Survivor (2000–…): Season 12, Episode 15 - The Final Showdown - full transcript

Cirie and Danielle go head to head in a tiebreaker Challenge. Who will win and earn their spot in the Final Three, and who will flame out?

>> JEFF PROBST: 36 days ago, 16

Americans set foot on a

small remote island off the

coast of Panama...

Welcome to Survivor.

In a new social experiment, they

were split into four tribes:

the younger men, the younger

women, the older men and the

older women.

And in a new twist, this

isolated isle would become a

looming force in the strategy of

the game.

This is Exile Island.

Throughout this game, tribe

members will be banished to this

island. Go!

In the first challenge, the

young women finish last and

chose Misty to stay behind on

Exile Island...

>> I'm here.

>> PROBST: ...and a secret was


Hidden on this island is an

immunity idol.

Along the way, you'll be given

clues as to the whereabouts

of that idol.

>> Okay, here we go kids.

>> PROBST: The two older tribes

fared well.

>> That's the best stinking fire

I've seen in a long time.

>> PROBST: The two younger

tribes floundered.

>> That's a shelter right there,


>> That is the sorriest shelter

I think we could have possibly

come up with.

>> PROBST: Misty failed to find

the hidden idol on Exile Island

and rejoined her tribe...

Young women doing a good job. play for immunity.


Older women going to Tribal


Cirie immediately undertook a

bold plan to get the most

productive of the older women


>> I'm gonna try to get rid of

the lumberjack lady.

First person voted out of

Survivor: Exile Island...

The plan worked and Tina was the

first to be voted out.

The tribe has spoken.

From the beginning, the

experience of survival took its


>> I smoked three packs of

cigarettes a day for 20 years,

and I haven't had a cigarette

in, like, 31 hours.

I don't know why I did this to


>> Green sweats.

>> PROBST: In a schoolyard


>> Cool guy.

...that brought new hope.

>> The cool guy.

>> PROBST: ...the four tribes

became two: La Mina and Casaya.

>> Terry makes an unbelievable


La Mina enjoyed an early winning


La Mina wins immunity!

Casaya, Tribal Council tonight.

It's gonna cost you a member.

Before Casaya went to Tribal

Council, Shane wanted to quit.

>> I'm gonna quit.

I have to quit.

>> PROBST: But Aras managed to

change his mind.

>> Just try it, okay?

>> All right.

>> PROBST: With Shane back in

the fold...

>> You guys, now we have to talk

about who we're gonna vote off.

I just want to do this with

honesty and, like, openness.

>> PROBST: became clear

that Melinda and Cirie were


>> I don't care which one of you


Like, whoever doesn't go now is

going next.

>> PROBST: Melinda went first...

Melinda, the tribe has spoken.

...and Cirie's situation seemed


>> I'm walking on egg shells as

it is.

I was told I'd be the next to

go. You were right.

>> PROBST: But her social skills

and patience would take her far

as she sat back and watched

Casaya fall apart.

>> Why are you so sensitive?!

>> PROBST: Shane was usually the

catalyst for drama at Casaya.

>> Everybody here won't tell you

because they're afraid to tell

you the truth!

I want one! This one!

I just want mine!

>> It's just constant, constant


I love it, love it, love it,


>> Right there!

>> PROBST: But the dysfunctional

Casaya enjoyed an impressive

five-challenge winning streak.

Casaya wins immunity!

And La Mina lost Misty and Ruth


Casaya sent Terry to Exile

Island, and he quickly turned

banishment into a position of


>> "This talisman can

be used to keep you safe from

the vote at Tribal Council."

All right!

>> PROBST: His possession of the

idol-- or the suspicion that he

might have it-- would affect the

nature of the game up to the

very end.

Terry, Danielle diving in.

And Terry's luck continued when

La Mina managed to win the next

immunity challenge.

La Mina wins immunity!

Bruce was in serious danger of

being chopped from Casaya, but

Danielle made a power play.

>> Courtney, why don't we switch

this game up right now?

I wanted Bruce to stay and I

wanted Bobby to go.

>> PROBST: Bruce was saved and

Bobby took the fall.

The tribe has spoken.

>> That's it. That's it.

>> PROBST: Casaya was able to

make a comeback.

Casaya wins immunity!

And at Tribal Council, Dan was

voted out.

The tribe has spoken.

On day 16, Casaya had the

advantage in numbers; six to La

Mina's four.

>> There they are.

>> PROBST: And when the Casaya

six saw La Mina approaching for

the merge...

>> Hey, come here quickly.

>> PROBST: ...they circled up

against them.

>> We stay together, we'll get

to the top six.

One, two, three, win.

Come on in.

>> PROBST: Terry did his best to

get someone from Casaya to flop.

>> You might be on the chopping


Come over and we will go to the

final five.

Our group of four would like to

offer you more time of worry-

free life around here.

>> PROBST: But nobody from

Casaya would budge...

>> It was almost laughable.

I don't think he's in a position

to offer me anything.

>> PROBST: his only option

was individual immunity.

Terry wins the first individual


And in an amazing feat, Terry

the fighter pilot continued to

dominate at the individual


With Terry perpetually safe from

the vote and with the hidden

immunity idol in his back

pocket, the other former La Mina

tribe mates were picked off one

by one.




Terry was the last La Mina

member standing.

On day 25, a prickly reward

challenge revealed what the

tribe really thought of each


"Who is the most annoying person

out here?"

Everybody says "Courtney."

>> God!

>> PROBST: But Courtney's

unpopularity made her a popular

candidate for the final two.

>> If I need your vote, would

you trust me and not break my


>> You know, I want to be on

your back side and I would like

you to be on mine.

>> Okay. She is a dream to

take to the final two.

Anyone could win against her.


>> PROBST: On day 25, Bruce's

internal pain became a medical


>> Bruce? You allergic to



>> PROBST: He was evacuated and

forced to leave the game.

Terry continued to hang on with

all his might.


Terry wins his fourth straight


>> I am totally motivated to

kick their butts at everything

that comes down the road.

I'm gonna have to take you to

the bank the whole time.

>> If you do that, man, hats'


>> PROBST: And he stayed true

to his word.

Terry wins immunity for the

fifth straight time!

The day of reckoning finally

came when the former Casayas

were forced to turn on one of

their own, and Shane targeted


>> We're gonna vote off


>> But then there's still


It'll be me, you and Courtney.

>> Right.

>> PROBST: Shane's plan made

Cirie suspicious.

>> If he can take Courtney to

the final two, he just may win

a million dollars.

So Courtney's going.

>> PROBST: And at Tribal

Council, Cirie's scheme took

Courtney out of the equation.

Courtney, the tribe has spoken.

With the former Casaya bond

finally broken, it became

every man for himself.

Terry and Shane banded together

in another attempt to oust


>> She's depressed because she

knows she's next.

>> PROBST: And they were

confident they would be


>> I feel like, at this point, I

could beat anybody.

>> PROBST: But at Tribal


The 12th person voted out of

Survivor: Exile Island.

Shane was completely blindsided

by Cirie, Aras and Danielle.

>> Oh, my God, I'm gonna have a

chocolate ice cream bar in about

one, I mean, one minute!

>> PROBST: Shane, the tribe has


...leaving Aras, Danielle, Terry

and Cirie as the final four.


At the next reward challenge,

the rivalry between Terry and

Aras got physical.

Whoa! Easy, guys!

Two battering rams!

And when Aras won the reward...

Aras wins reward!

>> Yes!

>> PROBST: ...things got


>> The first time out we we were

only allowed one pass.

>> PROBST: Yes.

>> Terry, every time somebody

else wins, are you gonna say you

got hosed?

>> Keep it up. Just keep it up.

>> PROBST: For the reward, Aras

chose Cirie to join him on a

luxury yacht.

>> Hopefully both of us making

final three.

>> Final two. What, are you


>> Yeah, final two.

>> PROBST: Danielle and Terry

were both sent to Exile Island

where they made their own pact

to the final two.

>> I'm not here to make friends.

I'm here to win the million


It's the right time to align

myself with Terry.

>> PROBST: At the immunity



...all four fought hard to piece

together a win, but Aras came

away victorious.

Aras wins immunity!

First time somebody other than

Terry is wearing individual


With Aras immune and Terry in

possession of the hidden idol,

Danielle and Cirie knew it could

be a tricky Tribal Council.

>> Probably Aras and Cirie are

gonna vote me, and then me and

Terry would vote Cirie.

So I think me and you are going

up against something tonight?

>> Probably fire.

>> You know the technique,


>> PROBST: With the possibility

of a tie vote looming, Terry and

Aras coach their allies in


>> Just take the flint and


>> PROBST: Meanwhile, Danielle

still pushed Terry to give her

his hidden immunity idol.

>> If I have two and she has

two, I think it doesn't matter

if you have the idol.

>> It's a huge gamble.

>> I'm gonna work him until we

go to Tribal Council to try to

give me that hidden immunity


>> PROBST: This was Terry's last

chance to play the hidden

immunity idol...

We have a tie: Cirie with two

votes, Danielle with two votes.

...but he kept it for himself.

Cirie and Danielle prepared for

a trial by fire.

Here we go.

Survivors ready?

Now only four remain: Cirie,

Aras, Danielle and Terry.


Tonight, the tiebreaker between

Cirie and Danielle will be

decided, and the final three

will compete in the last

immunity challenge.

Two will go on to face the jury,

one will outlast all the rest

and become the sole Survivor.

Captioning sponsored by



(theme music plays)

>> PROBST: Okay, Danielle,

Cirie, you're going to take

part in a tie-breaker challenge.

You each have in your kit, a

magnesium flint, you have a

knife, and you have all sorts

of kindling and other ways to

start a fire-- coconut husks,

things like that.

On my "go," you will begin.

First person to burn through

that rope and raise the flag

stays in this game.

Here we go.

Survivors ready?


Both Danielle and Cirie

scraping magnesium.

Both are using coconut husks.

Cirie has a flame.

Can she keep it going?

Danielle not giving up.

Danielle not panicking.

Cirie has a healthy flame all

of a sudden.

Trying to keep it going before

it burns out.

Danielle now has flame, but it

goes out.

You have to build a fire with a

flame high enough to burn

through that rope.

Just putting more coconut husk

on it may not be enough.

Now it's Danielle who has flame.

Danielle has a big flame.

Is it enough to burn through

the rope?

Danielle blowing on it to keep

it going.

Cirie paying attention to


Should be working on her fire.

Danielle's fire is out.

Cirie has flame again.

Can she figure out how to build


Danielle has fire, Cirie has


Somebody is going to have to

get a fire burning long enough

to burn through that rope.

Cirie's is out again.

Danielle's is still going.

Danielle has a nice little fire


She's protecting it, going to

let it grow, using little


Cirie's got to get flame again.

Cirie now has a flame.

Danielle putting a bigger stick

on, getting closer now to the

rope, building a bigger fire.

Cirie nurturing a very small


Can she figure this out?

>> Burn.

>> PROBST: Cirie's getting a

bigger flame.

It may not be enough.

Danielle's flame has been

sitting on that rope.

The rope's on fire.

Cirie, you've got to hurry.

Danielle wins the challenge.

Danielle stays in the game.

Cirie becomes the sixth member

of our jury.

>> (sniffling)

>> PROBST: Cirie, you need to

bring me your torch.


>> Yep.

>> PROBST: The tribe has spoken.

>> All righty.

>> PROBST: It's time for you to


>> Bye, Cirie.

>> PROBST: Well, you have made

it to the final three.

Over the next three days, we

will have two challenges, two

Tribal Councils, one winner.

Grab your torches and head back

to camp.

Good night.

>> Well, my time here is up.

I lasted far beyond my highest


I hope that my family is proud.

Sorry, guys, I let you down.

I couldn't get the fire going.

But I feel like I can still

hold my head up high.

So I'm extremely proud to be

out on day 36.

>> I was determined to not go

home tonight at Tribal Council.

>> Whoa!

>> I was just so happy that I

got it together and I got my

fire going.

And I won, and I'm ecstatic

right now.

I'm so happy.

>> Feed it a little bit of


I'm going to get more straw.

I've been extremely happy since

Tribal Council, period, when

Danielle won.

Danielle and I have a pact so

that if either one of us wins,

we'll take the other one to the


So we have a 66% chance of

getting to the final.

So we're totally stoked about

that, and we're happy.

Danielle and I are going to

take it to Aras, and we're

going to go to the final.

>> There you go, it's got Shane


This idol is worth about 25

cents right now, I think, in a

pawn shop or something.

It's not worth very much.

But yeah, but that's it for the

hidden immunity idol.

It's no longer a part of this

game, and I got enough wins

under my belt where I didn't

have to use it.

He had some jingly stuff on

it, but I didn't think I could

hide it very well.

>> Yeah.

>> I flattened it out right

away, and I kept it in my pants

pocket all the time.

>> You didn't bring that last


>> Oh, yeah.

>> You did bring it?

>> It was in my shorts.

>> Oh.

>> It's not that bad-looking of

a guy.

>> I thought it was, like, a

rabbit's foot.

>> Mm-hmm.

>> Aras and I were sitting by

the fire, and Terry just kind of

took the hidden immunity idol

and waved it in Aras' face, and

I think Terry did that

just to... another like strike

at Aras, you know, like ha-ha, I

had the hidden immunity idol.

Ha-ha, I'm the bigger man.

>> Aw, suck.

Look at that, almost all the

way through.

>> Aras and Terry's

relationship is based on


It's just that macho thing.

I'm definitely caught in the

middle between, you know, these

two guys that have this

testosterone match every day--

who can catch the biggest fish,

the most fish.

Who can beat who?

Who's better?

Who's the tough guy?

They just... they go back and

forth all the time.

>> Dude!

>> Catch one?

>> Five small ones.

One kind of medium and four


>> The bad news is that I

caught freaking huge ones.

>> No!

All right!

>> Oh, beautiful!

>> Oh, man!

>> Wait, wait, wait.

>> Giving us the silent


Oh, very nice.

>> Good job, Aras!

>> That rocks, man!

Fish feast.

Look at the teeth on that

parrot fish.

>> Terry and Aras, deep down

inside, we all know that they

don't like each other.

>> Eyeball socket.

>> The fact that Aras beat out

Terry in the past two

challenges, Terry's ready for


I can see it.

So Aras better give him a

run for his money at the

immunity challenge, or else

Aras will be going home.

>> PROBST: Come in, guys.

How's it going, guys?

>> Awesome.

>> Hey, Jeff.

>> PROBST: You guys ready to

get to today's challenge?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: All right, well, I

know you were probably expecting

an immunity challenge, but

instead, today you are playing

for reward.

For today's challenge, you will

race to the top of a

three-story climbing wall,

using four individually shaped

pegs to help you get up there.

Here's how it will work: on my

"go," you'll make your way

through a table maze.

When you get to the end of the

maze, you'll release a bag

with your first two pegs.

You'll then move to a spinning


Read the clues, and like a

combination lock spin the

wheel, clockwise and

counterclockwise, clockwise

again until you find the one

bag that contains your final

two pegs.

You will use the pegs to help

you get to the top of the wall.

Once you reach the top, place

each of the four pegs in their

individual finish slots.

That will raise the flag.

First person to raise their

flag wins reward.

Want to know what you're

playing for?

>> Yeah.

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Today's reward is

designed specifically to give

the winner a huge advantage in

tomorrow's final immunity


Immediately following this

challenge, the winner will sit

down and enjoy a power meal--

chicken breast, vegetables,

fruit, everything your body is

craving right now.

In addition, you will take back

to camp with you an individual

cot, a pillow and a blanket to

help you get a get good night's


Could mean the difference

between winning this game and


Worth playing for?

>> Yeah.

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: We'll draw for spots,

we'll get started.

This way.

Here we go.

For reward, survivors ready?


Make your way through the maze.

Once you get to the end, you'll

release the first two pegs.

Aras moving quickly through the


>> What the hell...

>> PROBST: Danielle struggling.

>> Oh, man!

>> PROBST: Terry reaches a dead


Aras drops his first set of


He's untying them.

Danielle still struggling.

Terry back on track.

Terry's dropped his first bag.

Aras moving on to the spinning


You've got to read the clues.

Spin the wheel in the right

direction, and find the one bag

that contains your final two


Terry at the spinning wheel.

Danielle drops her first bag.

Aras and Terry both working on

the bags.

Danielle now in it.

Everybody in this challenge.

Aras thinks he has his second


Terry found his second set of


He's got to get them out of the


Aras moving on to the wall


Danielle has her second bag.

Aras at the wall.

He's got all four pegs,

starting up.

Got to get to the top with all


Danielle, first pegs are not


They'll be color-coded.

Go back to the start; read the

directions again.

Terry has all four pegs.

He's on the wall.

It's Aras and Terry.

Aras, working the walls.

Got a good strategy.

Terry, sliding down.

Nice move.

Aras, still with a big lead.

Terry, not giving up.

Aras, sliding down.

His shirt saves him.

Aras, hanging from his shirt.

Terry, trying to make up some


Terry, digging in.

Terry and Aras, neck and neck.

Aras, to the top.

He's got three pegs; he needs

his last one.

Aras frees his last peg.

Aras, to the top.

Terry, right behind him, to the


Got to get 'em in.

Four slots, got to get all four

in and drop your flag.

It's Aras.

Terry, making up ground.

Terry comes from behind to

win reward.

>> You are the ultimate

competitor, man, ultimate.

I'm telling you, you work me.

>> PROBST: Wow. Incredible.

>> Good job, guys.

Good job.

>> PROBST: Aras, Terry, another

great challenge between you two


Terry came out on top.

The good news is because the

hidden immunity idol is no

longer in play, nobody going to

Exile Island.

Aras, Danielle, grab your stuff.

Head back to camp.

>> Congrats.

>> PROBST: Terry, you got some

eating to do.

Get your stuff, go.

>> Terry's probably eating

something a little bit nicer,

but, uh, you know what?

This is food, and, uh, we've

been luck today; we've eaten a


This is going to be our seventh

fish, three of them, pretty

big-size fish.

So don't get me wrong, Terry's

grubbing and he's happy about

it, and that's great for Terry,

but this is great for Aras and

Danielle right now too.

>> D, one of us has to win

tomorrow, if one of us wants

to win a million dollars.

>> Tomorrow's gonna be like a

willpower one, and I'm not

giving up, so don't worry.

>> I'm not worried about you.

I know you're tough as nails, D.

>> I will not give up.

>> How was it?

>> You know what?

It was, uh, it was good.

It wasn't like a crap-load of

food, but it was all good.

>> What'd you get?

>> Uh, a whole bunch of steamed

vegetables, like, uh,

cauliflower, carrots, string

beans, spinach, and then two

chicken breasts, a big thing of

rice and two pieces of

multigrain bread, like, about 32

ounces of water and then about a

16-ounce protein drink.

That was it.

Oh, and I had a banana, that

was it.

>> Oh, yum.

>> But, um... that was it.

>> Thank you.

>> There's absolutely an

advantage to having a meal the

day before the biggest

immunity challenge of the game.

The thing of it is, though, is

it can also be a psychological


(thunder crashes)

Now the onus to win is really on


I mean, everybody expects you to

win now-- you're super-dad and

you've got all this food in your

body, that kind of puts the

pressure on a little bit for


>> I hope I have it, I hope I'm

here for two nights.

>> I think you'll have to fight

Danielle for that.

>> I don't think Terry's

apparent dominance has a

psychological effect on me,


Everybody and their mother

expects Terry to win this

next immunity challenge.

So I go out there, I give it my

best, I expect me to win.

And if I don't win, well, hey,

I gave it my best.

If I do win, beautiful.

>> "A boat will soon arrive to

take you to Exile Island for the

final time.

Collect the torches of those who

came before you, place them on

the skull, raise the Exile flag

and set the skull ablaze as a

tribute to your fallen


Prepare yourself for the final

immunity challenge, which will

give one of you the power to

decide who will be the last to

join the jury and who will face

the jury."

It's funny the last three of us

that are still here, the final

three, all have spent the most

days on Exile Island, so, you

know, burning down the skull

will be symbolic like, it's

over, it's done.

>> Tina, you were the

first one out.

>> For the very short time that

I was there, I would've done

nothing differently.

I don't want anyone to have

any pity upon me for this


My son died five months ago.

It was the biggest

challenge of my life, and it

will remain the largest

challenge for the rest of my


>> Melinda.

>> I'm taking away from the

experience, I guess, a little

bit more knowing who I am.

I learned that I'm a lot

tougher, actually, than I even

thought I was.

I mean, it's awful out here.

>> Beautiful blue eyes.

>> Misty, first person here on

Exile Island.

>> It definitely threw me for a

loop at the very beginning.

Being stuck on Exile Island put

me in a vulnerable position, but

mostly, it was a positive

experience all around.

I learned a lot about myself,

and I know that from now on,

whether in life or a game, I'm

never going to go into anything

being anyone other than myself.

>> Certainly, this experience

will change my perspective.

I'm coming away, you know, more

grateful, more humble than I

even was coming here.

And to be lucky enough to be

involved in something like this

is, um, it's just a blessing.

>> Bob Dog.

>> It was great having Bob Dog

at camp, and Bob Dog in the


>> The thing that I think

will shock people the most is

exactly how beat down you are

when show up each day for those


Knowing exactly how debilitated

we were, I mean, it was tough,

but, like I'm a tough dude, I

expect to be able to thrive in

circumstances like this.

I just came out here to, you

know, put the smack-down on a

few fools and maybe take a shot

at a million, and it didn't

work out.

>> Dan the man.

>> Dan was a confidante.

He was a survivor.

He taught us stuff around camp.

The man had it all, definitely

had the right stuff.

>> I expected this to be

interesting and difficult, and

my biggest surprise was that it

was not only interesting and

difficult, but it was fun.

It was fun!

This game was energizing


It was very hard physically.

But, uh, it's a joyous


>> Nick was one of the most

mature, well-spoken and

well-mannered 24-year-old kids I

have ever met.

>> The first 12 days were the

most miserable days, perhaps in

my life, but, uh, without

question, this was the hardest

but yet one of the most

rewarding experiences I've ever


>> Austin.

>> This is a tough game.

It really is.

I had no idea coming out here

how hard it was going to be.

All I know is that it is such an

honor to be able to play the

game of Survivor, and that honor

is just magnified by having a

chance to sit on the jury and

have a say in who walks away

with a million bucks.

>> Survivor Sal.

>> It was fun having Sally

around camp.

She's a real sweetheart, a

real genuine girl.

>> My Survivor experience was

everything I could've imagined

or hoped, and then to say, I

made it to the final eight was


>> Bruce, sensei.

>> Such a kindhearted man.

>> I came to this, probably, one

of the smallest and the oldest

person, but I've always been

challenged that way as either

the smallest, weakest,

last-picked all the time, and so

I just relish that kind of

challenge to prove people wrong.

The hardest part was getting

sick and being sick for days.

And that was probably the most

excruciating pain in my life,

but that made me think a lot and

I felt, uh, coming off the

island, I was a much stronger


>> Courtney.

>> It's been a rollercoaster of

a ride for me.

My life is about growth, it's

about experience, and it's about

living your dreams, and this is

my current dream, and I lived

it, and I did the best that I


I stayed the real me throughout

it all.

You know what?

I'm not going to be handed a

million dollars, but I'm going

to make it on my own.

>> Shane.

Wow. Crazy, ugly, beautiful...

insane, somebody who I will

always, always hold in my heart.

>> I feel completely at peace

with the way I played the game.

And there are so many things

that I have learned about me,

about what I'm capable of, about

what I can do, which is


And that's only going to make me

a stronger and more effective

person to the planet.

And I'm going to remember this

experience forever.

>> Cirie was the mom around


I mean, she was just amazing.

>> I felt like this was a

life-changing experience for

me, just in the fact that I

won't be as fearful of the


Because that's what kind of

kept me on the couch.

Hopefully, it won't be as big a

part of my life anymore, being

that I've overcome a lot of

things that I would have never

thought I could have done


♪ ♪

(fire crackling)

>> PROBST: So how did this

morning go, Aras?

>> This morning was nice.

We got to pay our respects to

the 13 other members, and I

think most important for all of

us, is the burning of the

skull, knowing that none of us

ever have to spend another

night there.

>> PROBST: All right, you guys

ready to get to your final

immunity challenge?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: First things first:

Aras, give it up.

For the last time, immunity is

back up for grabs.

For today's final immunity

challenge, you must balance on

a series of floating platforms.

We will start on the largest of

the four platforms.

Every 15 minutes you'll move to

the next smallest platform.

As the platform gets smaller,

it will get tougher to keep

your balance.

If we make it to the last

platform, there will be no time


We will go until there's only

one person left.

Here are the rules: only your

feet can touch the platform.

If your hands or your bottom

touch the platform, you're out.

If you fall off, you're out.

At the end of every 15 minutes

that round will be over, you'll

crawl over to the next platform,

you'll have one minute to

regain your balance, we'll

begin again.

Last person left standing, wins

immunity, guaranteed a spot in

the final two and decides who

sits next to them at that final

Tribal Council.


>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: All right, we'll get


Everybody step onto your first

platform and get your balance.

This challenge has begun.

15 minutes on this first


How you feeling, Terry?

Doing all right, Danielle?


Nobody wants to talk.

I understand.

This challenge requires intense


Lose your focus for just a

moment, you'll be in the water.

We're now at the ten minute


Five more minutes on this

platform, we move to the next


Terry's looking very strong.

Aras has not moved.

Danielle's very steady.

>> There's tons of fish on the


Should have had a drop line

with us.

>> PROBST: You want to put your

drop line in here?

>> Yeah, I see some huge fish.

>> PROBST: Even in the middle

of a challenge, Danielle

thinking about food.

>> (laughs)

>> PROBST: 15 seconds left in

this round.

Five, four, three, two, one.

Crawl onto your next platform.

Find a new balance point.

You have one minute.

This will be a little more

difficult, less room.

You'll feel the effects of the

water more.

Everybody's up.

Challenge is back on.

You're eight minutes in, over


Aras wobbling just a bit, but


Danielle very steady.

Terry very steady.

15 seconds left in this round.

Three, two, one.

Crawl to your third platform.

This is where you will begin to

notice a significant increase

in difficulty.

You have one minute to get into

a standing position.

45 seconds left.

Nobody panicking.

Everybody taking their time.

That's it, Aras.

Aras is up.

That's it, Terry.

Fight to find it.

Aras holding steady.

Terry still struggling.

You've got 30 seconds, Terry.

20 second left to get those

hands up.

Danielle is up.

Aras is up.

Terry, you need to get up in 15


14, 13.,,

This is it, Terry.

Ten seconds.

Aras and Danielle are up.

Terry's having trouble getting


Four, three, put your hands up,


You've got to do it.

Terry is up.

At the last second, he found


Everybody is up.

The challenge is back on.

Terry cannot hang on.

The first person out of this


It's down to Aras and Danielle

for final immunity.

Aras is out of the challenge,

Danielle wins immunity.

Danielle going to the final two.

Danielle, come on over.

The first one, but it couldn't

come at a better time, huh?

You are safe at tonight's vote.

You're guaranteed a spot in the

final two.

And at Tribal Council tonight,

you will decide whether it is

Terry or Aras that sits next to

you at that final Tribal


Big decision.

You have the opportunity to

figure it out.

Get your stuff.

Bring the boat in.

>> God never makes it easy for


The one immunity challenge I

win is a last one, and it's a

huge decision that I have to

make tonight-- who do I want to

take with me to the final two,

either Aras or Terry?

So, I mean, it was so

gratifying to win the last

immunity challenge, but at the

same time, my brain started

thinking right away.

I knew I had a decision to make

tonight that could cost me or

earn me a million dollars.

It's difficult because I told

Terry when I was on Exile

Island with him that if either

of us won, we would take each

other, but then it's like,

during the challenge, Aras,

you know, I gave him, like, a

head nod, and so he jumped off,

thinking that I would take him

to the finals.

And that doesn't mean anything

right now, because, at this

point, there's a million

dollars at stake, and I'm not

going to take somebody because I

made a promise to them.

I'm going to take someone who I

think I have a better chance of


>> The big question.

>> Do you feel that it's

fair for me to take someone

that I think can beat me?

>> Um, I-I...

>> As someone in my position

right now, because I didn't

expect to be in this position,

to be honest with you.

>> Right, right.

Um, had I won today, I would

have already told you that you

were going to the finals with


You want to put this down?

>> Yeah.

I know, I'm just trying to... I

did not expect to be in this

position, and if you had given

me the hidden immunity idol, I

would have 100% took you.

>> Right, right.

>> Without any question, it

wouldn't be an issue right now.

I'm not saying I'm not taking

you, 'cause I haven't...

>> Right.

>> I'm just trying to go over

everything in my head and go

over... you know, and if you

were in my shoes, you would do

the same thing.

You want to...

>> Right, right.

>> You would want to bring

someone... and it's a toss-up.

>> You haven't...

>> It's not like one of you is

better to bring than the other.

So I'm just, like, freaking out

because I won't... I don't...

I don't know.

>> Danielle is finding herself

very confused right now, and,

oh, God, I hope she's not

confused when it comes to the

point of choos... taking me to

the finals.

If I were a betting man, I would

choose me only because of the

Casaya loyalty, and it would be

an easy decision.

>> But by me taking you, they're

gonna look at it as I'm already

being disloyal to them 'cause


>> No, no, because then it just

makes the picture more black and


"Oh, guys, yeah, I'm here.

Thanks, you know?

I kinda won a bunch of

challenges and then was the

nail in your side, you know?

Can I please have your vote?"

Uh-uh, I don't think that's


And I know it's gonna be hard.

>> I just hope you will respect

whatever decision I make.

I honestly haven't made a

decision and I don't know what

I'm gonna do.

>> I have to. I have to.

I'm not gonna sit there and

throw daggers at you with my

eyes from the jury, okay?

>> Please.

>> And it's been fun.

>> It has been fun.

And this sucks.

I can't deal with this decision.

I hate... I'm so indecisive as

it is because I'm a Gemini.

>> Okay, I think I'm gonna jump

in the water.

I think the tide was still going


>> Yeah, I think so, too.

No doubt about it.

When Terry and Danielle went to

get water, I had my first bit of

paranoia in this game, more

than just a bit.

I was, like, "Man, what's going


Are they talking about me?

I mean, I know they're talking

about me, but is she gonna get


Is Terry gonna be able to sway

her, bla-bla, bla?

My mind starts racing.

Like, I would just feel so

burned if, like, you voted for

Terry instead of me, and my

dumbass jumped off the lily pad

because you said "Yeah," you


>> I haven't... I'm just going

over stuff in my head.

This is a huge decision.

>> I know.

>> I wasn't expecting to win

this today.

Like, I wasn't expecting it to

go my way.

>> I think, honestly, I think

you have ten times better chance

against me than Terry, and

that's not trying to be

manipulative, but if you do vote

Terry, then you lose me and

Cirie anyways.

>> All right.

>> I thought we were golden once

you said we are.

>> We, we really, we pretty much


>> Pretty much are?

You can't, D, you can't do this

to me.

>> I need to go off by myself

and just think about this.

>> Either way, would you tell me

either way so I don't go in

like an idiot?

>> Yes, yes, yes.

>> And remember that you did

give me your word when I was on

the lily pad.

>> I know, I know, I know.

All right, I'll be back.

>> All right.

>> Listening to Aras' sales

pitch was just mind-boggling.

Aras is all about honesty and

integrity, but, in the same

sense, he's contradicting

himself because he's basically

threatening me.

>> You better bring me, I swear

to God.

I will be shocked if you don't,

let's just say that.

>> All right. (groans)

Part of Aras' sales pitch to me

was that he would not vote for

me if I took Terry, so I would

lose his vote and Cirie's vote,

which I think is completely

messed up.

Aras is very manipulative, so

that's why I'm kinda hesitant to

take him or even listen to what

he says because I want the

million dollars.

I'm not gonna base my losing a

million dollars to, "Oh, told

Aras I would take him."

I'm gonna go with what I think.

This is how I've played this

game so far and I believe that's

why I'm where I am right now.

>> You know what?

It's your decision to make.

You won the thing today, so if

you think I'll be better to

take, do that.

If you think Aras would be

better to take, do that.

>> Okay.

>> Terry, regardless, man.

It's been a pleasure.

It's been a journey with you,


Battle on.

>> PROBST: We'll now bring in

the members of the jury:

Austin, Sally...

Bruce, Courtney...

Shane and Cirie.

Let's talk about the final

immunity challenge.

The two big dogs, Terry and

Aras, don't come through,

and Danielle, suddenly, you're

sitting in the most enviable

position in this game.

How does it feel having that

immunity necklace around you?

>> It feels great and it was an

honor to be able to win the most

important challenge of the

entire game, but the decision

that I have to make tonight is

one of the most difficult

decisions I've probably, I will

have to make ever in my life.

It's like a scary feeling 'cause

I'm not sure which way I want to

go, and my brain is about to

explode out of my head.

So I just wanted them both to

understand and respect where I'm

coming from and just don't hate

me after this.

>> PROBST: Terry, you played

this game as competitively as it

can be played for 38 days.

Are you able to respect the

position that Danielle's in?

>> That part of not winning the

last immunity challenge, it's

frustrating to have come through

this with both the hidden

immunity idol and the necklace

most of the time.

>> PROBST: So you did have the

hidden immunity idol?

>> Oh yeah, oh, yeah.

Had that the whole time.

Uh, I can separate myself

because I have to.

It's a different part of the

game than the competition side.

It's a number-crunching thing.

You know, I think it's in my

better interest and her better

interest to go with my side.

But it's now a mental thing for

her to go through, but you know,

do I want to go home tonight?

No stinking way.

>> PROBST: Aras, you come up to

Danielle who you've been with in

the same tribe and the same

alliance for a long time.

What do you say at this point?

>> To be honest with you, I

thought I was golden.

And obviously, it's a big

decision for D, I understand

that, and she's starting to

worry, and then I begin to get a

little paranoid, so I just told

her, this is, like, basically

the situation, it's in both of

our best interests to be in the

final two together.

We have the best shot, and

that's kinda how I threw it out


>> PROBST: Danielle, as you

think about this more and more,

does it get more and more


>> Yeah, it is.

I just feel like crying.

Like, right after you put the

necklace around my neck, I just

started thinking about it and I

haven't stopped since...

I'm still thinking about it.

I mean, I'm just... Ah!

I don't know.

>> PROBST: Okay, let's get to

the vote.

Danielle has immunity.

You cannot vote for her, so

Aras, you can only vote for

Terry, Terry can only vote for


Your votes cancel each other


Danielle will be the only

person to vote.

In doing so, you will vote the

14th person out of this game and

you will also decide who's gonna

sit next to you at the final

Tribal Council.

It is time to vote.

Danielle, you're up.

♪ ♪

I'll go get the vote.

Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.

I'll read the vote.

The 14th person voted out of

Survivor: Exile Island...

Terry. You need to bring me your


>> Thank you.

>> Wow.

>> PROBST: Terry, the tribe has


>> Thanks for the journey, you


>> PROBST: Danielle, Aras,


You've made it as far as you can

go in this game.

The power now shifts to the

jury and the decision they will

ultimately make.

You two have one more night in


Enjoy it.

See you tomorrow for final

Tribal Council.

Grab your torches.

Back to camp. Good night.

>> The biggest mistake I made

was not keeping the game in my

own hands and then relying on

somebody else to take care of it

for me.

That's what got me.

But, uh, it was not bad for a

46-year-old guy.

And I hope I made my friends and

family proud, and Terry Dietz is

not a perfect guy, and there's

always room for better change.

>> Oh, my God. Final two.

D, I'm so happy!

We're the two youngest people in

the game, I think.

>> I know.

>> It was a tense, tense Tribal

Council for me, and it made

getting into the final two that

much sweeter for me.

I mean, I am ecstatic right now.

I'm so happy.

Oh, my God, we did it, girl.

>> We did it.

Do you think they were shocked

that I picked Terry, or do you

think they knew that?

>> I think they knew that.

>> Yeah.

>> Oh, come here.

Regardless of the results, I

played this game the full 39

days, I played it with integrity

and I played it with a lot of

intensity, and more importantly

than anything else, I really

enjoyed myself out here.

Oh, my gosh.

>> I can't believe it.

>> I'm so glad it's me and you,


>> I know.

It's great.

>> Just chilling tonight.

>> Who would've thought, huh?

>> The reason why I decided to

take Aras is because Aras is a

part of the former Casaya Tribe.

>> Whoa, everything must burn.

For me at the end, to go ahead

and pick Terry over Aras, I

think would've been a slap in

everybody's face.

So, my gut choice was Aras.

That's just what it was and I

went with it.

That's what I've been doing this

entire game, and I think that's

why I've gotten this far.

I can't believe this is the last


>> The last night.

Today would've been the hardest

day to go home, I think,

'cause you're so close.

>> Yeah, yeah.

My job isn't done yet.

I'm still not satisfied.

I'm in sales, so hopefully, I

can, uh, do some persuading to

the jury and hope for the best.

Because I want that million

dollars, I don't want to settle

for anything less than first


>> Ah...

>> Look at that.

>> Oh, my God.

>> Get out of Dodge.

>> Yay! Thank you, Lord!

>> "Congratulations.

You've outwitted, outlasted and

outplayed 14 others.

Now there are seven who hold

your fate in their hands.

So relax and enjoy your final

day on the island, because

tonight you will be held

accountable and one of you will

be named the sole survivor."

>> Oh! I'm so happy.

>> We need to cook the eggs.

>> Yeah, we do.

>> To our surprise, there was

milk, orange juice, champagne,

pancake mix, eggs.

>> You want to have a glass of

orange juice right now or do you

want to have a mimosa?

>> Let's have a mimosa right


>> All right.

>> Everything that we were

craving was just right there, at

tree mail.

>> Thank you for this wonderful


>> Feels great.

I need some fat in my body right


>> Mmm, mmm-mmm-mmm.

>> Mmm!

>> This is so bomb.

>> We're going to go for a walk

now and enjoy some champagne and

put everything into perspective

our last day here.

You know, leave a game that

sometimes didn't feel so civil

in a very civil manner.

>> Oh!

(glass shatters)


>> Oh, that's nasty.

I've been out on those rocks

maybe a hundred times.

I'm not really sure exactly how

I went down, but I knew right

away something was wrong.

I tried to get up, I was kind of


I thought I was going to faint.

>> 39 days and Aras

does this on the last day.

>> I was a little nervous

when Aras was saying he felt

faint, you know, I was getting

a little nervous, 'cause I saw

all the blood.

>> The thought of seeing blood

scares me and to actually see it

gushing out like it did, freaked

me out, absolutely.

So it looks like he's going to

have to get some stitches.

It's pretty bad.

>> ...I've seen better days.

>> I got a cut in my back.

There was a shard, I had to pull

it out.

It was pretty deep in there.

>> Drug him up.

>> Are you just going to numb

the whole hand?

>> No, just around where the

lacerations are, mate.

Get a 23-gauge.

This is going to be a bit of a

sting, as you know.

>> Burning.

>> Uh!

I was trying to watch them stick

the needle in.

I was just imagining it being

myself, and it just looked so


>> Had to keep it interesting on

day 39, you know.

>> Last day.

>> He ended up getting three

stitches on one side of his

finger, four stitches on the

palm of his hand, and then

another stitch on his back.

>> You don't think I'll feel

anything tonight?

>> So, I mean, he got stitched

up pretty nice.

>> I got my butt kicked out here

by the elements.

I got my butt kicked by Terry

Deitz a lot of the time.

I got my butt kicked by my own

shortsightedness-- falling down

on the rocks.

Despite the fact that I made it

39 days, I feel like my ego has

been crushed.

I feel so stupid for falling.

>> It's so funny, day 39 this


I just feel terrible.

>> Don't feel like that.

It was an accident.

>> I wanted to, like, go out...

cool thing and then I go out.

>> This day was definitely your


>> My day to be a...

I kind of came in as a buffoon

and I kind of went out as a

buffoon, and in between I did

some pretty cool things.

That's life.

I mean, you fall, you get back

up and you try again.

Sometimes you need to get

stitched up before you can try


Falling down and hurting myself

today reminded me just how human

I am, and reminded me just how

much of a game this is.

What that is is saying, "Look,

Aras, you don't have to be a

superman, you don't have to be a

superhero and you'll be okay."

And so, with that perspective,

coming into Tribal Council,

maybe I'll be able to connect

with people at a deeper level.

That's the hope.

>> I can't really say there's

one thing that I've learned

about myself that I didn't know

coming into this.

It just drew a clearer picture

for me.

It let me know I'm strong,

you know, I'm a strong,

independent woman, and I knew I

could get through it, and I did


I'm so proud of myself, I

really am.

I just hope people dig deep

tonight in the jury.

I hope they pick the right

person, being me.

>> You all packed up?

>> Yeah.

It's like weird.

>> It is weird, isn't it?

This is the last day.

Come here, stand up, give me a


Oh, whatever happens tonight, D,

I'm so happy I got to share this

with you.

This has been an amazing ride.

And hopefully, there will be an

amazing reward at the end of it.

But I'm just so grateful that I

got the time out here that I


I'll never forget the moments

that I spent out here, and the

people that I spent the moments


>> PROBST: I'll now bring in the

members of the jury.

Austin, Sally...

Bruce, Courtney, Shane,

Cirie, and Terry, voted out at

the last Tribal Council.

Welcome to your final Tribal


Before we get to the proceedings

tonight, Aras, you're bandaged

up, what happened?

>> Danielle and I were walking

out to the rocks to like spend

one last moment together.

And these rocks I must've been

on 50 times, you know,

throughout this game, and I just

slipped, and I split my palm and

my pinky, and the medical team

came in and stitched me up all

over the place.

But I'm all right now.

>> PROBST: Well, the good news

is you won't be going back to

that beach anymore.

Congratulations to you both

because you have done what 14

other people weren't able to do

in this game-- make it to the

final two.

But the power tonight shifts

away from you two, over

to the jury.

Seven people that you two either

directly or indirectly had a

hand in voting out of this game

now hold your fate in their


Tonight, they will decide who

they think is most deserving of

the title of sole survivor and

the million-dollar check

that goes along with it.

Here's how it's going to work.

You'll each get a chance to make

an opening statement, this is an

opportunity to make your case

about why you deserve to win

this game.

Then the jury will get the first

chance to address you with a

comment or a question.

Then you'll get a chance for a

final, closing comment.

Make sense?

>> Yeah.

Opening statements-- Aras.

>> Wow, guys.

Um, first, I just want to say

thank you.

This has been an amazing

experience for me.

And I hope when you guys vote

tonight, that you guys will

look at the way that I played

the game.

You know, I worked my butt off

at camp, I think.

I worked hard in the challenges.

And I really made an effort to

get to know each one of you,

not because I wanted your vote,

but I really feel like I made

an effort to get to know you

guys and connect.

I set out to play this game

with honesty and integrity, and

I feel like for the most part I

did that.

And I hope that you guys will

see that.

And honestly, whichever way you

guys decide to vote, it's been

an amazing experience.

>> PROBST: Danielle.

>> Guys, just want to thank you

for making this an unbelievable

journey for me.

I just came into this thinking

that I just wanted to be myself.

I wanted to do the best that I

could do out here.

I wanted to build relationships.

I wanted to seek out who I

could trust and who I could

relate to.

I mean, in a perfect world,

everybody wants to play this

game with integrity and

honesty, but let's be realistic


I mean, at some point in the

game, you're going to have to

deceive somebody, and you just

have to make that decision

whether it's the right time to

do that.

Anyways, to get down to the

point-- this is going to be a

difficult decision for you guys.

I just hope you make the right


>> PROBST: All right, jury, in

a moment, you're going to get

your first chance to address

Danielle and Aras.

I'll give you a minute to think

about what you want to say.

>> PROBST: All right, jury, some

of you have been waiting a long

time for this: your first

opportunity to address Danielle

and Aras to get the information

you need to make a million

dollar vote.

Let's get started.

Sally, you're up first.

>> Hey, guys.

Congratulations to you both.

You should feel very proud of

where you're sitting.

You guys worked hard, and I

really haven't made my decision

yet, so I do have a question

that I'm going to ask.

Of the six original Casaya

members that you had such a

strong connection with that I

could not for the life of me

figure out how to get into, of

those six, who contributed the

most to why you're sitting


Danielle, you can go first.

>> Cirie would be the one

person that I would say is the

reason why I'm sitting here.

I just had a connection with


I was at Exile six days out of

the 39 days.

And when you come back from

Exile Island, you don't know

what's been going on, so I

always had Cirie to fill me in,

and she did.

And I always trusted her.

>> Thank you.


>> Ironically, I also would say


One, just as a friend.

You need to have somebody you

can just relate to, and then at

other times it's strategic.

And we helped each other.

We took each other on a reward.

It was a mutually beneficial


But I think if I had to single

out one person, Cirie would be

the person.

>> Congratulations again.

Thank you so much.

>> PROBST: Bruce.

>> Wow, I get to address you

guys and congratulations.

You guys battled like real

samurai warriors to me, both

of you.

Now we have the responsibility

of deciding who's going to get

that million dollars.

And what I want to know is,

beyond the million dollars, if

you were given that, what are

you going to be doing with that


That's what I'd like to know.

>> PROBST: Aras.

>> To be honest, Bruce, I don't

know if I can inspire anybody

else unless I change myself.

And so for me, my focus at the

age that I am is really, like,

can I make myself a better

person, and hopefully, through

that, that will inspire other


I don't know if that worked.

>> PROBST: Danielle.

>> I would love to just share

my experiences, maybe just give

speeches to younger children

and let them know you can

really do anything you put your

mind to.

I mean, I never in a million

years thought I'd be sitting in

this seat right now, and I would

just love to share my

experiences with other people

and encourage them to do

whatever they want.

>> Okay.

>> PROBST: Terry.

>> Danielle, I'd first like

to make a comment, that your

part about deceiving somebody

and having to do it sometime

during the game is totally


After 38 days, I never came

close to deceiving anyone.

Somewhere down the line,

Danielle, I hope that your

family and friends and the

ringing in your ears doesn't

say "should have taken the navy


Okay, the out-play portion of

Survivor, in my book, revolves

around the competitions.

So what I want you to do is

rate yourself, one through ten,

and why you gave yourself a one

to ten rating.


>> I give myself a nine.

I busted my butt at every


And I think everybody here did,


I don't know anybody who

wasn't, like, pumped up for a

challenge, and I have no

regrets about any of the

challenges, except maybe

wishing I got a peg in

somewhere quicker than somebody

else got a peg in, or something

like that.

>> Danielle.

>> I would give myself an eight

and a half, nine, only because

I would give myself higher if I

didn't take the cheeseburger

over that challenge.

I'm still kicking myself in the

ass for that.

But every other challenge, I

put in 110% on that field.

I just gave it my all.

So I'd say closer to a nine.

>> That's it.

Thank you.

>> PROBST: Thank you, Terry.

Austin, you're up.

>> First off, congratulations

to the both of you.

Aras, sorry to hear about your

hand, man.

What I want you guys to do, I

want you to tell me one

incident you think you made a

very positive, good move, and

then one incident that you did

something that wasn't

necessarily completely on the

up-and-up, both of which helped

you kind of navigate your way to

where you are right now.

>> PROBST: We'll start with


>> I think the first move that I

did that helped me get some

control in this game was to

persuade people not to vote

Bruce off and to vote Bob Dog


I just feel like that was the

first move where I gained a

little bit of control in the


And the second move, obviously,

was voting Courtney off,

because Courtney was one of the

closest people that I bonded

with here.

That was one of the hardest

things I had to do.

>> Okay, thanks.

>> PROBST: Aras.

>> Probably the...

the move that I'm proudest I

made was telling Melinda she

was going to be home.

To be the second person voted

off and to not know you're

going home...

Like Shane didn't know if he was

going to stay or not, and

Melinda's hopes got up.

But I felt good that she at

least knew she was going home,

as opposed to coming in like

super-stoked that she was going

to make it three more days and

get blindsided.

Something that I wasn't so proud

of: Shane, the vote off for


I had to break the alliance with

Shane and I ended up saying

things to Shane that weren't

true, and I felt bad about that.

But I do think I played this

game with lots of integrity,

and for the most part, every

move I made, I felt really good


>> Congratulations again to the

both of you guys.

>> PROBST: Thanks, Austin.


>> Oh, boy!

I forgot my guns.

They've been dropped in the sea

of forgiveness.



I came in here wanting to play

with integrity and to be of

light and love and this shining

being, and, wow, did I struggle

with that.

Because you certainly both

stabbed me in the back with a

knife that was very deep, and

it took me about a week to

remove it from my back it was

so deep, especially from

Danielle, who, which I had

total trust in her.

I never was going to vote you


I don't know who made up that

lie, but I'm holding no chip on

my shoulder, because chips on

your shoulder of regret and

anger weigh you down.

And I'm a bird, so I gotta fly.

But more so than anything, I

learned a ton about myself, and

that points me to my question.

For you and through this

experience, more than the game

and the money and the

la-la-la-la, what did you really

learn about yourself that you're

going to take out of here and

walk with every single day?

>> PROBST: Aras.

>> I hope you don't think I

stabbed you in the back,

because we both put each

other's name on the parchment,


>> Well, you did, lie, but

that's okay.

>> And you know what, you know

what, I take full responsibility

for that, I did.

And I and do not profess to say

that I was completely honest out


And so I guess for me, one thing

I can say is my ego has been


>> And that is going to

strengthen your spiritual way.

I mean, my ego was smashed into

smithereens, and you need it,

because it's going to be tough

out there.

>> That's right.

>> PROBST: Danielle.

>> I didn't realize how

mentally strong I can be and

how mentally tough this whole

adventure was for me.

Like, there were so many times

where I just was like, "I can't

do this."

>> Well, in a sense, that is the

beautiful gift, then, that this

gave you, is that, in a sense,

you've learned to be able to be

still within yourself, just

you, not having Dad take care

of you or your boyfriend take

care of you or anyone.

>> Thank you for pointing that

out for me.

>> Well, you know, we're all

here for each other in one way

or another, and my life is to


And I'm glad we've all learned

something, and we're all going

to walk on a higher road.

>> PROBST: Thanks, Courtney.


>> Well, um, hard to follow


I would imagine that you both

have realized each other's

strengths and attributes.

I would like both of you to

tell me why my vote should be

for the person sitting next to


>> PROBST: Danielle.

>> Aras is unbelievable.

Honorable, respectful, strong-

minded, and a great morale for

the team.

Just a great person.

>> PROBST: Aras.

>> When I hurt my hand today,

Danielle was there, and she

walked me up to the beach and

just held a towel over my hand

to put pressure on it, and just

basically helped save my ass.

On a night where she could just

be worrying about what she's

going to say to Tribal Council,

she put all that aside.

That for me was really

touching, and to be in that

situation, I felt like, wow,

Danielle is a really

spectacular person.

>> I did tell the doctor

to drug you, though.

>> She did tell the doctor to

drug me up, which hopefully

they'll do later.

>> I was kidding.

>> Good luck, guys.

>> PROBST: Thanks, Cirie.


>> Fun.

First of all, congratulations.

The last two, I'm disappointed

that it's the both of you.

I wish that Terry would have

been there.

I believe that Terry is the

most deserving person of the 16

to win the million dollars.

I'm going to tell you why I

think you guys are both


Danielle, you were useless at


The only time you were ever

motivated to do anything was

when it was time to eat.

And the outwit part, I don't

know, because at the end of the

day, I was with you for 33

days, and I don't know anything

about you.

I know you can't complete a

coherent sentence, and you

contradict yourself all the


And that's a drag.

Aras, we had an agreement on

what was most important to both

of us, my son and your yoga,

which, at this point, is sort

of laughable and contradictory.

But we had an agreement, a

bond, and when it came time to

make the hard decision, I

signed Danielle's name, and you

signed mine.

Danielle, you didn't lie to me.

You played the game straight up.

>> I didn't lie to you.

>> You didn't lie to me at all.

I have no beef with the way you

played that part of the game.

Aras, you lied, you cheated,

and you wrecked me, personally.

You know, you're young, you're

a good kid.

You're striving to do the right

thing, but we cannot judge

people based on their


If I'm judged on my intentions,

I'd be president of the planet.

I have to be judged on my

actions, and I've learned that

through experience.

You are broke, you are homeless

and you freeload off your dad.

So you don't know what it's

like to be judged.

And that is why I cannot vote

for you.

And I don't know who to vote


And I can't abstain.

So this is what we're going to


We're going to have a little


Number between one and, very

fittingly, a million.

I want you guys both to pick


>> PROBST: Aras.

>> Four.

>> PROBST: Danielle.

>> Ten.

>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: Okay, the jury has

had their say.

Some good questions, some

interesting comments, and a


You'll have one last chance to

make your case about why you

deserve the million dollars and

the title of sole survivor.

I'm going to give you a minute

to think about what you want to


>> PROBST: All right, Danielle

and Aras, a lot's been said


This is your last chance to

make your case with the jury.

Danielle, final comments.

>> Um, like I said, I wanted to

come into this game and be

strong, be myself, form the

right alliances, be observant

of what was going on, never

feel comfortable, and I feel

like I did play this game with

honesty and integrity and there

did come a point when I did

have to make a decision to

deceive somebody that I did

align with.

Shane, I know you said that I

was useless around camp.

I feel like I grew a lot,


Maybe you didn't see it, but

personally, I felt like I grew.

And the outwit part of this, I

just feel like I aligned with

the right people.

I found a couple people that

I really trusted, and I stuck

with them.

And I'm asking you guys to just

look at the three components of

this game-- the outwit, the

outplay, and outlast-- and I

think I did all three of them

fairly well.

I hope you guys vote for me.

I have so much going on right

now in my life, and this could

really help me.

So there you have it.

>> PROBST: Aras.

>> Guys, again, I know this is

a tough choice for all of you,

every single one of you.

I played this game the best way

that I knew how.

I worked my butt off at camp.

I worked hard in the challenges.

I worked hard at establishing

real relationships with each

and every one of you, and I

mean that.

Shane, I'm really sorry that

you think that I was going to

try to screw you first.

I was under the assumption that

you were trying to screw me.

Those hugs that you and I would

have at the fireside at night

were real, and that was real.

So if you're thinking about

voting for someone who needs

the money, I'm homeless and

I freeload off my dad.

Help me get out of that

situation, brother.

But honestly, guys, we all

played it the best way we know


I hope you guys can look at the

situation and say, "Wow, Aras

played it really well."

if you guys say D played it

better, that's cool, too.

It was a real challenging

experience, and my closing

words are just thank you guys

for being a part of that


>> PROBST: Okay, tonight, jury,

you are voting for a winner.

You're writing down the name

of the person you think most

deserving of the million


Aras, Danielle, you want to see

your name on the parchment


It is time to vote.

Austin, you're up.

>> Danielle, what a great

pleasure to have shared this

experience with you.

I know you're going to hold

this position with due honor and

you'll touch a lot of people's


The best years of your life

have yet to come.

>> I am just so used to writing

this name down, of the two of

you, you are head and shoulders

the winner.


>> PROBST: I'll go get the


Aras, Danielle, jury, thank you

for a great 39 days.

I know you two are especially

excited to have these votes


You're going to have to wait

until we get back to the States.

I'll see you there.


(cheering and applause)

>> PROBST: All right.

Let's get to it.

You guys ready for this?

All right, have a seat.

Everybody have a seat.

Nice warm welcome.


>> Jeff.

>> PROBST: Aras, Danielle, I

gotta say, this is a tough game

to play.

And I think until you play it

or witness it firsthand, which

is as close as I'm ever going

to get, you really can't

appreciate it.

So I congratulate you guys on

coming out and taking this

endeavor on.

And especially Aras and

Danielle, to you two for making

it this far.

Let's get to it.

Seven votes in here.

Four votes to win.

At stake, title of sole

survivor and a check for a

million bucks.


I'll read the votes.


First vote... Aras.

(cheering and applause)

>> PROBST: Danielle.

One vote Aras, one vote



Obviously, this is Shane's vote.

And the answer to his question

of what was the number between

one and a million.

That's two votes, Danielle, one

vote Aras.


We're tied, two votes to two.


Three votes Aras, two votes


It takes four votes to win.

The winner of Survivor: Exile

Island, Aras.

(cheers and applause)

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Media Access Group at WGBH