Survivor (2000–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Udder Revenge - full transcript

Both tribes are thinking about the merge. Tagi, down a number, are worried. Rich decides to wear his birthday suit. At Pagong, Joel feels confident but Colleen is wary they could still lose someone. Gervase and Joel offend the girls.

16 Americans forced
to abandon ship

in the middle
of the South China Sea.

Marooned for 39 days,
they must work together

to build shelter, find food
and survive the island,

but, ultimately,
it is everyone for themselves.

Every third night, they will
hike deep into the jungle

to take part
in the Tribal Council,

where they must vote one
of their own off the island.

In the end,
only one will remain

and will leave the island
with $1 million in cash.

Last week on Survivor:

Tensions at Tagi Tribe
were on the rise.

You guys wasted three days

fishing during the day.

It wasn't a waste.

Did you catch anything?

No, ma'am.

It was a waste of time, then.

It's expected
to get on each other's nerves.

While at Pagong,
the mood was downcast.

I think the camp looks trashy.

Something has to happen
to make

everybody decide to pitch in.

But at the reward challenge,

Pagong rebounded by winning
a special food prize.


Are you kidding me?

( screaming )

It's so awesome
we got chickens.

And a romance
began to bloom.

Colleen has joined me
in the forest to sleep.

I noticed they seemed to be

spending their nights
out under the stars.

I think it's a little romance
going on.

It's all about sex.

Back at Tagi,
Dirk was running on empty.

You're looking like hell.

I've lost a lot of muscle mass,

a lot of strength.

And his tribe
thought they had

the immunity challenge
wrapped up.

We need one rower,
and the rest of us swimming.

I'm a commercial

white-water raft guide.

I know Gervase can't swim,
but my guess

is that they'll put him
in the boat, rowing.

I could beat him
any day of the week.

But their overconfidence
cost them dearly.

Is that what
you wanted, Jeff?

I got beat by a guy
who couldn't even swim.

Their loss sent them
back to Tribal Council,

where the voting alliance
reared its ugly head.

Dirk, the tribe
has spoken.

11 castaways remain.

Who will be voted off

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It's day 16 on the island

and the survivors are starting
to plan for their future.

Until now, the two tribes
have been adversaries.

We got it,
we got it.

( all cheering )

They built separate societies

and have established
their own routines.

But in the game of Survivor

everything must change.

Three days from now

the two tribes will be forced

to merge into
a single new tribe.

Will they continue to vote

along old tribal lines
after the merger,

or will it be everyone
for themselves?

This week's episode
finds the impending merger

on everyone's mind.

( screeching )

We're having a Pagong day.

We're laying around
doing nothing.

This is an interesting point
in the game right here--

right on the verge of the merge.

Two nights before we merge,
it's an interesting time.

Change is coming,
as they say.

I think it'll be cool
when we merge.

I think they're nice people.

I don't think they're
taking this... seriously.

They're playing Island 90210.

They think that they'll go
to their little mud volcano

and give each other facials

and they don't need
to really do anything

because they're just here to...

look cute on TV, I don't know.

They better send them
with some supplies,

that's all I can say.

There's three of them
that we need out of here.


Greg, definitely.

He's just way too psychotic.

The other one is
speedball-- Jenna.

She can get old
pretty quickly.

She... yeah, she's going to
grow old real fast on us.

Gervase. He's a pervert.

He's gone.

And the chickens
all better be dead

because they'll be
dead when they get here.

( chicken squawking )

One hour to chicken time.

T-minus one hour.

We're going to wait
till about another hour

and then we're
going to chop their head off.

We'll take
the little nasty one first.

And pull out all their feathers.

( squawking )

I think not everybody
wants to participate

in the chopping of the head.

I can't-- I mean, come on,
it's a little chicken.

There is not going to be
a trace of that thing on Earth.

I don't have
any emotional attachment.

From the moment I saw them,
they were food.

You know, they never
were pets to me.

I don't enjoy killing things.

It's not, like,
a thrill to kill something,

but anybody who eats meat

has to realize
that somebody killed that.

Someone's killing it for you.

I don't want to watch it die.

I want to have it

put on my plate
and put in front of me.

I'm missing food the most.

I could go
for some chicken right now.

Any kind: baked, fried,
I don't care-- food.

Go ahead.

( laughing )

One, two, three.

I just like to ignore
that whole aspect

of, uh, the food chain--
the whole death part.

If you're going to
be upset about this,

then you should
be a vegetarian

'cause this is how
every animal starts out.

Oh, we're going to eat, uh,
three chickens in three days.

We want to eat them
before we merge tribes.

We don't want them
getting any of our chickens.

Besides, one of them
was pecking the hell out of me.

It is the one that
was pecking me?

Yeah, that's it.

Sweet justice.

I've interacted
with the chickens

as little as possible.

I'm not petting them,
putting them on leashes,

taking them for walks,
naming them

and, you know,
calling them my very own.

It does no good
to befriend dinner.

I've never gone
through the process

of feeding a chicken,
watering a chicken,

then butchering a chicken.


Ooh, yeah!

I can smell the,
like, the grease and...

And it's going to fry
and bubble and... ( sighs )

Mmm! Dinner.


Yeah, we're lucky, man.

Very, very good.

Oh, my God.

Got my greasy flavor
back in my mouth.

People were happy before,
I know

that the nutrition
hit their bodies.

It was, I think,
the first really recognizable

piece of protein
that people have had

that, you know, everybody
kind of knew what it was

and make you feel
like you chewed on something.

( gristle snapping )

Just like a
little kid--

I hit the end of
the bones and
the marrow...

There's really a lot
of protein in there.

I think, mentally,
the chicken was more important

than it was physically.

We have three

After we're done
eating those...

we're back on track.

It's funny when I hear

"How come you're naked
all the time?"

I'm naked less than one percent
of the time.

I'd like to be naked
all the time.

That would be smarter
in this 100-degree weather.

( laughing )

Richard's naked.

Is he naked?

He walks around naked
quite a bit.

I think it probably
bugs some of the guys.

Seems kind of childish
and immature to me

and kind of grandstanding

and walking around
on national TV.

Your life, my life,
different things-- who cares?

Something like that.

He runs around pretty often
without clothes on

and he don't
think nothing of it.


I couldn't care less whether
guys or girls are around.

It doesn't make any difference.

If there's any horny gay men
out there

that want a horny guy in return,
I know one.

Naked isn't sexual to me,
and it doesn't...

I don't think of it that way,
it doesn't faze me that way

so, no,
I'm pretty comfortable naked.

I don't agree
with his lifestyle

and I told him that,

and he probably
don't agree with mine.

But, anyway,
we got to work together

up until this merger, anyway.

There's money
at stake.

We're all
trying to win...

uh, the pot.

I finally went along
with this alliance

and if I didn't,
I'd be out of here

probably the next vote
or the one after.

I think, with an alliance
that we establish here,

we can do very, very well.

If you don't, you're out.
That's all there is to it.

Exactly. Tell me what
option you have.

I've been trying to support
keeping Rudy from day one.

I want to bring him along
to the next round where...

he won't care much

and probably will get voted off
before, uh... winning.

You think they
wouldn't do it to us?

No, of course
they would.

I don't think

somebody's in control
of our group, in particular.

I think...

I'm in control of...

who's being voted off

and I think that's all
that matters to me.

( quiet talking )

( giggling )

? It's a beautiful day
in the neighborhood ?

? A beautiful day
for a neighbor ?

? Would you
be mine? ?

? Would you be mine? ?

Morning, Greg.

Morning, Gretchen.

I made a totally dumb
statement now that I regret.

You know,
it was kind of just

a poke at the girls,
give them a little shot.

He sets it up first

with "Don't take offense
to this, but women are

the stupidest things
on the planet next to cows."

"Girls are the stupidest
thing on the planet

next to cows" was the remark.

( shrieks )

You called us stupid.

Who? Not me.

Don't get me in this.

The whole context
of the story was--

we were talking
about relationships

and how guys and girls
will do stupid things

if you like the person.

Oh, we never
got around

to the stupid
things guys do.

If you like somebody
that much, you'll do

something stupid
you should maybe not do.

We're not as stupid as cows,
we're a step above.

Well, I said,

"You know, Gervase,
I told those girls

"that all they had to do

"was, like, when they write
your name on that piece of paper

"and hold it up to the camera

they can look straight
into the lens and go, 'moo.'"

His mouth dropped open
like he had never considered

that maybe that was not
the best thing to say

to a woman who had
that much power over him.

No, I'm being very apologetic
because it was stupid.

I mean... a-after I said it,
you know, I could...

after I said it...

The remorse
he showed...

He was, like, in this box
with no fricking way out.

Blah-blah, blah-blah, blah-blah.

She was there
to hear it.

If you let them talk
long enough,

they'll probably
get you out of the box.

They probably will.

They're good for that.

Gervase is...
He's on a free ride, man.

He's untouchable.

I don't know
how he gets through.

He called the women cows.

He doesn't do stuff
half the time.

I haven't done

a thing out here since
I've been here, it seems like,

and that's cool.

Joel does the fishing.

He does the paddling.

I'm just out there
hanging on the raft with him.

The expert fisherman that I am.

When they built
that hut on the beach,

I was nowhere near there.

I was in the shade somewhere.

You know, I was looking
for a coconut or something.

I think everybody
has done cooking rice

at one point in time.

I have yet to cook anything.

I didn't see him
do anything yesterday,

but that is nothing new,
and that surprises me

that I still haven't
voted for Gervase.

He doesn't seem
to pull his own weight,

and I know for a fact
that he voted against me,

so why the hell
haven't I voted for him?

I don't know.

I knew coming here was all about

charm and personality.

That will get me through.

His charm does
get him through, you know,

but he hasn't been
so charming today,

so maybe
he's going to get the vote.

The Tagi Tribe

has lost the last two
reward challenges

and they're growing
more hungry each day,

but tonight there is another
reward challenge, for food.

My guess is this is a clue.

"There once was a base
on this island

"where the soldiers
were known for stockpilin'.

"The Army's left town,
but their stuff's still around.

Move fast and you
may go home smilin'."

Probably a map.

Oh, there's
food in here.

We'll be able to eat it
for dinner. Come on.

It's still

You never know.

What do you
think it is?

Smell anything yet?

Stewed tomatoes. That'd suck.

Looks like dog food.

Aw, dog food, man!

Dog food. That's what
I said right away.

Smells good, though.

That is definitely dog food.

Let me see.

Oh, yeah, Alpo.

Come on, Rich.

Yeah, it smells
like beef stew.

Come on, just taste it.

Just taste
a little bit.

You don't want some?


Yeah! Go, Rich.


All right.



It might be ravioli.

It could be some natural thing
from the island, man.

Larvae in tomato sauce.


We don't know
if this even is food.

Maybe just water.

I think it's chili.


I mean, I could think
it would be dog food.

I-I think
it might be dog food.

We've just eaten good chicken.

I'm not going
to ruin that chicken

with damn dog food.

Go for it.

It's dog food.

Purina Chow-Chow.

No, I would say Alpo.

Make your coat
nice and shiny.

Yeah, your hair
will look good.

Here, take a
taste. Be a man.

Put your finger in
there and eat it.

Are you going
to eat it with me?

Oh, cool.

That's gravy, actually.

You'll want to cook it
the whole way.

I don't

It's just dog food.

What if it's dog?

I choose my preservatives

and chemicals wisely,
and that really would

have thrown
everything off-balance.

I just don't
recognize most of it.

I don't recognize
any of it, actually.

Over saltines,
it's like pate.

Your standards
definitely, definitely

take a dive when you come

into a situation like this.

When you get hungry,
you'll eat anything.

I took a good
four or five bites

and I'm...
I'm good. You?

Yeah, I'm done.

You're done.

At tonight's reward challenge,
we're going to find out

just how motivated
our hungry tribes are.

During World War II,

this area was a hot spot
of military activity.

So, the premise
of this challenge:

Fleeing troops have just
abandoned their barracks

and left behind
some very useful items...

two can openers...

two pocketknives...

and two Army helmets.

One member
from each tribe

will go
in together.

You'll have
a flashlight.

You'll look for these items.

You can only find
one item per person.

You come back out,
you hand off the flashlight,

which sort of acts like a baton,

to the next person
and they go in.

Be careful.

If you bring back
a duplicate item

your tribe will
be disqualified.

Here's a little bit about what
you're playing for tonight.

We've got some good canned food.

Peas, some tuna,

a little dessert.

Is that chocolate?

That is chocolate.

First tribe back

with all the items
on the list wins.

You guys ready?

The tribe
is ready!


Go, Jenna. All
right, all right.

Hey, don't
knock her down.

I have the
Army helmet.

We're close. Here.

I have the Army helmet.

White can opener, pocketknife.

I got the pocketknife.

We need the can opener.

Take the list.

Can opener, can opener.

Can opener, Rich!

Rich! Gervase
found the
can opener!

Run, run,
run! Run! Move!

( cheering )


The can opener?


I think we got
some bad news.

Thank you, Rich,
thank you.

A pocketknife.

Tough break. You thought
you had the can opener.

You actually had the second
knife, Pagong's knife.

It goes to them.

That's your
three items.

Victory for Pagong.

( cheering )

It's over.

( cheering and shrieking )


None for you!



Sorry, once again,
it's a winner-take-all.

Pagong, once again,
you're taking all.

Some M.R.E.S, some canned food

and this, which you might want
to keep away from the fire

'cause it will
melt very fast.

And from Jenna.

There goes
the midnight snack.

Good night, guys.

Good night.

We are so close
right now to being
the final six

people here.

It's right there.

Now it's looking
like this is...

actually could
happen, like

one of us
could actually walk away

with $1 million,
out of our team.

One more win
and it's in the bag.

When they do merge these tribes,

if we're not sticking together
as a team,

they're just going to
pick us off one by one.

I just know it's
going to happen.

Tomorrow, we'll just...
all of us have to say

either, yes, we're going to
stick together or no, we're not.

We have to win
the next immunity
challenge bad.

We have to really
concentrate and win.

We need six and
they need four

so we can vote them off.

We need to stick together,

as Pagong, still,
and just wipe them out.

Just pick them off
one by one.

Colleen-- she said
that she does not want to vote

anybody on our team off
until all of their team is gone.

We want to stick together.

Jenna also has said
that she is not

going to vote anybody
on our team off.

Greg said openly that he's not

going to vote anybody
on the team off.

Gervase has said it openly.

I've said it
numerous times openly.

I've never heard Gretchen say

"I want to keep
this team together."

What do you
think, Gretchen?

I don't see myself
joining a voting alliance,

but if it's somebody
that I'm thinking of voting off,

that would be great.

I'll vote along
with everybody else.

If we win,
and we go in with an advantage,

we just all got
to stick together,

stay as a team like
we've been doing all the while.

Joel seems to be ignoring
the fact

that we have one more
immunity challenge

before we combine the tribes,

and if we lose it,

somebody's being voted off,
and he talked way too much

about what he's going to do
when the tribes are combined

the strategy, the combination--

What if he doesn't make it
to the combining of the tribes?

I know that ladies' man

has irritated every woman
in this tribe, so...

I'm not a chauvinist.

I believe that a woman can do
anything a man can do.

Joel thinks
he's the all-American

and all
of these physical challenges

are just feeding his ego.

Go ahead. If you want to compete
with me, I'm fine with it.

Oh, my.

I haven't wrecked anything,

I haven't broken anything,
I haven't lost any competitions.

You know, he's Golden Boy.
He's Mr. January--

he's going to have a calendar.

( all cheering )

He's Captain America, really.

I can't really think
of anything that I've done

that's bad.

Towards us ladies, he seems
to be pretty condescending

like, he has to explain
everything so thoroughly

that we just couldn't
understand it without Joel.

Throw it over there
and then kind of tie it
to one of these things.

Let's just try it
like this first.

I know that gamy taste
is going to be pretty harsh.

I don't see
why he feels the need

to treat us like we're children.

I wouldn't pry
with that.

I wouldn't pry
with the tip of that.

We have a butter knife
over there?

He is full of, "Don't do this,"

"Put it here," "do that,"
"Watch out," da-da-da.

Well, then, get up and do it.

You can't be a woman
who's strong enough

to volunteer to come here
and take what comes...

You want me
to get that for you?

...and then overlook a comment

like he doesn't trust you
to cook the rice.

Have we been
throwing the water

and the rice in there
all at one time?

Yeah. Why?

I just wondered.

Usually, at home,
I boil the water

and then I throw
the rice in.

A woman just is not capable

of doing the things
as good as he is.

We'll go without
some rice for a little
while and it'll be okay.

And it took us a while to even
bring it up to each other,

but once we did,
it's, like, "Oh, you feel

that way, too?" And I know that,
you know, all three of us

are feeling that.

All right, I
said what I said.

I'm totally square with
everything across the board--

whatever anybody thinks--

um, but, no, I definitely am not
a chauvinist.

For the last immunity challenge
before the merger,

an official
U.S. Army obstacle course

has been constructed
by the Green Berets.

Hey, Rudy, look behind you.

Oh, wow.

I was surprised when I seen

the two Special Forces guys
come down the beach.

At first, I thought
they were British marines,

but, uh, they were American.

Good evening,
ladies and gentlemen.

I have your orders here

your mission statement.

It should answer
all the questions.

It's a biggie, Rudy.

It's an operation, man.


Snake Island
obstacle course.

I can do the obstacle course,

but not as fast as I used to

and, uh,
it's only going to be...

The winner's going to be as fast
as your slowest person,

so, uh, maybe I can beat
one of the girls.

Appreciate it.

Thank you.

Welcome to Pagong.

Thank you.

I have the orders
for tomorrow's challenge.

Read them; make sure
you understand exactly

what's expected
of you tomorrow.

I wish you all the best of luck.

Go in there with a good,
positive frame of mind,

good attitude.

Thank you.

We're all going to be excited,
hyped up.

I want them to challenge us
and push us, you know,

make us work hard
for this victory,

'cause, I mean... we're coming
full steam ahead at them.

Day 18 on the island.

For the past few days,

the tribes have had their minds

on just one thing-- the merger.

the two tribes become one.

Nobody can predict
the impact of unification.

As new alliances will form,
strategies will change.

That makes today's
immunity challenge critical.

If Tagi loses,
they enter the merger

outnumbered by Pagong
six to four

and could then be eliminated
by a Pagong voting alliance.

We're thinking
we can do this.

On the other hand,
if Pagong loses,

the tribes will merge even
at five members each.

Joel and Jenna will run

the first half of the course
for Pagong;

Sean and Kelly for Tagi.

They will meet their
two fellow tribe members--

Rich and Susan for Tagi, and
Gretchen and Greg for Pagong--

at an obstacle called
"blown bridge."

All four will negotiate
this obstacle

and then race
to the finish line,

where the tribe members who are
not participating in the race--

Rudy for Tagi

and Colleen and Gervase
for Pagong--

are waiting to cheer them on.

Survivors ready?


Yeah, you guys!

( cheering )

Let's go, Pagong!

Come on!

Come on, Joel,
pick up the pace, baby!

Come on!

Throw that rope
back, Jenna, throw
that rope back!


Come on, Jenna!

Go, go, go!

The blown bridge

requires them
to now stop and think

because this obstacle
involves strategy.

We got to get up...

The runners are carrying
the instructions

on how to proceed.

We have to start
from here.

Each tribe is given
four boards of various lengths.

The object: use the boards
to move all four tribe members

across the pylons
without touching the sand.

You can only
use the tops.
Oh, really?

We're still
shifting boards around.

Guys, too short, too short.

We got to...

It doesn't matter
if they're ahead of you.

Just take your time.

Watch your hand.

Okay, get up,
get up, get up.

Well, guess what?


You got... give me
something else.

Come on, come on.
Pick it up and hand
it this way quick.

We got one
more to go.

Never panic, never panic,
never panic.


Don't worry
about it.

You don't worry about it.

Okay, you guys...

I'm down,
I'm down.

We possibly could be ahead.

Hold on, hold on,
Greg, that's okay.

Come on, Greg, let's go!

( cheering )

Yeah, go!

Let's go! Let's go!

Let's go! Come on!

Let's go!

Get to that stick!

Let's go, Jenna!

Pull it out!
Pull it out!
Pull it out!

Go, go!

Come on!

Let's go!

Come on!

Move it! Move it!

Move it, move
it! Come on!

Go, go! Go!

Don't stop!
Don't stop!


Nice finish.

Nice going.

Nice going, you guys.

Outstanding, outstanding.




Sue, give me a hug.


Suck it up, man.

Good job, good job.

Tagi has won and must now
paddle out to Snake Island

to retrieve the immunity idol.

Look for the snakes;
you'll find the idol.

The snakes, we'll
find the idol.


All right,
who did it?

Who did it?

Who counted that chicken
before it hatched?

Who counted the chickens?

The thing is, we're coming back
after the challenge, you know--

I'm sore, you know-- we lost.

Tired, beat up--
coming back here thinking,

"All right, we're going
to have some chicken."

Um... coming up the trail

and what do I see?

I come around the box...

and that little one
was still there.

Had his head
stuck in the side of the box.

Just pulling.
And I yelled and he took off.

( hissing )

The monitor got
the biggest meal of the day.

I mean, that monitor
ate twice as much at one meal

than I've eaten since
I've been on this island, man.

Totally ate my chicken.

They are vicious, vicious,
vicious animals.

I mean, they look so docile
in the wild.

And we're not
throwing it away.

That's... half the
chicken's there.

I guess.

And it's fresh.

Poor, poor dinner.

Don't be sad.

It's all right,
though, guys.
It's okay.

You boil it long enough,
you can eat anything,

and it's already
been tenderized...

and gutted and decapitated,

so half the work is done.

I don't like going
to Tribal Council.

( chuckling ):
Hmm... really!


The Tribal Council

is a necessary
part of the game.

But it's the nasty part
of the game.

It's the part
that I enjoy the least

and that I could do without.

I don't know who's going to go.

Could be anybody.

I've seen how Jenna acted

the last couple times when
she voted against somebody.

She really didn't
want to look at them

or talk to them--
she showed guilt

and she hasn't...
she's really been avoiding me

the last couple days.

I know who my vote is,
and it... it would be Joel,

but, uh, I can't speak
for the rest of the tribe.

I got a vote last time,
so maybe I'll be off.

I don't know.

There's all
three aces.

Gervase-- he's just
as chauvinistic

as Joel is, God!

He just hides it better.

Oh, are you done?

Not yet.

I want to vote for him
at the next Tribal Council

because he voted for me,

and I'm starting
to just have, like

these little conflicts with him.

( all groaning )

Oh, my God!

This game is much too vicious
for my blood.

( thunder rumbling )

I'm going to be back home and
be, like, "God, that's so easy."

I feel like,
when we go,

to Tribal Council
and boot one person off,

feels like this is the end
of our Survivor run here

and we're all about
to go back to our lives

and I won't
talk to these guys...

( thunder rumbling )

Looks like we're going
to get rained on...

or them.

I think this stuff's
going to pass by us.

( whooping )

( thunderclap )


Another night of reckoning
at Tribal Council.

So tonight's agenda

is the same as always
at Tribal Council.

You guys will have to
vote off one member.

So, before we
get to that--

Joel, were you surprised
to lose today?

You know...

I don't know
if we were really surprised.

I mean, I knew that

we were physically
stronger and faster.

But we pushed it
as hard as we could today

and, uh, came up
a little bit short this time.

It's no big secret
about the, uh...

comments that were made

regarding women
in comparison to an animal.

( laughing )

God, those cows!

What was your take on that,

It's being made light of here,
but it... from what I gathered,

it wasn't necessarily
taken all that lightly.

Um, I wasn't there
for the initial conversation.

They were storytelling
at night, I think,

and I don't really believe
that Gervase--

oh, were we not supposed
to say who...?

( all laughing )

Come on!

What do you
mean, "Come on"?

You didn't say it?

You know,

I do not even recall
saying these words and...

( women groaning )

Oh, my God!

I mean...

And you know what?
You know what, Gervase?

Right now is when
they're going to play you

saying the words.

( laughing )

It sounds so much
like Joel, though.

When I listen to it,
it sounds so much like Joel.

"Don't let me offend
you or anything, but...

but women are the
stupidest things
on Earth..."

So, to clear it up

from your guys' take
on it, Jenna,

who... did you link Joel in

that group, also?

I got linked
into this somehow.

Well, uh,
it was this thing:

( hearty laughter ):

It kind of linked him.
I don't know.

That's all right.


Gervase, last
time I asked you
if you felt...

if anybody here
felt invincible,

you were the first
one to pipe up.

You said, "I'm not
going anywhere."

You still feel
that way tonight?

I refuse to answer that question
on the grounds...

( all laughing )

...that my invincibility
may be affected by that.

( all laughing )

So that's a "yes."


I'm feeling
real good tonight.


Just because, man, I...

I don't know what it is.

I mean,
it might just be me, but...

I'm feeling good.

Anybody here
want to own up

to feeling
a little...

uncertain about
their future

in the next five
to ten minutes?

It's time to vote.


I just, uh, had to vote.

I picked Joel for two reasons,
both small ones.

He seems a bit
condescending to women

and it makes
it difficult to work with

and, two-- he seems to have
the most money of anybody, so...

I think he needs to win less.

There's no good reason why,

but it's got to be
for somebody, and, uh...

that's who I'm going with
for now.

It's time

and he's a little
too condescending

towards us ladies.


I'm just a step above a cow.

On the island,
fire represents life.

Here at Tribal Council,

your torches

your life,
your identity.

Directly across
from you

are the five torches

from the first
five people voted off.

Tonight, one of
your torches

will be added
to that group.

I'll go tally
the votes.

Let's read
the votes.

First vote:





Two votes for Joel,
two votes for Jenna.


Last vote.


The tribe
has spoken.

It's time for
you to go.


To the rest of you guys:

whole new ball game tomorrow.

Two tribes will merge into one.

You can head back
to your camp.

We'll talk

Good night.

Next week on Survivor:

The two tribes
merge into one.

I think it'll be interesting.

I think it'll set up
a whole nother set

of interpersonal dynamics.

This group will work out
so well.

This new group is like...

it's like a banquet!

It's a pain in the ass.

If you want to win this money,
you got to get dirty.

I wish I could've made it
a little longer.

I think maybe
the girls on the team

maybe had a little
inferiority complex

that they took some
of these remarks wrong.

They think
I'm a chauvinist.

I am definitely not.

I mean, so, that
is my main regret--

that I'm going
to leave here

and I got, you know,
four people

that think
I'm a chauvinist.