Survivor (2000–…): Season 13, Episode 2 - Dire Straights and Dead Weight - full transcript

It's dire straits for one tribe when a lack of fire leads to serious dehydration.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on

Get overboard.

20 strangers were divided
into four tribes-- Puka, Aitu,

Raro and Hiki.

>> Watch it!

>> Different ethnic groups.

Is that kosher?

>> I'm a little bit worried that
it might play out to

caricatures and stereotypes.

>> The Hispanics all come from
Caribbean or South American


We're used to being in this
tropical setting.

>> PROBST: But at Aitu, Billy
quickly found himself on the


>> He didn't really know what he
was doing.

>> PROBST: ...forcing Ozzy to
step up.

On Puka, Cao Boi resorted to
some traditional healing.

>> There, you'll feel better

>> It looks like it burns.

>> I've never been accepted by
the Asian community.

I just don't fit the stereotype.

It's a very dangerous position
for me to be in.

>> PROBST: On Hiki...

>> One person get firewood,
one person get bamboo.

>> PROBST: ...Sekou stepped up
the lead, but the tribe became


>> He likes to take a lot of
breaks and we've got too much

to do.

>> PROBST: At Raro...

( screaming )
>> Ah, no!

>> PROBST: ...Jessica let the
the tribe's chickens escape.

>> I am so sorry.

>> I'm not happy with Flicka.

I can forgive her, but I don't
have to forgive her.

>> PROBST: At the immunity

Puka wins the challenge!

...Puka, Aitu and Raro won
immunity and flint to make


Hiki was not so lucky.

No fire for you; somebody going

But a surprise was revealed.

The losing tribe will choose
one person from any of the

other tribes to go to Exile

And the two men from Hiki chose

On Exile Island, Jonathan
searched for the hidden

immunity idol.

>> A cold, miserable,
shivering... Exile Island is

really terrible.

>> PROBST: Before tribal
council, the women and men of

Hiki were divided.

>> They're in threes.

They're going to try to vote
one of us off.

>> They're stupid if they do

>> They're stupid.

>> The ladies and I are
thinking Sekou might be the

right person to vote out.

>> Them two are like peas in a

>> PROBST: Sekou tried to
convince Stephannie to vote

with the men.

>> Sundra and Rebecca, they're
very close.

The guys are very close.

So, of course, I'm the swing

>> PROBST: At tribal council...

the first person voted out of
Survivor: Cook Islands...

Stephannie stayed true to the
women and Sekou was the first

person voted out.

Sekou, the tribe has spoken.

The good news is you now have

19 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

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( theme song playing )

>> We need fire so bad.

We're like on day four, no

We're just kind of like...

we're beat, you know?

>> It's sparking.

That'd be something.

>> Is it the wind, you think?

>> We were all a little

We want to represent well,
but we're feeling a little

bit added pressure of being the
African-American tribe.

bit added pressure of being the
African-American tribe.

>> We tried, and we just
couldn't get it going.

I don't understand what we're
doing wrong.

We should have fire, but that's
not happening.

We should have fire, but that's
not happening.

>> We're going to make this

It is absolute desperation time.

We've got to do it now.

>> All right, I'm going to try

>> All right, I'm going to try

>> Guys, it's lit.

What do we do now?

( laughter )
>> We've got a fire.

We've got a fire.


The fire was started by

Girls, I knew they were all
going to step up and really be,

like, some tough sisters, and
that's what they've done.

And I'm so happy.

Burn, baby, burn!

>> This has been a great day
for our team.

We're figuring it out and
working as one team.

And I couldn't ask for anything

And I couldn't ask for anything

>> The Aitutaki tribe is
doing really, really, really


This morning we went and got
fish together, and we captured

like eight, nine fish and got
seven or eight clams, big ones.

>> Yeah.

>> All right.

Look at our bucket.

>> Latinos are good workers.

It's kind of in our blood,
it's in our heritage.

>> As me and my partners were
running towards the arcade, I

heard the shots being fired and
I felt something hit my arm.

I fractured my humerus and
shattered my radius.

This morning, I brought up the
fact that I'm a police officer

and that I was shot, almost
losing my arm.

And that was a life-changing
experience for me.

Initially they were going to
take my arm.

The doctors told my mom they
wanted to take my arm because

it was so bad and I lost so
much blood.

>> Christina is a super strong

I definitely respect all the
stuff that she's gone through

in her life.

She's definitely a role model
as far as I see it.

>> So I got my arm back and came
back to work full time.

>> That's huge.

That's huge.

>> That's why I wear the bullet.

>> There are the chickens over
there, they're walking past.

Look over the clothesline.

>> We've been trying to figure
out how to snag a chicken for a

few days.

We've seen them running around
wild all over the place, so we

decided to make a chicken trap.

>> Once the chicken goes up top,
we can pull the net and it will

kind of catch them like in a
little bag.

>> Oh, you want to do it that

>> Tina had her chance to set it
up, and I'm making a concerted

effort not to shoot down all of
her ideas.

But a lot of the ideas she has
are coming from somebody who's

not done a lot of camping, who's
not been in the outdoors a lot,

so they don't make sense to me.

>> I think we should stretch it,
like, wide across here and then

we'll create, like, a little

>> Let's do it.

>> Ozzy feels like he knows
everything, and he probably

does, but every idea has to
be his idea.

So he is getting under my skin
a little bit.

>> I think we can do it.

Look, we have this line
right here.

Christina and I, we don't click
very well.

I think it's because, for one
thing, she's a cop, and also

just the fact that I'm ten
years younger than her and I

understand, because if I had a
14-year-old telling me what to

do, I'd probably get a little
pissed off myself.

do, I'd probably get a little
pissed off myself.

>> I feel like I've shown what I
offer to the tribe, so I feel

comfortable with my standing
within the rest of the group.

>> There is so much food
to cook.

>> There's more.

>> Oh, is there really?

>> Yeah, look.

>> Awesome.

>> Tina?

>> Is she upset?

>> Is she?

>> We got two chickens, woo-hoo!

We've got two of them at one

There's two, right?

>> There's two, yeah.

>> Yes.

>> Good job, Yul, good job.

>> Day four for the Puka
tribe started out on a really

high note because Yul actually
caught two of the chickens.

We're really excited because
I think everybody was pretty

hungry for something

Yul's a smart guy.

He's very intelligent and a
good person to have on your


>>( inaudible ) I trust you
because I feel like...

>> No, that's what... even from
the very beginning, yeah.

>> Becky, she's a lawyer, but
she does a lot of non-profit


I respect that and I don't
think someone like that

is likely to be in this game
just to make a lot of money, so

I trust her.

>> I would love to see one of
us do it.

>> Especially if there were,
like, Korean...

>> That's why I want us to stay

Yul and I are both Korean, so
obviously there's a bond

there, and we're automatically
going to form alliances because

of that.

In Korean, you call an older
brother an oppa, and Yul seems

sort of like an older brother to

>> Sticking together,
obviously, would help us in

the game.

>> I want to stay

I agree.


>> Oh, I think it's him.

Papa bear is coming home.

( screaming )
>> Oh, God.

Exile Island was really
terrible, but I came back to my

tribe and they're all very
happy to see me and I'm happy

to see them.

>> All over the place.

I dug around for the idol; I
didn't find it, unfortunately.

Now I've come back and, like,
these guys haven't done


How is the shelter for the rain?

>> Well, the most uncomfortable
part is the floor.

>> We slept on the ground.

>> Why don't we start a fire
and let's make this floor.

You know what I mean?

Because it's going to be
night four and we don't have a

real shelter for ourselves.

I don't understand why they
don't have a better floor.

Basically, it's the same shack
they've been in for three or

four days.

I don't understand that.

>> I'm really excited about
pimping out our palace.

>> Yeah.

>> Jonathan and I decided
to pick up the speed a bit and

try to get something done to
make our camp better.

But Parvati, Adam and Candice,
they like to gossip and waste

time and not really do things.

And I was just like, "Somebody
do something."

Let's get some things done.

Hey Adam, this is quite a bit
of work.

>> I think it's the dumbest
thing to be doing this.

Why do you think you'll sleep
better when it's raised than on

the ground?

>> It was wet and it was cold.

>> Yeah, but what does raised
going to do to change that?

>> We won't be on the wet

>> Do you two want a raised

>> I thought it sounded

>> I know you do, but these

We didn't decide things as a

I want to know what y'all's
opinion is, you two, on the


You guys haven't said anything.

>> I think the flat bamboo
would be comfortable and it's

already started.

>> It's crazy, I think.

>> Well, what do you want to
do today?

>> I just don't want to waste
energy on something that... just

to look good.

I mean this is...

>> I don't know.

Let's see if we can get this
floor done.

Adam is hungry and he's crabby
and he doesn't understand that

other people have other needs.

And I don't need him being like

>> I won't.

I won't.

>> Oh, my God.


We got five of them.

>> Oh, wow!

>> Definitely, I've been trying
to conserve my energy because,

(a), I don't have a whole lot of
energy to burn, and (b), I think

it's stupid to just waste
your time doing something you

don't know anything about.

So, since they know more about
spearing fish and getting

coconuts and whatnot, I just let
them burn the energy and I'll

just go ahead and have some of
whatever they catch.

>> You want to start getting
that net together for the


>> We need to clean it off
nice and flat.

You know, it's really difficult
if everyone's not pulling their

weight, you know?

It gets tiring having to
tell someone what to do all of

the time.

I go, "Billy, can you do this?"
"Billy, can you do that?"

"Billy, can you do this?"
You know, I hate saying that.

"Billy, can you do this?"
You know, I hate saying that.

>> Well, I think we all just
work together instead of kind

of going off in our own little

>> I agree.

>> It will work out so much

>> I don't know, I guess I kind
of feel a little bit on the

outside sometimes.

>> They shouldn't... you
know what, you should...

>> It's like, I don't relate
the same way as, like... even

though I'm Hispanic, I don't
feel Hispanic, you know?

It's like metal is my culture
instead of Hispanic being my


>> I think that's good, because
you have differences you bring

to the group.

>> Oh, thanks, thanks.

>> So, I mean, we want you
to be included, be a part of

this group.

>> So you don't feel excluded,
like, you know, jump in.

>> So you don't feel excluded,
like, you know, jump in.

>> I was working directly in
the hot sun, and I quickly got

a headache, and Cao Boi came in
with his magical powers.

>> There's a deep, deep red.

Yours is just red.

Yours will probably go away
within a day.

Most of the people I know in
my life, sooner or later, if

they're friends with me long
enough, they experience a red

mark, and it always work for
them, too.

You're done.

>> ( laughs )
Thank you.

It helps, a lot.

It felt great.

I asked him not to give me the
same kind of slash he gave to


But apparently I guess I have
something here now.

But at least my headache's

But at least my headache's

>> Oh, I make fun of them all
the time.

You've got to be able to laugh
at yourself, first of all.

>> Well, of course, but, I
don't know, I think if you

were a little bit sensitive
about it because of the


>> I have no hang-up, you know,
and I can just make fun of it

and just laugh.

Like what do you call a
Vietnamese with three dogs?

>> I think the bigger picture
is, like, we get it, but a lot

of people won't get it.

>> Exactly.

>> I don't worry about what
other people think.

They get to my case because you
make this racist joke about

Asian people, and I just want
them to understand that to

represent your race is not
about avoiding the jokes.

>> If you're making jokes based
on racial prejudice or

stereotypes, it's just going to
confirm them in people's minds

that don't know any better.

>> Well, a joke is a joke,

>> No, it's not.

>> No?

>> Can I tell you guys one more
joke that is not really

offensive to anyone here at

>> No.

>> One thing about Cao Boi is
it's good to have a sense of

humor, but if it's at the
expense of a particular ethnic

group, I don't think that's

( snoring )
>> Just keep it as an option.

I think it could help us in the
long run because we're not

going to have to be carrying
his weight anymore.

>> Cecilia, Christina, Ozzy
and I were sitting together,

and I had it in my mind.

Thank God Ozzy brought it up.

And he's, like, "We should
throw the challenge tomorrow and

get rid of Billy."

>> That's making us look bad.

I don't want to do that.

>> It's a strategy.

We lose Billy, we come back
stronger than ever.

>> Ozzy, he really wants to
throw the challenge to get

Billy taken off.

And I'm thinking, you know,
"This doesn't seem right."

That will put us in a better
position all around.

>> It is really sad that we're
already saying, "Let's put

one of our guys off."

I still think we should all work
as a team, so it's


And I don't know if I can trust
Oscar anymore.

And I don't know if I can trust
Oscar anymore.

>> Tree mail.

>> Sorry, who's going to read

I read the last one.

>> "Reward and immunity, your
only tribal hopes.

You are bound by honor and by
belts and by ropes."

>> "Collaborative thinking, you
must all move as one.

Another leaves the island by
the setting sun."

>> Be like an obstacle course.

>> Be like chained... chaining

>> I don't know, this is good,
though, ladies.

We wanted something we could
all work as a team, so let's

do it.

>> We're ready, right?

>> This is obviously for
immunity, so we need this.

We're four down; everyone else
has five, so we definitely

don't want to lose another

We have to win.

>> We're talking about in
this next challenge trying to

lose it, just trying to get
Billy out of our team.

And I was really kind of worried
about the whole thing.

>> You better get your head in
this game if you want to stay in

it longer because he'll take
you out.

He should be here right now with
us right now.

Why not?

Why isn't he here right now?

Why isn't he reading this with

Why aren't we discussing it?


I know what I'm doing.

>> Billy's just dead weight.

At this point, it's only the
second tribal council, so we

might as well cut our losses now
and get on with the game.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys.

Getting your first look at the
new Hiki tribe.

Sekou voted out of the first
tribal council.

All right, first things first--
take back immunity.

Once again, immunity back up
for grabs.

I'm going to read you a short
story about Captain Cook's

three historic expeditions into
the Pacific.

When I'm finished reading the
story, you're going to move as a

group tied together.

You'll go under and over a
series of logs.

You'll go through a field of
poles where you must untie and

gather seven answer plaques.

You'll cross a two-line rope
bridge over a pit of water.

Once you reach the finish,
you will use the seven plaques

to answer five questions about
the story.

Make sense?

>> Yes.

>> PROBST: Today's challenge is
for both reward and immunity.

Hopefully this reward will come
in handy.

Two tarps.

With 34 more days out here,
you're going to get a lot of


So, to be clear, the first tribe
to finish gets the tarps; first

three to finish get immunity;
last to finish, tribal council,

somebody going home.

And once again, the losing
tribe will decide which tribe

member from the other tribes
goes to Exile Island.


>> Clear.

>> PROBST: Raro, Aitu, Puka, you
each have one extra member, who

are you going to sit out?

Give you a second to strategize.

>> I'll sit out, I'll sit out.

>> I should sit, I should sit,
I should sit.

I'm like the worst at memory.

>> I'm bad at memory, too.

Totally... I'm out.

>> All right.

>> Okay.

>> PROBST: All right, who's
going to sit out?

>> Me.

>> Me.

>> PROBST: Jenny, and J.P.,
Adam, take a spot on your


Everybody else, meet me over at
the start and we'll get going.

Okay, I'll read the story:
"James Cook's first voyage took

him to the French Polynesian

Tahiti was his destination.

During this trip, Cook also
mapped the entire coast of New


His second voyage, Cook found
and named New Caledonia.

On Cook's final voyage, he
became the first European to

locate the Hawaiian Islands,
which he called the Sandwich


This trip would be his last.

Cook perished in Hawaii in

Now, after hearing this story,
if you are not confident that

you remember all the details,
each tribe has a written

version on the table in front
of you.

Keep in mind reading the book
could cost you valuable time.

For immunity and reward,
survivors ready?


Three tribes heading out without
reading the book, only Aitu

taking the time to look through
it and make sure they are right.

Huge strategy move.

Everybody getting up and over
the log.

Nobody panicking.

Raro first through, Puka
through, Hiki working their

way through.

Puka's on the course, Raro's
on the course, Hiki's on the


Aitu really taking their time.

Will it pay off?

Puka with their first plaque,
Candice with the first plaque

for Raro, Hiki has their
first plaque.

Aitu, now they're out in this.

Jonathan has a second plaque
for Raro.

Brad and Cao Boi getting a
plaque at the same time for


They've got three plaques

Candice getting their third
plaque for Raro.

>> Keep going, guys.

>> PROBST: Hiki, you're still
in it, but you're falling


Aitu finally on the board with
their first plaque.

Cao Boi and Brad with five
plaques for Puka.

There are seven plaques total.

Raro with their fifth plaque.

>> Hold on, I'm almost
there, guys.

>> PROBST: Jonathan gets Raro's
sixth plaque.

Hiki with four plaques, Aitu
with two, Candice working on

the last plaque for Raro.

Puka right behind.

Brad's got to get the last one.

We're neck-and-neck.

Puka and Raro.

Puka has it.

Let's go, Raro.

Puka first on the rope bridge,
Raro right behind.

>> Left, right.

Left, right.

>> PROBST: Hiki, you're still
in it.

First three tribes to
finish win immunity.

Loser's going to tribal

Puka doing a great job on the

It's Puka and Raro fighting for

Hiki starting to make up some

Aitu not panicking, but they're
not moving quickly either.

>> Here we go.

>> It's okay.

>> The island Cook named on his
second voyage was New


>> You ready?

>> The last island he visited
was Hawaii, right?

>> Cook located the Hawaiian
Islands and called them

Sandwich Islands.

>> That's right.

>> His final words were last
to be visited was Hawaii.

>> Tahiti.

>> PROBST: Got to get on your

Puka wins!

Raro has it right!

Hiki working together well.

They're still in this challenge.

Immunity on the line.

>> Tahiti, yeah.

>> PROBST: Aitu finally on the
rope bridge.

Aitu is having a holiday.

Hiki thinks they have it right.

Hiki has it right!

( screaming )
Puka, Raro, Hiki, all safe

from tribal council.

Okay, first order of business:
after reviewing the tapes, it

is clear the challenge ended in
a tie between Puka and


You'll each be getting two

All right, Aitu, the only good
thing about losing this

challenge, you get to decide who
is going to Exile Island.

A big decision to make.

Who's it going to be?

>> We're going to send Yul, the
strongest member over there.

So we'll try to weaken them up

>> Yul, boat's waiting for you

Head down to the beach, boat
will pick you up.

>> One thing left to do: Hiki,
immunity, no tribal council.

( applause )
Puka, you, too, are safe.

Raro, no tribal council.

Aitu, you know what that
means-- tribal council, date

with me, somebody going home.

Grab your stuff, head on back
to camp.

Grab your stuff, head on back
to camp.

>> We lost the challenge,
basically on purpose, and I'm

sorry to say that, but it's
something that we had to do.

Billy dug his own hole by just
not working.

And his lack of work showed a
lack of commitment to the tribe.

And you guys are lollygagging.

>> Losing that challenge, it
just really bothered me.

It was such an easy game.

It just makes me realize that
Ozzy is very conniving.

He's just all for himself.

And I really see him trying to
control everything.

>> No, you don't have... I
mean, yeah, you can do it

like that.

I just like to...

>> So right now, the situation
is pretty bleak.

I just hope to God I can find
some opening, some crack to go

through and somehow pull it

through and somehow pull it

>> Going to Exile Island really

There's pretty much nothing on

I feel like I have a pretty
strong connection with the

members of my tribe.

I miss them, hopefully they
miss me, and it will be an

opportunity just to uncover the
immunity idol.

"Use the mast and an island to
form a letter.

Block out the south island and
you're doing better."

From the clues, I basically
take it that I have to line up

one of two possible isles to
get an "A" shape using the

isle and the mast.

The last bit of the clue is
that I have to make southern

island disappear, so I assume
that I keep walking up and down

the line until I can no longer
see the southern isle, and so

I've marked the place where that

I've marked the place where that

Oh, mama.

Oh, wow.


It's a compass.

"You have just discovered
something of great value.

This immunity idol will keep you
safe from being voted off

at tribal council once only.

The last time you can use any
hidden immunity idol is when

they are four survivors
remaining in the game.

I found the immunity idol,
which is probably the single

biggest stroke of luck I could
have had.

If there is a clear opportunity
where it can change the game,

I'll use it.

>> ( inaudible ) in the water.

>> Would you rinse it out
before you put any stuff in?

>> Yeah.

You don't feel bad?

>> It's all right.

He's not trustworthy.

I don't feel bad, I really

>> Once I figured it out, I
didn't want to be in this tribe


I think those two guys played
me for a patsy.

That whole taking your sweet
time basically was a game.

And once I'm gone, you're on the

>> Exactly.

>> I hope they don't throw
another game just to try to get

rid of you.

My only avenue right now, my
only shot, is with Christina.

So, I just threw out there
that if I go now, she is going


And it flies with her, like,
she understands it.

I really don't.

>> No, Ozzy's playing the

>> Yeah, he really is.

In my job, I see people all the
time, they're always in a lie.

And I had this feeling about

I think Oscar's more of a
threat right now, and he has

been really playing everybody.

Why have we voted someone from
our own team off?

Let's be strong.

>> Yeah, absolutely.

>> I hope you do.

Honestly, I hope you do.

( speaking Spanish )
>> No, girl.

We're on the same page.

Look him in the eye, for real.

We're on the same page.

>> Okay.

>> Christina came up to me and
she asked me if Oscar and I had

any kind of alliance or any
kind of an agreement.

And we don't.

But she asked that in Spanish.

>> I'm just kind of nervous.

Just wondering.

>> As a police officer, she has
to trust her partners because

her life depends on that.

So I can imagine how a little
bit of that is coming into play


But I hope she can trust me
because I'm being honest with


I'm good with you, for sure.

So it's whatever we decide to
do is whatever we decide to do.

>> Okay, sounds good.

>> I do think Billy is going to
stir stuff up-- going behind my

back and trying to switch
people over, trying to

flip-flop so that, you know,
maybe it's me because he wants

me gone.

Christina is probably going to
be the most sympathetic.

But if they want to throw me
out, go ahead and do it because

I know they're going to suffer
really bad if they lose me.

>> My best hope is that
somehow, someway, Christina

found a way to get in
Cecilia's ears and plant the

seed just long enough for her to
swing a vote.

So all my chips are on

My hand is a weak hand, but at
least I got one queen.

My hand is a weak hand, but at
least I got one queen.

>> PROBST: Behind each of you is
a torch.

Go ahead and grab a torch,
approach the flame and get


This is part of the ritual of
tribal council because in this

game, fire represents your

As long as you have fire,
you're still in the game.

When your fire is gone, so
you are.

Have a seat.

So, let's talk about the first
six days.

Billy, did a leader step up and
say, "Here's what we're going

to do?"
>> Well, initially, we just hit

the ground running, but little
by little, Ozzy emerged as the

big voice.

This was his element; he's very
much an outdoorsman.

>> PROBST: Christina, do you
agree with Billy that Ozzy is

the leader?

>> I don't feel that he's a

I feel that he tries to take
control of certain things

because he does have experience
in this area; he feels a

little more confident in that.

>> PROBST: Ozzy, do you think
you're the leader?

>> No, I don't think I'm the

There are certain things that I
have specific knowledge of

that if I don't voice my
opinion, then it's going to get

done wrong.

But I think that our strongest
thing is we can all get things

done as a team and it gives us
a lot of pride because we know

that if we work hard, we're
going to be stronger than

anybody else.

>> PROBST: Do you think this
tribe represented themselves

well in the last challenge?

>> No, the last challenge-- not

>> PROBST: Billy, when I asked
the question, you're like,

"Oh, come on."

>> Actually, a lot of our loss
had to do with me.

J.P. and Ozzy decided I'm
hurting the tribe way too much

and so they were going to throw
the challenge.

>> PROBST: You believe they
threw the challenge?

>> I know they threw the

>> PROBST: J.P., you threw a

With only five tribe members,
you're already willing to lose


>> At this point, yeah.

I don't believe in having
to carry weight of somebody

who I don't believe is trusting
and who doesn't carry the


>> PROBST: Billy, are you
surprised to hear that trust is

an issue?

>> I understand that a game
is being played, but I fell

into a classic trap, and now
I'm on the chopping block.

>> No, no, no, no, no.

I hate the way he's trying to
sound like he's a victim right


>> I was a player.

I'm not saying I'm a victim.

>> And you know how to say the
greatest things to make

yourself look so damn good.

>> I'm clawing and scratching
or whatever-- yeah, I'm playing

the game.

That's my dream.

>> Part of the game is trying to
to involve yourself.

That way people find you

>> I'm still talking here.

I'm still talking here.

You'll get your turn, Mr. Bully.

>> Obviously you're not

>> You're Mr. Bully, you'll get
your turn.

>> Call me whatever you want.

>> I don't give a rat's ass.

So, like I was saying, I'm
playing the game.

That's what I came here to do.

My prize isn't even the million

My prize was that I fell in
love in this game, love at

first sight.

Her name is Candice.

And in between...

( laughter )
>> PROBST: Candice from Raro


>> Yeah.

After the last challenge, we
sort of mouthed the words "I

love you" to one another, and
so that was my prize.

My prize was her.

>> PROBST: I've never heard
anything that surprised me more

than what you just said.

And I want to be respectful
because I don't know what


But what would she base feeling
the same way you feel on?

>> I think it's just, you know,
love at first sight.

I think it's just a rapport

>> PROBST: So you're absolutely
sincere now?

>> I'm dead serious.

>> PROBST: Ozzy, have you
noticed anything between Candice

and Billy?

>> Man, I haven't noticed

But, I mean, I'm not looking
for it.

It's new to me as it is you.

>> PROBST: J.P., what's your
take on the Billy/Candice


>> Listen, I'm sorry, but from
the beginning, he was sketchy.

Just shady.

From the beginning.

And if I seemed insensitive to
the whole deal, whatever.

But then he brings up things
like this love at first sight

stuff, I mean, it's just... oh,
hell, I don't know, it's just


>> PROBST: Christina, is it

>> I think anything's possible
in life, but I feel very leery

for Billy.

>> PROBST: Christina, you seem
to have a soft spot for Billy.

>> I just don't want him to get

I just hate when people get
taken advantage of, and I

just... I'm not into the
dishonesty and to the


I just really... I'm, you
know, taking care of him,

at least, looking out for his
best interests.

>> PROBST: Okay, there's been a
lot said here tonight, and I'm

very curious to see how it
plays out.

It is time to vote.

Ozzy, you're up.

>> If I can't trust you now, I
won't be able to trust you

later on in the game.

>> The only reason why I'm
voting for you is because you

are the best player in the
Aitutaki tribe.

are the best player in the
Aitutaki tribe.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the

Once the votes are read, the
decision is final.

The person voted out will be
asked to leave the tribal

council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote: Billy.


One vote Billy, one vote Ozzy.


Two votes Billy, one vote Ozzy.

The second person voted out of
Survivor: Cook Islands-- Billy.

That's three.

That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Billy, the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

>> PROBST: Well, two issues
emerged tonight: work ethic and


It sounds like you just dealt
with the issue of work ethic.

The question is: how will you
deal with the unresolved issue

of trust?

Grab your torches, go back to

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>> PROBST: Stay tuned for
scenes from our next episode.

Next time on Survivor:
Mother Nature fights back...

>> Look at him sucking

>> PROBST: ...Parvati works her

>> I'm absolutely going to

Aww, baby monkey.

It is what I do best.

>> When you have children,
you're screwed.

>> PROBST: ...And Cao Boi turns
up the volume.

>> The guy does not shut up.

>> ( laughs )
>> I came into this wanting

to live the dream of playing

I got... I lived that dream
for six days and I think it's

kind of cool that the heavy
metal guy's getting eliminated

by some guy named Ozzy.

My biggest regret is I didn't
play the way I wish I would of.

I didn't represent myself
well in the beginning.

But I'm not going to regret
anything because I still got to
live the dream.

Too bad there wasn't a
heavy metal tribe. I think I

have fit in better over there.