Survivor (2000–…): Season 10, Episode 6 - Jellyfish 'n Chips - full transcript

The tribes attempt to herd piglets at the Reward Challenge

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on


>> Your shoulder's right

on my head.

>> JEFF: A close relationship

developed at Koror.

>> Jennifer and Gregg have

definitely teamed off.

I mean, they've got to

to think we're stupid

if we can't tell that

they're together.

>> Whoa, whoa, whoa...

>> JEFF: Ulong got lost in a


>> I'm going back to camp.

>> Why are you going

back to camp by yourself?

>> Why can't I?

>> Angie wanted to quit.

She's one of those folks

that says, "I can't do this."

>> JEFF: At Koror, Willard's

work ethic was questioned when

he failed to tend to the fire.

>> Willard's been getting a

free ride, and he's been able

to play this game

a lot longer than he should.

>> JEFF: At the challenge...

Win or lose, both tribes

are going to Tribal Council


The winning tribe will

vote somebody out.

They will then cross

to the jury side,

help themselves to some stew

and root beer and listen in

as the losing tribe

has their Tribal Council.

Ibrehem down.

Ibrehem failed to retrieve

a bottle.

>> Come on, Ib!

>> JEFF: Koror wins reward.

>> Get on the raft!

>> JEFF: At Ulong...

>> I can't believe we lost.

>> JEFF: Ibrehem's mistake was

hard to overlook.

>> We had it in the bag.

Then Ibrehem, we lost because of


He's history.

>> JEFF: Jubilation turned

to paranoia, as Koror faced

their first Tribal Council.

>> He's out, right?

>> Yeah.

( indistinct voices )

>> Don't tell anyone.

>> I won't.

>> JEFF: And Gregg let Coby

in on his plan with Jenn.

Once Willard and Caryn are gone,

it becomes seven people,

me, Jenn, you and Janu.

Then we start picking

them off.

>> I'm very excited.

I love that the game is going

to a new level.

I can't wait.

>> JEFF: At Koror's first

Tribal Council...

Fifth person voted out

of Survivor Palau...

Willard was voted out.

The tribe has spoken.

Koror, go ahead and pull off

the cover.

Koror then dug into their beef

stew reward in front of a

dejected Ulong tribe.

>> Oh!

>> It was really close today.

We really needed this.

>> It seems like all I've heard

today is "Wow, we could have

really been eating that beef

stew right now," like that's

the end of the game,

like beef stew is it.

>> JEFF: And with Ibrehem on

the chopping block,

there was one more surprise.

Koror, you are going

to vote to give immunity

to one person from Ulong.

Koror voted and gave immunity

to Ibrehem.

With a wrench thrown into

Ulong's plans, Bobby Jon and

Angie each received two votes.

We have a tie.

Stephenie had first voted for

Bobby Jon, but in the tiebreaker

she changed her vote, and Angie

was voted out.

The tribe has spoken.

12 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

>> That may have been the

craziest Tribal Council

I've ever been to.

From walking in, believing

that I was going

to be voted off,

but then the tide got turned

and the other tribe ended up

giving me immunity.

And, uh, someone else ended up

getting voted off instead of me.

>> I think for the next

challenge, not only do we

need to have great listening

skills, because I'm also...

>> Yeah, everybody needs to


>> I mean, like...

>> Keep your ears open

and listen to your teammates.

>> Tonight at Tribal Council,

Ib got the immunity.

So, um, Angie was the one that

ended up going.

But you know, he knew was gonna

get voted off,

and he knows he's going next,

'cause I'm not changing my mind.

So we'll see what happens.

>> I was pissed at you, really.

You wasn't paying

attention today.

That was your problem.

>> Okay.

>> Okay?

You cost us the game because

you didn't pay attention.

All you had to do was

yank on the bottle.

>> Yeah, you're right.

>> You were yanking

on the rope.

>> No, ain't none of us perfect.

>> You should have been at

least honest and, uh...

>> About what?

>> ...told us that you couldn't

dive down deep enough

to get the bottle.

>> Didn't I tell you I was

honest about it?

I told you, if you was

listening, I said I dove down

I was at two bottles,

and I tried to pull the rope.

>> Yeah, all we know is

you went down three times,

didn't come up with a bottle.

>> Bottom line is,

we just need to win now.

'Cause we really can't afford to

lose anybody else.

I mean for real.

>> And you need to focus,

you know.

>> James just kind of put

Ibrehem on the spot.

I mean...

I don't agree with that,

you know.

I mean, we win as a team

and lose as a team.

Yeah, he-he missed the bottle,

and we didn't win the beef stew.

I mean, whatever, you know.

You can't get over

beef and stew?


>> A lot of times I'm able to

get off on my own away by

myself and actually do my


I think if things would have

just stayed on track at Tribal,

I'm pretty sure I-I probably

wouldn't be here right now.

I don't know.

The way things happen,

I almost think

God had a hand in it.

I feel like I'm definitely

meant to be here.

I think you appreciate things

a little more when it's almost

taken away from you,

so I think I got

a whole new grasp on it.

>> Last night was the first

Tribal Council, and we had to

vote somebody off, which

ended up being Willard.

And then, we got to eat our


Right away, you started, you

felt this rush of energy back.

And the crew woke up

this morning very charged up

and refreshed.

And it's just another day

in paradise today.

>> Idle hands are the devil's

plaything, you know.

You know what?

It's a different day, you know.

We all got fed,

everyone's got a little energy,

and everyone's doing a project.

Today is a day just to kind of

do something to save ourselves

some work down the road.

>> What do you think?

>> That's pretty.

That's so cool.

Camp Koror had craft day.

Well, just Katie;

everybody else was working.

Didn't help with the fire,

didn't go hunt,

didn't go do anything.

But she made necklaces,

God love her.

Actually, more of a headband.

>> I feel great, I really do.

I thought it'd be harder than


And it will be,

and I'm prepared for that.

So I think that if you keep

that state of mind,

then you can survive.

>> It's pretty.

>> So what do you do after

you get the three...?

>> You just start

tying them together.

>> I would like to see Katie

work a little harder

and move a little faster.

It appears that she's just here

to entertain.

She sings, she's cheerful,

she makes a lot of jokes.

But what is her role here?

I don't know.

>> I'm so sad!

>> Boo-hoo!

( shouting )

>> My name is Angie, and I can

smell the stew.

( laughter )

>> I'm Bobby Jon.

I love everyone,

and I look like Jesus Christ.

( laughter )



>> Open the box.


( gasps )


Tree mail!

>> Tree mail!

>> Guess what it has on it?

>> Guess!

It starts with a P!

>> And ends with a "le"!


>> Pringle?

>> Pringle?


>> "Ready, aim, fire.

"You'll each get a shot.

>> Yeah!

>> "Make sure it's a good one,

you'll be bummed if it's not.

"No strength required,

a steady hand to compete.

See the wonders

"of these islands

and give your taste buds

a treat."

( cheering )

>> So, it sounds like

it's going to be some sort

of shooting competition.

We don't know whether

or not it's bow and arrow,

we don't know if it's slingshot,


But, yeah, we really

want to win this.

( all growling )

>> JEFF: Come on in, Koror.

Koror getting your first look

at the new Ulong tribe.

Angie voted out at the last

Tribal Council.

>> Ready for today's challenge?

>> Yes.

>> JEFF: There are 16

tribe-colored tiles, eight for

Koror, eight for Ulong.

Using a replica of a 50-caliber

small-class cannon,

you're going to attempt

to knock out your tribe tiles.

First tribe to knock out all

eight of their tribe tiles

wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing


>> Yeah.

>> JEFF: Well, it started this

morning with your tree mail.

Pringles is part of your reward.

The winning tribe will leave

here and you will board

a very unique, one-of-a-kind

Japanese boat.

On board, you'll have

Pringles and mai-tais.

>> Oh, my God!

>> JEFF: While you're relaxing,

you'll cruise out to a body of

water called Jellyfish Lake.

It is literally home

to millions of jellyfish.

You're gonna snorkel

with the jellyfish.

And the good news is,

they can't hurt you.

They have lost their necessity

and their ability to sting.

You've never seen anything

like this.

You'll be rejuvenated,

get some food in your belly,

couple of drinks--

could be a whole new game.

Worth playing for?

>> Yeah!

>> Yes, sir.

>> JEFF: All right, Koror, you

have four extra members-- you're

sitting four people out--

who's it gonna be?

>> Katie, Janu, Jenn and me.

>> JEFF: Have a seat on the

bench; we'll get started.

>> JEFF: All right, after

rock-paper-scissor, Ulong, you

won the right to go first.

Once you establish your order,

keep it.

Ready, aim, and whenever you're

ready, Bobby Jon.



Let's go, Gregg.

Take a little while

to get used to this sight.

>> Almost.

>> JEFF: James.

You shoot a lot of guns?

>> Yeah.

>> JEFF: Whenever you're ready.


>> Wow!

>> JEFF: Just misses.

Coby. Still no score.

>> Go, farm boy.

>> JEFF: Coby could put Koror

in the lead.

Just misses.


Take your aim.

Learn from the people

who've gone before you.



( loud cheering )

>> JEFF: Tom.

The first to hit a tile.

Koror leads, one-zip.

All right, Steph.

>> JEFF: That's it!

Steph drills it!

We're tied, one-one.

Caryn getting her first shot

at the gun.

Just misses.

Bobby Jon coming back up.

Bobby Jon

connects for Ulong!

Ulong leads two, one.

( indistinct talking )

Gregg could tie it up for Koror.

That's how you do it!

We're tied up at two-two.



Coby could put Koror

in the lead.

Just misses.


>> Yes!

>> Nice!

>> JEFF: Ibrehem connects.

Three-two, Ulong leads.

Tom had no troubles

his first time.

Let's see if he can tie it up.

Ooh. Just misses.


>> JEFF: She does!

Ulong leads, four-two;

they're halfway there.

Caryn makes it three for Koror.

>> Yes!

>> JEFF: That's five-three,


>> Yeah!

>> JEFF: Gregg keeps Koror in


James, you are oh-fer.

>> You ain't lyin'!

I'm doggin' it today, ain't I?

>> JEFF: Still dry.

>> Still dry.

>> JEFF: Takes his aim...

Tom up for Koror.

Ulong with a five-four lead.

Steph would like

to increase that.

And she does!

Ulong leads, six-four.

Ulong with only two tiles left.

You're pretty good

with that gun.

( inhales sharply )

>> Yeah!

>> JEFF: Caryn connects!

Koror with five.

>> You got it.

>> JEFF: And he connects!

>> Yes!

>> JEFF: Ulong leads

seven-five-- they're one tile

away from reward.

>> Yes!

>> Yes!

>> JEFF: Gregg connects for


We are at seven-six.

Here's where things stand.

One tile left.

Knock it out, you win.

Miss and Koror is still alive.

Low and to the right.

Koror still in this.

Coby, you need to connect

to keep you alive.

Ulong leads, seven-six.

You like this pressure,

don't you?

Coby does it!

We are tied, seven-seven.

Ibrehem, if you connect,

you will have eight,

Koror will get last shot

to tie it up.


Just misses to the right,

opens the door for Koror.

Tom, because Ulong went first,

you guys get last shot.

You have one tile left-- that

means if you hit it, you win it.

Pringles, mai-tais,

Jellyfish Lake.

For the win.


Just misses.

Steph, you have one tile left--

hit it, you'll have eight

tiles, Koror will get last shot.

Steph does it again!

Ulong with eight tiles;

Koror gets their last shot.

Pressure is on Caryn.

It's very simple, Caryn--

hit your tile,

you force a tiebreaker;

miss, Ulong wins reward.

It's all on you.

>> You got it, Caryn.

>> JEFF: Get your aim.

Misses low to the left!

Ulong wins reward!

( shouting, cheering )

>> Pringles and mai-tais!

>> JEFF: Koror, something

you haven't experienced

much of in 13 days out here:


I got nothing for you.

Ulong, I don't know if a tribe

has ever needed a reward

like you guys.

Great shooting, Steph.

Pringles, mai-tai,

Jellyfish Lake.

>> We won the reward;

I freaked out.

It was just such a nice feeling

to know what it's like

to win again.

I mean, we've been losing so

much, and I hate that feeling.

Hello, Pringles and mai-tais...

Oh, my God, I see...

( mumbles inaudibly )

I knew that we needed this

to boost our spirits and morale,

and it... it basically, it was

a whole new chapter for us.

>> Look at that.

>> Oh, hell, yeah!

( groans )

Let's have a toast.

Oh, I get the pink one, too.

>> Everybody, get you a bottle.

>> Oh, my God.

>> Okay.

>> Look-- Survivor Pringles.

>> Ah.

>> This is cool.

>> It's trivia.

>> Yeah, I know.

>> Yeah.

All right, ready?

"Which Survivor: Pearl Islands

castaway has a daughter

named Raya?"

>> Rupert.

>> Rupert.

>> Yes.

>> The Pringles had questions

about other Survivor seasons,

which that was kind of neat.

And we were all kind of, like,

reading our questions,

answer 'em, eating the Pringles.

>> "Which three Survivor

all-stars won cars during the


>> Who was it?

>> Boston Rob and Amber.

>> And?

>> Shii Ann.

"Who won more, men or women?"

>> Men.

>> Women.

Isn't that amazing?

Pretty damn good.

We got to have another toast.

Think so.

Name of this toast is called

"From here on out."

From here on out...

>> We win.

>> We win.

>> We're buddies.

>> And keep going...

going with the tide.

>> Oh, I think we made it.

>> After we climbed

to the top of the mountain,

we see this lake,

and it's just...

it's just crystal clear.

It's just amazing to know that

you're about to go somewhere

where all these jellyfish

are at, and none of them can

sting you 'cause they lost their

stinging tentacles,

because they're in fresh water,

and they've been there

for millions of years.

>> Let's do this.

You're swimming in the water,

and all of a sudden you see,

oh, there's a jellyfish,

and then five minutes later,

you're with millions, and...

they're just all just coming at


It's just...

It's kind of like

a euphoric type of feeling.

And I just kind of wanted

to cherish every second,

'cause I was at a place

in this world where I won't ever

go again.

>> The win for us today

was a huge boost of morale.

We feel confident now.

We feel healthy,

we feel strong.

And we feel, you know, happy.

We feel like a tribe again.

( crackling thunder )

>> It's so sandy.

It's in my eyes,

it's in my mouth.

>> Is Tom's sand still up?

>> The sand is still up.

The wind is coming

directly at it.

>> You a little worried?

>> Yeah.

>> This isn't going to go

anywhere, there's no way.

I'd like to see 'em try.

( thunder crackling )

( whooping and laughter )

>> We had a, uh, a rainstorm

that kicked in, but now the

wind has picked up to a point.

I mean, this-this feels

like about a 40-mile-an-hour

wind right now.

It's really gusting hard.

Oh, God!

Are you, like, kidding me?

( rumbling thunder )

>> I don't know what the hell

that was, but it wasn't

paradise in Palau,

that's for sure.

>> Uh-uh.

>> That was.

That was absolute torture.

>> Last night was the first

night I think that I've ever had

where I felt so vulnerable.

I just felt very alone

and scared.

But, I mean, I ended up

getting through the night,

but it kind of just has

lingered on into the day.

>> Hang in there.

This is...

It's a bad day.

I feel the same way.

I'm so far away from

my family today that I'm down.

>> I feel like crap.

I'm just... I don't want

to get out of bed either.

It's, uh...

It's a bad place to be,

but let today be a bad day.

>> It's so hard.

>> It is hard.

It's very hard.

>> I'm so depleted.

>> You've already passed

your worst fear

of going home early.

You're going to make the merge.

I think you're going

to be on the jury,

and if most of us aren't

careful, we're going to be the

jury voting on you.

>> I don't have the strength.

>> You do.

>> I don't, I'm telling you.

>> Yeah, you don't have it

today, I agree with you.

You don't have it today,

but you have it.

>> Janu is losing it.

She gets totally caught up

in her head,

and she's like in the cocoon

in the hammock.

And everything is always

dramatic with Janu.

So I thought I was

the drama queen, but...

apparently not.

>> Rice?

>> No.

>> Is it heavy?

>> Yeah.

>> "This flag and box

belong to your enemy.


Your enemy has your flag

"and box also.


"You must secure the flag

inside this box using only

"the ropes provided.


"Make this box impenetrable.


"Bring the secured box

to the challenge.


So who knows how...?

>> Tie good knots.

>> Tree mail is a big old chest,

flag in it and a bunch of rope.

And we have to make it


Well, I know a few things

about knots.

I've got a plan for you.

I learned this in the Navy.

They're not going to find a


You can tug on it all you want.

>> Oh.

>> Cool.

>> All right, James.

We're going to let you

do the tying, 'cause...

I'm not good at tying.

>> James says he was in the


We spent a lot of time tying

this one knot that he says like

that when you pull on it,

that it's just going to get

real, real tighter.

He took the lead.

And he acted like he knew

what he was doing,

so, you know, I followed.

>> Wait a minute.

What the hell?

Where's the end?

>> Regulators!

>> I'm pretty sure

this is ours the taking,

so... we're gonna win.

>> JEFF: All right,

first things first.

Janu, give it up.

Immunity is back up for grabs.

All right, today's immunity

challenge began this morning

with your tree mail.

You each received

a footlocker and some rope.

Inside the footlocker

was the opposing tribe's flag.

You were instructed to use that

rope and make the footlocker

as impenetrable as you could.

The challenge continues.

Now you'll have 20 minutes

to swim out, retrieve

three bundles of lumber,

build a fortress

around this footlocker

to make it even more difficult

to get into.

After 20 minutes, we'll stop,

switch sides and each tribe

will attempt to undo

what the other tribe

has just done.

First tribe to release their

flag, secure it to the flag pole

and raise it to the top

wins immunity.

Koror, the four people

who sat out the last challenge

are in this one--

Jenn, Katie, Janu and Ian.

Everybody else take

a spot on the bench.

Let's go.

Here we go, for immunity.

Survivors ready?


Ulong sending three people out.

Koror sending just two.

Katie and Janu adding more


James getting a game plan for


Starts with keeping his toga on.

>> Ready?


I got this one.

>> JEFF: Bobby Jon and Steph

coming back with the first load.

Ibrehem waiting in the middle.

I'll pass it to you.

>> Yeah.

Tell James to get close to


>> JEFF: Katie and Janu already

doing a lot of rope work.

The more knots,

the more difficult

it's going to be to untie.

James in no hurry at all.

Ulong coming back with

all three bundles at once.

James gives up on the toga.

Jenn back with a load for Koror.

You have 20 minutes

to get this thing

as impenetrable as possible.

Need to pick it up.

Ulong starting to work

on their fortress.

>> Good knot.

Make sure it's on the other end,


>> JEFF: Steph getting

her teeth involved.

Ian back with the last load

of lumber for Koror.

Koror finally getting to work

on their fortress.

>> JEFF: Ten minutes down,

ten minutes to go.

>> Come on.

>> JEFF: Five minutes left.

Five minutes, we will switch

sides, and you will have to

untie what the other tribe has


One minute left.

Ulong has used every piece

of rope they have.

Koror still has

quite a bit of rope left.

Ulong shoving every piece

of lumber they can.

Koror doing the same thing.

Two big disaster piles.

Five, four, three, two, one.

Everybody stop.

All right, on my "go,"

you will switch sides

and start untying.

First tribe to get

their flag free

and up the flag pole

wins immunity.

Be tigers, guys!

Survivors ready?


Now we're going to find out

who did a better job

of securing their footlocker.

No time limit here.

It is simply

the first tribe to finish.

Both tribes

making good progress.

Koror used a lot of wood

and a lot of knots.

Steph not impressed

with Koror's knots.

Ulong appears to have

a bit of a lead.

Ian takes care of the big rope

with no trouble.

>> But that's what's in it.

>> Keep doing that.

>> JEFF: Ulong starting to

slow down.

Koror getting closer.

>> TOM: Good, Koror!

>> There you go!


>> JEFF: Koror getting very


Koror has their footlocker!

Come on.

( indistinct shouting )

Now you've got to untie it.

Ulong getting closer to

releasing their footlocker.

You guys need to keep moving.

Pull, pull, pull!

You're waltzing.

>> Slow and steady.

Just maintain that work.

>> JEFF: Both tribes working

on their footlocker.

This is where all your earlier

knot tying is going to pay off.

Ulong working together well.

Got to get that footlocker open.

Koror getting closer and closer.

Ulong with a lot of knots

to get undone,

but they're moving quickly.

>> Yeah!

>> JEFF: Ulong still working


You're still in it.

Koror getting closer and closer.

Ulong not giving up.

Immunity at stake.

Tribal Council awaits.

Somebody going home.

Koror literally down

to their last few knots.

>> GREGG: There you go!

>> JEFF: Koror has their

flag free.

Got to get it up the flag pole!

>> GREGG: There we are!

>> JEFF: Koror wins their fifth

straight immunity challenge!

All right, Ulong.

>> Oh, great job.

>> Nice.

>> Great job.

>> JEFF: Koror, you have yet to

lose an immunity challenge.

( whooping )

>> JEFF: No Tribal Council,

nobody going home.

Ulong, you have yet to win

an immunity challenge.

Next Tribal Council,

somebody going home.

This tribe will be

down to three.

Head on back.

See you at Tribal Council

tomorrow night.

>> We ended up losing

another immunity challenge.

Ulong hasn't won an immunity

challenge yet this whole game.

When it comes to

tonight at Tribal,

the only criteria

I'm going to go with

is whoever I think

has done the worst

out of all these

immunity challenges.

So it will most likely

be for James.

>> Ibrehem has overstayed

his welcome.

He was meant to go last time.

And by the grace of Allah,

he didn't go.

Well, my god says he is today.

I got two votes the other

night at Tribal Council,

and I know Angie was one.

but I thought Stephenie was the

other, but it wasn't Stephenie.

I'm thinking it was James,

and it was male handwriting.

So I'm thinking James threw

a dart at me and I'm going

to throw one at him.

>> She had to go.

We couldn't lose you.

I don't like to lie,

but this was in the midst of we

were deciding who we were

gonna vote out tonight,

so there's no way in hell I

could have told him the truth.

So I said, "I swear to God

it wasn't me."


It was a close one.

>> Yeah, it was.

>> I feel really bad

lying about it,

but if I would have

told him the truth,

they would have

voted me off tonight.

He would never

be able to trust me.

Either way, somebody's going to

get their feelings hurt.

>> Yeah.

I swear to God, I voted

for Angie, though.

That's right.

>> So I said to Bobby Jon,

"Well, what if it's a tie?

"Then what are we gonna do?

We're gonna put

our butts on the line?"

And he assured me that

he wanted to make an alliance

with me that if I vote

for James tonight, he wants

to vote Ibrehem out next.


I'll vote for James with you.

>> Right.

>> That's only if you promise

if the three of us are still

here, you and I will

go to the end...

>> We'll go to the end.

and we'll vote Ib off.

Yeah, we'll do that.

'Cause I think we

deserve it the best.

>> Yeah, I know we do.

>> Okay.

Well, then, that's what we'll


>> At this point in the game,

I'm looking in the future,

and I don't think

I can get to the end

with Ibrehem.

So, it will definitely be

me and Stephenie all the way to

the end.

If she's playing me,

we'll find out,

but I don't think she is.

>> I'm between two sides

right now.

Because I can stick with James

and it will be a tie,

or go with Bobby Jon and Ib,

vote off James,

and then persuade Bobby Jon

to stick with his word,

and next time, Ib will go.

I really don't know

where I stand right now.

>> JEFF: James?

>> Yo.

>> JEFF: You have not

won a single immunity challenge.

>> I tell you what...

>> JEFF: Tell me something.

When we hear the word

"immunity," I think we


sabotage ourselves.

>> JEFF: Well, let's talk about


Do you guys think you gave 100%

the last immunity challenge?

I mean, I sat there and watched.

>> Oh, yeah...

>> JEFF: Steph and Bobby Jon

swam out.

Ibrehem took a leisurely stroll

to the middle, doing what,

I'm still not sure.

And you sat back there

messing with your skirt

for two, three, four minutes.

>> Wow.

>> JEFF: That's when

you lost the challenge.

>> Well, that's not what held

us up.

>> JEFF: Ibrehem, last Tribal

Council it looked like you were

this close to being gone.

Have you ever thought,

these first few days out here,

"Maybe I'm just not cut out for

this game?

>> Uh, actually, I've never

thought like that.


It's really opened my eyes

to what I can do, rather than

what I can't handle.

>> JEFF: James, if you hold

the same criteria that

you were holding to Ibrehem

from last Tribal Council,

do you think it's fair

to base a vote simply on how

you performed in a challenge?

>> No, it's not fair to go ahead

and just base my vote

directly towards a challenge.

It's camp life, personality.

Do I get along with this person?

Do I have personal feelings

for this person? You know.

>> JEFF: Steph, you guys

have to be fighting for

your own lives at this point.

This tribe is almost done.

>> We're almost out of numbers


But the fact remains,

that I want to win

at least one immunity.

I mean, I don't want to leave

here being that tribe

that never won immunity.

That's like a disgrace.

>> JEFF: Bobby Jon?

>> Yes, sir.

>> JEFF: Do you trust these

people in your tribe?

>> If you don't trust 'em,

you shouldn't be

in a tribe with them.

You can't have a tribe

if you don't trust people,

and I do trust

every one of them.

>> JEFF: Steph, do you trust

these three guys?

>> I do.

>> JEFF: Somebody here

gives you their word,

you can go to the bank with it?

>> Absolutely.

And, uh, when I get

someone's word and I give them

my word, I hope that they, you

know, take it, and, so,

I do trust them.

>> JEFF: You three guys are all

from, basically, the same part

of the country, right?

>> Pretty much.

>> Alabama.

>> Alabama.

>> JEFF: Steph.

A little bit of a concern

that if you're looking

for some way to divide

this tribe, three guys, one

girl, all from the same part

of the world, and you.

>> That paranoia sets in for me

every time we come here.

But, um, the fact remains

that I've worked my butt off,

and I've done the best I could,

and I've done really well so

far, so I just feel like

it's really not my time yet,

and I just hope that

they see that, too.

>> JEFF: Okay, it is time to


Bobby Jon, you're up.

( whispering ): Sorry, Ibrehem,

you and I, we just don't get

along, we clash.

It's time for you to go.


Sorry, brother.

♪ ♪

>> JEFF: I'll go tally the


>> JEFF: Once the votes are

read, the decision is final.

The person voted out

will be asked to leave

the Tribal Council area


I'll read the votes.

First vote...



One vote James,

one vote Ibrehem.


Two votes James,

one vote Ibrehem.

I'll read the last vote.


We're tied:

two votes Ibrehem,

two votes James.

Let me remind you how

a tiebreaker's going to work.

Ibrehem and James,

you will not vote.

Steph, Bobby Jon, you will vote;

you're voting for one of

two people, Ibrehem or James.

This is your last chance

to change your vote.

It's time to revote.

Bobby Jon, you're up.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are read,

the decision is final.

Person voted out

will be asked to leave

the Tribal Council area


I'll read the votes.

First vote.


Seventh person voted out

of Survivor: Palau...


>> ( softly ): I'm sorry.

I had to.

>> I understand, y'all.

>> JEFF: James, the tribe has


It's time for you to go.

Well, Ulong, this is a first:

a tribe of three.

Six straight Tribal Councils.

Maybe tonight's vote

made a difference.

If not, we'll be seeing you

here real soon.

Grab your torches,

head back to camp.

Good night.

Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

Next time on Survivor...

a relationship gets


>> Their little romance

could be a monkey wrench

that we don't see coming.

>> JEFF: Bobby Jon scores for


>> Yeah, good job.

>> Getting that fish felt like

making an extra point, you know,

to win the game.

( cheering )

>> JEFF: ...while Tom makes a

slam dunk.

How's that for a shot?!

It wasn't my time to go.

I didn't feel like it, you know?

My gut told me nobody's going to

vote me off.

My gut failed me,

and I'm sad and depressed,

you know?

But I've accomplished things

that not many people

can say they have,

and that makes me proud.

I am glad that I got a chance

to go on Survivor and see if

I had what it takes.