Survivor (2000–…): Season 12, Episode 3 - Crazy Fights, Snake Dinners - full transcript

Torrential rains make life miserable, and bickering starts early.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on


>> No more torrential downpours,

Sir God!

>> PROBST: Shane was unraveling.

>> There's no reason for me to

be doing this.

>> Green sweats.

>> PROBST: In a schoolyard pick,

the four tribes became two--

La Mina and Casaya.

When Bruce was not chosen, he

was sent to Exile Island and an

unexpected twist was revealed.

You are the only

person guaranteed to be safe

at the next Tribal Council.

>> Yeah! Thank you!

>> PROBST: Well, go.

Boat's out there.

Then the two tribes competed for

fishing gear.

Survivors ready!


In a tough physical challenge,

Nick helped carry La Mina to


La Mina wins reward!

When the new Casaya tribe

reached their beach, Shane

wasted no time.

>> Let's just the four of us, go

to the four-- done!

Shane, Courtney, Danielle and

Aras formed an alliance of four.

>> The people that don't talk

and communicate, they're the

ones that get voted off.

>> PROBST: At La Mina...

>> You have my word.

>> PROBST: ...Austin and Nick

were torn between the older men

and the younger women.

>> We were thinking, if the four

of us stuck together, we would

have the numbers.

>> We are right in the middle of

a tug-of-war.

Somebody's gonna have to get

hurt out here.

>> PROBST: And Sally lost the

tribe's new spear.

>> I have some bad news: I lost

that spear.

>> PROBST: On Exile Island,

Bruce toughed it out.

(karate yell)

(thunder crashes)

>> This place is horrible, evil.

I would not wish this on my

worst enemy.

>> PROBST: At the immunity

challenge, Terry lead La Mina to


Terry-- pulling that anchor in!

La Mina wins immunity.

Back at Casaya, Shane made a

startling announcement.

>> Hey, what are you doing?

>> If somebody wants to quit,

let 'em quit!

>> PROBST: But at the last

minute, Aras managed to change

Shane's mind...

>> Just try it, okay?

>> Okay. All right.

>> PROBST: ...and the focus

shifted to Cirie and Melinda.

>> I don't care which one of you

goes, like whoever doesn't go

now, is going next.

>> PROBST: At Tribal Council,

Bruce returned from Exile Island

and listened in as Casaya's

emotions ran high.

>> I was done; I wanted out of


It's some kind of psychotic, bad


>> It bothers me when

somebody, even remotely, had the

thought to quit, and you have me

here trying my best to stay.

>> PROBST: Despite her pleas,

Melinda was the first person

voted out of the new Casaya


Melinda, the tribe has spoken.

Bruce, drop your buff, join your

new tribe, Casaya.

Fourteen are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

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(theme song playing)

>> Welcome, Bruce.

>> Bruce, welcome.

>> Oh, thank you.

>> At Tribal Council, we voted

off Melinda, and Bruce, who had

been sent to Exile Island came

back and was inserted into

Melinda's place in our tribe at

the end of Tribal Council.

>> Oh, it's close.

>> You don't need fire right


You want water or you want fire?

You want water.

>> Okay, you have a pot full of

water, or bottles filled with

old water...

When I arrived tonight, I saw

my new tribe, and I can see they

all had good hearts and fought

to get here, but they're all

tired and lack of water.

They didn't have fire.

They really needed all my skills

and knowledge.

>> We just thought we were

making a fire so we could boil

the water, and we're gonna

drink the water.

>> No, you don't need to.

>> What do you mean?

>> So this is what we're gonna

do: I need a...

I've been teaching high school,

34 years, karate 40 years, and

taught backpacking for 19.

I know how to deal with

different kinds of profiles of

people, and there are some...

six different profiles right

here, let me tell you.

We're going to filter water

through three T-shirts,


It's going to be 90% pure water.

>> Bruce is incredibly neurotic.

You know, anytime anyone brings

something up, Bruce has been

doing it for 25 years and is

certified and a teacher.

I mean, of course, it grates on

my nerves-- I just want him to

shut up.

But it's like I... you know, I

gotta just let him do his thing.

>> Bruce came through with this

filtering system that somehow we

all just believed.

I don't even know if it's


I mean, we just went for it.

>> Oh, listen to that beautiful


We missed a lot but that's okay.

>> So you really think...

I mean, I have to tell you, I've

also worked in wilderness and

I'm shocked and awed that this

method actually gets bacteria

out of the water.

>> It won't get all of it out,


>> Yeah, it won't.

>> Bruce told us about his

filtration method, which he said

makes the water 90% pure.

And he was drinking it, and he

was fine-- he survived.

So we're a lot more powerful

as a tribe with him in Melinda's

place than we were.

>> Okay. Now I watch out for

you, right?

>> Yes, Bruce.

>> The tribe reacted to me with

great joy.

They thought I was a gift from


They were just very ecstatic

that I was there.

This is the best bottle so far.

I know that I was the last man


Now I'm emerging as the top of

the tribe.

>> Hey, guys, are we doing

shells and everything?

>> Yeah, yeah, yeah.

>> We've been eating very


Some stew made out of snails and

crab legs, but nothing much to

speak of.

>> So any gooey part's okay?

>> I'm eating all of it.

>> Is there water?

Here, here's water.

>> Oh, yeah.

I'm not doing snails.

>> We're just slowly going


Another day or two, I don't know

what kind of shape people are

going to be in around here.

Right now, I mean if we could

catch a few fish a day, even two

fish a day, we'd be a in a whole

other ballgame.

The equipment that we have

for fishing is very old-school,

very medieval, and the knowledge

on our part is as minimal as it

could be.

He's on. He's on...

He's on.

Aw, shoot!


>> Aw, no!

>> That damn spear that Sally

lost-- God, what we wouldn't

give to have that thing back.

How did you lose that spear?

>> Yee-ha!

Oh, he's a nice one.

There we are, boys.

It's fish.

It's a puffer thing.

It's kind of freaky.

That is a freaky, freaky thing.

Right around camp, the fish

population seems to consist of

nothing but poisonous puffer

fish, which we've caught in


So it's not like we're

not catching fish; we're just

catching the ones we can't eat.

To spend two or three hours out

there, when you could be doing

things around camp to help

everybody, and you, like, come

back empty-handed is getting

really old.

>> Yee-ha!

>> Oh, there he is.

Hey, that's a good little fat


>> Good job.

>> Oh, thanks.

>> Terry, the sole provider of

this tribe came up with Nemo--

that's right, I'm talking a fish

about yea big.

We have applauded that fish as

if he caught a 14-pound catfish.

We were so excited about that

damn thing, I don't even know

how to talk about it.

>> Come on, mama.

>> Oh, you can feel the meat in


>> Mmm.

There was a lot of meat on that

little guy, or maybe it just

felt like a lot because we

haven't had meat in so long.

If we can catch a couple more of

those every day, that would just

be unbelievable.

>> Potato on that.

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: La Mina, come on in.

Casaya, come on in.

La Mina, getting your first look

at the new Casaya.

Melinda voted out at the last

Tribal Council.

Bruce joined the tribe,

returning from Exile Island.

So, you guys physically look


>> I feel a hell of a lot


>> We've got Bruce with us...

>> Bruce is a savior.

>> PROBST: How is Bruce the


>> The first thing we noticed

was the, you know, the upbeat


You can't help but feel better

from being around him.

Plus, his knowledge took a lot

of the, uh, the actual effort

and expenditure of energy off of

us, because he was willing to

take the lead on everything.

>> PROBST: You guys ready to get

to today's challenge?

>> Yeah.

>> Let's get it on.

>> PROBST: It is for reward,

and here's how it works.

Three tribe members will be the


Each launcher will get two shots

per round, the other four tribe

members will stand on a balance

beam over the water.

On my "Go," one tribe member

will launch a ball; the other

four will try to catch it.

You can jump off the balance

beam to catch the ball, but if

you go in the water, you got to

come up with the ball in order

to score a point.

First tribe to five wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing


>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: You're gonna want

this stuff.

Tarp, lanterns, some fuel,

couple of blankets, some

pillows, jerry cans for water,

and some rope.

That's for the winners.

>> Excellent.

>> PROBST: For the losers, one

tribe member will be sent to

Exile Island.

Big enough stakes?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: All right, La Mina,

who's gonna be the three


>> Me, Dan and Ruth Marie.

>> PROBST: Misty, Dan, Ruth

Marie will be the launchers, the

other four will be on the perch.

Casaya, who's gonna be the three


>> Bob, Bruce and Cirie.

>> PROBST: Bob, Bruce and Cirie

will be the launchers, the other

four will be the catchers.

Let's get going.

First shooters...

>> All right, Bob.

>> PROBST: ...Bobby and Misty.

Ready... aim...

fire at will.

Terry scores for La Mina!

>> Nice one!

>> Come on, Bob.

That's good, Bobby, that's good,

Bobby, get it!

Aras, get...

>> PROBST: Oh, Aras gave it a


Misty and Bobby, taking their

second shots.

La Mina leads, one, zero.

Ready, aim, release.

Bobby in the air.

Aras makes a great catch for


>> (cheering)

>> PROBST: Terry can't handle

it, but Nick does.

>> (cheering)

>> PROBST: La Mina leads two,


That fell right into your lap.

A lot of luck for La Mina.

Nice work for Casaya.

Here we go, next two shooters.

Dan and Bruce.

Take your spots.

La Mina leads, two, one.

Ready, aim, and release.

>> Hit it!

>> PROBST: Bruce right on

target, Danielle with a great

catch for Casaya.

Terry comes up with the third

point for La Mina.

La Mina leads, three, two.

Bruce trying to catch Casaya up.

Dan looking to put them ahead.

Ready, aim, release.

Shane makes a leap and comes up

with it.

La Mina's ball sails long, and

we are tied, three, three.

Next shooters.

Cirie up for Casaya.

Ruth-Marie launching for La


>> Go, hot mama!

>> PROBST: Take your spots.

>> Back a few inches, back...

see back on Bruce, right


>> PROBST: Cirie getting some

help from Bobby.

>> There you go, right there.

>> PROBST: Ready, aim, release.

Ruth-Marie hits nothing.

>> Get it!

>> PROBST: Shane with another

nice catch for Casaya.

>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: Casaya is on a roll.

>> Great catch, Shane!

>> (cheering)

>> PROBST: Casaya now leads

four, three.

Ruth-Marie, Cirie, take your


Casaya could win it right here.

Ready, aim, release.

Both balls in the air.

Terry makes it.

Unbelievable catch!

Aras can't handle it.

We're tied four, four.

This next point could do it for

either tribe.

Nobody wants to go to Exile


For reward, here we go.

Misty and Bobby.

>> Come on, Bob.

>> PROBST: Ready, aim...


Misty is in the air, it's

blowing hard.

Terry has it!

Shane can't come up with it for


La Mina wins reward!

>> Yeah!

>> (cheering)

>> Great catch!

>> Woo!

>> Woo!

>> PROBST: Here's how it's going

to work: Casaya, one of your

tribe members is now going to

Exile Island.

They will return for the next

immunity challenge.

La Mina, as winners of this

challenge, this time you decide

who you want to send to Exile


>> We have to decide...?

>> We have to send Bruce.

>> Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: All right, La Mina,

who is it going to be?

Who are you sending to Exile


>> They made a very detrimental

move by telling us who brought

back the team morale over there.

Bruce, we're sending him back.

>> These guys are playing for

keeps, huh?

>> PROBST: So, Bruce, you will

return to Exile Island.

You'll come back to this game

for the next immunity challenge.

See you when you get back.

Casaya, I've got nothing else

for you.

Grab your stuff, head on out.

La Mina, reward is yours.

Get it and head on back to camp.

>> Sweet spoils, you guys.

>> That's right.

>> Oh, yeah.

>> Very happy for that, kid.

>> I know it's not food, but

this is so awesome!

>> The reward challenge, uh,

this afternoon was won by La

Mina, and what we got for it was

a tarp, which basically

reinforces the great shelter

we've got already.

We've got two huge canisters for

carrying water.

We got a couple of blankets, a

couple pillows and we got

kerosene, so we have constant


I'm really stoked for my team.

It was a total team effort.

It was great.

>> It's not too short, you can

get, and-and you know, you need

to extend over the sides a

little bit, too.

Yeah, there you go.

Fortunately, the shelter was

designed for a tarp, so it went

up and over pretty easily.

>> Nice.

>> We have a nice domed

interior, as opposed to a

slumping interior, so there's

lots of space inside.

Check it out.

>> Sweet!


>> Our tarp came just in time

for the big rain that just

started pouring down.

It was torrential.

I mean, it was coming down hard.

>> Yeah, have a moment for him.

>> That guy is so hurtin'.

The decision to send Bruce to

Exile Island was a tough one,

but he is an asset to that team,

and without Bruce, we think

they're not gonna be up on their

feet as they should be.

So, um, we made a tough call,

and, uh, I wouldn't want to be



>> Did you guys boil that water


>> It's on right now.

>> We lost the challenge, and

the other team chose Bruce to go

to Exile Island, which I thought

was one of the most evil things

I've ever seen people do.

It doesn't have that much grip.

I don't know if this is going

to work.

I mean, to lose the reward, and

then to deal with losing Bruce

in that way, it just put us all

on a downer, and it's like the

last thing we need right now.

>> That's your time-out stone.

>> It's mine for the rest of

the, please actually, could no

one else sit on my thinking

seat, please?

>> Why does it have to be yours?

>> Because I picked it!

You want this one, I'll go get

another one!

I want one!

This one!

>> Okay.

>> If you want this one, I'll go

get another one!

I just want mine!

This one!

>> I think the problems in our

tribe are inherent in the


I'm in an alliance with three

nutballs, I feel like, at this


>> It looks like it's going to


>> I know.

>> Can we just adjust it?

>> Well, I want to but I'm just

trying to figure it out.

Shane, what do you think?

>> I don't know, you got us

here, so I left it up to you.

You got us here.

>> I know, I asked for your help

so we could work together, but

it's all right.

>> With Courtney and Shane, it's

always something.

The funny thing is these are the

people that you guys decided to

align with, and now you hate

each other, so how stupid is


>> Can I do this?

>> Please, oh, I'd love it.

That would make me so happy.

Thanks, please.

I don't think it's strong


You do?

Go ahead, go ahead.

>> You're out of your mind, man.

You are crazy.

>> I'm just sharing an opinion.

Will you relax? I just...

I don't know what his problem


I'm, I'm not kidding.

This is, like, not even funny

right now.

I-I did nothing.

Did I just do anything wrong?

>> Don't worry about it.

>> I can't even say anything, of

advice or anything.

I just wanted his help.

I'm feeling really frustrated

right now.

I don't know, I feel like Shane

needs to, like, get his angst

out on something or someone, and

he's chosen me.

I'm really bummed about the


>> Just let him go.

>> Well, I don't like to be the

one that he's decided to pick

on, with his mood.

>> Courtney is a lunatic, and

I'm trapped with her because I

made a commitment on my son's

life that I would stay with her.

I just don't know how to get

right with her.

>> With you two and us two kind

of watching each other's backs,

I think we can go really far.

>> Yeah. I'd like to be with you


>> Cool, 'cause we like you.

>> Sounds like a plan I'd like

to work out myself.

>> Let's do it.

>> Sally has been really working

hard on trying to get Nick and

Austin to kind of pair with us,

'cause it seemed like there

might be a little bit of a

club going on around here.

Would you like your shoulders


>> Yeah.

>> Okay, just sit there.


I'm a natural flirt.

That's something I just enjoy


Some people are born with it.


I would flirt to help get ahead.

I didn't come out here to sit on

my rump.

I came out here to have a good

time and play the game.

>> Amazing, right this second.

>> I think Misty is such a smart

girl, and I think she comes

across in this just, like,

nice... "Like, I want to massage


But you know there's a little

extra something going into

Austin and Nick's massages.

>> Is there a teacher, Misty, or

is this just your natural,

evolved method?

>> It's my natural, evolved


Is it working?

>> I think it is.

>> Okay.

>> We work well together, 'cause

she has, like, that southern,

kind of flirty charm, and I'm

just, like, the pal, you know?

Like, "What's up, guys?

Let's hang out."

I think between the two of us,

we're doing okay.

>> Look, man, if we get into

this four strong into the merge,

we're already ahead.

Then can we pretend like we're

weak-- "Oh, weak ladies.

We just want to go as far as we


I mean, I don't think it's going

to come to that, 'cause they're

smart guys, but...

>> You're so cute.

I mean, you're, like, "Come on.

We're just little girls."

>> We're just little girls.

>> "We just want to get as far

as we can."

>> I am in a position that I

didn't necessarily want to be


I'm the one that everybody's

kind of come to, saying, "Hey,

we really trust you.

Um, we need you on our side."

It could be construed as very

dangerous to align yourself with

strong guys, especially when I

have two girls who seem to

really trust me and-and think

that I'm a really good guy.

>> How are we doing here?

>> Good job.

>> My goal is to keep working on

Austin and to keep, you know,

showing him that as much as

possible, Terry is a power

player, and he's going to have

a huge mark on his back, and it

might be wiser for those guys to

align themselves with us in case

they make it to the merge.

They're going to need us.

We'll see what happens.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

We'll now bring in Bruce, once

again returning from Exile


>> Boy, Bruce!

>> Let's go.

>> Bring it back.

>> Nice to have you back...

>> PROBST: You guys ready to get

to today's challenge?

>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: First things first.

Dan, say good-bye.

Immunity, back up for grabs.

Today's challenge is going to be

a physical, head-to-head battle.

There are five circles in the


Buried within each circle is a


On my go, you'll race out to the

circle, dig and find the bag,

and then get back to your finish


That's where it's going to get


Both tribes will be battling for

the same bag.

To score, you got to have at

least one hand on the bag while

any part of your body touches

the finish mat.

First tribe to three wins


Losers, somebody going home.

The matchups will vary from

round to round.

Drop your gear.

We'll get started.

All right, here we go.

First round is two women taking

on two women.

It's going to be Cirie and

Danielle taking on Sally

and Misty.

For immunity, survivors ready?


>> Go, go, go!

Go, go, go!

>> PROBST: Got to find the bag

and get it back to your mat.

>> Good, Cirie. Stay there.

Be ready to knock 'em down.

>> Stay there, Cirie.

>> PROBST: It's getting physical


>> Danielle, push Misty down!

>> PROBST: Misty and Danielle

getting into it.

>> Keep her down, Danielle!

>> I see it.

>> Sit on her, Cirie.

Sit on... Cirie.

>> PROBST: Cirie sitting on

Sally now.

>> PROBST: They found the bag.

Danielle has it.

>> Cirie, go help!

>> PROBST: Cirie gets up and

lets Sally go.

Cirie takes Misty down.

>> Cirie!

>> PROBST: Cirie's got it.

Now it's Cirie and Sally.

>> There you are, Misty.

>> PROST: Misty doing her best

to take it from Cirie.

>> There you go, Misty!

>> PROBST: Nobody giving up.

Everybody fighting hard.

>> That's a cross right, Sally.


>> PROBST: Danielle trying to

get free of Sally.

Danielle shoves Sally down.

>> Help her out!

>> Come on, D., get it! Get it!

>> PROBST: It's a free-for-all

on the bag again.

(all talking at once)

Danielle has it.

Misty's down.

Cirie wants it!

(indistinct, overlapping


Cirie's got to touch the mat and

the bag!


Casaya scores first point!

>> Yes! Yes!

>> PROBST: Next round is two men

taking on two men.

Got Nick and Terry taking on

Bruce and Bobby.

Survivors ready?


Bruce tries to tackle Terry and


It doesn't work.

Bobby throws Terry out of the


Bruce working on Nick.

Very physical very quickly.

Terry and Bobby going at it.

>> Terry!

>> Get him, Bob!

>> Okay, Bobby, it's here.

>> PROBST: Nick has position.

>> Use that karate, Bruce!


>> Okay, Bobby, get up now!

>> Bobby, get up.

>> Come on, Bobby!

>> PROBST: Terry is not letting

Bobby move.

Nick has the bag, and he's free.

>> Get him, Bob!

Get him, Bob!

>> PROBST: Nick's got it!

(whooping and applause)

La Mina scores.

We're tied, one-one.

Next round is two men, one


For Casaya, it's Shane, Courtney

and Aras.

For La Mina-- Austin, Ruth Marie

and Dan.

Survivors ready?


>> Go, Aras!

>> Get him, Courtney!


>> PROBST: Shane tries to take

out Dan, but Dan fighting back.


Shane tosses Dan down hard.

>> Oh, Aras!

>> PROBST: Austin and Aras.

Aras has the bag quickly.

>> Go, Aras!

>> PROBST: Austin takes him


The bag was found fast.

Shane and Dan are out of it.

Ruth Marie getting in on it.

>> Shane, help...

>> PROBST: Aras trying to get it

to Shane.

>> Shane, help him. Shane!

>> PROBST: Shane has it.

It's Shane and Austin!

>> Come on, Shane!

Come on!

>> PROBST: Ruth Marie and

Courtney are out of it.

Aras and Dan are out of it.

>> Keep him there, Danny!

Come on!

>> One on one, Aus. Let's go!

>> PROBST: Shane, inch by inch,

getting closer.

>> You got it, Shane?

>> Come on, Aus! Come on, Aus!

>> Way to go, Shane!

>> PROBST: Now Austin pulling

Shane back toward the middle.

Could go either way.

>> PROBST: Austin scores for La



>> PROBST: Next round, two

women, one man.

Courtney, Cirie, Aras taking on

Sally, Misty and Nick.

We're playing to three.

La Mina leads two-one.

Survivors ready?


>> Take your time now.

Take your time.

>> Oh, they're relaxing.

You relax. Don't use energy.

>> PROBST: Different strategy

this time.

Everybody taking their time.

Everybody watching everybody.

>> Okay, Aras, come here.

>> PROBST: Cirie found the bag.

Nick's pulling it up now.

Aras pulling Nick out.

>> Run, Courtney!

>> PROBST: Courtney's got it if

she can get free.

>> Come on, Courtney!

Pull, Courtney! You got it!

>> PROBST: Nick will got give up

the bag.

>> Come on, Nick! Get up, buddy!

>> PROBST: Aras trying to steal


>> Come on, Aras!

>> Aras, fight!

>> Misty, take out Aras!

>> PROBST: Misty trying to take

out Aras, and she does.

(overlapping chatter)

>> Nick!

>> PROBST: All six in on this.

One big game of Twister.

>> Stop choking me!

>> PROBST: Misty, watch the


Don't make me call it.

No choking, guys!

Watch the kicking.

>> Cirie, pull Misty.

Push Misty back!

>> PROBST: Cirie tosses Misty


>> Aras, bring me the bag!

>> PROBST: Aras using some

little yoga move.

Aras has the bag!

>> Bring me the bag!

I told you to bring me the bag!


>> PROBST: Casaya scores.

We're tied, two-two.


We are tied.

This is the final round.

It's going to be one man and

one woman from each tribe.

It's going to be Bobby and

Danielle taking on Ruth Marie

and Terry for immunity.

This is it.

Survivors ready?


>> Go, Bob! Go, Bob, go!

>> Terry, keep your eye on Bob!

>> PROBST: Danielle picks up

Ruth Marie...

(indistinct shout)

>> PROBST: ...and drops her.

>> Oh!

(Terry grunts)

>> Bob, get Terry!

>> Throw him!

>> PROBST: Bobby trying to move

Terry out of the way.

>> Come on, Bobby!

>> PROBST: Bobby pulling the bag


Bobby's got it.

Terry almost had it free.

>> Danielle, grab the bag!

>> PROBST: Danielle with a hand

on the bag now.

>> Get it, Bob!

>> PROBST: Terry's got the bag.

Bobby trying to take him down.

Terry not going down.

Bobby grabs him!

(indistinct shouting)

Takes him back down again.

>> Which one?

>> PROBST: Terry hands off to

Ruth Marie.

>> Hey, Ruth Marie!

>> PROBST: She's got to outrace

Bobby, who is lagging behind.

Ruth Marie getting closer.

Bobby grabs her.

He's dragging her to his mat.

Bobby wins it for Casaya!


>> Bobby!

>> Oh, Bobby!

>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: Casaya-- safe from

Tribal Council.

Nobody going home.

La Mina, you'll get your first

visit as a tribe to Tribal

Council tonight.

Somebody going home.

You have the afternoon to

figure out who that's gonna be.

Head on out.

♪ ♪

>> That was... guys, we gave

it... we did everything we


>> Losing feels terrible, but

today's loss was hard.

It was hard because it was

physical, and we gave it

everything we had, and it was


They have so much more weight

than we do.

>> Yeah, that was tailor-made

for them.

>> It totally is a bummer.

My goal was to bring this tribe

intact to the merge, and now we

got to make a tough decision.

I'm bummed that we've got to

lose one of our tribe mates, but

the game moves on, and there's

always tomorrow.

>> Dan and I, as soon as we got

the two younger guys, we got on

them quickly and came up with

who we're going to have to vote

off tonight.

And the plan at Tribal Council

tonight is to vote off Misty.

She's an engineer.

She's smart as hell.

And she could cause some


>> I would look at it

personally and say Ruth Marie

or Dan.

I love Ruth Marie, but I just

think down the road, as far as

contribution, like Dan might

not be the fastest guy, but look

at him today, he did awesome.

And he's so brilliant.

He's so brilliant.

>> I can't vote for Dan.

>> Good, then that's easy.

>> Yeah.

>> If I take myself out of it

and I say who is going to,

like, who is going to

contribute the most in all

areas, Dan is high up on the


>> Yeah.

>> Ruth Marie is pretty weak

right now.

I mean, she's struggling.

Like, she's been struggling for

a couple days.

Right now, I think it would be

most advantageous to us as a

tribe, and also to myself, for

it to be Ruth Marie.

(Dan sighs)

>> You got thrown between a rock

and a hard place, didn't you?

>> Yep.

>> Yeah, it happens to me every

day, bro.

My two options I have,

personally-- and when I say

"personally" I'm linked to

Nick-- we could either go with

Sally and Misty, or we go with

Dan and Terry.

I have the makings right now to

get all the way to where I want

to be in this game because of

the way that I'm aligned.

>> PROBST: For those of you who

don't have torches, grab a

torch, approach the flame, dip

your torch in, and get fire.

This is part of the ritual at

Tribal Council because in this

game, fire represents your life.

As long as you have fire,

you're in the game.

When your fire is gone, so are


So, catch me up.

Terry, eight days out here,

compared to the experiences

you've had in life, where does

this rank in terms of tough?

>> It's definitely up there on

the physical side.

On the mental side, not there

yet, I'm sure it will be.

And I'm ready for what comes

down the road.

>> PROBST: How about you, Dan?

You hanging in there?

>> Oh, absolutely.

There's certainly deprivation

involved, and it's difficult to

go many, many days without

food, but the companionship is


For strangers to come together

and work together so well so

fast, that's impressive.

>> PROBST: Sally, how about the

first eight days for you?

>> The first eight days for me

have been everything I thought

they could be.

Other than the fact that I

didn't think I would come in

here and actually care about

these people as much as I could

in eight days.

>> PROBST: Austin, what's the

food situation?

>> The X factor, Terry caught a

fish yesterday that was no

bigger than this.

But, man, when you haven't had

any protein in days, that will

do wonders for you.

I am by no means a strong

fisherman, and all we can catch

are the puffer fish, which,

those things are poisonous.

So we just hadn't had any luck

Jeff, it sucks.

>> PROBST: Well, what are you

doing with the spear?

>> We had a little incident with

the spear.

We, uh... the spear hasn't been

much luck for us, let's just put

it that way.

>> PROBST: Misty, looking at

this tribe, it seems like,

based on today, guys that are in

pretty good shape.

>> Oh, yeah.

>> PROBST: Is there a pressure

from the women that, "We have

to live up to this"?

>> I think in any situation

when you've got a mixed group

like this, there's always a

pressure that we've got to step

up to the plate and play just

as well as the men are.

>> PROBST: Do you truly think

all seven people here are all

playing for this tribe?

>> I absolutely believe that,

100%, wholeheartedly.

And that's something I didn't

expect coming into this game.

I expected to have the little

sects of people, you know,

trying to pretend to pull

together and make a team out of

it, but we don't have that

issue, we really are a team.

>> PROBST: So, Terry, if you

really are this unified, how do

you make a vote tonight?

Are people coming here and

making individual votes and

we'll just see what happens?

>> Obviously, there's been some


It's all part of the game to

talk to different people on

what their feeling is, and we

all understand that someone has

to go tonight.

>> PROBST: Ruth Marie, you're

the only person in this tribe

that came into this tribe

without somebody.

Did you feel that initially?

>> I noticed that right away,

Jeff, yeah, um...

I'm definitely the odd man out.

And it's a... it's a vulnerable

seat to be in tonight.

>> PROBST: How about for you,


Are you basing your vote on

what you think?

You basing it on a group?

>> I'm basing my vote on

probably more... with a group


There's conversations in camp.

There's strategy being plotted.

So, yeah, I think tonight more

than individually, I'm going

with the group.

>> PROBST: Okay, there is one

more thing to deal with, the

hidden immunity idol.

Misty, you're the only person

from this tribe to go to Exile


If, after the vote, you have

the most votes, that is when

you would reveal whether or not

you found the idol.

Otherwise, it remains a mystery.

Okay, it is time to vote.

Austin, you're up.

>> This is just team play.

That's all.

>> Misty, you're a smart girl.

I wish it didn't have to be

this way.

>> I'm going with the strength

of the tribe and we think that

you're probably the least

strong member of the tribe

right now, and I'm very sorry.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


>> PROBST: Once the votes are

read, the decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote...

Ruth Marie.


One vote Misty, one vote Ruth


Ruth Marie.

Two votes Ruth, one vote Misty.


We're tied-- two votes Misty,

two votes Ruth Marie.


That's three votes Misty, two

votes Ruth Marie.

Third person voted out of

Survivor: Exile Island...


Misty, that's enough votes.

One question left: Did you find

the immunity idol?

>> No, I did not.

>> PROBST: You need to bring me

your torch.

Misty, the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

Well, based on what I

heard tonight, it does seem like

you're a very unified tribe.

But as the vote tonight shows,

even in the tightest of groups,

somebody is always on the


Grab your torches, head on back

to camp.

Good night.

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Media Access Group at WGBH

>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on

Survivor: La Mina is on the

verge of starvation.

>> Ten days in and we really

haven't had anything to eat.

>> I figure we got about three

more days before the entire

tribe can't get out of bed.

>> PROBST: And at Casaya...

>> What are you talking about?

>> We're not going to have this


>> PROBST: ...friction rattles

the alliance of four.

>> Everybody here won't tell

you, they're afraid to tell you

the truth.

>> Well, tonight was definitely

a shock to me.

I didn't expect it so soon,

that's for sure.

I was excited, and exuberant,

and I thought we had a great

thing going, so obviously I was

outplayed and out-strategized.

I had a good time out here.

I met some great, great people,

and I wish my tribe all the


I hope they go all the way.