Survivor (2000–…): Season 11, Episode 15 - Survivor: Guatemala - The Maya Empire - The Reunion - full transcript

It's the Moment of Truth: Jeff Probst walks into the Reunion Show, taped live before a studio audience, and announces who wins the $1 million and the title of Sole Survivor.

(theme song playing)

>> JEFF PROBST: Inside this

envelope is a huge advantage at

the next immunity challenge.

>> 200.

>> PROBST: 200 to Danni.

Sold for 200 to Danni.

>> "Switch positions with any


I'm gonna switch with Steph.

>> PROBST: Steph doesn't like

it, Steph is out.

Danni wins immunity.

>> Money well spent.

>> PROBST: Money well spent.

Nothing more valuable than this

right now.

>> Oh, I love this thing.

( cheering and applause )

>> PROBST: Welcome to the

Survivor: Guatemala reunion


We have all 18 of the folks

from Survivor: Guatemala.

Gonna check in with everybody

tonight, starting with you,


We showed that clip of you

buying the immunity advantage.

On day 31, you paid 200 bucks

for that, it saves you from

getting voted out.

Eight days later, it's a million


With my map, that's a 500,000%

return on investment.

But seriously, that was critical

for you, right?

You were gone that night.

>> Yes. No, that was definitely

the best move for me in that


Um, gosh, this is just


It's overwhelming.

That was money well spent,

that's for sure, because, uh,

you know, at this point in the

game it was all puzzles, and I

am terrible at puzzles.

My family knows-- anything

that's physical, I'm fine, but,

um... So I knew I was gonna

need a clue.

>> PROBST: Aside from buying

that, what was the best move you

made strategically in terms of

who to vote out or who to keep


>> Uh, probably at the end with

Rafe, strategically, um, getting

him out at the end, um, 'cause

Rafe was, you know, very well-

liked, and, uh, you know, it's

something I still deal with

today 'cause he's such an

awesome guy, but we're were to

win the game, so...

>> PROBST: Rafe, you had...

You made a deal.

You were going to the final two.

What was it that made you give

it up?

Was it really what you said

about honor, or were you

influenced by Stephenie and her

effort and crying and all that?

>> You know, I was definitely

influenced by Steph and her

effort, but I really wanted

Danni to make a decision that

she'd look back now, look back

five years from now, and be

proud of the decision she made.

I thought it would be to take me

to the final two, but, you know,

it wasn't, and that's okay,

'cause I wanted her to make what

she would be proud of.

>> PROBST: Danni, I think you

had mentioned to me at one point

that you... the minute you

realized this was going to be an

endurance, once everybody made

it to the sort of leaning

position, you started panicking,

thinking, "What am I going to

do? I can't take Rafe."

>> Yeah, I did.

Um, when I was up there in that

final immunity challenge, I kept

thinking about my family, and I

have a huge family, and I just

knew I could bless them so much,

you know, if I won the million

dollars and I started thinking

about them, because if I came

back and I hadn't made that

move, they would have killed me.

I mean, they would have had my

head on the chopping block.

And it's so funny.

I kind of like to think of

myself as, like, a Stealth


Like, in this game, I don't

think anybody... I never flew

under the radar, I think they

just... I beat their radar.

Like, they didn't know I was

coming until after I dropped the

bombs on them.

>> PROBST: Gary, that's a good

point she makes.

Was Danni... That's one of the

questions I had.

I never really saw Danni playing

the game until late.

Was she just underrated?

>> I don't think she was

underrated at all.

I just think she just had a

smile on her face, she was

honest, she worked hard and, um,

you know, it got her where she

is at and that's awesome.

>> PROBST: Rafe, going back to

giving up this immunity, because

it seemed to me many times

throughout the game, you were

morally conflicted.

"Should I? I could.

I can't eat the chicken," which

is a whole other topic.

( laughter )

And then you give back what

might have been a million


We'll never know what happened,

because you didn't get a chance

to go to final two and make your


Could have been a million dollar

give back.

Was that the hardest part of the

game for you, the moral


>> Definitely. You know, I was

looking at myself on day 38, as

I watched Steph up there, and I

watched Danni up there, and I

was thinking, "I truly am proud

of every decision."

I made some hard decisions to

get people out, and, you know, I

was proud of it at the end, and

I didn't want to, on day 38,

throw that away just to try and


I wanted to make a decision for

that Tribal Council, too, that I

was also proud of.

>> PROBST: Surprised a little at

how well you did physically?

Four individual immunity wins.

Pretty good.

>> Uh, you know, I don't think

anyone here ever expected me to

do well, and that's what I went

in... you know, I was, like, "I

believe in myself and I don't

care what everyone else thinks.

I'm going to come out here and

every competition I go into, I'm

going to give it my best, I'm

going to try to win it."

Um, I think people did

underestimate me the whole game

out here, and I used it to my


>> PROBST: Lydia, I'm going to

ask you the question that I

asked you, bless your heart, at

almost every Tribal Council.

Sooner or later, I would say

"Lydia, how are you still in

this game?"

( laughter )

>> Well, Jeff, you know, um, I

came in this game with a

different kind of strategy, and,

uh, first and foremost, you

know, being a mom, you know?

Nurturing, compassion, you know,

that plays a big key in

everybody, you know, for me to

show everybody.

But, uh, you know, also,

although I'm not real athletic,

you know, I was here as a

provider, and I think I did my

job well providing everybody

food, my vote, water, a clean

camp and a smile and motivation.

>> PROBST: Well, and there's

something to be said for that.

( cheering and applause )

Your attitude, in what was the

toughest season we have done,

your attitude was remarkable.

Day after day, Lydia would show

up and have, she would have a

smile on her face, in light of

everything else.

>> Right, and I just want to let

everybody know, a positive

attitude and a good heart and

kindred spirit, you know, will

take you far.

>> PROBST: All right.

( cheering and applause )

>> PROBST: We're gonna take a

quick break.

Up next, we're gonna talk to

Bobby Jon and Stephenie-- two

people who returned to play a

second time, and in spite of

big targets, played very well.

Plus, we're gonna hear from one

Survivor who was never afraid

to speak his mind.

We'll be right back.

( cheering and applause )

>> PROBST: Welcome back to the

Survivor: Guatemala live

reunion show.

One of the big twists to this

season was inviting back

Stephenie and Bobby Jon to play

for a second time, and the

appealing part of the dilemma

was they had to decide, those of

you in the game, do we get rid

of these two guys who've already

played or do we keep them around

for their knowledge?

Steph, so coming in, you know

you're gonna have a target on

your back.

How did that impact how you

played this game from day one?

>> Well, for me coming in, it

was pretty difficult because it

was like, well, I'm probably

not gonna get past first

Council, first of all, so I'm

gonna have to obviously do

everything I can to try to get

sort of far.

So the first thing in my mind is

I'm gonna have to take a

leadership role.

I can't sit back, I'm definitely

going, and make a good alliance,

and I did.

I made a major alliance with

Rafe and a few other people and

it got me all the way to the


>> PROBST: Were you worried,

because in Palau, the first time

you played, you were sort of the

sweetheart and everybody loved

Stephenie and how she played.

Well, that's hard, that

expectation is hard to live up

to a second time.

Did it go through your head, "I

might be risking the way people

see me if I play a tougher


>> Um, absolutely.

I mean, I guess I did come off

as America's sweetheart, but

also, coming into Guatemala, I

wasn't playing for seventh


So I knew that I had to play

hard, and I'm the same person I

was on Palau.

I mean, you may have seen a

different side of me, that's me.

Take them both, mash them

together, get a common

denominator, I don't know what.

But, you know, I am who I am,

I'm a nice person, but I had to

make some tough decisions and,

you know, I hurt a few people

along the way.

But it's Survivor, and if you

want to get to the end, you

gotta play hard and I did.

I'm really proud of it.

>> PROBST: Did you think, going

to the end, that you could win?

Because, as you said, as far as

Judd, Jamie and Cindy are

concerned, you're yesterday's

news, you know?

You-You cut their throats.

That's three of the four votes

Danni needs to win.

>> Yeah. I actually...

I came into the game and

I thought I had a great chance

of winning, and then as I'm

playing the game, and kind of

some of the reactions I got from

a few people, I was, like, "Wait

a minute, I got a second chance.

If I get to the end, no one's

gonna vote for me."

So I kind of thought, "Maybe I

definitely won't win the game,

so their best strategy was

probably to take me to the end

because they're definitely gonna

win against me," but at the same

time, Rafe and I played the same

game, the same game.

I may have come off a little

differently, but we played the

same game.

And he prob... He may have won.

I mean, you never know, but he

may have won.

That's why Danni took me.

It was a good move.

( laughter )

>> PROBST: Another element of

having both Bobby Jon and Steph

was there was a sense of star

struck, especially in the

beginning, for some of you.

Not for everybody.

Amy's shaking her head, hell no.

But Cindy, without question, you

even said at one of the

challenges, you said, "Part of

the reason I am on this show is


>> That is part of the reason,

but I wasn't star struck.

I was inspired seeing her do

what she did in Palau, and

seeing similarities in herself

and myself, knowing that if she

can do that, I can do it, and

maybe better.

( cheering and applause )

>> PROBST: Fair enough. Gary...

I know from talking to you, you

sensed even more than just


You sensed a bit of, "Wow,

that's Stephenie and Bobby Jon."

And how did that impact the game

from you as a new player


>> Well, I am a big Survivor


And Stephenie was one of my

favorites, and so was Bobby Jon

in Palau.

And, uh, I think they used it to

their advantage, and that's

smart playing, so you got to

give them credit.

>> PROBST: Okay, but I'm not

gonna let you off the hook.

( laughter )

I want to hear the truth, which

is, you've told me before that

you think it did impact the

game, because, for awhile,

people were kind of, like, "It's

just cool to be around these two


>> There's no doubt, um...

People were asking them question

after question, and, you know,

Stephenie was just giving

answers, and it was, uh...

People were looking up to her.

She was on TV for how long in

the previous season, and there's

no doubt that there was some

people that, uh, were really,

really glad she was there.

>> PROBST: Well, I have to say,

Steph, in two seasons, you

definitely set a couple of


46 challenges you took part in.

You won ten, you lost 36 times.

( laughter )

On the flip side, you survived

enough to make it through 25

Tribal Councils.

Now, you got voted out twice,

but it really does say a lot for

how well you played this game,

because it's tough to survive

that many votes.

So, hats off to you for that.

( cheering and applause )

>> PROBST: Now, you had a, you

had a bond with Judd that seemed

very tight, and when Judd was

voted out, it was a blind side,

and it led to one of the best

exit lines I think we've ever


Remember this?

13th person voted out of

Survivor: Guatemala... Judd.

>> Thanks, guys.

Hope you guys all get bit by a

freaking crocodile.

Scum bags.

( cheering and applause )

>> Brutally honest, right?

Brutally honest.

>> PROBST: You say you're

brutally honest.

>> Brutally honest.

>> PROBST: Yeah, you were every

single day, brutally honest.

What is the relationship between

you and Steph?

'Cause that night it was not, it

was not good.

>> Oh, Steph's awesome.

I mean, you know, I was, nobody

hates to lose, so...

There's nothing fun about

losing, so I was pretty PO'd.

She's still a good girl.

She played hard, so...

>> PROBST: What's been the


because you're a doorman in a

big city where you meet a lot of

people every day-- what's been

the reaction from people?

Do they recognize you, and

what's their take on how you


>> Yeah, no, they look at me and

they say, "Holy cow, that's the

big fat dude from Survivor."

( laughter )

"That's him, man, that's him.

I'm telling you."

>> PROBST: So you're okay,

because a lot of people would

say you are a villain this

season, and you're okay with

that-- that's Judd.

>> Yeah, like I said, brutally


You know, I said it the way it

was and I got no regrets


>> PROBST: Is it...?

( cheering and applause )

That's a good way to play this

game, for sure.

What's the status with


Because, I got to say, I've been

through a lot of Tribal

Councils, I've never seen

anybody stand up and do the

speech you did to Margaret about

ADD and all that stuff.

( laughter )

>> You know what, that was just

part of my strategy.

( laughter )

What can I tell you?

No hard feelings, Margaret,


No hard feelings whatsoever.

>> PROBST: One thing I have to

clear up, Judd-- you did lie in

this game.

( cheering and applause )

Because even after, even after

we outted you for lying about

the idol, when you got voted out

in your confessional you said,

"I don't know, I mean, I never


I'm looking at the TV going,

"Who is this guy?"

>> Yeah, but, you know, the

night before I lied... the night

before I lied, I kind of had a

big party and, you know, was

still a little...

going into the next day.

>> PROBST: This is what it's

like in Tribal Council, it's...

>> I felt like Santa Claus and I

said it's on the ground.

Bobby Jon said if I told him it

was in the water he would have

jumped in the water.

>> PROBST: Speaking of Bobby

Jon, Bobby Jon also big target

on your back, you come into

this game as one of the

toughest, one of the strongest

guys, and on day one, eyes

rolling in the back of your


That trek obviously surprised

even you, a guy built for this

game in a lot of ways.

>> Right. No, it did.

It beat me right down on my


I mean, I felt helpless,


Um, it pretty much humbled me in

more ways than one, I think.

>> PROBST: Did you come in also

with a different strategy?

Because I know at the end of

Palau, it seemed like you were

starting to realize there's some

strategy to how you play people

in the game.

>> Well, you got to mash the gas

in order for the car to go, you


And that's the whole thing about

this game.

If you don't think that you

can... If you think you can just

work and be nice and be sweet

and go through this game and not

get voted out, that's not going

to happen.

>> PROBST: What was it you said

just now? You have to what?"

>> Uh, something about mashing

the gas in the car.

I don't know.

( cheering and applause )

>> PROBST: What's great about...

What's great about you, Bobby

Jon, is still after how many

people played this game, you

have to be one of the most

authentic and endearing guys to

ever be on here.

>> Well, thank you.

>> PROBST: And yet, sometimes

that authenticity explodes to

the guy next to you.

>> Right.

>> PROBST: Before we get to

that, I have to say, watching

you two guys from the South go

at it, was, I mean, sometimes

it was heated, but it was

always entertaining.

I just want to remind you kind

of what it was like.

Take a look at this.

>> Oh! Who's smiling now?!

>> Whoa!

>> Yes!

>> Alabama, Georgia kind of have


( indistinct screaming )

>> PROBST: Nakum scores!

>> Just shut up, dude.

I mean, God.

( cheering and applause )

( shouting )

>> PROBST: So, Jamie, obviously,

uh, the status of the friendship

is fine at this point.

>> It's good to know there's

still some good ol' country boys


I love this kid.

Love him.

>> PROBST: Were you really

losing your mind out there?

( laughter )

>> I heard there was a vote

tonight, I almost didn't come.

I was a little paranoid.

Promise you won't vote for me?

Don't you lie to me, Rafe.


>> PROBST: Because, you know,


That seemed to be a real reason

that people voted you out, is

they thought, as Rafe said, "He

won't quit asking me if I'm

going to vote him out.

I'm getting tired of him.

I'm going to vote him out."

Once you were voted out, did you

have a period where you

realized, I think I was,

seriously, kind of losing it

out there?

>> I was definitely losing it a

little bit out there.

I'll admit that, you know, but,

you know, I was also, I was a

competitor also, so it goes both


Um, I think, uh, I was just

losing it a little bit and it

happened, what happens.

They played a game and they got


>> PROBST: All right.

Well, up next, Gary said he

never played in the NFL, but

Danni knew better.

How did she know?

Plus, which Survivor wishes she

was still living in the jungles

of Guatemala?

We'll get her story after this.

( cheering and applause )

>> Who'd you think I was?

>> Oh, I thought you played at

Central Michigan.

I don't know, maybe he just

doesn't want anybody to know he

was a former professional


>> I'll call the locals over


Can you give me the lowdown on

Mr. Gary Hawkins,

ex-professional football player?

>> "Ex-professional foot..."

Yeah, I wish.

>> If you are, and I find out

after, I am going to beat you


( cheering and applause )

>> PROBST: Welcome back to the

Survivor: Guatemala reunion


Now, the whole...

( indistinct shouting )

All right.

The whole need for that lie

actually started because Danni

recognizes you ten minutes into

the show.

How did you know who Hogeboom


>> Well, I, um, I work in sports

radio back in Kansas City for

Sports Radio 610.

And, um, I'm a huge sports

fanatic, but I don't...

I wouldn't have recognized him

if it hadn't been for growing up

with seven brothers and a dad

who's a Cowboys fan, um, just

seeing pictures around of him,

'cause when we were casting for,

uh, the show, I was, like, he

looks familiar.

At first I thought that he

looked like Brett Favre, and,

um, I went back and was, like,

"Gosh, I recognize him."

And then, um, then Central...

He went to Central Michigan

State, and you go up there, and

there's, like, a shrine of Gary

there at Central Michigan State,

so it was kind of funny.

It was kind of ironic.

>> PROBST: And you ended up at

Central Michigan State on a lark

going to see a game.

>> Yeah, we just were up there.

>> PROBST: So, Gary, you show

up, this is your worst


She spotted you three different

times already.

>> Yeah, it really was.

I didn't expect anybody to spot

me just 'cause of the age

differences and everything, but

I figured I had to go in with a

different name just to get as

far as I could in the game, but

it shocked me, it really did.

>> PROBST: So you had the alter

ego plan from day one anyway.

>> Yes, I did.

>> PROBST: And did you hear from

any of your NFL buddies?

>> You know, they were just...

they just wanted to know what

the heck I was doing on the


"What are you doing, man?"

I said, "I love the show."

>> PROBST: Amy, so, you're

suspicious the whole time.

>> Yep.

>> PROBST: And then you finally

find out, what was the reaction?

Did you call Gary?

What happened?

>> Oh, you have no idea.

I wanted to beat him down, baby!

We're cool, though.

We're cool, but I know where he

lives in Grand Haven.

( laughter )

>> PROBST: Okay, you are a

Detective Sergeant in the Major


>> Revere P.D., in the Major

Crime Unit.

What's up, Revere P.D.?

I got to say hello.

>> PROBST: So what's the


Do people recognize you?

>> Yes, every time I go to lock

up a bad guy, they're like,

"Hey, weren't you on Survivor?"

I'm, like, "Listen, buddy,

you're under arrest."

( laughter )

( cheering and applause )

>> PROBST: By the way, for a

second here, let's just

acknowledge some real changes in

appearance starting with you,

Amy, you look fantastic.

>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: You lost a lot of

weight out there.

>> Thanks, guys. Thank you.

>> PROBST: And at the other end,

Judd, how much did you lose?

>> 45 pounds.

>> PROBST: 45 pounds.

( cheering and applause )

>> PROBST: Well, for all of the

pain and suffering of this show,

Cindy, you enjoyed this so much,

you still wish... Is this true?

That you still wish you were

living in the jungles of


>> Yeah, I do wish...

I mean I go to sleep at night,

I try to go to sleep at night,

and I close my eyes and I

constantly imagine the sounds of

the jungle and imagine what the

ground felt like and the smell

of the fire.

>> PROBST: You know people think

you're slightly nuts for

thinking this.

>> I know they do, but anybody

that knows me very well at all,

knows that that is really Cindy.

I felt like I left a part of who

I am in the Guatemalan jungle,

and when I left for Tribal

Council that night, I thought,

"I might go home tonight," and I

really felt like I was leaving

home and I was never going to

get to come back.

>> PROBST: And you actually lost

your job to be on this show when

you went for your first meeting

with us.

>> I did lose my job, and that

was my other home.

The two things that people know

about me within the first five

minutes of meeting me was she

wants to be on Survivor and she

loves her job at the zoo.

It's the two things everybody

knew, so, I mean, I lost my job

at the zoo to pursue the dream

of Survivor, and then when I

left that night thinking it

might be my last night, I

thought, "Okay, well this one's

over, too," and I just, I feel

like that those...

A part of me is gone, and I felt

like I left home and I was never

going to get to come back.

>> PROBST: Which begs a big

question-- you had a rare

opportunity with this car curse.

So everybody that has won that

challenge in 11 seasons has

never went on to win the game.

We gave you a chance not only to

quote-unquote get rid of the

curse, whatever that is, but

also to give four other people a


Rafe, do you think if she had

made a different decision, would

it have kept her in until the

final four?

>> You know, it's hard to say

what you would have done at that

time, 'cause you're not in that


I would have thought maybe it

would have, but if we'd been

there and we voted her out, she

would have lost everything, so

you know, she did get the car

and she has a Pontiac and she

can drive to Guatemala in it.

( laughter )

( cheering and applause )

>> PROBST: Speaking of going

back to Guatemala...

Margaret up in the

top row, you had such a good

experience and connected so much

with Guatemala, I heard that you

are actually going back there to

do some relief work.

>> Jeff, I am. I'm very excited.

Um, Frances Payne Bolton School

of Nursing at Case Western is

teaming up with me and I'm going

back with Brian Corridan and

we're leading a group of

university students to help in

the relief effort.

Um, after we left Guatemala, the

mud slides devastated them and

buried, um, hundreds of people

alive, so we're excited about

going back.

( cheering and applause )

>> PROBST: And also to your

credit, those first few days we

actually monitored a lot of what

was going on out there through

your interviews with the show,

because it was like triage for

those first few days, and, uh,

you had Blake in your lap

several times trying to keep him



Now, Blake, in spite... you

know, you had a couple of things

going on out there.

One, you were the guy that was

going to be the strong guy and

all this, and that was changed

right away, but the part that I

kind of remember, take the joy

of, is, uh, Golden Boy, the term

that everybody gave you.

>> I gave him.

>> Amy, you want to field this


>> I gave him this, but go


>> PROBST: Well, because you

said that, we kind of covered

that about, that everything he

touches sort of...

>> Turns to gold.

>> PROBST: Yeah, question I have

is this-- when you described

your girlfriend...

For those people who saw that

episode, you went into great

detail about your girlfriend,

and I just wondered what was her

reaction when you are sitting at

home watching that with her?

>> You know, she laughed.

Um, she knows me and loves me

very much and knows how I feel

about her, and, um...

Actually, the funnier part was

when her father called me and

said I can't believe my

daughter's breasts got you

kicked off Survivor.

( laughter )

>> PROBST: All right, on that

note this was without a doubt

the toughest season we've ever

done, and we're gonna hear a

little more about that when we


Plus updates from a few other

people up here.

But first, here's a clip that

you didn't see on the show.

This is the moment that helped

keep Gary alive when he found

the hidden immunity idol.

>> I've been looking in the

ceiba tree... well, lo and

behold, I see the idol.

This is highly secretive.

I'm going to keep it till I need

it, which could be tonight.

>> PROBST: Your first challenge,

it is a grueling 11-mile race

through the jungles of


( hacking )

>> Judd, you okay back there?

>> These big strong guys, strong

as oxes, and they are all down.

>> I have open, festering sores

and it sucks.

( applause and cheering )

>> PROBST: Welcome back to the

Survivor: Guatemala reunion


Brandon, that was your shoulder

we were looking at at the end.

When you see that, what goes

through your head?

When you try to describe what

that 11-mile trek through a

dense jungle was like, how do

you do it?

>> I don't know.

It's pretty indescribable.

I mean, 11 miles through thick

jungle, carrying bags of corn.

I mean, it explains itself.

It is really, really difficult.

>> PROBST: Ever done anything

that compares to that?

>> You know, I did a little

hiking in Montana over the

mountains and everything, but

nothing like that, you know, I

mean it was really tough.

>> PROBST: You seem, also like

Rafe, a little bit, that the

tough part of this game for you

was the moral compass.

At a certain point, you decided

there are certain things I am

going to do and certain things I

will not do.

Would you play the game

differently now that you see it

is just a game, or was that your


>> No, I think I'd play the game

the same pretty much.

You know, I mean that is how I

went into the game, wanting to

play a really strong, clean

game, but the game really brings

out, I mean, a lot of ugliness.

It's a... it's a really mean

game, you know?

( laughter )

I tried to bring a little bit of

light and, uh, you know, do


>> PROBST: I think you did.

I think your attitude did bring

some light.

( cheering and applause )

>> PROBST: Jim... Jim, you come

into this game with a lot of

years of experience in different

areas, certainly in the fire

department, and then early on

you, you know, you have a freak


Can three days in still feel

like the Survivor experience

when you are a guy like you?

>> Absolutely, no doubt about


Living in those Mayan ruins, I'd

do the whole thing again just to

do that, just to live where

people, you know, haven't lived

for 3,000 years.

But the arm's doing good and I'm

going to Disneyland, so...

( cheering and applause )

>> PROBST: Brian, on the other

corner, when we met you, about

being on this show, you were,

"I'm the greatest student of the

game, Jeff.

There's no one that can outfox

me, I can do anything.

Let me tell you."

As a student of the game...

>> You, you rock.

I can't even say it.

I'll just wait. Go ahead.

>> PROBST: No, you were on the

show because you were fantastic,

and you did know the game, and

you did seem to have a very good

understanding of strategy.

What didn't you anticipate?

>> You know, luck is a huge,

huge part of the game, and when

you were, like, "Oh, who's

got the most tribe pride?" and

then, "Oh, Brian, okay.

Well, screw you, you're in the


You know? And I'm like, "Okay."

So, you know, luck is just a

huge part of the game, and you

really need to go into this game

wanting to win, playing hard,

but being okay with the luck

factor, you know?

And of course, I could have

overcome it, I think, if I had

made stronger bonds with Gary

and Amy, but fact of the matter

is, my game really changed when

I was swapped over, when I

stayed in Yaxha.

So, you know, you have to be

okay with luck playing a factor.

>> PROBST: And I give you a hard

time and I'm not picking on you.

You really were delightful to

have on the show, because you're

so well-spoken.

>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: And are you a good


You maneuvered, you helped get

Blake out of the game, no doubt

about it.

Blake's not buying it.

>> That was all Danni right


>> It was Danni.

Danni won and she deserved it,

you know?

>> PROBST: Yeah, on the other

end, Brooke... You get, right

away, you're leading this tribe

through the jungle.

You sort of got labeled, it

sounded like anyway, as the

smart person.

Is that something that can hurt

you in this game?

Is that really why you were

voted out, is because people saw

you early on as a threat?

>> Um, I think in some ways,

like, my first original team

appreciated me because I was

smart, because I used the

compass, things like that, you

know, and it was funny that,

like, Brandon got labeled as the

farm boy, but here I'd grown up

on a farm my entire life.

You know, law school is just the

last three years of my life, but

no one ever called me a farm

girl once.

And then when I got on my new

team, um, I think Jamie, Judd

and Stephenie just said, "Oh,

law girl's got to go.

She's not the athletic one, so

we're gonna get her out of


>> PROBST: Brianna.

( cheering )

>> PROBST: All right, couple of


Simply, to me watching, this

game seemed to overwhelm you.

That was my take, am I wrong?

>> No, you're not wrong at all.

Actually, it was very

overwhelming, it was

extremely... I mean, it was

brutal, I'm not going to lie.

And I still don't know what a

pick is and I don't really care.

( laughter )

>> PROBST: But did you have fun?

Did you have a good time?

>> I had a great time.

I had a really awesome time.

My friends at the Seattle

Supersonics are definitely

teaching me some things, though.

>> PROBST: Morgan, same

question, you were...

It surprised me that you got

voted off so early.

>> It surprised me, too.

( laughter )

>> PROBST: And I still wonder,

is it... is there-- because some

people are so competitive-- that

six days that you lasted would

not be enough.

They'd say, "You know, I didn't

even get my feet wet."

>> You know, everything happens

for... it wasn't enough, but

everything does happen for a

reason, and my experience,

getting voted off, kind of made

it all worth it.

But I never expected myself to

do as well physically.

And so, I thought that I was

doing so good in this game, and,

you know, like they said, you

can't just be nice and win this

game, and I tried...

>> PROBST: And yet, all you can

really be in this game is who

you are, ultimately, which is


>> And that's why I have no

regrets, because I was true to

myself, and I really impressed

myself, so I just have to be

proud with that.

>> PROBST: Well, you guys gave

us a great season in a very,

very tough situation.

( cheering and applause )

>> PROBST: Tomorrow morning on

The Early Show, here on CBS,

Danni is going to get a check

for a million dollars.

And also, as part of the prize

for winning Survivor: Guatemala,

she wins a 2006 Pontiac Torrent.

Take a look at your ride.

And as this season comes to a

close, a new season is just

around the corner.

We'll tell you all about it when

we come right back.

( cheering and applause )

( cheering and applause )

>> PROBST: Well, as Survivor:

Guatemala comes to a close,

there's a brand new season

heading your way with a couple

of twists that are going to

catch the next group of

Survivors by surprise.

>> PROBST: Next season, Survivor

travels to a stunning location

with an all-new twist.

In the exotic waters of Panama

sits a tiny island of exile that

will play into the game like

never before.

Each week, at least one castaway

will be banished to this

desolate place, separated from

their tribe mates for days at a

time, in one of the most

unforgiving environments yet.

Strategy will be turned on its

head, and survival will take on

a whole new meaning.

And though this island will be a

place to be feared, something

hidden within its rocky shores

may be the key to $1 million and

the title of Sole Survivor.

The 16 new castaways will be

divided into tribes in a way

never before seen.

Who will outwit, outplay and

outlast all the others?

Join us as the adventure

continues with Survivor: Panama,

Exile Island.

( cheering and applause )

>> PROBST: And if you want to

own a piece of Survivor:

Guatemala, you can do so.

Immediately following the show,


All kind of props up for bid.

We've raised a million and a

half dollars for the Elizabeth

Glaser Pediatric AIDS


And we will see you soon for

Survivor: Panama, Exile


Thank you, guys.

Great season.

Good night.

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