Survivor (2000–…): Season 12, Episode 5 - For Cod's Sake - full transcript

One tribe is outraged when they learn two tribemates secretly consumed part of the Reward without consulting the others.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on


>> We need to talk.

>> PROBST: At La Mina...

...Dan brought Ruth Marie into

the men's alliance, and Sally

knew she was in trouble.

>> All I can do right now is

keep working hard and prove

myself valuable.

>> PROBST: At the Reward


Want to know what you're playing


>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: ...the tribes played

for a fully stocked bathroom.

>> Oh, yeah!

>> PROBST: Go!

Reward at stake.

Losers sending somebody to Exile


Casaya wins rewards.

(cheering and whooping)

Shane, who's it going to be?

>> Terry.

>> PROBST: And Terry was

banished to Exile Island.

When Casaya returned to camp...

>> Beautiful!

>> PROBST: ...there was some

conflict over how to use their


>> My vote is to use the

bathroom for firewood, just

keeping things dry.

>> Anyone mind if I break in

the Dumpster?

>> Use the bathroom to keep the

wood dry.

Bobby just frustrates me.

I can't stand the fact that he's

not a gentleman.

>> I feel about ten pounds



>> PROBST: On Exile Island,

Terry deciphered the clues...

>> Why they chose you to be the

first one out here.

>> PROBST: ...and found the

hidden immunity idol.


>> Beautiful.

"This talisman can be used to

keep you safe from the vote

at Tribal Council."

All right!

>> PROBST: Back at Casaya, the

alliance of four continued to


>> For you to say it like that,

that's messed up.

>> And everybody here won't tell

you because they're afraid to

tell you the truth!

>> What are you talking about?

>> This foursome is like some

psychotic joke.

>> PROBST: Terry rejoined La

Mina at the immunity challenge.

Survivors ready? Go!

And Sally made a strong showing.

>> Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

>> PROBST: Sally running across

the beam.

But it was Casaya who took home

their second straight immunity.

Casaya wins immunity!

>> Yeah, buddy.

>> Yes!

>> PROBST: Though Sally was next

in line to be voted off...

>> It's a shame to pack up my

stuff and leave here with so

much left to offer this tribe.

>> PROBST: ...Austin made a bid

to keep her.

>> We got to have our strongest


>> PROBST: Dan reminded his

tribe of their pact with Ruth


>> We had an understanding to go

to the final five, and to change

horses midstream is a big


It's crazy.

>> PROBST: But at Tribal

Council, the men chose strength

over their alliance as Ruth

Marie was voted out.

12 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

(theme song playing)

(birds singing)

>> Pretty proud moment for me to

be the last girl standing on

this tribe.

It's a very... how many women

have left.

>> At Tribal Council last night,

Ruth Marie went home.

I was a little disappointed in

that decision, but Nick, Austin

and Terry said that Ruth Marie

just couldn't hold her weight in

the challenges and that they

wanted to switch over to Sally.

>> I miss Ruthy already.

>> I do...

I was just going to say that.

>> Every day that I spent with

her, I was more and more amazed.

>> Yeah, I'm really going to

miss her.

>> Ruth Marie ended up getting

the votes and was sent home, and

I am telling you, I have never

felt so good in my whole life.

>> That water is disgusting.

>> Coming in here and feeling

kind of like the underdog and

the outsider right off the bat,

and the fact that the four men,

who have a very tight alliance,

made a decision that I was

valuable enough to keep around

felt pretty darn good.

>> The game plan this morning is

to get some water boiled so we

have water to drink, stay


>> I'm going to be designing a

Zen rock garden.

Um, just kind of bring kind of a

Zen beauty to this place, 'cause

it lacks it inside the

campground and inside some of

the people's souls.

>> It's like we never have an

easy fire day.

>> It's just hard to understand.

I mean, doing all the principles

and making a fire perfectly.

>> I know.

It's just wet wood.

>> I don't know what Bruce is

doing over there.

>> He's doing his rock garden


>> While we were making the

fire, Bruce built a rock garden.

It was just a question of

whether it was the appropriate

thing to build at the time.

>> It's dire straits right now

with the fire.

>> Bruce, I've gotten firewood.

You got to understand, this is

a really tough fire right now,


You made your rock garden.

No one went complaining.

I'm-I'm working on this.

I'm doing...

I'm working as a team, okay?

I definitely shouldn't have

yelled at Bruce, and I felt bad

about that.

It was just a matter of whether

or not the tribe needed a rock

garden or a fire.

When we're in the situation,

there's got to be priorities.

>> You attacked my character.

When you do that...

>> How did I attack your


>> When you... when you just say

that was nothing over there.

You don't have no idea why I'm

building my rock garden.

>> When I said that was nothing?

>> The rock garden.

>> I didn't say anything was


>> You come back with a


That was childish to come back


>> So, you're...

Hold on, hold on.

You're calling me childish?

>> No, that remark was.

I said, "The childish remark."

>> Okay.

There was no disrespecting.

>> Okay.

>> If you can see...

I see where you're coming from.

Just try to see where I'm

coming from.

I wasn't trying to disrespect


>> I know you're-you're the

master of the fire.

>> No, no, no, no. Hold on.


>> That's why we...

>> It's all about communication,


>> Well, it is.

>> We're in a tough situation.

>> But don't come back... you


>> So, Bruce, if you could get

some of that good wood...

>> Okay.

>> ...that's what we need right


>> Okay, give me my machete.

>> There it is.

I'm the youngest person in this

tribe, and sometimes I feel like

I'm the oldest one in this


Maybe I need kind of a little

bit of a break, a little bit of

calmness, so, to be perfectly

honest, I kind of want to go to

Exile Island.

>> PROBST: Casaya, La Mina,

come on in!

>> PROBST: Casaya, getting your

first look at the new La Mina


Ruth Marie voted out at the last

Tribal Council.

You guys ready to get to today's


>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: Okay, you are going

to transport rice, beans and

fish from a boat to the shore.

You will designate one tribe

member to be your retriever.

On my go, they'll race out,

retrieve one item, bring it

back to shore.

The rest of you will be lined up

like an assembly line.

You'll toss the item from one

person to the next.

When you reach the last person,

they'll toss it in the

appropriate bin.

The retriever goes back out,

gets another item.

First, you'll collect a bag of

rice, then you'll collect a bag

of beans, then you get to the


The fish are big.

And when you get to the end of

the line, the last person has to

chop the head and the tail off

the fish, throw the body in the


Two rules: if you throw an item

and the other person drops it,

you're responsible to get the

item, come back to your mat and

throw it again.

Second rule-- swapping positions

is fine.

You just need to tag out.

First tribe to get all their

items in the appropriate bins

wins reward.

Winning tribe gets it all.

>> Oh, my God.

>> PROBST: You get all of your


You get all of your beans.

You get all of your very large

fish, and to go along with it,

some spices for the fish, some



>> PROBST: ...and some cooking


>> Oh, my God!

>> PROBST: For the losers, not

all bad news.

You will not go home


The losing tribe will take back

with them either their rice or

their beans.

In addition, one member from the

losing tribe will be sent

to Exile Island.

Big enough stakes?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Casaya, you have two

extra members.

Sitting two people out.

Who is it going to be?

>> It's going to be the two

young girls.

>> PROBST: Courtney and Danielle

will sit it out.

Take a spot, we'll get started.

Here we go, for reward.

Survivors, ready?


>> Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!

Let's go! Let's go!

>> Get it here! Get it here!

>> PROBST: Austin and Aras

coming back with bags right


>> One motion, one motion.

>> Yeah, let's go! Let's go!

Let's go! Let's go!

>> Come on, Dan-O let's go.

>> PROBST: Casaya has their

first bag.

>> Go, baby, go!

>> Go!

>> PROBST: La Mina has their

first bag.

>> Come on, Aras.

Breathe, baby!

>> Come on, Aras. You got it!

You got it! You got it!

>> Swap out with me.

>> One motion! One motion!

>> PROBST: Casaya, a bit of a


Go, Casaya!

>> Okay, we got to switch.

>> PROBST: Go, La Mina!

>> Go! Come on, let's go.

>> Come on, Shaney.

>> PROBST: We switched out

retrievers-- Nick and Shane.

>> Come on, let's go.

>> PROBST: And to the fish.

These are going to be harder to



>> Go! Let's go!


>> PROBST: Cirie with a good

catch for Casaya.

Oh, Cirie, you got to get it!

>> Let's go! Let's go!

Come on, take your time.

>> PROBST: If you throw it and

they drop it, you have to go

get it.

Look at La Mina moving!

>> Let's go.

>> Come on, let's go.

>> Come on, Bobby!

>> PROBST: Bruce has it.

Got to chop the head and the

tail and get it in the bin.


Both guys whacking at it.

Go, La Mina!

Bruce slowing down on the


>> Bruce.

>> PROBST: Watch your fingers.

Bruce really falling behind.

La Mina with the lead now.

Austin with a good catch.

Dan with a good catch.

(Bruce grunting)

Bruce really having trouble.


>> PROBST: Terry with a nice



You can switch out!

Shane in the water.

Go, La Mina!

>> Go, go, go, go!

>> PROBST: Got to get eight


Reward at stake.

Losers sending somebody to Exile


>> Come on, Cirie!

>> PROBST: Oh, nice catch by


(overlapping shouting)

Bruce can't handle it.

>> Go, go, get it, get it!

>> Bruce, easy.

>> You need to get closer.

>> PROBST: Bobby, Bobby's got


La Mina with a big lead now.

Bobby's got to get the head

and the tail off.

>> Power, Bobby! Power, Bobby!

>> PROBST: Look at that.

Go, Casaya!

Go, La Mina!

La Mina with a one-fish lead


Casaya making up some ground.

La Mina working together well.

>> Go, Sal...

>> PROBST: Sally can't handle


>> Yeah, baby!

>> PROBST: Bobby's got it.

La Mina really having trouble.

Dan's got to come back and toss

it again.

Bobby making quick work of the



>> Oh, come on, Sal.

Come on, Sal.

>> PROBST: Dan and Sally running

into a snafu.

>> Go, Sal.

There you go, Sal.

There you go.

>> PROBST: Now they've got it.

Terry makes a great catch for La


Bruce, with a bad toss.

>> Good catch, Bobby.

>> PROBST: There's a good catch.

You're good.

Bobby making quick work of the


Casaya pulling ahead.

Go, Casaya!

Go, La Mina!

We are tied, six-six.

Got to get eight total.

Shane falls down.

>> Smaller, smaller.

>> PROBST: A lot of reward at


>> Smaller, smaller.

>> Underhand, underhand.

There you go.

>> PROBST: Bobby's got it.

>> Come on, Bobby!

>> PROBST: Bobby's been

fantastic with the knife.

Go, Casaya!

>> Switch!

>> PROBST: Casaya switched out


Terry trying to catch up.

Go, La Mina!

We're tied, seven-seven.

This is the last fish.

Casaya with the lead.

Shane with a good catch.

Cirie with a catch.

La Mina, gotta pick it up!

>> Let's go! Come on now!

>> PROBST: Bruce to Bobby.

This could be it!

>> You got this, Bobby.

>> PROBST: Get it in the bin.

>> Get the head off.

Hurry, Bob!

Casaya! Wins reward!

>> That was awesome.

>> Bobby! Yo, baby!

Tonight we eat!

>> PROBST: Once again, another

very close challenge, but Casaya

continues their winning streak--

four challenges in a row.

La Mina, first you have a choice

to make.

Do you want the rice or do you

want the beans?

>> Beans.

Now, Casaya, you have a choice

to make.

Because La Mina lost, one person

is going to Exile Island; you as

the winning tribe are going to

decide who that will be.

>> Just out of respect, it's

going to be Terry.

>> PROBST: Terry.

Terry, you'll return to the next

immunity challenge.

You will compete with your

tribe in that.

Head on out.

Casaya, congratulations.

You got some eating to do


>> Yay!

>> PROBST: Grab your stuff.

Head on back.

>> Oh, my God.

(thunder crashes)

>> Damn!

>> When we returned from reward

challenge-- ta-da!-- and

there's a lake.

>> This is a nightmare.

>> This is the biggest joke.

>> Total nightmare.

>> Our best reward today by far,

and we come home to a swamp.

No fire.

>> We have rice, we have beans,

we have wine and we have a ton

of fish, but we can't cook it.

Everything is wet.

We don't have any dry wood for


>> Straight raw, like sushi.

>> Of course.

>> It has to be almost a hundred

pounds of fish that we have

here, and we're just cutting

it up and eating it as

sashimi, raw fish, sushi.

>> This is cool for us to eat

this like this, right?

Ooh! I've never eaten raw fish.

I hope I don't wake up in the

morning with some kind of

sickness or something.

But they say it's okay to eat.

>> You never had sushi?

>> No.

>> What?

>> Excuse me.

>> Kill me.

>> No, no. I'm just shocked and

awed 'cause I eat it all the


>> Cheers, salut.

Even though we've lost our home,

we've won a great little prize.

>> This is a tough situation.

It's two steps forward, three

steps back.

But I'm happy that we won.

We're bonding in our weird

Casaya strange-fish way.

>> Cheers, guys.

>> Yeah.

>> We made way too much, I


>> Mmm.

>> We had a reward challenge and

the winner took all the spoils.

And guess who won?

Casaya, yet again.

They walked away with fish,

beans, rice.

We walked away with beans.

>> You guys gonna go in for


>> Go for it.

>> You sure?

>> Yeah, take all you want.

There's more than enough.

>> But we're, of course,

absolutely jubilant to be

able to have food.

>> I feel nausea setting in.

>> I felt it as soon as I

stopped eating.

I'm just thinking it'll pass

within 20, 30 minutes.


>> How you feeling?

>> Not so hot.

It's already working it's way

through me.

My body's not responding too

well to putting the beans in the


Nick and I are experiencing

a little bit of nausea.

Guess my system just wasn't

quite ready for some food.

>> I guess, you know, your

digestive system probably takes

a break when you're not eating.

I want this feeling in my

stomach to go away, Dan.

>> How are you doing?

>> Well, I was feeling better...

but I feel my stomach rumbling


>> I have to go, too, dude.

Do you?

>> Yeah.

>> Oh, God, I got to go again.

God. This sucks.

>> You know what? We probably

didn't cook them enough.

>> Hey, Nick.

>> Hey.

>> How you doing, bud.

>> You guys do not want to know

the details of that excursion.

>> You have both ends going?

>> Yeah.

>> That stuff just wrecked me.

That was just gross.

>> How you doing, brother?

>> No doubt I'm going to have

to go again in about five


>> I threw up, too.

>> Oh, you threw up, too?

>> Yeah.

>> I wish I could do that.

>> The beans we ate got myself

as well as Austin really sick.

Gastrointestinal details that

probably shouldn't be discussed

at this time.

>> Well, I got to go again.

>> I got to go right now, dude.

(thunder crashes)

>> Yeah.

>> They just do whatever they

want to do.

They always, they don't think of

other people first.

>> I hear ya... (hiccups)

>> There's so much to do, I

don't know where to begin.

That's gross.

I just feel like everything's


Luckily, last night, the

rained stopped, so the lake

didn't go into our shelter.

And I don't know what happened

to Bruce and Bobby.

Apparently they slept in the

bathroom or something.

I can't wait to hear that story.

>> I didn't see it.

If they did that, that is so


Like seriously... that's so not



>> I'll get it.

I got to Casa de Charmin to get

some soap, and there's Bruce

folded over, I mean literally

folded in half, and there at his

feet-- hmm?-- the empty bottle

of wine.

>> I just threw it away.

>> I would have to be dead and

someone would have to pour it

down my throat for me to drink

the last bottle of wine that we

as a tribe won.

>> What happened to that last

bottle of wine?

>> You drank it?

>> Yeah.

>> You and Bruce, or just you?

>> I ended up sharing it with

him, but I thought...

I didn't think I had any place

to sleep...

>> You drank it yourself?

>> Yeah, that's what my plan

was, and then I went in there...

gave him some.

>> How do you feel about that?

>> You feel good about it?

>> Yeah.

>> Bobby said there was no room

in the shelter, but there was

plenty of room.

It was really bad judgment of

Bobby to open the bottle of

wine and drink it.

We all worked really hard for


Wine out here is like super


Now none of us really trust


We were all supposed to

celebrate and drink that wine


>> Right, and I brought it in

there, we were supposed to drink

it last night...

>> Yeah, but why would you ever

do that on your own?

>> 'Cause, you guys...

I didn't have a place to


>> You did.

>> I didn't think I did.

Maybe I did, but when I called


>> You really made a bad, bad


>> I don't feel bad that I

stole your wine.

Like I feel bad that I deprived

them of wine, but I have no hard

feelings whatsoever about the

fact that you've been deprived

of wine.

Courtney definitely had a right

to be upset.

I just don't need to hear it.

I really don't care what she


She's probably one of the two

or three most annoying people

probably in the history of the


>> It's so over.

I don't have the energy for


The energy I want to put on is

for the camp and that's it.

Not on this stupid stuff.

>> Something told me I was

coming back here again.

I am on Exile Island for the

second time.

There's one less thing I have

to look for right now because I

have the hidden immunity idol.

I am more independent on my own


Everyone leaves me alone.

I tend to have more time for

the survival part of what I

need to do about getting

rehydrated and getting food so

that I'm strong for the


Finally a fire.

I am really concerned about my

tribe mates.

My worst fear for La Mina right

now is they're not properly

feeding themselves and keeping


That's my worst fear.

>> Creepy coffin.

>> Guys, we got tree mail!

>> Tree mail!

Here we go.

"From the depths of the ocean

floor you'll hold your breath

till you can take no more.

"Paddle and swim as your body


An immunity depends on how you

use your brains."

>> Exactly not what the doctor


Last night was one of the most

miserable experiences of my

whole life.

The beans threw my system into

a whirl, and we've got an

immunity challenge coming up

that we desperately need to win.

>> This is, like, the true

measure of what you're made of.

>> It couldn't come at a worse


So going in, I definitely

would not give us the edge,

seeing as we've lost four

in a row and are going in


>> PROBST: Come on in, guys.

We'll now bring in Terry, once

again returning from Exile


>> Hi, Terry.

>> What's up, T.D.?


>> What's up?

>> How are you doing?

>> PROBST: Welcome back, Terry.

>> Thanks, Jeff.

>> PROBST: First thing's first,

Courtney, give it up.

Once again, immunity is back up

for grabs.

For today's immunity challenge,

you're going to collect skulls

from coffins sitting on the

ocean floor.

On my "go," three tribe members

will paddle out looking for

four coffins.

Each time you find a coffin,

dive down, untie the coffin,

open it.

You'll find a skull puzzle


Untie that, bring it back to

the boat.

Once you've collected all four

skull puzzle pieces, paddle

back to shore.

The two remaining tribe members

will then take those four skull

puzzle pieces and build a skull


The pieces will only go

together one way.

First tribe to build it

correctly and place their gold

skull on top wins immunity, is

safe from Tribal Council.

Losers, somebody going home.

Casaya, you're sitting two

people out, you cannot sit the

same people out in back-to-back


Courtney and Danielle sat out

the last challenge.

>> We're going to sit out Cirie

and Bruce.

>> PROBST: Cirie and Bruce will

take a seat on this one.

The only thing left to find out

is if Casaya will continue to

dominate or if La Mina has found

a way to back into this game.

Take your spots.

We'll get going.

For immunity, survivors



>> Let's go! Let's go!

>> Go, Casaya!

>> PROBST: You're looking for

four coffins.

>> Paddle, paddle, paddle,

paddle, paddle!

>> PROBST: Terry trying to scope

it from above.

Terry, Danielle diving in.

Four knots to untie on each


Danielle pops up, but no puzzle


La Mina has their first puzzle


>> Straight ahead!

>> PROBST: Looking for another


>> Let's go, La Mina!

>> PROBST: Danielle has the

first puzzle piece for Casaya.

>> Let's go, let's go!

Come on, Casaya!

>> Paddle!

>> PROBST: La Mina's already

working on their second coffin.

Casaya, their second coffin.

Going to have to pick it up.

>> Watch your head, Dan.

Watch your head.

Watch your head.

>> He's got it.

He's got it!

>> PROBST: La Mina has their

second puzzle piece.

>> Come on, Casaya!

>> PROBST: Casaya spending a lot

of time underwater still

looking for that second puzzle


La Mina at their third coffin.

Danielle has the second puzzle

piece for Casaya.

>> Yeah!

Here we go now!

Here we go!

>> PROBST: La Mina has their

third puzzle piece.

They do not want to go back to

Tribal Council.

>> Straight ahead.

>> PROBST: Casaya not panicking.

They found their third coffin.

>> Right underneath us, guys.

Right underneath us.

>> PROBST: La Mina at their

fourth coffin.

All three Casaya members trying

to make up some time.

La Mina with a big lead.

They have four puzzle pieces.

Could be the end of their

losing streak.

>> Come on, Casaya!

Don't give up!

Let's go!


>> PROBST: Casaya with their

third puzzle piece.

>> Yay!

>> PROBST: They have one piece


La Mina's almost to shore.

>> Great work, guys.

>> PROBST: Drop them on the mat.

That's what you're looking for.

Here's the gold piece that goes

on top.

That's what you're building.

>> It's a triangle, it's not


>> PROBST: Casaya not giving up.

>> Got it!

>> Come on, Casaya!

>> PROBST: Casaya with their

fourth puzzle piece.

They're heading back.

>> Hurry, guys!

>> Here, try putting two...

Is that it?

>> PROBST: That's not it.

>> We're still in it, Aras!

>> They can't get the puzzle!

>> PROBST: La Mina giving Casaya

a shot.

>> Come on!

>> Oh, God, this is driving me


>> PROBST: Casaya, drop them on

the mat, on the mat!

Go, start solving it.

Shane and bobby are in this now.

They've had a lot of time to

watch La Mina and learn what

isn't working for sure.

>> It might go a little


>> Yeah, like that.

>> There you go.

>> PROBST: Sally and Austin,

trying a different strategy.

One combination will work.

Nothing else will.

>> We're close.

>> PROBST: Shane and Bobby think

they're close.

>> That fits.

>> The gold skull!

>> Gold skull.

>> Gold skull, gold skull!

Gold skull!

>> That's it!

>> PROBST: La Mina has it!

La Mina wins immunity!


La Mina, back in the game.


Nobody going home tonight.

Casaya, winning streak comes to

an end.

Tribal Council tonight.

Somebody is going home from

your tribe.

Get your stuff, head on back to


>> Ow!

Son of a...

>> Guys?

Bobby, okay?

No other discussion.

Bobby goes down on the card.

>> We lost the immunity

challenge today, which forces

us to talk about voting someone


The group wants Bob out.

I don't want Bob to go.

I think he's proved himself in


>> It's got to be Bob, dude.

>> Here's the thing.

We cannot control Bruce.

We can't.

What does Bruce bring to the

table that Bob-dog doesn't


>> Nothing really.

>> Nothing.

Are we good at Bruce?

>> This is really stupid but

all right.

It's stupid, I'm telling you

it's going to end up costing


>> It's not.

>> Bobby came from young guys

camp to begin with.

If we get to the merge, and

Austin and Nick are still

around, I've always been worried

about Bobby joining back up

with them.

So that was the reason why I

didn't want Bobby to make the


>> He's not going to flip.

>> I don't care.

Whatever you guys want.

>> What, you're not going to

write his name down?

>> Who?

>> Bruce.

>> I didn't say that.

>> Oh.

>> What are you babbling about?

Like, what are you talking


>> Oh, I just...

I didn't hear what you said.

>> Okay, so right now you're

writing down Bruce.

The four of us are all writing

down Bruce.

Done deal, no problem?

That's not a problem?

>> Oh, my God!

I'm walking on eggshells as it


Because initially way back, I

was told I'd be the next to go.

I'm just trying to lay low, fly

under the radar, let them kill

each other, and don't think

about me for...


for the vote tonight.

>> I don't know what anybody

else tells you, but you were

going tonight.

Straight up.

You were gone.

>> Mm-hmm.

>> But Bruce is now gone.

>> I know one of the things

that people are worried about

is that if we do make a merge

and we're 5-5 that I'll jump.

I'm not jumping.

>> Okay, so when we get to the

merge, you're not going to flop?

>> Yeah.

>> You won't?

>> Yeah.

>> Swear on my kid?

>> Yeah.

>> Swear on my kid.

>> Yeah, I won't swear on your

kid, but yeah.

>> Swear on my kid.

>> I'll swear on your kid.

>> You won't flop?

>> Right.

And you're promising me what?

>> I promise you I'm getting

you the sixth.

>> Yep.

I'm good?

>> On my kid?

>> Mm-hmm, on your kid, on


>> Awesome.

>> All right.

>> This is my first Tribal

Council, so I'm trying to calm

myself down, and I want to keep

it low-key.

I get frustrated with Courtney

doing yoga on the Zen rock


To me, it's disgusting.

She has no respect for me or


We've got the whole beach here

and she picks the spot I'm at.

I'd rather be on Exile Island

than be around Courtney.

>> What do you think about


>> I trust him.

>> 100%?

>> Yeah.

I do trust him.

I don't trust Bobby.

I don't.

Courtney, why don't we switch

this game up right now and


>> I was just thinking about-- I

was like, "At least I got my


>> off Bobby?

>> You know what I mean?

>> Let's vote off Bobby.

>> Dude, I'm just scared of--

I'm just trying...

>> I'm scared of that.

I don't like that.

Aras is putting himself, setting

himself up.

>> Aras is setting himself up so


>> Mm-hmm.

>> ...and he's going to be so

impossible to beat.

>> How about we just get Shane,

me, you-- us four vote for


Aras wanted Bruce gone.

I just-- I didn't feel

comfortable with that.

I wanted Bruce to stay and I

wanted Bobby to go, so I took

control and I said this is not

what I want.

Keep Bruce.

I'm telling you it's a better

decision for all of us.

It's less risky.

>> Bobby's not going to flop.

>> I just don't trust him.

>> I don't trust him either.

>> Okay, here's the deal.

I can't vote him off.

I swore on my kid that he was

the sixth.

I can't.

>> Of course he's going to swear

on your kid.

Why wouldn't he?

He knows he's getting voted off.

He's going to say anything.

>> That's-- here's the deal.

>> Bruce would stay with us more

than Bobby would.

>> I agree.

>> Well, why didn't you tell me

that an hour ago, Courtney?

You said an hour ago...

>> Don't yell at me.

>> I'm just yelling in general.

And stop with the "don't yell at


I'm just-- we're talking.

You wouldn't listen to me when I

was telling you all this stuff

about Bobby.

>> Well, you were right.

>> I don't want Bobby making it

to the merge.

>> You were right.

>> You were right.

>> You were right.

>> You were right, you were


>> You were right and now you've

been talked to and changed your


You were right from the


>> I mean, honestly.

>> Everyone's out of their mind.

There's nothing I can do.

I told everybody initially that

Bobby should go and then they

all freaked out and said


They're like women, you know

what I mean, and now they're

going back to Bobby.

So it's like, you know, who


>> PROBST: Everybody has a torch

except Bruce.

There's one on the end.

Go ahead and grab it.

Approach a flame and get fire.

Fire's gone, so are you.

Shane, last time you guys were

here, I kind of felt as though

this was a tribe that was in a

bit of disarray.

Has that changed?

>> I would say that we are the

dysfunctional functional tribe.

I think when it comes to

challenges, we step up and we

know how to work together, but

this tribe can be really, really


>> PROBST: Let's talk about

what's going on at camp life.

You've had some heavy downpours.

How's the shelter holding up?

>> I ended up sleeping in the

outhouse that night.

>> PROBST: In the rain?

>> Yeah, in the outhouse.

>> With the bottle of wine.

>> I went in there just kind of

trying to get comfortable for

about an hour and all of a

sudden I hear a knock on the

door, and Bobby shows up with a

bottle of wine-- and at 2:00,

3:00 in the morning in the

freezing rain with my butt

sore-- and I said "I could use a


>> PROBST: Did anyone know,

Bobby, that you took the bottle

of wine?

Was that okay with them?

>> No, they didn't know and I

found out later that it wasn't


But the reason why Bruce and I

ended up in the outhouse is that

the spots that we had reserved

were taken and I was left to

sleep exposed to the rain.

So I was like, "All right, well,

now I got this bottle of wine

and everybody I was supposed to

share it with is asleep and my

spot's been taken, so, all

right, let me go over here and

get my drink on with my boy


>> PROBST: I've got to say if

I'm the other five people, I'm

looking at you and Bruce and

thinking, "You guys don't want

to be a part of this tribe?

Tribal Council is easy."

>> Oh, I agree.

It was very-- I gave them plenty

of ammunition.

You know?

I didn't think it was wrong, but

I understood people could be


What I apologized for wasn't the

act, but it was for the way it

made people feel if it made

people feel a certain way.

>> PROBST: Cirie, did Bobby make

a mistake?

What did Bobby do from your

point of view?

>> I think it was a huge, huge

mistake only because we all as a

group fought for the reward

challenge, and the reasoning

that he's coming up with just

doesn't sound good to me.

>> But I also feel like we're

all getting on Bob.

Bruce knew very well as well

that there was three other

people that wanted that wine.

>> I'm just as guilty and I

apologize to the group now, but

even then nobody came up to me

and said, "Bruce, you ass, you

drank that."

I'm just going with the group,

and if they made it clear it was

just horribly wrong, you could

have talked to me.

>> But, Bruce, the onus is not

on them to ask for you to

explain yourself.

I think that you're responsible

to go up to the people in the

group and to say, "Look, I made

a selfish decision and I


I mean, to Bob's credit, he

lived up to it, said, "Yo, I did

this," but to just kind of

pretend like it didn't happen,

to shuck it off your


>> It wasn't even on my mind


There was so much that we had to


That probably was the furthest

thing from my mind, honestly.

>> PROBST: Bruce, do you feel


>> Oh, yeah, at times, because

they ask for my suggestion, then

they challenge it.

I've never been challenged more

times in my life on advice that

was asked for me in over a whole

year combined with thousands of


It's unbelievable.

>> But Bruce, we are not your


All right, we're your

tribesmen, and so when you do

get challenged, you can't look

at it as some sort of ego blow,

but, no, this is a tribe

learning to work together.

>> You're completely wrong


I don't think that.

I was just throwing that out.

>> I just think he just feels

like he's not getting the

respect that he deserves.

He's an older man, he's a wiser

man, he has more experience than

everybody, and I just think

sometimes he doesn't get the

respect that he deserves.

>> You know, I apologize to you

guys, and I'll tell you I'm

gonna take everything you say to


You know, if something is going

to bother me, I'll clear it up

right on the spot.

Then you guys are in for it

because you'll hear more of me


You guys, I appreciate you guys.

Come on.

I will, I will.

That's, that's a promise.

>> PROBST: Before we get to the

vote, Bruce is the only one of

this tribe that's been to Exile


He could have found the hidden

immunity idol.

Whether he did, it would not

come into play until after the


Cirie, you're up.

>> Bobby, you're just too

egotistical and you're selfish.

>> Bruce, I just didn't think I

could trust you.

>> This is a throwaway vote.

It doesn't mean anything.

I'm trying to make my vote go


>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote: Courtney.



One vote Bobby.


That's one vote each for Aras,

Courtney, Bruce and Bobby.


Two votes Bruce.


Here's where we stand-- two

votes Bobby, two votes Bruce,

one vote Courtney, one vote


One vote left.


Fifth person voted out of

Survivor: Exile Island.

Bobby, the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

Well, no doubt in my mind you

were in disarray when you walked

in here tonight, but maybe the

honesty shared here tonight

could be the answer to bringing

this group together.

Grab your torches, head back to


Good night.

Captioned by

Media Access Group at WGBH

>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on

Survivor, the women want

Shane out.

>> It's going to be a stealth

chop of the head, guillotine-


>> PROBST: La Mina hits rock


>> Down the hatch.

>> Ugh!

>> PROBST: A big twist could

mean salvation for one...

>> Oh!

>> PROBST: ...and a Tribal

Council like never before.

>> I don't really know what to


I wasn't expecting to be here

this early.

I feel like I never really got

my game off the ground.

I could have played it

differently, but the truth was I

just couldn't stomach a lot of

these jokers.

People in Casaya were bonded

together out of weakness, out of


Courtney, Danielle and Shane

are spineless little twerps, all

of them, and just being around

them made me want to throw up.

You know, at least I don't have

to be them.

I get to be Mr. Bob Dog.