Survivor (2000–…): Season 12, Episode 16 - Survivor: Panama - Exile Island - The Reunion - full transcript

It's the Moment of Truth: Jeff Probst walks into the Reunion Show, taped live before a studio audience, and announces who wins the $1 million and the title of Sole Survivor.

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>> Gotcha. That's first time.

>> You have no respect for

anybody else out here.

>> That's a real mature


>> PROBST: Go! Whoa! Easy, guys!

Two battering rams!

There's an obvious competition

between you two.

>> He's a bad dude and I want to

go out there and beat him.

>> That rubs me the wrong way

when you say that.

>> Yes!

>> He's feeding my fire.

The more he does it, the more I

want to beat him.

>> PROBST: Aras sliding down!

Terry and Aras neck-and-neck.

>> I apologize for going

personal like that on you.

Straight up.

>> I accept that.

>> Aras wins immunity!

>> Terry and I, through our

conflict, we've helped each

other grow.

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>> PROBST: Welcome back to the

Survivor: Exile Island Reunion


We are live at the Ed Sullivan

Theater here in New York City.

We have all 16 Survivors.

We're gonna talk about the

season starting with our winner,

Aras. Congratulations.

>> Thank you.

(cheers and applause)

>> PROBST: You're a


Let me tell you.

You are gonna get a check

tomorrow morning for a million

dollars, and I have one piece of


>> Taxes.

>> PROBST: Pay your taxes.


Let's talk about...

I think the biggest thing in

terms of the last few weeks is

the rivalry... rivalry between

you and Terry.

Probably the most significant

personal rivalry we've ever had

on this show.

How big a part did that play in

you doing so well, in keeping

your performance so high?

>> It was huge.

Terry is an awesome competitor.

He beat me in almost everything

I did.

And it was just great to have

somebody like that to go up


If you just look at it from a

strategic point of view, if

Terry doesn't win immunity and

someone else does, I go home,


>> PROBST: Let's explain that

because, you know, there's this

hidden immunity idol this

season, which really never

played in the show in terms

of you actually playing

it, but I think what you're

talking about is the fact that

you continued to have that

insured your safety.

>> Right, 'cause if somebody

else wins immunity, then he's

gonna use his hidden immunity

idol, and his vote is always

Aras, so it's Aras going home.

>> PROBST: So Terry really...

You had a big impact in Aras

becoming a millionaire in a lot

of different ways.


I want to know about your take

on Aras, because there was a lot

of sort of father-son, would

maybe be a way to say it in

terms of how you dealt with


Did you respect that rivalry as

it was going?

>> I respected it totally, and

for him to do what he did near

the end and apologize for

something, and what I needed to

do was listen to what he had to

say, and I had to be grown-up

enough to listen, and he was

totally man enough to do what he

did, and two mature guys getting

it on, strapping it on and

making it happen, it was great.

>> PROBST: Terry, you deserve a

real big congratulations


Yeah, absolutely.

(cheers, applause)

Because this is really...

You got your own fan club here.

This is really in a lot of ways,

numbers are very important in

this game.

You didn't have the number.

Week after week after week after

week you had your back up

against the wall.

Casaya was very strong as a

tribe, and you continued to

dominate, and it was impressive

to watch, and I wondered how

much of that... was there some

frustration on your part?

Because you made a couple of

comments about moms not being as

important-- it is Mother's Day.

You know, you made a comment to

Cirie about "What on Earth are

you doing?" and I wondered is

that just you or were you


>> You know what?

Cirie had it right when she said

she was mad that, that Shane got

voted off.

That was kind of my last ally,

my last grasp.

These guys stayed so strong

throughout the whole show.

I could not crack 'em.

And when it was about to happen,

they noticed it and got, you

know, got rid of who might flop.

But a credit to these guys for

being so strong throughout the

whole game, and yes, it

frustrated me.

It was totally difficult to go

into each challenge as a game


>> PROBST: Yeah, and Aras, you

started this show, I think it

was day one or two where you

had everybody, "Let's all put

our hands together.

Don't stop till you feel the


You feel the heat?"

And I think Austin was like-- or

Nick-- one of you guys was

saying, "I'm not feeling

anything about this guy."

But I bring that up because

you really did come into this

game, you know, and Shane gave

you a hard time about the yoga

and all that, it's easy to say

that in the heat of the moment.

>> Right.

>> PROBST: What did you take

away from this experience?

Because you came out here

wanting to learn something about


>> Yeah, I'm still learning

things about this experience,

but I'd say for sure when I got

home, it felt like a rite of


Going up against Terry, he's the

ultimate guy, you know, to go up

against him.

To go up against and hold my own

really made me feel like I had

kinda come into my own, so that

was big for me.

>> PROBST: Danielle, sitting in

the middle of these two guys,

played a very quiet game, a very

subtle game.

You would disappear and then

reappear, you had a couple, you

had some problems in some of the

late challenges figuring them


I remember watching you getting

frustrated trying to find the

sandbag and all that, then out

of nowhere, when you needed to,

you come up and win the big


I know what you said on the show

in terms of why you chose Aras.

I don't buy it.

I don't believe you just...

You got a million dollars on the


You were ready to turn on him

with Terry ten minutes earlier.

What was the real criteria for

making that choice of Aras?

Why did you think you could beat

him and not Terry?

>> I just figured because, uh, I

feel that everybody bonded so

much with, everyone took a

liking to Terry towards the end,

and it was a 50-50.

It was risky...

I mean, these are the two most

competitive and smartest...

I think they played the game the

best out of everybody, and I

just figured, um... that either

way, I was taking a shot.

Um, there wasn't one person

that I wanted to...

>> PROBST: Do you think you

could have beaten Terry now,

watching the show play out?

>> I still think it would have

been tough. I do.

>> PROBST: Let's see.

Let's find out.

>> I still do. It was tough.

>> PROBST: Let's swap.

Here's what we're gonna do.

I want to find this out.

Terry's now in the final two,

Aras, you're now on the jury,

and everybody else who was on

the jury, show of hands for who

would have voted for Danielle.

It takes four.


>> It's, it's...

>> PROBST: Okay, you only get

one, Bruce.

So, two votes. It wouldn't h...

Terry would have won.

You were that close to a million

dollars, Terry.

>> Thanks, Jeff.


>> PROBST: Well, from where you

sit, Danielle, this is what I

want to know.

You guys had such a tight bond.

It was Casaya all the way, and

yet you wouldn't have won even

against Terry.

Do you think that's because it

was a vote out of respect for

Terry or did you lose favor with


>> I think I lost some favor

with people.

I think people-- like I said--

towards the end, me, tried not

to vote anybody out.

Aras and I voted the same people

out, so there was some animosity

towards the both of us, so I

figured I had a better shot with

Aras because Terry didn't have

to vote anybody out.

So I took a shot.

>> PROBST: All right, before we

take a break, I have one

lighthearted question.

Young kid I met today-- Casey--

nice guy, wants to know, Aras,

how did you keep, who helped you

keep that hair like that for 39


>> Let's hear it.

>> PROBST: Was it Sally?

>> Cirie, actually.

Before every...

>> PROBST: I don't want a big


I just want to know if you...

>> All the girls would help me

before each challenge.

They'd put it up real nice and


>> PROBST: All right, up next,

we are gonna talk to Cirie about

her amazing journey.

This is a woman who was afraid

of leaves, ended up catching the

biggest fish and nearly won the


And still to come, one of the

most colorful Survivors ever, we

will hear from Shane.

Plus, you've been voting online

for who you think is most

deserving of winning a 2007

all-new GMC Yukon.

Survivor: Exile Island

Live Reunion Show will be right


>> No more torrential downpours,

Sir God!

No more of those!

(lightning crashes)

>> I hate leaves.

>> I don't think Cirie's had a

lot of outdoor experience.

>> This is cool for us to eat

this like this, right?

For the people at home that are

like me-- on the couch-- stay on

the couch.

>> PROBST: Touch the mat!

In the bag!

>> Look, I got a fish!

>> Cirie Fields...

>> Whoo-hoo!

>> ...caught the biggest fish

out here.

>> I kinda underestimated myself

for 35 years.

And now it's like if I really

wanted to do something, there's

nothing that I couldn't do now.


>> PROBST: Welcome back to the

Survivor: Exile Island Reunion


Cirie, when we first met you in

casting, you were a giddy bunch

of nerves, just back and...

"Oh, I can. Oh, I...!"

And there were all kinds of

reasons to not put you on the


And there was one reason that we

put you on and it was your


There was something so

compelling about you, that we

thought this is a woman who has

never been off the couch, she

wants to be on this show.

One of the best moves we've

made in putting you on.

It was a delight to watch you.


So what... Cirie...

You got fans everywhere now.

What was it that made you get up

off the couch?

>> Oh, Jeff, um...


I don't know.

I just decided to take a chance.

>> PROBST: Tell me about the

first day on the beach.

You've taken the chance, and

"Oh, my God, here I am."

>> Oh, Lord, the first day, I

hated all my friends and family.

Sorry, guys, but I just couldn't

believe none of 'em said, "Don't

do it.

Are you crazy? You're gonna

die. "

And I'm, like, it was just


It was horrible.

You know, I just said to myself,

"Don't embarrass the family.

Don't be the first one.

After the first one goes, you

can go."

>> PROBST: Well, that's why you

worked so hard to get Tina off;

just to save your own family


>> Yes.

>> PROBST: Well, you talked a

lot about, you know, how much

you've learned from this and how

much time you feel like you've


So how has it changed now that

you're back home?

How has it changed your life


>> Unbelievable. I'm off the

couch, everybody.


I just feel with the show, um,

America has seen the best and

the worst of me, and the fear of

disappointing people and the

fear of failure is gone now.

>> PROBST: That's powerful.

>> I mean, after this, I mean,

I can do anything.


>> PROBST: Where's your...?

Let's go to your man, your


HB, stand up.

>> HB!

>> PROBST: HB, you've gotta

be... Welcome to the show.

>> Thank you. Thank you.

>> PROBST: You've got to be very

proud of what Cirie did out


>> Yes, I am.

>> PROBST: And you got to

witness it firsthand.

>> Yes, I did. I did.

And, um, everybody's seen the

way they put my butt to work,


You know, I have no problems

with it-- I had to do what I

had to do, so...

>> PROBST: What most impressed

you about Cirie when you were

out there and saw how tough it

really is?

>> Um, just the fact that she

was taking command, telling

me what to do.

You know, "Honey, get the fire."

Honey, go up there

and get water," you know,

"Honey, we need to do this,

we... scale this fish."

>> PROBST: And that impressed

you because you're seeing a side

of Cirie you hadn't seen?

>> I'd never seen before.

You know, being out here in

these elements that she does not

like, she don't like to be too

cold or too hot, so for her to

actually be out here...

Sorry, honey. Sorry.

But for her to actually be out

here to do this is awesome.

It's mind-blowing, you know?

And, um, it's a test, you know,

to, to... (sighs)

I can't even speak, Jeff, I'm

just so emotional.

I'm so proud of her and...

>> PROBST: Aw!

Well, thanks, HB.

I love you, honey... so much.

>> PROBST: All right, HB.

All right, all right.

You guys are a good couple.

Shane, you...

(audience whooping)

>> PROBST: Oh, I'm not even

getting to you, yourself.

I want to know-- because you

said something to me when we

were talking about when you

watched the show, you were blown

away by Cirie.

>> Oh, yeah. I mean...

You know, she played, by far,

the best social game out there,

a hundred percent.

She, uh, she was dead in the

water, and she was going home

next, or so I thought many times

to my "delusionment," but...

>> PROBST: You made a

comment to me about how she is,

sort of typifies the underdog...

>> I think the thing that we

can all take from watching and

playing with her is that, um, in

the game, uh, is that she, she

is the Everywoman.

I mean, she is, if you are

like thinking about trying out

for the show and you don't

think this and don't think

that and don't think this...

I mean, Cirie's an inspiration

to everyone in this country who

thinks they can't, and that is

what I'm going to take from my

relationship with Cirie and my

experience with her, because she

absolutely wasn't going further

than day six, and she put her

head down, she worked hard, and

she just got along, and then you

watch her go, "Wow, I could

win," and she orchestrated her

own madness.

And it's really, really

been beautiful to watch.

>> PROBST: Somebody else who had

quite an experience this season

was our favorite Bruce, who was

probably in the most physical

pain maybe next to Michael in

our second season, who got

burned in the fire.

Let me-- in case everybody's not

clear on what happened, when you

left, everything was blocked.

Your bowels were blocked, your

bladder was blocked, nothing

was moving and it was a lot

worse than I think anybody knew.

How long were you actually in

pain before you said, "I gotta

see a doctor"?

>> Um, about 12 days it started,

12 days before.

And every day it got worse, and

I didn't want to complain to my


They kind of knew I was

uncomfortable, but that's why I

sat out of the immunity

challenges, and I always asked,

"Do you need anything done?"

And I'd need to lay down.

>> PROBST: And you're okay,

you're completely fine now?

>> I'm great. I feel...

(cheers and applause)

I had no idea.

>> PROBST: You also took a

machete to the mouth and chipped

a tooth.

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: You got a new tooth?

>> Yeah, I have a new tooth, and

I had a split, and I just didn't

want to be taken off the show,

and I didn't want my wife to be

mad at me that I got hurt again.

>> PROBST: Well, how this works

is if you call for a doctor, if

you're a Survivor and you ask

for the doctor, we will send one


We want to know why you want one

and we're gonna check it out,

and if a doctor does come out

and says, "You've gotta go,"

you gotta go.

So that's the risk you take.

At a certain point, it's out of

your hands.

You didn't have a choice.

Once they came out and he looked

at you, he didn't know what it


Last question I have for you,

by the way, when you came on

this show, you lost your job,

right, as a teacher?

>> No, I, uh, I was threatened

that I was going to be

terminated if I didn't show up

the next day, and, um, I just

went anyway, and the whole time

on the show, I didn't know if I

had a job or not, and...

I was suspended...

>> PROBST: Always a good thing

for teachers to show their kids.

You were suspended?

>> I was suspended with no pay.

>> PROBST: Are you back at work?

>> I'm back, and I love

teaching-- 34 years, and I love


>> PROBST: All right.

We have one other thing we're

gonna do, uh, you know...

Terry was another person who I

think was very surprised in

watching Cirie, and you

actually, you guys put

something together...

Just show us what you have

there for Cirie.

>> We did... First thing,

there's a couch for sale 'cause

Cirie's never getting back on


Second of all, we joked around

a lot after Cirie caught that

fish, and we said, "Cirie,

you've won the Survivor: Exile

Island First Place Fishing


Cirie Fields.

>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: All right.

Up next, after smoking three

packs a day, that's 60

cigarettes a day for 20 years,

he waited until day one of

Survivor to quit.

Never had anybody quite like


Shane is next.

>> PROBST: Welcome back to the

Survivor: Exile Island Reunion


In the last break, we saw a

sneak peek of the new Adam

Sandler movie Click, which is

about a guy who can rewind his

life with a remote control.

There's certainly times in my

life I'd like to be able to

rewind my life, but I have to

say if there is one person from

this season of Survivor that I'm

glad could not rewind a thing,

it's this guy-- Shane.

Take a look.

>> I don't like flea!

I want this one!

I just want mine!

I'm not in a good spot, man.

I got to get through this detox,

for sure, of the cigarette


>> Shane found a piece of wood

and is actually...

>> Send.

>> ...calling it his BlackBerry.

>> PROBST: Stop eating.

>> Don't laugh.

>> What?

(Cirie laughs)

>> I'm communicating with

people... not on this island.

(cheers and applause)

>> PROBST: All right, let's

start, let's start at the


Were you really losing your

mind, or was this a put-on?

>> No... (scoffs)

I had smoked three packs a day

my whole life.

I had never tried to quit.

I had no water from like day

two to five-- the doctors say

that's what you need to come of

nicotine the most.

I was losing my mind.

>> PROBST: And I don't think

you mind if I share that you've

been through A.A., you've tried

to quit other things before.

How did quitting smoking out

there-- which is what you were

trying to do-- compare to

anything else?

>> There's nothing harder.

In the history of my life, there

was nothing as hard as that

first, like, ten days.



>> PROBST: What about the

BlackBerry and the thinking

chair, you know all those

things-- was it rubber room

time, or was that you having a

little bit of fun and maybe

playing the social game?

>> It definitely wasn't me

playing a social game, 'cause

what would happen is that I

would have the outburst and then

I would, like, sulk off to the

woods and go, "I'm burying

myself as we speak."

This is not the game to play, to

be crazy.

>> PROBST: Was there a

point where it became...?

There was a point, where you

started saying, "I'm so

unlikable, everybody's gonna

take me."

Did that actually click with

you at a certain point, where

you said, "You know what?

I'm gonna become the guy

everybody wants to take to the

final two."

>> No, I think that right after

the merge-- and I do have to

apologize to Danielle's

boyfriend and her father--

'cause that day 12, I was so

malicious in the, in the...

After that I was like, "Okay, my

only route now is to be like

fair play," you know what I

mean, and just totally freak

everybody out, hate everybody

and just try and roll to the


But what happened is, I

really think people got used to

my outbursts and they would be

like, "That's just... He's just

having his minute."

And I don't know, but I felt

like I was somewhat likeable.

I mean... to the tribe.

>> PROBST: In terms of the show,

I remember, we talked at the

beginning, and I would go over,

the producers all go over and

say, "Look, this is gonna be the

hardest thing you ever do," and

Shane was, "You don't know me."

Now that it's all said and


(Shane sighs)

>> Can you just... You can stop

right there.

It's... It was the hardest thing

I'd ever done, ever.

I mean, the one thing you don't

realize when you're watching it

on television... 'cause when I

would watch seasons, I would be

like, "Just do it. Just... Why

are you...?"

And you just have no idea how

badly the people were suffering

out here, like and what kind

of depletion they're going


You have no idea unless you've

done it.

>> PROBST: One other thing I

gotta ask you about is that

everybody knew that your

relationship with your son

Boston was special to you, and

he got to come out and

experience it, which was nice.

What was his take in watching

the show and all the stuff he

didn't know about Dad losing his


>> Look at him.

First of all, I just want to

say that there's no others like

single mothers, and if it wasn't

for Byrd, I couldn't have made

this journey, and Happy

Mother's Day.


>> PROBST: Byrd is Boston's mom.

Well, your connection was

special and you could tell that

out there.

>> Yeah, I mean, me and my son,

when we got home, I just said,

you know, I mean, I'm very vivid

and very outlandish at times,

and very cartoonish, and she

sort of anchors us, but I said,

"This is on a whole 'nother

level, like you have not..."

And we would sit and we would

laugh, and he'd kind of look at

me and go, "Did you just make a

death threat on national


And I would be like, "I

unfortunately just did that,


>> PROBST: All right, well, as

you say, it is Mother's Day,

and a bit of a transition here.

Because it is Mother's Day, and

this is a day when we celebrate

our moms, but for Tina, one of

this season's Survivors, this

Mother's Day is not a joyful

occasion, and I want to explain.

Tina was originally selected to

be on Survivor: Guatemala.

A few weeks before we were set

to leave, Tina suffered the

worst tragedy any parent could

ever go through.

Her only son, Charlie, was

killed in a car accident.

Obviously she couldn't be on

that season.

We stayed in touch with Tina,

and we said if for any reason

you think at some point this

experience would offer you

something-- therapeutic or

maybe a way to honor Charlie,

we want you to know you have an

open invitation.

And Tina said, "You know what,

I think is it would be good for

my soul.

I would like to give it a try."

You came out, and unfortunately

you were too strong, and they

voted you off soon.

But you touched everybody when

you shared the story of Charlie

and I want to ask you on

Mother's Day, how are you doing


>> I'm doing okay.

I'm... I'm doing okay.

I get up every day and hit the

world, just like any other

mother or father should do.

But, I was on a magic carpet

ride, and the rug was pulled

out from underneath me, and

it's not today, it's every day,

and it will be for the rest of

my life, and his father's and

our family and friends, and...

But I was ready to go!

I was ready to go! I...


>> Bad girl!

>> PROBST: Tina, what...

>> Bad girl, bad girl!

>> PROBST: What's been the

reaction from people?

Have you received mail, or do

people stop you and want to


>> I got a ton of e-mails and

my phone was ringing off the


Because I'm in show business-- I

have The Lumberjill Show and

The Lumberjack Show in Maine--

people were e-mailing left and

right, they still do.

Because people didn't know

and Charlie has been on the

show with me for, well, 15

years, and, you know, people

that hadn't been to the show

last year and seen us didn't

know until they saw me on


>> PROBST: You've gotta share

the story you shared with me.

Tina goes to her e-mail, second

week of the show, you're

watching at home with a friend.

And you get an e-mail and you

say, "Oh here's an e-mail.

This is typical of what I get."

And you start to read it, and

tell us what you read, Tina.

>> It was an e-mail from the

people that were in the car

accident with my son.

And, Christine, thank you.

I mean, I've become friends

with her, and it was quite

shocking to me to read that

e-mail, but, you know...

>> PROBST: So just so I'm clear,

you're reading along not

knowing who this is from...

>> "We watched you on Survivor,

we always watch Survivor, and

we didn't watch it that time and

someone came up to us on the

street and said, 'I think you

need to watch Survivor because

I think the mother of the

child is on there.'"

And it was, like, the

second worst moment of my life

to really realize that other

people were involved, and I

didn't know them yet.

And I wanted to reach out to

them for the longest time, but

then I got whisked off to

Panama and then I got home, and

then you get back to life.

>> PROBST: Tina, thank you for

sharing that with us.

And I'm sure you touched a lot

of people.

We're glad you're here.

We're going to take a break.

We'll be right back.

>> This is the most miserable

I've ever been in my life.

>> PROBST: Welcome back to the

Survivor: Exile Island Live

Reunion Show.

I want to try and talk to some

of the other guys.

Austin, I'll start with you.

How tough was Exile Island?

>> It was a breeze, man, as

you can tell, it was no problem

at all.

No, seriously, Danielle and I

honestly thought, that we had

been immersed in the second

coming of the Noah floods.

Like I was waiting for God's

audible voice to say, "Hey, man,

go grab snakes and iguanas two

by two because a flood's


It was awful, but, you know, it

was the best thing that I've

ever been through, too.

You know, Danielle and I sat

there and we cussed and prayed

and cussed and prayed.

And I went out into this game

saying I wanted to represent

somebody bigger than myself, but

I found out what it's like to

lean on somebody bigger than

myself, and when that sun came

up after 48 hours of going

through that maelstrom, I looked

at my life and I took a new

perspective on my faith and I

will always be thankful to the

game of Survivor for that.

It was awesome.

>> PROBST: Nice.

Dan, you've been into space, I

mean, you've been into space.

What did you... did you take

anything from this game?

Do you have a memory of this?

>> Oh, absolutely, I mean,

waking up every morning in this

unbelievable island, with the

sunrise coming up, and the

iguanas you could pet, the

amazing people that you were

with, away from everything, away

from e-mail, away from phones,

away from it all, it was a

spiritual awakening, and it was

just so beautiful.

And every morning I would get

up, I would say, "Another

beautiful day in paradise."

>> He would.

>> Ruth Marie sent me a t-shirt,

says, "Another beautiful day in


It became a mantra for the


>> PROBST: Well, it was a

pleasure to have you on the


>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: Courtney, at the

other end of the spectrum, at

times very tough for you.

Was there anything, now that

it's all said and done, anything

positive that came out of this

for you?

>> It was a beautiful

reflection really into life and

to how you relate with people.

And that, you know, everyone--

we have our dreams right in

front were us, and that the

result, it's insignificant.

It's really the road you take to

get there and the one you choose

to take on the way out, and

there are many more dreams in

the future, and I grew a lot as

a person.

>> PROBST: You know,

considering what you went

through out there, I think it

says a lot about you and

your growth, what you just said.

(cheers and applause)

>> PROBST: Sally, one of the

things that came out on this

show is that right before

coming on the show, you had

gone through a divorce, family

relations were very strained

with your parents because of


Did this show and you being on

TV every week, did that help at

all to bring you guys back


>> Um, I think it did, I think

what it did was it gave people

in my life who maybe were

concerned about who I was, who

I had become through some

choices that I had made for my

own life, to give them a glimpse

to be able to say this is who I

am, I'm still the same person.

I'm a lot happier.

And, you know, anyone who

looked at that and really

looked at it would see, so any

other issues out there, they're

not mine, I'm very...

It was a great reflection time

for me.

I'm very affirmed in the choices

that I've made, and where my

life is at. So...

>> PROBST: All right, good.

Nick, here's what I want to do,

because we're running a little

bit short on time.

Nick in the back row, except

for Tina who we've talked to, I

want to ask you one thing--

because you guys didn't get a

lot of time necessarily on the

show-- one thing most

misunderstood about you that we

didn't see, quick answer.

>> Honestly, not that much.

It was... Nick was hungry.

>> PROBST: All right, Nick

was hungry.

Bob Dog, what didn't we know

about you?

>> Cirie would disagree with

this, but I'm surprisingly


>> PROBST: Ruth Marie.

>> Jeff, I think my personality

was way cuter out there than it

showed on the TV.

No offense to the edit, but...

>> PROBST: Okay, no cute

personality shown.

Misty, you had bug bites galore.

What else didn't we know?

>> But I was still smiling,


>> PROBST: You're right.

>> Most importantly, and I'm

never gonna give up on anything.

That's me.

>> PROBST: Melinda...

>> Jeff.

>> PROBST: What didn't we get to

see that we would have if you

were out there longer?

>> That I could handle whatever

is thrown my way.

Whatever it is, and I know that


That's one thing that I, that I

didn't know before Survivor

that I know now.

I can handle it.

>> PROBST: Perfect. Good.

All good answers.

All right, well, during the

show, Terry won a 2007 all-new

GMC Yukon, and in doing so kept

the car curse alive.

12 seasons of Survivor, the

winner of the car has never won

the game.

Tonight we have another GMC to

give away, but this time, your

votes, you at home, have decided

who wins the Yukon.

You've been voting online.

(cheers and applause)

That's right... for your

favorite Survivor.

I want to ask the audience.

Who do you think was voted the

most deserving and the people

who liked them the most?

>> Cirie!

>> Cirie!

>> PROBST: Well...

the woman who told everybody to

get off the couch, is now owning

a 2007 all-new GMC Yukon.

While Cirie figures out what

color Yukon to order, we're

going to take a break.

When we come back, we'll show

you which part of the world

Survivor is heading to next.

Don't go away.

>> PROBST: Welcome back.

Tomorrow morning, all four of

our finalists will appear on

The Early Show on CBS.

That's when Aras will receive

his check for a million dollars.

And as this season of Survivor

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Take a look.

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It was the Cook Islands that

played host to Captain William

Bligh just days before the

infamous mutiny on the Bounty.

Now the new Survivors will have

their own adventures in this

lush and exotic land.

And Exile Island will return

with new twists.

Who will outwit, outplay, and

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Join us this fall for the

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Just turn on the camera and

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And who knows, like Cirie, it

may just change your life.

We always appreciate your loyal


We hope we see you back for the

next one, Survivor: Cook


Good night, everybody.

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