Survivor (2000–…): Season 11, Episode 3 - The Brave May Not Live Long, But the Cautious Don't Live at All - full transcript

Avoiding the warnings, some castaways bathe in the crocodile-infested waters.

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>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on

Survivor, Yaxha celebrated

their diversity.

>> We got the gay guy, a police

officer, magician's assistant,

and we got a landscaper.

>> I told them I was a

landscaper, not a quarterback.

Nobody's asked me what I did 15

years ago.

So I guess I don't have to tell


>> PROBST: At Nakum, right

before the challenge, things

were not looking good for Blake.

>> Yeah, it's bad, man.

>> He's struggling to

get breaths, and something's not


>> PROBST: At the challenge, the

tribes competed for fishing


Survivors ready?


The race was close, but in the

end, Blake made a comeback and

led Nakum to victory.

Nakum wins reward!

Nakum put their new fishing gear

to good use.

>> I got one. I got one.

>> Yes! Yes!

>> Breakfast.

>> PROBST: At Yaxha, the food

situation was grim.

>> You want to eat ants?

>> I'm not gonna be eating ants.

>> PROBST: But with minimal

resources, Lydia managed to


>> Did you have any luck down


>> Ten little minnows.

>> That's a minnow each.

>> You know what they

say, the way to a man's heart is

through their stomachs.

>> PROBST: At the immunity

challenge, both tribes duked it

out in a difficult tug-of-war

mud bath.

When the challenge moved to

individual face-offs, Danni gave

Yaxha a clue to Gary's true


>> He's a quarterback.

You're like a linebacker.

Come on.

>> PROBST: Judd went on to

dominate the challenge and

pulled Nakum to victory.

Judd makes a big pull!

This challenge is over!

Nakum wins immunity!

With Tribal Council looming,

Brian questioned Gary about his


>> Gary, were you a former NFL


>> Me?

>> Yeah.

>> No.

I'm just going to deny

I played in the NFL because I

think I would be voted off


>> PROBST: Eventually it was

Lydia and Morgan on the chopping


>> Longevity-wise, who do you

think will be better?

>> Lydia is limited in the


But Morgan doesn't do very much

in camp.

>> PROBST: Brian scrambled to

save Lydia.

>> I told her, I said

"Lydia, it's not looking good

for you," because she needs to


>> PROBST: So Lydia made a plea

to Gary.

>> I'm not ready to go, Gary.

>> PROBST: The plea worked.

At Tribal Council Lydia was

spared and Morgan got a big

surprise when she was voted out

of Yaxha.

Morgan, the tribe has spoken.

16 are left-- who will be voted

out tonight?

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(theme song playing)

♪ ♪

>> Last night was our first

Tribal Council, and Morgan

got voted out, but I really

believe that my head was on the

chopping block.

I'm a hard worker.

You know, I don't deserve to go.

The person that I would have

chose would have been Brianna.

Because she's kind of on the

weak side, and we need a strong


We have to start winning.

>> Oh, yeah.

I've been hearing that

thunder for a little bit now.

>> I don't get along with Lydia.

We don't fight.

I'm cordial with her, but she's

just not my cup of tea.

>> Day seven.

>> Guys, no more Tribal Council,


That sucks.

>> I actually had no idea how it

was gonna turn out.

I was just hoping.

>> It was a last-minute pull

that I thought worked out good.

>> Last night was so great.

I was so happy with the outcome.

That was 100% me.

I engineered Morgan's ouster.

But if Lydia had to go next, I

wouldn't throw a big fit about


'Cause I will do whatever I need

to do to make sure it's going my


( loud screeching )

>> I believe it's day seven.

In seven days, I probably slept

a couple of hours.

They got this damn monkey up

here that's just driving me out

of my mind.

( screeching continues )

I mean, I don't know how anybody

could sleep through that, if

they're saying they're sleeping

through that.

>> No, they are loud.

( screeching continues )

>> How can I complain about

being woken up by howler monkeys

in Guatemala?

People pay money to do that.

They've got all this loose skin

in their throat, and it gets all

big like a bowling ball, and

they let the air out and it

makes that crazy noise.

>> It's absolutely miserable.

It just goes on and on.

And then we've got like a

zookeeper here, Cindy.

She's like, almost like a Dr.


The monkey's lost and he's

looking for the brother that's

all the way across the other

side of the jungle.

And I'm like, dude...

That is the most annoyingest

noise I've ever heard in my

entire life.

It just, it really, it just

drives you crazy, man.

It makes you nuts.

( screeching continues )

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

Nakum, getting your first look

at the new Yaxha tribe.

Morgan voted out at the last

Tribal Council.

All right, let's get to today's


Here in Guatemala, you guys are

surrounded by ruins that are in

various stages of excavation by

archaeologists who are searching

for more clues into the Maya


That plays into today's


You're going to build an

archaeologist's tent.

You will be blindfolded and tied

together in groups.

One person on each tribe will be

your set of eyes.

They will guide you.

Scattered amongst these ruins

will be nine bundles of items.

Once you've found all nine

bundles, take off your

blindfolds, start putting the

tent together.

Poles to build the frame, a tarp

for the top, and rope to keep it

all together.

First tribe to complete it

correctly wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing


>> Yes.

>> PROBST: Comfort.

>> Oh, my God.

>> Nice.

>> PROBST: Pillows, a lantern

and fuel, tarp, rope, blankets.

All right, I need callers.


>> I'm going to be the caller,


>> PROBST: Brooke will be the

caller. Yaxha?

Gary will be the set of eyes.

We'll get you blindfolded and

we'll get started.

Pick a spot.

Here we go, guys.

For reward, survivors ready?


>> Stephenie, straight

ahead 20 steps.

>> Go a little to your left,

Bobby Jon.

>> Five more steps, Amy.

Five more steps, Steph,

and then lean down and grab.

Keep walking till you hit it.

You got it, you got it.

Right there!

Lean forward, Amy!

Bring it home.

>> Blake, stop, you got a pole.

Pick that up, carry it to the


Stop, Margaret.

>> Ow, ow, ow!

>> Watch your head, Danni.

>> Come on!

I'm caught up.

>> Sorry about that, Danni.

>> This way, this way!

Keep coming to me.

Drop it!

>> Okay, drop it.

>> Okay, right two more steps,

set it down.

>> PROBST: Yaxha with their

first two items.

>> Bobby Jon, watch out for the

table on your left.

>> Ow! God!

>> Okay, set it down, set it


Bobby Jon, set yours down.

>> PROBST: Nakum drops off their

first three items.

>> Stop, Jamie.

Left five steps, 90 degrees.

>> Four, five.

I got a pole.

>> Margaret, straight towards

me, straight ahead.

>> PROBST: Margaret took one in

the shoulder.

Nakum with four, Yaxha with

their third.

>> Okay, Steph.

>> Margaret and Bobby Jon, drop


>> PROBST: Nakum with two more--

they're now at six.

>> Keep coming in.

Drop it right there.

Left more, left more, drop it!

>> PROBST: Yaxha at five.

>> Margaret, stop.

You guys go to your left.

Go to your left.

Wait, go to your right more,


Blake, drop your stuff.

>> PROBST: Nakum at seven.

>> Keep going, keep going,


There, you got it.

Bring it back.

>> Go back this way.

Follow me.

>> Please tell me when you're

picking up a pole, and I'll


>> Bobby Jon, bend down.

You got it.

>> Gary, am I going the right


>> This way, this way!

Keep coming to me.

>> Gary, am I close?

Can I throw it? Gar?

>> PROBST: That's six for Yaxha.

>> All right, drop your stuff.

>> PROBST: Nakum at eight.

>> Keep doing what you're doing.

Drop it.

>> PROBST: Yaxha at seven,

coming back with their eighth


>> Drop it right now, Amy.

>> PROBST: We're tied,


It's a race for the last item.

>> Stop, Steph!

Right 90 degrees.

Five steps.

>> Cindy, left.

Okay, now your right a little.

Follow them.

>> Keep going! No.

To the right. Yeah!

Yes! Straight back to me.

Straight ahead, straight ahead,

straight ahead, drop it.

>> PROBST: Yaxha has their ninth


Take off your blindfolds.

Start assembling.

>> Girls untie, boys build.

Girls untie, boys build.

>> Put the poles in.

>> PROBST: Yaxha with a big

advantage right now.

>> Behind you, Margaret, to your


>> PROBST: Nakum, still working.

Got to hustle.

>> Margaret, this way, towards

your left!

>> Anything in between us?

>> No, but walk fast.

>> This has holes in it, Gary.

>> PROBST: Yaxha, putting their

frame together.

Nakum coming back with their

last item.

>> Stop, drop it.

>> PROBST: Take off your


Nakum has all nine items, they

start assembling.

Yaxha with a big lead.

>> Uh, that's not right.

>> PROBST: This is going to come

down to how quickly and how

efficiently the two tribes work


>> Look at the top.

The top has all the holes.

>> Flip it over, 'cause it says

Yaxha on the other side.

>> Put this in somewhere, guys.

>> It's got to go underneath.


>> What the hell?

>> PROBST: A lot of confusion at


>> Go.

Raise it, raise it, raise it.

Put it down.

>> PROBST: Nakum has a plan.

Making up a lot of ground.

>> That one, that one.

That's the big one that goes


>> It has to go over all the top


>> Through the tall ones in


>> PROBST: Yaxha cannot figure

out their frame.

>> Okay, line 'em up, line 'em


Let's go, let's go!

>> PROBST: Nakum working well


We are dead even.

>> Let's go, let's go.

Come on, grab this side.

>> PROBST: Both tribes moving on

to their tarps.

You're going to have to use

those ropes to keep them


>> Somebody get on the ropes!

Ropes go on the other side


>> PROBST: Very close, very


>> Right there.

Go, go, go, go, go, hurry,


>> PROBST: When you think you

have it right, get on your mat.

>> Drop that side on.

Drop that side.

>> PROBST: Wrong ropes.

>> This one's not reaching.

>> PROBST: Both tribes trying to

figure out which ropes are the

right ropes.

It's coming down to the wire.

>> It's this one!

Give me that one!

>> Gary, this is longer.

This is longer, Gary.

>> Go, go, go, go, go!

>> Mat, mat, mat, mat, mat, mat.



>> PROBST: Nakum wins reward.

( cheering )

Yaxha, good effort, good


You fell apart when it came to

putting the tent together.

I got nothing for you.

Head on back to camp.

Nakum, good job, kept it

together, didn't panic, caught

up, won a nice reward.

Get your stuff.

Head on back to camp.

>> The reward challenge was so


I mean, we were like totally in

the lead, and then we all start

building like lunatics, and it

was just, like, a big...

cluster mess.

I did not even want that reward.

I just wanted to win.

>> So close! Gosh!

>> I'm just hoping that it's so

early on in this game that we're

going to pull it out.

I believe that can happen, I

really do.

I've been in worse situations.

( laughs )

>> We can't afford to lose


>> That was the easiest

challenge ever.

>> Yeah, but we lost it.

That's what sucks.

>> I know.

>> It sucks to lose.

You get down for about two

minutes, and then you come back


You know, I don't feel

fantastic, but I know what I

have to do to make it out here.

>> I've been sleeping in it for

seven days, and I'm loving it!

Does anybody else's clothes look

like that?

Why are you laughing?

Do your clothes look like that?

>> If you boil it, it might


>> This is gonna rot.

I can't believe I'm living like


If you think about it, like, no

soap, we're brushing our teeth

with a tree.

We're going to the bathroom and

using leaves.

One pair of underwear.

This is torture.

>> Yeah, but the worst thing is,

it's only day seven.

It gets, like, a lot worse.

>> Listen, you're in paradise,


>> Yeah, paradise, we can't

even swim, we can't even go

swimming and have a water game

because there's crocs in there

that might bite our butts.

>> Hey, you're not working at

the police station.

>> That's a walk in the park

compared to this.

I have no outdoor experience,

absolutely nothing.

But could I hack it out here 39



I'll never give up.

You'll have to stick needles in

my eyeballs, I'm still not going

to give up.

I don't care how bad it gets,

I will not give up.

>> We did it.

>> We're on a streak.

>> Four to one, baby, four to


>> One game at a time, you know?

>> And just enjoy the moment,


>> Feeling real good.

We won our reward challenge

today, and I'm not too used to

winning, so it felt good to win.

>> Let's all take a breather and

regroup here.

>> Yeah.

>> We deserve a rest.

( groans )

>> We think we want to build a

better shelter, just put the

tarp up, but we got to wait

for the heat to pass.

The heat's definitely taken

its toll on getting work done.

>> This is hotter than Texas.

>> Yeah, it is hotter than


>> It's Arizona with the


>> Who cares, man?

Let's just get in the water,


Y'all ready? You ready?

>> I'm ready to dive right in.

>> This is definitely one of the

toughest things I've ever done

in my entire life.

I mean, the heat is beating the

crap out of us, and then can't

really jump in the water to cool

off because of the alligators.

>> You shoving off?

>> Yeah, man, we're going out.

>> We're not going out far,


>> The crocs are around here.

We got to go out a little bit


>> They're all over.

>> They're all over.

>> It's just so hot out, and,

God, that water is just so


>> Who's not going?

>> That's all right.

>> I'm going to get off, too.

I'm not getting in there.

I've worked with alligators.

They behave like crocs do,

and I know they're out there,

even though we can't see them.

There's probably hundreds in

this lake, if not more.

>> We're touching or no?

Uh, yeah, we're touching a

little bit.

>> Everybody watches each

other's backs for the

crocodiles, we'll be all right,


>> Yeah, just look, man.

>> Eventually, you just say

screw it, man, I'll just jump

in, chance it.

Live on the edge a little bit,

you know?

>> They think they're safe

'cause they're in the deep part.

But alligators go deeper when it

gets hot.

They have to regulate their own

body temperature so they're

deeper right now.

They don't care.

They're taking the risk.

They can do what they want.

>> I have to get up.

>> Yeah, baby, go ahead.

>> The brave may not live long,

but the cautious don't live at


And I've never felt more alive

in my entire life.

( laughs )

>> I'm pulling my workload

around camp, because I'm mostly

worried about what my tribe sees

me as.

I want to be considered an asset

on this tribe.

You have to be a provider, and I

believe I am.

Guys, come get it while it's hot

'cause it might stick.

>> Dinner's the same old corn


It's similar to oatmeal, but not

as good.

Sort of crunchy, like a crunchy,


stuck-in-your-teeth kind of

meal, I guess you could say.

>> I'm already getting sick of

this smell.

>> Come on, dude, I can't eat

this corn.

>> Mmm!

Everybody, mmm!

>> We have been eating the

same taste every meal, every

day, and we just need something


Like, even throwing dirt in the

corn almost makes it taste

better because it's something

different, and that's all we're

craving right now.

Like, anything different, we

will eat.

>> Look at that?

>> What is that?

>> They said it's termites.

>> That's disgusting.

>> Ew, stop it.

>> Well, I just want to see...

>> Please don't do that.

I'm not going to be your friend

anymore, Rafe.

>> If I eat termites?

>> Yeah.

>> Ew, Rafe!

>> They taste good.

>> Gary, please, stop doing that

or I'm not going to be your

friend, either.

>> Did you like them, Gary?

>> Oh, yeah.

>> I think that they're better

than those ants we had.

There's probably more fat in


>> Why don't you cook them up


Don't like eat them alive.

>> Today was a day of

interesting food items.

We started eating termites.

They were good protein, not good


>> Good?

>> Protein.

>> What do you guys want to do

with this stuff right now?

>> We could put it over our

existing shelter.

>> We'd get more use out of it

if we tied it up.

>> I agree.

>> There was a little bit of

discussion on how to put the

tarp on.

People always have different

ideas on how things should be

done, but, you know, we all work

as a team.

>> Well, I want to go here, and

then I'm gonna go to that corner

and tie it and go all the way

around it.

>> The guys are trying to

construct a canopy for us to

sleep under, but it's just

interesting how it's taking, you

know, a while.

>> This thing's so heavy, if

rain were to pool on top of it,

it'll collapse.

>> Why don't we all pull a


>> Um, if you're going to slant

it, you got to decide which way

you want to slant it.

The way this is, if you have it

on there, the canopy may just go

like this, slide along the

string like this.

So knot it so it doesn't slide,

and then do your others.

>> You know, we don't need a


This thing is supposed to be

fun, you know?

>> Ready?

>> Yeah.

>> I don't understand how they

were putting it together 'cause

it was supposed to be a lean.

It looks like we got a, uh,

circus big top for a shelter.

Am I impressed?

( chuckles ): No answer.

>> You have no idea, man.

>> Margaret pretty much hand-

directed building the tent, and,

I don't know, I'm 28 years old.

You just can't tell grown men

what to do all the time.

>> She's playing that mother hen


>> Yeah.

>> I'm not here to take any

orders from her.

I'm like you, man, I'm basically

just here to have fun, man, and

experience it all.

As soon as somebody comes in and

tries to enforce all these

rules, that ain't fun, man.

Margaret just comes in,

"We need this, we need that,"

da, da, da, da, da, da.

Come on, man.

Starting to bark orders this

early is-is not a good thing.

Nobody's going to tell me what

to do.

The only people who tell me what

to do is my boss and my wife,

that's it.

>> We got some tree mail, baby.

>> Exciting, exciting!

>> Let's see what it says.

>> "The ancient Maya

civilization embraced sport.

Considered nobles, the warriors

would adorn themselves in

ceremonial garb and body paint.

When a team of warriors would

lose, the cost would be a human


You will do the same tonight at

Tribal Council."

>> Oh, you guys, look-it.

>> Oh, fun!

>> Oh, cool!

>> A tree mail came with a big

basket full of feathers, little

bands full of color, lots of

body paint and brushes.

>> I'm going to do football

lines, yeah.

>> You bet.

>> It's fun, because

before I go to Chiefs football

games, we always paint ourselves

up, so it's right up my alley.

Can I put a feather in your


Nakum is such a strong tribe.

We've won four out of the five

challenges now.

So there's no reason why we

shouldn't go in and win this


>> Guys, we are going to win!

( whooping )

>> We're gonna win, Yaxha!

We got immunity!

We got it, guys.

We need it, we're the underdogs.

Do it for your family, do it for

everyone, do it for each other,

just do it, and win, guys!

>> Guys, for Yaxha.

One, two, three, Yaxha!

>> This immunity challenge is

really important because we

don't want to go to Tribal


We don't want to lose any more

of my members.

Do I look like I can kick

somebody's butt?

Hopefully, I'll be a star out


Hopefully, I'll do something

that, you know, I won't be the

next one on the chopping block.

I don't want to be that way


>> How do I look?

>> Ah!

I'm scared of you! Whoo!

>> You should be.

We're going to win.

I'm fired up, so I'm trying to

get people up, ready to go,

ready to win.

Right now in terms of people,

we're even, eight to eight.

So if we win tonight, we'll

still be down challenge-wise,

but we'll be up people-wise,

and that's where it's killer.

This is so crucial to keep the

numbers up on our side.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

All right, first things first.

Who has it?

You're tucking it away in there,


>> That's right, man.

>> PROBST: Once again, immunity

back up for grabs.

First of all, glad to see you

took the spirit of today's

challenge to heart and adorned

yourself as warriors.

Definitely plays into the


Let's get to today's immunity


It is based on the oldest and

the most popular of Maya games,

called court ball.

Playing on an elevated court,

you will square off three versus

three, attempting to score a

point for your tribe by tossing

this ball through one of your

two hoops.

This is a catch-and-pass game.

That means when you catch it,

you have to pass it.

You cannot run or walk with the


First tribe to score five points


Make sense?

At stake?

Well, when the Maya played, the

losing tribe sacrificed a


You will do basically the same

thing tonight-- losers voting

somebody out at Tribal Council.

For each round, the teams of

three will be randomly drawn.

We're going to start with three

men versus three men and mix it

up from there.

Take a spot up on the platform,

and we'll get started.

Judd, Blake, Bobby Jon, taking

on Brian, Rafe and Jamie.

Prepare for battle.


Jamie first to the ball.

>> Let's go!

>> PROBST: Judd has it.

Blake open.

>> Blake, Blake, Blake!

>> PROBST: Blake tied up from


Judd has it.

Blocked by Jamie.

Bobby Jon has it.

Brian and Rafe have it.

Got to throw it.

Brian has it.

>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: Brian scores for


Yaxha leads one-zero.

( yelling )

Now we're doing it like the Maya


This round is two men, one


It's Judd and Blake with

Margaret taking on Rafe and

Jamie with Amy.


Amy takes one hard on the net.

Blake first to the ball.

Jamie has it, looking for

somebody to throw it to.

Loose ball.

Amy has it!

Amy fighting off Blake!

Trying to find somebody to pass

it to.

Blake steals it.

>> Good shot!

>> PROBST: Blake scores!

We're tied one-one.

>> There you go, Blake!

>> Nice shot, baby.

>> Amy moving a little slowly

after that round.

Next round is all women.

Cindy, Brooke and Danni taking

on Steph, Lydia and Brianna.


>> Come on, you guys!

>> PROBST: Steph and Danni

mixing it up.

Brianna has it.

>> Get her, get her, get her!

>> PROBST: Danni steals it!

>> Good job!

>> PROBST: Long pass to Brooke.

She can't get it.

Steph has it.

Steph and Cindy mixing it up.

Steph needs some help.

>> Brianna, here!

>> You've got to come!

>> PROBST: You got to come to


She can't move.

>> Throw the ball.

>> PROBST: Steph handing off to


Lydia, you got to pass it.

Lydia, no, no, no!

Give it to Brooke.

Nakum's ball.

Lydia traveled.

We're good.


Brooke passes to Danni.

Danni scores!

Nakum leads two-one.

>> Way to go, baby!

>> PROBST: For this round it is

three men taking on three men


It's Blake, Brandon and Bobby

Jon, taking on Rafe, Gary and



>> Go, Brian!

>> PROBST: Brandon takes one

hard on the net.

Brian fighting off Bobby Jon.

Rafe has it.

Blake steals it.

Passes to Brandon.

Brandon to Bobby Jon.

Can't do it.

Blake does!

Nakum leads three-one.

Temperature update.

114 degrees.

This round is two men, one


It is Blake, Bobby Jon with

Brooke for Nakum.

For Yaxha, it is Rafe,

Gary and a clearly hurting Amy.


Bobby Jon and Gary in the


Bobby Jon has it.

Gary trying to take it from him.

They're still fighting.

Rafe in there.

Rafe has it now.

Got to find somebody to give it


Rafe to Amy.

Amy got to get rid of it.

Back to Gary.

To Rafe.

He's open.

Rafe tosses it through for


Yaxha two, Nakum still in the

lead with three.

>> Good job, baby.

>> Good job.

>> PROBST: Men on men.

We have Judd, Bobby Jon and

Blake for Nakum, taking on

Jamie, Brian and Gary for Yaxha.


Jamie has it.

Passes quickly to Gary.

Blake intercepts it.

Bobby Jon has it.

>> Bobby, throw it, throw it!

>> PROBST: Bobby Jon throws

ahead to Blake, but it's short.

Gary's going to get it.

Gary tries to use the net.

Brian has it.

Jamie under the goal.

Yaxha scores!

We're tied three-three.

You guys are playing great.

This round is two women and one

man for each tribe.

It's Danni, Cindy and Brandon...

taking on Amy, Lydia and Rafe.


Ball is live.

Rafe has it.

Rafe fighting to keep his tribe


To Lydia, who fights off Cindy.

Lydia's ball.

Cindy tries to steal it.

Rafe and Brandon fighting for


Brandon has it.

Brandon throws it down the


Danni has it.

Danni scores for Nakum!

Nakum leads 4-3.

Everybody tired.

Hard to run on the net.

It's 114 degrees.

We're back to women.

Cindy, Margaret and Danni

taking on Brianna, Steph and


If Nakum scores, they win


>> Do you hear me?

Do you know what a pick is?

>> PROBST: Let's go.

We're not resting.

>> Good job, guys!

>> PROBST: Here we go.



Steph and Danni mixing it up


Steph has it.

>> Go, Steph!

>> PROBST: Looking for somebody

to throw to.

>> Move, Brianna!

>> Bri, you got to move!

>> PROBST: Steph tied up already

with Danni.

Got to get rid of that ball.

Somebody got to get open.

Danni and Steph going at it.

Good, clean contact.

Lydia trying to get to the ball.

>> Bri, try and move!

>> PROBST: Brianna got to get


>> Brianna, why ain't you


I want to see you hustle! God!

>> PROBST: Danni not giving up

on that ball.

Lydia has it.

Margaret steals it, tosses to


To Danni.

Steph tries to steal it.

Danni under the rim.

She's got a height advantage.

Danni scores for the win!

( cheering )

Nakum wins immunity!

>> Yeah, baby!

Come here, girl!

>> PROBST: Great final point.

Well played.

Nakum, who wants it?

Great effort in unforgiving


You have immunity.

No Tribal Council tonight.

>> Nakum!

>> PROBST: Yaxha, it has been a

tough first eight days out here

for everybody.

Gonna get a little tougher for

you guys tonight.

Tribal Council, you will vote

somebody else out of this game.

I'll see you there.

Head on out.

>> Yeah, here we go again.

I'm on this tribe that doesn't

seem to be too good at winning

in the beginning, and someone

sprains their ankle.

It's horrible.

I've already been here.

I've already done this.

I can't do it again.

I've only dehydrated like that

once in my entire life.

I was trying not to cry 'cause

I wanted to hold all the water


>> Steph, don't be mad at


We got to keep positive, you

know what I mean?

>> I'm frustrated because we

have Amy, she's got all the

strength in the world, and she

can't run.

And we have Brianna who's a

makeup artist.

After the first round, she's

like this-- her head's

completely up her butt.

I have to literally pull it out.

I'm like, "Dude, it's too early

in the game-- what are you


Then we have a fish monger, who

I do love dearly because she

tries her best, but she's

really not athletic at all.

Part of me just wishes, like,

why, why, just once can't I

just be on a great tribe?

I want to see her.

Oh, my God, Amy.

>> It's good, it's all good.

I can feel it falling off.

I love this!

Snap, snap.

>> Did you hear it snap?

>> Oh, yeah, I snapped both


>> I rolled my ankle the

first game I went out there.

It's swollen, but it's

definitely something I can live


I'm not going to, you know,

give up.

I got to make sure my team

knows I'm going to be all right.

>> High-five, baby, gimme some.

Don't worry. Hey...

>> All right.

>> And be honest with us, too.

>> I'm fine.

My ankle would have to be

falling off before I ever quit.

It might be a little painful,

but it's going to be fine.

>> Two of our girls don't

have a clue.

>> I explained what a pick was,

and they didn't do it.

>> Lydia has never played a

sport in her life.

Our team is totally down,

because we got two people

that never played a sport in

their life in Lydia and Brianna.

Amy sprained her ankle.

With these challenges, if you

had a sprained ankle, it would

be tough, so, uh, that's

big, 'cause we need to win.

>> Jamie, you know I gave it my


>> I know, I saw you.

You were out there hustling.

>> She knows she's done.

>> 'Cause I had a feeling it

would have been a toss between

me and her.

>> We're going to Tribal Council

tonight to vote Brianna out.

She's done.

Brianna's last day on

Survivor is tonight.

Day eight.

Well, that girl makes me sick.

She was leaning on a pole.

Literally, leaning on a pole.

You don't do that.

There's three people out there,

they're all busting ass.

You know, they're all working

hard and then, she's leaning

against the pole.

So there were only two people

out there working so hard.

She won't say anything to me

because she knows I'll tell her

right to her face.

I'm going to vote her off.

Everybody knew from day one, I

don't like Brianna.

She annoys me.

Not my type of girl.

I like them crazy and pretty.

She's neither.

>> Like you said, she probably

knows herself, huh?

>> She'll try to fight it,

but there's nothing she can do.

>> I love this game.

Why would I be here if I didn't?

>> Obviously.

>> Why would I be here if I

didn't think I could?

>> Right.

>> I'm here because I can.

>> I know you can.

>> I feel scared because the

weak link today was probably me,

and then I know Jamie and Lydia

would have me out of here if

they could.

I'm voting for Lydia because

when I talk to people, I look at

them in the eyes.

>> Right.

>> I've never seen her eyes.

She doesn't like me anyway.

>> Lydia? Really?

>> Mm.

>> Why?

>> I can tell.

I told you I'm good at reading


>> Yeah, you did tell me that.

>> My vote tonight is based on

who I can trust and who I've

built relationships with, and I

haven't built that bond with


>> Is that too tight?

>> Let's go.

>> Let's go.

>> From now on, it's all

about who's athletic or not.

We can't lose anymore.

You can have all the heart in

the world, but if you can't

hang, you're lost.

There's no doubt out here right

now athletic ability means the


>> PROBST: Welcome back to

Tribal Council.

Steph, is it too early to ask if

this is feeling a little

familiar, a little deja vu?

>> I'm having some horrible

flashbacks, that's for sure,

just that feeling again of

losing, and having to come here,

and having to get rid of another


It makes me sick.

>> PROBST: At today's immunity

challenge, there were times

where it seemed like you were

looking around going, "Give me

some help here."

>> Yeah, I was completely

frustrated today during the

challenge, and, you know, I was

out there with Lydia and

Brianna, and, you know, they

haven't really played sports,

and they didn't know what a pick

was, and it's frustrating but

they were doing their best, and

obviously our best was not good

enough because we got beat.

>> PROBST: Brianna, is it fair

to come down on you because you

didn't know what a pick was?

>> I don't think anyone was

coming down on me for not ever

playing basketball and not

knowing the terminology.

I gave it my best, honestly, I


>> PROBST: Lydia, I'll give it

to you, you were trying.

I don't know if you were much

more effective than Brianna was.

What do you think?

>> Well, Jeff, I sucked today.

But, you know, I was in there,

and I was doing my best.

Anything that would help the

tribe, grabbing the ball,

stealing from it, anything.

And I just put my heart into it,

and never gave up.

>> PROBST: Brian, you think this

tribe's out-matched?

>> The other tribe is extremely

athletic, perhaps more athletic

than we are, but we have

determination and will, and we

really are not out-matched in

how much we like each other.

I can't imagine the other tribe

being as unified as we are.

>> PROBST: Let's talk about the

wear and tear from today's


Amy, I noticed when you came in,

you were hobbling a little bit.

>> When I first went out there,

I just turned my ankle.

But I didn't break it, so I'm

good to go.

>> PROBST: Gary, when you see

some of these injuries, does it

go through your head, you know,

we got to keep the strong, got

to get rid of the weak?

>> Well, we're definitely at a

point right now, Jeff, that

athleticism is big.

The reality is, if you can't

help us in the challenges, it's

going to hurt us as a team and

we're not going to get anywhere.

>> PROBST: Amy, you come in

here, you're injured.

All we talked about tonight is

physical, physical, physical.

How frustrating would it be to

go out number three?

>> It would be frustrating

because it would have to be

because they think I'm injured,

but it's not that serious.

So don't make the mistake.

>> PROBST: Okay, it is time to


Lydia, you're up.

>> Lydia, you have not once

looked me in the eye when I've

spoken to you or even attempted

at conversing.

>> You're a girlie-girl, you

need to go back to the shopping

mall when you leave the jungle.

>> I have to do what's right for

this tribe right now.

We've got to win immunity.

I can't be on the losing streak


>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote.




Two votes Brianna, one vote



That's three for Brianna.


Four votes Brianna.

Third person voted out of

Survivor: Guatemala...

Brianna. That's five.

That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Brianna, the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

>> You guys are strong.

Kick some Nakum butt.

>> Brianna, sweetheart.

>> See ya, Bri.

>> PROBST: Well, we're only

eight days in, but when it comes

to Tribal Council, your strategy

seems clear: keep the strong,

vote out the weak.

But in a game this

unpredictable, voting based

solely on physical strength can

be risky.

See how it plays out.

Grab your torches.

Head on back to camp.

Good night.

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>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on

Survivor... Yaxha has a deadly


>> It's definitely dangerous,

there's no doubt about that.

>> PROBST: Misery plagues Nakum.

>> This place changes you out

here, just, you know, completely

wears you down.

>> PROBST: And the game is taken

to a new level.

>> Oh, my God!

>> It is survival of the fittest

out there.

And I was the weakest link.

You've got to be athletic to be

out here, and I gave it my all,

I tried my hardest.

I am an athletic person but not

as athletic as these people.

These are strong people.

I was only here for eight days

but it was the best eight days

of my life.

The toughest but the best.