Surfside Girls (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

- [Sam] I love the ocean.
- [Jade] Same. In all caps.

[Sam] You think my parents
will let me have a real dolphin?

- [Jade] I don't see any problems.
- [Sam] I'll name her "Daryl."

[Jade] Daryl the dolphin. Sounds right.

[breathing heavily]

[sighing, grunting]

- There it is. I see it.
- [buoy clangs]

A buoy?

Or is it the wreckage
of the Obsidian Flyer?

The toughest pirate ship
to ever rule the seven seas,

till it fell victim of cursed treasure

and crashed off the coast
of our very own Surfside, California.

[chuckles] That could be its crow's nest.

Nope. That's a buoy.

Oh! Well,
I guess it could be a seagull's nest.

- One just landed on it.
- [chuckles] Jade, come on.

Where's your love of adventure?

Who knows what we'll find out there
or what will find us?

Okay, you come on.

There's no archaeological evidence
of a sunken pirate ship

anywhere near here.

Who needs evidence?

My dad says you're never too old
to use your imagination.

Mystery and magic and the unexpected.

[chuckling] You're also never too young
to use your brain.

The natural world has plenty
of mystery and the unexpected.

Paddle out again?

Race you to the next one. [Chuckles]

[Jade] Uh, it's getting rough out there.

Maybe we should call it a day?


Whoo! [Laughs]


[breathing heavily]

[ghost] Help me!


I'm okay.

I'm okay. I'm fine. Thanks. I'm okay.

Why do you have to always go
for the big ones? You scared me.

I'm sorry, Jade.

But I saw something
in this strange cavern.

How hard did you hit your head?
Follow my finger.

- What are you doing?
- Checking your visual tracking.

[chuckles] I'm fine.

Maybe we can paddle out again
and see if we can find it.

With those waves? Are you crazy?

[alarm chimes]

Shoot. I can't miss science camp.

Come with me.

[sighs] Okay.

Uh, me, Francesca and Miles
are gonna grab burgers after.

- Come meet us.
- Hmm.

They're kind of more your friends.
I mean, I don't even know

which one's Miles
and which one's Francesca.


Okay, so they're 82%
more my friends than yours.

But they can 100% be your friends too.

Come on. Meet up after?

Later, dude.

Later, dude.

[people chattering]

[Bob] My latest creation
is a level-seven bio hazard, Petey.

Mango habanero paletas.


[smacking lips] Yum!

We could call it "Fire and Ice"
and add it to our menus.

- Hmm.
- They'll help us sell more milkshakes.

No, no, no, no.

Surfsidians are just getting used
to putting guacamole on their burgers.

No, no. This tourist specialty is just
for mi familia.

[smacking lips] Ooh.
[inhales sharply] That's hot.

It has a kick. [Coughs]

[speaks Spanish]

[huffing, wheezing]

That's why we have the goggles.

How are you eating this? [Grunts]
I need some milk. I need some leche.


See? Wouldn't you pay anything
for a milkshake right now?

- [sighs]
- [Bob] Petey.

Mm-hmm. Right. Surfside just wouldn't
be Surfside without that beautiful cliff.


Well, chunks of Danger Point have fallen
into the ocean. [Chuckles]

No one knows the reason, Mrs. Rossini.

- [Monica sighs]
- Uh. Hey, Mom!

Hi, baby. How were the waves?

Just a bunch of ankle busters…
[chuckles] …till the end.

[whispers] Sorry. One second.

Yes, but that's why we need to bring
in a surveyor to assess the land.

So can we count you in
for Thursday's meeting?

No, Mrs. Rossini.
We won't know the reason by then, either.

[inhales sharply, sighs]

[chuckles] Remind me why I volunteered
to form this committee?

Because you want to preserve
the natural beauty of Surfside.

Yeah. But I thought it was a no-brainer.

You know, rally the community
and get everyone to do their part.

Turns out nobody wants to do their part.

[inhales sharply, sighs deeply]

- Sam. Honey, this is where you chime in.
- Hmm?

"Mommy, I'll do my part."
Oh, well, thank you, Sam.

Would you please
put these posters up around town?

"Yeah. Absolutely, Mommy.
Love you, Mommy."

- I'll hang the posters, Mom.
- Thank you. [Sighs]

[electricity crackles]

[scoffs] Why does this keep happening?

I called the Department of Power,
and they don't know why.

It'll get better once the temps cool down

and people stop
blasting their air conditioners.

[Bob] Petey, crank up the AC.
I've got the spice sweats. [Coughing]

[chuckles] Dad can't handle the heat
of his own creations again?

- Yeah. Sounds like it.
- [chuckles] Bye, Mom.

Bye. Thank you.

[coin thuds]

[coin spinning]

Holy frijoles.

[camera clicks]

Finally! [Sighs]
I've been waiting forever.

Why didn't you just come in?
Sci camp's open to everyone.

- Plus, you could've made one of these.
- [sighs] Jade, forget about that.

That is pretty cool.

It was part of our engineering discussion.

Seriously, you gotta come hang out
with me in there.

Right. Um, did you get my text?

Dr. Pfeiffer's rule number one,
phones off during sci camp.


You think you found
a "secret underwear cavern"?

Underwater cavern.

Thanks, autocorrect.

Yeah, when I wiped out.

At first, I thought it wasn't real.
But now I think it is.

And then… [grunts] …I found
this potentially cursed treasure,

and now I'm haunted by a ghost.

- Jade, seriously. We gotta...
- [student] Hey!

Hey, Francesca. Hey, Miles.

Hey, Jade. Hey, Sam.

Uh, so, are you guys hungry?

Do butterflies taste with their feet?

Heck yeah. Let's go eat. [Chuckling]

Jade. What about the whole
"gold coin ghost" thing?

Uh, yeah. Let's keep that
a Sam and Jade thing for now.

- [people chattering]
- [announcer] Molly, your order is ready.

It's so good. It's funnier though.

So, it was going this way.

[Francesca] Guess who made a breakthrough
in her polycrystalline solar panel.

- Me. Ha!
- Yeah, um,

text me when your sci camp project
can blow something up, Francesca.

I got high hopes for my drone.
I'm calling it the Miles-in at or 14.

And I mourn the 13
that had to die before it.

Yeah, Miles, try not
to set my first-place trophy on fire.

- [all chuckling]
- [Petey] Order number 12, large fries.

Um, I'm also conducting
a cutting-edge research project.

Model or experiment?

Spill the TNT.

It involves the study
of oblong-shaped flat surfaces

moving through oceanic turbulence.

I'm talking about riding the waves.

[Bob] Jade, Francesca, Miles, order up.


[Petey] Anna, your to-go order is ready.

Order up for Sam. Is there a "Sam" here?

Cheeseburger, spicy fries for my mija.
[speaks Spanish]

- Gracias, Papi.
- [speaks Spanish]

[Bob] Order up for Kevin.
I have a burger and fries, Kevin.

How old is this relish?


No! It's haunted by a ghost.

Pepper. [Chuckles] Ghost pepper.

Eat it now,
and it'll haunt your guts later.


- Um, I'll just stick to mustard.
- Yeah.

- [Sam] But there is a ghost.
- What is the matter with you?

I like them,
and I want them to like me too.

You have to stop, okay? All of this.

But… [sighs] …Jade,
something strange is going on.

We have to find that cavern.
It's out in the middle of the ocean,

so it can't be that hard to pinpoint.

You with me?

No. You're acting strange.

[Bob] Order for Kel.
Please come to the counter.

Fine. I'll just do it myself then.

[thunder crashes]

Hey, Jadey.
How was your wild night at science camp?

Tell me all the juicy details.

Uh, well, we're calling it sci camp.

All that brainpower in one place
and that's the name you came up with?

- Okay. What's this?
- The AC Dad ordered.

He and I are gonna install it
when he comes home in two weeks.

[chuckling] Oh. Cool.
Uh, frosting for dinner, Amy?

Mom must be working
the overnight shift again.

[Amy] It's a snack.

Two more spoonfuls
and I get my recommended filling

of riboflavin.

Whatever that is. Please don't lecture me
on what riboflavin is.

You're the big sister, remember?

[Amy] Give me a break.

I spent my night
memorizing inventory codes.

Who would have thought working
in a boring gift shop in a boring museum

in a boring town would be so… not fun?

Wait. Where's Sam?
Wasn't she spending the night?

Uh, she bailed early.

What's happening right now?

- Nothing.
- Jade.

Okay. Okay. It's Sam.

She's... I don't know.
Maybe we're too different.

She's your best friend, not your clone.

It would be so cool to have a clone…
until it turned on me.

Uh, but we're really different now.

I just wish she wouldn't be so,
I don't know, immature.

She acts like a little kid.

Look, you gotta let Sam be Sam.

She's not something you can grow in a lab.

Okay, well, I know that.

My advice?

If you totally obsess over
what this summer should be,

you're gonna miss out on what it could be.

[smacks lips] All this adulting
is exhausting. I'm going to bed.

Uh, brush your teeth.

[line rings]

- [phone buzzes]
- [Bob] What is the first rule of surfing?

- Uh, priority goes to the peak?
- No. I... I mean, yeah, but no.

Eyes on the flagpole, Sam.

Look, you saw the storm.

You knew
that a big south swell was gonna hit,

but you paddled out anyway.
A-And without a lifeguard on duty?

Mom, Dad, I'm sorry.

If that fisherman
hadn't picked you up… [sighs]

Sam. [Sighs] What's going on with you?

Do you think I'm strange?

- Of course not.
- Definitely.


Look, mija.

You think outside the box,
and that's good.

And that's what makes the world go round.

Okay, let me tell you. You can't...

You can't make impossible things happen
without a big dose of strange.

Every great artist, inventor, Burger Dude…

All strange.

Sam, you're special.

And over time,
you'll come to appreciate that.

Feel better?

That depends. [Sighs] Am I grounded?

- No.
- [sighs]

Because your punishment
for going out on a red flag

is much worse than being grounded.

Way worse.

[Bob] Way, way worse.


[groans, retches]

- Hey, Sam. Whoa! Hey!
- [sighs] Sorry.

I called you, like,
a million times last night.

Mom and Dad took away my phone.
What do you want?

They sell it at the museum gift shop.

Three for two dollars,
which is such a rip-off,

but that's probably where yours came from.

Order number ten for Lou. Pick up, please.

[sighs] So much for my plans
to have a big summer adventure together.

[paper rustling]

[sighs] If you totally obsess over
what this summer should be,

you're gonna miss out
on everything it could be.

I can't believe I'm taking advice
from someone who eats frosting for dinner.

We can still have a great summer.

You've got sci camp.

And I've got grease traps
to clean. [Sighs]

It plopped?

You got your hypothesis face on.
What's up?

I highly doubt the museum would
sell a souvenir made out of real gold.

Three for two dollars means
their coins are likely made

out of metal composite,

which means their coins would float.
But your coin…

It plopped.

What are you doing now?

Testing the strength
of the metallic bonding.

Ha! I knew it.
This coin is too soft to be a replica.

This is element 79.

Au? Also known as gold?

[exhales sharply] The cursed treasure.

Okay, I don't know about cursed,
but this is definitely treasure.

We've gotta find that cavern.
Hey, did you get more clues?

Uh, the coin.

It was spinning on top of my desk,
and the flashlight next to it,

and then it just stopped.

Okay, now you've got
your outside-the-box eyes.

I think I know where our secret cavern is.

[Jade] Danger Point.

[Sam] Danger Point.

[Sam grunts, pants]

Guess that fence my mom's committee put up
didn't stop people from hiking here.

- Uh, Sam…
- I know, I know.

We're hiking here,
but we are on a mission. Come on.

Right. [Chuckles]

[Jade grunts]

[Sam grunts] Okay. Careful.

[grunts] You know, my mom's right. [Sighs]

Surfside really wouldn't be Surfside
without this beautiful cliff. [Chuckles]

[Jade] I know.

[Jade] I can't even picture it
or imagine not being able

to come back here
when my dad visits. [Sighs]

Hey, Sam.


I'm sorry I called you strange.

You know, it's good
to be a little strange.

I am strange. [Chuckles]

- Me too, dude.
- I'll say.

[both chuckling]

Sam, look.

[Jade] What's down there?

[both chuckling, breathing heavily]

[Jade breathing heavily]

[Jade gasps]

[Jade chuckles]

[chuckles] The ghost.

He left us a trail of doubloons.

[exhales sharply] Where to next?


I'm thinking in there.


[exhales sharply, chuckles]

[Jade] There's an unexplained
phosphorescence on the cave walls.

- [Jade] Perhaps we're witnessing...
- [Sam] Extraterrestrial dust.

[Jade] Or bioluminescent algae.

[Sam gasps]

[Jade] Sam? Where are you?

Jade, over here!

It's the "underwear" cavern. [Chuckles]

[Sam gasps] Check it out. Caveman emojis.

This one's in Spanish.


What's that mean?



[Jade] Okay, yeah,
we should get out of here.

[ghost] Samantha Torres.

[inhales sharply]

Samantha Torres, you made it.

Uh, Sam.


My name is Remington Augustus van Roberts,
but my mates call me Remi.

Oh. Hi, Remi.

Who are you talking to?

The ghost standing right in front of us.

Perhaps you're feeling the effects
of a neurotoxic cave gas.

It can make you see things
that aren't there. Follow my finger.

Remi, if you don't mind me asking,
are you cave gas?

He says no.

[Remi] Jade is not ready. [Stammers]

In order to see a specter,
you must receive a connection,

the doubloon, but you must also believe
in our existence.

The ghost says, in order to see him,
you have to have a connection.

But you also have to believe he's real.

The doubloon, that's the connection.
You're halfway there.

Samantha, there's something I must
show you. Please come with me.

[Jade] What?

Sam? Sam, can you hear me?

What just happened?


Okay. [Sighs] Cave gas. I give.

Maybe Sam's theory is right.

Maybe there's a slight 1.2% chance

that ghosts do exist.

- [Jade gasps]
- Perhaps a 100% chance?

- [Jade] Sam?
- Come on.


We just... We walked through a rock.


Is that…

Definitely not a buoy.

I present to you the fastest galleon
in all of the seven seas,

the Obsidian Flyer.