Survivor (2000–…): Season 11, Episode 10 - Eating and Sleeping with the Enemy - full transcript

One castawayÂ's inability to perform at the Reward Challenge blows it for the entire team.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on

Survivor... Gary, Danni and

Bobby Jon found themselves on

the outside of the alliance of


>> If it was the other way

around, they'd be doing the same


>> Yeah.


>> PROBST: So the search for the

hidden immunity idol


>> We need the immunity idol

now-- we need it right now.

>> PROBST: At the reward

challenge, the survivors

competed for a variety of meals.

First place, steak and lobster.


>> Man!

>> PROBST: In addition, the

winner of this challenge gets

one clue to the location of the

hidden immunity idol.

Judd dominated the challenge,

winning the best meal.

>> Wow.

>> All right.

>> PROBST: Judd, steak and


Also, a clue to the hidden

immunity idol.

>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: The next day, Judd

shared the clue with Stephenie.

>> "It's not buried or

concealed, nor directly on the


>> Gotta be like in a tree.

>> PROBST: And then he lied to

the others about the idol's

possible location.

>> It is totally on the ground.

I don't have a problem lying to

the other guys at all.

That's what the game is about,


>> PROBST: Meanwhile, Jamie's

paranoia annoyed even his

closest allies.

>> He seems like a loose cannon,

and I feel like he can ruin our

entire plan.

>> PROBST: But at the challenge,

Jamie won immunity and calmed

his nerves.

Jamie wins immunity.

>> Good job, Jame!

>> PROBST: Back at camp, the

alliance of six targeted Gary.

>> He's a huge physical threat.

He's just always, like, in game


>> PROBST: Knowing he was in

trouble, Gary continued to

search for the hidden immunity

idol and made an interesting


>> I think it's pretty amazing

that Judd told everybody the

clue that it's on the ground.

I wonder why he's looking in


There's no doubt in my mind that

Judd's lying.

>> PROBST: When it was time for

the vote at Tribal Council...

If anybody has found the

immunity idol, now is the time

to bring it up.

>> Oh, my God!


>> Oh, man!

>> PROBST: ...Gary caught his

tribe off-guard when he revealed

that he had found the idol.

With Gary suddenly safe, Bobby

Jon was voted out.

Bobby Jon, the tribe has spoken.

>> Thank you very much.

>> PROBST: Eight are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

(theme song playing)

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>> Well, we're gonna have a

fire, still.

Congratulations, Gar.

>> Gary, where'd you find it?

>> Hey, thanks, man.

>> Where did you find it?

>> At the, uh, Mayan worship

ciba tree.

I went to Tribal Council, and I

had found the small immunity

idol in the woods, and they had

to change their votes, because

they couldn't vote for me.

>> Oh, my God.

>> Did you... did you find it on

the first day or more recently?

>> Where's the trees the Maya

used to worship at?

>> I don't know.

>> I think Gary is shady.

Everybody else thinks he's a

good guy, but I don't think he

really is.

>> I don't care.

It's one vote.


Every time we get back from

Tribal Council, Jamie picks some

kind of argument with somebody.

He came to me and said, "You

know who wrote your name down?"

And I'm like, "Well, yeah, Gary

wrote my name down."

He just is trying to make me

have some kind of bitter

feelings towards Gary when I


And then it seemed like he was

mad at me because I wasn't

getting mad.

>> I'm not playing into

anybody's game.

>> I got one vote. Whoop-di-doo.

>> Yeah, how's that playing into

somebody's game?

>> I don't even care.

It's like I don't care.

He doesn't even think before he

starts an argument, and then ten

minutes later, he starts talking

to Gary.

None of it made sense whatsoever

to anybody.

>> Well, Gary would lie when...

I tell you we were voting for

Brandon, he goes, "Yeah, you'll

vote for Brandon, too, and then

you'd vote for me?"

Was that a lie?

>> That'd be a lie that I

told... I never told you I was

voting for Brandon.

>> But I thought I told you

right here that I was like,

"We're voting for Brandon."

And you said... you said, uh...

"Okay, whatever," you said,

"Yeah, well, that's fine."

You'll vote for Brandon and then

you vote against me.

>> I don't think so.

>> Obviously, me and you are

going to have to fight this

whole thing now.

>> We don't need to fight.

I'm just...

>> Well, obviously, 'cause

you're calling me a liar and I

don't like it.

>> I did not just call you a


Maybe you just don't hear very


>> I didn't really hear anybody

say you lied, though.

What are you talking about?

>> I know I'm just saying...

Dude, let's just drop it.

No one said I lied.

>> Jamie and Gary had a little

fall-out, because I guess Jamie

thinks Gary is a liar somehow.

I-I don't... I didn't see Gary


I-I think Jamie sometimes, he

just says things because he says


>> Seriously, though, Gary, I

really thought, you know, you

said what you said, you know?

>> You know, Jamie, you're gonna

think what you want to think,


>> Yeah, and you're going to

think what you want to think.

>> You got that right.

>> Come on, Jamie, forget about


>> I'll forget about it, but I'm

mad, too, Gary.

Don't worry about it.

>> What's that?

>> I'm mad, too, just like you.

>> I'm not mad.

>> I don't think he's mad

either, Jame.

I'm... I don't know.

>> I'm just gonna drop it.

>> It just seems like you're

starting to instigate...

>> Just drop it.

>> All right. Good, man.

That's what I want you to do,

man-- I don't think he's mad.

Emotionally, I guess this game

might be taking a toll on him,

and he really, psychologically,

he's losing it.



>> PROBST: Come on in, guys.

And then there were eight.

Four men, four women.

Today's challenge is for reward.

Here's how it works.

You will be divided into two

teams-- one pair of men, one

pair of women on each team.

Each pair will be attached by a


Moving one pair at a time, you

will race through a deep mud

pit, as well as a series of


You'll go over the first

obstacle, under the second, over

the third obstacle.

At the end, you'll find pots

filled with corn.

Grab a pot and head back over

the same obstacles.

Once you make it back to your

mat, empty your corn into your

finished pot while the other

pair heads out.

The first tribe to fill their

pot to the white line wins


Want to know what you're playing


>> Oh, yeah.

>> PROBST: The winning team will

leave here via helicopter.

You'll be taken to a beautiful

private home, get a shower.


And wash your clothes.

Then pajamas, because you're

spending the night.

In the morning, you'll awake to

the smell of Folgers coffee.

>> Ooh, my gosh.

>> PROBST: Reenergize you,

rejuvenate you for these last

few days.

Worth playing for?

>> Yes.

>> PROBST: Let's draw for teams

and get started.

All right, we have our two


Jamie and Rafe, Cindy and Lydia

taking on Gary and Judd, Steph

and Danni.

For reward, survivors ready?


>> Come on, guys!

Come on, guys!

Good job. Good job. Good job.

Together, together.

>> PROBST: Both guys heading

over at the same time.

>> Nice!

>> PROBST: Got to go under the

second obstacle.

Jamie dives right in.

Rafe dives in.

Gary and Judd, everybody

getting muddy.

Jamie and Rafe with a bit of a


Getting to their first pot of

corn and heading back.

Judd and Gary right behind them.

Now is where strategy comes in.

Gonna have to work together.

Rafe over first.

Jamie hands the pot to him.

Judd over first.

Gary hands the pot to him and

loses some corn.

>> Watch the corn.

>> PROBST: Rafe and Jamie with

the lead.

>> Guys.

>> PROBST: Gary and Judd, trying

to hang on.

>> Guys, come on, guys.

>> PROBST: Rafe and Jamie

protecting that corn.


>> Go, Lydia, Lydia!

>> PROBST: Cindy and Lydia on

the course.

Gary and Judd falling further


>> Come on, come on, Gary.

>> PROBST: Gary and Judd are

back. Stephenie and Danni are


They've got some time to make


Cindy and Lydia clearing the

last obstacle.

Lydia hurdles herself over.

Steph and Danni sliding under

the second obstacle.

Lydia and Cindy coming back with

the second pot, trudging through

the mud.

>> Come on, girls.

>> PROBST: They've got a decent


>> Go.

>> PROBST: Danni and Steph make

it to their second pot.

>> Keep going, guys.

You're doing well.

>> PROBST: Lydia and Cindy

trying to do the handoff.

That pot is heavy.

>> Come on, come on, come on.

>> Go, Danni. Go, Danni.

>> PROBST: Danni using those

long arms.

Lydia struggling.

That mud is deep!

>> Lydia, come on.

>> Come on, come on, come on,

come on.

>> PROBST: Danni and Steph

closing the gap.

>> You can do it, Lydia.

You can do it.

>> PROBST: Lydia has got to

touch the mat before you can go.

Danni and Steph have taken over.

They're passing Lydia with their

second pot.


Gary and Judd now with the lead.

Lydia really slow.


>> Good job, good job!

>> PROBST: Jamie and Rafe trying

to make up a lot of time.

Jamie throws himself over.

Rafe right behind.

>> Come on, guys!

>> PROBST: They're moving

quickly, diving under the second


They're making up a lot of time

very fast.

They've tied it up.

We're dead even.

Jamie and Rafe heading back.

Judd and Gary right behind them.

>> Good job, guys, keep moving.

>> PROBST: It's a long race.

Anything could happen.

Can't slow down now.

>> Gary, don't spill any.

>> All right.

>> Nice, Gar. Come on, Gar.

>> PROBST: Jamie and Rafe are

back with their third pot.

Touch that mat.

Go, Lydia.

Go, Cindy.

>> Come on, guys.

>> Come on, guys.

>> PROBST: Got to hit the mat,

both of them.

Steph and Danni back out on the


Cindy and Lydia, you're going to

have to move.

Danni and Stephenie now with the


Lydia really slowing them down.

You're gonna have to move,


Dig deep. Let's go.

>> Keep going, guys.

>> One, two, three, jump.

>> PROBST: One more pot of corn

might do it for Danni and Steph.

>> All right, we only need one


>> One more.

>> PROBST: They've got their pot

and they're heading back.

Lydia still struggling.

>> I can't get my feet up.

>> Go, Danni.

>> PROBST: A big reward at


>> That's your job.

>> PROBST: Night away from camp.

Food, clean clothes.

Cindy and Lydia not quitting.

Let's go, women. Move!

Danni and Steph with...

Steph falls down.

Gotta get that corn in there to


Will it be enough?



Danni, Steph, Gary, Judd win


>> Good job!

We're still going to finish.

We're still going to finish.

Let's go.

>> It's a done deal.

>> Oh!

>> Let's finish.

>> It's just worth doing right.

>> We're not quitting.

Let's... come on!

Come on, let's go.

>> They already won, Jamie.

There's nothing we can do about


>> Okay, fine.

(speaking indistinctly)

>> PROBST: You guys ready?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Hit it.

>> Guys, day 25 is the best day

so far.

>> We're covered in mud.

>> One of the best days of my


>> Me, too.

>> Just to get away from camp

was enough.

It was my first time actually in

a helicopter, so that was an

awesome experience in itself.

>> We're going to a mansion, you


How weird is it going to feel

being in a bathroom and looking

in the mirror?

>> Oh, that's right, the mirror.

>> I don't need that.

I don't want to look.

>> Oh, you guys, how amazing.

>> Oh, this is so beautiful!

>> Hi!

>> Hey!

We're home!

>> Greetings. Welcome.

>> The helicopter dropped us off

not too far from the house, and

you were greeted by this dude,


>> This is my house, and this is

your casa.

>> We were filthy, man, full of


>> Okay, look at the pool.

>> Oh, look at the food.


>> Oh, nice.

>> This pool is unbelievable!

>> He took us down to the pool

area, where we all showered up.

>> Eww!


>> I would not have rather gone

on that reward with any other

people than those three that I

was with.

>> Two hot girls getting in the

shower together.

>> I-I wouldn't go that far, not

right now.

Danni and I are, like, really


She's a cool chick.


And Gary is just an awesome,

genuine guy.

And Judd and I have been buds

since the day I met him.

>> I'm just taking all my

clothes off, everything.

>> Really?

>> Yep.

(bird cawing)

>> What are you doing, Judd?


>> It's all right.

It's coming off.


>> It was definitely the best

foursome out here that I could

have gone on this most amazing

reward with.

This is more like very fancy

hors d'oeuvres.

Oh, lobster.

>> There you go.

>> Oh, it's a jalapeño!

We ate so much!

Oh, there's a lot of meat in


Did I do well, or am I missing

out, like still on a bunch of


>> No, you're doing good.

>> I love to eat, but Stephenie

eats even more than I do.

>> Whoa!

>> It's good, isn't it?

I haven't had a chance to get

to know her, and I think the

reward helps a lot.

I do feel bad that they're

back there.

>> Lydia, she was so down on

herself, I can't even imagine

today how she feels.

>> Oh...

>> My sincere apologies to you

guys, though, man.

You guys were ahead.

You and Jamie were ahead of-of

Gary and Judd.

You were!

>> Yeah, but i-it doesn't

matter, Lydia.

>> A bath, a nice bath and

coffee in the morning and

pancakes with syrup.

>> I don't need to hear it.

>> And a helicopter ride.

>> Yeah, I'm a little sad about

the helicopter ride.


>> I know we can get there if

you just... if you... if you

trust me.

You know what I'm saying?

>> Okay. I feel good about that,


>> Well, can you swear like...

we'll go to the final three


Because I will give you my word,

and I know I can pull it.

>> I don't know.

Like, I don't feel good about

giving you my word as a man if

I'm not like 100% on it.

Do you know what I mean?

>> Yeah, yeah, why aren't you

100% about it? Like...

>> Well, because I haven't

thought about it at all.

>> You think about it.

>> Yeah, let me... 'Cause I-I...

You know, I'm not just going to

sit here and swear to you after,

like, five minutes of thinking

about it.

>> Yeah, yeah.

>> I've almost given up trying

to understand Jamie's strategy

in this game.

I think that Jamie is just kind

of losing it, almost, in terms

of paranoia.

Like he's just letting the game

really, really get to him, and

he is constantly freaked out.

>> Here, I'll make an easy swear

for you.

Do you want to just swear the

top six right now?

>> I already have.

>> Okay, well I...

>> I already told you yesterday.

>> I won't sucker you.

Yeah. (chuckles)

>> I feel like my family at

Christmas-- we're all wearing

the same pajamas.

>> What a great feeling.

It's just like, just rejuvenated

me and everybody else with me.

There's no doubt that this would

be a good time to try and make

some ties with Stephenie and


If they shut me down, they shut

me down.

But, uh, I've got to try because

I'm the next to go if-if they

don't change.

>> Okay.

>> Hard question.

>> My whole thing with you...

>> Mm-hmm.

>> ...and my whole thing with

Danni has been I want to take

the strongest four to the final


>> Yeah.

>> nobody slides by...

>> Right, and he said that since

day one.

>> ...with-with good attitudes,

that work hard in camp and

that are great competitors.

The play was, "Hey, I want the

best in the finals so you're

winning against the best."

And I-I don't know what they're


But, uh, all's I could do is

plant a seed.

If Lydia goes to the final two,

guess who's winning?

>> She'll win.

>> She'll win.

>> Lydia.

>> Of course.

>> We know that.

>> If Cindy goes to the final

two, guess who's winning? Cindy.

>> We know that.

>> And-And do they deserve it?

>> I'm fine with that logic--

like to be the best, beat the


But then at the same time, I

have such a good thing going.

It's kind of iffy.

So I'm not... really not sure

if we're going to go with that.

But it's a good idea.

>> Let me ask you this, then.

In a perfect world...

>> Yeah.

>> ...numbers aside, in this

game who would be the next

person you guys would want to

vote out?

>> There's no doubt who I'd vote


>> Me, too. Jamie.

>> Well, who would it be?

>> Jamie.

>> Because of his attitude?

>> Yeah.

>> Oh, yeah.

>> Bonding with Gary and Danni

is not going to affect my game,

because I know what my game plan


But it's nice to get to know

somebody different who you

never met before.

>> I love Guatemala right now.


>> Good night, Judd.

>> Good night, Gary.

Good game, man.

>> Yeah. You, too.

>> Sometimes this game affects

your heart a little bit.

Sometimes it kind of wrenches it

a bit.

And getting rid of those two

is... you know, that's gonna be

a little heart-wrenching.

But that's just the way the game

is, man.

If I want to go further in this

game, the threats gotta go.

>> Ooh, Nelly!

Smell that, baby?

>> So good!

>> Oh!

>> Oh, look at that, man!

>> Oh, my gosh.

>> When we got up this morning,

we could smell coffee.

It was so refreshing to smell

coffee, rather than the smell of

the jungle every morning when we

get up.

>> It's all crystally.

>> (squeals): So exciting!

>> Oh, you're a big coffee fan,

Dan, huh?

>> Well, I drink it a lot in the

mornings when I have early


There was like six different

flavors of Folgers coffee.

And we tried all of them.

>> Oh, my God!

Oh, let's sit down.

>> Oh, man!

>> Where do you want to sit?


>> What's up?

>> Louie!

>> Good morning.

>> What's going on?

>> Actually, I'm bringing a

little present.

>> Okay.

>> Oh!

>> Enjoy it.

>> Thank you very much.

>> Thank you.

>> Thank you, Louie.

>> Look like videotapes.

>> Stop it.

>> Mm-mmm.

>> Oh, my God!

>> Are they?

>> Oh, my God!

>> Lou, our little buddy, comes

over and gives us a present.

Open it up, it's videotapes from


>> Stephenie.

>> I told my family I wouldn't


>> If we didn't get any food or

shower or nothing and just got

the videotapes, I would have

been completely satisfied.

It was just the icing on the


>> Well, I'm at Grandma's...

>> Hey!

>> ...and I love you.

>> Then the tapes come out.

Ooh! That was sweet.

>> I'm cooking up some hot dogs.

>> Oh, no.


>> Whoa, hey, easy there.

>> Hi, honey.

>> Oh, my gosh

>> I miss you very, very much.

Life is very, very, very boring

without you.

>> My wife, my daughter, my mom,

my nieces, my sister and my


>> We miss you, but...

have a nice cold beer and a fat

T-bone waiting for you when you

get home.

>> Better than steak and eggs

any morning, man.


(screams and laughter)

>> Hi, Danni, it's your mom, of


I love you so much.

Boy, do we miss you.

The two most important men in

your life would like to say

hello to you.

>> Hondo.

>> Hey, Danni, it's your old

buddy, Hondo.

Boy, I sure miss you.

>> My family, I knew, would be


I just wanted to see my dogs and

make sure they were okay.

And they look like they've been

well fed, so...

>> I'll be talking to you soon.

Love you, Danni. Bye.

>> Aw...

>> Whoo...

>> Oh...

>> Hi, Aunt Stephenie.

>> How are you?

Hopefully, the bugs aren't

biting too bad.

>> And I hope you're all right.

>> Yes, we do.

>> Bye-bye.

(blows kiss)

>> Kisses!

>> Go, Jets.


>> There was four videotapes in

there of our families.

We watched the videos and

just had a great time.

I saw everybody else's family,

which was really neat.

'Cause they're always talking

about them.

So now you can connect names

with faces.

>> Hey, Dad, hope everything is

going good.

I'm getting ready for

California, and I will talk to

you when you get back.

>> I'm definitely not very good

at this, but I just want to tell

you that I love you and miss you

and we'll see you soon.

>> I'm an emotional wreck

anyways when it comes to

anything family.

And not seeing them for 25 days

and then seeing my kids and my

wife, it was phenomenal.

>> Hey, Dad.

>> Aw...

>> Hope you haven't got hit in

the head with a coconut yet.

But if you have, hi, my name is

Jamie and I'm your daughter.

>> You got muscles on top of

your muscles and muscles on top

of those muscles...

>> It was the best reward

challenge prize that we possibly

could have had.

>> ...beat you up.


>> Two weeks, you'll be home

in two weeks.

>> Well, we're in the real world


>> Yeah, back to the hellhole.

>> Here they come.

>> Hey.

>> Is this them?

>> Hi!

>> Hey.

>> Hey, guys.

>> Hey, guys.

>> Welcome back.

>> We didn't bring food, so

don't get too excited.

>> We made a little basket of

different coffees, and I was

kind of hiding it.

And I mean Cindy, she's a huge

coffee fan and her eyes just lit


>> Coffee!

>> Oh, Cindy!

>> Oh, my gosh!

Stephenie pulls out this basket,

and it's got, like, a dozen or

more little Folgers coffee

singles, like little tea bags.

I just thought that is the most

perfect thing that they could

possibly walk into camp with.

>> We thought you're gonna just


>> I cannot even believe it.

I mean, it could have been a

basket of cookies, it could have

been a basket of rolls,


But it was basket of coffee.

>> Not a lot.

>> Ooh, you guys smell good.

>> How was... did you get a nice

bed to sleep in?

>> I slept on the floor.

>> You didn't sleep on the bed?

>> The only person I was really

concerned about was Jamie.

I didn't know how he would react

to... to me and Steph going

away, because I didn't want

Jamie to feel like we made any

alliances with Danni or Gary,

which we didn't, so...

It was cool.

>> I know, bud.

What's up, Gary?

>> How's it going?

>> Good. How was your...

How was the food?

>> It was all right.

>> Good food?

>> You know, I don't know if

it's too late, but Judd really

seemed to have fun.

Danni and Stephenie hit it off


I don't know how sincere they

were, but-but I made the pitch

to them.

And they're either going to take

it or they're not.

So, if I don't win immunity

on the next challenge and it

doesn't change, I'll be gone.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys.

Good morning, guys.

>> Good morning.

>> PROBST: First things first.

Jamie, give it up.

Once again, immunity is back up

for grabs.

Ready to get to the challenge?

Here is how it works.

You will be attached to one long

rope, which is threaded through

three obstacles.

You will have to climb over,

crawl under, maneuver around as

you race through these


The first four to the finish

move on to the final round.

For the final round, you will

once again be attached to one


Only this time, the obstacle is

three levels high, and that will

seriously complicate things.

First person to finish wins


Guarantees themself a one-in-

seven shot at $1 million.

We'll draw for position and

we'll get started.

Here we go.

For immunity, survivors ready?


Gary wasting no time.

Rafe doing well.

Cindy right in there.

Danni trailing behind.

Judd having trouble figuring it


He's bringing up the tail.

Lydia throwing herself over this


Does not want to be last again.

Gary the first to move on to the

second obstacle.

Cindy and Steph are neck and

neck in second place.

Cindy moves on to second


Steph right behind.

Rafe, Jamie fighting for that

fourth spot.

Rafe now at the second pole.

It's Gary and Cindy, Steph and

Rafe now looking to be the final


I forgot about Danni.

Danni is on the ground, almost

out of sight.

Gary has moved on to the third

stage, the big lead.

Four people are moving on to the

next round.

Immunity at stake.

Cindy having a little trouble

with the second pole.

Not as easy as it looks.

Rafe picking up some ground.

Danni, Judd, Lydia are falling

out of this competition.

Jamie has moved on to the third


It's Gary, Rafe and Jamie on the

last stage.

Cindy and Steph fighting for

that fourth spot.

27 days, taking its toll right


Gary still in the lead.

Judd has given up.

>> I'm not giving up.

I'm-I'm trying to figure it out.

>> PROBST: Steph has moved on to

the third stage.

Cindy falling out of it.

She's got to get on to the third

stage to have a shot.

Gary ran into a bit of an


Rafe gaining some time.

Rafe now in the lead.

Gary falling back.

Jamie and Rafe now fighting it


Gary trying to figure out where

he's stuck.

What happened?

Things were going smoothly.

He's not panicking.

Taking his time.

Cindy nowhere closer to that

third stage.

Rafe is good. He's moving on.

Three spots left.

Jamie looking good.

Steph making some progress.

But Gary is still stuck.

Jamie is across.

He's moving on.

Rafe and Jamie in this final


Cindy moved on to the third


Two spots left.

Gary back on track now.

Easy to tie yourself up in a


Steph moving on to the final


One spot left.

Who's it going to go to?

Cindy and Gary both want it.

It's going to be tight.

Cindy is moving.

Gary in the last leg.

Cindy right behind.

It is Cindy and Gary very close.

Gary hustling to get through

that last leg.

There it is, Gary and Cindy.

Cindy moving on to the finals...

>> Phew!

>> PROBST: ...edges out Gary.

It's Cindy, Steph, Jamie and

Rafe for immunity.

Survivors ready?


>> Come on, girls.

>> PROBST: You now have three

levels gonna have to climb up,

back down.

Cindy takes a fall.

Steph, throwing herself through

the challenge.

First person to finish gets the

immunity necklace and is safe at

tonight's Tribal Council.

Cindy and Rafe, dead even.

When Cindy starts to move, she


Steph close behind.

Jamie trying to get back into

it; he's figured it out now.

Cindy now with a bit of a lead.

Rafe right behind, not giving

up, still very tight.

One slip-up can cost you.

Cindy moving quickly.

She's into the fourth section.

Rafe slowing down.

It's Cindy's to lose now.

Rafe trying to make up some


Cindy flying through this


Rafe fighting to stay in it.

It's Cindy and Rafe right now,

immunity on the line.

Cindy is stuck.

Cindy has lost her lead.

Cindy now picks up.

Once again, it's going to be a

close finish.

Cindy and Rafe.

Rafe... wins immunity!


>> Good job.

>> Thanks, guys.

>> PROBST: Rafe, come on over.

>> Good job, Rafe.

>> PROBST: Rafe is safe tonight

at Tribal Council.

One of you seven is going home.

Back to camp.

See you tonight at Tribal


>> Good job, Rafe.

>> Thank you.

>> Good job, Rafe.

>> It's crazy.

Of the three immunities I have

competed in, I've won two and

finished second in one of them.

Um... you know, I just made

myself a huge threat in this


And I think I am going to have

to change the way I am playing.

>> I got stuck, I couldn't fit

my shoulders through.

>> Well, you're-you're tall.

>> I got stuck.

>> I would've thought it would

have been terrible for you.

>> I didn't win immunity


I was way out in the lead and

couldn't get my body through a

little hole.

So, that was tough.

But I gave it my best shot.

I went out fighting.

And you never know.

>> Huh?

>> Making sure we're all good.

>> Mm-hmm.

We're going to vote for Gary


Jamie's just very paranoid.

I mean, he's not going anywhere.

He might get maybe...

one vote, from Gary.

And that's it.

>> Oh, yeah.

>> I mean, I thought it was

actually a fun challenge, but...

>> I thought it was good.

>> Yeah.

>> Freaking workout.

My legs are killing me right


>> My arms are.

>> Yeah.

>> So, I didn't win immunity

today; Rafe did.

But he is not the serious threat

right now; it's Gary.

And eventually, they're gonna

catch on that I'm the serious


So I'm trying to work it where

they, uh, keep the six that got

here together.

And I'm working that card a lot.

We're still sticking to the


>> As far as I know.

Haven't heard anything else.

Is there anything else for me to


>> I just... I-I don't want to

go home tonight.

I'm sticking with the six, you


>> We said we would.

I don't see...

>> Yeah.

>> It's working so far.

>> I know Lydia and Judd won't

change; I know Rafe pretty much

won't change.

You know, I just...

Sometimes I wonder what

Stephenie's thinking, you know?

Do you ever get like that or no?

>> Yeah, you got to wonder what

everybody's thinking.

But you know, we said we'd do

the six and it's working out for

us, so why screw it up now?

>> Good...

>> No reason.

>> I appreciate that a lot.

'Cause I'm-I'm kind of scared

now, just in case, you know...

>> For me personally, Jamie's

paranoia is just getting crazy.

He just doesn't know when to be


It just seems ridiculous, and

it's getting old.

>> Sure.

>> Jamie is such a control


He'll come over and say, "Rafe,

let's go play Guatemancala,"

which has become his signal for

"Rafe, I need to talk to you

about the game."

So I have to play Mancala with

him every day.

>> I mean, like, I don't know

what to tell you.

You're constantly asking.

He's, like, "So you're sticking

with the six, right?

Are you going to stick with the


You should stick with the six,


I'm just worried that everyone's

not going to stick with the


I'm like "Jamie, I'm sticking

with the six.

Like, if you ask me again I'm

going to die.

I'm going to throw these pieces

of corn at you.

I-I... You're driving me


>> Okay.

>> Okay.

>> I don't know what to say, you

know, I mean...

It's a hard decision.

Jamie and I, we have been

together since day one.

So it's very, very difficult for

me to think about voting him


>> Mm-hmm.

>> Gary is a smooth operator.

>> I-I think we should do it.

>> Okay, that's what my heart

says, too.

>> What do you think, Lydia?

>> You guys want Jamie to go,


>> PROBST: We will now bring in

the first member of our jury:

Bobby Jon, voted out at the last

Tribal Council.

Jury members are here to listen


You're not to direct any

comments to them.

They're gathering information to

make a very big vote.

So, let's talk about the reward


Steph, the biggest reward we've

had so far.

And did it give you time to bond

with Gary and with Danni and

with Judd?

>> Yeah, it absolutely did.

I mean, we just enjoyed each

other's company and just really

got to know each other.

And especially for Gary.

I mean, he almost went home the

day before.

So, you know, we really kind of


So that was cool.

>> PROBST: Danni, do you feel

the same way?

>> Oh, yeah.

I mean, I haven't had a chance

to be on a team with

Stephenie, and Gary and Judd

hadn't had a chance, so it was

just nice to get to know one


Um, 'cause we're pretty familiar

with everybody else.

>> PROBST: Judd, did you and

Gary bond?

>> Oh, man. Gary, to me, is just

an amazing person, man.

He's somebody that you want to

look up to, man.

I kind of keep my cool when he's


You know, I try to be a man

myself, but sometimes I feel

like I'm a little kid at times.

But Gary, man, he's... he's a

man's man.

I got to give it to him, man.

Nothing but respect for him.

>> PROBST: Would that make it

more difficult to vote for him

tonight, or are you able to go

right back into game mode?

>> Oh, no. This, to me, is

probably going to be one of my

most difficult votes.

I mean, in order for me to move

on, you know, it has to be done.

I mean... it's not easy.

It's not going to be easy, but I

got to move on.

>> PROBST: Jamie, is there

anybody left that you would say,

"You know what, I wouldn't miss

them and I won't miss them when

they're gone"?

>> No, I-I couldn't say that

about anybody else on this


I think everybody here has super

hearts and are super people.

It's just when you're out in

this jungle, you know, you can

go insane out here, I believe,

if you don't watch yourself.

It gets to you.

But all of these people here

have been really supportive and

really great.

And so, may the best man or

woman win.

>> PROBST: Gary, mentally, where

are you at in this game right


>> You know, I think the most

important thing out here is a

positive attitude in any

survival situation.

And we are in a survival


You know, I'm weak.

You can't do the things you

normally do.

So I'm just trying to be upbeat

and just make it through every


And what happens happens.

>> PROBST: Okay, let's get to

the vote.

Rafe, you have individual


If you want it, you can give it

to somebody you thought needed

it or keep it for yourself.

>> I'm going to keep it for


>> Rafe is the only one you

cannot vote for.

Everybody else is fair game.

It is time to vote.

Jamie, you're up.

>> I hope we can be friends one

day, but it's either you or me

tonight, buddy.

>> Jamie, I still think you got

a big heart, and I'd want you on

my team any day of the year.

>> Gary, thanks for sharing this

experience with me, buddy.

We got to let you go.

I don't want to, but...

Thanks for everything and God

bless you.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote...



Two votes Gary.


Two votes Gary, one vote Jamie.


Two votes Gary, two votes Jamie.


That's three votes Jamie,

two votes Gary.


Four votes Jamie.

The 11th person voted out of

Survivor Guatemala, Jamie.

Jamie, the tribe has spoken.

>> Blindsided-- nice.

Now that's how you vote somebody



>> PROBST: Well, Jamie just gave

you the best advice anybody

could: blindsided.

Who you share information with

and what information you share

is critical if you want any shot

in this game.

Consider that a gift.

Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.

Good night.

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Stay tuned for scenes from our

next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on

Survivor: Judd is left reeling

after Tribal Council.

>> I don't know what to say.

I mean, I wish somebody would

have told me.

It makes me wonder, from now on

what the hell is going on?

>> PROBST: And emotions run


>> And I don't want to hear any

more about it...

>> Well, you say nothing's


Everything's personal, man.

>> You think this isn't going to

show me where your loyalties


You are sadly mistaken.

>> It really hurts that Lydia

voted against me because I took

her so far.

As much as I warned Lydia about

times she was in trouble, she

couldn't tell me I was in

trouble, so that's gonna be hard

for me to forgive her for that.

It hurts when you see good

people go bad, but that's how

the game plays.

You know, honesty is a huge

thing, and I don't think I ever