Survivor (2000–…): Season 13, Episode 3 - Flirting and Frustration - full transcript

An unexpected twist sends the castaways scrambling for new alliances, and the third castaway is voted off the island.

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>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on

Survivor: Hiki finally sparked

a flame.

>> Guys, it's lit!

( laughter )

>> We got fire!

>> PROBST: On Raro...

>> Hey Adam, this is quite a bit

of work.

>> PROBST: ...priorities were


>> Do you two want to a raised


>> I thought it sounded nice.

>> I know you do, but we have to

decide things as a group.

>> PROBST: At Aitu, Billy

wasn't pulling his weight...

>> If we lose Billy, we come

back stronger than ever.

>> PROBST: Ozzy suggested

a bold plan to throw the

challenge and oust Billy.

>> Billy's just dead weight.

So we might as well cut our

losses now and get on with the


>> PROBST: J.P. was on board,

but Cristina the cop was


>> I'm thinking, you know, this

doesn't seem right.

I don't know if I can trust

Oscar any more.

>> PROBST: But at the


Puka's on the course, Raro's on

the course, Hiki's on the


...Ozzy's plan went into


Aitu completely unconcerned

about this challenge.

Puka, Raro, Hiki, all safe from

tribal council.

Aitu came in dead last and

chose Yul from the Puka tribe to

go to Exile Island.

>> Yul, boat's waiting for you


>> PROBST: Before the tribes

parted, Billy thought he and

Candice made a connection.

On Exile Island, Yul deciphered

the clues and found the hidden

immunity idol.

>> Oh, mama.

I found the immunity idol.

If there's an opportunity

where it can change the game,

I'd use it.

>> PROBST: At Aitu's tribal

council, Billy revealed a


>> I fell in love in this game,

love at first sight.

Her name is Candice.

And in between...

( laughter )

>> PROBST: Candice from Raro


>> Yeah, after the last

challenge, we sort of mouthed

the words "I love you" to one

another, and so that was my


My prize was her.

>> PROBST: In the end, Billy's

tribemates cut him loose.

Billy, the tribe has spoken.

18 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

( tribal-style singing )

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>> I'm sorry, I can't get over

the love at first sight, I just


>> The what?

>> The love at first sight.

>> You know, anything's


Maybe he really had a crush on


Maybe she was playing him


I don't think she would have


>> I think she was going...

>> You know what?

They never had any kind of,

like, contact or communication.

>> Study him, the way he is

around the camp, all that kind

of stuff, I don't know.

All the stuff that came out of

Billy's mouth tonight was

just ridiculous.

I don't even know... words

can't describe what... about the

Candice situation.

And if it's true, it's true.

But it's not true.

>> I was on the way.

Like we stop at this Vietnamese

restaurant because my wife and I

was hired by this restaurant


And this old man, he said, "I

come to United States, I'm so


All my friends are in Vietnam."

He's, like, 50-something.

And he's just missing the old


"But I come to United States

for my children's future."

I go, "How old are your


"Oh, 15 and 16."

( laughs )

15 and 16.

They tricked you, they tricked


He goes, "What?"

15 and 16.

You think in a couple more

years they'll be in Iraq?

I'm sorry, for what?

( laughs )

You are Vietnamese.

You should know better about


You should know all about war.

>> I have had sort of a coming

to Jesus in my own mind with

Cao Boi.

The guy just does not shut up.

>> What if they wanted to go to


>> So what if you go to


If there is a draft, your ass

is going.


Unless you're a senator's

children or congressman's

children, you're going.

Unless are you Mr. Bush's

children or your lineage is

blue or something.

>> I don't think he's all there.

I really in my heart of hearts

don't think he's all there, and

will ever be there.

Unless he's medicated.

>> "Your biggest challenge yet

will require brawn.

But if you're thinking wisely

it could be the winning tribe

you're on.

Use your powers of observation

and your intuition, too.

You may get a better life at

camp or just head home feeling


>> Just getting up, we got a

challenge early.

Morning challenge of some kind.

And the tribe is strong.

You know, we haven't lost yet.

We're one of the two tribes

that hasn't lost anything.

I went to Exile Island.

We came back and won the next


That didn't really weaken us.

So we're okay.

And we're ready to rock 'n'


We're doing great.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys.

Getting your first look at the

new Aitu tribe.

Billy voted out at the last

tribal council.

All right, we'll bring in Yul

from Exile Island.

( applause )

All right, first things first.

>> Retrieve the head.

>> PROBST: All right, drop your


>> Take off our what?

>> Buffs.

>> Oh.

>> PROBST: You have been living

together as tribes divided based

on ethnicity.

It is now time to integrate.

( laughter )

Women, all line up here on this

black line.

Men, over here on this black


I want you to reach in and grab

a tile.

Don't look at it.

Keep it in your palm.

Different bag for the women.

All right, everybody put your

palm out.


Who's got the Xs?

Cecilia, Parvati, Brad,

Jonathan, you're the captains.

Take a spot on the black lines.

You're going to alternate

choosing tribe members.

The women will choose women.

The men will choose men.

Ladies, you're up.

Rock, paper, scissors to see

who picks first.

One, two, three.

>> Oh!

>> PROBST: Scissors cut paper.

Cecilia, you must select a

woman not from your tribe.

>> Pretty lady with the dreds.

>> Me?

>> PROBST: Say hello to Jessica.

>> You can call me Flicka.

>> PROBST: Parvati, you must now

select somebody not from your


>> The cutie in the peach.

>> PROBST: The cutie in the pink

is Jenny.

>> Jenny.

>> PROBST: Jessica, you must

now select somebody not from

either of the two tribes.

>> The sister on the end.

>> PROBST: Sundra, join Cecilia

and Jessica.

Jenny, your choice.

Somebody not yet represented.

>> Camouflage.

>> PROBST: Cristina, joins

Parvati and Jenny.


>> Yellow.

>> PROBST: Becky, joins Cecilia,

Jessica and Sundra.


Rebecca joins Christina, Jenny

and Parvati.

Becky, everybody is represented

equally on both tribes.

Make your choice.

>> Candice.

>> PROBST: Candice rounds out

the five.

Rebecca, you're left with one

choice, your old tribemate,


>> We got you, baby girl.

Come on home.

>> PROBST: Men, we're going to

do the same thing-- rock,

paper, scissors to see who goes


On my count, one, two, three.

Scissor cuts paper.

Brad will pick first.

Brad, you're choosing a guy

that is not from your tribe.

>> J.P.

>> PROBST: J.P. joins Brad.

Jonathan, your choice, somebody

not from your tribe.

>> Yul.

>> PROBST: Yul, fresh from


The two guys that have been to


That will be interesting,

comparing notes.

J.P., your choice, somebody not

yet represented.

>> Nate.

>> PROBST: Nate, liking this.

Nate, J.P. and Brad.

Yul, you must now pick somebody

not yet represented on your


>> I only have one choice then.

>> PROBST: Ozzy, from the Aitu

tribe, joins Jonathan and Yul.

Nate, you only have one choice.

>> Dude in the blue, then.

>> PROBST: Adam joins Nate,

J.P. and Brad.

>> Nice to meet you.

>> Nice to meet you.

>> PROBST: Ozzy, your choice has

been made for you.

Cao Boi joins Yul, his old

tribemate, and Jonathan and


We are now divided into four

tribes, separated by men and


All four captains, step forward.

Take an egg.

Hold it in your palm, face up.

That's yours.

When I tell you to, I want you

to squish them with everything

you've got.

Three, two, one, squish!

There are two new tribes.

Men with blue, join the women

with blue.

Women with red, join the men

with red.

>> Come here, sisters.


( cheers )

>> PROBST: Ozzy, here's your

new buffs.

You are the new Aitu tribe.

You will live on Aitutaki beach.

Brad, you are the new Raro


You will live on Rarotonga


All of the items accumulated

will be pooled together and

divided evenly between the two


Two new tribes, a whole new


Head on out.

>> A welcoming home...

>> Feast? That sounds great.

>> We just moved up, girl.

( laughter )

>> This a blessing from life.

Today is the best day ever.

( laughs )

It's like they took us out of

the ghetto and took us to Bel


We have been so weak and

depleted, and today we got to

throw off those stanky, yellow

buffs, and now we're a new


>> How did you all feel when

you first realized how your

tribe was going to be set up?

What was y'all's thoughts,

feelings about that?

How you were segregated?

>> I thought it was weird.

>> You know what?

I thought it was okay just for

the fact that whether it's

good or bad, it brings a

attention to it and makes people


I just think that's a good


>> The way our tribe is blended

at this point, it's all about

people and who we are and what

we bring to the table.

You really don't see color.

You see the heart of that

individual and what they're

doing to make your tribe


And that's what this is all


>> Adam's a snorer.

>> I don't snore.

( everyone talking at once )

>> We're back to America.

We're a melting pot.

I love it.

Everyone's all mixed back

together, and I just think it's


>> First and foremost, it's

going to be all smiles and

"Pleasure to meet you" and

"Glad you're here."

But in the back of your mind,

it's a game, and you're in it

to win it for yourself.

And first and foremost: cold,

hard cash.

>> One, two, three!

( cheers and applause )

>> I'm so excited.

>> Welcome, welcome, welcome,


( cheers and applause )

You're home!

You're home!


>> First off, you guys did an

amazing job.

This is fantastic.

>> This is beautiful.

>> Is it watertight?

>> We have a wall.

Where's our wall?

Go back.

>> There's a wall in there.

>> We felt that Cecilia and

Ozzy were very welcoming.

They were just so excited.

Cecilia was the hostess.

She stood there and gave us the

spiel, point this out, point

that out, do that, do this,

this is what we got.

Mi casa es su casa.

They're Hispanic-- mi casa es

su casa.

That's beautiful.

We got our own little torch to

light up the whole place.

( laughter )

>> I'm definitely so happy

about the transition in this


I definitely feel a change of

energy here.

I feel the vibration from other

people on my new tribe that I

didn't have the same in my old


>> You're not Asian.

I love it.

I think you're fine, okay.

I think you're awesome.

>> I'm really excited about

just having fun people to hang

out with.

>> Okay, so I have to ask you


Please don't be offended.

Billy, when he left-- and I'm

just curious-- Billy, when he

left, he said that you guys are,

like, love at first sight.

>> Love at first sight?

>> Yes.

And my jaw just dropped and I

was like...

>> You and Billy?

>> That is the weirdest thing I

ever heard.

So I got to ask you...

>> I mean, what did he mean by


>> He said before the... we

left the last challenge, we

mouthed the words "I love you"

to each other.

>> No, he's...

>> Oh, no.

>> Were you saying good luck,


>> No.

He said at the challenge or

whatever at the very end, he

just looked over to me and

Parvati, and he was like, "I'm


And I was like, "I'm sorry,

that really sucks" or whatever.

I was like, "We love you."

Like, our team, you know?

I didn't mean it like that.

>> He took it as you guys had a

love connection at first sight.

He said that that was his

million dollars, to get to be

with you.

Or like you know, know you,

like, be on the same team with


>> You lead him on, Candice.

>> No, I did not.

( laughter )

>> You flirt, you.

>> You led him on.

>> Oh, please.

>> We've got to make a little

fire today.

Oh that's good.

Oh, that one's really good.

>> What are they doing?

>> I don't know, bonding.

( laughter )

>> We men.

>> There are so many men on

this tribe now.

It seems like we got all the

really big buff guys.

I'm absolutely going to flirt

with them.

Get them on my good side.

It's what I do best.

Aw, baby monkey.

>> Yeah, am I your baby monkey?

>> I already had Adam from the


>> You have water in there?

>> I was drawn to Nate in the

first place just because he's

so, like, outgoing and funny and

kind of charming.

So I decided to work him, just

for starters.

Your pants are falling off,


>> Lure him into my web, chomp

and suck his blood.

( laughs )

>> May have cooked these too

long, Cao Boi.

Cao Boi, how are you doing?

>> What?

>> I said how are you doing.

>> I'm doing fine, sir.

>> That's beautiful.

>> Cool.

>> I trust Yul, I trust Candice.

>> I totally agree.

No question that the four of

us should be...

>> Then we were thinking of

adding Flicka to make it five.

>> Believe me, I can get her

to do whatever we need her to


>> Do you think...

>> I'll just say to her, "You,

me and Candice, we're going to

stay together and we're going

to deal with these other two

people, okay?"

>> I hear you.

>> I knew Becky was the person

I had to get to first.

But she was the key.

She came right to me.

She said, "Yul and I would like

to get together with you and


I said, "Great."

I said, "I believe that I have

Flicka," hoping that she would

say "Okay, great."

>> I think we can align with a

couple of the Asians.

I think that's going to be able

to happen.

So we'll have a good, strong

five, I'm hoping.

All right?

But if anybody else approaches

you, just say, "Oh, yeah,

whatever," or "I'm not thinking

about it."


>> I'm not thinking about it.

I'm just sitting here.

>> I am thinking about it.

So you don't have to think about


Let me think about it.

But I'm thinking about it.

Stay with me and Candice and

we'll take these other two and

the five of us will go to the


>> Jonathan wants me to stay in

the alliance from our original

tribe, in which I don't really

necessarily feel that

comfortable because I didn't

feel that comfortable in that

tribe to begin with.

>> We're strong.

We'll go all the way.

I mean, seriously, we'll make it

to the top five.

It's going to be cool, all


>> All right.

I'm just kind of playing my

cards like I'm not really

thinking about alliances.

I'm just here to make friends

and see what happens and try

to, you know, go as long as I

can without feeling fake.

>> Candice and I, we were

talking and so she... her and

Jonathan basically were pretty

strong, too, and so, it's just,

you know, the perfect four.

But then we were trying to

figure out our fifth person.

So Jonathan mentioned Flicka,

and then we were deciding

between Ozzy and Cecilia.

So I don't know if her and Ozzy

already have an alliance or not

because they are two and they...

>> I'm sure that right now

they're kind of expanding a

little bit because they

realize that they're coming

into this with fewer numbers.

And so, I mean, if we went along

tribal lines, I mean, those

people would be voted out along

with Sundra.

I've to tell you something.

And again, you know, I'm

telling this because I totally

trust you.

>> Right, right.

>> This is sort of like my

gesture that, like, I trust

you and, like, all the stuff we

talked about, I really believe


I found the idol.

>> That's so awesome.

>> Yeah.

>> First day or second day?

>> I found it... well, I found

it overnight just thinking

about the clues and kind of

working it out.

But you know, if we can somehow

turn the game around and get us

ahead, you know, you are in a

situation where I could save

your butt, I mean, I'll do it.

>> I appreciate it.

I trust you.

You know that I trust you.

>> Becky and I have, I think, a

tight bond and strong alliance

coming out of our Puka tribe.

You know, I think it's a huge

advantage in this game to have

somebody that you can absolutely


And I think, given our

backgrounds and our common

interests, I felt comfortable

disclosing the information to


>> I am not going to tell


I don't think you should tell

anybody again.

Oh, I'm so excited!

I'm so proud of you.

That's so awesome.

>> Oh, my God!

>> He has a what?

>> Octopus.

>> I felt like the man!

I was, "What, octopus, what do

you got now?"

It's a good feeling.

No, no, no, wait, wait, wait.

>> Pull it back.


>> Look at him sucking me.

>> I told you.

( laughter )

>> He is going home!

>> Pull that head back.

>> Ha, ha.

>> Yeah, Nate.

>> How did you find him?

>> I don't think the guys or

anyone really expected me to do

it, to come back with

something, and something so


Looking at it, you know, just

hanging, I was like, "Yeah,

we're eating this fool tonight."

>> We got dinner, ladies.

>> It's huge.

>> How did you get that?

>> I had a spear, and I

couldn't let go of the spear

because he would swim off with


He was strong.

>> That is a lot of meat.

You need it.

You could probably eat that

whole thing yourself.

>> Probably.

>> PROBST: You guys ready to get

to today's immunity challenge?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: All right, for

today's challenge, each tribe

will begin clipped together by a


In addition, each of you will

be carrying a 15-pound sandbag

on your back.

You will start on opposite

sides of the course.

On my go, you will race through

knee-deep water attempting to

catch the other tribe.

When you get tired, and some of

you will, it's okay to opt out

of the challenge.

But first, you have to take

your 15 pounds and give it to

another tribe member who is now

carrying twice as much weight.

First tribe to catch the other

tribe and tackle one of their

tribe members to the ground

wins immunity, is safe at least

one more day here in the Cook


Losers, tribal council tonight,

somebody going home.

There is one more element to

this challenge.

The details are in the note.

It'll be revealed after the

challenge is over.

Make sense?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Get suited up, we'll


Here we go, for immunity.

Survivors, ready!


This is an endurance challenge.

It is going to wear you out.

Water is almost knee-deep on


Hard to walk through.

Both tribes have big guys at

the end.

Try to prevent easy tackles.

Both tribes have strong guys at

the front to make the tackles.

Aitu made up just a little

ground on that round.

Cecilia drops out, Sundra drops

out, Candice drops out, Becky

dropping out.

Aitu now down to five members.

Bold strategy move for Aitu.

All of their men now with 30


Stephannie dropping out for


>> PROBST: Cristina dropping out

for Raro.

Adam takes her weight.

Jenny dropping out for Raro.

Aitu still with a bit of a lead.

Jessica dropping out.

She's giving her weight to


He's got three bags now, 45

pounds of sand.

Parvati dropping out for Raro.

Rebecca, the only woman left in

this challenge.

Aitu is down to four guys--

Ozzy, Jonathan, Cao Boi and Yul

shouldering a lot of weight.

Jonathan going to give 15

pounds to Ozzy.

Raro making up a lot of time,

starting to close in on Aitu.

Aitu has no options left.

Jonathan can hardly walk.

Cao Boi needs to be helped by


Rebecca finally dropping out, a

key player in helping Raro get

a lead.

We are now even, four members


J.P., Nate, Brad, Adam closing

the gap with each step.

>> Give it all you got.

Go, go!

>> PROBST: Raro making a go of


J.P., Nate, Adam, Brad.

Yul going to try to fight them

off as long as he can.

But Cao Boi's too weak.

This challenge is over!

Raro wins immunity!

( cheers )

Raro, congratulations.

( cheers and applause )

Safe from the vote, guaranteed

at least one more day out here.

There is one more element to

this challenge.

I'll read the note.

"The winning tribe will choose

one member from the losing

tribe to go to Exile Island,"

which means the person you

choose to send to Exile Island

will miss tribal council


You are keeping somebody in

this game.

A lot of ways to play this


Figure out who it is going to


Do you have your decision?

>> Candice.

>> PROBST: It was unanimous.

Candice, boat will pick you up,

have your stuff for you.

Head on out.

Okay, Raro, you guys are safe

from the vote.

Everybody's good.

Aitu, we have a date tonight at

tribal council.

One of the eight of you will be

going home.

You have the afternoon to

figure out who that's going to


Head on back to camp.

>> Can we just take one second

and think of why they picked


>> I don't think they would

perceive her as being the

strongest physically, so I

think they're just protecting


>> They're trying to protect

her from us voting her off?

>> Candice went to Exile Island.

It has a huge effect on our


Prior to this, we had an

alliance going on between

myself, Jonathan, Becky,

Candice, and we were pretty

confident that with the four of

us pulling in one other person

we would have a numbers


But now it doesn't look to be

the case.

And actually...

>> I need you guys, too.

We all need each other.

We just need to win.

>> But we have to obviously

write down some...

>> We have to let Becky go.

>> Okay.

>> I think Becky is the weak


>> All right.

>> Cao Boi said alliance with

us, he said we're good, the

girls are good.

He said he really liked you,

you know, everybody...

We got all ( inaudible ).

I say we get rid of Becky.

Becky is seriously plotting.

>> All we need is five.

We are all voting for Becky.

Cao Boi, myself, Cecilia,

Sundra and Flicka seem to have

some sort of an agreement, and

we'll see if it stands.

>> Jonathan, what are you doing?

>> Let's...

Come here.


I'll check in with you.

>> No more talking.

We're done.

>> I thought I had Flicka


I thought she was with me.

But she's not.

She's doing her own thing, and

I don't know how easy or hard

it's going to be to convince

her otherwise.

So we've got a serious problem


Where do we stand right now?

It's you, me, Becky and that's


We don't know where Sundra's


We don't know where Cao Boi's


And Flicka is going to be

probably impossible to switch.

>> Really?

>> We're good, right, from what

we said.

>> Yeah, yeah, we need to stick

with it.

But Jonathan is just worried

because I'm not for sure saying

that I'm a part of their

alliance because I don't want

to be wishy washy.

>> You're just going to follow

your gut.

>> We just have to make it

through tonight.

We've got to get Flicka or Cao

Boi to vote for Cecilia.

And it's risky because if we

don't know that they are rock

solid going to vote our way,

then you and I put our necks way

out on the line.

Trying to convince Flicka and

Cao Boi to vote with us is the


If not, then all bets are off

and it's going to be a whole

different kettle of fish.

All I'm concerned about is

making it to the merger.

Everybody you like is going to

get voted off.

>> I know, it's not about that,


It's about having trust in the

people that you have a

connection with.

>> Okay, so I thought you and I

had a tight thing.

So we don't have such a tight


Do we not trust each other?

We're talking like adults.

>> I'm sorry.

We have to let Becky go in

total fairness.

She's the weak link.

Then we'll lose another one.

>> She's not a weak link.

>> She is.

She a princess out here.

You pay attention.

She's a princess out here.

I just watch and I just...

>> But she's not... she's not,

like, weak.

She's strong.

I think she has been very

strong and decisive on the


I think if you look at Cecilia,

she hasn't been that strong.

She's good at puzzles, but

physically she hasn't been that


>> If five of us vote for

Cecilia tonight, okay, and three

of you vote for Becky, then all

of a sudden you're on the

outside and, boom, you're gone.

>> If we get rid of Cecilia,

we'll have our numbers, okay?

We can decide later on whether

we need to draw Becky, you,

Jonathan, Flicka.

That's five.

That's a solid five.

>> That's still not the point,


>> Well, what is the point?

I guess we're talking apples

and oranges.

>> Yeah, we kind of are,

because I'm just thinking she's

the weaker link and I'm not


>> I'm trying to think ahead of


>> I'm not thinking ahead.

I'm not...

>> But this is a game.

This is like a chess game.

>> Yeah, right.

>> This is a 30 day...

we have 30 more days ahead of


You can't just think about


You have to put yourself in a

position that you can be there

in 30 days.

You have to think about that


>> Uh-huh.

>> I mean, because otherwise

you won't be there.

>> Uh-huh.


I don't know.

I have to think about it still.

>> We've got to stick tight.

>> You present your point and,

okay, I'll listen to you.

>> I don't like the scheming of


I really don't like that at all.

I feel like I've always been


Maybe this time I'm wrong.

>> No matter what they said, I

said, "I'm going to talk to

Jessica first."


>> I have a hard time


>> I don't trust Jonathan.

>> I don't trust Jonathan.

>> He's manipulative.

>> I had a good talk with her.

She doesn't like the idea of

playing the game that way.

>> But Jonathan has a point, the

numbers game.

We have to make it to the


We can play the game some more.

>> I don't want to be picked


>> I know, but they are playing


You are not part of the crowd.

I'm not part of the crowd,


We're just stuck in this...

>> Now what do you do?

I don't know what to do.

I'm getting all wrapped up in

this whole drama.

I realize it's a numbers game,

but I have a lot of respect for

Ceci, so I don't know.

It's so hard.

I'm like, ahh!

>> Two ways to play the game:

"I like you, so I'm not going

to vote for you," or "Sorry, I

like you, but I got to vote for

you because I want to go


We have two different

philosophies, and it's a war.

I don't know.

We'll see how convincing I've


>> PROBST: Go ahead and have a


So let's talk about the merge.

Jonathan, in this case, the

tribes have been divided based

on ethnicity.

Did that add anything to the


>> I didn't think so.

Honestly, I didn't.

I think the captains selected

the strongest people they could

given the parameters.

We had a sense of who was

strong and I'm actually really

pleased with the way the merge


>> PROBST: Sundra, as the only

person from one tribe, you

suddenly can become extremely

powerful as everybody now wants

your vote because you have no

allegiance to anyone.

>> Yeah, I mean, you could say

you are either vulnerable or

valuable, and I don't give

credit to either.

I just try to be there and

just use my gut to say, "Okay,

this is what I should do,"

because, as you know, there's

no way to guarantee the results

of playing this game.

>> PROBST: Yul, assess this


What do you think would be the

best direction for this tribe

to head?

>> My sense is that some people

have different priorities in

terms of what they are looking

for out of being here.

I think some people are

strategizing and trying to make

alliances and came here to play

hard to win the game.

I think other people came here,

you know, hoping that this

is going to be a personally

fulfilling experience for


>> PROBST: And Jonathan,

nothing wrong or right about

either one of those ends of the


>> Absolutely.

Someone who's here to just

have the experience and not

play the game, they're going to

be playing the game.

The game is happening with them

in it.

And people who are here who are

strategizing, they're also

dealing with the personalities

here and they're really in the


And that's what makes it

interesting is that none of us

are thinking about it exactly

the same way.

Otherwise, it would be pretty

boring, I think.

>> PROBST: So Jessica, eight

days in, is this game already

more complicated than you


>> I think that I'm just not

used to the manipulation aspect

of it, and just where people's

intentions are gets really

confusing to me.

Like, are you really telling me

because you're being nice or

are you telling me this because

you're, like, trying to get me

on your side so you could,

like, get me to, like, vote

somebody off who I like, you


It's just weird, because I'm

not ready to lose one of our

members of our tribe yet.

>> PROBST: Ozzy, how is this

tribe going to be different

after tonight's vote?

>> Well, I'm going to...

after tonight's vote, I'm going

to know where people actually

stand as to what they were

saying before.

So that's pretty much how it's

going to go.

>> PROBST: Before we get to the

vote, two of you have been to

Exile Island.

The hidden immunity idol might

have been found.

Just to be clear, here's how

it works: if the person in

possession of the idol receives

the highest number of votes,

you present that idol to me

after the vote, you're back in

the game.

And the person with the next

highest number of votes goes


It is time to vote.

Yul, you're up.

>> Cecilia, I'm really sorry to

be sending you home.

And the vote was either going to

go against Becky or yourself.

And between the two, my loyalty

is to Becky.

Best of luck to you.

>> It's nothing personal.

I think you're amazing.

It's what I think will be

better for the tribe.

>> It's nothing personal, girl.

I'm just doing this as far as

strategy for moving the tribe

forward in this game.

>> You haven't made any effort

to try and connect to me, get

to know me at all.

>> You're a very classy lady.

This is nothing personal.

It's just strategy.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the tribal

council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Cecilia.


One vote Cecilia; one vote


Two votes Becky; one vote



That's two votes Cecilia;

two votes Becky.


We're three votes Cecilia; two

votes Becky.


We're tied.

Three votes Becky; three

votes Cecilia.


Four votes Cecilia; three

votes Becky.

One vote left.

Third person voted out of

Survivor: Cook Islands:


Please bring me your torch.

Cecilia, the tribe has spoken.

Well, one thing is clear, this

tribe is definitely not unified.

And only eight days in to a game

this unpredictable, certainly


Grab your torches.

Go back to camp.

Good night.

>> PROBST: Stay tuned for

scenes from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on

Survivor: At Raro, new lines

are drawn.

>> The guys are just sitting

and the girls are working.

That just doesn't fly with me

at all.

>> PROBST: And at Aitu, Cao Boi

goes too far.

>> Oh, my God, a little chick.

Cao Boi is such a wild card.

I wouldn't trust him.

I wouldn't trust him.

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>> This vote tonight, it's


It's just a testament as to

how quickly the game can change.

But I have no regrets.

I had a great time.

It was an amazing eight days.

I got to do crazy things that I

never thought I would ever do

and probably won't ever do


I think that they made a mistake

voting me out.

I don't think this is going to

strengthen them.

It may weaken the tribe,