Survivor (2000–…): Season 13, Episode 12 - You're a Rat - full transcript

With only eight castaways left, Jonathan is in the hot seat with certain tribe members after turning on his former alliance.

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>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on


>> Let's get some firewood going


>> PROBST: Raro...

>> We have to get it together


>> PROBST: ...Jonathan's

direction turns some people off.

>> Don't be coming around

barking orders at me in the


It's like "Shut up, fool."

>> PROBST: Drop your buffs.

You are merging.

Raro and Aitu became one.

>> Thank you, sir.

>> PROBST: There is a large

native catamaran filled with


( laughter )

Though the merged tribe

celebrated, the outnumbered Aitu

four felt vulnerable.

>> Our backs are against the


We need someone to flip.

So I think I know what would

change the game.

>> PROBST: Yul formulated a


>> I have the idol.

>> PROBST: use the hidden

immunity idol as leverage.

>> I think I can use it to get


If it works out, it could change

the course of the game.

Hypothetically, say I have the


>> I'd have to think long and

hard about my reaction if you

even implied that you could show

me the idol.

>> PROBST: At the first

individual immunity challenge...

We are down to the final two.

...Candice and Ozzy battled it


But in the end...

Candice drops out.

Ozzy wins the first individual


You are safe in tonight's vote.

After the challenge...

>> This is the idol.

>> PROBST: ...Yul tried to seal

the deal with Jonathan...

>> I appreciate you showing that

to me.

Basically, Yul said, "Vote with

us, or you're going home


>> PROBST: ...while Candice and

Adam were playing their own


With tribal council looming...

>> Please understand I have to

think about this.

>> PROBST: ...Jonathan was the

swing vote that would make all

the difference.

>> Either way, people are going

to be pissed.

Either I'll have betrayed the

Raro people and I'm a complete

bastard, or I didn't jump over

to the Aitu people and I'm a

complete bastard.

>> PROBST: But at tribal

council, when it came time for

his decision...

12th person voted out and the

fourth member of our jury...

...Jonathan betrayed his former

Raro tribe and joined the Aitu

four in voting out Nate.

Nate, the tribe has spoken.

Eight are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

>> All I can tell you is this.

You ready?

If it wasn't going to be me

tonight, it was going to be you.

>> He was going to play the idol


You know?

I was not going to play that

game, because the next time, the

four of them are gunning for me,

and I'm in a tie-breaker


So I either had a 100% chance of

going home tonight or a 50%

change of going home the next


Because I wanted to swing the

vote, flip the game, I vote for


And the truth is that I would

rather play with the Aitu

people; I'd rather see them win,

if I don't win.

I was in the position to make

that choice, and I did, and I

believe I made the right choice.

>> So at tribal council, I think

everyone was holding their


I believed Jonathan, and I

believed he was sincere in

switching over, but I wasn't


>> It was a huge risk that we


But this is how I wanted to play

the idol.

I wanted to play it at a point

in time where it, you know,

resets the entire game in your

favor, and it worked.

>> You pissed everyone in this

game off, so I hope you're happy

with second place.

I just think that you played

yourself out tonight, and I am

so disappointed.

It's vile to me.

It makes me... I feel sick to my


After tribal, I just felt like

that nausea, and I... really,

all I wanted to do was take

Jonathan's face and just throw

up all over it.

You weren't going home tonight.

>> I could have been going home


>> No, you couldn't have.

>> If I didn't throw in with

them, they all would have vote

for me.

You all would have voted for

Yul, and it would have bounced

off Yul and hit me.

>> Not if you told us about the


>> Yul doesn't have the idol.

>> Yul does have the idol.

He showed me the idol.

I don't know what you think

you're talking about.

And even my saying that, you

wouldn't trust that I was

telling the truth.

>> I don't.

I absolutely don't trust a word

that comes out of your mouth.

>> Fair enough.

>> I couldn't control myself.

I snapped on him and told him

how I felt about him and called

him out.

And I think that he's a filthy,

miserable rat.

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( theme song playing )

>> It kind of grosses me out,

but I'm going to watch.

>> You reach inside, and you

just pull out...

>> Ew!

>> I'm guessing this is day 28.

Parvati had never gutted a fish

or even seen how to gut a fish

in 28 days out here.

Now, I don't know how that's


>> What is that thing?

>> Oh, and you guys eat that.

Candice eats it.

>> She's a lazy, selfish girl,

and a million dollars to her

would not help her in her life.

It would screw her life up.

She's been here 27 days, and she

never gutted a fish, never even

saw how to gut a fish?

>> I was teaching her how to gut

a fish.

>> You didn't see me showing


>> And she's was like, "Ew."

>> This game is not as fun in

this position.

>> I know.

>> Gross.

He makes me want to throw up.

>> It's a social game.

I love playing with you guys.

I love hanging out with you.

We all worked well, together.

Do you know what I mean?

We had it down.

I come over here, and I see that

I'm in the clown house.

>> PROBST: Come on in.

Have a seat.

Nice, hot, muggy day, perfect

for a Survivor auction.

( cheering )

>> PROBST: You each have $500.

Bidding is in increments of $20.

Borrowing money is okay.

Sharing food is not.

>> Oh.

>> PROBST: Auction will end

without warning.

Ready to get started?

>> Yup!

>> PROBST: First item...

>> $20.

>> PROBST: $20 to Jonathan.

>> Oh, we don't know what it is.

>> PROBST: No, you don't.

>> 60.

>> 80.

>> 100.

>> PROBST: $100 to Jonathan.

Going once, twice, sold to


Come on up.

Right in here is a slot.

Thank you, sir.

You want to see what you bought?

>> I certainly do.

>> PROBST: Hot dog, fries, and

to go along with it, cold beer.

>> Oh!

>> Oh, snap.

>> PROBST: Take it.

Sit on down.

>> Oh, it smells good.

>> Oh!

>> Party foul.

>> Spill it on me!

>> PROBST: Next item a little


Next item...

>> Oh, a bath tub.

>> PROBST: The next item is a

hot bubble bath.

>> You sit right here and take a


>> And while you're taking your

bath, you will enjoy a huge

piece of chocolate cake!

>> Oh!

>> Oh, my god, no!

>> I'm in it.

I'm in this game.

>> PROBST: Start the bidding.

>> 20 bucks.

>> 100 bucks.

>> 160.

>> Adam!

Wait a minute!

>> I stink.

>> 200.

>> 220.

>> 240.

>> 300.

>> PROBST: Jonathan!

Out of nowhere, the guy nobody

wants to see take a bath now

leading the auction at 300.

>> 320.

>> 340.

>> PROBST: The question is does

Jonathan really want it, or does

Jonathan want you to spend all

your money?

>> 360.

>> PROBST: 360 going once, going

twice, sold for $360 to Parvati.

>> Oh, man.

>> 360, take your cake.

The bath is yours.

>> Wow, that's huge!

>> Oh!

>> She's in her element, you


She's happy.

>> I love this day.

It's my favorite day.

>> Let's keep this thing going.

I'm hungry.

>> PROBST: Next item, this will

give you power in this game.

That's the only clue I'm going

to give you.

>> 100.

>> 200.

>> 400.

>> PROBST: 400 to Jonathan.

>> 500.

>> PROBST: Candice bids

everything she has.

>> Becky, I'll lend you money.

>> 600.

>> Becky, out of nowhere,

borrowing money.

She's at 600.

>> Why do you need that, Becky?

Y'all have the numbers.

>> PROBST: Candice now looking

to Adam for a loan.

>> 620.

>> PROBST: 620 to Candice.

>> 640.

>> PROBST: 640.

Going once, going twice...

Adam and Candice shake their


They don't want anymore.

Sold to Becky, $640.

It's all there?

>> Yes.

>> PROBST: Open the note and

read it here.

>> "You must send one person to

Exile Island immediately and

take the rest of their money for


>> Oh!

>> Yeah, whoo!

>> PROBST: Who's it going to be,


Who's going to go to Exile

Island, leaving right now?

The rest of their money goes to


>> They both have $500.

>> Candice.

>> PROBST: For the fourth time,

Candice going to Exile Island.

What are you thinking right now,


>> Just some food.

>> PROBST: Now, it is day 29.

There is still the idea of the

hidden immunity idol out on


>> I think I know where it is.

>> I can end the suspense.

I have it.

>> PROBST: You have the idol.

>> I have the idol.

>> PROBST: Did you bring it with


>> Uh, yeah, it's in my bag.

>> PROBST: You want to show it

to us now?

>> Sure.

>> PROBST: You want everybody to

know, we might as well just make


>> Wow.

>> This is it right here.

It's a compass on the necklace.

>> Looks authentic.

>> PROBST: Yul, why did you want

everyone to know something

that's so valuable?

>> I wanted to play it at a

critical moment in a game.

That opportunity came up, when

we were down in the merge.

We came in with lower numbers--

four, five.

We had to make someone switch,

so at that point, I felt like

"This is the right moment.

If I play this right, it could

change the entire ending of this

whole adventure."

And fortunately, it did.

>> PROBST: All right, Candice,

you've given your money to


Follow the path.

The boat will pick you up.

You will return in time for the

next immunity challenge.

>> PROBST: Ready for your next


>> Yes.

>> PROBST: Something else a

little unusual, a never-ending

ice cream maker.

>> Holy...

>> Whoa!

>> Oh, my god!

>> PROBST: For as long as we are

at the challenge, you can eat

ice cream.

>> 400.

>> PROBST: 400, Jonathan,

everyone penny he's got.

>> 420.

>> PROBST: 420, the magic

number, going once, twice, sold

to dolphin boy.

( laughter )

>> Don't waste time!

Don't be funny!

Eat, eat!

Yeah, don't mess around.

>> PROBST: Next item will remain


>> 160.

>> 180.

>> 200.

>> 240.

>> PROBST: 240 to Jonathan.

Going once, going twice, sold to


>> Oh!

>> Oh, it's what I like too.

It's got pepperoni on it.

Pepperoni pizza.

Oh, my favorite!

And no sharing, right?

Oh, my god.

>> PROBST: Next item up for bid,

also covered.

>> 60.

>> 80.

>> 100.

>> 120.

>> 140.

>> PROBST: 140 to Sundra.

Going once, twice, sold to

Sundra, $140.

Something straight from your

beach, a sea cucumber.

A little something to clean up

after eating.

>> 100.

>> PROBST: And nobody


>> PROBST: Do you have $100?

>> I just bid it.

>> PROBST: Sold to Jonathan for

100 bucks.

>> Here's 100.

Here's a tip for you.

>> PROBST: Thanks.

>> Oh, man, if this is the end

of the challenge, I'm going to

jump off a bridge.

>> PROBST: That's it.

Survivor auction is over.

>> Jonathan cleaned up on that


>> I got a hot dog and French


I got a pizza.

>> The hard part was just

watching other people eat while

you couldn't eat.

>> Of course.

>> That is painful, surprisingly


I didn't think it would bother

me, but it was actually very,

very difficult.

>> I got to say, I'm much

thirstier having ate that.

I don't know if it's the amount

of food or just the kind of


I wouldn't eat that much food in

the real world.

( burps )

>> Oh, I definitely smell that

pepperoni-- whew.

>> Does this make you guys want

to reconsider the order?

( Sundra sighing )

>> I was just like, "Hmm, maybe

there's a little... a little

resentment, a little hostility


>> We just figured, like,

today's show was very...

>> Revealing.

>> ...very revealing.

I think that we were all


>> And if he gets in the final

four, I will shoot myself.

Potentially, this game could get

flipped on top of its head once

more-- I'm hoping, I'm praying.

It all hangs on other people

right now.

So the best I can do is try to

be as persuasive as I can and

try not to be pushy.

>> I'm going to get octopus.

>> Okay.

>> It's something that they've


It's like just seeing the wrong

person get ahead.

I think Jonathan was a little

too arrogant and a little too

cocky at the food auction.

And it just shows a little bit

maybe of what his true character

is like.

>> After today and just... I

feel like his true personality

is coming out.

>> I agree.

>> And actually spending the

last few days with him also is

not something I find

particularly pleasant.

>> Is he coming?

>> So we were just talking

about... talking with Sundra

about the whole order of voting

people out.

>> Cool.

Something is up.

Unfortunately, I think Parvati

and Adam have obviously gotten

in the girls' ear, and I just

don't know to what degree that

has really worked.

Clearly, the energy has shifted.

>> Fourth time coming out to


It's tough to keep coming out

here over and over and over


I really miss Adam, and it'd be

really nice, you know, just to

get a hug.

I think I'm next on the chopping

block, and so I need this


( thunder )

I wish I wasn't feeling so down

right now.

Emotionally, I'm on the edge.

>> "When were we rolled in a


We merged how many days ago?

All these key moments remembered

now become crucial to know.

Your past will affect your


Stay calm, but you better hurry.

Take too long or things don't

add up, you might be the next on

the jury."

>> This challenge is very

important for me personally.

I don't like what Jonathan

stands for.

I don't like having Jonathan


He's just a dirty, dirty rat,

and I would love to get some

revenge against Jonathan and

continue to be in this game.

So I need to win this one.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

Now bring in Candice, returning

from Exile Island.

Shall we get to today's


>> Sure.

>> PROBST: First things first.

Ozzy, why don't you take that


Once again, immunity is back up

for grabs.

For today's challenge, you will

be quizzed on how well you

recollect the events of the last

30 days.

On my go, you will read four


This will give you answers in

the form of numbers.

You will then add, subtract, or

divide the answers to come up

with a final number.

You'll then untie a

corresponding box, searching for

a key.

You'll use that key to open a

lock, which will raise a flag.

The first three to raise their

flag move on to the final round.

The winner of that round wins

immunity, guaranteed a one-in-

seven shot at a million bucks.

Losers, tribal council, somebody

going home.

Big enough stakes?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: All right, take your

spots on the start, we'll get


Here we go.

First three move on to the final


Survivors ready?


First question, the total number

of pieces used to construct the

stepping stones for the fifth

immunity challenge used to

transport tribe members from one

platform to the next.

Take that number and add it with

the number of plaster boxes to

be smashed by each tribe with

a club to retrieve keys in the

challenge to win the catalog


Take those two numbers, subtract

the number of days since the

Aitutaki Tribe mutiny, including

today, and subtract the number

of people currently in the jury,

and you have your number.

How well do you recall what has

happened out here over the last


Jonathan untying, thinks he has


Ozzy untying.

Yul now untying, thinks he has


If you find a piece of metal

that is not a key, you are


Jonathan was wrong, has to start


Is Ozzy right?


It's been a long 30 days, hard

to remember everything that's

happened out here.

Parvati, the first one to get it


Parvati moving on to the final.

Two more people moving on to the


Candice close.

Does she have a key?

Who's it going to be?

Adam has a key.

Jonathan has a key.

Candice has a key.

Jonathan is good.

Adam is good.

Candice, just a second too late.

Jonathan, Adam, Parvati moving

on to the next round.

For this round, you will answer

more questions.

You'll use the key to unlock a

timber tunnel, crawl through the

tunnel, over a series of

floating pontoons, and raise one

final flag.

Winner gets immunity.

Survivors ready?


Here are the next questions: the

number of immunity challenges so

far, including this one, plus

the number of survivors at

tribal council during the lamb

shank feast, divided by the

number of underwater flags

collected in the barrel rolling


Get that right, you have the

number, you get the key, you win


Adam, the first to start


Parvati, Jonathan, nowhere close

at this point.

Adam is right, he has a big


And if he's wrong, he'll have to

start over.

Parvati now untying.

Jonathan taking his time,

wanting to be right.

Adam already searching for that


Is he right?

Adam has the key.

He's moving on.

Jonathan untying.

Parvati still trying to stay in


Adam ripping through the knots.

Adam starts through the tunnel.

Jonathan does not have it right.

He's got to do his math again.

Adam up and over.

Parvati has the key.

Adam untying the last knots of

the timber tunnel.

Jonathan, still no key.

Parvati has to untie her knots.

Adam, through the tunnel.

One leg left, the floating


Can he make it in one go?

He's hanging on.

>> You got it.

>> PROBST: Struggling to hang


Trying to crawl.

And he's doing it.

>> Come on!

>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: Adam first to cross,

casually raises his flag.

( applause )

Adam wins immunity!

>> Nice job, Adam.

>> Nice job!

>> Very good job.

>> PROBST: Adam, come on over.


( applause )

Adam, safe from the vote


But here is a fact: one of you

guys is going home tonight.

See you at tribal.

Grab your stuff, head on back to


>> Take a little one, and you

pop it.

>> Welcome back.

>> Thank you.

Adam won immunity today at the

challenge, so tonight we're

going to tribal council, and

it's looking like my number's


It's upsetting to think that

Jonathan will get farther than

me in this game, and that's

upsetting to think that someone

that everyone feels-- everyone,

even the people in his alliance

feel that Jonathan is a snake.

>> Jonathan's just a slime ball,

and he needs to be voted off.

>> I mean, I understand why you

don't like Jonathan, but how

does this help you?

>> I don't care.

>> It doesn't help us...

>> I'll be at peace with myself

if he's voted out before us.

>> Honestly, I will feel like I

have won if he is voted out

before I am.

>> You're an upstanding guy.

>> He's behind you, Yul.

>> Got a flounder.

>> Yeah, my first flounder.

>> Nice.

>> If we can get a fire going,

we can cook some fish.

>> Adam, Parvati, and Candice

approached me today.

They really want Jonathan out of

the game, so they asked me, kind

of appealing to my sense of, you

know, justice and integrity, to

please vote him off first.

Jonathan is not my first choice

to kind of welcome him back.

Like, he's... you know, he is

what he is.

>> I think you're

underestimating him.

>> Let me finish.

I understand how he thinks,


The guy is selfish, and he's

rational, right?

So I can predict, basically,

what he's going to go for.

I can predict, like, what makes

sense to him.

>> I'm not the ring leader.

I mean...

>> Yeah, you are.

>> Let me just... it's not that


If we change things up right

now, it will have other

ramifications, and you know,

obviously, I can't really talk

about that stuff.

>> Adam was eating that.

Are you taking that away?

>> Oh, I'm sorry.

>> Yeah, what are you doing?

>> I didn't realize it was your


No, no, you eat it.

>> No, I don't want it!

You eat it!

>> Then what's the problem?

All I did was pick it up so I

could share it, that's all.

>> Well, cut it up, eat it.

>> Great, thank you.

>> It's not that complicated.

>> I'll go get some more

firewood so we can make some


Things finally came to a head.

They've been percolating and

brewing, a lot of silence, a lot

of glares, and I'm getting a

little mad.

( laughter )

>> You did not miss me.

You have not been cuddly.

>> I missed you.

>> And you know what?

You missed your last night to


You missed your last cuddly


>> I'm uncomfortable!

>> Okay, come here, we'll give

you a smooch too.

>> Jonathan, thank you for the


>> Yeah.

>> Thank you, Jonathan.

>> You're so welcome, guys, of


I wish it could be more.

>> Where'd they all go?

Are they eating?

>> Yeah, probably.

>> That is wrong.

That's coming out at tribal.

All right, I'll be back.

( thunder )

>> What's going on, guys?

>> Well, what do you mean?

>> I mean, since when do you

guys not share food?

This is so arrogant and so rude.

I can't believe this.

>> Didn't you call me a... well,

it doesn't matter.

>> Didn't I call you a what?

>> I was told that I was a

disgusting rat and that I should

be voted against tonight for

whatever reason.

>> Well, Jonathan, you're a rat

because you betrayed everybody

in this game.

>> Okay, well... and yet... and


>> Everybody knows that you only

care about yourself.

Yul said it this afternoon that

he can predict your behavior

because you're selfish...

>> Self-interested.

>> ...and that you're... so he

knows what you're going to do.

He knows what move you're going

to make because you make the

selfish decision.

>> Candice...

>> And so everybody knows that,

and everybody...

>> Candice, don't speak for me.

I can speak for myself, all


>> Then what did you say?

>> This is not...

>> What did you say?

>> This is not how I would...

>> What did you say?

>> Look, I said he was a self-

interested, rational player,


To that extent...

>> You said he's selfish.

>> ...I have certainty as to how

he's going to predict... that I

can predict his behavior,

because I know what's going to


>> And you don't like Jonathan,

and you said that too.

And all these people have said

that, that they don't like you.

>> Let's talk about this meal.

We all came home from that...

>> Everybody has their days

where they lay down in the tent.

>> You know what?

That's bollocks, and you know


The rest of us do not choose our

days to go lay down in the tent.

I work my ass off every single


>> Yeah, because you're trying

to weasel your way in somehow.

>> But luckily you're not name

calling, I appreciate that.

>> I'm not.

I'm saying you're trying to

weasel your way in.

>> How dare you...

>> "Weasel" is a verb in this


>> How dare you imply...

>> Weasel your way in.

>> Excuse me.

How dare you imply that I'm

behaving differently today than

I have for the last 30 days.

You cannot say that that's true.

It's not true.

>> You know...

>> You know what?

And I don't even want to talk

about it.

You've said more than enough for


Thank you.

>> Oh, that's what you're

worried about, thinking they're

going to be mad at you for not

changing your vote?

>> Do it again.

>> But I guess my question to

you is there's three of them.

Are you going to wait until each

one gets voted off to then vote

off Jonathan.

They're basically all saying the

same thing.

>> PROBST: We'll now bring in

the members of our jury: Brad,

Rebecca, Jenny, and Nate, voted

out at the last tribal council.

I'll remind you, the jury is

here merely to observe.

They're gathering information

for a million-dollar decision.

Let's start with the auction.

Becky, the turning point was

when you sent Candice to Exile

Island for the fourth time.

Why Candice?

>> I think just seeing her

strength and her endurance, she

was probably the fiercest


She was the obvious choice.

>> PROBST: Candice, you return

from Exile Island, yet you still

come back with a smile on your


>> I'm out here because I love

this game, and it's been rough,

you know?

There have been some low points.

But like Adam always asks

everybody, "Are you still


And you know, I think you have

to keep that spirit up or else,

you know, you'll collapse.

>> PROBST: Ozzy, what happened

when you got back to camp after

the challenge?

>> I spent a good amount of time

looking for firewood and trying

to get the fire going.

Jonathan went out fishing.

Candice, Parvati, and Adam just

went into the tent basically and

later on caused a huge ordeal

with us five eating fish and

them three not eating the fish.

>> Not sharing the fish.

>> PROBST: You say not eating

the fish.

You say not sharing the fish.

>> Inviting us to dinner,


>> PROBST: All right, Parvati,

tell me your story.

What happened?

>> Basically, the three of us,

me, Candice, and Adam, know

we're on the outside.

So they have their five, and we

have our three.

And we're in the tent, you know,

just spending time with each

other, you know.

Apparently it pissed some people

off that we weren't helping

around camp.

So Jonathan gets back and

decides that he doesn't want to

share his fish that he's caught.

>> Everybody but Jonathan, I

think, was cool with us working


I think... I mean, haven't

talked to Jonathan, so I don't

know what his thoughts are.

>> PROBST: Are you and Jonathan

not speaking to each other?

>> I don't really care for

Jonathan at this point.

>> It's just interesting the

more comfortable he gets with

his position in this game, the

more his true colors show, and

it just shows the level of


I'm sorry, but I'm half his age,

and I'm twice as mature as he


>> I agree.

>> Now it's all starting to come


I understand that you guys are

hurt or disappointed or


But you have five people

working, and you have three

people who don't do any work.

At what point does the five

people who are working and the

three people who are basically

waiting for the dinner bell so

that they can get fed-- you

know, when is that not


>> I think it's an arrogance


"We got the numbers.

You're going down.

You're on a sinking ship.

You know, we got the food.

We don't have to feed you."

And you know, all of them have

said that they don't like


>> Everyone knows how you are.

It's not a secret.

>> What am I?

>> You're a rat!

I mean...

>> That's a fact, that I'm a


I don't even know what that


>> You're just...

>> I'm a cancer.

I know.

That's enough out of you.

>> Is that right?

There's absolutely no reason for

you to be around now though.

>> Says you, jack-- says you.

I've earned my place here today.

>> Jonathan, you have.

You have outwitted your place...

>> Oh, come on.

>> be here today.

>> You're just tired of hearing

the truth, man.

The truth hurts, doesn't it?

>> That I'm a rat and a cancer?

>> Come on.

>> That's the truth?

>> You are.

>> Okay.

>> PROBST: Well, just sitting

here, it seems to me that rather

than a tribe of five and a tribe

of three, there's a tribe of

three, with Adam, Candice and

Parvati, a foursome with Ozzy,

Sundra, Becky, and Yul, and

there's Jonathan on the other.

>> I would disagree.

>> PROBST: Well, you're the UN.

I'm expecting the UN to come in

here and make everything nice.

( laughter )

>> Look, I mean, obviously when

we tell them things, right,

we're going to do it in a way

that's going to serve our own


So, you know, I wouldn't take

them at their word.

The way they're painting the

picture is not accurate.

I'll leave it at that.

>> He's the puppet master, and

we're all puppets in his little


>> Come on, what do you expect

me to do?

Look, we're all here trying to


You can't fault me for that.

>> I do not at all.

I respect completely all four of


>> And I'd have a lot more

respect, and so would the people

on the jury, if they cut loose

of their cancer that they have

hooked on them.

>> Even if all three of us were

next to go.

>> Yeah, one, two, three after


>> Boom, boom, boom, sitting


>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Jonathan, a lot has

been said tonight.

You have been the hub of 90% of


How are you feeling right now?

>> I feel fine.

I mean, you know, one never

wants to hear some of the names

that I've been called, you know.

So what am I going to do?

Move on with the game.

Luckily for me right now, I'm in

a better position than I was

when I was with them.

>> PROBST: Candice, what are you

basing your vote on?

What can you guys do to try and

turn this?

>> Jeff, we've tried everything,

but they're going to vote how

they're going to vote, and maybe

they're going to vote with us,

and maybe they're not.

I just wanted to say that this

is a decision that the jury is

going to make.

They need to know what's really

going on around camp, because

it's been kind of ugly.

>> PROBST: Okay, let's get to

the vote.

Adam, you have the immunity


Do you want to give it up?

>> I'm keeping it.

>> PROBST: You cannot vote for


There is also the hidden

immunity idol.

You all know that Yul found it,

but he could have given it to

someone else.

Whoever is in possession of the

idol, if you need to play it

tonight, you would present it to

me after the vote.

The person with the next highest

number of votes would be sent


It is time to vote.

Ozzy, you're up.

>> I'm not going to sacrifice

myself for you, and tonight, you

showed me your true colors.

>> Wow, piece of work.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the tribal

council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Jonathan.


One vote Jonathan, one vote



Two votes Jonathan, one vote



Two votes Candice, two votes



That's three votes Jonathan, two

votes Candice.


We're tied, three votes

Jonathan, three votes Candice.


That's four votes Candice, three

votes Jonathan.

13th person vote out and the

fifth member of our jury,


That's five, that's enough.

Unless you have the hidden

immunity idol, you need to bring

me your torch.

Well, the kiss is nice.

Maybe if it were love, he'd have

given you the immunity necklace.

Candice, the tribe has spoken.

>> Still smiling, guys.

Have fun.

Love ya.

>> PROBST: Time for you to go.

Well, I think tonight's tribal

council speaks for itself.

Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.

Good night.

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Media Access Group at WGBH

>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on


>> Ah!

I feel like my finger's about to

fall off.

>> That could be bad.

I mean, I don't know if you can

stay out here with that.

>> PROBST: And Yul feels the


>> They're going to say anything

they can, because if you fall

for it, then I'm gone; they're

still around, waiting to take

you guys out.

>> I feel like I'm kind of like

the godfather or something,

arranging a hit on somebody.

>> Wow, what can I say?

What a fabulous time I've had

out here playing this game.

I think I can look myself in the

mirror and be comfortable with

the way I played this game,


That little kiss with Adam, it

was a nice way to leave.

We were partners through this,

and it was sincere.