Survivor (2000–…): Season 13, Episode 1 - I Can Forgive Her, But I Don't Have to Because She Screwed with My Chickens - full transcript

The 20 castaways are separated into four tribes divided along ethnic lines. After the first challenge, the losing tribe heads to Tribal Council and eliminates one of their own.

(tribal-style singing)

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>> JEFF PROBST: This ship is

cutting through the remote

waters of the South Pacific,

heading to the Cook Islands...

where these strangers have

volunteered to be marooned for

the next 39 days.

>> Stand by, guys.

>> PROBST: This is their story.

You are witnessing 20 Americans

begin an adventure that will

forever change their lives.

>> Hey, you see a little bucket?

>> PROBST: They've been given

two minutes to salvage whatever

they can off this boat.

(chickens squawking)

You need to catch that chicken!

That is food you are gonna want.

There are various items to help


Hawaiian swings, firewood, fish

traps, bananas, lanterns, but

not enough to go around.

They're gonna have to work

together quickly...

>> We've got to find food.

>> PROBST: ...or they'll be left


They have been divided into four

very unique tribes:

Asian American, Caucasian,

Latino and African American.

>> Watch it, watch it, watch it!

>> PROBST: It is a social

experiment like never before.

Each tribe will live on their

own island.

For the next 39 days, they will

be abandoned and left to fend

for themselves.

But this is more than just a

test of survival skills.

This is also a test of social


>> Watch your head!

>> PROBST: Out here, it's the

impressions you make on the

other castaways that determine

your fate.

Let's go!

30 seconds!

>> Where's the chicken?

>> Forget about the chicken.

Let's go!

>> Someone stole the chicken.

>> PROBST: 20 strangers, forced

to work together to create a

new society while battling the

elements and each other.

Get overboard!

>> Come on, come on!

>> PROBST: Time is up.

They must learn to adapt or

they'll be voted out.

In the end, only one will

remain to claim the

million dollar prize.

39 days, 20 people, one


(theme song playing)

♪ ♪

♪ ♪


>> My first thought when I saw

the tribes were split right

along racial lines was, "Oh,

God, this is gonna be hard."

Just because I-I-I feel like

as a people that have the same

ethnicity, maybe we'll kind of

clash on things.


>> I could care less about

divisions by ethnicity.

When it comes to surviving, it's

a human effort.


>> Row, row!

>> The Asian invasion.

>> Row!

>> I honestly was stunned.

I mean, this is crazy.

I mean, I... you know, on one

hand, I think it's a great

opportunity, because I think

it's wonderful that there's more


Uh, at the same time, I'm a

little bit worried that it might

play out to caricatures and

stereotypes, so I don't know,

it'll be interesting to see

how things play out.


>> Different ethnic groups.

I mean, is that... kosher?

(laughing): I don't know.

But it's a cool social

experiment, I think.

>> ...and paddled their way away

from an island, just so I could

have a good life, and here I am

paddling back to an island.

>> Well, where are you from?

Where are your parents from?

>> Uh, Dominican Republic.

When the tribes were divided, I

thought, what an advantage for

the Hispanics.

The Hispanics all come from

Caribbean or South American


So we're-we're used to being in

this tropical setting.

>> Why don't you guys...

>> One, two, three.

>> This is a unique opportunity

to represent our community in a

positive way.

I mean, we just show that we

work hard and we play hard.

I think we're going to go

pretty far.

>> Building stuff, it should be

the-the shelter, plus I know how

to make a toilet.

>> You want the machete?

>> Well, no, first I'll just

explain it to you, and then

we'll all know what... well,

we'll be on, like, on the same


We'll all have the blueprint.

>> Do you want them with us?

>> Billy said that he can chop

things down and make a hut and

make a toilet, and I was

really fired up.

You know, I mean, I didn't want

to judge him on his appearance.

I mean, he's out of shape.

>> It was kind of obvious to

me, just from the way Billy cut

the bamboo, that he didn't

really know exactly what he was


>> See, look-- boom, perfect.

>> All right.

>> I had to kind of take over

and build the shelter.

I'm kind of trying to guide

things without trying to step

into a position of being a

leader because I don't want

to... I do not want that to


>> You guys want some coconuts?

>> Yes.

>> Yeah!

>> Oh, you want to climb it?

>> Try that.

>> Oh, my God!

>> When I was going up the tree,

it was, uh, a straight picture

right out of The Jungle Book.

All I thought was Mogli going

up the tree.

Watch out.

>> Okay, go ahead.

>> Good.

>> Awesome.

>> I mean, he may not be very

big, but he's an athlete, and

he's somebody who'd be pretty

good at this game.

>> Really good job, man.

>> Good job, dude.

>> I think we're all going to

be able to work as a team, and

I think that we have the

strongest tribe out of anybody


As long as we stay fed and happy

with each other, then we're

going to be able to stay really


>> Ay!

>> Salud!

>> Ay! Ay!

>> Ay!

>> We did most of the work.

>> I'm not a first-generation


I'm not even an immigrant.

I'm a refugee.

I came, uh, after the Vietnam

War as a refugee.

I'm a survivor in that way.

I've survived the Vietnam War.

I can survive this.

The Puka Tribe is actually an


We fly under the radar.

Nobody suspects these little

people with slanted eyes to see

anything or to be strong enough

to do anything or maybe don't

even speak English.

People always underestimate the


>> What's your name?

>> Yul.

>> Yul, I'm Cao Boi.

>> Brad.

>> Brad?

>> Yeah.

>> Nice to meet you.

>> Becky.

>> Becky, Cao Boi.

>> Jenny.

>> Jenny.

Okay, we've got time to get to

know each other.


>> Our tribe, Puka, is comprised

of five Asians.

I'm Filipino, Yul is Korean,

Becky is Korean.

Um, Brad is a mix Filipino,

Hawaiian, and Cao Boi is


We're a mixed group ourselves,

you know, within the Asian


>> My grandmother's knife is

sharper than this.

You know, I was...

In Vietnam, there's this monk.

He lived for many years on

coconut only.

>> I have a feeling you are

gonna be telling a lot of

stories tonight.

>> Um, I gotta say, just for me,

I'm just.. the person I'm having

the most difficulty with is Cao

Boi because I sense a-a little

bit of a schism there.

I think there's some degree of a

generational gap.

>> My biggest concern being an

all-Asian tribe is I've never

been accepted by the Asian


Take one look at me.

I don't look educated.

I don't fit the stereotype:

hard working, Mr. Engineer with

jacket, suit and tie, drive nice


I just don't fit the stereotype.

I belong in a hippie

community instead.

It's a very dangerous position

for me to be in.

>> The accommodations are


>> Here we are.

>> Yeah-hoo!

>> I guess this is where we're

going to make our shelter.

>> Come on, let's put our hands


>> We made it, and we will

continue to make it.

>> Day one, to the end.

>> To the final end.

>> Absolutely.

>> 'Cause y'all know what this

is about, right?

>> Yeah, we do, sir!

>> Represent, represent,

represent, represent.

>> Whoo, got a new chant!

>> That's what I'm talking


>> I believe we all feel the

pressure to represent, and that

just means it's-it's just being

able to represent us, our

people, the African American


>> Let's get firewood.

One person get firewood, one

person get bamboo, and the

other person gets, uh, palms.

>> Okay.

>> Here, I don't need this.

I'll-I'll get the palms.

It makes me feel like, because

we are divided by race, now we

have to step up to the plate

and show that, yes, black people

do swim.

Yes, black people do know how

to get on a boat and paddle.

I mean... (laughs)

we don't just run track.

>> We almost got us a house.

>> Yes, honey.

>> Exactly.

>> That's some nasty hair right


>> With our group, it has

nothing to do with race.

We are just a bunch of city


This couldn't cut cotton.

We're gonna have to sharpen it.

It's not that we are black.

We're just city slickers thrown

into the bareness of life.

Lay... I would lay one here, lay

one here, lay one here, and just

put palms over it and call it a


That's what I would do, but,

it's up to y'all.

>> We just got here.

We're trying to assemble


It's going all right.

But, you know, black people

don't like to be told what to

do, and we have a bunch of

headstrong people around here,

me being one of them, I will


>> Uh-uh.

>> 'Cause what happens is we


>> I will not...

No, this is not going to work.

>> We got that part, so we want


What, you want to go like this?

>> Yeah.

>> I think...

>> My vision, well...

I had a dream!


>> Wake up!

>> "Sekou" means leader

and warrior-- I do bring some

leadership, and I've been able

to pull this group's attention

into the focus of what needs

to be done, and they've been

able to respond.

Let's get some palms up, girls.

I wanted us to stay focused for

what we had to do, and I think

I accomplished that.

I'm liking this already.

It may have set a tone, too, and

if it did, I hope it, you know,

was positive for them as much as

it was for me.

>> Pretty impressive.

>> This is low-income housing.


>> How you doing back there?

>> I'm doing great.

>> Okay.

>> The tribes were obviously

divided by ethnicity, but it

doesn't matter to me if it's

just all other white people

or-or, uh, any other type of...

of race.

The issue is what kind of people

you have in your tribe, and what

kind of personalities, and how

you get along with them.

>> Whoo-hoo!

>> Here we are.

>> Do we anchor this thing?

It is going to be a true social


It's going to be fascinating to

see how it plays out, but I

don't believe that just because

these groups have the cultural

similarities that that will

make them more specifically


This is Survivor.

Somebody is going to win a

million dollars, and they're

going to have to cut the throat

of the guy next to them at some


>> Great haul!

>> Whoo.

>> All right.

>> As soon as we got to the

island, we were just pulling it

all in, excited about all the

treasure that we got.

We seemed to have scored with,

uh, two machetes and two, um,

slings and two chickens.


>> Oh.


>> Hey, make sure those chickens

aren't going to get out.

>> Yeah, but...

>> I did grab a chicken.

The chicken was belonging to

the green team.

I didn't even know.

I saw a chicken.

I grabbed the chicken, 'cause

the chicken was free.

>> Y'all kicked ass today.

>> Yeah, can we just say that

for one second?

>> I think we should have a

coconut and toast to our


>> Let's do that.

To us all.

>> Hey!

>> Cheers!

>> How cool is this?

>> To the whiteys!

>> The whiteys!

>> I was going to say Rarotonga,

but, I mean...

>> We are the Caucasian group.

We've got, like, a jock, and

then we've got the sorority

type, you've got the steady

type, you know, you got the

family man, and then you got me,

who's kind of like the

alternative option.

>> Tell me your name.

>> Jessica, but my friends call

me Flicka.

>> Flicka.

My friend Flicka.

That's easy.

>> My friend Flicka.

I've never seen that flick.


>> (gasps): No! Oh.



>> No! Flicka!

Why did you have to do it?!

>> I am so sorry.

>> I got a chicken in here.

Guys, come around here.

>> Where, where, where?

>> Okay, okay.

Surround this chicken.

>> All right...

>> There's a chicken right here.

Okay, wait, wait, don't scare,

don't scare, don't scare.

>> Did you get him?

>> No, he moved too fast.

>> Oh.

>> I went to pick up the...

and-and they ran out.

I can't even believe it.

>> Oh!

>> One-second mistake cost us

the chickens.

The woods ate the chickens.

They're in there.

And now I hear them.

I scream at them.


So I'm not happy right now with


I can forgive her, right?

But I-I don't have to forgive

her, 'cause she screwed up my


>> Ah!

>> You found it?


>> Yeah?

(both laughing and whooping)

>> That's something very nice.

>> Oh, yeah.

>> Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!

>> Oh, good going, mama.

Oh, my God.

>> Parasitic paradise.

>> Our water barrel is full of

parasites and extremely dirty,

but a lot of water is in there,

so when we have some fire to

boil the water that we have,

no one has to worry about

getting dehydrated.

>> ♪ We got our water! ♪


>> Rebecca is cool.

Rebecca is really cool.

We're both from New York, so

that already has a little

immediate sense of familiarity.

She's just smart, athletic.

You know, I feel like we can

work really well together.

>> All right, you got it,


>> There we go, babe.

>> I feel that Rebecca and

Sundra are much closer than I

could be to either of them.

>> I got water! I got water.

>> I'm so proud of you.

>> They go off together a lot.

They're always talking, just

the two of them, so that's just

something that I'm watching.

I'm keeping my eyes on it,

keeping the pulse on it.

>> Did y'all bring back some


>> No, 'cause we don't have


>> We have no fire to boil.

>> Okay...

>> We will work on fire.

We're not going to give up.

>> Okay.

>> Okay? And I'm going to focus

my energy right into the wood.

>> Oxygen...

>> Yeah.


>> Okay, everybody focus, okay?

>> Who's holding the stick?

>> We're making fire.

>> I got the stick.

>> Focus on what we're doing.

>> Are we smoking?

>> No.

>> Come on!

>> Oh, yes!

>> Ooh.

>> I need a break.

>> All right.

>> You want to do it?

>> Yes.

>> It's all you.

>> Building houses, making

fire, in the name of the Lord...

>> Stay cool.

>> He likes to take long breaks,

and we're... It's...

We've got too much to do.

I understand we're all low on

fuel right now, but he is not

one to stay focused at all.

You want something, right?

Sometimes you just have to do it



>> It's just very frustrating,

but I'm not going to say

anything more to him right now,

'cause I'm in a state of



>> Can I get a lunch break?


>> It's getting cold out here.

>> Pity the kid...

>> Is anybody else getting cold?

>> I'm freaky cold.

>> Y'all want to go back?

>> Yeah.

>> Should we go snuggle at home?

>> Should we try it?

>> Can we just sleep closer?

I'm so cold.

I get really cold at night, and

so I've been sleeping next to


I mean, he's the biggest guy out

here, and he's a good wind


Okay, all right, all right,

we're all spooning the same way.

This is going to work.


>> We need to all slide in.

It's cold.

>> Yeah. Slide this way.

>> Adam's an attractive guy.

I mean, he's got a good-looking


You know, he's fit.

I mean, of course, Adam's a

good-looking guy.

>> I'm on fire.

>> I'm... I'm dry.

>> I know you're dry right now.

>> It does make the island a

little more bearable to have a

couple of good-looking girls.

Great-looking girls.

I'm attracted to Candice a lot.

>> It doesn't matter.

It's still warm.

>> Really?

>> Yeah.

The body heat is the best thing

by far.

>> Adam wants to be the big,

strong man, and take care of


She's, like, a sweet little

girl, and they're snuggling, you


I don't know.

Romance is in the air.

>> Where's the headache?

>> Like, right here.

It's from being seasick all day.

>> Okay, sit down.

Sit down. Sit on...

Brad's problem was he didn't

have the normal headache.

In Vietnamese, we call it a "bad

wind" that's causing him this,

and that results in a headache.

Okay, what I'm going to do is

I'm going to pull this wind out

of you-- this bad wind.

It's not a regular migraine,

on one side or in the back.

It's usually a sinus headache

near the front, and that's an

indicator of the bad wind.

You got it.

You got a touch of bad wind.

It's not real bad, but it is not



You'll feel better now.

Your headache be gone in a few


That will go away.

It will fade away.

That's called the indicator.

I just pulled it out of you.

That's how bad you have it in


>> It's not that bad.

>> No.

The I put an indicator here.

By pulling it out, I can see how

bad he has it.

I told him, when it's completely

gone, your body will be fully


>> What the hell happened to


>> He put his hands all over...

>> What?

And he did that to your face?

>> Yeah.

>> It looks like it's burned!

>> The others-- the Asian

Americans-- they were born in


They've lost touch.

They were not born in the old

country, where a lot of this

stuff is people don't have

antibiotics, so they have to

figure out other ways to do to

get by.

>> You all right?

>> Yeah.

I had a headache, and he got

rid of it, actually.

>> He hit you on the forehead?

>> He was, like, squeezing my


I will be truthfully honest

with you.

I did have a headache.

I don't have a headache anymore.

But I do have a red dot on my


>> You don't have a headache.

>> I don't have a headache


>> You have this red line...

>> That's all right.

>> Cao Boi is an interesting


When I first met him, I just

kind of wrote him off as a

crazy kook, but in between the

random kind of inane nonsense,

there's actually, like, gems and

nuggets of information that are

actually useful.

>> So, when is it going to go


>> When you're completely


>> Tree mail.

>> Tree mail.

>> Sweet.

>> Dude, look at all this stuff,


>> Look it, we even got our own

little flag and everything.

>> Yeah.

>> "Life is tough on the island,

and if it's fire that you lack

you can paddle for your food."


>> We're going to a challenge

today that's both immunity and,

uh, reward.

I would like to see us win, but

if we lose, it's not the end of

the world at the beginning of

the game.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

Tell me about the marooning.

I want to find out about the


Yul, I saw you dive in for one


Did you make it back to camp

with it?

>> No.


I got the chicken out of the


I handed it off to a tribesmate,

and next thing I see is someone

else from another team running

around with my chicken.


>> PROBST: What?

Who took the chicken?

>> Where is that fellow?

I think you know.

>> PROBST: Jonathan?

>> Did I?


I had a chicken, but I don't

know, you know.

I mean, honestly, it was so

hectic, that I just grabbed the



Sorry, dude.

>> PROBST: Okay, you ready to

get to your first challenge?

>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: Here's how it works.

On my "go," you're going to race

to assemble a puzzle boat.

Once the boat is assembled, use

seven braces to hold the boat


You'll then paddle out and

retrieve fire in the form of a


When you get back to shore, you

will take those seven braces,

race back to the starting mat,

where you will find four more

puzzles in the form of north,

south, east, and west.

Once you've completed those,

take the braces, use them as

rungs to build a ladder.

Place the compass points in

their appropriate spot, get to

the top.

First three tribes to get all

their tribe members to the top

and light their fire barrel


Want to know what you're playing


>> Yes.

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: First three tribes,

fire in the form of flint.


As a bonus, the tribe who

finishes first gets

a fire-making kit.

>> Yay!

>> PROBST: A lot of kindling,

water-proof matches, kerosene.

If you can't get a fire going

with that, you need to go home.


Most importantly, you're

playing for what in this game?

>> Immunity.

>> PROBST: Immunity.

The immunity idol is in three

pieces, because the first three

tribes to finish win immunity.

Losing tribe, you get nothing

but a date with me and the

first person will be voted out.

There is one other twist to

this challenge.

The details are here in this


We'll save it until after the

challenge, and then I'll reveal


Okay, for reward and immunity,

survivors ready?


These boats are puzzles.

They only go together one way.

Puka off to a good start.

>> Bring it over here, you guys.

Bring it over here and do it

over here.

>> PROBST: Aitu getting their

boat together.

>> No, there's another piece.

Another piece.

>> PROBST: Hiki's having a

terrible time.

Raro getting closer.

>> Right there.

>> PROBST: Aitu putting on

their braces, very close.

Puka getting very close.

Aitu has their boat together.

Hiki still having trouble.

Aitu is first in the water,

heading out to their torch.

Puka has their boat together.

Aitu with a big lead.

Rarotonga's heading out to their


>> Okay.

>> Throw that up here.

>> Which one?

Which one?

>> PROBST: Hiki, work together.

Aitu first to their torch.

Christina in the front.

Puka right behind.

Aitu heading back.

Puka now has their fire.

They're coming back.

Raro cannot get it together

with their paddling.

>> The boat's coming apart.

>> PROBST: Hiki not even

heading out yet.

Let's go!

>> Four. I need four.

>> Four. Four!

>> PROBST: Aitu first back.

Puka gaining some ground.

Raro has their torch.

They're coming back.

Puka's back to shore.

Hiki has it together finally.

Heading out to their torch.

Aitu has their seven braces.

They're heading up.

Raro struggling with their


Still in the water, losing a

lot of time.

>> Go, go, go!

>> PROBST: Billy really slowing

Aitu down.

Puka catching up.

>> Okay, go, go!

>> You going?

>> PROBST: Aitu working on their


Puka working on their puzzle.

You're looking for four

symbols: N-S-E-W.

Hiki has their torch.

They're coming back.

They're still in this challenge.

Raro coming back.

They're heading to the puzzle.

We're neck and neck, Puka and


>> Go north.

>> We got it, baby.

>> PROBST: Jonathan and Adam

working the puzzle for Raro.

Hiki's getting back in this


Puka, you're good!

Puka solved all four puzzles.

They're heading up.

Hiki, you're in this thing.

Let's go!

Aitu has it!

They've got all four puzzles!

Aitu gaining on Puka.

>> Let's get first now!

Come on!

>> PROBST: Puka getting closer.

Aitu getting closer.

>> Go, go, go, go!

>> PROBST: Puka moving up.

Jenny's up! Yul's up!

Puka wins the challenge!

Immunity and fire.

We're looking for two more


Do not quit!

Aitu coming up.

They've got it together.

Aitu wins flint and immunity.

>> Oh, yeah!

>> PROBST: One spot left.

>> I got it.

>> PROBST: Hiki, you are back

in this challenge.

Raro having a terrible time

with their puzzle.

Lost a lot of time.

>> Don't panic.

>> Don't panic, baby!

>> PROBST: You're good!

Raro has it!

They've got all four puzzles.

They've got to put their braces

in and get to the top.

>> There! No!

>> PROBST: Raro up.

They forgot their puzzle pieces!

Hiki, let's go!

>> Hand them up!

>> PROBST: Candice with the last


Adam places it in.

Got to get it in!

Raro up.

Harmony's up.

Raro wins!

Puka, Aitu, Raro win immunity.

Hiki, Tribal Council.

>> Damn!

>> PROBST: Okay.

Flint-- Raro, Puka, Aitu.

In addition, Puka, because you

won the challenge, fire-making


The more important part of

this, immunity.

Raro, safe from Tribal Council.

Aitu, you guys are safe from

Tribal Council.

Puka, because you won, you get

the head of the idol.

Hiki tribe, no fire for you.

No immunity.

A date with me at Tribal


Somebody going home.

There is one last twist to this


I showed you the note


I'll now read it.

"The losing tribe will choose

one person from any of the

"other three tribes to go to

Exile Island."

>> That's what I'm talking


>> PROBST: Here's what that


You're going to choose one

person from one of these other

three tribes.

That person will leave here

right now and spend two nights

on Exile Island.

It is a big disadvantage to be

separated from your tribe this

early in the game.

Exile Island is no picnic.

There is one bag of water out


You will also have a machete, a

flint and a pot.

The silver lining to Exile

Island is, hidden somewhere on

the island is an immunity idol.

That will protect you at Tribal


It's good up through the final


When somebody finds it, you can

keep that information to


You can share it with whoever

you want.

You can even assign that

immunity and give it to

somebody else.

Each time somebody is sent to

Exile Island, you will get a

clue as to the whereabouts of

the idol.

Hiki, who is it going to be?

>> Let's talk this over.

We gotta look at these guys.

We got to take...

We want to...

>> Let's do it.

>> PROBST: All right.

Back on your mat.

Before you tell me who it is,

it was interesting to note that

the two guys came out here and

made the decision, and the

women stayed back.

>> They seemed like they had

taken control over it.

>> PROBST: Okay.

Who's going to Exile Island?

>> We don't know his name, but

we can point him out to you.

>> We say karma is a bizzle, so

my chicken man over here.

>> PROBST: Jonathan, you're

going to Exile Island.

Grab your stuff.

>> See you guys in two days.

>> PROBST: Take this with you.

Here's your first clue as to

the whereabouts of the idol.

Okay, Hiki, sadly, one of the

five of you will be the first

person voted out of this game.

I'll see you guys at Tribal


Everybody can head back to

their camps.

>> I think it was because I took

the Asian guy's chicken that

the African-American guys chose


That's all they said.

I was so shocked by what

happened, I didn't even have a


"To make a top grade, stand in

a line.

"If the southern isle vanishes,

a salvation you'll find."

The clue that they gave me to

find the idol, I took that to

mean to make the top grade was

an A or an A-plus.

So I started digging.

The idol!

Made sense to me, but I just

haven't found it yet.

I'm cold, miserable, shivering,

missing my wife and kids.


Exile Island's really terrible.

>> You guys work on the fire.

We'll continue working on the


>> Yeah.

Tonight is the first Tribal

Council, and our tribe, the

Manihiki tribe has to vote

someone out of the tribe.

>> There's no one to blame.


I guess we just...

>> Yeah. The game begins.

>> Yep.

>> If they're in threes,

they're going to be vote, trying

to vote one of, one of us off.

>> They're stupid if they do


>> They're stupid!

>> So we gotta pull one of the


I don't know, you know, you

never know, though.

These sisters could think,

"Yeah, we don't need no men, we

can do it all ourselves."

>> It's gonna be an interesting

dynamic now.

>> I already feel the tension.

>> Yes.

>> The ladies and I are

thinking that Sekou might be

the right person to vote out at

this time because we've had a

hard time kind of establishing

leadership, and no one's been

working in unison, and we think

that he plays a major role in

that, and it might be easier for

us to work as a team without


>> They may think that they can

get away with losing me or you,

or me.

It ain't going to work.

>> I know.

>> They can't even make fire.

They can't even build a hut,


I'm telling you.

>> Sundra...

>> And Becca.

and Becca are tight.

>> Right. Right.

>> They're not gonna turn on one


I got that sense.

>> I got that.

>> So...

>> Right.

We know that it's gonna

eventually come down to a

woman-men thing. So...

My plan and Nate's plan was to

make an ally of Stephannie.

If you all lose me tonight, and

y'all lose another competition,

and ultimately y'all will lose

Nathan, and there's just three


>> Mm-hmm.

>>'re out.

>> Why do you say that?

>> Because them two are tight.

Because them two are like peas

in a pod.

You have to break that up.

>> Mm-hmm.

>> Sekou actually came to me

trying to persuade me to align

myself with him and Nate and to

vote Sundra out.

>> We gotta have you, okay?

Now, do you want to make it in a

world with a bunch of people

who got an alliance based on

where they're from, or somebody

that knows how to survive in

this environment?

Or that can bring on some fire?

>> We don't have any fire yet,


>> That's all right.

When I build a fire... (sighs)

y'all better keep it going,

because if y'all boot me out,

there ain't gonna be no more


This ain't a glamour walk.

This is about survival.

This is the real thing about

getting down.

Do you feel what I'm saying?

>> I do.

>> Okay?

>> I know that my vote is, is a

swing vote.

You know, you've got Nate and

Sekou, you have the men on one

side, you've got Sundra and

you've got Rebecca, the women,

on the other side.

They're very close.

The guys are very close.

So of course I'm the swing vote.

>> Okay?

>> Mm-hmm.

>> All right.

>> All right.

>> We need everybody.

So it's gonna be sad to say

good-bye to somebody tonight.

It's gonna be a little


♪ ♪

>> PROBST: Behind each of you is

a torch.

Go ahead and grab a torch.

Approach the flame and get fire.

This is part of the ritual of

Tribal Council, because in this

game, fire represents your life.

As long as you have fire,

you're in the game.

When your fire is gone, so are


Take a seat.

Well, welcome to your first

Tribal Council.

It goes without saying, not the

place you wanted to be.

So, catch me up.

Rebecca, did anybody step up

right away as a leader?

>> Yes. Sekou definitely

stepped up as a leader and

tried to help structurally

sound, uh, um, shelter for us.

He seemed at the time to know

the best and the quickest way to

possibly get it together.

>> PROBST: Sekou, did you have a

plan to step up as a leader, or

did you look at the tribe and

say, "I think I'm probably the

best guy for the job"?

>> I just took whatever I knew

and started putting that into

effect, and I think everybody

just gravitated towards that.

I didn't say, "Okay, I'm running


I think it kind of ended up

that way, but we work together


>> PROBST: So, Nate, you're

starting to get to know


What's the feeling of this


>> We have beautiful spirit.

We are like a little family.

Regardless of what happens

tonight, this crew right here, I

mean, they're, they're real

beautiful people.

>> PROBST: How does tribes

divided ethnically change the


Or does it?


>> Yeah, it does.

>> PROBST: Why is it so funny?

>> Because it is!


I don't know.

It's just something you wouldn't

expect, you know. It's like--

"Okay, we're gonna have to

represent for our people

because, you know, we're put

under the light like that, so

let's see what we can do, you


>> PROBST: So, Sundra, with only

five people, the divisions and

how people pair up becomes very


What did you notice?

>> I noticed right off the bat,

well, Rebecca and I have kind of


And then I realized that the

two guys had bonded.

And of course, you know,

Stephannie was apart.

It wasn't like she was excluded,

but I think we kind of sensed

each other's vibe already.

>> PROBST: So, Stephannie, there

are two pairs that are bonded,

and you're not a part of either

one of those groups?

>> Naturally, women are going

to stick together. Um...

And the men will naturally bond


That's just natural.

But I'm the odd man out.

That's kind of strange, and I

kind of wondered about that,

but we're all still together.

>> PROBST: Rebecca, only three


Somebody's going home tonight.

So what do you do in terms of

your vote?

What are you looking at in this


>> You look at where we're weak

and what we did wrong over the

last three days, and hope that

in voting, that will somehow be


>> PROBST: Well, unfortunately

one of the five of you will

have the distinction of being

the first person voted out.

It is time to vote.

Sekou, you're up.

>> You are our weakest, weakest


>> You are a sweet, sweet man.

We just thought this was the

right move for right now.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote--



One vote Sundra, one vote Sekou.


That's two votes Sundra, one

vote Sekou.


We're tied, two votes Sekou,

two votes Sundra, one vote left.

First person voted out of

Survivor: Cook Islands...


You need to bring me your torch.

Sekou, the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

If what you said tonight is

true and you just voted out

your weakest link, then you

should go back to camp a

stronger, more organized tribe.

Good news is, because you've

been to Tribal Council, you now

have fire.

Grab your torches.


Head on back to camp.

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Stay tuned for scenes from

our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on Survivor

>> What do you call a

Vietnamese with three dogs?

>> PROBST: Cao Boi's jokes get

no laughs.

>> A joke is a joke, really.

>> No, it's not.

>> No.

>> No, it's not a joke.

>> I don't worry about what

other people think.

>> PROBST: And Billy's slacking

drives Aitu to drastic measures.

>> Billy's just dead weight.

>> Ozzy really wants to throw

the challenge, but I'm thinking,

you know this doesn't seem


>> I believe a good leader is

one who can instill some

guidance and I'm sure that I

had a real strong effect with

my tribe.

I have no doubt about that.

They saw that I was a real

strong leader.

Well, guess what?

They're going to be a really

strong tribe, and I'm proud of


And my torch may be out, but my

flame is still burning.