Survivor (2000–…): Season 13, Episode 6 - Plan Voodoo - full transcript

Win or lose, both tribes must vote one of their own off the island.

>> JEFF PROBST: previously on


Knowing they were outnumbered,

the men of Raro got to work.

>> I think they're definitely

trying to prove themselves to

the women so that the women

don't try to overthrow all of

the guys.

I love it.

>> PROBST: At the reward


>> Pull it in.

Pull it in.

>> PROBST: ...together, Nate and

Adam were unstoppable.

>> Raro wins reward.

>> PROBST: And Jonathan was sent

to Exile Island, where he came

to a realization.

>> I dug for hours and there was

no idol there.

At this point I have to assume

the idol has been found.

>> PROBST: Back at Raro...

>> We've got to get that pot.

>> Oh, you know what?

We need some more salt water.

>> PROBST: ...Christina was

testing her tribe's patience.

>> We're all annoyed by


She tells people, "Can you do

this, can you do that?"

>> Somebody help.

>> She'd better watch herself.

>> PROBST: At the immunity


>> Rebecca's not up.

>> PROBST: ...Raro fell short.

>> Aitu wins immunity!

>> PROBST: After the challenge,

the tribe was united on who was

next to go.

>> Okay.

>> Yeah.

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: but Stephannie's talk

of home...

>> I can see myself going home

and getting some mashed potatoes

and gravy.

>> PROBST: ...made the tribe

wonder if her head was in the


>> She's already mentally

checked out.

>> PROBST: At tribal council...

>> You know, I thought Christina

knew she was kind of, like, that


>> PROBST: ...Christina learned

she was on shaky ground.

>> It's just her personality.

You know, it can be a little

nerve-wracking sometimes.

>> PROBST: But in the end...

The fifth person voted out of

Cook Islands...

It was Stephannie who was sent


Stephanie, the tribe has spoken.

14 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

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>> When we came back from

tribal, there was a lot of

tension, like I knew there would


And I knew that Christina was

offended by what had happened

during tribal council.

It wasn't intended.

It didn't mean to come out.

But Adam responded.

And unfortunately she got her

feelings hurt.

>> You know what's funny, is for

the past few days you guys have

been kind of rude.

And I've noticed it.

Like, when it comes to passing

things, you snapped at me twice.

>> I said you were annoying


>> No, you didn't say that.

>> And then I left it alone.

>> You never said that.

When did you say that?

>> Talking about passing things,

you're like, "Give me that, give

me that."

I mean, it just gets...

>> I always say please.

I always say please.

>> No, you don't.

No, you don't.

>> I have heard Adam snap at

Christina and calling her

annoying and I thought that was

kind of a little bit of a low


She's used to being in control.

She's not used to people telling

her what to do.

And it's really showing.

>> It's your personality.

>> Well, you could have said

something to me.

>> Your personality is...

>> We have to accept you the way

you are.

That's it.

>> No, but you could have said

something if it was bothering


>> We can't change you,


>> It's not like you're sitting

around not doing anything and we

want you to change that.

>> You said I annoyed you.

>> I mean, it's just the way it


>> I just don't understand.

I never thought that's what they

thought of me.

But I'm going to stick my head

up high still.

And I have gone through a lot of


I have been shot and all of that


I mean, yeah, those are

tragedies in my life.

I know survived a lot of other

things in my life.

I'm going to survive this.

>> Nice.

Look at that.

One, two, three, four, five more

of them.

Jonathan and I went fishing this


We went out to my same little

spot that I like.

I'm getting to know that area

very well.

And I have a few special holes

in the coral that I like to


So I can catch ten fish easily

within an hour or so.

>> Oh, baby!

You got him!


Look at the size of that.

>> Ozzy can hold his breath for

two and a half minutes or

something crazy like that.

The kid's like an otter or


I mean, he's a great fisherman.

He's proven that time and again.

We need his strength for the

group to move forward.

But as an individual threat, he

is the biggest threat.

Certainly if the merge were to

happen today, I wouldn't want

him around, because Ozzy as an

individual is a very, very

strong player.

>> Oh, please be good to us,

tree mail.



It's a mast.

It's a sail.

>> Tree mail.

>> All right, guys, gather


"This head-to-head match needs a

well-balanced team.

To win your first feast, you

will kick and you will


To win your first feast you will

kick and you will scream."

It doesn't say anything about


I wonder...

>> I believe we should bring


I'm the priest.

I like to carry him.

I feel like I'm holy.

I should bring it.

>> I would prefer not to have


>> I would bring the immunity

idol with us at all time, every


We should bring him.

I believe Atangaroa is the ocean

god of fertility, and he came to

us an immunity idol.

He's our extra member.

>> You're saying, like, that's

your spirituality.

>> It means something to me.

It would mean nothing to you, I

would carry it.

>> Yeah, but it means something

else to me.

It means that when we bring the

immunity idol to a reward

challenge that we're sticking it

in their face.

>> I know that you don't, so I

respect that.

But since we're a team, let's at

least get everybody's opinion.

>> Have it your way.

It's less of a burden for me to


I don't need to argue.

Hell with it.

>> Cao Boi, you know, he is

rubbing some people the wrong


He does have to get talked out

of a tree once in a while.

You know, and nobody really

spoke up except me.

Do you understand where I'm

coming from, Cao Boi, or where I

think most of us are coming


>> That's fine.

We're good sportsmen, and we

play, and that's fair.

You know, that's the American


>> Cao Boi, he's gone through a

lot of things in life.

He knows a lot.

At the same time he is very


I mean, he's just an

unpredictable guy.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys.

Aitu getting your

first look at the new Raro


Stephannie voted out at the last

tribal council.

All right, are you ready to get

to today's challenge?

>> Yes.

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Today's challenge is


Here's how it works.

Each tribe will select three


Each of those three will be

stationed at their own post.

On my go, two members of the

other tribe will race out and

attempt to physically remove you

from your post and drag you

through the sand to their finish


Once they have accomplished

that, two other tribe members

will race out and attempt to do

it with the second person.

First tribe to get all three of

the opposing tribe members

across their finish line wins

the challenge.

Make sense?

>> Mm-hmm.

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Want to know what

you're playing for?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: It's good news-bad


Good news is the winners will

feast on thick lamb shanks,

bread, apple cider.

Bad news is you will be feasting

at tribal council, because, win

or lose, both tribes are going

to tribal council tonight.

Both tribes will vote somebody


Here is how it will work.

The winning tribe will go to

tribal council first.

You will have your tribal

council and vote somebody out.

You will then move to the jury

section, and you will feast

while listening in on the losing

tribe's tribal council.

>> Oh, my goodness.

>> PROBST: So not only do you

get food, you get knowledge of

what is going on in the other


Because today's challenge

requires equal numbers of men

and women, Aitu, you have one

extra member, you must sit out a


>> It's purely physical.

Do you want to sit out?

>> You want to sit me out?

>> PROBST: Who's it going to be?

Who's sitting out?

>> Cao Boi.

>> Cao Boi.

>> PROBST: All right, Cao Boi,

take a seat.

I will give you guys a minute to

figure out who is going to be on

the post, we'll get started.

Here we go.

On the post for Aitu, Candice,

Ozzy and Sundra.

On the post for Raro, Chris

Christina, Nate, and Jenny.

Starting with the women.

Survivors ready.


You've got to pull them off of

their post and drag them across

your finish line.

>> Get her leg.

Get her leg.

Get her leg.

>> PROBST: Becky and Jessica

double-teaming on Jenny, trying

to separate her legs, get her

off that post.

Candice is not budging for Aitu.

>> Damn, lady, let go.

>> PROBST: Jessica and Becky

have Jenny face down now.

Candice finally off the post.

Candice getting back on the post


>> Becky, grab the other leg and

drag her.

>> Drag her!

Just drag her!

>> Drag her!

That's it.

>> PROBST: Rebecca yanking on


>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: Getting very physical

between Candice and Rebecca.

Becky and Jessica making up some

ground now.

They've got Jenny.

They're dragging her.

You've got to get a part of her

body to touch this line.

>> Come on, Jessica!

>> PROBST: Go!

Jonathan and Yul taking on Nate.

Raro still working on their

first person.

They've got to get Candice

across that line.

Jonathan and Yul trying to get

Nate off that post, but he is

not making it easy.

Candice now on top of Rebecca.

Parvati can't pull them both.

Nate doing a great job fighting

off two guys!

>> There you go, there you go.

>> PROBST: Nate making Jonathan

and Yul really work.

They're getting closer with


Candice takes Parvati down!

>> Come on, guys.

>> PROBST: Nate's over the line.

Go, go!

Aitu heading out to for their

last opponent, Christina.

Parvati very close with Candice.

Got to get her to touch.


Candice is across, finally.

Aitu with the lead.

Raro's got to make up ground.

Adam and Brad going aggressive

after Ozzy.

They've got to get Ozzy across

that line and work on Sundra.

>> You're choking!

Get off my neck!

>> PROBST: No choking!

>> Stay away from my neck.

>> PROBST: Watch it, Christina.

Be easy.

Ozzy fighting them off as hard

as he can.

He's outweighed by a lot.

Christina trying to pull

Jessica's pants off.

>> Girls, pick her up.

Move her forward.

>> PROBST: Christina making it

very tough on Jessica and Becky,

giving Raro a chance.

Adam and Brad working Ozzy,

getting closer.

Raro getting back in this


Got to get that foot to

touch the line.

Go, go!

Adam, Ozzy, and Brad, worn out.

It comes down to this.

Becky and Jessica trying to get

Christina across their line.

Parvati and Rebecca trying to

get Sundra off the post.

>> Don't look at them!

Come on!

>> Roll, roll, roll, roll!

>> PROBST: Christina, watch the


Sundra not budging off that


>> Grab her legs, Becky!

Grab her legs.

>> PROBST: Becky pulling at her

shoes now, trying to get hold of


Becky showing some life.

Parvati and Rebecca still

working on Sundra.

They've got her arms free but

not her legs.

Becky and Jessica very close.

Christina not giving up.

>> Jessica, push her, push her.

>> PROBST: Got to get that foot

on there.


Aitu wins the challenge.

It's over!

Well, I said it was going to be

a physical challenge, and it

certainly was.

Good effort, I thought, by both


Here's now it is going to work


Aitu will go to tribal council


You will vote somebody out.

You will then enjoy your feast

while listening in on Raro's

tribal council, where Raro will

vote somebody out.

In addition, there will be one

more surprise revealed tonight.

See you both at tribal council.

Get your stuff, head on out.

>> It was fun but it was crazy.

>> I was so proud of the tribe

today in challenge.

Oh, my god.

We just worked together so

beautifully, because it was a

physical challenge, and we came

together and we did it.

>> It came down to the girls.

You guys were way more physical

than them.

>> Yeah.

>> Christina, when she is

realized she was going to have

to budge and I was going to make

her, he is started pulling my

hair and, you know, ripping my

clothes off, you know, so I

thought that was a little

uncalled for.

>> A cop ain't used to getting

her ass kicked, you know.

>> We did it.

>> We won ourselves our big


It was a great day.

But it was very hard to come

back and know that somebody is

going to be going home, though.

>> I had this dream, I was

dealing with all of these

supernatural people with

supernatural power.

And there was a shaman lady,

like this old lady.

And she had all kinds of credit

card applications.

And she asked me if I have an

American Express or Visa, all of

this stuff.

I'm looking at it, and I said

"What do I need it for?"

She said, "Well, you need three

of that and three of that."

And I thought three and three--

that's how you can defeat the

immunity idol.

You can flush it out.

And I woke up and I go, whoa,

"Plan Voodoo."

>> Cao Boi believes John has the

hidden immunity idol.

So Plan Voodoo would split our

votes between Jonathan and

Candice, forcing a three-three


And if Jonathan has the hidden

immunity idol, it would force it

to be played.

And so that way you accomplish

two goals.

One, you get the hidden immunity

idol out of Jonathan's hands

and, two, you get one of those

two people to go home.

That's very interesting.

>> Think about it.

That's the only strategy I could

think of that works.

>> That's a very interesting


>> I think the plan is


I know that neither John nor

Candice have the hidden immunity

idol, because I have it.

But it's a great plan to break

down Jonathan's alliance with

the members of their original

white tribe.

>> John has been to Exile


Yul and Candice have been to

Exile Island.

But Jonathan has been there


He actually had five days and

four nights.

So he has the most time.

And if we merge, the Caucasians,

they become real strong.

If they have five members

intact, they can knock us all


>> We lost the challenge today,

and that gets a double whack--

not only back to back, but

losing the feast.

It hurts.

I don't want to talk to anyone.

But I can't have that attitude.

And I said, "Okay, I'm going to

get us food.

We're going to eat good tonight


Adam I got another one!

I'll pull its fat ass out.

He's a big boy.


>> We have to go to tribal

council tonight.

And I'm bummed because I could

be the next one out of my tribe,

especially after last night's

tribal council.

Basically they were saying that

I'm trying to take control of

situations, I'm overbearing.

But I will see what I can do.

>> I would definitely give you a


I'm up for giving anyone a


>> Okay.

Would you give me a chance


>> I don't know who I'm

voting... I really haven't even

thought about it.

>> I will definitely keep

fighting and keep working hard.

And if you guys give me a chance

I promise I will not fail you


>> I think my effort in the

challenge today helped me out,

but I'm bummed because I can be

the next one out of my tribe.

I don't know.

We'll see what happens.

I will try to talk to some

people, and hopefully it will

change some things and hopefully

I won't get booted out tonight.

And I'm sorry that we just

butted heads.

And I know that... you know, if

I annoyed you I'm very sorry.

But I'm just asking if you just

give me one more chance...

>> That's fine with me.

I will talk to the guys.

>> Okay, thanks.

>> Christina is obviously the

outsider of the tribe right now.

She's kind of tried to get us to

go against each other, because

I'm sure she's going to feel

like she needs to scramble at

this point.

>> I was just like, "Okay," but


>> No, don't worry about it.

I think we've got a game plan

and I think we're going to stick

to it.

>> Christina's the one that's

going to be voted off.

And I don't think that's


>> Oh, my god, you're amazing.

Oh, my god.

>> Will you?

>> Yeah.

>> And I promise I won't let you


>> I got you.

>> Okay, thanks.

>> Of course.

>> Christina is close with me.

A lot of good characteristics

about her.

She is gave it her all today,

which is good.

And that was enough for me to

say, "Maybe, you know, you could

be valuable."

>> Adam snaps at her so bad, I

think she feels like...

>> He needs to get some class.

You do not talk to a woman like

that in disrespect.

I'm scared that Jenny may be

tight with them other Asians on

the other team.

If they merge, and there's three

of them, she could cut us up.

>> Want me to cut while you


>> Whatever, yeah.

You can cut while I pull.

>> Okay.

>> If we were going to keep

Christina, Jenny would have to


She's a good tough cookie.

I love her.

So it's a toss-up.

Christina's strong, but her

mouth's strong.

Jenny's sweet, but I don't know

if I can trust her yet.

So it would be kind of... you


>> Oh, that feels great.

Thank you.

>> That's my biggest concern.

>> Okay.

>> We did not lose the challenge


We won.

It was just a twist of the game

that said we had to vote

somebody off.

And the consensus is that Cao

Boi should go because he is

pissing people off.

Something as simple as, "I want

to take the immunity idol.

Well, that's what I believe in."

You know, so he is a bit of a

wild card, and it's time to vote

him off.

>> You're a J.

>> Cao Boi has this theory that

the white alliance is going to

take over the game so we need to

get them out.

And maybe it's a good idea,

because I'm suspicious of


Maybe it's the way he will say

something, maybe the way he will

look at somebody.

And when it smells a little

fishy, then you're like, "Okay,

I don't know."

>> I'm in a tight alliance with

Becky, Jonathan, Candice, and


Although now I'm not sure.

The girls, it's possible they

might want to vote off Jonathan.

For whatever reason he seems to

inspire some level of mistrust

among everyone.

They think he is playing the

game very, very hard.

And their suspicion of Jonathan

has started to rub off on me a

little bit myself.

I mean, you know, if everyone

kind of universally holds

Jonathan in some degree of

suspicion, then it kind of makes

me wonder-- maybe I should, too.

>> We're brothers.

We've got to remember that.

>> Yeah.

>> Ozzy, have you got it?

>> It's hard to say if Plan

Voodoo is a good idea or not.

There is a lot of chaos in camp,

and people don't know who

they're going to vote for for


So I'm just trying to play it

all by ear as far, you know, my

gut instincts are concerned.

>> I do feel bad that people

have to go.

I'd like to try to play the game

with as much integrity and

honesty as I can.

I'm finding it to be very, very

complicated, because I feel like

people do trust me.

But as a result of that, they

think I'm in separate alliances

with them, and obviously I can't

be in alliance with everyone.

So for me it's a question of how

far can you get in this game,

and who do I trust?

>> Relax, we'll be okay.

We have plan voodoo in effect.

I believe I can trust Becky and


That's gut instinct.

They are solid, solid people.

I have the utmost faith in them.

>> How's your stomach?

>> You feel totally stressed


Are you stressed out?

>> Tonight, if I get voted off,

I will be shocked.

I don't believe that's going to


I've got some pretty tight


If I'm wrong, then I've been

outplayed, and the conspiracy is

much bigger than I can picture.

>> PROBST: First things first.

Obviously, Cao Boi, you've

brought the immunity idol.

A first.

What's the reason?

>> We should bring it since we

have no more immunity, do we?

We're about to vote someone out.

>> PROBST: I haven't asked for

it back.

What do you want to do with it?

>> He will be another member.

>> PROBST: Ozzy, what is the

deal with the idol?

Because sometimes you bring it

to challenges when you don't

need it.

Tonight you bring it to tribal

council when you don't need it.

>> It's one of the things that,

for example, Cao Boi feels

connected to it, and that he

should bring it.

Other people don't care.

And some people feel totally

against it.

So it's just kind of, like,

symbolic for other issues within

the tribe.

>> PROBST: Yul, tell me about

Cao Boi.

>> Cao Boi is a mixture of

shaman, cheerleader, I mean,

fire tender.

He is very loyal in his way.

I can't say I fully understand


You know, he has his own

perspective on things.

>> PROBST: Cao Boi, typically,

care you understood by people or

are you often misunderstood?

>> Typically in life I'm either

hated or I'm loved.

It's one or the other.

I am often misunderstood.

But eventually, if I have the

time, a lot of people will come

to understand that I mean well.

>> PROBST: Yul, are there clear-

cut leaders and followers on

this tribe?

>> There aren't any designated


I think Jonathan and Cao Boi are

the most vocal in terms of

stating their opinions.

I think Jonathan is what I would

call sort of a natural leader.

I think he is very good about

articulating his positions and

thinking for the group.

>> PROBST: Jonathan, is that a

fair assessment?

>> I appreciate him saying that.

But it's not like what I say


It's not a role that I assume.

I mean, I certainly don't

patronize these people or talk

down to them in any way.

I don't think I do.

>> PROBST: Ozzy, what do you

base a vote on?

I know you don't want to get rid

of anybody, and the tribe is


>> Man, that's something that

has been going through my head

all afternoon.

I'm still not quite sure if I've

come to a conclusion, and I'm

trying to work it out and search

my heart and see what it's going

to tell me so that we can all

continue on.

>> PROBST: Cao Boi, what do you

draw on for your vote?

You assess this tribe, you've

got to get rid of somebody.

>> We're looking down the road

to the big picture to see what's

going on.

It's sort of like a chess game.

And so the queen is pretty much

undefeated on the board, but we

want to see if we can expose the

queen, find a weakness in the


>> PROBST: Okay, I'm confused.

What does the queen represent in

this game?

>> The queen represents


It represents individual


>> PROBST: So tonight's vote is

trying to expose the hidden

immunity idol?

>> Yes.

Basically this tribe will walk

away and we will see a clearer

picture of what we need to do to

continue playing in this game.

>> PROBST: Okay, it is time to


If someone has the hidden

immunity idol and it turns out

you need to play it, you would

play it after the vote.

You would then be safe from the

vote, and the person with the

next highest number of votes

would go home.

It is time to vote.

Jonathan, you're up.

>> I think I have to take any

wild card out of the game that I


Good luck to you.

>> ( whispering ) Sorry, bub.

I lost my trust in you.

>> ( whipsering ) I hope we

stick with this Voodoo Plan.

Where is the immunity idol?

Let's hope it comes out.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the tribal

council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Cao Boi.


One vote Candice, one vote Cao



One vote Jonathan, one vote

Candice, one vote Cao Boi.

Cao Boi.

Two votes Cao Boi.

Cao Boi.

That's three votes Cao Boi, one

vote Candice, one vote Jonathan.

Sixth person voted out

of Survivor: Cook Islands, Cao


That's four.

That's enough.

Unless you have the hidden

immunity idol, you need to bring

me your torch.

Cao Boi, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

>> PROBST: Well, the hard part's


Now for the fun-- some food and

a little eavesdropping.

There's a spot for your torches

just off the path.

You can have a seat over in the

jury section.

>> It was a wonderful


I had a great time.

I didn't make it as far as I

planned on going, but that's how

it goes.

I did learn I am most vulnerable

among the Asian community--

people who are like me but not

like me.

I was aware of them in the


But eventually I learned to

trust them.

I should have known better.

>> PROBST: We will now bring in

the Raro tribe for their tribal


Raro, before we get to your

tribal council, I owe Aitu some


Bread, lamb shanks.

It's heavy and hot.

Because I want you to have a

civilized meal, some napkins.

>> PROBST: Raro, a lot to look

at over there.

Cao Boi just voted out, and food

that I know you would love to

race over and get a hold of.

Not really, Adam?

>> I don't really like lamb or

apple cider.

I really don't.

We've got plenty of food at our

camp, so that doesn't bother me

at all.

>> PROBST: Nate, you seem quiet


>> Snap, that smells good over


And I'm not even thinking about

it, because we had a good

octopus dinner.

So, you know, it's all good, but

yeah, this loss was wack today.

I tried to give it all I had but

I guess we didn't have enough as

a team.

>> PROBST: Adam, how frustrating

is it to lose and lose and lose?

You have lost as a tribe 2/3 of

the challenges now.

>> It's extremely frustrating,


But today, Candice just set the


And not only did she is get a

good lead for them, but she wore

out Parvati and Rebecca.

I mean, it's frustrating.

But it just ended up that way.

>> PROBST: Brad, one of the

things that Raro has always

prided itself on was its

physical strength.

Well, today you don't match up

as well to Aitu, maybe, as you


>> They may have a stronger team

pound for pound, maybe.

But I think it's not about one

particular challenge.

You should really look at the

bigger picture-- who is working

their ass off at camp and who is

trying to get along with

everyone, who's biting their

tongue when they want to say


>> PROBST: Christina, is there a

little feeling of a sinking

ship, loss after loss?

>> I don't think so.

You know what?

Sometimes when you lose, you

lose, you lose.

But that doesn't mean you're

completely done.

I mean, we still have a chance.

You know, we've just got to keep

our heads up high, and it will

be our time to shine.

>> PROBST: Brad, Christina took

a little criticism at the last

tribal council.

Did you feel badly for her?

>> I did.

I did feel badly for Christina,

because I believe that everyone

deserves the benefit of the


And sometimes things are better

left unsaid.

And unfortunately it had to come

up in tribal council last night

in front of everyone.

>> PROBST: Jenny, when you got

back to camp, what went down?

>> Well, she was angry.

You know, people in our group

plain out said, "You're


You know, I can understand how

she felt.

I know that it was embarrassing.

It was a shock for her.

But the way the feelings were

with the tribe, I mean, how can

you say something and not offend


>> PROBST: Christina, you didn't

take it well when you got back

to camp.

>> It bothered me because I

think they're my friends and I

let my guard down, I guess.

And you know, I don't want to,

like, beat a dead horse, but

it's definitely a blow.

And this morning we competed and

I felt I gave it my all still,

whether what happened last night


>> PROBST: Adam, did you feel

that from Christina?

Today's challenge, did she

feel like a unified part of this


>> I think she did.

I think she worked really hard

during the challenge.

It's not as if she wasn't

contributing to the tribe or

anything like that.

It's more of... her personality,

it just clashes with ours.

She can't change that.

That's just of the way she is.

>> PROBST: Nate, this was once a

big, happy tribe.

It's now dwindling.

You're going to lose another

member tonight.

At a certain point people will

start going, "I've got to look

out for myself."

>> Oh, yeah, most def.

It's survival mode.

You know, you're always

thinking, like, "Well, worst

case scenario, you know, it

comes down to this and that."

You know, you're playing


But I think right now we're kind

of like... we want to be the

fourth quarter crew that comes

back, you know, from behind and

just, you know, smokes them out.

>> PROBST: Okay.

Before we vote, there's one more

twist to tonight's tribal


Aitu, you will now kidnap one

member from the Raro tribe.

>> What do you mean "kidnap"?

>> PROBST: They will be immune

from tonight's tribal council.

They will come over to your

side, sit with you.

They will have a plate of food.

They will return to camp with

you and they will be a part of

your tribe through the next

reward challenge.

Quietly confer, then I'll ask

you for the name.

>> PROBST: Aitu, who are you

going to kidnap?

>> Nate.

>> PROBST: Nate, grab your


There's a spot for it down just

off the path.

Grab your bag.

>> Welcome, Nate.

>> Watch out for sauce.

>> PROBST: I owe you some food.

You won't have a lot of time to

eat it, so dig in.

There's your cider.


Now we get to your vote.

If somebody has the hidden

immunity idol and it turns out

you need to play it, you will

present it to me after the vote.

Jenny, you're up.

>> ( whispering ) You're a nice

woman, but our tribe is stronger

without you.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Before we get to the vote, Aitu,

time for you to go.

Grab your torches and head back

to camp.

Let's get to it.

Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the tribal

council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Jenny.


One vote Christina, one vote



Two votes Jenny, one vote



We're tied two votes Christina,

two votes Jenny.


That's three votes Christina,

two votes Jenny.

Seventh person voted out of the

Cook Islands, Christina.

Unless you have the immunity

idol, you need to bring me your


Christina, the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

Well, you got rid of J.P.

because you didn't trust him.

You got rid of Steph because her

heart wasn't in it.

Tonight you got rid of Christina

because she just didn't fit in.

Three votes, three very

different reasons.

Grab your torches, head back to


Good night.

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Media Access Group at WGBH

>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: next time

on Survivor:

>> I would rather be on the same

page and know what is going on.

>> Nate causes stress for Aitu.

>> I was a little bit uneasy

about the fact that we were

having this conversation right

in front of Nate.

>> PROBST: Ozzy's stock


>> Good job, Oz.

>> PROBST: And one exiled

Survivor takes a beating.

>> I really enjoyed being

on Survivor.

It was a great experience.

I was just disappointed I got

voted off so soon.

Basically I almost feel like I

was taken advantage of.

But you know what?

I met some really good people,

and I met some really awful


But I guess that's part of the


But it was just an awesome

experience overall.