Survivor (2000–…): Season 12, Episode 4 - Starvation and Lunacy - full transcript

A banished castaway thrives on Exile Island.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on

Survivor, Bruce returned from

Exile Island...

>> We're going to filter water

through three T-shirts.

>> PROBST: ...and became a new

member of the Casaya tribe.

>> The tribe thought I was a

gift from Heaven.

>> He's on.

>> PROBST: At La Mina...

>> Oh, shoot!


>> PROBST: ...things were

looking bleak.

>> If we could catch a few fish

a day, it would be a whole other

ball game.

>> PROBST: The reward challenge

was for camp comforts.

Tarp, lantern, some fuel.

And fire!

Terry once again dominated.

Terry makes an unbelievable


La Mina wins reward!

This time, the winners had to

send someone from the losing

tribe to Exile Island.

Who are you sending?

>> Bruce.

We're sending him back.

>> PROBST: And Bruce was

banished for the second time in

a row.

>> Those guys are playing for

keeps, huh?

>> PROBST: La Mina's new tarp

kept them warm and dry, but

Bruce didn't fare so well.

At Casaya, Shane, Courtney,

Aras and Danielle's alliance

was strained.

>> You're out of your mind, man.

You are crazy.

>> These are the people that you

guys decided to align with.

How stupid is that?

>> I want one!

This one!

I just want mine!

>> PROBST: At the immunity

challenge, Bruce rejoined his

tribe for one of the most brutal

challenges yet, and Casaya

battled their way to victory.


Back at La Mina, Dan and Terry

schemed with Austin and Nick.

>> Dan and I, as soon as we got

the two younger guys, we got on

them quickly, and the plan at

Tribal Council tonight is to

vote off Misty.

>> PROBST: But Misty and Sally

had other plans.

>> Ruth Marie is pretty weak

right now.

>> Could you vote for Ruth


>> PROBST: So Austin and Nick

had a tough choice to make.

>> We could either go with Sally

and Misty or Dan and Terry.

>> PROBST: At Tribal Council,

the men came together...

>> Tonight, I'm going with the


>> PROBST: ...and Misty became

the third person voted out.

Misty, the tribe has spoken.

13 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

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(theme song playing)

♪ ♪

>> There you go.

That's a freakin' flame.

>> Last night, we went to Tribal

Council and Misty was voted out,

and the guys had said that the

vote was going to be for Ruth

Marie, so it seems I was the odd

woman out and it kind of

isolated me from the rest of the


Is there anything that you guys


>> We're going to need some


>> There are some big boys in

that camp that are calling a lot

of the shots, and all I can do

right now is keep working hard

and prove myself valuable.

>> We need to talk a little bit.

>> All right.

>> Me and Terry and Nick and

Austin and you.

>> Thank you.

>> What do you think?

>> Yeah.

>> All right.

I've been thinking a lot about

who should be the fifth person

to take to the merge, and I

thought that Ruth Marie was the

one to go with.

>> Well, I'm totally

appreciative and I'm loyal.

>> Yeah, well, that's why you're


I don't think Sally feels like a

part of this team, and I think

when a merge comes, Sally will

drop us like a stone, but with

Ruth Marie, I think she'll stay

with that group of five all the

way to the end.

>> All right.

We have the numbers here.

We got the four guys and stuff,

and we're all four strong guys.

>> Yeah, but when the tribes

merge, we need a fifth.

>> Right.

>> And Dan suggested that it

would be Ruth Marie.

>> You know what?

That's fine, that's fine.

We've got a really strong

alliance of the four guys and

kind of a fifth right now is

Ruth Marie.

>> I'm pretty confident with the

alliance that we have.

Everybody has shaken hands on it

and looked each other in the

eye, so I have a good feeling

that we have an alliance that

will make it to the merge.

>> That one.

I got a good one.

>> There are some big ones


>> The sun comes out.

Shane, myself and Bruce went

and got snails.

We got pounds of snails.

>> Ready to go back in?

>> As we're walking back, we

look over and we see Courtney,

and the problem is that I think

some people on this tribe don't

realize exactly what being on an

island by yourself means.

We haven't eaten today yet.

>> Hello, ladies.

>> You guys boil a pot of snails


>> Where's "D" at?

>> How is the fish?


How is the fish?

>> We got to talk about...

>> Work.

>> ...effort at camp.

>> We came back with two bags of

snails and the fire was like...

And nothing was ready, and Shane

and Aras, they'd just had it.

>> Yo, Bob, Danielle.

>> What?

>> We all want to have a talk

about camp responsibilities.

We can't be out catching food

for a whole day and then the

onus of fire is on us.

>> Honestly, that kills me to

hear that because I'm constantly

working, so I don't know.

I think the whole question is

kind of stupid.

>> Shane, Courtney and

Danielle-- I gave those people

my word in the alliance, but if

I had my druthers, I wouldn't

want to be in the alliance with


I would almost lose it on

purpose to get Courtney voted

off because she just gets on my


>> When we're eating, can we

agree not to argue?

>> I didn't do anything.

>> No arguing during dinner.

>> Things were planned and

alliances were made, and I was

told that I would be the one to

go after Melinda, but it's just

constant, constant drama.

I love it, love it, love it.


So my strategy right now is kind

of just continue to work like

I've been working and stay out

of the drama.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys.

Casaya, getting your first look

at the new La Mina tribe.

Misty voted out last Tribal


All right, you guys ready to get

to today's reward challenge?

>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: Here's how it works:

each tribe has six floating

puzzle pieces.

On my "go," one tribe member at

a time will swim out, dive down,

unclip a puzzle piece, and bring

it back to the puzzle frame.

Once you have the piece in the

puzzle frame, the next person

goes out.

Once you've collected all six of

the pieces you need, you can

start assembling the puzzle by

matching the corresponding

symbols on each side of every

piece of the puzzle.

The first tribe to get it

together correctly wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing


>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Today you are playing

for a full-on Survivor bathroom.

>> Oh, yeah.

>> PROBST: Towels, loofah, some

soap, plenty of Charmin.

>> That's great.

>> PROBST: Hopefully help take

the edge off.

You'll have a sink, you'll have

a toilet seat, you'll have a

bush shower.

You'll have five gallons of

fresh water.

"Casa de Charmin" will be

delivered to the camp who wins

this challenge.

For the losers, one person

will be sent from here to Exile

Island where they will remain

until the next immunity


Make sense?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Let's swim out, we'll

get started.

Here we go.

For reward.

Survivors ready?


Sally and Bobby in the water.

Looking for six pieces.

Bobby at the first piece.

Sally going for the first piece.

Bobby goes down to unclip.

Sally has hers.

Bobby has his.

La Mina pulling ahead.

The hard part of this is getting

the muscle to get it in the


>> There you go, there you go,

come on.

>> PROBST: You got to muscle it

up and inside that puzzle ring.

>> Legs, legs, legs!

>> PROBST: Sally with a great


>> Pull it, Bob!

>> PROBST: Bobby can't get it in

the ring.

You got to get it in the ring

before you can move on.

Go, La Mina!

Bobby losing time for Casaya.

Go, Casaya!

Bruce in the water.

Dan goes down to unclip.

>> You got it, Bruce!

>> PROBST: Dan has his


>> Come on, Dan!

>> PROBST: Dan back with the

second piece for La Mina.

Bruce has a piece untied.

He's coming back.

>> Let's go, Bruce.

Come on, now, Bruce.

>> PROBST: Got to get it in the


>> Go!

>> PROBST: Ruth Marie in the


Bruce back with the second piece

for Casaya.

Danielle in the water.

Ruth Marie coming back with the

third piece for La Mina.

Danielle going out wide.

>> Ruthie, good job.

>> PROBST: Ruth Marie's got to

get that in the puzzle ring.

>> Good job, good job.

>> PROBST: Got to get it all the

way in.

Danielle making up a lot of time

for Casaya.

Got to get it all the way, La


Go, La Mina!

Nick in the water for La Mina.

Shane, go for Casaya!

We're neck and neck.

Both tribes with three pieces.

Nick, back quickly with a piece.

Shane, back quickly with a piece

for Casaya.

We're neck-and-neck-- Nick and


Gotta get it inside the puzzle.

Go, La Mina.

Austin in the water for La Mina.

Shane's gotta get it in, the

last bit.

Courtney in the water for


La Mina with a bit of lead now.

Austin tangled up, losing time.

Courtney made up some time.

We're neck and neck again.

Austin back with the fifth piece

for La Mina.

Courtney back with the fifth

piece for Casaya.

Can't start solving the puzzle

until all six pieces are in.

Gotta get it in, Austin.

You're not in.

Austin thought he had it.

Go, Casaya.

Austin lost some time for La


Terry in for La Mina.

Both tribes looking for their

last pieces.

Aras goes down to unclip.

Terry goes down for the final

piece for La Mina.

Terry coming back with the final

piece for La Mina.

Aras coming back with the final

piece for Casaya.

Terry's put La Mina back in the


Once you have the last piece in,

then you start solving it.

Terry with the sixth piece for

La Mina.

Start solving the puzzle.

Aras, get it in there.

Start solving Casaya.

Both tribes solving the puzzle.

Reward at stake.

The loser-- sending somebody to

Exile Island.

Each piece will match up with a

corresponding symbol on every


>> Bring that one right around


>> PROBST: Dan and Sally trying

to lead together.

Casaya kind of doing it on their


Casaya very close.

Casaya wins reward!


Casaya, congratulations.

You have a big decision to make.

Somebody from La Mina is going

to be sent to Exile Island.

Shane, who's it gonna be?

>> Terry.

>> PROBST: Terry, going to Exile


>> PROBST: Bring in the boat.

Casaya, your reward will be

waiting for you at camp.

Enjoy it.

♪ ♪

>> How many days have we been


>> We lost the reward challenge

today, and Casaya got to decide

who would go to Exile Island.

They chose Terry, which we all

knew they would, because he's

our leader.

>> When Terry comes back, he's

going to be proud at the way his

camp looks.

We're gonna pull this together.

You know, it's tough-- morale is

down after losing, but we are

gonna use this to start changing

this from a place that we're

just barely getting by on, to a

place we're gonna live for


>> I think we need to eat.

Eat early before it rains.

>> I think we might all take a


Sun's up right now.

>> Well, you can take a nap, but

I'm afraid I'm gonna miss

another meal.

(all talking at once)

>> With Terry not being here,

you just don't have that person

who just seems like they're

completely in charge.

He makes everything just work in

such an orderly fashion.

Without him, it seems as if we

have people all coming up with

different ideas.

I miss him.

I'm ready for him to come back.

>> Good job, everybody.

We all worked hard.

>> Oh, look at the bathroom.

>> Check it out.

>> It has a shower curtain.

>> No way.

>> Casa de Charmin is awesome.

>> It's beautiful.

>> What we won in the reward

challenge was a bathroom with a

shower, toilet paper and a

toilet seat.

>> Nice.

Man, look at all that toilet

paper up there.

>> We've got five gallons of

water, a sink bowl, three bars

of soap, a bunch of towels, a

back scrubber...


>> You guys want to talk about

uses for what we just won?

>> Yeah.

>> My vote is to use the

bathroom for firewood, just

keeping things dry.

Towels, firewood.

>> Anyone mind if I break in the


I got a deuce to drop.

>> We should use the

bathroom to keep the wood dry.

>> The rocket scientist, brain

trust that we have decided

immediately that the first thing

we were gonna do with our fresh,

new, brand-new toilet was store

wood in it.

I was like... all right, I'm

gonna go in here and take a dump

before you start storing wood in

the toilet.

>> He's dropping a deuce?

>> Yeah, I mean, it's got all

the clean towels and everything

in there.

Bobby just frustrates me, all


He's not a gentleman.

I can't stand the fact that he's

not a gentleman.

I just can't deal with people

like that.

>> I don't think that was a wise


>> How was it?

>> Feeling about ten pounds


Like a whole new man.

>> Let's enjoy our victory,

guys-- two in a row.

>> Terry's gone for two days and

he's gonna be undernourished, no


Coming back for the immunity

challenge, he's gonna be weak.

We got 'em right where we want

'em, you know?

Which is their leader hurt, and

the rest of the tribe underfed.

Terry's in hell.

>> The hidden immunity idol.

"It's not found here but is

hidden beneath a rock."

"Clue two, day four.

It is up above the tide line."

"Clue three, day seven.

It is buried underground.

"Clue one, day one.

You also have a lot of time to

think about why fate chose you

to be here...

which is also "why" immunity is

already so important."



"It is hidden beneath a rock."

I'm not hitting any roots.


Yeah, that's the end.


Ah, totally.

"Break the bottle and retrieve

the hidden talisman."

The talisman, beautiful.

"This talisman can be used to

keep you safe from the vote at

Tribal Council, up to and

through the final four."

"Up to and through the final


All right!

(owl screeches)

This makes the whole trip out

here worthwhile.

I mean, they ended up doing me a

big favor.

That immunity idol in my back

pocket is definitely my ace in

the hole.

>> Such a bummer, huh?

Should we just start a new fire

pit somewhere else?

>> Our fire was out, dead.

So Aras and Shane decided that

we should move the fire pit

closer to the shelter.

>> Right here, man.

>> I feel like if Shane pushes

or something, it happens.

Or if I push for something, it


And Cirie works her butt off.

But there's a lot of people on

this tribe who are just kind of

like... eh.

>> An aversion to working.

>> Oh, okay, that's, that's


>> No, I'm just telling you, I

think everyone has the same


>> Bobby, too, huh?

He does a lot.

He sleeps.

>> Right now, we're not talking

about Bobby.

I'm talking about you.

You don't do a lot while you're


>> If you're gonna be a ...

about it, then whatever.

Shane, sometimes, he has a

bad attitude.

I mean, I was a captain in

sports, and you just... you

don't get like that-- like

demeaning you, you know.

Why, why do you want to help


>> Guys, am I the only one who

thinks that?

>> What's going on?

>> That Danielle doesn't work

very hard?

>> I agree with Shane, Danielle.

To be perfectly honest.

>> What do you do?

Do you get water?

You ever gotten water?

Alls you do is ask people to get

fire for you so you can do the


That's all you do.

>> What do I do?

>> That's all you do!

>> I hunt every day...

>> I don't know if you guys

catch food...

>> I go and get as much wood as

you do...

>> I get wood, I get the water,

I help you guys get snails.

What the... What are you talking


>> Danielle, we're not gonna

have this discussion...

>> No, we are gonna have this

discussion because you just made

me feel like I don't do


>> Are you worried about what

people think of you?

>> I'm worried about what

everyone thinks about me here,

and for you to say it like


>> And everybody here won't tell

you because they're afraid to

tell you the truth!

>> Why are they afraid to tell


>> I don't know!

Cirie, you think she works hard?

>> That should've been my cue...

to start walking.

But no, uh-uh, I had to stand

right there.

>> I think I contribute.

>> What?

>> ...not as hard as everyone


>> Not as hard as everyone else.

>> She does stuff...

>> Stuff.

>> ...but some people just do


>> All right.

>> The Danielle-Shane-and-

Courtney-Aras foursome is like

some psychotic joke, and it

seems to be unraveling little by



>> I'm so weak now, man.

>> When in your life do you not

eat something all day long?

>> I know, it's miserable.

>> I'm starving.

It's day 11, and we really

haven't had anything to eat.

>> Oh, my God!

Look at 'em!

>> He's been out there a long


>> How can it be so hard to

catch fish?

>> Aren't you hungry?

>> I am hungry, yeah.

>> You should eat more.

>> Yeah, you got to eat


>> That's great.


We really suck at fishing.

We're catching no fish.

We haven't eaten.

I figure we've got about three

more days before the entire

tribe can't get out of bed.

So we're in pretty dire straits

right now.

>> That sucks.

>> Today is the roughest day so

far, plus with Super Terry

being gone...

That stupid fire.

We cannot get that thing going

without a dogfight.


>> You've got to be kidding me.

>> It's raining, guys.

>> What do we do now?

>> We really didn't need that.

>> Let's just gather the stuff


>> The guys are really

struggling today.

And I don't know how much game

these people have left in them.

>> I'm tired, man.

>> I'm just wrecked.

>> It's just so frustrating

'cause it's my butt on the


And if we lose another immunity

challenge, I'm going home.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

We'll now bring in Terry,

returning from Exile Island.

>> There he is.

>> PROBST: Welcome back.


Long two days out there?

>> Peaceful two days.

>> PROBST: The good side to

Exile Island is the hidden

immunity idol.

Here's what we know: only three

people have been to Exile


Misty was voted out.

She obviously didn't have it.

Bruce and Terry are the only

two people who have been there.

They may have found it.

It may still be up for grabs.

Certainly a valuable item

either way.

You guys ready to get to

today's immunity challenge?

>> Yeah.

>> Yep.

>> PROBST: First things first,


Thank you.

Immunity, it's back up for


For today's immunity challenge,

you're going to have to test

your balance, your teamwork,

and your patience.

Here's how it works: one person

will begin seated on a chair,

which is attached to a pulley.

Another person will be situated

directly above them in a crow's

nest where an empty water drum


The other four remaining tribe

members will be tied together

in pairs.

You'll race across a balance

beam carrying buckets.

Once you reach the water, dip

your bucket in, get water, and

race back.

You'll then empty your water

into a larger pail.

The person in the crow's nest

will pull that pail up, empty

the water into the drum.

As the drum takes on water, it

will lower.

The person in the chair will

rise until they're high enough

to pull the pin, releasing the

tribe flag.

First tribe to release their

flag wins immunity, is safe

from Tribal Council.

Losers, another person will be

going home.

One big rule: if you fall off

the balance beam at any point,

you lose all of your water in

your buckets and go back to the


Casaya, you have one extra


You're sitting somebody out.

You cannot sit out the same

person in back-to-back


>> Bob-dog.

>> PROBST: Bob-dog sitting

this one out?

All right.

Give you a minute to strategize

and we'll go.

All right, pairs for Casaya

are Shane and Courtney, Bruce

and Aras.

For La Mina, Sally and Austin,

Dan and Terry.

Here we go.

For immunity.

Survivors ready?


>> Let's go, come on, let's go,

let's go, let's go!

>> PROBST: Both tribes on the

course working together well.

Sally and Austin making quick

work of this course.

Dan and Terry, working slowly

but effectively.

Shane and Courtney doing well.

Aras and Bruce taking their


Sally and Austin, going to be

first off the beam.

Shane and Courtney in the water.

Have to figure out how to


Only one tribe at a time on

this course.

>> You got it, guys.

>> PROBST: Shane and Courtney

waiting on Aras and Bruce.

Sally and Austin waiting on Dan

and Terry.

Dan having a little trouble.

>> Way to go, Dan!

Looking great!

>> Take it slow, take it slow.

>> Nice!

>> Go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

>> PROBST: They're through.

Shane and Courtney back on the


Sally and Austin back on the


Shane and Courtney have the

right of way.

>> Come on, Shane and Courtney,

let's go.

>> PROBST: Shane and Courtney

are going to be first back with


>> Take it slow.

>> PROBST: Austin and Sally

right behind.

Put the water in the pail.

Once it's full, people in the

catbird, pull it up.

>> Good job, guys.

>> PROBST: Cirie pulling up the

first bucket for Casaya.

Sally and Austin working well


No trouble.

Nick pulling up the first

bucket for La Mina.

Aras and Bruce coming back with


Dan and Terry have full buckets

of water.

We're neck and neck.

>> Come on, Dan!

You're the man, baby!

>> PROBST: Both tribes across

with more water.

Get it in the pail and pull it


Sally and Austin get the right

of way this time.

>> Slow and steady, fellas.

>> PROBST: The quicker you get

the water into your pail, the

faster you're back out on the


Dan and Terry, more water for

La Mina.

Get it in the pail and pull it


Sally and Austin coming back

with water.

Shane and Courtney, they've

filled up their buckets.

They're coming back.

Dan having a little trouble.

Dan falls off.

Dan and Terry have to go back

to the start.

>> We're coming!

We're coming!

>> PROBST: That wasted a lot of

time for La Mina.

Shane and Courtney waiting on

Aras and Bruce.

>> Good work together, guys.

>> PROBST: Casaya has been very


La Mina back with more water.

And very close.

A little wobbly.

Nick careful not to spill a


Shane and Courtney back with

more water for Casaya.

Sally running across the beam.

>> Come on, Cirie, you got it.

Drop that back down.

>> PROBST: Aras and Bruce

filling up that pail.

Both tribes very close.

Immunity at stake.

Aras and Bruce back on the


Dan and Terry running to get


Austin and Sally running to get


Shane and Courtney heading out

for more water.

>> Come on, guys.

You got it.

>> PROBST: Keep moving!

Both tribes, keep moving.

>> Sally and Austin go first.

>> PROBST: Shane and Courtney

have more water heading back.

It's coming down to the wire.

Aras and Bruce have to get off

the course.

Will this be enough water?

Right of way goes to Sally and


They're flying over this course.

Sally and Austin with a little

bit of a lead over Shane and


Will it be enough water?

Got to get it into that pail and

get it up into the drum.

>> Come on, come on, come on!

>> Go fast!

>> PROBST: We are very even.

You're getting close to having

enough water.

Austin pouring carefully.

Casaya gets their water in more


Will this be enough?

It could be a race to the


Cirie dumps it.

It might be.

>> Come on!

>> Come on, baby!

>> PROBST: La Mina's bucket is


Who's going to get there first?


Casaya wins immunity!

(cheers and applause)

>> Way to work, man!

>> PROBST: Another evenly

matched challenge, but Casaya

continues their winning streak.


La Mina, a return visit to

Tribal Council.

Somebody else going home.

You have the afternoon to

figure out who that's going to


Get your stuff, head on back,

I'll see you at Tribal.

>> The fire.

>> Where do you want to build

it, up there?

>> Up there.

>> We were absolutely thrilled

to see Terry, and it was very

comforting to have somebody

come in and just take over


It was fabulous.

>> Did they give you one clue

or did they give you everybody's

clue up till now?

>> Everybody's clue up till now.

Where to try to find it and


It was a bear.

>> How much time did you spend


>> Maybe I looked, uh, two hours

or something.

>> We talked about my two days

on Exile Island, but nobody has

directly asked me, "Did you

find the idol?"

So my intention is to hide the

immunity idol.

I want to have that in my back

pocket in case I need it down

the road.

>> I hate losing, guys.

>> I know we did our best.

>> We lost the immunity


That sends us to Tribal Council.

Not happy about going there


I don't think there's any way

around the fact that we're

going to be voting out Sally.

>> All right, here's the deal.

I just want to tell you,

whatever happens tonight, I

respect you both.

I know there's an alliance, but

I do have a lot of game left in


>> We know you do.

>> And I'd like to be here

tomorrow, so that's all I have

to say about that.

I went up to Terry and just

said, "You know, I proved

myself at the challenge today,

and I feel like I still deserve

to be here."

All right, well, we're going to

go get some water.

Who knows if that will sway


Terry calls the shots around

here, and if he doesn't think

I'm worth keeping around, then

I'm gone tonight.

>> I know.

I'm thinking about our tribe

here, man, because before we

know it, it's going to be down

to the four of us.

We don't want to go in four

people at the merge.

We're going to get picked off

one by one, you first.

You've got the biggest target on

your back of anybody on this

whole beach.

>> Shane's a good athlete.

He's better than I thought he


>> Yeah, there's definitely a

lot more than meets the eye with

the Shane dog.

>> Oh, yeah.

>> Oh.

But here's the thing.

You never promised Ruth Marie,

I never promised her.

Nor did Nick.

>> Mm-hmm.

>> Yeah, Dan just gave his word,

shook his hand.

We never made that pact with


>> Austin came up to me and

pitched voting off Ruth Marie

instead of Sally.

Ruth Marie was given a promise

and a handshake by Dan alone,

but since then, some things have


My goal was to come into the

merge with numbers, and it's not

looking good right now.

>> What do you think?

>> Okay.

>> You are?

>> Cool.

I thought it was going to take

a water-into-wine type of

miracle to pull Terry into

keeping Sally as our fifth.

Apparently, I got some Jesus of

Nazareth-like powers myself.

>> I know how you gave Ruth

Marie a handshake, but neither

one of us did.

I know you made a promise, and

your word is your bond, and, uh,

that's fine.

But I'm looking at getting us

four intact to the merge, and,

uh, the strongest way possible

is to have the strongest player,

I think, which is Sally.

>> I just can't believe how

quickly it falls apart.

Austin and Terry-- they're

saying now, "You had the

handshake with Ruth, so it's

okay for us to back out."

But we had an understanding to

go to the final five, and to

change horses midstream is a big


It's crazy.

Be aware.

If we take out Ruth tonight,

we're down to four anyway,

'cause Sally is going to jump


I don't care what she says.

She'll say anything right now.

>> Dude, I know she'll stay with


She wants to be in this alliance

so bad, she...

>> Well, that's my thing.

She wants to be in it so bad...

>> I...

>> ...she'll do whatever.

Whereas Ruth would die on her

sword before she would give up

her word.

I think Sally would say, "It's

a game.

I'm playing the game.

I'm switching around."

>> There's a lot of strategy

discussion amongst the tribe

right now.

Terry-- he tried to get real

technical about it, said it was

really just Dan's promise to

Ruth Marie, and it's kind of

like an easy, hollow


I feel bad the way it's turned.

Ruth Marie is part of the five

of us, so I just...

I don't want to go back on that.

>> Oh, look, they're all in



>> Yeah.

>> It's a shame to pack up

my stuff and leave here with so

much left to offer this tribe.

It still could change.

I know there's some talking

going on.

It's like the almighty men are

upstairs plotting, and us little

woman are just down here going,

"I wonder what they're going to


>> Tell you what.

We're going to eat every

stinking one of them.

>> I'm never going to be

confident in Tribal Council, but

I'm not walking around paranoid.

I don't think it's me tonight.

So Sally will be going home,

unless something turns that I

don't know about.

>> This is going to be a Tribal

Council for the books right


Dan is campaigning hard for Ruth


I'm pulling for Sally.

So tonight's vote is completely

still up in the air.

We don't know what's going to


(insects chirring)

>> PROBST: Welcome back to

Tribal Council.

>> Thanks.

>> PROBST: Terry, tell me about

Exile Island.

Describe it to somebody who has

never been there.

>> Uh, basically, you're there

with a barrel of untreated

water, a flint and a machete.

No sleeping quarters.

You've got to try to go gather

your own food, and that's it.

It's a unique experience, but I

don't necessarily want to go

back there.

>> PROBST: Sally, did anybody

question him about the immunity


>> We talked about it a little


You know, he kind of said, "I

spent a couple of hours looking

for it."

He didn't give anything away,

but he didn't give any

indication to let us know that

he found it, either.

>> PROBST: Austin, what did you

miss about Terry when he was


>> The best thing about having

Terry around is he's a natural


When he was gone, the rest of us

were kind of floundering.

It's not like we're all inept

people, but it's nice to have

somebody kind of take charge and

say, "Hey, you guys be doing

this," type of thing.

So, it's nice to have him back.

>> PROBST: Let's talk about

individual performance today in

the challenge.

Sally, you dominated.

>> No matter what the challenge

is, whether it's immunity or

whatever, I'm going to give it

everything I have.

My best days out here are the

days where we compete.

And there was no way I was

falling off that thing, and I

went as fast as I could, so...

>> PROBST: Austin, what mistake

have you made in the 11 days?

>> Just in the challenge today.

The bottom line was, both tribes

had ample water to finish it


Had I known that that was the

amount that was going to put us

over the edge, I wouldn't have

been pouring like my


You know, I was over there just

taking my sweet, precious time

with it.

Meanwhile, they polish it off,

and they win the thing.

So, you know, I'll take the

blame for that.

>> PROBST: Ruth Marie, what's

holding you back in this tribe?

>> Um, I think I'm small in

stature, and I'm twice as old

as the other women.

>> PROBST: But you've been out

here 11 days.

Do you feel like you've proven


>> I do.

>> PROBST: Let's go back to the

last Tribal Council.

Sally, you're one big happy

tribe, and then Misty goes.

Never saw it coming.


>> Oh, yeah, I was very


I was the only one who voted

with Misty.

I mean, I was the only one who

didn't know what was going on,

so clearly, I was surprised.

>> PROBST: Do you think you know

what's going on tonight?

>> You know, it's hard to say.

I think everybody here is great,

and I want to be here tomorrow,

and I want to wake up tomorrow

in that bamboo bed, but so does

everybody else, so...

>> PROBST: Ruth Marie, if it's

you, what will this tribe miss


>> I don't know that they will

miss it tomorrow, but I am just

steady, steady, steady, and get

better as the game goes on.

And I am an extremely loyal


And that may show up down the


>> PROBST: Okay, before we get

to the vote, Terry, you're the

only person who has been to

Exile Island.

You may or may not have found

the idol.

If you need to, you'll let me

know after the vote.

It is time to vote.

Austin, you're up.

>> It's probably going to be you

or me tonight, girl, so I'll

miss you.

>> Sally, I adore you, but I'm

voting my alliance.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


>> PROBST: Once the votes are

read, the decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Ruthie.



Two votes Ruth, one vote Sally.


We're tied-- two votes Sally,

two votes Ruth.

That's three votes Ruthie.

Two votes Sally.

One vote left.

Fourth person voted out of the

Survivor: Exile Island-- Ruth


You need to bring me your torch.

Ruth Marie, the tribe has


It's time for you to go.

Well, in spite of the fact that

you've lost two tribe members in

a row, you still seem positive,

and that more than anything can

help you to turn this game


Grab your torches.

Back to camp.

Good night.

Captioned by

Media Access Group at WGBH

>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on


...stomach trouble threatens La


>> I just felt wrecked.

>> PROBST: Bruce's Zen garden is

invaded by Courtney.

>> We have the whole beach, and

she picks this spot.

I'd rather be on Exile Island

than be around Courtney.

(thunder rumbling)

>> PROBST: And Casaya's spark is

snuffed out.

>> This is a nightmare.

>> I think my tribe

underestimated the endurance

that I have.

I'm not upset about their


It's a game.

It's fun.

There are lots of twists and

turns, but when you go through

an experience like this, it

humbles you a little bit.

So, Sally, Dan, Terry, Austin,

and Nick, I just wish them good