Survivor (2000–…): Season 11, Episode 2 - Man Down - full transcript

Starvation and intense heat have weakened the Survivors shortly before an intense physical Challenge.

>> JEFF: Previously on


In the jungles of Guatemala,

among the ruins of an

ancient civilization, 16

Americans began their

adventure with a big surprise.

Come on out.

I'm sure you guys recognize

Bobby Jon and Stephenie from

Survivor Palau.

Stephenie is a member of Yaxha.

Bobby Jon is a member of Nakum.

>> We were just thrilled to have

Bobby Jon because he's not going

to quit for anything.

I was like, oh, we're winning.

We got Stephenie, like,

we're good to go.

>> JEFF: But some weren't so


>> How am I going to win a

million now that she's here?

>> JEFF: The tribes immediately

faced off in their first

reward challenge.

It's a grueling 11-mile race

through the jungles of


The winning tribe claims the

right to the better camp;

they also get flint to make


Survivors, ready, go!

And the game was on.

>> Got to make time.

You drop it, you leave it,

you go.

>> On Stephenie's Yaxha tribe,

Gary kept his true identity

a secret.

>> Gary, what do you do?

>> All right!

I was in the NFL for 11 years.

My real name is Gary Hogeboom.

If somebody does recognize me,

Just gonna say that's not me.

I'm Gary Hawkins.

>> JEFF: And Bobby Jon's Nakum

tribe faced a setback when Blake

got hurt.

>> MARGARET: One of these trees

that have briars that

look like spikes actually broke

on Blake's shoulder.

That really took him down a

couple notches.

>> JEFF: After a grueling night

in the jungle...

>> Guys, wait, wait, wait,


JEFF: The tribes stayed close.

>> They're catching up, they're

behind us.

>> We need to, like, get right

on their ass, if not pass them.

>> JEFF: With Yaxha on their

heels, Bobby Jon's Nakum tribe

narrowly pulled it off.

>> Oh, yeah!

>> JEFF: Congratulations.

The losing Yaxha was sent out to

find their camp.

You've got more paddling to do.

Even though they had no flint

to make fire, Yaxha made the

best of their situation.

>> I am so psyched.

Finally, I'm on a tribe that's

got as much heart and

determination as me.

>> JEFF: Back at Nakum, the

victory had come at a high


>> ( retching )

>> You okay back there?

Breathe through your nose,


>> Bobby Jon?

>> Huh?

His eyes are rolling back

>> We have these big strong

guys, strong as oxes, and

they're all down.

>> JEFF: At the first immunity

challenge, the Yaxha spirit

secured them a victory...

Yaxha wins immunity!

...sending a depleted

Nakum to Tribal Council.

Though Blake, Judd and Bobby Jon

were physically ailing,

Jim was the worst off and was

voted out of the tribe.

>> Jim, the tribe has spoken.

17 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

>> A rock, a rock.

Watch, watch, watch.

Has anybody found the trail yet?

>> This is a place where you

could break your leg,

your ankle.

>> Tonight we had Tribal

Council, and it seems like

that's where I live.

It seems like I'm paying rent at

Tribal Council.

I'm waiting for it to change.

>> You know what.

Just go lay down, okay?

>> ( coughing )

>> We just don't have the energy

to suffer the emotional hit--

the physical hit is bad enough.

The emotional toll that Tribal

Council takes on you is


It's just a sick, sick feeling

knowing we had to go and even

worse coming back.

( coughing )

>> They just don't look like

they're having fun.

>> They are so serious and they

are not like buddy-buddy,

you know?

>> I'm telling you, it's Bobby


He's so damn serious.

>> It's day four and we're

getting to know each other

really well.

We all have different qualities.

We have an amazing tribe.

>> Better to be diverse like we


>> We got the most diverse group


We got a bum.

We got a police officer.

We got a magician's assistant.

We got a fish monger.

We got a gay guy and we got a

landscaper-- but we all come

together and it's brilliant.

>> Are you guys cold, or no?

>> No, but a tarantula jumped on

my arm.

>> A tarantula?

How big?

>> About that big.

>> You saw a tarantula?

>> GARY: You know, they've asked

me what I do, and I told them I

was a landscaper, not a


Nobody has asked me what I did

15 years ago, so I guess I don't

have to tell them.

>> All right.

Head back.

>> Want one or two?

>> You braiding hair?

>> I want to French braid yours.

I want to learn how to do it.

>> No?

>> You want to learn on my head?

Why you want to learn on my


It's just like a fun camp life

It's much different from

anything I had experienced


So I think the fact that we get

along so well is huge,

Cause we do have good team


It's become like a family, and

we're hoping to keep that family

together for a long time.

>> Got some tree mail, folks.

>> Want me to read it?

>> Go ahead.

>> Yeah.

>> "Hunger is a burden.

You need energy to compete.

You've been caught in a web of


Winning this one will help you


>> We just got tree mail, and

that's the last thing I wanted

to hear.

For some reason I just can't

breathe, and I've been

struggling for the last

three or four days.

I haven't slept and so forth,

and drinking water doesn't seem

to help.

>> Blake...

Lay down, hon.

Lay down if you feel short of


>> I can't breathe.

>> I'm really, really worried

about Blake.

He's a strong, you know,

young guy.

He's heaving.

He's struggling to get breaths

and something's not right.

>> ( gasping )

>> Breathe through your nose.

Breathe through your nose.

>> Oh, God.

>> We got you-- okay.

>> It's okay.

>> Blake, like, he is-- I don't

think he can really handle it

out here, because he's just, you

know, on his hands and knees and

just breathing hard and has been

having problems the whole time

we've been out here.

>> Blake, are you going to be

able to do it?

>> I ain't got anything against

the guy.

I think he's a good guy and

everything, but I'm more one of

those, like a tougher guy which,

you know, you're hurting and

everything, but you've just got

to man up.

>> JEFF: Come on in, guys.

Yaxha getting your first look at

the new Nakum.

Jim, voted out at the first

Tribal Council.

All right.

You guys ready to get to today's


>> Yes.

>> JEFF: It is for reward.

Here's how it works.

On my go, you will race one at a

time up a ramp, across the net

run, out on to a rope spider


Attached to the web are eight


Crawling underneath the web

you'll attempt to retrieve a


Once you have a bag, drop

yourself into the water, make

your way back.

If you fall into the water

without a bag, you've got to

come back to the start--

next person goes.

Everybody must attempt this

course at least once.

After that, you can go in any

order you want and send whoever

you want.

First tribe to retrieve all

eight bags wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing


>> Yeah.

>> JEFF: Fishing items.

>> Wow.

>> JEFF: Worms.

>> Yeah!

>> JEFF: Filet knife.

Lots of hooks, corks, weights,


Because, in addition to the

crocs, there are lots of fish in

that lake.

Yaxha, you have one extra


You're sitting somebody out.

Keeping mind you cannot sit

out the same person in back-to-

back challenges.

Who's sitting out?

Amy, You're going to sit this

one out?

>> Right.

>> Take your spots.

Wait for my go.

>> JEFF: All right, guys.

First two up at the red start.

Jamie and Bobby Jon.

Here we go, for reward.

Survivors ready.


>> Go, Jamie!

>> Go, go, go!

>> Jamie!

>> There you go, Jamie, you got


>> Go up the center.

Go up the center.

>> Jamie!

>> JEFF: Jamie making quick work

of it.

Bobby Jon trying to hang on.

Jamie at his bag.

Bobby Jon closing in on a bag.

>> Jamie!

>> JEFF: Jamie has his bag.

He's in the water and heading


Bobby Jon right behind.

He's got his bag.

>> Come on, Jamie!

>> JEFF: He's in the water

heading back.

>> Yeah, Jamie, come on!

>> Come on, Jamie!

Nice work!

>> JEFF: Brian on the course for


Bobby Jon taking a long time

getting back, losing a lot of

ground for Nakum.

>> Let's go, Bobby Jon!

Brian going straight up the big


>> Go Brian!

>> JEFF: Cindy on the course for

Nakum, a lot of ground to make


>> Go, Cindy!

>> JEFF: Brian going for a near


>> Come on, Brian!

You got it, baby!

>> JEFF: Cindy right on top of


>> Good girl!

>> JEFF: Brian has a bag, Cindy

has a bag.

>> Come on, Brian!

>> JEFF: Cindy made up a lot of

time for Nakum.

>> Yeah, Cindy!

>> JEFF: Cindy giving Nakum the


Blake and Stephenie on the


Trying to figure out a strategy,

best way to work this web.

Blake moving quickly, Steph

fighting hard.

>> Come on, Steph!

Steph knows what bag she's going


Blake at his bag, trying to

untie it.

Stephenie at her bag, trying to

untie it.

Blake has his.

Stephenie has hers!

We're still dead-even with the

third bag.

Stephenie first up the ladder.

Yaxha is back in the lead now.

>> Here we go, guys!

You're doing great!

>> JEFF: Gary for Yaxha.

Brandon out for Nakum.

Yaxha with a bit of a lead.

Gary is gonna have to make his

way deep for a deep bag.

Brandon really working the

course, going all the way to the

back, Gary right there with him.

Both Gary and Brandon untying

their bags, Brandon has his.

He's heading back.

>> JEFF: Gary has his bag and a

big splash in the water.

Margaret on the course for


>> Come on, Gary.

>> JEFF: Gary back with the

fourth bag for Yaxha.

Rafe on the course for Yaxha.

Rafe knows right where he's


Margaret untying her bag.

>> Let's go, Margaret!

>> JEFF: She has it... Nakum

still with the lead.

Rafe struggling to hang on.

>> You got it, Rafe!

>> JEFF: Rafe can't hang on.

That's going to hurt Yaxha.

>> Come on, Rafe!

>> JEFF: Margaret able to get a


Rafe unable to get a bag.

Could be the difference.

>> Come on, Rafe.

>> JEFF: Rafe struggling to get

up the ladder.

Nakum, now with a one-bag lead.

Judd on the course for Nakum.

Judd takes a header into the


Rafe still cannot get back up

the ladder.

>> Come on, Rafe.

>> Come on, Rafe!

>> JEFF: Rafe, got to pull

yourself up.

Judd, hanging on.

Getting inventive.

He's still in.

>> Come on, Rafe!

Yaxha losing a lot of ground.

>> Come on, Rafe.

>> JEFF: Rafe's finally up.

Four days and no water really

taking its toll.

>> Come on, Rafe!

Morgan on the course trying to

make up some ground.

>> Go, Morgan!

Nakum leads five bags-four.

>> Judd, he's dropped.


>> JEFF: Judd is in the water.

Judd cannot get a bag.

A chance for Yaxha to catch up.

Morgan needs to get a bag on

this one.

Judd heading back.

Danni on the course for Nakum.

>> Come on, Morgan, you got


>> JEFF: Bags are deep on the


It's a lot of climbing now.

>> Yes, Morgan, yes!

>> JEFF: Morgan's at a bag.

>> Come on, Danni.

>> JEFF: Morgan has the fifth

bag for Yaxha.

Got to get back quickly.

Brianna waiting for her shot.

>> Good job, good job, good job!

>> JEFF: We are tied five bags


Brianna on the course for Yaxha.

>> Here we go, Brianna!

>> JEFF: All the bags now at the

far end of the spider web.

Brianna-- got to hang on.

>> You can do it!

>> JEFF: Brianna can't hang on.

Once again, Yaxha unable to get

a bag.

Big advantage for Nakum.

Brianna has got to get back.

>> Let's go, Danni!

>> JEFF: Lydia on the course for


Maybe she can get a bag.

Danni has a bag.

>> Danni!

>> Come on, girl!

Come on, Danni!

Get the last!

Come on, let's go!

>> JEFF: Danni coming back with

the sixth bag for Nakum.

>> Come on, Danni!

Come on, girl!

>> JEFF: Nakum leads six bags to


Brooke on the course for Nakum.

>> Go, Brooke!

>> JEFF: Lydia at a bag for


Working around the outside of

the course.

Lydia with the sixth bag for


>> Yeah!

>> JEFF: Brooke got a bag now!

>> Come on, Lydia!

>> JEFF: We are tied six bags


Jamie on the course.

Brooke untying the knot.

>> Come on, Brooke!

>> JEFF: Brooke has it.

>> Go, go, go.

>> JEFF: Lets herself in

the water.

Jamie now with his bag,

Brooke trying to get up the


Can't slow down now.

Jamie has his bag.

Jamie in the water.

Jamie made up a tremendous

amount of time.

We are tied seven bags each.

Blake on the course.

Brian now on the course.

Coming down to the final bag.

Blake making up a lot of time.

Blake at the eighth bag, Brian

got to get back to that bag,

time is slipping away, Brian

trying to get there as fast as

he can.

Blake has his bag, Brian at

his bag.

Got to get it untied.

Brian has his bag.

Brian and Blake both in the

water with the last bags.

Fishing gear at stake.

It's gonna be a race to the


Blake pulling himself up the


>> Come on, Brian.

>> JEFF: Brian has got to move.

Got to move.

Nakum wins reward!

>> ( cheering )

>> JEFF: Nakum, obviously, you

could use some food, fishing

gear, worms.

Hopefully that will help you in

that endeavor.

Good effort.

Yaxha, close.

Both tribes have been neck-and-

neck in every challenge so far,

four days in.

Doesn't get you anything on this


Head on back.

All right, guys, grab your

stuff, head on out.

>> We decided that we were going

to go fishing with our newly

acquired fishing gear, so, you

know, we got up at the

butt-crack of dawn.

We're like, all right, we're

gonna get us a big fish.

>> That steady on...?

>> Nice!

>> Good job.

>> Today, we were just so ready

to get on the boat.

I wanted to get out there and

fish so bad.

I'm feeling better a little bit

right now.

I'm not panting as much.

Just as long as I'm competitive

and I can play like I did

yesterday, I'm good.

>> I got one, I got one.

>> Yes, yes!

>> Breakfast.

What do you think's in these


>> Maybe we should have some

corn, what do you think?

>> Excellent.

I was going to suggest that.

It'd be such a treat.

>> Yaxha is in desperation food

mode right now.

Everything out here we will try,

at least once.

What is that?

Oh, wow!

Does anyone want to eat a


>> No.

>> That's a grasshopper?

>> That's a grasshopper.

>> That's a huge grasshopper.

>> It's a busy morning.

Everybody is working, except for

right now, I would say Morgan is

the one that's not doing as much

around the camp as everybody


I love Morgan, but you've got to

work around camp if you want

tribe mates to be on your side.

>> ( swishing water )

>> I'm making a cove inlet, as

you can see.

It's pretty wide and a little

opening in the front there...

And after everything settles

I'll cover it up with a burlap

sack and I'll catch a little


We need some protein.

>> You want to eat ants?

>> I thought it was going to be


>> Yeah, I thought it was going

to be, too, but those are ants.

>> We need protein.

>> I'll eat ants.

Let's do it.

>> Okay, go.

>> I don't know.

>> Where did you get that nest

thing from?

>> Was there like millions?

>> I mean, we've probably got

like 200 ants here.

>> Rafe and Gary decided to go

get an ant nest because ants are

apparently full of protein,

which is so nasty.

>> What do you think?

I can't believe I'm eating ants

>> Ants can't bite, can they?

>> Yep.

>> Oh.

>> Mine almost had like a nice

little zing to them.

I'm not going to be eating ants

As long as I have corn and water

that's what I'll sustain myself

on until I win a food challenge.

>> You have any luck down there

with the burlap sack?

>> Ten little minnows.

>> You got ten minnows?

>> Little tiny guys, but it's


>> That's a minnow each!

>> You are a work horse.

I think we need you.

>> What do you think, fish

monger, how long does a fish

like this go?

>> Fry it to a crisp.

>> We don't need those hooks

and lines.

>> Cheers, cheers.

>> Enjoy.

>> Oh! Mm-mm!

>> You know what they say, the

way to a man's heart is through

their stomachs.

Tastes like trout on a grill.

>> ( breathing deeply )

( mumbling )

( belches )

>> Let me tell you something

about Blake.

He does basically nothing in


I mean, the guy's a great guy,

but he does nothing in camp.

And then you got Margaret just

nurturing him all day.

>> Every time I turn around,

that's all I hear: Sit down

and relax.

Get some water.

Sit down, relax, get some water.

And I'm saying to myself, damn,

how much more relaxing does this

dude need, man?

The guy sleeps all day, man,

you know.

I'm getting screwed, man, me and

you bringing this damn water up

and going up there all...

lagged out, and arms can't even

move, man.

>> No, you're right.

>> I'm not going to be pulling

his weight all day.

Blake just rests all day,

man, it's just like a big rest

for him.

So he's got all of his strength

and his energy to go into these

challenges and these rewards.

That's what happens when you

rest all day.

You get that burst of energy,


I want to be the hero next

challenge or next immunity, you


I'm gonna be the hero.

>> Tree mail.

>> Ah, this is going to be fun.

>> "Blood, sweat, tears and mud.

A day you'll give it all.

Stretching, pulling, scraping,


This could be a brawl!

The hardest work since you've

arrived, will happen here today.

You decide how much sweat to


Tonight one more goes away."

Pretty much a tug-of-war.

>> That's what I'm thinking.

>> Or it's like this right here.

One right here and one right

here and just get down.

>> Right.

>> We have a lot of really good

athletes on our team, but Yaxha

has been right there in


Stephenie, we know, is an

amazing athlete.

I work in sports radio back in

Kansas City.

Gary used to be a professional

football player.

He was the quarterback.

Quarterbacks, though,

aren't usually as athletic as

the rest of the football

players, but, uh... ( laughs)

but he's been holding his own,

so we'll see what happens.

>> JEFF: Okay.

First things first.

Lydia, give it up.

Immunity back up for grabs.

Today's immunity challenge is a

good old-fashioned tug-of-war.

Both tribes will be connected to

each other with a common rope.

Your goal is to retrieve a tribe


There's a rope anchored at each

end of the field.

If you get to it, use it to pull

yourself to your flag.

At any time, tribe members from

either tribe can go back and try

to interfere with the other

tribe to impede their progress.

There is a time element to this


If, after 15 minutes, neither

tribe has retrieved a single

flag, we'll move to a series of

one-on-one showdowns.

The tribe that wins this

challenge wins immunity,

guaranteed at least one more day

out here in hot Guatemala.

Losers, Tribal Council tonight.

Somebody going home.

Yaxha, you have one extra


Sitting somebody out.

Amy sat out the last challenge,

cannot sit out in this one.


All right.

Everybody else, wait for my go.

Here we go.

Survivors ready...


>> Come on.

>> JEFF: Nakum with a bit of a

lead, right off the bat.

Brian going back.

>> Pull, pull, pull!

>> JEFF: Danni and Brian having

a little shove off.

>> Play hard!

>> I'm playing hard!

>> Amy yelling at Brian to get

into it.

Danni, shoving him in the mud.

>> Pull, pull.

>> Pull, you guys.

>> JEFF: Margaret in on the


>> Pull.

>> I got them both. Pull!

I'm holding two!

>> JEFF: Brian, Danni, having a

powwow in the middle.

Yaxha giving it everything they

have and not doing anything.

Immunity at stake.

Somebody going home tonight.

>> Pull.

Just walk in.

Just walk in.

( groaning )

>> JEFF: Down to one minute left

in this round.

If neither tribe has a flag in

one minute we go to one-on-one.

Nakum, takes a sudden surge.

Get ahold of that rope and you

can pull yourselves in.

Yaxha, not giving up an inch.

We're winding this down.

Five, four, three, two, one.


Stop right there!

Got a stalemate.

All right.

We're moving on to a series of

one-on-one showdowns.

At the end of each showdown,

whichever tribe member is closer

to their flag, wins the flag.

Three flags wins immunity.

Any tribe member can go as many

rounds as they want.

Each round will last five


Figure out who is going first.

Judd will go for Nakum.

Gary will be the one for Yaxha.

Here we go.

Challenge back on.

>> Come on, Gary.

>> Come on, Gary!

>> JEFF: Five minutes in this


Closest to the flag gets it.

Nakum with a bit of an edge.

>> Go, go, go.

>> He's a quarterback.

You're like a linebacker, come


>> JEFF: Judd has the rope.

Going to use it for leverage now

to pull himself closer.

>> Stay right there.

Don't use any more energy.

>> JEFF: Closest to the flag

gets it.

Gary makes a move for Judd,

gonna tackle him.

>> Hold on to the rope.

>> Don't let go.

>> JEFF: Neither guy giving up.

Five seconds, four, three, two,


First flag goes to Nakum.

>> Great work, babe.

>> Yeah!

>> JEFF: It's Brandon versus

Jamie, going for the second


Challenge back on.

>> Come on, Jamie.

>> JEFF: Jamie, making a surge,

gets a little bit of a lead.

Brandon making a move.

>> Go, go.

>> JEFF: Gaining a few inches on


Jamie trying to stay in.

Brandon digging in.

>> Jamie makes a move.

It backfired.

He falls down.

Brandon with a big lead now.

Jamie trying to get a hold.

He can't.

Brandon pulling Jamie, trying to

get to that rope for leverage.

He's got it.

Brandon pulling him in.

Brandon has the second flag for


( cheering )

>> JEFF: Nakum leads 2-zip.

It is Judd and Jamie.

Jamie is going to run again.

If Judd holds on to this lead,

Nakum wins immunity.

Yaxha goes to Tribal Council.

Here we go!

Challenge back on.

Right out of the gate,

Jamie makes a big move.

Yaxha has the lead.

>> Jamie!


( cheering )

>> JEFF: Jamie got a lot of

momentum and the lead.

( cheering )

>> Come on, Jamie!

>> JEFF: 30 seconds left.

Jamie trying to hold on to that

lead, but nobody moving


>> Come on, Judd!

>> JEFF: Judd's got to make a

move or Yaxha gets their first


Ten seconds, nine, eight, seven,

six, five...

Jamie relaxes.

Judd makes a big pull...

three, two, one.

This challenge is over.

Nakum wins immunity.

>> Woo-hoo!

>> Nakum, who wants it?

Congratulations, immunity.

Safe out here at least one

more day.

Yaxha, different news for you.

First taste of Tribal Council.

Tonight you will vote out your

first member.

Grab your flag.

Head on back to camp.

>> RAFE: You know, it was a

rough challenge today.

We gave it everything that we

had, but we just couldn't pull

their big man, and so now we

got Tribal tonight.

>> That challenge was miserable.

>> This is only gonna tie up,

you guys.

We're not down.

>> Just clean up and have a good

dinner, drink a lot.

>> I'm completely nervous.

This game to me is one big bag

of nerves.

It's the worst thing ever.

You always have to be on your


You always have to be watching.

>> Where do you want it?

>> I mean, she's nice, everybody

here is nice.

I love everybody here to death,

I'm not, you know what I'm


But that's my first pick.

I'm just gonna tell you all,

'cause I trust y'all, you know.

>> GARY: Jamie said, hey, we got

to get Steph off.

The girls love her.

You know?

She's gonna get us all off of


The thing about that is we've

got to keep strength on our side

for those challenges so we win


>> They want to get rid of me?

Has anybody said that?

>> Yeah.

>> They want to get rid of me.

>> Girl, where you been?

>> What did they said?

>> They are talking about you.

>> Getting rid of me?

>> Yeah.

>> Really?

>> Who?

>> Are you kidding?

>> Jamie and them.

>> Yeah.

>> I never heard that.

>> Don't take it personally.

>> No, I'm not.

I'm shocked about that.

I guess it's just from

inexperience on Jamie's part,

and I'm not saying I'm a pro,

but this early, I mean, clearly

I am the strongest girl on the


Why would they want to vote me

off first?

That's retarded.

I refuse to go early this time.

I refuse.

>> Gary, were you a former

NFL quarterback?

>> Me? No.

>> When I was tackling Danni and

we were like sitting there, she

goes, "You got a professional

NFL linebacker on your team"

and I said, "Who?"

And she goes, "Gary."

I was like...

She goes, I bet he hasn't told

you that.

I said, how do you know, and

she says "Oh, I'm a

sportscaster, so I know him from


>> It was brought up by Danni

from Nakum that I played in the

NFL, quarterback, and she told

Brian that as they were

wrestling in the mud.

What the heck she was doing

telling him that while she was

wrestling in the mud, I don't

know, trying to disturb our

tribe, I'll bet.

>> That's pretty funny.

>> Yeah, well, Danni is a


>> Somebody needs to knock her


>> GARY: I'm just going to deny

and see how it goes.

I'll play it by ear, because I

think I'd be voted off


>> Everybody is going around--

What do we do? What do we do?

What do we do?

The two that I'm thinking about

are Lydia and Morgan.

Lydia is limited in the

challenges compared to Morgan.

But Morgan doesn't do very much

in camp.

>> Morgan or Lydia.

>> It's got to be Morgan, I


>> But Morgan in an obstacle

course is much quicker.

I love Lydia.

I'm only saying Lydia because

I love her, but Morgan is much

more athletic.

>> All right, longevity-wise

who do you think will be better? get us to...

>> Morgan, we can pick up

like Lydia's doing.

We can catch fish.

>> We can pick up what Lydia is


>> I know she's lazy, but

we need some big challengers.

>> Okay.

>> So we have a decision?

>> Lydia.

>> Well, I mean, is that what


>> Yeah, yeah.

You know how it is, I love

Lydia, but, yeah, it has to be.

>> One of the things that you

can't do in this game is get

emotional, so, from now till

Tribal Council, I'm sure

there's going to be a lot of

thinking going on.

>> Lydia's name came up because

they think she's weaker because

she's older.

She's pulled her weight in


She walked 11 miles with

everybody else.

The woman can do the work.

I told her, I said, "Lydia, it's

not looking good for you."

Because she needs to know.

>> Well, what's going on in camp

right now is not in my favor at


I mean, I know my head is on the

chopping block tonight.

I know that for a fact.

Sounds like I'm going home.

I just don't think it's right.

I put my heart and soul into

every single challenge, and I

endeavored every single one of

them, you know?

So am I safe with you?

Because, you know, whatever you

guys want to do, I'll be there

for you.

>> I know that.

>> I'm not ready to go, Gary.

>> The main thing is that our

tribe votes somehow unified.

We don't want to have some crazy

vote that no one expected and

then us all be fractured at camp

and stuff.

The fact that we're going to

Tribal Council tonight sucks so

badly, but the hard reality of

the game is that that's what


>> JEFF: Behind each of you is a


Go ahead and grab a torch and

approach a flame.

Dip it in and get fire.

This is part of the ritual of

Tribal Council because in this

game fire represents your life.

As long as you have fire you're

still in the game.

When your fire is gone, so are


So catch me up on the status of

this tribe.

Steph, what was the reaction

with you coming into this game

having already played it?

>> Actually they were really


I thought there might be a few

negative reactions.

I mean, I'm not an idiot.

They know that I played this


I know how the game works.

But, um, we're one tribe and

it's important just to win

immunity and I feel that way and

I hope they feel that way, but

this game is a big bunch of lies

half the time.

>> JEFF: Jamie, what's the

problem with having somebody

like Steph out here?

>> She knows the game really


She's always going to be a

threat, and she's tough.

She's not like a girl.

She's more like a boy.

>> JEFF: Who here of the women

doesn't play like a guy?

>> None of them play at the

level Stephenie does,

I don't think, in my opinion.

>> JEFF: Lydia, just looking

at you from the outside, you

could say maybe you're the least

equipped for this game.

It must run through your head a

little bit on this tribe if I'm

the least athletic, I could be

the first to go.

>> Actually it is, Jeff.

Sometimes, you know, you just

feel like deep down inside are

they really feeling that I can

endure this?

I think I've shown them, you

know, that I'm a person that

would never give up.

>> JEFF: Morgan, the vibe I'm

getting from you guys is this

really is one unified group,

but somebody is going home


It's like it's an unspoken thing

that nobody is talking about.

What's your take on that?

>> I think that our tribe is

very unified because we've been

honest with each other up to

this point and so I think that

it's not an unspoken thing.

I think we all kind of know

what's going on, but somebody

has to go and I don't want to

say good-bye to anyone yet.

>> JEFF: Rafe, what are you

gonna base your vote on?

>> Tonight I'm basing my vote on

keeping this tribe unified.

You know, we have grown to

become something like a family

out here and going home tonight

without one of our members is

going to be a crushing blow that

hopefully we can move on from,

and I truly believe that we can.

>> JEFF: Okay, it is time to


Amy, you're up.

>> I hope to high heaven this


I scrambled at the last minute.

>> Believe it or not, Lydia.

This is going to be one of the

hardest decisions that I make

while I'm out here.

>> JEFF: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Morgan.


One vote Lydia, one vote Morgan.


Two votes Morgan.

One vote Lydia.


That's three votes Morgan, one

vote Lydia.


Four votes Morgan.

One vote Lydia.

Second person voted out of

Survivor: Guatemala, Morgan.

That's five.

That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Morgan, the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

Well, based on tonight's vote

I'm a little confused.

On the one hand, I do believe

you're unified and tonight was a

tough vote.

On the other hand, the person

voted out never saw it coming.

Grab your torches and head on

back to camp.

Good night.

>> Stay tuned for scenes from

our next episode.

>> JEFF: Next time on Survivor,

Nakum defies the crocodiles.

>> Everybody watches each

other's backs from these

crocodiles, we'll be all right.

>> Even though we can't see

them, there's probably hundreds

in this lake.

>> I've never felt more alive in

my entire life.

>> JEFF: And at Yaxha, Amy is in


>> It's swollen.

>> Did you hear it snap?

>> Oh, yeah, snapped both sides.

>> You'll have to stick needles

in my eyeballs, I will not give


>> Wow, I just didn't really see

that one coming at all.

I mean, I don't really know why

I got voted off.

I just feel really naive.

Either way, it was such an

amazing experience.

You know, I got to live in

Guatemala for almost a week and

I've done a lot of things

that I didn't think I

could do, so the experience of

it all was worth every second.