplies.

>> That's what I'm talking


>> PROBST: that night, as seen

in this new footage, Raro


>> Are we just going to drink

out of the bottle?

>> Yeah.

>> We're swigging out of the


>> I'm down with that.

>> We won some wine, so we're

getting our fade on, which is

quite nice.

>> That's what I'm talking

about, dog.

>> You know, we can all get

loose, and I think everyone's

real personalities are going to

kind of come out when we get a

little booze in us-- especially


She don't ever drink.

>> Is it good?

>> It tastes like a buttery


>> We're all happy.

>> No!

( laughter )

>> Let's get this party started!

Keep it going, dog!

>> She's a lightweight here.

>> She drunk?

>> Mama's drunk.

>> I'm taking care of my mama.

I'm taking care of my mama.

>> Mama needs to lay down.

She hasn't eaten anything.

>> Oh, my god!

She's wasted.

( laughter )

>> Stephannie's, like, on some

drugs right now.

She is torn back.

>> Give her another shot!

( laughter )

>> It's funny, though, because

you can tell she's like the good

old Southern mom who doesn't get


So, like, a couple of sips, so

she's kind of like... she's more

than drunk.

Home girl's on another level.

>> You all right?

>> Hold her up!

>> Stephannie had about,

probably, like, three swigs, and

she's delirious.

She's just talking nonsense and

kind of almost passing out.

It's really cute.

>> Walk this way.

>> Good girl!

>> Okay, we need to get...

>> What are we doing with it?

>> We need some coconut juice.

We need to open up some


We need coconut pieces and then

a little bit of saltwater.

>> PROBST: On day 13, Christina

was getting on Raro's nerves.

>> Then we got to that pot, take

it to the water.

>> We're all annoyed by


She tells people, "Can you do


Can do you that?"

Christina is coming across as,

like, our new J.P.

So she better watch herself.

>> Mine are worse, aren't they?

Are mine worse?

>> Yours aren't that bad.

>> PROBST: At Aitu, Ozzy had a

difficult time getting Candice,

Sundra, and Becky motivated.

>> Do any of you guys want to go

out in the boat to the reef, go

do some relaxing diving?

>> Yeah.

The fish are right out there.

>> The reason that I hesitate to

go is that I get really cold.

>> Yeah.

>> If it was sunny, I would be

out there all day.

I feel like once I get really

cold, I'm just, like, sitting

there, and I'm no good for doing


>> It's starting to get really

trying on my patience, and it's

getting harder and harder for me

to motivate to want to go out

and fish when I know that I get

one-eighth of the fish that I

catch, and the rest of it goes

to, you know, some people that

aren't as deserving.

>> Go for it, guys.

It'll be a little hot.

>> Everyone get a crab who wants

a crab?

>> I'll eat the bones when

you're done if you're not going

to eat them.

>> Eat the bones?

>> I'm annoyed that these

princesses sit around.

They eat the most.

They consume the most calories,

and they expend the least.

They don't appreciate a darn


They appreciate when they eat it

that it tastes great.

But watch out, there's a knife

poised at your back at all


>> PROBST: Later, Ozzy, Cao Boi,

and Jessica set out to explore

the neighboring island.

>> I don't want to go back,


>> PROBST: And they made a

surprising discovery.

>> Why is their tribe here?

>> How you doing?

>> PROBST: And Raro was not


>> How are you, my man?

>> Hi, Cao Boi.

>> Parvati.

>> You're Parv...

>> Parvati.

>> Par...

>> Par-va-ti.

>> Par-va-ti.

>> I didn't like it at all.

I don't think they should be on

our island.

This is our turf.

This is our territory.

They got their own island.

>> PROBST: On day 14, Aitu won

the immunity challenge.

Aitu wins immunity!

>> Damn!

>> PROBST: And Raro was united

on who should go next.

>> Okay.

>> Yeah, yeah.

>> PROBST: But Stephannie's talk

of home...

>> I can easily see myself going

home and getting some mashed

potatoes and gravy.

>> PROBST: ...made the tribe

question their decision.

>> She's already mentally

checked out.

>> PROBST: At tribal council,

Christina realized she was on

shaky ground.

>> Just her personality.

You know, it can be a little

nerve-racking sometimes.

>> PROBST: Fifth person voted

out of the Cook Islands...

But it was Stephannie who was

sent back to the home she missed

so much.

Stephannie, the tribe has


>> Actually, I'm extremely proud

that I made it for 14 days.

Sure, I would have loved to have

stayed in the game a lot longer.

You know, anybody would be.

I think what took me out of the

game was the emotional aspect of

missing my family, and that

really started messing with my


>> PROBST: After tribal council,

Christina confronted her


>> For the past few days, you

guys have been kind of rude, and

I've notice it, like when it

comes to passing things.

You snapped at me twice.

>> I said you were annoying.

It's just the way... I mean,

it's just the way it is.

>> I never thought that's what

they thought of me.

But I'm going to stick my head

up high still.

You know, I've gone through a

lot of stuff.

I've been shot and all that


I mean, yeah, that's a tragedy

of my life.

I know I survived a lot of other

things in my life, and I'll

survive this.

>> PROBST: But the next day,

Christina couldn't let it go.

>> I'm not a robot.

Just because I'm a cop doesn't

mean I don't have emotions.

I have emotions just like you

and anyone else.

>> Right.

>> And you know what?

I was going to say something,

and I'm like, "You know, what?

If they have a problem, they'll

say something to me."

And I actually asked Adam in the

boat, "Is everything okay?

Why are you yelling?"

You didn't say anything about

being annoying.

>> I'm just like, settle down.

I mean, it just... it's nerve-

racking sometimes.

>> Well, then you should have

said something.

>> I said you were annoying.

>> No, you didn't say it.

>> I don't know how else to tell


>> Honestly, you didn't say it.

I swear to God you didn't say

it, and I never swear to God.

>> Well, I swear I did.

>> Maybe you thought you did.

>> Christina, I said it to you.

>> Nope.

>> She said over and over again

that she wished we would tell

her the way she is and be open

and up front.

You know, if she needs to know

it, then I'll tell her.

>> PROBST: At the challenge...

Good news/bad news.

Good news is the winners will


Bad news is you'll be feasting

at tribal council, because win

or lose, both tribes are going

to tribal council tonight.

>> Ooh!

>> PROBST: Go!

>> Let go.

>> PROBST: Aitu endured a brutal

test of physical strength...

Jonathan and Yul taking on Nate.

...and handed Raro a beat down.

Aitu wins the challenge!

Here's how it's going to work


Aitu will go to tribal council


You will vote somebody out.

You will then enjoy your feast

while listening in on Raro's

tribal council.

Thinking Jonathan had the

immunity idol, Cao Boi dreamed

up a scheme to get the idol out

in the open.

>> Plan Voodoo would split our

votes between Jonathan and


I think the plan is ingenious.

I know that neither Jonathan or

Candice has the immunity idol,

because I have it.

>> PROBST: At tribal council...

Sixth person voted out of

Survivor: Cook Islands.

...Plan Voodoo never came to


Cao Boi, the tribe has spoken.

And Cao Boi's wild ways finally

got him voted him out.

>> I was perfectly comfortable

in terms of survival.

It was the human element that I


The Puka tribe caught me by


I thought their parents had

taught them honor.

I thought they would know what's

right and what's wrong about not

screwing somebody over or back-

stabbing anybody, but I guessed

it wrong.

>> PROBST: After Cao Boi's

departure, Aitu indulged in a

succulent reward...

>> People in our group plain out

said, "You're annoying."

>> PROBST: ...while listening in

on Raro's drama.

>> Unfortunately, she just found

out our true feelings.

>> PROBST: Then another


Aitu, you will now kidnap one

member from the Raro tribe.

They will be a part of your

tribe through the next reward


Aitu, who are you going to


>> Nate.

>> PROBST: Nate, I owe you some


Nate had a hearty meal...

Seventh person voted out of the

Cook Islands...

...before Christina was sent


Christine, the tribe has spoken.

>> Being a police officer, you

know, you would think you come

into a game playing it a certain

way and use my experience.

But you know, at the same time,

you realize you're human.

You're a person.

You're going to have emotions.

You're going to go through

different things like anyone


I would do it all over again,

and I'm glad I got the

opportunity to do it.

>> PROBST: Where 20 once stood,

only 13 remain.

How will Nate's time at the Aitu

tribe affect strategy?

>> I've got my eyes open very


>> PROBST: What further

adventures will the survivors

face next?

What future twists will impact

the game.

The losing tribe will take back

to camp with them this bottle.

You have ten seconds to decide

whether or not you change your

fate in this game.

Join us as the adventure


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>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

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>> PROBST: Next time on


>> I'd rather be on the same

page and know what's going on.

>> PROBST: ...Nate causes stress

for Aitu.

>> I was a little bit uneasy

about the fact that they we're

having this conversation right

in front of Nate.

>> He looks like a monkey.

>> PROBST: Ozzy's stock


>> Good job, Oz.

>> PROBST: And one exiled

survivor takes a beating.

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>> Ah, ha-ha!

Don't come around these parts!

He got served!

He got served!


Sorry, but it had to be done.

>> That was painful.

I'm sorry.

>> No, come on.

Yeah, you got served!