Survivor (2000–…): Season 10, Episode 10 - Exile Island - full transcript

One castaway struggles to decide whether to stay with their existing alliance or join another.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on


>> This is the scariest thing

and the hardest thing thing

that I'll ever do.

>> PROBST: The last Ulong member

battled to survive alone.

>> I feel like I'm going

to starve to death.

No, no, no. Man!

It's tough.

But if I win...

it'll be worth it.

>> PROBST: As she reached

her breaking point...

>> Oh, my God!

PROBST: ...Stephenie received

some good news.

>> It's a merge!

I'm going to have friends!

And food!

>> PROBST: She packed her


>> See you later, Ulong.

>> PROBST: ...and paddled out

to join Koror.

>> Oh, God, here she comes.

>> Oh, my God...

>> PROBST: Koror welcomed

their new tribe mate

with open arms.

But some had different ideas.

>> As much as I'd like

to have her around,

I think she needs to go

really fast.

>> PROBST: Two Palauan fishermen

arrive to teach the tribe how to


>> Oh, yeah!

>> PROBST: And then they

celebrated with an island feast.

>> Where's Tom?

Drinking from the bottle.

( woman gasps )

>> PROBST: And some celebrated

more than others.

( gasps )

>> You all right?

>> Yeah, I'm good.

>> Stephenie?

>> PROBST: The next day,

Coby told Stephenie

all of the tribe's

secrets and alliances...

>> Jennifer is your

main bout right now.

Because Jennifer is

so jealous of you.

>> PROBST: ...irritating some of

the other tribe members.

>> It is so obvious

what he's doing right now.

Coby told Steph that Jenn wants

to take her out,

which isn't good.

>> You're not the dead man


>> PROBST: Tom reassured

Stephenie that their alliance

from day one was still solid.

>> You have friends in this

tribe who are going

to keep you alive.

>> Donuts!

>> PROBST: At the first

individual immunity challenge...

15 chocolate chip cookies.

>> Oh, me, me.

PROBST: ...the tribe succumbed

one-by-one to temptation...

...leaving Tom as

the last man standing.

Tom wins the first

individual immunity!

( cheering and applause )

At Tribal Council,

Janu seemed ready to go.

>> I think it's me tonight.

>> But it was Coby's loose


Tenth person voted out

of Survivor Palau...

...that cost him the game...

Coby, the tribe has spoken.

...making him the first

member of the jury.

Eight are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

>> What are we at, 25?

>> 25 it is.

>> Last night, Coby got voted

off, and I was taken by

surprise-- I had no words, I

couldn't even say good-bye to

him, I just...


this huge loss.

I was so taken aback,

I felt betrayed.

Nobody had informed me

of anything.

>> I'm sorry, are we

at summer camp?

We're on Survivor.

This is not necessarily

our true colors.

We're playing a game.

>> Exactly.

>> What was that performance?

>> I don't know.

>> I know, like,

her eyes and, like, I...

seriously, the smile looked

like a jack-o'-lantern to me

Janu is completely mad.

She's crazy.

She's a crazy person.

Last night at Tribal Council,

she was sitting like

a jack-in-the-box

with this really creepy smile

and eyes on her face.

She was just so excited.

>> She was excited.

She thought she was going.

>> It was scary.

I don't like it at all.

It freaked me out.

It was like a clown.

>> Katie started...

she was gossiping about Janu.

She was saying,

"Ooh, Janu is giving looks.

Janu is making faces."

And... Janu overheard it.

>> What are we,

junior high, Katie?

We pretend

we're all good friends?

It's-It's silly.

Do you understand what I mean?

I have nothing against you


'cause I don't know you.

>> I have nothing against you.

>> But you're being...

>> You're being creepy.

I'm sorry.

>> Well, then why don't you

tell me to my face?

Why do you have to go to your

little friends and tell them?

That's what I don't understand.

>> I'm sorry. I...

>> No, you don't have to be...

you don't have to be sorry.

>> I'm telling you that I am.

>> That's who you are.

>> I apologize.

That wasn't fair.

>> I'm not used to playing


If I had something to say about

you, I swear to God, I would

come up and say it to your face.

Why do I have to go to...?

"And she did this."

'Cause you're

Saturday Night Live?

'Cause you're the


>> She just talks in these

circles and doesn't make any

sense, and then she's like,

and, you know, "Katie, then

you're making fun of me,"

and she does the face again,

which is even more scary

when she's impersonating herself

being impersonated.

>> I am very upset.

>> Okay, I apologized, Janu.

So if you can't get over that,

then that's...

>> It doesn't matter

if I can or not.

You're done.

You're done with

the conversation.

>> I-I just don't want

it to turn into,

like, you know... you're

off in a corner, because...

>> It's going to turn into

whatever it's going to turn

into, 'cause all you guys are

going to turn on each other.

It's fine.

>> Janu is turning it into

just something that we need to

kind of put up with out here.

It's kind of a buzz kill

to have her around.

It's unfortunate, but...

what are you going to do?

I'm not going to vote someone

out because I don't like them.

I can get over it.

She plays a bigger role

in all of our strategies,

where Stephenie

only threatens it.

Some may think that Stephenie

deserves to stay around, but in

the grand scheme of things,

winning this game

is hardly about deserving.

I don't care if someone

deserves to be here or not.

If you have a role

in my strategy,

then you deserve to be here

so you can help me win

a million dollars.

>> PROBST: Ready for today's

reward challenge?

>> Mm-hmm. Yes.

>> PROBST: Okay, for today's

challenge, you are going to

build a tower in the water.

Here's how it will work:

We will randomly divide

into two tribes of four.

Using a buoy for assistance,

you will transport

the six pieces of scaffolding

one at a time into the water,

and construct your tower.

Once you've built the tower

and it's secure,

one tribe member will climb

to the top, grab the small flag,

and race back to the beach.

First tribe of four

to get back to the map

with their flag wins reward.

Want to know what

you're playing for?

( Survivors murmuring )

The winning foursome

will leave here and take part

in a Palauan feast.

( chuckling )

You'll be met by the high chief

of this area at a bai,

which, in case you're wondering,

is a traditional meeting house

where chiefs get together

to work out tribal politics.

You will drink local beer,

you will also have food

and dessert.

Make sense?

>> Yes.

>> Oh, yeah!

>> PROBST: All right.

We will randomly divide into

two tribes and we'll get going.

All right, the tribes

are Steph, Ian, Katie and Jenn

taking on Gregg, Tom,

Janu and Caryn.

Here we go, for reward.

Survivors, ready...


Dead even heading out with

the first piece of scaffolding

and finding out it is not

as easy as it looks.

Those pieces weigh

30 pounds each.

>> Over here, it's over here.

>> PROBST: Tom and Gregg going

down for their tribe.

Janu and Caryn sitting this out,

letting Gregg and Tom

do the work.

Ian, Jenn, Steph, and Katie

all working together.

A lot easier with four people

than it is with two.

>> My side's on.

>> Mine's not on.

Caryn and Janu

still sitting this out,

letting Gregg and Tom do the

work for their tribe, while all

four members of the other tribe

are working together.

Those pieces are going to need

to line up exactly before they

will fit together.

Janu goes out to help.

Tom, Janu, Caryn and Gregg

have their first piece

of scaffolding in.

They're heading back

for their next.

Ian, Jenn, Katie, Steph

has their first piece in.

They're heading back, trailing.

Tom and Gregg, Janu and Caryn

coming back with their second

piece of scaffolding.

>> Let's go!

>> PROBST: Ian, Steph, Jenn,

Katie coming back with their

second piece of scaffolding.

Janu and Caryn resting again

with the platform.

Now Janu heading out to help,

just as Ian, Jenn, Katie, Steph

start to assemble

their second piece.

>> Oh!

>> PROBST: Tom, Gregg, Caryn,

Janu have their second piece

of scaffolding.

They're heading back.

>> One, two, three.

Ian, Jenn, Katie, Steph

has their second piece in.

Heading back,

trying to make up some time.

Four pieces left.

>> Let's go!

Come on! Run, run!

( indistinct shouting )

>> PROBST: Katie really

slowing down her tribe.

>> We've still got it.

>> Push with me, go in front.

>> PROBST: Tom, Janu, Gregg and

Caryn with their third piece

of scaffolding.

>> Come on, guys!

>> Grab the...

>> Grab the thing.

>> Katie, pull.

>> Katie, help us!

>> Katie, pull this!

>> PROBST: Everybody wants to


Big feast.

>> The other way.

>> The other way.

>> Gregg trying to get

that last corner on.

They have their third piece,

heading back to shore

for another one.

Ian, Steph, Jenn, Katie

working together.

They have it--

they're heading back in!

>> Here! Let go...

>> PROBST: Janu starting to

struggle, trying to get to the

platform to hold on.

Janu gets a second wind,

she goes back underwater again.

Gregg getting into a position

where they can hand him

that fourth

piece of scaffolding.

Ian's group making up some time.

Gregg and Tom are lined up.

Janu is lined up.

They have their fourth piece

of scaffolding.

Steph, Ian, Jenn, Katie

have their fourth piece in,

and they're heading back.

They have two pieces left now.

>> Everyone, let's get it.

>> PROBST: You can only move as

quickly as your slowest member.

Tom, Gregg, Janu and Caryn

are worn out.

>> Guys, only... couple of

yards-- you got it.

>> But they still manage

to get that fifth piece.

Ian and Steph not quitting.

>> Pick it up! Push it over.

Come on, Steph!

>> PROBST: Tom, Gregg, Caryn,

Janu have one piece left.

Katie has hers.

Heading back

for their last piece.

You guys are still in this.

Tom, Caryn, Gregg, Janu, coming

back with their final piece

of scaffolding.

Tom and Gregg, Janu and Caryn

starting to wear down.

Steph, Ian, Jenn, Katie

not quitting.

Gregg, Tom, Janu, Caryn

with their final piece

of scaffolding.

Once they have the cap on,

they'll grab the flag,

heading back to the beach.

Jenn, Steph, and Ian doing

all the work.

Katie's worn out.

Tom, Janu, Gregg have

the final piece on.

Janu's going to climb

to the top.

( grunts )

Janu unclipping her flag.

Now it's a race

back to the beach.

Janu is back.

She's waiting

on the rest of her tribe.

Janu, Tom, Caryn, Gregg...

win reward!

Palauan feast!

( cheering and gasping )

>> That was good.

>> PROBST: Ian, Jenn, Katie,

Steph... great effort...

just not enough.

So I got nothing for you.

Head on back to camp.

You guys ready to eat?

>> Yeah, let's do it.

>> PROBST: Get your stuff.

Head on out.

>> Hello.

>> Hello!

>> Welcome!

( speaks native language )

>> We've been in Palau now, um,

for weeks and weeks, and

really have seen nothing

but the wilderness of Palau.

( singing in native language )

This was my opportunity

to meet the people.

It's so good to be here.

>> Please accept

our little gift.

To be respected by them and

then to return that respect.

It's just another gift

that I bring home.

>> It's a privilege,

an honor to present you

our little gift.

>> Thank you so very much.

I've never been in the presence

of a real chief.

He gave me a beautiful

headpiece with flowers

and he blessed me.

I was very, very moved.

( women singing

in native language )

>> We were just very thankful

for the opportunity to

step outside of life on the

island here and experience

what is life in Palau

really like.

( singing in native language )

>> Oh, wow.

>> Beautiful.

>> We sat down at a little table

very low to the ground

with pillows

on which they just started

a procession

of epicurean delights.

Oh, my gosh.

>> What's that, chicken?

>> Chicken or turkey or


Oh, my gosh!


>> Oh, my goodness.

>> Corn on the cob, guys.

There was no talking

game strategy, planning,

we left all of the game

and strategy at the door.

>> Thank you.

>> I think I'm going

to make myself sick.

Halfway through the meal, I had

to get up and excuse myself.

I thought I was going to have

an embolism.

( retching )

>> Yup, she is.

>> Thank you.

>> You know, it's kind

of disappointing,

you get this big meal in you

and we're all enjoying it

and want to... want to take down

as much as possible,

and, you know,

there's four other people

that would have enjoyed it

a ton, but unfortunately,

Janu just couldn't handle

the entire thing.

( burping )

>> Hey.

>> Hey.

Can we tell you a dinner story?

>> Yeah, I want to hear

all about it.

Well, I'll tell you what we got.

They rolled out,

I mean, we had a fish.

It was a regular salad.

>> What kind of dressing?

>> Squeezed lime on it.

What else?

>> Barbecued ribs.

>> Barbecued ribs?

>> Chicken.

>> Chicken, corn.

>> Corn?!

>> We didn't even talk about if

we had brought back any food.

We knew they were assuming that

we didn't bring back any food,

and Gregg says,

"Okay, don't finish your stew.

Don't eat another bite."

Don't, uh... don't fill

yourselves up too much.

Don't full yourselves

up too much.

>> Why?

>> 'Cause we brought

some back for you.

>> No, you didn't.

>> You did not!

( screaming, laughing )

>> What is that?

>> You'll have to wait for that.

>> They're like, little donut


>> They're like a sponge cake.

>> Oh.

>> Oh, yummy.

>> What is it?

>> Mostly chicken.

>> It's meat and stuff.

>> It's grub, grub.

>> Here's chicken.

>> Oh, my God.

You guys, you are the best.

Oh, thank you so much.

Thank you so much.

>> You're welcome.

Happy Thanksgiving.

>> I love it.

>> Whatever that is,

it's the best.

>> I know.

>> The yellow...?

>> Go for it.

>> You guys didn't have this?

>> We just came back

from this feast,

and Janu says, "Oh, I want

to try just one more,"

and reaches out

and takes some of the food.

>> It came out in this, like...

>> I thought it was interesting

that Janu decided to say,

"Oh, you know, I didn't get

to try that."

'Cause she was vomiting

or whatever,

and she stuck her hands

in there, and ate our dessert.

Actually, Caryn did it, too.

But, you know,

what are we going to say?

"Get your hands off

something that you brought us?"

I don't think so.

>> What's it look like,


>> Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

>> What's an "Oh, my God?"

>> Look at that.

>> Oh, boy.

>> Oh!

"Feeling claustrophobic?

Are you prone to worry?

Panic during this one,

you could be the next

to join the jury."

( gasps )

What is this?

>> Oh, man this is like...

>> It's a cage underwater.

>> ...get out of the cage kind

of-- underwater?

>> Underwater?

You have to put it underwater

right away?

>> I bet you... I'll bet you.

"Feeling claustrophobic?"

Oh, yeah, underwater.

>> I definitely need immunity,

because apparently

I'm the "strongest" girl,

and I'm just as much of a threat

as any of the guys.

But we'll see, I mean, I'm

doing the best I can out

here, and I just hope

that I can get immunity.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys.

You guys ready to get

to today's challenge?

>> Mm-hmm.

>> Absolutely.

>> PROBST: First things first.


Immunity is back up for grabs.

Today's immunity challenge is

going to test your ability

to remain calm and not panic

when everything else

in your body says otherwise.

You all take a spot in the

water, underneath

a grated steel barrier.

As the tide begins to rise,

the water will rise,

and your breathing room

will slowly decrease

until you run out

of breathing room.

The person who stays

in this challenge the longest

wins immunity,

guaranteed a one-in-seven shot

at a million bucks

and the title of sole survivor.

One more thing:

Today's challenge also reveals

how you handle fear.

The first person to bail

on this challenge

will face the ultimate

test of fear:

You'll be taken to a new beach

and abandoned there tonight

to live on your own.

You'll have flint and steel,

you'll have a machete, you'll

have a jerry can full of water,

and you'll have some

fishing gear.

So if you've learned anything

in your first 26 days out here,

you should be fine.

If not, it's going to be

a miserable night.

Make sense?

Take a spot out in the water.

We'll get started.

>> Here we go.

Survivors ready?


>> This man walks into a bar.

( laughs )

>> He's got a bar in one hand

and a bar in the other.

( laughter )

>> PROBST: First person out,

leaving here on a boat,

taken to an island,


>> I'm thinking of stepping

out just to get away from this

crowd for a night, Jeff.

( laughter )

>> That'd be great.

>> A little vacation

from the tribe.

>> Get away from the rats

for a night.

>> That's right.

>> PROBST: Jenn, think you'd be

all right on your own?

>> I think it'd be

kind of tough, actually.

>> PROBST: How about you, Janu?

>> I would try my best.

I don't, I'm already

getting cold in here,

so I don't know how long...

What's gonna be worse?

>> PROBST: Which would be worse,

hanging in that water cold

or being left alone tonight?

>> Probably hanging in this

water cold right now.

>> PROBST: Are you starting

to panic a little?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Just like that,

Janu's out.

( laughter )

What just happened, Janu?

Was it me saying

the word "panic"?

Janu... how are you at fire?

>> Uh, I don't know.

I'll find out tonight.

>> PROBST: Have you made fire


>> Um, no.

( laughter )

>> PROBST: Katie, glad it's her

and not you?

( laughter )

( laughter )

>> PROBST: Doesn't seem like a

lot of love lost with these


They don't seem too concerned

about you tonight.

>> That's not true.

>> Not true at all.

>> That is not true, Jeff.

>> Not true at all.

>> PROBST: You know what?

I'm sitting here asking her if

she knows how to make fire,

and you guys are making jokes

like you're at open mic.

You tell me,

what am I supposed to think?

Water starting to rise.

Soon, you will run

out of room completely.

This challenge has been going

for about 40 minutes.

This is where mind over matter

comes into play.

The water's completely covering

everybody's ears.

Now it's starting to creep up

toward the mouth and the eyes.

Caryn opts out

of the competition.

We are down to six.

Water really creeping up

toward the mouth and eyes now.

Jenn almost underwater.

Steph partially underwater.

Ian struggling.

Pushing his face

through that grate.

Jenn is underwater.

Will she come back up?

Katie's out of the competition.

Jenn still underwater.

Steph goes underwater.

Both remaining women are running

out of breathing room.

Ian goes underwater.

Jenn and Steph still underwater.

Ian's back up.

Jenn is out of the competition.

Steph is out of the competition.

We are down to three--

Tom, Gregg and Ian.

All five women are

out of the competition.

Immunity at stake.

Water coming in over the eyes,

into the mouth.

Gregg goes underwater.

Gregg is out of the competition.

>> Good job, Gregg.

>> PROBST: Tom trying to create

a hand snorkel.

Ian plugging his nose.

>> I can't believe they're

still up like that.

>> PROBST: Immunity at stake,

safety at Tribal Council.

That's it!

Tom wins immunity!

( applause )

>> Good job, Tom.

>> Good job, Tom.

>> Was it me?

>> Yep.

>> PROBST: Okay, some business

to take care of.

First of all, Janu,

we're gonna bring your boat in.

You will be taken

to a deserted island.

You'll be left on your own

with the materials you have.

>> Be well, Janu.

We'll see you tomorrow.

>> Good luck, Janu.

>> Janu, good luck.

>> PROBST: Tom... immunity--

come over and get it.

Once again, you are safe

from the vote at tomorrow

night's Tribal Council.

For the rest of you, including

Janu, somebody else is

going to be voted out of this

game; you'll become the second

member of the jury.

Swim on back to your boat.

>> Right now, I am

going to a different island,

all by myself,

because I couldn't finish out

the immunity challenge.

I don't think that I'll be

scared as long as I have fire.

I think if I am going to be

in the dark,

then I think I'll get

a little bit more scared.

This is very hard,

and it's very frustrating,

but I don't want to give up.

I just feel very inadequate,

'cause I see the fire come up

and then... it goes away.

And I try to put little

pieces... and it's not working.


This is a challenge for me,

but I needed time

away from that camp.

I'm not getting along well

with anybody.

I feel very much on my own,

and... it is me against them.


I've got fire.

Yesterday, I didn't even

want to be here, but maybe God

was just telling me,

hold on a little bit more

because this is the feeling

you are supposed to get.

So who knows?

Every day brings new

experiences, and right now,

I am probably the happiest that

I have been in these 26 days,

'cause it's all about me

and this little island.

It's mine.

It's all mine.

The moon, the stars,

the water...

and my fire.

It's all mine!

>> The big decision that we're

facing right now is

who's going home tonight?

>> Who we, uh...

Who we thinking today?

And my thought with that is that

that's like an emotional

response because they get along

with Stephenie, and Stephenie

has the ability to form

some inside bonds early.

No one's going to do that with

Janu, and so I know I could

convince Jenn that

Stephenie's the one.

>> From day two, Katie, Ian,

myself and Stephenie had all

decided that we'd try

to run this as a final four,

and we all agreed that

should we get split

into different tribes,

every man for himself,

but look out for each other

when we do get back together.

The problem with that right now

is Jenn and Gregg,

who have since joined Ian,

Katie, and I, and have become

five, are adamant

that Stephenie goes home.

So at what point do we stop

rewarding Janu with, um...

>> We're the only ones here,


>> Yeah.

>> Right.

I still struggle with the

question of why, why not now,

if then, you know?

I mean, then why for the same

exact reason why wouldn't...?

>> Well, I think Stephenie

is a bigger threat than Janu.

>> And there's no way that Janu

squeaks by in the end?

>> If she wants...

I mean, she wants

to go home so bad...

>> Well...

we know they have to go.

>> Mm-hmm.

>> That's true.

I'd-I'd get concerned

about the whole eleven Tribal

Councils in a row, and

Stephenie is still surviving.

>> Mm-hmm.

>> I just feel like

it's a story developing

that we need to put an end to.

Stephenie is a physical threat.

She's a competitor.

She's got a strong will.

She wants to win this game.

There's other folks, like Janu,

who don't want to win this game

as much as her.

Stephenie's story has been

continuing and continuing,

so you can just see it

all coming together.

Stephenie conquers Ulong, then

comes in and conquers Koror,

and we want to all prevent

that from happening.

>> I love her to death.

I'm really going to miss her.


>> Right.

>> Better now, than she

getting too comfortable.

>> Yeah.

>> As things seem now

within the tribe,

Stephenie appears

to be going home tonight.

So, it's not...

where my heart is,

but anything can happen.

>> How you doing?

>> Hey! How was it?

>> Did she say it was great?

>> Yes.

>> Yeah, she said...

>> Tell us about it.

Um... It took me about two and

a half hours to make a fire.

>> You got it?

>> You got fire?

>> You got fire.

>> Good for you!

>> Good job.

>> Three hours.

>> You did it. You did it.

>> Do you feel better?

>> You seem like

you feel better?

>> Better? Um...

Yeah. It was, uh...

full-circle for me.

It was... it was great

to be away from here, and it

was great to be on my own.

And I just had time to be by

myself, and that was good.

>> Wow. That's amazing.

>> Good job.

>> Good for you.

> Congratulations.

>> Well done. Well done.

>> To be honest, I didn't want

to come back here,

and when I got here,

everybody was like,

"Oh, that's great. Hey, good

job. Way to go."

The same people that were being

rude and saying that I

created animosity.

Just... not... nice.

>> I mean, we all agreed that it

was Janu tonight,

and Janu wants it to be her,

but for some reason I have

a feeling it's me.

Today, there was never a time

when I could grab anybody alone

and walk down the beach.

>> We'll see.

>> Yeah, that's the plan.

Who-- you?

>> It almost seems like no one

wants to talk about it,

so I'm really nervous.

>> PROBST: We'll now bring

in the first member of the jury.

Coby, voted out at the

last Tribal Council.

Janu, let's talk

about your night alone.

You were abandoned

on a separate island

with meager supplies.

>> Yup.

>> PROBST: How'd you do?

>> I did great.

I, um, finally got the fire

going, and then, um,

did a little dance.

It was really exciting.

>> PROBST: Yeah, that...

That had to be a-a big

accomplishment for you.

>> It was a very big

accomplishment, and I tried to

put myself to sleep, and in

the morning, the sun rose,

and it was a whole new day.

It was great.

>> PROBST: As you left in your

boat, everybody waved

and said good luck.

Did you buy it?

>> Um, honestly, Jeff,

it-it was, um...


I'm sure that half of it was

sincere, but the other half

was, as they call it, the game.

And when I came home today

from the island, it...

it just felt really strange.

It felt like I didn't belong.

>> PROBST: Caryn, you look like

you're counting

to ten over there.

I'm just shocked.

You know, if that's the way

she chooses to take it,


that's in Janu's head.

>> PROBST: Tom, at this point

in the game, is it worth

versus threat-- who deserves

to stay in this game,

versus who can't I beat?

>> Yeah, well, it's all

gamesmanship now.

Nobody is voting

based on, uh, who they like

or who makes me laugh.

The game is on, and people

are basing their votes

on how it positions them

in the game.

And eliminating competition

is part of this game.

>> PROBST: Gregg, same question.

>> It's... it's not a question

of worthiness,

and I think threat, you know?

Everyone that wants

to win the $1 million here

is a threat to me.

I mean, you definitely want

someone in the game

who is not going to really try

than you would someone who

is giving five million percent.

And some plans have been

established, and some

people may be threats within

those plans.

Unfortunately, you know,

Survivor isn't

always about fairness

and who deserves what.

>> PROBST: Katie, why keep you?

>> Why keep me?

>> PROBST: Yeah.

>> Well, I don't

pose any threat at this point.

Especially as far

as challenges go.

>> PROBST: Janu, why keep you?

>> No reason.

They can get rid of me.

>> PROBST: There's no reason

they should keep you?

>> No, because, I mean,

I have to be honest.

I had a really rocky road so,

if I was them, God, I'd be sick

of myself already.

>> PROBST: You almost seem like

you want to go home.

>> It doesn't matter, Jeff.

Whatever happens, happens.

I'm... I'm completely satisfied.

>> PROBST: Is there a part of

you that wants to say "Vote me


>> Yes. Absolutely.

But I don't know what they'll


>> PROBST: Ian, why keep

somebody who's saying, "I want

out of this game.

I'm not going back to camp"?

>> Well, if you feel

like you don't want

to continue in this game--

if you feel like, you know, you

want to set your torch down--

then you have the

power to do that.

You have the ability and the

power to set your torch down at

any time, and there's nobody

keeping you here.

>> PROBST: Stephenie, if looks

could kill, Janu would be on the


>> It's just... it's just...

it's nothing against Janu.

This... It... it kills me.

I can't even...

Someone who I feel, like,

could care less

if they're even here.

( crying )

And here I am, like...

I'd kill to be here.

>> Yeah, but... what you need

to understand from my point is

that I already received what I

needed to receive

from this whole experience.

>> And you're fine with that.

>> Yes.

>> You could care less if you

leave right now, right?

>> Yes. That's... that's


>> I care. I...

I'm not done playing

this game and, like,

if someone asked me to

vote them out, see ya, because

you don't deserve to be here.

( sniffles )

And I'm...

>> PROBST: So you feel you're

on the hot seat tonight?

>> I know I am.

It's just... it's not that.

It just... it kills me

that someone who wants

to basically go home that bad,

these people will keep around

just because...

I don't know why.

I guess I showed too much heart

and too much will.

>> PROBST: Tom, in your

profession, unity, camaraderie--

big part of it.

When you hear somebody like that

laying it out, and you have

somebody next to them

who's saying,

"Please get rid of me,"

is there a dilemma for you?

>> There is a dilemma.

Um... Stephenie would fit into

a 108 truck in a moment, and,

uh, everybody in the company

would be proud to work with her.

And it's... it's not work,

and it's not camaraderie.

It's Survivor.

So there's a huge

difference here.

>> PROBST: Janu, if you had your

way, what would happen tonight?

>> I would ask the tribe to vote

me out and keep Stephenie in.

>> PROBST: What's the difference

between you

laying your torch down,

and you looking to this group

and saying, "Vote me out"?

>> I guess, after reflecting,

and, um, understanding this,

there would be no difference.

So I would be willing to lay

down my torch so that Stephenie

can have a chance

to stay in the game.

>> Not just for me.

If she wants to lay down her

torch and she wants to quit this

game, she can do it, but...

not on my account.

>> Do you want me to rephrase


What I am saying

is, I will lay down my torch,

and I don't want Stephenie

to feel that I am doing

it for her.

That's something

that I have to do.

>> PROBST: I just want

to be clear.

You are, on your own,

quitting this game?

>> Yes, Jeff.

I will lay down

my torch this evening.

>> PROBST: Well, I don't

know if it's appropriate.

We have rain coming down.

Maybe this is your final

epiphany or cleansing moment.

I see that you brought

all your belongings.

Go ahead and gather them,

bring your torch over.

Janu, per your wishes, this game

is over for you, but you will

not go home.

You'll return and be a part

of our jury.

Thank you, Jeff.

>> PROBST: Good night.

Another strange turn of events

at Tribal Council.

Steph, you've hung in there

for a long time, overcome

a lot of odds.

You escaped another one tonight.

Sounds like you have your work

cut out for you.

Grab your torches, guys.

Head back to camp.

Good night.

>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on


>> Tom might have

to be the next to go.

>> PROBST: Stephenie steps up

her game.

>> I'll do it,

if you guys are game.

>> PROBST: And one of the men

could take the fall.

>> We didn't vote Stephenie out

when we should have, which is

the first round.

You want to think I'm a threat?

I'll show you

how threatening I am.

>> I asked them to please let me

go home, and it didn't work,

so I made the last move,

and I decided to take myself

out of the game.

I guess I did make

a major power play, and I guess

I did ruin their plans.

Even though I laid down my

torch, no one will ever be able

to take away this most

unforgettable experience.

No one.