Survivor (2000–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Thy Name Is Duplicity - full transcript

The remaining members of the former Pagong feel vulnerable after the alliance voted out Gretchen. Jenna tries to develop an all-girl alliance, bonding with Kelly and Sue. Rich worries about who voted for him at Tribal Council.

16 Americans,
marooned for 39 days

in the middle
of the South China Sea.

Separated into two tribes--
Tagi and Pagong--

they competed against each
other to remain on the island,

but now the tribes
have merged into one.

Rattana is the name,

and it is everyone
for themselves.

Every third night,

the entire tribe will hike
deep into the jungle

to take part
in the Tribal Council,

where they must vote
one of their own

off the island.

In the end, one will remain

and will leave the island
with $1 million in cash.

Last week on Survivor:

The stakes were raised
for the castaways

as the two tribes
merged into one.

There was a lot of baggage
that we left

on that Pagong beach.

The members of Pagong
were upbeat

as they paddled to their
new home at Tagi beach.

I'm excited to go to their camp
and meet new people.

Rich came out and was, like,
"Hey, how are you?"

You know, he swam out,
which was really nice.

They welcomed us with open arms.

But the Tagi alliance

was a wolf in sheep's clothing.

I don't need to
deal with that.
After Gretch?


I was thinking Sean.

Rudy wasn't happy
with the new Rattana Tribe.

All of a sudden,
we doubled our population.

it's a pain in the ass.

Greg won the first

immunity talisman,

ensuring that only he could not
be voted off at Tribal Council.

Sean began
his alphabet voting strategy

and to the surprise of many,
it was Gretchen who was ousted.

Oh, my God.

It's me.

Nine members of Rattana
are left.

Tonight, one more will go.

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Today is, like, Day 22.

We had a vote last night,
which is always pretty beat.

Always puts us
in a pretty somber mood.

But last night was
a very strange vote.

Last night, it looks
like there was a conspiracy,

and maybe I'm being paranoid
and I didn't want to believe it,

but four people from Tagi
voted for Gretchen, I think.

You know, the bloodbath
has begun, you know.

People have started taking it
a different way,

'cause there's really no good
reason other than strategy

to vote Gretchen off.

Gretchen distinctly disliked
this part of the game.

This was her hardest thing

was voting people off,

and the part
that she liked the most

was the survival aspect.

I really don't know
what happened last night.

At first sight, it looks like
they just picked Gretchen off.

I think that
my former team, Tagi,

probably formed an alliance
against what they perceived

as her... as their
strongest member of Pagong,

which was Gretchen.

It was my idea to get rid
of Gretchen because I...

I thought that she was going
to be the next leader.

She had to go because she...

is bright and, uh, is strong
and she was a threat.

The, uh, duplicity of the whole
thing is pretty bad,

because I think that people
went out of their way

to befriend her, and, uh...

and those were the people who
subsequently voted against her.

That's the game--
duplicitous, sleaziness--

if you want to play that way.

This is a game;
don't take it personally.

You know, if people came here
to make, you know,

bosom buddies
and, you know, lifelong friends,

they should've gone
to summer camp.

I think, really,
if it happens again,

then you can say for sure
there's an alliance,

but if it does,
I'm more determined than ever

to bust that plan up and still
kill them all and win, you know.

As far as Pagong,
we are now four.

They are now five.

They do have a voting bloc
on us whether we see it or not

and they can pick us off
one by one.

Who needs men?

My best strategy
is to bond with the women

and try to hold on to the
women's vote as long as I can.

I'm so excited, guys.

I don't care if you
vote me off now

'cause I made it
to my cutoff point.

The girls... no,
there ain't no girls

going for a while,
you guys.

Thanks, Sue.
That makes me
feel better.

The women seem
to be getting along well

because the women
are all workers.

Actually, I like Jenna better
than I thought I would.

I thought she would drive me
wild and she doesn't, so...

Don't worry.

The guys' days
are numbered.

They are numbered.

Us girls... us girls are
here for a while, trust me.

Oh, man, I love it.

We'll be up at the end.

I do see the women versus men
vote continuing on in Rattana.

As far as my three votes, top--
they're all men.

Oh, God, you guys,
look at these crabs.

I see women go out,
get the crab traps.

The women fix the hut.

We're carrying the weight
of the team.

Maybe that's unfair,
but that's how I see it.

Ooh, look at it.

( women screaming )

Get him...
get him, Sue.

Beat him
with the shoe.

( women laughing )

She had me beat the
hell out of a crab

with a shoe.

As far as the women
becoming an alliance,

there's a chance that the girls

might want to have an alliance

after there's a few more guys
knocked off.

If they do,
I'll just lead on with them

"Yeah, that's a good idea."

But as far as the women
forming an alliance

and making one, no.

It ain't gonna happen.

I already got mine.

I like mine.

We're all hungry

and we're low on energy,
and there's still no one else

providing any food
except for Rich.

And we're having
to ration the rice.

You don't have
to put

both bowls on right now, Rudy,

is what
I'm saying.

Don't be

I ain't stubborn.

I'm going to eat

if everybody's
going to eat.

Okay, okay.

I ain't above eating.

Having nine people,
it's, uh...

everything gets smaller again.

The rice pot got smaller,

the sleeping quarters
got smaller.

We got four,
five bags...

So it's four bags there,
so we got eight meals there

so that's four days.

Or, no, that's only two days.

So, a can's only going
to last us two days?

We're eating that much.

We have to ration
it, then.

So instead of making
three pots tonight

we should make two pots
twice a day.

When we go
over there to eat,

the majority rules.

Yeah, two pots.

I wish some of the other people

would start conserving
a little more...

people that are being pigs.

I'll only eat one bowl
at a sitting.

I'm planning on staying
until the end,

so I really want
to have something

for the last couple of days.

We have our fisherman;
it's Rich.

That's Rich's job.

Oh, wow. Two?



( laughing ):
What a catch.

A ray, a parrot fish,
a catfish

and a nice little nurse shark.

Baby's gonna have
some protein today.

Greg showing up, going out
trying to spear a fish.

They've got nothing.

I'm not going to do
any better than they will.

And I think Rich
is in a great position.

We vote Rich off,

we don't eat.

Get the torches going.

Get everything

This is big time,

Rich, Rich, Rich,
Rich, Rich!

Now, which one of
you sons of bitches

wrote my name
on a card
last night?

( laughing )

The bastard didn't get
a fish.

Yeah, he's out of here.

I'm starving.

As far as who voted for me

at the Tribal Council
last night...

and I'm not certain who it is.

I'm thinking
it was probably Greg

who felt threatened by me.

But it could have been
any of them.

I've only been with them
a day or two

and I'd not brought in
any fish.

Today, on the other hand
I brought in a huge catch.

Three rays...

They just lapped that up.

That one's
pretty meaty.

Let's make
them dead

so they can
stop suffocating.

( loud smack )


You guys, I mean,

there's no other
humane way

to do that?

It seems humane to me.

Right through its brain.

I could eat rice
for 17 more days.

I could eat rice
the whole time,

but they're loving the fish

and it seems to make people
feel great,

and I squeeze every ounce
of credit out of it that I can.

Susie-Q, look at that, please.

I know,
I said

they look

Dang, Rich!

Those rays
look really good.

We're all very proud
of you, Richie.

It's the most fish
we've had.


Watch Susie perk up.

She just gets a little protein
and she's back in the race.

Rich is playing a big game.

I think Rich thinks
he's very clever.

He has a lot of things
going on in his mind

that he, uh...

selectively decides
what he will share

and with whom.

Fear... comes from...

That's right.

It's useless.

I think religion

is what destroys
our society.


I think it's the reason
people treat

other people as if

they're lower
than themselves.

Rich, that's

I'm not sure
how Greg sees me.

I'm trying to figure out
whether or not

he's trying to build
an alliance or pull me in

or make me like him in some way.

It's kind of weird.
It's good and bad.

You should
give it a go.

Thank you, buddy.

Don't get that
stuff near me

with those funny faces.

I'm seeing Greg
in a more devious way

than I've ever seen him before.

Since we moved,

I saw him change so much,

and so transparently,
to me anyway,

that I've changed
my whole attitude towards Greg.

This scheme is interesting

in that you make friends
with people,

you make alliances

and you have to
cut them loose at some point.

Greg is working just about
everybody in the group.

I think he's always had Colleen

wrapped around
his little finger.

It's not like that.

I mean, honestly,
if there was a girl here

who I got along with
really, really well,

it would be the same thing
that way.

I feel

like I have a friend

and I have somebody
who's my equal

that I can actually
have a conversation with.


I'm voting for you next time.

Fine. See
what happens.

You're voting
for me.

This is the game.

You bring
this little kitty along.

You have your little kitten,

and you pet your kitten
and you enjoy this kitten

and the kitten sleeps with you
every night

and then, you're hungry, man.

You look right
in the kitten's eye

and snap its neck.

It's nothing personal.
You're hungry.

The kitten has to give its life
for the next level.

What is it about your pet cat?

My pet

Your pet kitten.

It's you,

I see him as being a chameleon.

Changing his colors to fit
whoever he's around.

He's certainly interacted
with me

in an incredibly
interesting way

that suggests to me
that he's trying something

that I'm very, very wary of
and that's great.

Rich finds Greg attractive,

so Rich throws these
little innuendoes out there

and Greg will just pick right up
on them,

sit right real close to Rich
and he's playing him.

Orgy, Greg?



You have?

Oh, not right now?

He thought it was
an offer.

Greg and Rich have joked around
a lot.

We were talking one night.

Rich was getting real personal

about his business,
and Greg was all in it.

You guys have never been
with another guy?


Greg has.

I mean...

Rich, seriously?

Just kid... kid stuff.

That's what
freaks me out.

I mean...
I mean...

No, I...

I think, uh, Rich likes
to flirt with everybody,

and instead of directly
shutting him down,

I only played his game back.

He's the shy one
on tape.

I didn't expect that.

I'll tell you the story later.

He's manipulative.

He's trying to win me over
in some way.

He's just not going about it
in bright enough a way for me.

I would like to spend more time
with him and get to know him,

but... I would also rather have
the million dollars

than to have somebody
like him around to worry about.

Oh, gee.

What the hell is that?

Oh, boy.

Oh, man.

"It takes skill
to carve the arc.

"May your aim be true
and find its mark.

"Archery is the sport of kings.

A reward from home is
what victory brings."

Oh, my, my.

I'm never going
to win anything

( laughing ):
around here.

Got a little bit
of a clue.
Bows and arrows.

You know, if it has

anything to do
with something from home,

I'd like Jenna
to win it.

Thank you, Sean.

I hope it's
my pictures.

They might have
our family send

a care package...

They'll just give you
the care package...

The reward is going
to be something from home

and, um, Jenna's thinking
it's-it's our pictures

that we got to bring, and, like,
she really, really...

She misses her daughters

Aren't you excited?

I love this stuff.

I'm going to go home
and be, like

"Oh, I got to do bows
and arrows."


Okay, Jenna,
way over.
Too high.

Is that how you hold it?

( laughing ):

It's guys against girls, too,

'cause this
is very even

because these
bow and arrows...

and these
arrows are...

none of them are straight.

Go, Kelly.

Keep your
finger over it.

Okay, put the
string up.

Now, pull her.

Even if you want to

keep it at a angle.

Nice, Rudy.

Who's on the boat?

I think it's Jeff.

Bringing news

of the competition, I bet.

Oh, hi, Jeff.

It better be something
really good.

I'd rather have food
than anything

from home right now.

I would so much
rather have food.

It probably is
a refrigerator,

but what are we going
to refrigerate, our rice?

Maybe it's got
food already.

It's ice cream


( chuckles )

Move the crate.


Oh... a TV.

Okay, now, before
we begin today's
reward challenge,

I'm going to show you
some short clips of video

sent from home.

The winner

of the archery
contest gets

to watch their
entire video.

With that...

I give you this,
a little something from home.

Okay, "a little something
from home."

That's cool.

Hi, Dad.

Um, I hope you're doing
very well.

That's my kid.


I'm doing pretty well.

Um... I hope

you come back with the million.

Uh, like I said in my letter,

I just...
I just wish you lots of luck.


( laughing )

That's sweet.

that's really cool.

It is cool.


Hi, Kelly.


I hope you're doing good.

You'll probably win,
but I miss you anyway.

I'm ready for you to come home.

So, eat your rice, keep smiling

and, uh, come home

and let's go kayaking.

I'm ready to go.


( laughing )

I don't know.

Maybe everybody in the room,

anybody who's watching this
right now

could just join in.

You make mama real proud.

Don't go shaming the family,

sleeping with everybody
on the island.

Just remember who loves you.


and she's thinking of you.


( laughing )

Oh, good, good.

All right.

I'm doing this off the top
of my head, so...

That's my husband
holding my dog.


That's my dog.

You are me, I am you

and you are me.

Together, we make it
through eternity.

Not bad, eh?

You know, here's Stimpy.

He's going to come up
and give you a big kiss.

Here he comes.

( imitating airplane engine )

( grunting )

( laughing )

Oh, my God.


my dog looks so unimpressed.

Missing you?

Oh, yeah, she is.

Hi, Colleen.

We love you.


That's my cat.

( laughing )

This is our
sign-off now.

Have fun.

Good luck.

That was so cute.

They're really cute.

Hi, Rudy.

I bet you're surprised

to see me
on the island with you.

45 Years.

Just wanted to let you know
how much we missed you.

Look at Grandpa.

Hey, who is that?

( granddaughter gurgling )

And whether you win or not,

I'm proud of you
for having been selected.

I hope
you're enjoying yourself

'cause I know you like
the challenge.

Take care.

I love you very much.

That's a love letter.


All right.

It was nice.

Aw, there's my sister.

Yeah, that's the...

We call that the blue bomb.

( crash )

You think he'll notice?

We miss you, Sean.

Come home soon...

but not too soon.

Good luck.


That was nice.

Hi, Daddy.


Oh, look.

Oh, she's beautiful.

Tell Daddy.
Who's the man?


Oh, she's so cute.

Do it real loud.



Say, bye-bye, Daddy.

Bye-bye, Daddy.

Bye-bye, baby.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God,
that's cute.

Not too bad.

Oh, she's beautiful.

That's my heart and my soul,
everything right there.

Mom's beautiful, too.

You shouldn't have
shown me that, man.

Well, it breaks
my heart

to say this,

Oh, don't tell me.

We never received
a tape back.

And I'm really sorry.

Oh, man.

Are we going to do
the archery now?

Well, there is
an upside to this

that still
includes you.

The reward for
today's challenge
is two parts.

One is a private screening

for the full tape.

The winner also gets to make
their own video postcard

and send it home.

And that one, Jenna,

I can guarantee you
will get there

'cause I'll put it
in the overnight
myself tomorrow.

So, one person's going to get

the whole kit and caboodle

and the others are going
to get nothing else.

Okay, so you're going

to get one arrow,
that's it.

Remember, the
one who shoots
their arrow

closest to the bull's-eye,

gets to see
their entire video

and make one

of their own.

You guys


Greg is on the mark.

I'll let you handle this.

The split...

Yeah, I'm
worried about that.

Good try.

Yay. You hit
the board.

Oh, I wanted
to see my daughters.

Go, Rudy.

Make it count.

Well, this ain't my bag.

Greg's still looking
good right now.

but no cigar.

Come on, Sue.

You guys...

Tim's waiting
to hear.

Waiting to hear
from you.

Well... not close.

Good luck, Kelly.

Good try.

Great try.

Nice try.

Mom and Dad
would love

to hear from
you, Colleen.

Good velocity.

All right, Gervase,
no big deal.

Come on, for
your little girl.

The entire...

Nice try,
Gervase. Nice try.

Okay, Rich.

Let's go, Richie.

Dead-Eye Rich.

Here he goes.

Last shot.

It's up to you.


Congratulations, man.

Wait a minute.

Congratulations, Greg.

Thanks, guys.

So Greg is going
back up there

and watch his tape.

You can include
these guys if you want.

You can do whatever
you want with it.

Of course.

If it's going to be funny,

which I figured it would,

I thought other people might
get a kick out of it.

At least she could provide
entertainment for other people.

Mukaluka, mau-mau, ping-ping.

( clicking tongue )

How are you doing?

I miss you very much.

( kissing sounds )

That's right, ping-ping.

I didn't think Greg's tape
was unusual.

I expected that

and was excited by it.

You could tell

she was having fun

and knew he would laugh
at what she was doing

and I was laughing.
I loved it.

Any circumstance
you find yourself in,

you're not sure what to do--
you're in a quandary;

you're in a pickle;

you're in a bind;

think what Billy Joel would do.

Think about it.

( laughing )

Think, what would Billy Joel do?


Let's talk about
who's probably

sleeping on the island
right now.

All the giant,

scary spiders are sleeping.

That's how mom used to put us
to sleep at night.

All the animals are sleeping.

You make Mom proud.

You make Mom real proud.

Just remember who loves you.


( kissing sounds )

( silly grunting )

I definitely see Greg
differently now

after seeing his video

and attaching a lit bit
of a family with him.

At least we know

he's not the only screwball
in his family.

Maybe it's a genetic trait
over there.

You're on, buddy.

Hi, Julie.

I just want to say,
you know,

it was really special

for you to send me

and everybody here
what you did.

We feel like we could feel you

and we felt you.

Some of us felt you

and others just imagined
what it's like to feel you.

I can't understand a guy
talking to his sister that way.

It sounded like Greg
was talking, maybe, incest.

That's the way it sounded to me.

( laughing )

Why not make allusions?

It crosses all those borders.

And, God, what are people
going to think?

And then, sexual allusions
for my sister?

What's gonna happen?

Julie, we got to put up with
this for about two more weeks

and, uh, then we
might kill him.

Is that doing
you a favor?

( laughing )

Good work, Rudy.

Good job, Rudy.


I can't imagine

anybody missing their kids
more than I do every night.

Miss my beauties.

Miss Sadie and Sabrina.

I can't imagine my mom
not getting the tape out.

It would've done wonders
to see that my kids are okay.

To hear their voices.

To hear, "I love you, Mommy."

Yesterday was cool.

We had that reward challenge
with the bow and arrow

and the reward was, the, uh...

videotapes from home,

and for me,
that was way better than food.

Now, seeing those videos of
everybody's family, it's, like,

even if you didn't
like somebody before,

you see that somebody
cares and loves this person,

so it makes it harder for me
to boot somebody off now.

I felt so bad for Jenna.

She practiced all morning
on that stupid bow and arrow

and then it was just, like,
"Why bother" for her.

Those are my bruises
from the bow and arrow.

This is from the bow and arrow.

I don't know
what her feeling is

because now it seems like
she wants to leave the island

and see her girls.

This is going to make it
that much easier

when I do get kicked off.

I'm going to probably cry,
but you know what?

Then I'm going to get off
and go...

"What an adventure!"

And then I get to go home
to my kids, so...

Jenna is a threat to me
because she has kids

and I have kids, so we're,
like, single parents,

and if people feel
for single parents

and she's tugging on
people's emotions right there

and that can sway somebody
not to vote for Jenna,

and that's a threat for me.

Gervase? I don't see him
doing very much.

The fact you have
more people here now

and we're having to forage
for more food

and there's a lot more slackers
on this other team.

Gervase. He's a nice guy.

I don't like feed...
I don't like feeding

people like that,
though, you know
what I mean?

That's where I'm...
That's where I'm
coming from now.

My work philosophy is this:

Rich is, like,
the resident fisherman;

Rudy's the cook;

Sean is hauling in wood
every day--

you know, it seems like
everybody has a role here--

and I'm just sitting back

Watch me-- I'm going to work
that boy till he's gone now.

He bugs me.

Gervase is honest.

He's not playing

anybody else's game.

I've said over and over

that he was an example

for people
thrown out of their element

to really succeed and have
a great time, which Gervase has.

I got a king.

( laughing )

How have I survived this long?

I always said when I came here,

I was going to be
the entertainer.

The cards man--
I'm glad you brought them.

It adds a new dimension
to island life.

I'm not trying to do anything

shifty or shady;
I'm just being me

and people like me
because that's who I am.

Gervase is not that charming,
trust me.

He's a slacker,

so he won't be around long.


"Pull me."

Oh, look at this.

"If you want to win immunity

"at the next challenge,

just slip onto the right rope
and run."

"Beware of dead ends.

"The prize you seek...

"is waiting...

at the end of the line."

Wow, that
sounds hard.

A significant amount of luck
with this one.

Oh, you've got
to love that.

At least this way,
I have a chance.

Day 24 on the island.

Since the merger,
nothing has been more important

than voting strategy.

The gears are churning.

Nobody is safe.

The only way to stay
in this game:

win today's immunity challenge.

Here we are--

immunity time... again.

"Into the Line" is a rope course
designed to be confusing.

It's a jungle rope maze with
five checkpoints along the way.

Your job is to collect

the colored carabiners

at every checkpoint.

Here's the only hiccup:

you have to be attached
to the rope course at all times

with your carabiner--
you have two of them.

At certain points, you're going

to come to a junction--
these trees.

You can't get past them.

Take your other carabiner,

then you can un-attach...

now spin around, maneuver,

however you want to do it.

The only thing
you have to keep in mind

is one of these
has to be on at all times.

Also at each checkpoint
are several ropes

that lead directly

to the next checkpoint,

but several ropes
lead to dead ends.

If you hit a dead end,

you've got to backtrack
to your last checkpoint

and choose a new line.

The first person
to reach the end of the course

with five carabiners

gets immunity.

The tighter, the better?

Survivors, ready...


What's happened to us?

We're idiots!

Oh, dude.

( cheering )

Nice work, man.


Give me five!

Yank it down.
Very good. Very good.


Well earned.


I knew coming here that
we'd have to vote people off.

What I didn't bank on
was the feelings

that you'd have
towards these people.

I feel like I feel
every Tribal Council

only it gets worse
every time.

I feel like a backstabber.

I feel like a liar.

God, some people
are so nervous, it's sick.

It's sick how nervous
some people are.

People are all looking
around a little more

because it's starting
to get down to the wire,

and evidently,
we're the only ones

with a plan right now.

Once it's past the
next council,

we're invincible.

Right now we're
not invincible.

The voting now
should get very interesting.

If people are fear- and
self-preservation motivated,

they'll band together.

They'll form alliances.

They'll start beating
people out.


is the worst game
I can imagine.

How do you, you know,
stay true to yourself

and maintain integrity

and still play this game?

And you know what? You can't.

Yeah, I think that
would look better.

Yeah, tell Rudy that.

It's cut and dried that we can

eliminate somebody every time,
and if we don't,

I'll have to break
somebody's kneecap or something.

So as long as everybody
can keep their mouth shut now.

Kelly's a little freaky.

She's gets a little going.

I'm like, "Just shut up.

Just vote this, and shut up."

I keep telling myself

"Well, I have enough friends.

I didn't come here
to make friends," and da-da-da.

And the truth is,
I like these people.

This is a game.

You're allowed to do this.

This is a game.

Alliances are fair game.

My thing is, we should always
have the upper hand.

We should've voted Rudy...

We should have voted
for Rudy at first

and then, next vote,
vote your conscience.

Always keep the upper hand

because if they try something,
you can stop it.

As far as there being
a counterstrategy

from the other side, yeah,
there is some fear about that

because we haven't got
enough of them voted off yet.

We have
the upper hand right now, easy.

We have four people
that we could come together

have a vote, and get
the next person off.

Welcome to Tribal Council
number eight.

You guys are now
the final core group of nine.

Two of you will make it,
survive long enough to get

to the final vote.

The other seven of you

will return to be
the jury that delivers

that vote, so no matter
who gets voted off,

from this point forward,
when they get voted off,

we'll all be back here

in 15 days to determine
who leaves with $1 million.

So, Richard,
bearing that in mind,

how do you balance
the ruthlessness

required to get

to the final two

with the likability needed
to get the final vote?

Good question.

I'm not even exactly sure
what my strategy's going to be

as to who I'm going to vote for
from week to week.

I'm just going
to keep getting fish

feeding people--
hope they're happy.

How about
you, Gervase?

You're wearing immunity;
tonight you're fine.

Same thing applies to you.

How do you find that balance?

Just... I'm winging it.

Every day out here,
I'm just winging it.

I like everybody here, you know,

and after seeing their videos
of their families,

I can put faces
with them now.

I see they have

loved ones like I do
caring about them,

rooting for them,
so it makes it a lot harder.

Jenna, how surprised
were you last week

to see Gretchen
get voted off?

I was very surprised.

I would've thought she would
have made it to the final two,

but when we merged,
strategies had to shift

and it looked like they
were getting rid of leaders,

so, from here on out,
if I get voted off,

I'll wear it
like a badge of honor

when I walk
down there.

Susan, straight up,
is there an alliance?

No, not that I...

I vote people off
that I don't care for,

you know, that really would
irritate me if I was

working with them at a job
or something like that.

Here, I got a chance
to vote them off.

I can get rid of them.

It's, like, yeah!

Kelly, same question.

Do I have to answer?

I'm just kidding.

Has your voting strategy changed
now or will it change tonight?

I vote for who I don't
particularly like.

I vote for who I don't want
to spend the next 15 days with.

Colleen, would you do
whatever it takes

to get this money?

Would you play sides
against each other?


Just not important


What brought you here
if it's not the money?

I mean, I'm here

for the money, too.

I mean, give me a break.
Of course.

But the thing is that

everybody's here for the money,
you know?

I'm not going to listen
to everybody's sob stories

and then weigh them.

That's ridiculous.

Everybody wants the money.

All right. Gervase?
It's time to vote.

My vote is for Jenna.

I think she's really missing
her kids now.

She didn't get
the videotape.

There's not a letter for her,

so, you know, I think
it's really hurting her,

so this is her ticket.

Keeping with my strategy
of alphabetical order,

I'm voting for Greg tonight.

It would have been
Gervase's turn, but he won

immunity, so I had to skip him.

Next person in order is Greg.

I don't think this vote is
going to mean very much.

First time for paranoia,
second time for irritation

and third time because
my ear infection is clearing up.

? Good night, sweetheart,
yeah, it's time to go. ?

No more competition.

Talk to you later, Greg.

As always I'd like to remind you
that once the votes are tallied,

the decision is final

and the person will be asked
to leave the island immediately.

I'll read the votes.







Three votes for Greg,
three votes for Jenna.




( mock sobbing )

Take care, Greg.

That's all I need.

Bye, everyone.

Greg, the tribe
has spoken.

It's time
for you to go.

Bye, everybody.

( sobbing )

( laughter )

I believed him
for a minute.

You believed him, Rudy?

For a minute there.

When the tears fell.

Look at the tears
back there.

That's it
for tonight's Tribal Council.

I'll see you guys tomorrow.

Good night.

Next week on Survivor:

I'm just being honest.

If you can't take
the honesty...

Cracks begin to appear
in the alliance.

I'm hoping that Kelly hasn't

joined forces
with somebody else.

Someone will win a letter
in the reward challenge.

Will Jenna finally hear
from her children?

I want the letter from home.

I haven't seen or heard
anything from my kids.

A twist of fate
that maybe some
didn't expect

and some... well...

some did.

An excellent game,
well manufactured.

I harbor no resentment
for any of you

who voted for me,
against me or otherwise.

I feel like it's
probably a pretty
darn good time.

Thanks, guys.