Surface (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript

Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.

[train announcer]
Now arriving at Montgomery Station.

[train doors open]

What are you doing here?

[Baden] I got a friend
in the Financial Crimes Unit.

Tipped her off about the embezzlement
at your husband's company.

And you had to tell me that in person?

I didn't have to.

[sighs] I wanted to see you.

I wanted to see you too.

Look, FCU's gonna open
up their own investigation.

They find out what we think they will,
they're gonna bring James in.

Are you serious?

- He could really go to jail for this?
- [Baden] Yeah.

- For all of it, even what he did to me?
- Yeah, well,

we gotta bring him in on this,
then we can ask the other questions.

What's wrong?

Is anyone gonna believe me…

if I can't even remember
what happened that day?

We'll present the case together,
I'll be right there with you.

Yeah, but it's still my word against his.

Just take it one step at a time, okay?

I'm working a new angle.
Someone on the inside of the firm.

If we can find out exactly
how much money we're missing,

- FCU can start to track it.
- [Sophie] You need to know how much.

- So what do I do?
- You?

- [Sophie] Yeah.
- Nothing.

But I'm around him all the time.
There must be something...

You can't, all right? It's too dangerous.

He could get scared,
he could do something stupid.

I won't let that happen.

From now on,
you and I are in this together.

Be careful.

You too.

Everyone has secrets, right?

Parts of themselves they don't even share
with their friends, or their family,

or their partners?

And aren't those secrets,

those private parts
of ourselves no one else knows,

aren't they what make us
who we really are?

I understand you wanting
to know those things,

but my concern is
that you won't be able to access them.

And the more you try,
the more frustrated you'll become.

But I have to at least try.

The things we've had the most success with
are the ones that push the boundaries,

the hypnosis, neurofeedback.

[inhales sharply] We can revisit
those techniques if you'd like.

There's this clinic.

They do trauma processing
and memory recovery.

- More experimental therapies.
- Sophie...

[Sophie] And as you know,

my conservatorship prevents me
from making any decisions about my life.

I don't have access to my own money.

And the only way James will agree
to pay for it,

is if you sign off.

I've told you before,
those clinics are dangerous.

Especially for someone like you.

Someone like me?

Someone who's still fragile.

[Sophie chuckles, scoffs]

I care about you very much,
Sophie. I trust that you know that.

If you want to get your life back,

the hard work that we've been doing here

for the last four months
is what it's gonna take.

It's just you and me

showing up here every week,
doing the work.

Seriously, man. You look like shit.

- People are starting to notice.
- [James] Stop.

Just tell me you got a plan.

- Something. Anything.
- [James] Just keep your voice down.

Well, you do realize
that me just knowing about this shit,

makes me complicit, right?

[sighs] You're right.
I shouldn't have said anything.

No. Hey, I... I can keep a secret
with the best of 'em.

Um, dead hooker in a hotel room?
No problem.

You've got your fucking dick stuck
in a hamster wheel? I'm your guy.

But if you don't do something about this...

This multimillion dollar albatross
you've stuck around my neck,

things are gonna end badly for both of us.

[James] Look, I...

I hit some dead ends.

But I... I have one more shot.

Someone with deep pockets
that I can go to for a favor.

Oh, yeah, well,
they better be pretty fucking deep, man.

[James] I already put back a few million.
I'm gonna put back the rest.

[Harrison sighs]

Look, the police...
They're not even involved yet.

The internal investigator, she's days away
from really knowing anything...

Veronica Mars over there? Fuck her.

All the partners care
about is making the company whole.

They're not going to sound alarm bells
over something like wire fraud.

They don't want that attention
any more than we do.

At the end of the day,

as long as I put the money back,
this… [sighs] …this all goes away.

Yeah, well, you better be right because,
um, you know,

I might believe you when you say
that none of this is really your fault.

No one else will.

Look, I'm not gonna let
this mistake ruin my life, or yours.

[Harrison sighs]

I'll give you 48 hours
to make a serious dent.

Then I go to the partners myself.

You know you're like family to me,
man, but fuck prison.

[line ringing]

Hey, hey, it's me.

Yeah, yeah, everything's fine.

Um, I was wondering can you...
Can you meet later?

No, uh... No. At the... the office.

[breathes shakily]

Mrs. Ellis. So good to see you again.

You too.

[salesperson] Let me show you
this new watch we got in.

I think it would be perfect
for your collection.


Actually, um,
this is gonna sound sort of strange,

but I brought in a few pieces
I was hoping to sell.

I saw online you might
do that sort of thing?

The buyback program. Of course.

Would you mind taking a look?

Give me a sense of what they're worth?

[salesperson] Yes, of course.

[Sophie] I just wanted to make space
for some new pieces in the collection.

You know how it is.
Always got your eye on something shinier.

[clears throat]

Unfortunately, the necklace is engraved.

We won't be able
to do anything with this one.


And the other ones?

Excuse me one moment.

[Sophie clears throat]

The rest are worth at least 15,000.

How does it work, exactly?
I get the money today?

I just have to process some paperwork.

Um, this one was a gift
from your husband, if I recall,

so it'll go straight back on his card.

- [salesperson] The, um...
- W... Wait. Um…

If he sees I've returned it,
I'll never hear the end of it.

Is there any other option?

I could cut you a check.

But the manager would have to sign off,
if you don't mind waiting?

[sighs] You know, cash would be great.

[salesperson] I'll see what I can do.

[Sophie sighs]

- ["There You Go" playing]
- [people chattering]

- On your tab?
- [Baden] Yeah, please. Appreciate it.

I need a vodka soda.

[Baden sighs]

You partying?

It's fucking happy hour, dude.

[Baden] Okay, my bad.

Got the hookup, that's all.
[clears throat]

What kind of hookup?

- What do you need?
- [Todd] Well, there's a party later.

Might be nice to show up
with some supplies.

- Mmm. [chuckles]
- [Todd] Yeah.

I got coke. Molly.

I got moon rocks. Less of a hangover.

Everybody gotta work tomorrow, right?

- How much you got on you?
- How much you need?

- Two grams?
- How about five?

- Moon rocks, huh?
- [Baden] Mm-hmm.

- [Todd] Thought that was an urban legend.
- Mm-mmm. Nah.

[Todd] Hey, you got
any of those Magic Blooms?

I listened to this whole podcast
on synthetic psychedelics the other night.

- Pretty chill.
- [chuckles] I bet.

- [Todd] Uh-huh.
- [Baden chuckles]

[footsteps approaching]

[inhales deeply] Well, thanks
for inviting me, but this party sucks.

[chuckles] I'm sorry.

I, uh... I know it's late.
Thanks for coming.

So, what's the emergency?

[James] Look,
in the whole time we've known each other,

I've never asked you
for anything like this before.

Even when I could've used it.

And God knows,
there were times I could've used it.

Look, there was, um…

there was this deal,
and I have some money tied up.

How much do you need?

Nine million.

[exhales deeply] What the fuck, James?

[James] It's just a timing hiccup
with a deal. Liquidity issues. That's all.

- "Liquidity issues"?
- Look, I'll pay you back.

- I know it sounds like a lot.
- It is a lot.

Ye... Yeah. It is. It is. It is a lot.

But there's no one else
in the world that I… [sighs]

…that I trust enough to ask.

Jesus, James.

The best I can do is four.

[exhales sharply]

And even then,
I'm gonna need to move some things around.

Thank you. Thank you.

You have no idea how much this means.
Thank you.

Are you gonna tell me
why you really need this?

Or do I not wanna know?


The, um... The account to wire it to.

Tomorrow would be ideal. Thank you.

Have you thought about what I said?
About Sophie?



It's time to be honest with her.
It's past time.

[James] Look,
I know you want what's best for Sophie.

It's a lot more complicated than that.

Sometimes stirring up the past,
it does more harm than good.

You know a withdrawal of this size will
almost certainly be flagged for review.


Whatever you've gotten yourself into…

I really hope you know your way out.

[Sophie sighs]

Hi. Welcome to Encounter Wellness.
Can I help you?

Yes. Uh, yeah,
I was hoping to make an appointment.

[receptionist] Are you a member?

Not yet. [chuckles] Can I sign up?

I just need you to fill out a few forms.

And a credit card for the membership fee.

- [Sophie] How much?
- Five thousand to start.

[Sophie sighs]

Is cash okay?

- I don't see why not.
- [chuckles]

Hey, Dr. Patterson.

Yes. We have a new client up front.

[Dr. Patterson] The ethos
is nontraditional healing therapies

backed by cutting-edge science.

- Best of both worlds. [chuckles]
- Exactly.

- Sophie, right?
- Hmm.

What kind of challenges
can we help you face today?

I recently lost my long-term memory.


That must be terrifying.

That's pretty accurate. [chuckles]

Do you think I can recover things?

All the other doctors...

No one seems very confident
that that could happen.

You have to be willing to take some risks,
but I think we can help.

- Really?
- Mm-hmm.

What would you recommend?

Well, we would start off
with tools to reduce your stress.

Clear your mind.

And then we could start using some
of our more specialized techniques.


We've cultivated our very own
proprietary mix

of ketamine and psilocybin.

It helps our patients

make a deeper connection
with their subconscious.

And I think, eventually,
you could benefit.

Really? [chuckles]
That's a type of therapy?

Well, hallucinogens have long been known
to create new cerebral connections.

Do you mind if I ask,

was the cause of your memory loss
organic or psychogenic?


[Dr. Patterson] Caused by emotional
trauma, rather than a physical injury.

Um, I fell from the side of a ferry.

One of those freak accidents
you'd never think would happen.

[Dr. Patterson] Hmm.

I'm sure the circumstances
around the accident

were emotionally traumatic as well.

You could say that.

What do you want to get out of this,

[Sophie] I need to remember
something specific.

I'm close, but there are missing pieces.

I think I know where we should start.

[Dr. Patterson]
We have to shut out the noise,

quiet all your senses.

You're left with nothing
but your subconscious.

[water rushing]

Don't be alarmed
if what surfaces troubles you.

These troubling memories
are often the first to come back…

[door closes]

…because they're tied
to the strongest emotions.

The patterns of behavior we repeat.

[Sophie breathing deeply]

You jumped.

[inaudible dialogue]

[Sophie, James laughing]

[Dr. Patterson] Don't be alarmed
if what surfaces troubles you.

There's something about you, Tess.

[Sophie breathes deeply]

[drawer opens]

[cell phone buzzing]

["You Ain't Alone" playing]

[door closes]

[liquid pouring]

What's the occasion?

[Sophie] When were you going to tell me
it was our anniversary?

It was two months ago.

You found the necklace.

Look, I'm... I'm sorry
I didn't say anything.

You know, at the time we were so, uh…

Well, better late than never.

[inhales deeply]
I thought we could celebrate.


I booked a suite at the Palace Hotel.

That's where we got married, right?

- Yeah.
- We can have dinner, drinks.

Spend the night.


[James sighs heavily, chuckles]

[James] It's just, um, not a great time.
There's a lot going on at work.

Maybe we could do it in a few weeks.

Right. [chuckles] Of course.

[chuckles] Uh, I should have checked
with you first.

[inhales deeply] I'll call and cancel.

[James] No, fuck it. Let's go.

- [Sophie] Really?
- Yeah.

Look, I might have a few work calls
that I have to do, but…

let's go.

As long as we're together.

[James chuckles]

[glasses clink]

Champagne seems appropriate. Two, please.


- [call girl] Hi. How are you?
- [hotel guest 1] Good day. Fine. Yourself?

[call girl] I'm good. Are you here alone?

[hotel guest 1]
Uh, actually, I'm meeting someone.

Oh, that's okay. Thanks.

- Hi. How are you?
- [hotel guest 2] I'm good. How are you?

[call girl] I'm doing good.
What are you doing tonight?

- [hotel guest 2 speaks indistinctly]
- Oh, wow. That's why you look so good.

[call girl laughs] Oh, yeah.

[bartender] Will that be everything?


Thank you.

[call girl laughs, speaks indistinctly]

Good news. The, uh...
The suite should be ready by now.

How about a toast before we go up?

To us.

To us.

[James] Happy anniversary, babe.

- [cell phone buzzes]
- Yeah.

I'm sorry.

I have to take this.

I'll go freshen up.

[James] Yeah?

- Hey.
- [Todd] Sorry to bother you, sir.

Uh, but the investigator's here.
She's asking for access to your files.

[James sighs]

Doesn't she have a family to go home to?

- A dog to feed, something?
- I don't know, sir. I'm... I'm sorry.

Maybe I can buy some time.

[James] Look, don't give her anything.
I'll deal with it myself tomorrow.

- Oh, wait, seriously?
- Do I sound fucking serious, Todd?

Well, what am I supposed to tell her?

Figure it out.

[Todd] Okay.

[water running]

[water stops]

Nice bag.

Thank you.

Do you work here?

Sort of.

How do you do it?

[call girl] How do I do what?

Make them believe.

- I saw you in the bar.
- [call girl] Oh.

Well, I make them believe
by believing it myself.


For a moment.

Then I go home
and have a really hot shower.

And come back to myself.

[sniffs, exhales sharply]

What's that for?

A kiss.

For you?

Easiest money you'll make all night.

Is that what you were looking for?

Thanks. [chuckles]

[call girl chuckles] If you say so.

Oh, there you are.

The room should be ready.
We should head up.

You know what?

Why don't you
show me to the ballroom instead?

The ballroom? Why?

Our wedding. I've only seen photos.

I thought it'd be nice
to see it in person.


While we're here.

Okay, yeah.

[door opens]

Jesus Christ, man.
What the fuck are you doing?

I used to love this shit as a kid.

It really holds up.
Even the shitty aftertaste.

you ever heard of breaking and entering?

Looks more like search and seizure
from where I'm sitting.

Okay. Look, man… [breathes heavily]

…I was just doing a favor
for some assholes throwing a party.

[Baden] Mmm.

[Todd] Yo, I swear.
I've never done this kind of thing before.

Come on, bro.

Sure, I've gone to a couple of parties,
done a few drugs.

But, I mean, who hasn't, right?
I'm not like a…

- I'm not like a drug dealer.
- Mmm. Well, you are what you do, Todd.

[Todd] That was my first time.

Yeah, but the problem is
the law doesn't distinguish.

It puts me in a tough spot.

The second you convinced me
to sell you that extra bag...

No, no. You were the one
that convinced me.

That's not how I remember it, Todd.

Yeah, man, I was perfectly happy
just to buy one bag, and then you...

You sure your little extracurriculars
aren't affecting your memory, Todd?

Because I very clearly remember
you drove a hard bargain

for that second bag.

No, this is fucking entrapment.

- [Baden] You really feel that way?
- Yeah.

Well, maybe you should tell someone, huh?

Here, why don't you call my supervisor

and explain to him
how you didn't mean to buy pure MDMA

from an undercover narcotics officer.
Then explain the same thing to a judge.

And then watch that judge explain to you
that his hands are tied,

because the second you bought that
extra bag, it became intent to distribute

with a mandatory
five-year minimum sentence.

[chuckles] Just breathe, Todd.

It's okay.
There is another way out of this.

All I need is one small favor from you.

You work at Ascendant, right?

I heard there's an investigation.

You're a fucking psycho.

No. I'm just trying very hard
to protect someone very important to me.

[James chuckles]

So… what was it like?

[chuckling] Oh, my God.

Do we really have to do this?

It just feels so strange not to know.

Well, um…

The altar was set up over there,


the guests sat here. [chuckles]

How did you feel?


Yeah. No. No, no. No.

Nervous isn't the right word.

There… [inhales deeply]
…were butterflies? [chuckles]

You, uh... Y-you came through these,
uh... these doors over here.

I mean, the pictures,
they... they don't do it justice.

You were stunning.

We said the words, we had dinner, wine…

you know. [sighs]

Then what?

Then we danced. [chuckles]

All night long.

In our own little world. [chuckles]

[Sophie] What's wrong?


James, I'm still here.

Sometimes it feels like you're here, and…


…sometimes you're gone.

Let's go.

[Sophie] Where?

What are you doing?
I thought you wanted to go up to the room.

Come in here. With me.

What are we doing here?


Our wedding night…

we ended up here.


After everyone went to bed,
we couldn't sleep so we snuck in here

and went for a swim.

Just the two of us.

But you'll never remember that, will you?

You'll never remember
walking down that aisle.

First time we met.

How we came together, how all that felt.

Instead, you just woke up one day,
stuck with me.

- No.
- Yeah.

[Sophie] No.

[inhales sharply]

[breathing heavily]

Everything all right?

Yeah. [chuckles]

I could feel you pulling
in another direction all night.

I know. I'm sorry.

Don't be. I just want you to know
you can talk to me about it.

Whatever's bothering you.

I know.

You've been there for me
through everything.

Who's been there for you, you know?

Well, you have.

Not really.

Not unless you let me be.

Sophie, what's going on?

I just want to know I'm doing my part.

Look, it's, um…

[sighs] …an issue at work. Just...

Someone made a mistake, and…

I'm trying to help him out.

Because they deserve it.

Must have been a pretty big mistake.

Not like you to blow things
out of proportion.

Well, it, uh…


[sighs] It involves a not-insignificant
amount of money.

How much?

Eleven million.

And you're going to make it right.

[chuckles] Well, I'm trying.

[Sophie] You will.

Thank you for being here tonight.

Nowhere else I'd rather be.

[James] Hmm.

- What's going on? You get my text?
- James confessed.

The money, the amount.
The whole damn thing.

What did you do?

Does it matter?

[Baden] It does if he realizes
what you're doing.

- He didn't. He won't.
- [Baden sighs]

And now we have what we need
to put him away.

And the best part is,
you can hear it yourself.

You recorded him.

What'd he say?

I think there's something else
that's maybe more pressing.

You sure you're ready?

I am.

[door opens]

- [Hannah] How are you?
- Good.

Great, actually.

How are you?

To be honest with you… [sighs]

…after our last session, I was concerned.


Well, for the first time
since you started your recovery,

I feel like you might be
acting a little erratic.

Excuse me?

I've noticed you following
impulsive urges, testing boundaries.

Maybe crossing lines that
you don't mean to cross in the process.

And I know it's all coming
from a good place.

Your search for your own sense of self.

But it's not just about
who you were in the past,

it's about the choices
that you're making now.

What choices exactly are you referring to?

[Hannah] I spoke to James this morning.

- You what?
- He's your conservator.

I was concerned about your interest
in experimental treatment.

And James asked me to call the clinic.

You had no right to do that.

They told me you received treatment,

which happened against
my professional medical advice.

I let them know that
if they ever treat you again,

I'll make sure
that their license is revoked.

[breathes heavily]

When I was in that clinic,
I finally started to recover things.

Fragments, memories.

You have no idea how it feels

to not even have
the most basic knowledge of yourself.

So tell me, Sophie.

Tell me how it feels.

I've been trying to tell you
for the past four months!

- I thought you were on my side.
- [Hannah] I am on your side.

Then why cut me off? What is it?

Do you feel threatened
by me going somewhere else?

I feel responsible for getting you
the help that you need.

[Sophie sighs]

[Hannah] This is gonna be hard to take in.

But I need you to listen.

[Sophie sighing]

Experimental treatments have been
known to trigger psychotic episodes

in people
who are biologically predisposed.


Your mother was diagnosed
with a type of psychotic disorder.

- What does that mean?
- [Hannah] We're not sure exactly.

But it's likely that she might
have been paranoid,

had delusions that people close to her
were trying to hurt her.

You don't know anything about my mother.

[Hannah] James filled out your medical
history when we first started.

And you're just mentioning this now?

It was crucial for you to form an identity
that wasn't clouded by past stigmas.

The cluster of disorders under
which your mother's diagnosis falls,

has a genetic component.

So what are you saying?
I have what she had?

I'm saying that the things that
that clinic offers...

Experimental treatments, hallucinogens...

They can trigger a psychotic reaction
in people who are predisposed,

and I don't know that you aren't.

- Sophie, please don't leave.
- What are you gonna do? Call James?


You have no idea who he really is.

Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.