Survivor (2000–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - The Merger - full transcript

Pagong and Tagi merge into one tribe called Rattana. The Tagi 4 enter the merger strong, whereas Pagong (and Sean) are a little more disorganized. A new form of immunity is introduced to the game.

16 Americans
forced to abandon ship

in the middle
of the South China Sea.

Marooned for 39 days,
they must work together

to build shelter,

find food and survive
the island,

but ultimately,
it is everyone for themselves.

Every third night

they will hike
deep into the jungle

to take part
in the Tribal Council

where they must vote
one of their own

off the island.

In the end,
only one will remain

and will leave the island

with $1 million in cash.

Last week on Survivor:

The merge
was on everyone's mind

as the two tribes
prepared to become one.

We do got the merge coming.

( growling )

At Tagi, Rich was flexing

his voting alliance muscles.

I am in control

of who's being voted off

and I think that's all
that matters to me.

And Sue was deciding

who on Pagong
should be voted off

after the merge.

Greg, definitely--
he's just way

too psychotic.

At Pagong,
Gervase made a comment

that upset
his female tribe mates.

Girls are the stupidest things
on the planet next to cows.

Oh! He called us "stupid."


The immunity challenge became
more competitive than ever

because if Pagong won,

they would enter the merge
with six members

to Tagi's four, giving them
a voting advantage.

Yeah, you guys!

But Tagi won,

insuring them that the tribes
would merge

at five members each.

The loss sent Pagong

back to Tribal Council
where Greg joined the women

in voting Joel off the island.

On the eve of the merge,
ten are left.

Who will be the first voted out
of the newly formed tribe?

( chanting )

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Day 19.

Survivor has reached
a turning point.

Very soon, the ten remaining
members of Tagi and Pagong

will form one new tribe.

They will live together
but they will now compete

against each other

There are many questions
to be answered:

Where will they live?

What will this new tribe
call themselves?

What kind of world
will they now create?

To begin the process,
an ambassador from each tribe--

Jenna from Pagong
and Sean from Tagi--

will assess the livability
of each other's camp.

They will then paddle out
to the sand spit for a summit

where they will negotiate
and decide

on which of the two beaches

this new tribe of ten
will live.

Their decision will be final.

Sean is being guided
to Pagong Beach by Greg,

and Jenna is being guided
to Tagi by Kelly.

This is the first time
either ambassador

has seen the opposing tribe's

Our camp's way better
than theirs

just from talking to them.

They don't have

a living room with benches,

never mind a decent kitchen.

I think our house is better

from what they've described.

We have fish.

Gretchen and I both fished
for an hour.


Nothing. Not even a bite.

When do you guys fish?

Early morning, late evening.

Yeah, that's when we fish.

But, you know,
we got the gay guy...

gay compassionate guy.

He's, like, middle-of-the-road.

And you got Sue

who says whatever
the hell's on her mind.

As far as somebody coming here

from Pagong today,
it's going to be fun.

We like having company
over at camp,

even though we don't have
a whole lot to offer for lunch.

I'm hoping...
I think the kicker of it all

will be if Rich gets fish

and we have fish for lunch.

I think they'll be here.

And Rich... Rich
is a sweetheart.

So easygoing.

He's naked a lot.

Um... okay.

I'm excited about it being
a big group, because right now

there's not a lot
of personalities going on

and it's quiet

and we've seen every inch
of this little place here,

and I'm excited
to meet new people,

and even if it's some good,
some bad,

or whatever,
at least, it's something.

It's a mix and so it'll be
more interesting

than it is right now.

Oh, good,
they sent the doctor.

Hi. How are you?

I'm fine.

Nice to see you.
Nice to see you.

What's going on, man?

How do you feel?

Good. How about you?
Nice to see you, man.

You want a tour?

Yeah, let me have a tour.
Take me around.

Hi, Sue.
How are you?


The sun's out.

Stingray, cuttlefish
and lobster for lunch.

( squeals )

We're having rock lobster
for lunch.

Oh, my God.
Hey, Kel, check out
the cuttlefish.

Nice, nice.

Oh, yeah.
With a working lid
and everything.

Wi-with lid.

How often do you
guys move that?


This is, uh,
chef Rudy.

Check out
the kitchen.

Chef Rudy, um, can I
go in your kitchen?

Oh, yeah.

Wipe your feet.

"Rowdy Rudy's Diner"

This is where we keep spices,
toilet paper, candles...

fruit peels
go in there.


But, uh...
This is so nice.

Isn't that a cool kitchen?

So, see, now,
these are our kitchen hammocks.

Oh, yeah, sleep five
really comfortable.

Ours is about
the same size,

but it's lifted a little higher
in the back.

And, uh, right
now, we've just...

we got two
mosquito nets.

The guys go
on the left

and me and Sue and
Rich, the girls,
go on the right.

Go ahead and pull out...

Yeah, we have
this thing...

If you want,
I'll diagram what we got.


Super bench,
living room area.

Oh, my God,
you guys are

very, very

( laughing )

So much more than ours.

Have a seat.

Hey, not too bad.

We got plenty
of this, too.

We don't eat
that much of it.


No. We have it.

We don't eat it.

We live off
this stuff.

It's a lot of work
for a little bit of sugar

it seems to me,
you know?

You guys are amazing.

Like a well-
oiled machine.

The stingray
looks wonderful.

Stingray is so good.

Stingray is incredible.

Does it
grab you?


Is it funkified


That's not good.

Number two.

You know, you kind of get...

Ah, there's a lot of meat
on that bad boy.

Yeah, just try that.


Oh, my God.

Isn't it good?

It's delicious.

I don't need anymore,
you know.

You know...

I mean, uh...

Right off, just chew
on the cuttlebone.

Hey, you know...

It's calamari.

It's going to be
just like squid.

It's the exact same thing.

If you've had fried calamari,

That's awesome.
well, we're having roasted.


That lobster, it's so sweet.

This is delicious.

( laughing )

That's what we
want you to say
when you get home.

Just tell them

how good
everything is.

Food, golden.

Yeah, when we merge tonight,
I think it'll be interesting.

I think, uh, it'll set up
a whole nother set

of interpersonal dynamics
that'll be fun for me to watch.

Tell us more, uh, like,
rumors you've heard about us,

or things you think you know
about us...

or what do you want to know
about us?

All right, um, let's see--
"rumors that I've heard"--

that you guys are plotting
an alliance against us...

divide and conquer
sort of thing.

That's the big one.

The alliance
that we have going on

is Rich, Rudy, Kelly and me.

We'll vote four people strong,

and if we can make it
through the first two votes,

getting somebody
off of their team off...

( chuckles )

we should be able to slide
into home plate.

That's what we said.
Yeah, you only get...

We don't know any of you;
you don't know any of us.

and I'm so excited

to get to know
five new people.

( laughing ):
So are we.

Jenna's sincere.

She is sincere.
I believe
Jenna's sincere,

and I think
Gretchen's sincere,

but Gren...
Jenna is young, and not

a mature young
like you.

She's young.

Just babbling.
She's young flaky.

I wanted to come across
as a strong young mom

'cause I think

they're often portrayed

as victims of circumstance,

and, uh...
wanted to be a good role model

for my girls when they see it
when they get older.

She wants to be proud
for her children.

Proud for your children--

She's just really
happy to be here.

Show your girls what it's about
and how to win.

Six days ago, I was 180 out,
but, uh, I seen the light.

It's... ( chuckles )

If you want to win this money,
you got to get a little dirty.

You know, who's next,
don't you?

I don't need to
deal with that.
Who, after Greg?


I was thinking Sean.

Oh, yeah.

He's too much

and he will not

The reason Sean's not
in the alliance

because... Sean...

is dumb.

So, Sean, are they,
uh, planning on
banding together

and picking us
off one by one?

I think they've changed
their minds, you know, because

I think they have
very nice, warm

touchy feelings
towards you guys.

Sean's ethically against
any kind of alliance

and I hear Gretchen is similar
on the other side

and, um... I don't get it.

You know, I-I consider myself

extraordinarily ethical
and moral

and, uh, this has

absolutely nothing to do
with this.

Uh, it sounds like
sheer stupidity to me

when somebody says

"Oh, no, I'm not going
to build an alliance,

and I hope they wouldn't
do that either."

Uh, you know, I giggle
and think, "okay."

( laughing )

God, I'm glad I'm
on your team.

Yeah, baby.

Didn't come
here to...

make friends.

I got to lug
one of you guys?

Sean's cool.
Sean's a nice guy.

He had a lot of stories
to tell, and...

I mean, he... he was just,
like, a genuine, honest guy--

you know, what he said,
you just believed what he said.

You can just tell
he wants to have some fun.

He hasn't had fun yet,
so, uh...

we'll bring lots of fun his way.

We'll keep him entertained.

( both talking at once )

I will.

Bye, Rich. Bye, Rudy.

Jenna and Sean are going
to have a good time talking.

I don't know which one
talks the most.

She ain't shut up
since she's been here.

Bye, guys.

Bye, girl.

Bye, Sean!

Welcome, Jenna.

A chair just for you.

And look at me--
I didn't dress
for dinner.

How you doing?
Nice to see you.
Nice to see you.

One chair for you.
Hello. How are you?

Wow, we're off
to a good start.

A little kiss--
I like that.
Pretty cool.

Well, here's the deal:

You guys are ambassadors
for your tribes.

You have a very important task

We wanted you to
feel like ambassadors,
so we've prepared

some lobster,
you have some bread,

baked potatoes,

butter for the lobster,

uh, lemon-- I don't think

we missed anything
except for the wine

which is being chilled
right now.

What I need
in the morning is

on this parchment, with
a couple of pens in here,

to have the new name
of the tribe...

which camp
you're going to be at,

and the three items
you're taking.

You'll be given one new color
for this new tribe--

green-- yellow and
orange no longer used

to represent opposing tribes.

You are now one.

There's also stuff

to make two new flags for camp.

There are paintbrushes, paints,

so once you decide on the name,
you can go to town on that.

Can we eat first?

You can do...
you have all night.

As you can see... right here,
we have two beds.

( laughing )
Oh, my God.

So we are definitely
staying here tonight?

You are here all night.

Jenna, how stylin' are we!

I immediately saw the table
set up with...

it was like a romantic dinner.

It was like this table all set
up with everything, two beds

off to the right

single, like,
really nice sheets

and pillows and blankets,
and, uh...

like, a stump,

we had a bedside table,

we had lanterns everywhere,
tiki torches,

and the first thing
I thought was...

"Oh, man,
they're so setting this up

for it to be romantic with Sean"

and there's just...
there's not a spark there.

Making out's, I think,
first base;

second base, up the shirt;

third base...
Okay, okay.

But I often give a bad first
impression sometimes.

You never heard
of bases like that?

I always just knew
what the home run was.

I'm all about the goal.

I'm goal-oriented.

Sliding into home plate

here's Jenna.

They wanted it to be
more romantic

than it was ever going to be,
but, uh...

from either end of us,
but we really had

an exceptional time,
and we tied one on, you know,

uh, finished the bottles
of wine,

and we ate like
kings and queens,

and, uh, it was fantastic.

Uh, we saw Pagong's fire
was still lit

so I was like,
"Oh, I want to call home.

They're probably worried."

And, uh, so we threw
a bunch of kerosene on our fire

to make it whoosh,

and they said they saw that,

so I hoped
that they would figure

that I was still there,
that I was okay.

Whoa. Fire
on the spit.

It seems so far away
from the island.

They had to have fed Jenna.

I mean, the summit going
from 4:00 in the afternoon

until... well after dark...

Yeah. They're not going
to let her starve.

With one lunch.

Well, Gervase can save hers
in case... his

in case she... wants to see
what it would have been like.

We talked all night.

It helped that they had
four bottles of wine there.

So we drank them all

and, uh, we were both
pretty drunk.

And... it's raining,
and we're inside now.

We just made it.
We're completely

We had a great meal.

Me, I'm exhausted from
all this wine.

Do you want to go to bed?

We're just waiting
'cause no one's given us

any information.

So, I mean, last night

we were wondering where she was.

And then somebody said
"Well, she can't come back

until the negotiations
are over."

But there's really nothing
to negotiate.

We could have made a shelter

in that time.
We could have made--

whatever they're
negotiating for,

we could have moved
our whole camp--

been done in that time.

So I don't, I don't know what
the whole process is about.

We miss Jenna.

We haven't seen Jenna at all

since she's left,

and we were kind of worried
about her last night

when it got dark
and she wasn't here.

I'd be wasting
my time and energy

to, uh, guess what's happening.

So I don't even bother.

What's going on?

It's a beautiful day.

The sun's nice.

You can see Mount Kinabalu

and, uh,
we're going to go fishing.

That's a big one.

Yeah, he's a good fatty.

That's a lot of meat.

They talked about some kind
of a negotiation,

and I would imagine if the two
parties had opposing views

as to what camp
they should move to

that the negotiation
might go on--

or might be interesting.

But since both parties,

as far as we know,
want to move to this camp,

I can't imagine what's going on
on the sand spit.

We're not sure yet,
because Sean has been gone

almost 24 hours now
since we sent him off

on the messenger thing.

So the anticipation
of waiting for Sean

is just actually starting
to drive us wild.

Oh, my God!

I have so much
to tell you guys.

First things first--

we are moving.

We have five minutes
from when we banked

to get everything in
your backpacks--

to get your luxury item.

Only what you brought
in your backpacks

and luxury item--

and three objects,
which we chose,

and we're out of here.

And we told Pagong
the unfortunate news

that they had five minutes
to pack their things--

get their luxury item
and choose three items.

Which we decided were the wool
blanket that they have,

the mosquito netting,

so we could sleep

under the mosquito netting,

and the, um, cooking pot.

We were given
a luxury dinner,

but we had to decide
a new name

and we had to paint
the new flag,

and we had to pick
a location--

she liked
our camp a lot.

You guys will love it.

Actually, Sean let me do
almost all of the deciding.

I came up with the name,
he added an "a" on the end.

Jenna came up with the name.

It had to be something that
was indigenous to the island

and, you know, we have a lot
of rattan wood here.

And we just added an "a"

to make it sound more exotic.

That was my idea.

You know, give it a little
flair, a little pizzazz.

As we were dining
on lobster and, um...

baked potatoes.


Four bottles of wine.

Four bottles of wine.
Four bottles of wine.

A hangover
in the morning.

A hangover, a bed...
Beds, a tent.

You know, they come back

having had a great night

and "oh, my God, I can't wait
to tell you guys

how much we've eaten."

And that's wonderful.

That's how ambassadors
should be treated.

But, you know, of course,
when you're on an island

surviving on white rice
and the occasional fish...

Four croissants
with orange marmalade

and strawberry jam.

Coffee... four bottles.

Hey, tell me a little bit
more about it.

I'd love to hear
about butter sauce.

Like... thanks.

I mean,
it just makes more sense

to go to their side.

I mean, I think that's what
everybody wanted to do anyway.

Everybody wanted to get out
of this section

just for a new change
of scenery.

We've been here for 20 days.

We've seen it. We know it.

So it was just like,

you know,
let's try something new.

Sean was even saying there's
enough room for us in the hutch

because enough people
sleep outside, so...

It's going to go quick.

God, I hope it goes quick from
here on out, you know. Really.

When I first got here,
I... you know,

I think maybe I would have been
more comfortable

on the other team,
because I, you know,

from what I understand,
they pulled their camp together,

they got their stuff
hanging up,

which is, like, something
that's been bothering me

since the day we got here,

but I think it was good for me
to be with this tribe

because, um, you don't have
to work all the time

and you don't have
to be busting butt.

It's nice... you know,

we're healthy and we're happy

and we spend a lot
of time having fun.

So I think it taught
me something, too.

You can be very comfortable

and I don't feel like I need
to bust butt all the time,

and I've had a good time
while I'm here.

So I'll be glad to go
with the other tribe

and I was glad to be
with this tribe.

It's like starting over.

We've left behind

a lot of things--
a lot of material possessions.

Metaphysically, we've also
left behind

a lot of emotional issues.

Um... there was
a lot of baggage

that we left on that...
on that Pagong Beach.

But, uh...

we're moving on
to bigger and better things.

I'm excited.

I did feel sadness
when we left Pagong.

Looking back, that was where

we rode to the first day
when we were shipwrecked.

It was where I'd formed a bond
with eight...

seven other people, so...

it was sad.

But it was a new beginning
for me-- a whole nother tribe.

Are we close to Tagi?

I don't think that's
what it's called anymore.

It's Rattana.

( laughing and talking )

Come on, left side.

Come on, left side.

God, it's

Yeah, it really is.

So Rich came out,
it was like

"Hey, how are you?"

You know, he swam out,
which was really nice.

They welcomed us
with open arms.

We got along really well.



So, what they
were really doing was coming

to the beach
and, uh, were moving in

with what things
they could have gotten together

in the five minutes
that they had

to get together, I guess.

I was glad to see that.

Hi. Nice
to see you again.

Can I get a hug,
all right?

You, too, handsome.

Were you guys
worried about me?

Oh, yeah, yeah.



Living room.



Oh, my.

The house ain't done yet.

We can't tour
the house yet, no.

A boy named Sue.

Strong, loud, with an accent

that'll drive you
up the wall!

Was he talking about me?

Oh, yeah.

Oh, come on!

I'm up.

Remind me
to do it.

Yeah, you had
a good one.

This thing's
about 300 years old.

I think Rudy's
very set in his ways,

so having, you know,

five new people move in,
it scared him a lot,

so he was just sitting back

and he was assessing
the situation, I think.

All of a sudden,
we doubled our population.

Uh, the house got smaller,

the pots got smaller,

and, uh...

it's a pain in the ass.

New people,
new scene...

new things
to talk about,
you know.

( general conversation )

It's almost too good.

Like, everybody's too...

"Oh, you go first."

"No, you go first,"
oh, you know, everybody's

being real, real super polite,
you know, which is cool.

Sean is very intelligent.

Sometimes he says
interesting things.

Sometimes you tune out

for a while,
and then he hits on something

so you tune back in, you know.

I mean, he's always going.

Girls always rank
"sense of humor"

then, like, "ambition"
and then all this other stuff

and then rank "looks,"
like, number five or six.

But meanwhile,
I know so many

good-looking guys,

who have absolutely
no personality,

that still get
a lot of girls.

I'm really going
to get skinny.

I got to go back
in the water. Bye.

Rich is clever
and, uh... I mean

we'll start being honest now.

I think Rich thinks
he's very clever.

He is, uh, relatively sharp,
and, uh...

he has a lot of things going on
in his mind that he, uh...

selectively decides, uh,
what he will share

and with whom.

Rich is playing a big game,

which is very fun,
so he's awfully entertaining.

That... it was suggested...

that we should, you know,

"beef up" the supports
and everything.

Okay, which, you know,
I don't know

I don't know anything
about shingles and roofing,

and I just know
how to tie knots,

that's pretty much
all I know how to do.


It ain't going

You might want
to tie this.


Up and down.

( loud crashing )

That doesn't sound good.

Oh, yeah.

( hearty laughter )

I didn't
touch it.
Oh, my God!

That did not
just happen.

Oh, my God.

And, bam, shingles break,

the whole roof
comes crashing down.

Felt like such an idiot.

It figures that the day
that everyone shows up

the whole roof caves in
while they're repairing it.

Yeah, it's the same as it is
back home, ladies,

here in the jungle.

The women are doing all the work

and the guys
are just hanging out

and b.s.'ing, yeah.

It's my turn.

I pick up
from here.

It's a hit.

I can hit you this card;
you can't drop.

Every time you get hit

you have to stay around
one more round.

( gasping )

Very good, Rich.

( chuckles )

The guys are kind of bumming
around, but I think that's good

'cause I think all the guys
got to get to know each other.

Isn't that beautiful?

Don't lie.

It looks like mucus,
doesn't it?

Oh, yeah.


You see it, Sue?

You see anything?

( laughing )

It's how men and women relate,
you know.

The women-- we work together

and we... it's a little...
women are always

a little bit competitive
in everything we do, you know,

so it's like
when you're working together

you're seeing
what the other person

can do, and you're proving
each other at the same time.

Men can sit down
and talk for hours

and walk away friends.

You got the hang
of it now.

( hearty chuckle )

Gervase was great.

I beat the hell out of him

in a number of games
that I've never played before,

and he's, uh,
he's good at cards.

I think he could have been
letting me win.

Uh, who knows?

He could be playing the odds,

It's natural to me.

What I do, I don't think
I'm doing anything special.

I'm just being myself.

But other people always say,
like, "You're a charmer."

"You're a smooth talker."

Looking real good
there, Rich.

Real good there.

Can you tell
I'm losing?

That makes me happy,
'cause I can't tell.

They don't...

they don't
cook out enough.

They're... they're great
for bait

but their insides
is just nothing but guts.

Greg's an interesting character.

He's young, too.
He's 24,

and he was pretty cocky.

He was thinking he could go out
and get something, came back in

with a sea urchin.

( derisive chuckling )

But that was good,
that shows people

that he who thought
he was a spear-fishing person

could go out there,
no problem,

comes from the other tribe

and came back in,
telling everybody

just how difficult it is--
that ups my value even more.

Free in sight,
less than 100 feet away

and we have, like...

I've got this girl laid out in,
like, across the back seat

of, like, a Suzuki Sidekick
and it was, like, incredible.

Come on. Who can
follow that?

Not I.

Rich can.
Rich, yay.

First night as one tribe
we sat around the campfire,

told stories-- very, very, very
revealing stories.

Gretchen said she drank a fifth
of whiskey in two minutes

when she was 14

and I would have never guessed
that about her, you know?

Sounds like we kind of have
a similar past.

This new group is, like,
it's like a banquet.

It's like a banquet of stories
and excitement.

Sean left
an orgy opportunity.

No, I left a two-on-one
opportunity. Two girls.

How come you
left it?

I was scared
out of my mind.

Some of the stuff they talk
about don't interest me

and I don't want to hear it.

I don't know.

They talk about a lot
of sex stuff.

( thunder crashing )

( rain pouring )

Wait, Rudy.

You're going to be
good over there.

Keep your hands to yourself.

Everybody's hands
all over me.

Damn, Rudy.

It rained again last night

and we had to rebuild the roof

of their shelter yesterday

and I think half of it
is leakproof

and half of it
doesn't have a roof,

and so a lot of us
got very wet.

And it's frustrating because we
had just moved from a shelter

that we had worked out
all the bugs in

and kept us 90% dry.

I was in there last night
and, uh, when the rain came

all them women
eased down our way

and I had about five women
in my lap all of a sudden.

Rudy was kicking me in the head.
He doesn't care.

Oh, yeah, people were getting

kicked in the head
all night long

because he got out three times

and he would just barrel
through people.

I mean, the pillows were
right across me,

and I had to get up
and go to the head

and I couldn't.

I don't know.

Rudy kicked me in the head,
like, three times last night

and I said,
"Rudy, that's my head,"

and he said, "This is
my space, so..."

I said, "Rudy,
that's my head."

He goes, "That's my spot."

"I got to get out.
It's my spot."

That's what he said.

Did you ask him
to draw the outlines?

Hey, I'm the old guy,
don't forget.

Them young guys
might have liked it.

It's a pain in the ass to me.

You do the honors.

No, no, it's
yours now.

( both laugh )

Hey! I guess it's
not in there

but this is

"The next challenge,
things couldn't be more fair.

"Just take a deep breath
and don't come up for air.

"Immunity's the same
except for this one note.

"Now only one will be safe

while the rest of you
face the vote."

I'm guessing

it's a "holding
your breath" competition.

Welcome to Snake Island.

Congratulations on surviving
the first phase.

You guys have now all proven

that you can definitely
survive the island.

I don't think
that's in question.

You've been here three weeks;
everybody's doing great.

Now it's going to be about
who can survive each other.

How well you guys survive
tribal politics.

We've replaced the immunity idol
with an immunity talisman,

so you will wear this
around your neck.

That means that
at Tribal Council

you cannot have any votes
cast against you.

You will not be voted off.

You can, however, vote
against others still,

so it's a great place to be.

This will go in the archives,
this becomes the treasured icon.

This is our first immunity
challenge as individuals.

It's very simple.
It's about holding your breath.

In the first round, all ten
of you will go under the water

to hold your breath.

You'll each hold
onto a bar that will

help keep you submerged.

The last three to surface
go on to the final round.

Make sense?

Head on in.

( laughing )

Survivors ready?


( laughs )

( laughing )

Come up for air.

Good job, Sue.
Yeah, good job, Sue.

I guess I had to come up.

( clock's second hand ticking )



Is he dead?

Everybody's up.

Come on, Gervase.

He doesn't know
if he should come up or not.


All right,

Sean, Gervase, Greg,
you guys are moving on.

The rest of you guys
can sit up here

on the dock with me
and take a break.

Final round, this is it.

Still about
holding your breath,

but now we're adding speed.

We're going to swim out
to a buoy.

At the bottom
of the ocean floor

are three ladders,
one for each of you.

You're going to use the ladders
to get momentum,

and along the way are buoys.

Yank hard, release the buoy.

First person
to the end of the course

that's released
all their buoys gets immunity.

Very simple.

Use the ladder,
it's much quicker.

All right?

Head out to
your buoys.

I'll give you a start.

Good luck.

Gervase! Greg! Sean!

This is for immunity--

the first individual immunity.

Win this,
you cannot be voted off.

Survivors ready!



Close! Very close, Greg!

( cheering )

You all right, Gervase?

Never swam like that
in my life, man.

Towards the very end, he
was a smidgen ahead of me,

and no matter
what I did,

we were right
at each other.

Feel like Miss America?

It's all you, man,
it's all you.

But even though we aren't
any longer two different teams,

I still have a team.

It's going to be interesting
because we're not solid.

We're solid with one another,

but we're not
solidly unbeatable yet

just by circumstance, because
there are only four of us

and there are ten people
still left on the island.

When you get
in that Tribal Council

and you walk up and you see
that little piece of paper

and the thing that you
put the vote in--

it's all different.

You know, you might...
you might have a thought

and say, "Hey, I really don't
want to vote this person off."

It's easier said than done.

An alliance
is easier said than done.

If people are fear-
and self-preservation-motivated

they'll band together,
they'll form alliances,

they'll start
beating people out

to try and get rid
of the strong ones

and get rid of this
and get rid of that,

and, uh, you know,
if that happens

I hope they vote me off
really soon

because, uh, that to me is--

whoa, cool flying fish--

that to me is really boring.

Coming into this merger, I
consider it a brand-new tribe.

I want a vote
based on people's merits.

I don't want a vote based on

"Let's get rid
of each of them first

and then
come back to our tribe."

I... I want a vote based on, uh,
who I really think should go,

whether it be a member of our
tribe or a member of theirs.

All right, welcome to

your first, uh, Tribal
Council as Rattana.

Doesn't change
the rules.

Doesn't change
anything here.

This is still
where you account
for your actions,

good or bad,

and, uh, by the
end of the night

one of you will be
voted off the island.

So let's talk
about the actions

of the past
few days.

Been a busy few days
with the merger.

Richard, with the
rules changing

how has that changed
the group dynamic?

You know,
I really haven't noticed

much of a change
in the dynamic at all. Um...

we still seem to just get
along really, really well.

There's only been two days
together as two teams

so there isn't, uh, really time
for conflict to develop yet.

Gretchen, is it
too soon to think

that strategies might shift?

Oh, I think people who are
strategically playing the game,

um, you know, strategy
has changed for them.

How so?

Well, from who's strongest
in your tribe to keep,

now who's strongest
in this one tribe to get rid of

'cause they're
your biggest competition.

Sean, aside from the physical--

who you want to hang
out with, who you
like being around--

how big a factor is that

now going to play
in who you vote for?

Well, for me it's still
a very big factor.

I think there's a lot of room
in a group of ten to not think

just yet.

In talking to my tribe

and talking to their tribe
as the ambassador

I think that most people
are very concerned

about alliances,
just having

a Tagi versus Pagong internal
bloodbath, you know, and

it's a--

yeah, that's a good word--

but, uh, I don't think
that's going to occur.

The rain is really coming down
all of a sudden.

All right, the only
person for whom

this does not really factor
in tonight is Greg.

You cannot vote
for Greg.

He however,
can still vote

for you, and will vote
for one of you.

So with that,

it's time to vote.

Greg, you're up first.

Either be here, or be gone.

I'm voting for Rudy.

He's probably the person that
I respect most in the tribe,

but the person I least
want to play the game with.



I am not really employing
any strategy.

I'm voting for Colleen today.

I love her, she's cute,
adorable and nice to look at

and fun to
have around,

but she's the first
in a long list

of alphabetical order

and she won't get
another vote from me

unless she pisses me off
or something.

But it's her turn today,
being the first...

alphabetical order.

Directly across from you
are the six torches

representing the first six
people voted off.

Tonight, one of your torches
will be added to that group.

I'll go tally the votes.

All right, I'll
read the votes.








got nailed.



Oh, my God!

Oh, my God!

It's me.

I need you

to bring me
your torch.

The tribe has spoken.

Yeah, they have.

It's time for
you to go.


( all saying good-bye )

Well, if tonight's vote

is any indication,

the stakes have
definitely been raised.

You guys can head back to camp.

I'll see you

Next week on Survivor...

Greg cuts his play kitten
Colleen loose.

You look right in the kitten's
eye and snap its neck.

It's nothing personal;
you're hungry.

And makes a move on Rich.

He's trying something.
That's great.

Tagi continues to plot.

Then it's their team,
one by one by one.

And things aren't great
for Jenna.

I miss my beauties.

Now it seems like
she wants to leave the island.

I would hope that
it was because

they felt that
I was a threat,

unless, you know, people
had a conflict with me

and didn't
ever voice it--

which I do think
is kind of an injustice.

And I would hope

that if somebody had
a problem with me

they would say it.
So, you know, I can hope that,

but I won't know
until I watch the show.

I can hope that
it was because

they thought
I was a threat.

That would make me feel good.