Survivor (2000–…): Season 12, Episode 2 - Breakdown - full transcript

After six days on the island, one Survivor is ready to go home.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on

Survivor: 16 castaways began

their adventure as four tribes.

This is Exile Island.

Throughout this game, tribe

members will be banished to

this island.

The tribes immediately faced

off in their first reward


>> Yeah.

>> Let's get it on.

>> PROBST: The losing tribe will

choose one person to stay behind

on Exile Island right off the


In a race to find three amulets,

the older men, the younger men,

and the older women were all


The young women finished last

and chose Misty to stay behind.

>> All right, I'm here.

>> PROBST: And a secret of Exile

Island was revealed.

Hidden somewhere on this island

is an immunity idol.

Along the way, you'll be given

clues as to the whereabouts of

that idol.

At the older women's camp, Tina

emerged as a natural leader.

>> Okay, here we go, kids.

Starting a fire was highly


>> PROBST: The young men


>> That is the sorriest shelter

I think we could have possibly

come up with.

>> PROBST: And the younger women

struggled with indecision.

>> Are you feeling it?

>> Next.

>> I started to get a little

bit frustrated with the whole,

like, where we should do the


>> PROBST: The older men thrived

>> That's the best-smelling

stinking fire I've seen in a

long time.

>> PROBST: And Dan, the

astronaut, bonded with Terry,

the fighter pilot.

>> I'll shake on that.

>> PROBST: But Shane was on


>> I smoke three packs of

cigarettes a day, and I haven't

had a cigarette in, like, 31


It is unbelievably hard.

>> PROBST: Alone on Exile

Island, Misty toughed it out...

>> I'm hungry.

I'm really, really, really


>> PROBST: ...and made a plan.

>> When I see my tribe mates at

the next immunity challenge,

I'll trick them into thinking

that I found the immunity idol.

>> PROBST: Misty returned to her

tribe at the immunity challenge

and helped the younger women

make a comeback.

Younger women have immunity.

Older men win immunity.

Younger men win immunity.

Older women going to Tribal


Before Tribal Council, Cirie

knew she was in trouble.

>> I'm really nervous.

I don't want to be the first

one to go home.

>> PROBST: So she campaigned to

have Tina voted out.

>> Whoa!

>> PROBST: But when Tina found a

fish, the decision was


>> I do think that Cirie is the

weak link.

There are a hundred reasons to

keep Tina.

>> PROBST: But at Tribal Council

Tina ruffled feathers when she

criticized her tribe mates.

Do you think these other three

are pulling their weight?

>> Not as much as I would like.

>> No offense to Tina, but it's

not like she's out there

working and the three of us are

taking a nap.

>> PROBST: In the end, Cirie got

her wish when the older women

voted off their strongest


Tina, the tribe has spoken.

15 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

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(theme song playing)


>> Yo, it's such a drag because

shelter is somewhat useless

because the way the rain is


>> Yeah, how could we have


>> Uh, well, the update is that

we're in a torrential downpour.

And our canopy wasn't completely

built, so we rushed to try and

get the palm fronds on there,

and we did it.

The problem is that the rain is

coming in from the other side

now, so a little bit of bad


This place breeds bad luck.

(thunder cracking)

>> Okay, we're getting close.

It's going out.

>> That's no good.

>> We don't have enough stuff

right here.

>> I feel like I want to hammer

the freaking thing!


>> Oh, shoot.

>> I got it.

>> That's it, honey.

Come on.

Oh, it's ripe.

Oh, we can eat this right now.

>> Almost.

>> It's going to be so good.

That's just me stabbing it.

>> You rock.

>> Nice job, girl.

>> Yeah!

>> Whoo!

>> I'm so happy.

>> Ta-dah...!

>> Mm, perfect.

>> Cheers.

>> Salud.

>> Salud.

Papaya love.

>> Papaya love.

>> Sisters de bayoneta, our

first papaya.

>> Savor it.

>> I like it soft like that.

It's really juicy.

>> Okay, this is just...

I'm like, wow!

>> Mm...

>> Mm...

>> It's almost orgasmically

wonderful, honestly.

>> Yeah!

>> It's so good.

Oh, it's like heaven.

I'm about to cry.

We have food.

>> It looks... it looks bad to

the west, and it looks bad to

the north.

>> You know, I think about

everything that I'm missing

right now.

I think about my kid.

I think about, you know, it's

football practice, and we have

a game Saturday, and I miss him

so much.

I miss my kid a lot.

I don't, you know, there's no...

there's no reason for me to be

doing this.

Like, we are going... I mean, I

more than enough money.

I don't know why I did this to


>> I don't like you, sand flea.

I don't like flea!

>> This whole scenario is so

different from the way that I

live my life.

Like, my life is very busy and

it's always all the time, it's

like constant, like ADD, you

know what I mean, psycho boy.

But I'm just... I have a real

hard time with the nothing-to-do


I mean, there's plenty to do,

but it's monotonous, and it's


It's hard.

No more torrential downpours,

sir God!

No more of those!

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys.

You're getting your first look

at the new group of older women.

Tina voted out at the last

Tribal Council.

All right, let's get to it.

Everybody take a spot on the


Men on the light disks, women

on the dark disks.

Your choice.

Find one you like.

Okay, everybody take a step

back, flip over your disk.

If you see a buff, pick it up.

Terry, take a spot over here to

the left.

Danielle, over here to the


Four tribes are about to become

two tribes.

Terry, you're the first member

of La Mina.

Danielle, you're the first

member of Casaya.

We're going to do a schoolyard


It doesn't matter who goes


Because a man has to pick a

woman, a woman has to pick a


Therefore, ladies first.

Danielle, you're choosing a man.

>> The cool guy with the Boston


>> The cool guy.

>> PROBST: Shane, here's the

buff, get rid of yours, put that

one on.

Terry, you're picking a woman.

>> Okay, uh... green sweats.

>> PROBST: Sally.

Here's the buffs.

Shane, picking a woman.

>> You're right there, little


>> PROBST: Courtney, now a

member of Casaya.

Sally, picking a guy.

>> I'll pick the fast guy, John

Deere hat.

>> PROBST: Austin becomes a

member of La Mina.

>> Nice to meet you all.

>> PROBST: Courtney.

>> Red shirt.

>> PROBST: Aras.

Deep sigh of relief to be on a



>> I'm going to go with Exile

Island over there.

>> PROBST: Misty becomes a

member of La Mina.

>> Misty.

Good to meet you.

>> Good to meet you.

>> PROBST: Aras, you're choosing

a woman.

>> Cirie.


>> PROBST: Cirie becomes a

member of Casaya.

>> Aras.

>> PROBST: Misty.

>> Nick.

>> PROBST: Nick becomes a member

of La Mina.

>> Nice to meet you.

>> PROBST: Cirie, your choice.

You're choosing a man.

>> This guy right here.

>> PROBST: Bobby joins Casaya.

Nick, your choice.

You're choosing a woman.

>> The young lady in the pink

tank top.

>> PROBST: Ruth Marie becomes a

member of La Mina.

>> Nice to meet you.

>> PROBST: Bobby, your choice

already been made for you.

>> Red shirt.

>> PROBST: Melinda joins Casaya.


>> I'm Bobby.

>> Melinda.

>> PROBST: Okay, only one choice


So, Ruth Marie, you are in

effect, choosing your last

tribe member, and also telling

one of these two guys nobody

wants him on their tribe.

>> This young man right here.

>> Thank you so much.

>> PROBST: Dan goes to La Mina.

>> I'm Nick.

>> Dan.

>> PROBST: Okay, so that leaves

you, Bruce.

>> My own tribe.

>> PROBST: How tough would it be

four days in to be going home?

>> I would be really

disappointed because I came

here to win.

>> PROBST: Well, not only are

you not going home, you, out of

all 15, are the only person

guaranteed to be safe at the

next Tribal Council.

>> Yeah, thank you!


>> PROBST: The next three days,

you're going to be spending on

Exile Island.

You won't return back to this

game until the next Tribal


At which point, you will sit in

and listen.

>> Oh.

>> PROBST: After that tribe has

voted somebody out, you will

replace that person as the new

member of their tribe and be

back in this game.

>> Wow.

>> PROBST: In addition, there's

still a hidden immunity idol

that may or may not be out


Theoretically, Misty could

already have it.

>> I'm ready for this.

>> PROBST: Go.

The boat's out there.

You'll have flint waiting

for you, so you can make a fire.

>> Go, Bruce!

>> PROBST: Okay, two tribes-- La

Mina in orange; Casaya, wearing


Shall we get to today's reward


(all agreeing)

>> PROBST: For today's

challenge, you are going to race

through an obstacle course,

collecting six wooden snakes

along the way.

One member of your tribe is

responsible for carrying all

six snakes throughout the

entire course.

On my "go," you'll make your

way to the first station, where

you will collect your first two


Once you have those, you'll

crawl under a fence, over a

12-foot A-frame wall.

You'll make your way under the

bamboo crawl, grab two more


You now have one person

carrying four snakes.

You then go across a ladder


If you fall off the bridge, you

got to go back to the start

and go again.

For the last phase, you go

through the water and into a pit

of leaves, where you must find

the last two snakes.

First tribe to cross the finish

line with all six snakes wins


You want to know what you're

playing for?

>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: Fishing gear.

>> Beautiful!

>> PROBST: In addition, waiting

for you at camp, one raft, four

paddles to go with it.

Should help you trying to

get some food.

Worth playing for?

>> Yeah.

>> Definitely.

>> PROBST: All right, let's take

our spots.

We'll get started.

La Mina, who is going to be

your snake wrangler?


For Casaya, Courtney.

Here we go, for reward.

Survivors ready?


Both tribes pushing people up


You've got to get the untied,

and one person is carrying them.

Danielle and Courtney have the

first snake untied for Casaya.

La Mina has their first snake.

Sally has the second snake for

La Mina.

Both tribes have both snakes.

Got to get everybody on the mat.

La Mina, go!

Casaya, go!

Both tribes are dead even.

When you have all seven over to

the other side, you can go.

>> Go, go, go!

>> Go!

>> PROBST: Carry those snakes.

That a way.

Casaya, go!

Two more snakes to collect on

your way through.

Both tribes pretty even.

Both snakes are free for La


Both snakes are free for Casaya.

La Mina, go!

Casaya, go!

>> Take your time.

>> PROBST: Shane falls off,

heads back to the start.

This is going to be a challenge

for the snake wranglers.

It's a lot to handle.

Nick's across.

Move on!

Courtney's across.


Last stage.

We are neck and neck again.

Two snakes left buried in the


>> Got one!

>> PROBST: Terry's got his hands

on one.

>> Got one, got one, got one.

>> PROBST: Aras has a snake

for Casaya.

>> I got it, I got it!

>> PROBST: Dan's released the

sixth one for La Mina.

They've got 'em all.

You got to get all six across

the finish.

La Mina wins reward!

>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: Casaya, you guys

worked well together.

I don't even think you were


You just loss.

I got nothing for you.

You're heading back to the

Casaya beach, previously the

older women's camp.

Head on out.

La Mina, nice effort, won

yourself a nice reward.

Come get it, head on out,

heading to the older men's camp.

>> It looks like a nice camp.

>> Yeah, this camp is so much

nicer than ours.

We didn't stop working.

I'm in a much better mood than

I was this morning.

I've always related better with

younger people.

I'm 34, but I'm definitely

young for my age in the way

that I think about life.

When I was at the older tribe,

I was thinking about every

single minute about when I was

gonna be leaving.

Here I haven't thought about,

you know what I mean, I

haven't thought about leaving


>> Do you all want to see your

new home?

>> We have not been wet at all.

>> I'm so impressed.


This is how we made ours.

>> Wow!

>> You see this, Bob?

>> We can add a little bit more

on this side to make it wider,


>> How are the bugs?

>> Not bad.

>> You guys, this is definitely

the best spot for that.

>> You guys are awesome, man!

>> It's so great.

We're going to have fun.

>> This is so much better.

I'm so excited.

>> Oh, my God.

We have been invaded.

>> Fire!

Way to go, way to go, way to go.

I like our name.

I like our color.

I like our people.

First and foremost...

>> I mean, some of the people,

like Danielle, she's okay, and

Courtney, like, I mean, you

know, like, she, like...

>> I'm, like...

I'm, like, gangster Hollywood,


I'm like near like Playboy,

liquor and stuff.

I'm, like, where the Hill

starts to rise, you know?

I can walk to Avalon.

>> It's like that game where

you have to figure out what

doesn't belong in a group, and

Cirie and I are the ones that

stick out.

>> it's so fun having so many

more people.

>> It's fun for me having girls


I like having girls around.

>> If our tribe loses the

coming-up immunity challenge, I

think Cirie and I are screwed.

Yep, we're screwed.

>> I just have to get the

heat and now I'm happy.

>> What?

>> Yo, you, it's the three of


It's the three of us and Aras.

>> Totally.

>> The four of us.

>> Here's the deal.

Can we not make it dramatic

and like cheat on each other

five people in, just the four of

us go to the four, done?

No more discussion about it.

If I just can get through this

part, which is the surviving,

and do well in the challenges,

we're going to be fine.

I got on the beach, and I was

right there.

I was like here it is, you,

you, you, you, let's lock

in right now.

You've just been welcomed into

the group.

I swear to you on my son's


It's us four.

>> Yeah, totally, 100%.

>> For Shane, the first five

minutes we were there, he was

just like, "us four."

me, Shane, Aras and Courtney.

The people that don't talk and

communicate and see what's

going on and see how people

are feeling and look people in

the eye, they're the ones who

get voted off.

>> No way!

>> Oh, my God!

>> This is so awesome.

>> This is really nice.

>> Let's make sure we get some

poles, though.

I am thrilled with this outcome.

It was a close call for me.

I was the 15th guy picked, but

Ruth Marie did pick me, and this

was the team I definitely

wanted to be on.

>> Oh, fire!

It feels so good.

Thank you so much for letting

us come here.

>> Terry and I have a fantastic

relationship and a strategy

that's going to take us all the


So it's great.

>> Dan and I were talking that

we'd like to make a bond with

you guys, look each other in the

eye, shake hands, and say, you

know, we're going to do our

best to get everyone to the

merge, but if we have to start

dropping people it's not going

to be one of us four guys.

>> It's in our best interest,


>> You have my word, you know,

you have my word, definitely.

>> What do you think?

>> It makes a lot of sense.

Terry just laid it out there.

He said him and Dan are together

and they want Austin and I with


I think that him and Dan are

both strong players, both in the

challenges and around camp.

>> It's done.

>> Okay, thanks a lot, man.

>> Trust you, and I need you.

>> I trust you and I need you.

If we're gonna do this, I need


>> We're gonna do this, all


>> It makes sense for the short

term in the tribe.

The four of us really have

nothing to worry about with the

majority over the three women.

But, I don't know, you never

know what's going to happen.

>> So let's talk strategy for a


I talked to Misty a little bit,

and we were thinking if the

four of us stuck together,

meaning you and Nick, we would

have the numbers, and then it

feels kind of even because it's

you know, two girls, two guys,

and we can figure it out from

there, you know?

We would definitely want to vote

with you guys if you wanted to.

>> Okay.

>> So talk to Nick when you can.

>> All right, I will.


It is definitely Austin and

Nick in the middle right now.

We are right in the middle of a


It lets me know that this game

is serious.

This isn't just all fun and


Somebody is going to have to

get hurt out here.

>> "Clue one, day one.

You also have a lot of time

to think about why fate chose

you to be the first one out


"Clue two, it is above the tide


I read the clue.

The clue just showed me a

little section where the idol

is not.

Also it said it's above the

tide mark.

So I figured right against the

cliff someplace.

I'm going to be ripping this

island apart, and I'm going to

find that immunity idol.

That's where I'm going to put

most of my energy, after I get

the fire set up.

And it's a little bit miserable.

Inconvenience, that's all it is.


It's all worn out.


>> My practice will

really help me clear my mind,

focus, get my mind ready, like

for battle.

And then I get my mind ready

the same way to be on this


>> This place is, like,

horrible, evil...

It's like not good to be here.

I would not wish this on my

worst enemy.


>> All right, I'm gonna go catch

us dinner.

>> Are you going to do the spear

and the goggles?

>> I never used one of those.

>> I haven't either.

We'll have to experiment with

that a little bit.

>> Yeah, let's play with it.

>> At the reward challenge, we

won fishing gear: spear gun,

hooks, tackle, a couple of drop

lines, fins and a mask and the


So it's pretty exciting.

It will be nice to get out

there and bring in some fish

for everybody.

Just point at the fish,

hopefully, and there you go.

>> That's kind of fun.

>> Just remember to hold on to


>> I saw some fish just right

over there.

Look at them!

>> That's amazing.

Should we toss in a line?

>> Let's just see what it's

like down here.

>> Yeah, might as well.

We've paddled enough.

I was sitting on the edge of

the raft, and I decided I'm

going to try the spear, and I'm

like, oh, this will be a

practice shot.

So you...


>> Uh-oh.

>> The first time I attempted to

use that stupid spear, it flew

off my arm, and I dove down,

and it was so deep.

>> Any sign of it?

>> I should have stuck to what

I knew.

>> That's all right.

Is it down 30, 40 feet,


>> I can't see anything.

>> Don't, like, stress out.

Don't, like, hurt yourself.

>> Nick was cool about it.

He was like just don't worry

about it, but I was really

nervous to come back and tell

the rest of the tribe.

I have some bad news.

>> What?

>> I lost that spear.

It was so... it was stupid.

>> Did it fall over or

something or fell through?

>> I'm so sorry.

>> Did you try to go back with

the mask?

>> It was so deep, I couldn't

get down there.

>> We were out about 100 yards,

probably 30, 40 feet of water.

>> I was very frustrated about

the spear.

I have no doubt in my mind we

would be eating tons of fish if

we had that spear.

>> I lost our spear.

I feel terrible.

>> Don't worry. We'll make...

We can make one.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

Okay, how is everybody doing?

Misty, how're you hanging in


>> Pretty good.

The good part about our team is

we're all very upbeat.

And that's kind of our rule:

Don't get down and out; just be

thankful and stay positive.

>> PROBST: Casaya, how are

things going for you?

>> I don't know how people

want to feel about stuff, but

I'm not gonna lie.

We are in a dire situation.

And you know, the whole like

"Ooh, let's act like we're

doing all right, so the other

tribe thinks we're..."

You know what I mean?

Screw that, we are not in a

good way.

Physically, we're wrecked.

>> PROBST: Okay, let's get to

today's challenge.

Here's how it works: today's

immunity challenge will test

your ability to work together

while transporting a giant

zombie head from the ocean to

the beach.

Each tribe has a boat.

That boat is anchored to the

bottom of the ocean floor with a

large wooden box.

In addition, each boat has six

holes, filled with rubber plugs.

On my "Go," five tribe members

pull out the plugs and begin

bailing the water that is now

coming in the boat.

The other two tribe members

jump into the water, start

moving the boat forward by

pulling the anchor, which is

very heavy.

Once you get to shore, clip

your boat into the hitching


You must now transport the

anchor up the beach to your

finish mat.

The first tribe to get their

zombie head on the zombie body

wins immunity, safe from Tribal


Losers, somebody going home

tonight; big enough stakes?

>> Yes.

>> PROBST: Swim out, we'll get


For immunity...

Survivors ready?


Aras in the water for Casaya.

Bobby's right behind.

Going to have to work together

to keep that water out of the


Terry and Nick in the water for

La Mina.

Casaya's going backwards.

Nick and Austin going to switch

it up for La Mina.

>> PROBST: Bobby and Shane

swapping out for Casaya.

Shane made zero progress in the


La Mina still in the lead but

only because Casaya is

absolutely inept.

Casaya switching out members


>> You take the back.

I'll take the front.

>> PROBST: Casaya making up some


>> Go, let's go!

>> PROBST: Casaya getting


La Mina, got to pick it up!

Terry pulling that anchor in.

La Mina's first back to the


Casaya not giving up.

Get that anchor to the shore.

Get that boat clipped in.

>> Pull!

>> PROBST: The boat is stuck.

La Mina trying to muscle it in.

Still a few inches short.

Casaya starting to close the


Misty's got it clipped!

The boat is done.

Get the anchor to the finish


>> Pull.

>> Come on, come on!

>> Come on, hurry!

(indistinct shouts)

>> PROBST: Casaya still has a


La Mina very close.

(indistinct shouts)

You're good.

Get the head on the body for


>> Get closer.

>> You got it.

>> PROBST: La Mina wins




La Mina, immunity.

>> Whoo-whoo!

>> PROBST: No Tribal Council.


Casaya, Tribal Council tonight.

It's going to cost you a member.

You have the afternoon to

figure out who that's going to


See you at Tribal tonight.

>> Whenever there's a

competition of any sort, I don't

like to lose, you know, I just,

uh, I hate to lose anything.

I'm beat. I'm wiped-out.

I want a cigarette.

I want a coffee.

I want to have a big sandwich.

I want to call my kid.

I want to tell him I love him

and this is just the stupidest

thing I ever did in my whole


I am not well without him.

I'm not well without him.

>> Shane, what are you doing?

>> It's not what I'm doing or

what I'm not doing.

I'm telling you, I can't finish.

I'm gonna quit. I have to quit.

>> Come on.

>> It only gets better from

here, we're gonna win food...

>> Really, just give it a

chance, please.

Don't fall down on this moment.

>> What's up?

>> He's just not feeling so

good right now.

>> Emotionally? Physically?

>> I just, you know, I don't

want to be here anymore.

Like, I really just want you

guys to vote me off.

>> That's nuts.

>> We need you, man.

I mean, you're dropping on us,

too, you know that, right?

>> I'm not dropping on you guys.

>> Yeah, you are.

Shane is letting us down


He's leaving us high and dry,

and I just feel like he snapped

today and threw in the towel.

I mean, it's just like, come

on, man, pick it up!

>> Where is he?

>> Just when we thought it was

over, Shane wants to quit.


You have people begging to stay


If somebody wants to quit, let

him quit.

>> So you, basically this is

what'll happen.

You're gonna, you know, we're

gonna be here.

We're going to have water.

And we're going to have food

tomorrow, you'll be set.

And we'll be eating not like a


>> I don't want to be here.

>> Are you sure?

>> I'm positive. I'm positive.

I'm sorry.

>> Shane, come back here.

You-You know that thought was

in your head.

>> I just don't want to, like,

if I get hydrated, and I get


>> Just try it. Okay?

>> Okay. All right.

>> Just 'cause it's not like I

can do anything.

>> I know, but...

>> We can just bring it up

right now.

Hey, guys, I hate to be the one

to bring this up...

>> Oh, no.

>> But Shane wants to stay.

He doesn't want to go home.

>> I'm really sorry about my,

like, insanity flip-flop today.

It's like there's no reason why

I shouldn't try and stay.

I haven't had water in two days.

It's like, if I drink, I might

feel better in my brain and in

my head, and I might want to

stay, you know what I mean?

So like...

>> And so now we have to talk

about who we're going to vote


So, I'm... I just want to do

this with honesty and like

openness, and-and where I stand

here is, like, I want our tribe

to be as physically strong as


So, I think, like, for me, I

per... and this is nothing

against you two, either one, but

I'm going to throw my vote

either with you or you.

And I haven't decided yet.

Cirie, you're looking at me

like you hate me, and I...

>> No, I just don't...

What do you want me...

I don't know what to say about


>> Well, since you just dropped

this bomb on here, seriously...

>> I just wanted... I just

wanted to put it out there.

>> Jason just dropped a huge

bomb, like, boom!

>> I don't want anyone to show

up at Tribal Council and have

their back stabbed.

>> Aras literally came over to

the shelter, not having spoken

to anyone about what he was

about to do, and he said, "Cirie

or Melinda are going to go home


It was so stupid.

And it was his decision.

He just came over and was like,


>> There's been an arrangement

obviously made.

What he said sounded insincere.

I don't know what to tell you.

Like, I don't care which one of

you goes.

You know what I mean?

I just don't...

Like, whoever doesn't go now

is going next.

>> And then Shane piped in, you

know, that yeah, it's the four

of us, like literally just said

right out loud that we have an


You don't let...

You don't tell everyone what's

going on.

If this total instability

continues, it's going to be

very hard to know that he will

be there for us.

>> We're screwed.

I think it's me.

I think it's me, and whatever.

There's nothing I can do right


I'm going to stop... (mumbles.)

>> I don't know who's going to

go first.

Cirie seems to think she'll go

first, but I-I'm not so sure

that it won't be me.

>> I... I feel so awful.

I don't like this.

>> (crying): Yeah, there's a lot

about it that's not fair.

There really is.

I was the last one picked of

our group, so that's one reason

that I think it might be me.

And I'm not all, "Ooh,

meditative, cool, yeah."

That's just not me.

>> I mean, it's one or the

other at this point.

Cirie and Melinda are going to

go one-two, whatever, you know.

They're the first two to go.

The thing I don't feel safe

about is my brain giving up.

Like, I have this part of me

that wants to go into Tribal

Council tonight and just say,

"Listen, cut me out, because

I don't, I don't want to be here


>> PROBST: For those of you who

don't have torches, there's one

behind you.

Go ahead and grab it and

approach the flame, dip it in

and get fire.

This is part of the ritual at

Tribal Council, because in this

game, fire represents your life.

As long as you have fire,

you're in the game.

When the fire is gone, so are


We'll now bring in Bruce from

Exile Island.

During Tribal Council, Bruce is

just listening in, trying to

get a gauge of the tribe


Once the vote's over, he will

join this tribe, go back to

camp with you guys.

Shane, you made no bones about

it at the challenge today.

You said, "Jeff, I'm not going

to pretend for the other tribe

that everything's fine.

It's miserable."

>> Yeah, it's the worst thing

that has ever happened to me in

my entire life.

Like I wanted to quit.

I wanted them all to write my

name down and I wanted to leave

here because I couldn't get out

of the mania of dehydration,

not being able to eat, and on

top of that, I smoke three

packs of cigarettes a day, and

quit the day I got here, so

I'm in the midst of this insane

withdrawal from that, and I was


I wanted out of here.

>> PROBST: So is this like a

detox for you?

>> It's like, it's some kind of

psychotic, bad-idea detox.


>> PROBST: Cirie, let's talk

about what's going on at camp


>> I think for the most part,

everybody was okay with

everyone else, up until today.

>> PROBST: What happened today?

>> Well, no matter how happy

you try to be, it's hard to

stay like that when you're

told, "It's us four," and

that's basically what it was.

And either one of y'all are

going to go home today.

It's hurtful.

I mean, I'm human.

>> Especially when I think in

the challenges that we have

competed together in the team.

I don't think that there's

anything that Cirie or I did or

didn't do that they have

point... that they could point

out to and say, "You should

have done that better."

>> PROBST: So if it's you

tonight, just the way it goes?

>> No.

I mean, I'm disappointed.

I'm pissed.

I'm... hurt.

It bothers me when somebody

even remotely had the thought

to quit, and you have me here

who is trying my best to stay.

>> PROBST: Cirie, if it's you

tonight, six days is not bad.

>> Six days isn't bad, but the

disappointment that my family

would have is bad.

>> PROBST: Why would they be

disappointed in you?

You're giving it your all.

>> My family might not be

disappointed, but I will be

disappointed for them,

because part of the reason I

come... came here was to help

them, so...

They probably wouldn't be, um,

disappointed... but I would.

>> PROBST: To me, this tribe

seems a little all over the map.

I'm curious to see how it plays


It is time to vote.

Cirie, you're up.

>> (whispering): Shane, you made

me promise that I would vote for

you, and I don't go back on a


>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave Tribal Council

area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote...



Two votes Shane.


One vote Melinda.


That's two votes Shane, two

votes Melinda.

Three votes Melinda, two votes


Second person voted out of

Survivor Exile Island: Melinda.

That's four, that's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Melinda, the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

>> Take care.

>> PROBST: Bruce, drop your


Join your new tribe, Casaya.

>> How are you doing?

Yeah, brother.

Hey, brother.

>> PROBST: Here's your buff.

Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.

Good night.

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Media Access Group at WGBH

>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on


>> I came out here to play the


>> PROBST: The La Mina women

have a plan.

>> is it working?

>> I think it is.

>> PROBST: things get dirty at

the challenge...

(grunting and groaning)

...and sparks fly at Casaya.

>> You're out of your mind,


You are crazy!

>> I want one!

This one!

I just want mine!

>> I just found myself on the

tribe that's like, "Hey, man,

yo, dude, what's up?"

And that's just not me.

It won't ever be me, nor do I

think I want it to be me, so I

just wish Cirie luck because I

know she didn't want to go back

there without me.

It's just going to be hell.

But I'm going to have a shower,

and I'm going to drink water,

and I'm going to eat food!