Survivor (2000–…): Season 13, Episode 5 - Don't Cry Over Spilled Octopus - full transcript

One tribe pays an unexpected visit to the other tribe's camp. How will the castaways react?

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on

Survivor, at Raro...

>> Kind of annoying that the

guys are just sitting and the

girls are working.

>> PROBST: ...the men were

secure with their position.

>> These girls are going to need

manpower, so the four-guy

alliance is definitely relaxed.


>> They're getting very

comfortable with their position

in this tribe, because they know

that we need them.

They're strong.

>> PROBST: Back at Aitu, Ozzy

brought in a big haul.

>> I'm happy being the sole

provider of this tribe.

If they lose me, then they're

going to be losing a lot of


>> PROBST: At the immunity


Who will be the stronger


>> Go, Ozzy!

>> PROBST: was Ozzy's


Ozzy first to the mast!

...and Cao Boi's magical spark

that made the difference.

Aitu wins immunity!

( cheering )

Raro, tribal council tonight.

Somebody from this tribe is

going home.

With tribal council looming,

Stephannie broke down...

>> PROBST: the men an

excuse to vote her out.

>> If someone doesn't want to be

here, I'm not going to keep you


>> Can you put that log right on


>> PROBST: But J.P.'s


>> Parvati, can you hand me the


>> PROBST: the girls


>> I would love to see us girls


>> Why don't we switch this up

and just have all the girls

align right now?

>> Five women, four men.

So if we're going to do any type

of alliance, it needs to be done

right now.

>> PROBST: And at tribal


Fourth person voted out of the

Cook Islands...

...the tribe blind-sided J.P...

>> Man, you guys outwitted me

big time.

>> PROBST: out one of

their strongest members.

J.P., the tribe has spoken.

16 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

>> I don't know.

>> You know?

Now the game kind of really

turns on, because the guys all

have to watch their backs, you

know, as a unit, because these

women could try to eat us off.

>> All right, I'm going to go


>> Are you?

>> I think so.

>> Let me finish brushing my


>> We're outnumbered.

These women thinking they're so

tight and so headstrong.

>> You know, they think they can

run the world.

So I got to let them know,

"Yeah, you guys do need us."

>> No wood means no water.

No water means no life out here.

>> It's really funny.

The guys have really stepped it

up since J.P. is gone.

>> Unbelievable.

>> Nate did get a massive pile

of wood this morning.

I've never seen a pile of wood

bigger than that.

>> Good morning.

>> And Adam went and got, like,

five crabs.

>> Wow.

>> And Brad went out and just

went fishing.

They're just so much more manly

now that the top dog is gone.

I think they're definitely

trying to prove themselves to

the women so that the women

don't try to overthrow all the


I love it!

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( theme song playing )

>> Mine are worse, aren't they?

Are mine worse?

>> Yours aren't that bad.

>> I think my right one is


>> Really?

>> Well, so far we have Sundra,

we have Candice, and we have

Becky just sitting around.

That annoys me.

They don't even try.

>> Today is a good day to be

just relaxing, because...

>> I agree.

>> We will keep winning our

challenges, I hope, but if they

don't correct themselves, they

will be eliminated.

>> We have tree mail.

>> Woo-hoo!

>> Yay!

>> "Today you'll compete two by


How will you take the strain?

A chance at more food and a

whole lot more flavor for the

tribe with the last pair to


>> All right, this'll be good.

I like this.

>> We're going to be eating good


>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

Raro, come on in.

Getting your first look at the

new Raro Tribe.

J.P. voted out at the last

tribal council.

>> Whoa.

>> PROBST: Guys ready to get to

today's reward challenge?

>> Yes!

>> PROBST: Here's how it works.

Each tribe will select three


Each pair will stand on a

platform with each person using

one arm to hold on to a hook.

Every two minutes, members of

the opposing tribe will load up

one of those pairs with five-

pound weights.

The more weight you add, the

harder it will become to hold.

Last pair left standing wins for

their tribe reward.

Want to know what you're playing


>> Yes.

>> PROBST: Big reward: more

fishing supplies, spices, and

bottles of wine.

>> Whoa.

>> Ah.

>> PROBST: In addition, the

winning tribe will choose one

member from the losing tribe to

go to Exile Island.

Give you a minute to strategize.

We'll get started.

Okay, we have our pairs.

For Aitu, Jonathan and Yul,

Sundra and Candice, Ozzy and


For Raro, it's Nate and Adam,

Rebecca and Stephannie, Cristina

and Brad.

The loaders for Aitu, Cao Boi

and Becky; for Raro, Parvati and


Let's begin.

Grab your weights.

Adam and Nate going to get some

weight, five pounds each.

Candice and Sundra getting five

pounds each.

Now we wait.

>> I hope they just pile up on

us, because we're just going to

hold it for as long as we

possibly can.

>> And you guys kill them out


Let's get that wine.

>> PROBST: All right, let's add

some more weight.

Raro giving Jonathan and Yul

their first five pounds.

Nate and Adam getting another

five pounds from Aitu.

( Nate laughing )

Adam and Nate each with ten


Yul and Jonathan, Candice and

Sundra all have five pounds.

And we wait a little more.

>> Wait a little more.

That's like a bad pun, Jeff.

>> PROBST: Oh.

Time to add more weight.

Aitu completely loading up on

one pair.

Raro, on the other hand, is

distributing it evenly among all

three pairs.

Adam, Nate, how is that feeling?

>> Feels like getting some wine

tonight and getting faded.

Wine tonight.

>> Whining.

>> PROBST: Ooh.

>> Hard-core.

You're asking for it.

>> PROBST: All right, here's

where we're at.

Adam and Nate, Jonathan and Yul

holding strong with 30 pounds


At 15 pounds, we got Brad and

Cristina, Candice and Sundra.

With ten pounds each,

Ozzy/Jessica and


>> They're struggling, you guys.

>> They're struggling.

Keep your eyes on them.

>> PROBST: Yul drops his bags.

Yul and Jonathan out of the


Take a seat on the bench, the

first pair out.

Time to add more weight.

Rebecca and Stephannie taking it

for Raro.

Jessica and Ozzy with five more

for Aitu.

Aitu now down to two pairs and

Jessica struggling.

>> Come on, Aitu.

You guys are doing awesome.

>> PROBST: Nate and Adam still

holding strong with 30 pounds


>> Handsome boys, make quite a


>> ♪ Ebony, ivory... ♪

>> PROBST: Getting heavier by

the minute.

Rebecca drops her weight.

Rebecca and Stephannie now out.

Raro loses their first pair.

Take a seat on the bench.

We are now even.

>> Hold it, hold it, baby.

You breathe in really hard and

do it once.

Squeeze that hand.

Don't drop it.

>> You can do it.

You can do it.

>> Don't drop it.

>> Pull it down.

Pull it down.

>> I can't.

>> Come on, come on.

>> Sorry.

>> PROBST: Sundra drops her bag.

Candice disappointed.

Aitu has lost their second pair.

Everything now rests on Ozzy and

Jessica for Aitu.

Somebody from the losing tribe

going to Exile Island.

>> Come on, Cristina.

>> Hold it, baby.

>> Ooh, she's going to drop it.

I see her drop it.

>> I don't think so, girl.

>> She's not going to drop it.

>> She's going to drop it.

>> Mind over matter.

>> She's taunting you.

She's taunting you.

Yeah, she's a young one.

>> Power of the mind is a

dangerous place to wander.

She's going to drop it.

>> Whatever.

>> PROBST: Time to add more


Brad and Cristina with 20


The only place to go for Aitu,

Jessica and Ozzy.

Big guns still holding on for

Raro with 30 pounds each.

Nate struggling to hold on.

>> You're doing good.

Don't give up.

>> PROBST: Adam very close to

losing his weight.

>> You got it, you got it.

Good job.

>> PROBST: Fights back.

>> That's what I'm talking


>> Stay with it, Cristina.

>> I can't pull it down.


>> PROBST: Jessica drops out.

Raro wins reward.

( Raro cheering )

Raro, congratulations.

Big reward.

In addition, you are choosing

one person from Aitu to go to

Exile Island.

Who's it going to be?

>> I think we should stick with

one of the three that have

already been there, Jonathan or

Candice or Yul.

>> I think Jonathan.

>> We're sending Jonathan back.

>> PROBST: Jonathan going back

to Exile Island.

Follow the path right there and

around the palm tree.

All right, Raro, come get your


>> Awesome.

( Raro cheering )

>> I slept like a baby.

>> Because of the wine?

>> Yeah, dog.

>> Hey, guys, a I got an octopus

stuck to my foot.

Look at this thing.

( laughter )

I stabbed it with a spear.

Get off me!

Get off me!

>> I got you.

I got you.

I got you.


>> That's like lunch and dinner.

>> Okay, we need to get... what

are we doing with that?

>> It needs coconut juice.

We need to have a bunch of


>> Okay, okay.

>> We need some coconut pieces

and then some salt water.

>> I think Cristina thinks she's

an asset because she cooks our


But you know, it's not that hard

to throw together a coconut


>> And then we'll put the crabs

with the octopus.

And if it doesn't taste good,

don't tell me.

And we got to get that pot so we

can drink water.

Oh, you know what?

We need salt water in there.

Yeah, and then we need some more

salt water in that.

>> She tells people, points

things, "Can you do this?

Can you do that?"

>> Can you grab that?

After we cut up the octopus,

Cristina grabbed a pot full of

it, and I grabbed the knives and

the cutting boards to wash


And I said, "Oh, I'm going back


>> Somebody help!

Can one of you guys help?

I got the octopus out of the


>> The octopus spilled all over

the place.

>> I'm going to go assess the


>> I almost lost it all.

I thought Jenny was right here,

and I was trying to wash it, and

everything started falling out.

I'm like "Hello?"

>> We need to be careful with


I mean...

>> I know, but I couldn't do it

myself, so...

>> I worked hard this morning to

get the octopus, and then

Cristina dropped the bucket, and

there were pieces of octopus now

all over the water.

So that really bothered me.

I don't know what she was


They said they got it all back.

She said that she thought you

were there.

>> What?

>> I don't know... I don't

know... I don't know what's

going on.

>> Oh, come on.

>> She came with the pot.

I came with the knives and the

cutting board.

That's what I was cleaning off.

Adam goes, "She thought you"--

meaning me, I was right there

next to her.

And I'm thinking, "She going to

blame me for losing the


You don't need two people to

clean up octopus.

>> Yeah.

>> Cristina is coming across as

like our new J.P.

So she better watch herself.

>> Yul, do you want to go out


>> I'd like to try to catching a


>> Okay.

>> We're thinking about making

an expedition to go check out

the island over there.

We're starting to run out of

resources over here, so we're

going to go check it out.

>> Cao Boi, Ozzy, and Jessica

are setting up to go on an

expedition to explore out in the


It's going to take a lot of

energy to paddle out there and

paddle back.

So that's the reason I'm not


You know, I think the three of

them, they're kind of sticking

together, they're trying to grab

somebody along with them to


>> Sundra, you want to come?

It would be four of us.

>> Cao Boi, Flicka, and Ozzy

wanted me to go with them, but I

wasn't trying to do that,

because being out there hours

with them alone, that was not

going to be fun.

Because I know that they want to

try to prod me more, and it gets

uncomfortable, and I'd rather

not be in that position.

>> I'm going to chop this one up

because I'm kind of hungry.

Right now we have our solid four

alliance: myself, Jonathan,

Becky, and Candice.

Cao Boi and Flicka voted with us

last tribal council, but it's

just hard to be in any kind of

strategic alliance with them

because you have no idea what's

going to happen on a day-to-day


You want to chat?

We need a fifth in order to have

the numbers.

>> What's going on?

>> Sundra, I think, is someone

that everyone is kind of leaning

towards because she seems not to

be a manipulative person.

She seems that if she were to

commit, that she would be very


And you know, she's kind of out

here by herself, and I think

she's looking for a home.

We just want to lock down the

final five, a strong alliance.

We want to find the people who

aren't going to waiver.

>> I'm definitely... I'm

definitely down.

>> Okay.

>> I am down.

Have you spoken to Ozzy?

>> No.

>> No, I mean...

>> We're just trying to read


>> I like you, all right?

And I think everyone else does


And personally, I don't know, I

mean, Ozzy seems like an okay

guy, but I just... I don't trust


I don't know why.

>> No, for sure.

>> We trust you.

>> If it definitely... you know,

if we have to, unfortunately,

go to council, I'm part of the


>> Okay.

>> My position in the tribe, I

don't know, I mean, you know,

I've had people come and tell me

that they want me to be in their


Of course that feels good.

I'm very happy that I got over

that hurdle of being the

outsider, and I genuinely feel

that I'm a part of this alliance


But who knows?

I mean, that could change five

minutes from now.

I just have to see.

>> Yeah, we just found us a

different island.

We figured we should take a

little expedition, see what we

can get.

>> I'm excited.

It's like having a picnic.

>> A-ha.

This is gold.

Looking for the noni, because

we've got a lot of cuts, see?

That guy right there.

Just got cuts all over the

place, and noni's a really good

antiseptic, keeps us nice and


We get some more coconuts, and

who knows what else we'll find

out here?

( laughter )

>> How you doing?

>> Why is this tribe coming our


>> Why is their tribe here?

>> Yeah.

>> We are exploring, playing


>> Are you going to welcome us

into your home or not?

>> Yeah, come in.

>> Okay, okay, well, we're

welcome, hey.

>> I'm like, "What the..."

>> I think this is meant to be.

I think is meant to be.

Booty man, how are you, my man?

>> What's up, my brother?

>> All of a sudden Ozzy, Cao

Boi, and Jessica walk up, which

was a huge shock.

>> Parvati.

>> You're Par...

>> Parvati.

>> Par...

>> Parvati.

>> Parvati, Parvati.

>> I didn't like it at all.

I don't think they should be on

our island.

This is our turf.

This is our territory.

They got their own island.

>> Oh, man, look at that.

They got knives.

They got knives.

They got whetting stones.

>> It was like awkward silence,

crickets chirping.

Then Cao Boi launches into this

huge, like, speech about Chinese

symbology or something.

>> In our culture, we the revere

the dog, the horse, the turtle,

and the dragon.

Those are the four creatures

that we revere, okay?

Every time, if you look at your

life, you'll you find a lot of

dragons and monkeys and rat


If you guys are dragons or rats

and monkeys, you find a lot of


That's the dog.

The second one is the horse.

So in wartime, the horse help

the soldier defend the nation.

In peacetime, it helps with


Giant turtle, as big as this

whole area, giant.

>> After a while of just

listening to him talk over and

over and over and over again, it

was a little bit much.

And we were kind of like all

looking around at each other

like "Okay, is he going to stop


>> We want to harvest some noni

if you guys don't mind.

We don't have any noni.

People are hurting all over.

>> I love it.

>> You guys want to work

together to get some coconuts?

We'll split with you.

>> It won't give us energy.

It'll just taste better.

Okay, that's true.

Okay, I'm asking for too much.

>> Let's get out of here.

>> All right, thank you.

>> Bye.

>> Thanks, everybody.

>> Bye.

>> It's very primal out here.

So when the other tribe comes

and invades that, I don't like

that at all.

>> "To find what you seek, a

charm of great worth, get in the

right spot and look deep in the


I was in shock that they picked

me to come back to Exile.

I thought it was stupid for them

to send me if the idol hasn't

been found, because I'm sure as

hell going to try to find it.

Just like playing in a big

sandbox, a million-dollar


I dug for hours, and you could

bury Yao Ming in that trench.

And there was no idol there.

At this point, I have to assume

the idol has been found.

Otherwise, I'm a complete moron.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

We'll now bring in Jonathan

returning from Exile Island.

( applause )

>> How are you guys doing?

>> All right, Jonathan.

Come on over.

>> PROBST: So, Jonathan, did you

spend some time looking for the


>> A lot of time.

Dug a big hole.

>> PROBST: Are the clues at a

point now where you think you

know where it should be?

>> I think I know where it was,

but it ain't there now.

>> PROBST: All right, you guys

ready to get to today's immunity


>> Yes.

>> PROBST: First thing's first.

Cao Boi, take back immunity.

Once again immunity is back up

for grabs.

For today's challenge, you are

going to race to assemble

stepping poles.

You will then use those poles to

transfer two tribe members from

one large platform to another


All eight tribe members will

then swim out to one final, very

small tower.

First tribe to get all eight

tribe members to the top of the

tower with both feet on or above

the top deck wins immunity.

Losers, tribal council, somebody

going home.

Give you a minute to strategize.

We'll get started.

Here we go.

For immunity, survivors ready.


Got to build your stepping poles


Once you have the poles you want

to use, head on out to the water

and start walking.

Aitu making good progress on the


Nate thinks he's got it figured


>> That's good.

That's it.

>> PROBST: Aitu has a good


Raro falling behind.

Aitu has all three poles put


They're in the water first.

Raro in the water with their

three poles.

>> Jenny, get up there.

>> Get up there, Jenny.

>> Get up there.

>> PROBST: Jenny first on the

pole for Raro.

Aitu's lead is gone as their

poles fell apart.

Jenny on to the second pole.

>> Take it one girl at a time,


>> PROBST: Jessica using a very

different strategy, standing

straight up, trying to balance.

Jenny swatting, kneeling,

lowering her center of gravity.

Jenny almost loses it, regains

her balance.

Aitu only using two poles,

trying a different strategy.

Raro with a bit of a lead.

We're still early in this


>> Ah!

>> I got it, I got it, I got it.

>> PROBST: Jessica really

struggling to hang on.

Nice recovery.

Fall off now, you will lose a

lot of time.

Raro now drops their third pole.

They're now using two poles.

>> Go!

>> Jump!

>> Jump!

>> PROBST: Jenny on to the first


Raro heads back to get Parvati.

Jessica close enough to jump.

>> One more.

>> PROBST: Can't do it.

Raro now with the lead.

Parvati on the pole.

Jessica across for Aitu.

Parvati now on her second pole.

Aitu's going to have to make up


>> We're going to have to go

farther than before, guys.

>> Take your time.

Take your time.

>> PROBST: Parvati inches her

way on to the next pole.

Aitu trying to take bigger steps

to make up some ground.

Aitu has made up a lot of

ground, but Raro still with the


>> You got it?

>> PROBST: Parvati getting

closer and closer to the second


>> Go, go, go, go, go!

>> One more.

>> PROBST: Very close.

Raro has both people on the


Everybody got to climb to the


Everybody up!


Raro into the water, heading to

the final tower!

Aitu got to get up the tower!

Get up that tower and off!

Get up, Sundra!

Go, go, go!

Aitu in the water!

Got to get all eight tribe

members on or above the deck.

It's very close.

Cao Boi falls off for Aitu.

Raro, the entire tribe falls

off, got to try again.

>> Get on back.

>> PROBST: All eight members

must have their feet and their

body on or above the top deck.

Aitu now in the lead.

Going to have to work together,

get everybody above the deck.

Immunity on the line, tribal

council tonight.

>> Get one foot on.

Come on, baby, get foot on


>> PROBST: Aitu very close, only

two feet away.

Aitu wins immunity!

( Aitu cheering )

>> Damn!

Aitu, congratulations.

( applause )

>> Tanga, Tanga, Tangaroa,


>> PROBST: Aitu safe from tribal

council, nobody going home.

Raro Tribe is down to eight.

Tonight it will move down to


For one person, this game is

about to end.

You have the afternoon to figure

out who that's going to be.

Grab your stuff.

Head back to camp.

>> Good job, you guys, anyway.

>> I think we did well.

>> We did do well.

>> Okay.

>> All right?

Everyone's cool?

>> We just came back from losing

our challenge, and now we're

faced with another tribal


A few of us were around the

fire, and it was a unanimous

agreement to get rid of Cristina


>> Good job.

That at least got three.

>> We're all annoyed by Cristina

and how she talks a big game,

yet she doesn't really perform

as well around the camp.

>> Are you cool with that move

that they're calling?

>> What else would it be?

It'd either have to be me or


>> No, it ain't you, mama.

>> I could easily see myself

going home and getting some

mashed potatoes and gravy.

>> What are you saying?

>> I said I could easily see

myself getting some mashed

potatoes and gravy.

>> You've come too long, mama.

Stephannie kind of said how she

really just wanted to get some

mashed potatoes, you know, just

kind of like that hint of like

"You know, I'm kind of done with

the game."

I was like "Damn, this girl's


You know, the other day she made

that comment, saying, "Vote me

off, guys.

You know, I feel like I'm the

weakest link."

But that was just icing for the

cake today.

>> Yeah.

>> And I was like yeah, yeah.

Stephannie kind of gave me

this... Stephannie kind of gave

me this vibe like "Are you


And then she's like, "Part of me

can see myself having some

mashed potatoes later."

>> She's done.

She's knows it.

>> She's already mentally

checked out.

She told Nate that... she's like

"Part of me could really use

some mashed potatoes tonight."

>> Oh, really?

>> Yeah.

And if someone says that, to me

that just means you're gone.

>> You're done.

>> I think that Stephannie has

mentally checked out.

>> Really?

I think the other girls have...

>> Decided on Cristina?

>> I'm going to think about it.

>> Yeah, keep it in the back of

your mind.

>> Do you want to stay in the


>> Yeah, I want to stay in the


>> Because I don't know.

Some people are saying that you

are saying... making comments

that you want to go, like you

want to go home and, you know,

eat mashed potatoes or


>> It's amazing how one little

thing can just be taken out of

context, you know?

>> Everyone's trying to watch

their own back right now.

If you slip up and say

something, they're going to use

that, and they're going to

extort it and use it to their


You have to really watch


>> Wow.

Me requesting mashed potatoes

and gravy became table topic for

everybody else at the camp.

I was like, "You know what?

I just may as well just keep my

mouth shut."

I said I was just, you know,

having fun, you know?

I didn't expect him to take that

and turn it into some big deal.

Yes, I'd like to be here.

But if my efforts working for

this tribe doesn't show that I

want to be here, I'm not going

to beg anyone.

I don't do that.

>> I just talked to her.

She says she still wants to be

in the game.

>> That's what she told me

earlier today too.

>> I think Stephannie tends to

be some dead weight on our


>> You think she's weaker than


>> I think they're both pretty


>> Cristina annoys the hell out

of me.

>> She annoys the... everything

she does.

>> Me too.

>> I'm like... argh!

The only reason I switched is

because Nate said that she was

talking about going home and

getting some mashed potatoes or

something like that.

>> No.

I don't think she said that.

>> She doesn't want to go.

>> I don't think she wants to


I'm voting my conscience.

>> PROBST: Adam, at challenges,

this tribe is not doing very


You're back to tribal council

for the second time in a row.

>> I understand that, Jeff.

We are improving, though.

Our communication's getting


You know, we were dominating

today, and it was just there at

the end.

But I'm proud of us, and we'll

be all right.

Don't worry about us.

>> PROBST: Brad, who do you get

along with best out of this


>> I get along with pretty much


And I wish could say, "Oh, I

don't like this person," or,

"This person really rubs me the

wrong way."

That's not the case.

That really isn't the case.

I get along with everyone pretty

much evenly.

>> PROBST: Steph, where do you

think you fit in the group if I

were to ask all these other


>> I really haven't formed any

close-knit bonds with anyone.

I'm kind of friendly with


I bring that nice presence.

And when I'm needed, I'm there.

When I'm not needed, I'm not


Just that simple.

>> PROBST: Nate, last tribal

council, you voted out J.P., who

was deemed "bossy."

So is there much more harmony

now that J.P.'s gone, or did

somebody else step up and is now

the new bossy person?

>> I think the tribe can feel

that sometimes Cristina can be a

little overpowering, a little


It's kind of her attitude, and

it's powerful and dominant, and

being told what to do sometimes

rubs people the wrong way.

>> PROBST: Cristina, a big batch

of brutal honesty.

>> You know, I never realized I

was like that.

Maybe because I'm out of my

environment, and I'm usually

around other police officers.

You know, I didn't mean to

offend anybody.

I mean, I'm glad you guys told

me about it, and it's over with.

If I offended you guys in any

way, I'm glad you guys told me,

and I can take care of that.

>> PROBST: Adam, do you think

this tribe, to date, has been

honest with each other?

>> I think we're honest.

You know, I thought Cristina

knew she was kind of like that


You know, it's just her


And you know, it can be a little

nerve-racking sometimes.

>> PROBST: Rebecca, do you think

this tribe should be more candid

with each other?

>> Honestly, I'll know better

after tonight, because this was

the most honest thing that came

out of council.

And when we go back to camp,

I'll see how it goes.

>> PROBST: All right, let's get

to the vote.

If somebody has the hidden

immunity idol, and it turns out

you need to play it tonight, you

would play it after the vote.

You would then be safe, and the

person with the next highest

number of votes would go home.

It is time to vote.

Brad, you're up.

>> Stephannie, I'm sorry.

I think are you a great person.

God bless.

>> Just because, sweety, just

because, nothing personal.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the tribal

council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Cristina.



Two votes Stephannie, one vote



That's three votes Stephannie,

one vote Cristina.


Four votes Stephannie, one vote


Fifth person voted out of the

Cook Islands, Stephannie.

That's five, that's enough.

Unless you have the hidden idol,

you need to bring me your torch.

Stephannie, the tribe has


It's time for you to go.

>> Good luck, guys.

>> PROBST: Maybe tonight will

change things, point this tribe

in a new direction.

We'll see.

Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.

Good night.

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>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on


>> You said I annoyed you.

>> It's your personality.

>> You could have said something

to me.

I never thought that's what they

thought of me.

>> People were coming into this

village, and they were

kidnapping people.

I had this dream.

I was dealing with all these

supernatural people.

And I woke up, and I go, "Whoa,

this is how you can defeat the

immunity idol."

>> PROBST: Win or lose, both

tribes will vote somebody out.

>> Ooh!

>> I would have loved to have

stayed in the game a little

while longer.

But if your mind's not

completely there 100%, then your

tribe is going to feel that.

And you don't want to be a weak

link to your tribe.

I had wonderful tribe mates.

I was thankful to have been a

part of the experience, and I

wouldn't trade it for the world.