Survivor (2000–…): Season 11, Episode 11 - Everything Is Personal - full transcript

Having not been consulted about the last Tribal Council vote, Judd becomes increasingly paranoid that his alliance may be in jeopardy.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on

Survivor... Jamie had it out

with Gary.

>> You are calling me a liar,

and I don't like that.

>> I did not just call you a


>> Well, obviously, me and you

are going to have to fight this

whole thing now.

>> PROBST: The next day, the

tribe learned they would compete

for a night away from camp.

The winning team will leave here

via helicopter to a beautiful

private home.

The tribe was split into two

teams of four.

Survivors ready, go!

Lydia, Cindy, Jamie, and Rafe's

team took an early lead.

Gary and Judd trying to hang on.

But Lydia couldn't keep up.

>> I can't get my feet up.

Steph and Danni surged ahead and

won reward for their team.

( cheering )

Danni, Steph, Gary, Judd win


Living in luxury, Danni, Steph,

and Gary bonded.

>> Danni and I are, like, really


She's a cool chick.

>> Two hot girls get in the

shower together.

>> I wouldn't go that far, not

right now.

>> PROBST: And Gary took the

opportunity to make his move.

>> I want to take the strongest

four to the final four.

Because if Lydia goes to the

final two, guess who's winning?

>> We know that.

>> If Cindy goes to the final

two, guess who's winning?

And do they deserve it?

>> Let me ask you this, then.

Numbers aside, who would be the

next person you guys would want

to vote out?

>> Jamie.

>> PROBST: But Judd wasn't

buying into Gary's plea.

>> Bonding with Gary and Danni

is not going to affect my game,

because I know what my game plan


>> PROBST: Survivors ready.


The race for immunity was tight.

It's Cindy and Rafe right now.

But it was Rafe who came away

with the victory.

Rafe wins immunity.

( applause and cheering )

>> Good job.

>> PROBST: With Tribal Council

looming, Judd reassured Jamie

that Gary was the next to go.

>> Are we good and solid?

>> Mm-hmm.

We're going to vote for Gary


Jamie's just very paranoid.

I mean, he's not going anywhere.

>> PROBST: But Lydia, Stephenie,

and Rafe were conspiring against

Jamie behind Judd's back.

>> I know that, but...

Gary is a smooth operator.

>> I think we should do it.

>> I don't know what to say, you


I mean... it's a hard decision.

>> PROBST: At Tribal Council,

Judd was surprised to see his

alliance turn on one of its own,

as Jamie was voted out.

Jamie, the tribe has spoken.

>> Blindsided. Nice!

>> PROBST: Seven are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

(theme song playing)

♪ ♪

>> Ooh, crazy, ooh.

>> I'm fine, man, I just, I

don't know what to say, man.

I wish somebody would have told

me, man.

I guess, I don't know.

>> All I want to say is I wanted

to tell you, we all did, but why

even put you in that situation?

>> No, that's fine.

>> Because you're close to

Jamie, and then you were going

to feel super uncomfortable.

>> I'm just confused.

That was it.

I was just shocked, completely,

totally shocked that Jamie got

voted out, man.

We were supposed to have an

alliance of six, and it kind of

went berserk today, and, yeah, I

was pissed off, man.

Don't feel bad for Judd,

'cause Judd doesn't even feel

bad, whatsoever.

I'm telling you.

>> I can tell you're, like, okay

with it.

>> I don't feel bad at all.

>> Here comes the backstabbing

and lying.

It makes me wonder, from now on,

what the hell is going on, man.

>> There's no doubt that I

dodged a bullet tonight.

My old ties in Yaxha at the

beginning of the game helped me

out, but Jamie did me a big

favor by driving everybody


>> I just feel already a breath

of fresh air.

>> I just feel like all is right

in Survivor world.

>> It is.

>> For now.

>> Just for a minute.

( chuckling )

( birds singing )

( snoring )

>> Gary was supposed to go home

yesterday, but we had a little

twist, and we did decide to vote

Jamie off.

And I thought about it, you

know, whether I did the right

thing or not, and I don't know

if this alliance is still


I really have to figure this

out, but I have to do this

carefully, because if I don't,

I'm going to be the next target.

>> I woke up this morning.

I had my head kind of looking

out the lean-to, and I heard

Gary working all over Lydia,

man, like you couldn't believe,

man, just working her.

And Lydia's like, "Oh, yeah,


Her eyes are bulging out of her


"Yeah, Gary."

>> Mm-hmm.

>> Rafe.

>> Huh?

>> Come here.

>> What happened?

>> They were just talking, and

Gary's like, "So what do you

think, Lydia?

What do you want to do?"

And Lydia is like, "I don't


>> She's not going to go with


>> I swear to God, dude.

>> I think Judd has changed

since Jamie was voted out,

because Judd's growing insecure

now and wants to find security

with people, and so I think

Steph and I can give him that.

Me, Judd, and Steph are pretty

confident in each other at this


And I think Gary and Danni have

managed to pull over Lydia in a

real way.

>> When we went on our reward,

Gary had told me that he wanted

Cindy and Lydia out of this game

already and they shouldn't even

be here.

Okay, now he wants them in the

game, and he's trying to make an

alliance with them.

So that's a big lie.

He likes to think that he's no

part of this lying game, but the

least person you would expect to

lie is basically the biggest


I need a tad bit more.

>> What is your strategy here?

>> Okay, okay.

>> I mean, because we got to

have four, so that's why I

wanted to talk to you, because

I'd rather go with you than some

of them.

>> I'm going with you, but the

thing is, the thing is...

you know, I, I wasn't sure about


Stephenie, Judd, Rafe, Cindy,

and myself, we're all in this

together now, final five, but

the thing is I have to cover my

own ass, you know.

I'm going to have to see how far

this game is going to take me.

So if somebody approach me with

a better deal, I'm going with


>> PROBST: Come on in, guys.

How's everybody doing?

>> Good.

>> Good.

>> PROBST: Shall we get to

today's challenge?

Today's challenge is for reward.

Each of you will have three pots

filled with corn.

I'm going to ask you a series of

questions about the Maya culture

and Guatemala.

Each time you answer a question

correctly, you earn the right to

smash another tribe member's pot

of corn.

When all three of your pots are

smashed, you're out of the game.

Last person with a pot left

hanging wins reward.

Do you want to know what you are

playing for?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: The winner will leave

here and be taken to a true

natural wonder of Guatemala.

>> Wow.

>> PROBST: It's a hot springs

waterfall cascading down into a

pool of cool water.

So when combined, they create

this spa-like environment that

is very relaxing.

You'll have mojitos.

( gasping )

You'll have skewered meat,

shrimp, beef, chicken.

You'll also have a massage.

Worth playing for?

>> Yes.

>> Oh, yeah.

>> PROBST: Okay, let's get


First question: the Maya

recorded their stories by

carving hieroglyphics into stone

monuments known as A: Stella, B:

Origami, C: Sanskrit or D: Docky


Everybody reveal.

Steph says C: Sanskrit.

That is wrong.

Correct answer is A: Stella.

Everybody else has it right.

All right, Judd, you're up

first, take your swing.

>> Don't do it, Judd.

>> PROBST: Already, the

negotiating begins.

Judd goes right to Gary.

Nothing subtle about that, Gary.

>> No.

>> Lydia.

>> How did I know?

>> PROBST: Wow.

>> How did I know?

>> PROBST: Stephenie down a pot.


>> Man.

>> PROBST: Stephenie takes her

second hit.


Cindy knocks Gary's second pot


Gary down to one pot.

Stephenie down to one pot.

Rafe moves to Danni, smashes

Danni's first pot.

Gary has two people to pay back.

Gary takes out Cindy.

Next question: in the Maya court

ball game, members of the losing

team were frequently killed.

True or false, often they would

be decapitated and their heads

would then be encased to be used

as the ball in future games.

Everybody reveal.

Steph takes a look down to see

what other people are doing.

Makes her choice, and she makes

the wrong choice.

It is true.

Lydia has it right.

Danni has it right.

Cindy has it right.

That's it.

Lydia, take your whack.

Lydia could put somebody out of

this game... and she does.

Steph the first casualty.

>> Jealousy gets you nowhere.

>> I'm hungry. I want to eat.

>> We'll see about that.

>> PROBST: Steph not happy at

all with that, Lydia.

>> I haven't eaten.

Steph ate three times.

>> So did Gary, so did Danni.

>> PROBST: Game's getting


Danni, take your shot.

Judd takes his first hit.

Cindy, what's she going to do?

Boy, she's winding up.


Cindy takes Gary out of the


Gary not happy.

Just like that, we're down to


Next question, the ancient Maya

believed that the gods fashioned

man from which spiritually

important crop, A: Coffee, B:

Cocoa Beans, C: Corn, or D:

Ramon Nuts.

Judd trying to see any clue of

what to put down.

Everybody reveal.

Judd says, B: Cocoa Beans.

No, the correct answer was C:


Everybody else has it right.

Judd takes his second hit.

Danni could put Judd out of

this, and she does.

Judd takes a seat on the bench.

Cindy heading down to the end.

Danni now down to one pot.

Rafe could take her out, and he


>> Come join the loser's lounge.

>> PROBST: Danni takes a seat on

the bench.

We are now down to three.

Lydia has all three pots left.

Rafe has all three pots left.

Cindy has two pots left.

Which of the following countries

does not border Guatemala, A: is

Belize, B: Honduras, C: Costa

Rica, D: El Salvador.

Everybody reveal.

Correct answer, Rafe has it, C:

Costa Rica.

Take your shot.

Rafe breaks Lydia's first pot.

Lydia and Cindy down to two


Rafe still has all three.

True or false: the temples of

Tikal are the only ancient Maya

structures to be built during

the Maya Empire with the aid of

modern machinery.


Everybody says false.

I'm so glad everybody got it


There was no modern machinery in

ancient Maya.

Cindy, you're up.

Big decision now.

Does Rafe get his first hit, or

does Lydia take her second?

Cindy knocks Lydia's second pot


And with that, Lydia is out of

the game.

But, Lydia, because you got it

right, you get your last licks.

Two people to pay back, only one

swing to do it with.

Lydia is done.

Does her damage, takes a seat on

the bench.

We are now down to two.

Big reward at stake.

Both of you have two pots left.

True or false: there are 30

volcanoes here in Guatemala.


Rafe says false, Cindy says


Correct answer is...


Cindy got it right.

>> Wow.

>> PROBST: Just like that, Rafe

is down to one pot.

If Cindy gets it right,

regardless what you do, Cindy


True or false: the most active

time of day for crocodiles is at



Rafe says true.

Cindy says false.

Crocodiles are most active not

at dawn, but at dusk.

The answer is false.

>> Cindy!


>> PROBST: So here is the deal.

You are going to leave here, go

to a beautiful place.

Got some food, got some drink,

got a massage.

You got one person going with


( groans )

>> This is the most difficult

decision of the whole game.

Judd's sitting over there


( laughter )

>> PROBST: Pick one.

>> I'll go with Rafe.

>> PROBST: Rafe is going.

Cindy and Rafe, heading off to a

great reward.

Steph, Judd, Lydia, Danni, Gary,

head on back to camp.

>> We get to the challenge, and,

lo and behold, I'm the first

one out.

Lydia hits me twice.

Danni hits me once.

Knocked me right out.

Lydia was fed up because I've

won so many food rewards, and

she's starving out here.

Well, boo-hoo for Lydia.

I'm sick of hearing your crap.

You're lucky you're still in the


I just want to say, just to get

it out there, I had burgers,

burgers, burgers.

Feast, feast, you had pizza, you

had pasta.

>> The only one that didn't eat

here was Lydia.

>> We've all had three, and then

I chose, personally, not to

compete in the immunity


I put my ass on the line, and I

ate, so I had one extra, and

that was not a reward.

'Cause everybody is talking,

"Stephenie's eating so much.

I'm so upset Stephenie is

winning all these rewards."

>> I wasn't...

>> And I don't want to hear

anymore about it.

There's a winner and a loser in

this game, and if you're gonna

be jealous, then you're an


I made that clear as soon as I

got back to camp.

I shut everybody up right then

and there.

You think that a challenge like

this isn't going to show me

where your loyalties lie, you

are sadly mistaken.

I've had three, you've had

three, you've had three, you've

had three.

We're all pretty even.

>> Which I don't care, one way

or the other.

But a pizza compared to what you

ate was nothing.

Lydia was very upset because

Steph eats a stinking ton.

I don't think she's lost weight.

She eats so much corn and nuts

it's amazing.

So I know she is strong.

And she needs to be looked at at

these challenges, 'cause she can


>> I'm not going to take

anything personal, I'm not, but

when I hear people saying that

I've eaten too much and that

they're starving and that I get

all the rewards, I just want to

set the record straight that

we're pretty damn even now.

>> This wasn't personal.

If I won, I was going to take

Rafe, because I felt Rafe and I

were the only two that hadn't

had a meal, and that was the

only reason why.

>> Everything in this game is

personal, man.

I mean, I hear people, I see

people every day lying through

their damn teeth who I least

expect to lie, so when you say

nothing is personal, everything

is personal, man.

>> Stephenie was the first one

out, and I think she was pretty


I wanted to give somebody else a

chance for the food reward that

hadn't had a chance, you know?

Right now, everybody is putting

Stephenie up on a pedestal.

Everybody is knowing that

Stephenie is the biggest threat,

but nobody is doing anything

about it.

>> Well, I'm glad that's over,

and if you think I'm eating too

much or getting too many

rewards, just tell me next time,

because I'm going to hear about


>> This is amazing.

>> Hola.

>> Oh, my gosh, it's beautiful.

>> I'm just, like, completely

ecstatic that I actually won a

reward, a really cool reward.

And I couldn't have picked a

better person to share it with.

>> Oh, gracias.

>> There was this gorgeous

waterfall and then a huge

platter of shishkabobs and

mojito pitchers and then a

massage table.

We were like, "Do we eat first?

Do we get massages?

What do we do?"

And, of course, we decided to

eat first, because, I mean, we

had to.

To the first of many feasts

and exotic locations together.

>> Cheers.

>> We have to eat all of this.

>> Look, watermelon.

Oh, this is so freakin' good.

>> I just can't believe we're


>> So, back at camp, Lydia is

probably really irritated that

she's not eating.

Gary is mad because I took him


Stephenie and Judd are probably

sitting up on the ruins laughing

at it all.

>> Mm-hmm.

>> Lydia is so easily swayed.

>> Spending too much time with

Gary, getting brainwashed.

>> It was kind of like a flood

of strategy out of both of us.

After that, it was like, you

know, Cindy and I are kind of in

this together for better or

for worse.

>> Oh, you can feel the warm

water-- come on.

The water coming down out of the

waterfall was hot, not warm, hot

like taking-a-shower hot.

And then the water down

underneath was cold, and it was

crystal clear.

It was one of the coolest things

you could possibly see.

>> We went into the waterfall


You know, I was holding her and

helping her move.

And I am a really touchy person,

and Cindy is not, so it was nice

to kind of be able to, like,

feel that touchy-feely kind of

connection with Cindy.

>> It feels really, really good,

like every muscle in my entire

body is loose and relaxed.

I've not been that relaxed in,

you know, over a month.

And it was icing on the cake.

That was awesome, huh?

>> This was, like, the best day


It was just such an amazing

experience to be in the

waterfall, and to have the food,

and to have the massage.

>> I'm so relaxed I can't even

get my shoes on my feet.

>> Mm-hmm.

That reward was just like, I can

make it, for the rest of this


We can do this.

>> Aren't you thirsty?

>> Yeah.

>> This makes me thirsty.

>> I'm always thirsty.

>> Lydia, can you bring that

pitcher over?

>> Yeah.

>> Are you done with that cup?

>> Yeah, clean cup, too.

>> Thank you.

>> Mm-hmm.

>> Hi!

>> Hi, guys!

How was the feast?

>> It was like a plate of


It wasn't a ton of food.

Like, we just ate quickly and

then, like, went down and kind

of showered off in the


We came back to camp after the

reward challenge, and I was

like, "Uh-oh, who's going to

make us feel comfortable about

what happened?"

>> Tell us from the beginning,

like, when you got there.

>> As soon as you got there,

with the platter waiting for


>> There was shrimp and

vegetables, and then steak and


>> The shrimp was best.

But it was really nice.

It definitely was relaxing.

>> Good, I'm so glad you guys

got to do that.

>> Cindy and Rafe came back to

camp and they shared the

experience with everybody.

I had to listen to them, you

know, about how good the food

was and the shishkabob, and the

mojitos, and what have you.

I felt insulted.

Cindy should have chosen me to

go to this food reward.

I'm an outcast.

That's what I feel like.

>> Oh.

>> Try it?

>> No, no, I've had enough food


>> Okay, okay.

>> Is it good, though?

Did you put coffee in it?

>> No just water, salt, and the

leftovers that nobody wanted.

>> Oh.

>> I didn't want to throw it


>> Lydia had, like, some kind of

corn soup or something in a

little coffee cup eating it

like, you know, she was just

literally dying and she was

scrounging for whatever she

could find to eat.

And it's almost like, you know,

we're supposed to feel sorry for

you, and let you win something.

But, I mean, we're here to

compete, and we're talking final

four, and you've got to step it

up, or you're not going to be


>> We need to stick together, us


>> I think so, too.

>> Because she's nice and


>> This next couple of days are

going to be crucial for Lydia,

'cause it could mean that she

goes really far in this game or

is one of the next people to go.

( snoring )

>> One, two...

>> Any of you making coffee?

>> I am right now.

>> The first couple of hours are

one of the better parts of the


We sit around and talk and have

coffee and breakfast.

>> Here she comes.

>> The coffee queen.

>> Stephenie and myself, Judd

and Rafe all had our coffee.

We're up on the ruins, and we

were like, "How cool would it be

if this is the way we spend our

last days?"

>> This corn cake is made all


>> Oh, man.

>> I don't know why.

It just seems like every

morning, my coffee gets better.

>> There's definitely a foursome

that seems to feel they have the

most power.

I would rather be in the power

class right now, but I'm not.

>> The people I totally feel

comfortable with are you and


>> There's three outsiders.

I mean, that's Gary, myself, and

now Lydia, but we need to bring

in a fourth person.

So we're going to try to talk to

Rafe and see what plan of action

we can take.

Hopefully, it'll work out.

Otherwise, I've got to look at

who is control of the game and

play up to it.

You just have to keep trying

until you find something that

works, 'cause I'm not going to

go home.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

Come on in, have a seat.

All right, first things first.

Rafe, hand over the immunity


Once again, immunity is back up

for grabs.

Today, I'm going to tell you a

story about Maya folklore.

You're then gonna race to a

series of seven stations.

You'll find a puzzle.

Put the puzzle together to

reveal a question about the


Read it and choose between one

of two answers.

If you are right, you'll find

colored flags.

Grab yours, bring it back to

your starting platform, and hang

it up.

If you're wrong, you will find

colored sticks.

You must grab your stick, throw

it in the fire before you can go

back to that station or any

other station.

The first person to have all

seven flags hanging from their

starting platform wins immunity.

You ready for the story?

One of the most popular figures

in Mayan mythology is the moon

goddess, Ixchel.

She was also the inventor of


Ixchel was married to Itzamna.

He was the creator of the entire

Maya culture.

Together, they had four sons.

They were responsible for

holding up the four corners of

the sky, but that marriage

ended, Ixchel married again.

This time she married the earth

god, Voltan.

Voltan was a human hero, who had

been turned into a god.

But after a short while, Ixchel

grew tired of that and began

having an affair with the sun


This frustrated her grandfather.

He threw lightning down on her,

killing her.

But dragonflies sang over her


She came back to life, went

right back to the affair she was

having with the sun.

This lasted just a few days, and

she began having another affair

with the sun's brother, the

morning star.

This devastated the sun god.

He banished her from his sight


Today, Ixchel spends her nights

alone in the sky, nursing the

women of earth through their


As for the sun, when the sun is

in sight, the moon stays hidden.

That's the story.

We'll draw for spots, and we'll

get started.

Here we go, guys.

For immunity.

Survivors ready?


You get it right, you'll find a

colored flag.

>> PROBST: Lydia racing back

with her first flag.

Lydia first on the board.

>> "Why did Ixchel's grandfather

kill her?"

Because she had an affair.

>> PROBST: Gary back with his

first flag.

>> "Ixchel had four children who

were responsible for holding up

the four corners of the sky.

Who was their father?"

"The creator of the Mayan


>> PROBST: Danni and Rafe racing

back with their flags.

>> "A human?"

"An animal?"

Um, a human.

>> PROBST: This is for immunity.

Let's go.

Cindy back with her first flag.

>> "Ixchel was goddess of...

>> PROBST: Judd misses his


Got to throw the stick in the

fire before you can go back.

>> Ixchel... is hidden away?

"Throws jugs of water to cause

floods and rain storms."

>> PROBST: Stephenie misses her

first question.

Stephenie and Judd the only two

people not on the board.

Lydia answers incorrectly.

Rafe has his second flag racing


Rafe now in the lead.

Gary right behind.

It's Gary and Rafe, each with

two flags.

Where have I been?

Where haven't I been?

Confusion starting to set in


Cindy back with her second flag.

Lydia with a second flag.

Steph finally on the board.

Judd finally on the board.

>> Ixchel was the inventor of...


>> He was a human.

>> PROBST: Rafe back with his

third flag.

Gary back with his third flag.

You need seven flags to win.

30 days out here.

Don't want it to end tonight.

Cindy is in it with three flags.

Lydia wrong again.

>> Because she had an affair?

Because she married Voltan--

( grunts )

>> PROBST: Gary back with his

fourth flag.

Gary now in the lead.

Cindy back with another flag.

Gary and Cindy both have four


Rafe back with his fourth flag.

We have three people now with

four flags.

Steph with her third flag.

Gary back with his fifth flag.

Gary has not missed a question


Danni answers wrong.

Rafe back with his fifth flag.

It's Gary and Rafe with five.

Only two flags left.

Cindy with her fifth flag.

Gary, Rafe, Cindy fighting for


>> "A human."

>> Ixchel was the goddess of the


>> PROBST: Here comes Gary with

his sixth flag.

Rafe with his sixth flag.

Rafe and Gary both have one flag


Both have to go to far corners

of the court.

They're still neck and neck.

Gary and Rafe, immunity on the


>> "... corners of the sky-- who

was the further?"

>> ...morning star-- true.

>> PROBST: Gary and Rafe both

heading back with their last


It's going to be a race.

Rafe back with his seventh flag.

Once again, Rafe wins immunity!

Rafe, come on over.

Once again, you are safe at

Tribal Council tonight.

( applause )

Sadly, everybody else fair game.

One of you will be going home


See you guys at Tribal.

Head on back.

>> Good job, everybody.

>> Rafe kicked butt.

>> For the third time, I won

individual immunity.

Who would see this little gay

Mormon and think that he was

going to win most of the

immunity challenges?

It feels really good, because

growing up, I never saw someone

who looked and acted gay and was

also athletic and could... had

confidence in themselves and

could do well in competitions

like this.

>> So far, we got a great


>> Such a good alliance, and we

all trust each other.

It's just too funny, because

it's two guys, two girls.

How fair is that?

We started together, you started


>> I mean, it's just like...

>> It's perfect.

It seems too good to be true.

We have such a great alliance,

and we have such trust in one

another that it almost seems too

easy to get to the final four


It feels weird because, last

time, I felt so powerless and

this time I feel so powerful.

It's like a dream almost come

true, but it almost seems too

good to be true.

>> I thought to myself, "I was

loyal to you.

"I was right there with

everything that you wanted me to


And now, all of a sudden, you

guys don't need me anymore," so

I think I'm screwed.

>> Right now, I think I'm a big

enough threat that they are

going to keep Lydia and Danni

around instead of me.

I'm dealing with some smart

people and people that don't

want me around.

Cindy, obviously, doesn't like

me, so I don't care what happens

to her.

But I'm not going to dwell on


I'm going to just attack the

next avenue and see if I can

just stay in a couple more days.

>> Good, good.

>> Rafe told me that he didn't

trust Judd.

That threw up a red flag.

So at some point they're going

to turn on each other.

The quicker I can make that

happen, the better.

Because if I want to get further

in this game, I'm going to have

to shake things up.

( thunder rumbling )

>> That's like a Jersey storm.

>> At this point of the game, I

don't trust anybody.

You never know who's going to

turn on who, and everybody's

kind of scouring all over the


( thunder rumbling )

>> Whoa-- seriously.

>> Lydia is lost.

I mean, she's just totally lost.

She can't be trusted, so she's

got to go.

And Gary has been running around

here like a damn lunatic, trying

to get anybody on his damn side.

And I don't know if it worked or


You just never know until you

get to Tribal.

>> PROBST: We'll now bring in

the members of the jury.

Bobby Jon and Jamie voted out at

the last Tribal Council.

Lydia, at the reward challenge,

a lot of hostility between you

and Steph about how much food

was eaten, who's had the most.

You based your cracking of the

pots on that fact entirely.

>> I had a feeling that perhaps

Stephenie might win this one

again, so I said, "Heck with


Nothing personal, but this time

I want to eat.

>> PROBST: Nothing personal?

It's very personal!

>> Well, Stephenie is also very

liked in this tribe, and

whenever anybody wins food

reward challenge, they invite


But when we came back to camp,

Stephenie made it very clear to

me, "Hey, you know, enough of

this, enough of this stuff about

me eating, you know.

I want it to stop right there."

And I looked at her and I said,

"You know, hey, this is a game


"You know, nothing personal, but

I just wanted a chance to eat."

>> PROBST: Who is running the

camp right now?

>> Well, everybody looks up to


She's played the game before, so

in my eyes, it seems as if Steph

is running the show.

>> PROBST: Steph, that is really

just driving you bonkers

listening to that.

>> I'm definitely not running

the show.

Did I say I wanted it to stop

when I we came back?

You're damn right.

I said, "Listen, if you got

something to say, say it to my


"If not, I don't want to hear it


That's all I said.

So if that's running the show...

>> PROBST: Gary, what's your

take on this?

>> I personally like Steph, but

there's some people here that

are star-struck by her.

That's not her fault, but they

all can probably get her

autograph after the show.

( laughter )

>> PROBST: Cindy, are you happy

with how you've played the game?


No compromises. I'm good.

>> Yep, mm-hmm.

>> PROBST: Judd, happy with how

you played?

>> Absolutely. Definitely.

>> PROBST: But in terms of

ethics-- whether or not to lie--

did you come into this with any

sort of moral compass, or is it,

"Hey, it's Survivor, are you


>> To be honest with you, I

don't think I've lied yet, but I

think I'm going to start lying,


Everybody here is lying about


I mean, for the last past couple

of days, there's been lies, man,

over here, over there, up there,

over here.

That's basically what's going

on, man.

I mean, everybody is sitting

here like things are fine and

dandy, but that ain't the case,

man, seriously.

So if I want to stick around in

this game, I'd better start


And you know what?

I'm a damn bad liar, so I might

be in trouble, man.

>> PROBST: You said there were

lies all over the place.

What are you referring to?

>> When we went on that reward,

it was me, Danni, Gary, and


Gary came flat out and said,

"Cindy and Lydia should not even

be here.

"They were riding coattail the

whole damn way, and they have

no damn reason to even be in

this game."

That came right out of his


>> That's right, and so what did

I lie about?

>> Because then you're trying to

make an alliance with Lydia.

>> But I didn't say...

>> You wanted her out of the


>> But did I tell them that they

should be out of the game?

I didn't tell them that.

>> You told me that.

>> I know, but that's not a lie.

>> Oh, that's a lie.

>> That's playing the game.

How is that a lie?

>> I know, that's playing the


>> But that's not a lie.

I didn't lie to them.

This is a lie.

"Hey, you guys the idol is on

the ground."

That's a lie.

>> Okay.

>> PROBST: Gary, what's the

comment you're talking about the

idol is on the ground?

>> Way back when he got the clue

about the idol, he goes, "Okay,

I'll tell you, it's on the


Well, I followed him out in the

woods the next day, and he is

looking at all the trees.

So I said, "Hmm, that's strange.

He told me it was on the


So I made myself seen in the

woods, and all of a sudden, he

starts throwing rocks around,

and the idol was in the tree.

>> PROBST: Okay, Judd, you got


You got outed tonight for lying.

>> Okay, all right, I lied about

the damn idol.


I told you I'm a bad liar.

>> PROBST: Okay, it is time to


Rafe, you have the immunity


I can't imagine you are giving

it up.

>> I want to keep it.

>> PROBST: Rafe is the only one

you cannot vote for.

Everybody else is fair game.

It's time to vote.

Lydia, you're up.

>> Gary, you've been running

around the jungle for two days,

man, like a squirrel trying to

get a damn nut, man.

Do me a favor and get the hell

out of here.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked

to leave the Tribal Council area


I'll read the votes.

First vote, Gary.


One vote Gary, one vote Cindy.


Two votes Gary, one vote Cindy.


That's three votes Gary.

12th person voted out

of Survivor: Guatemala, Gary.

That's four, it's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Gary, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Well, one thing is becoming

clear to me from these Tribal

Councils, and that is nobody is

going down without a fight.

Which means over the next nine

days, there should be some big


Grab your torches, head back to


Good night.

>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on

Survivor, Danni feels the


>> This perfect little alliance

is going to have to start

breaking up.

I'm definitely not going to go

down without a fight.

>> PROBST: Lydia makes a move.

>> How far do you want to get to

the final two?

>> Just as far as you do.

>> We have seven freakin' days


Maybe it's time we make a


>> PROBST: And the tribe is


>> This is so random!

>> What a great time. I had fun.

It was great competition.

Loved meeting the people.

My tribe does not know my real

name, which is Gary Hogeboom.

I didn't feel that it would be

an advantage if they knew that I

used to play in the NFL.

So that was the lie I told, but

I told it because I wanted to be

judged on how I played the game,