Supervillain: The Making of Tekashi 6ix9ine (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Power - full transcript

Fresh off the success of "Gummo," 6ix9ine's master plan is working - money, success and attention follow. He becomes a professional troll and quickly alienates the hip hop community.

[DJ Envy] Morning, everybody.

It's DJ Envy, Angela Yee,
Charlamagne tha God.

We are The Breakfast Club.

We got a special guest
in the building.

-Tekashi 6ix9ine.
-Know that.

Young Tekashi 6ix9ine,
what's happening, my brother?

[Adam 22] If you watched him
on Breakfast Club,

you sorta understand
how important

getting rich and famous
was to him.

He almost, like,
needed to do that

in order to become
a fully realized human being.

Like, that--
like, having money and fame

was gonna completely change
who he was as a person.

By the time that he was
the biggest rapper,

he's going into
The Breakfast Club

and doing things that
I'd never seen anybody do.

Like, he-he runs
that conversation

on those Breakfast Club

Like, he's-he's making

no offense to Charlamagne--
he's kind of making Charlamagne

look like
an amateur interviewer.

I don't dislike your music.

I'm just concerned
about you as an individual--

I think you need to stop
being concerned about me

and be concerned
for someone else.

You're 21, and you got
influence over these kids,

and I think that you might be

putting the wrong things
in these kids' heads...

But nah, I'm not, blood.
You know what...

As far as being tough
and being a gangster.

I think all y'all see
is what y'all wanna see.

[Adam 22]
Charlamagne's just not able

to really control the flow
of the conversation,

and Charlamagne's
probably, like,

the best rap interviewer,

and 6ix9ine is,
like, basically

just dominating
the conversation

and making the conversation go
exactly where he wanted.

I'm sure that Charlamagne
had a list of questions

in front of him
that didn't get asked,

because he's-he's
controlling that shit.

[Charlamagne] Pastor, please
pray for the brother Tekashi.

Like, they put
their hands on him.

No, we gonna pray.
I'ma say a prayer for you.

Hey, I'ma hold your hand,
I'ma hold your hand.

Hold your hand,
hold your hand.

Now, they gonna mean this.
They gonna mean this, okay?

This is gonna be a meme.

Father, I'm just so grateful
for the chance right now

to pray for Tekashi 6ix9ine.

[man] Tekashi!

[pastor] Thank you, Father,
that he has a life

that can make
a huge difference

for a lot of people.

[man] Yo!
My nigga Tekashi, yo!

[pastor] Lord, I pray
you'll keep him well,

you'll keep him strong,
you'll keep him healthy.

Help him to make wise
and good decisions

so that he can fulfill
all of that potential

that you've given him.

[crowd cheering]

Lord, I just ask right now
for those who he loves,

his little girl, Father,
people in this world,

that you will
also bless them.

We thank you for him,
and thank you, Father,

for all you're doing in
and through his life as well.

In Jesus' name, amen.

dramatic music

I cannot even begin to express
how insane what...

seems like is happening
to me, so...

you guys are gonna
have to, uh, stick with me.

How do I look?
It's ten o'clock.

I'm going to the motherfucking
meeting that I came here for.

We're officially
in the bodega buying beer

at 1:30 in the morning.

So that's how we're doing it
for 2017.

All right, I just realized
that the motherfucker

with green hair
has 20,000 followers

and, like, actually
has views on his shit,

so we need an introduction
to your rap career.

-Yeah, you know.
-Let's hear about it.

You know, young
Tekashi 6ix9ine hit with--

Oh, now I get it,
'cause mad people

were tweeting at me like,

"Are you meeting up
with Tekashi 6ix9ine?"

And I didn't know
what that meant,

'cause I was only
talking to him.

-Oh, yeah.
-Oh, okay, now I understand.

[man] Yeah, we fuck
with each other.

-Yeah, yeah.
-[Adam 22] Oh, all right.

6ix9ine was so thirsty
to do an interview with me.

Constantly doing weird shit
to try to get into my-my,

you know,
peripheral awareness.

Let's film it.
Okay, here we go.

Young STD Boy,
you already know that shit.

There's a video I'm gonna link
that this fool has

that is, like, pfft,
crazy video.

Finally meets me,
and then he's bugging me

for the interview
over and over and over,

and then finally
he does the song with Trippie.

And it seemed like he had
a little bit of momentum

going right then, and it sorta
seemed like it made sense.

Like, okay, let's do
this interview at that time.

No Jumper,
Coolest Podcast in the World,

and today we got
Tekashi 6ix9ine in this bitch.

-How you doing, bro?
-'Sup, bro?

You know,
it's Tekashi 6ix9ine.

It's been a long time coming,
and you got a whole crazy wave

of buzz going on right now,

and I'm not sure
exactly how it happened,

but you definitely have
a fucking defined aesthetic.

Like, there's something very,
very new going on with you.

To be totally honest,
and this is gonna sound

really petty and stuff,
but when I first met him,

he had, like, terrible acne,

and then I seen him
a couple months later,

and he's got, like,
every face tattoo.

The way he looked
when I seen him

and then the way he looked
when we did that interview,

it was like, he had gotten
it together a lot more

in terms of his
whole presentation.

Shirt coming off.

I mean, nobody's done that
since XXX, I don't think.

-Yo, bro, what? What?

Take the shirt off
during the interview.

Oh, oh, nah, I just--
I was getting mad hot.

You want me to put
the shirt back on?

No, no, it's great.
I love it.

-All right.
-Sex appeal.

Every, like, young artist
is a work in progress,

and that is kind of a lesson
I guess I learned from 6ix9ine

is, like, when you're
evaluating a new artist,

in terms of, like, how they're
presenting themselves,

you have to realize
that a lot of that can change.

I feel like people now
is just like,

"I don't like Tekashi 6ix9ine,"

because they don't understand
what's Tekashi 6ix9ine.

Who is Tekashi 6ix9ine?

They don't understand
that shit.

They're scared of it,
you know what I'm saying?

That's how this
music industry is.

They're scared
to take the chance.

I feel like the days
of them not being willing

to take a chance on you
are kind of coming

to a slow point, though,
because in particular,

I feel like New York, like,
there is such a lane right now

for somebody in New York who's
doing something different,

because it's like,
New York started hip-hop,

but there's just not--
like, New York has sorta

missed out on the whole,
like, new wave of, like,

interesting rappers.

It's all coming from Florida

and maybe even Atlanta
and shit,

but it's not, like--
New York needs that guy,

and I kind of think
you can, like, be that guy.

Like, you're already making
amazing music and--

You know what I'm saying,
I am that guy.

[Seqo] Tekashi was
the fastest-popping artist

in the world.

He needed us at the time,

and we was just willing
to put our minds together,

and plan was to get big,
start the label.

Made a name for the label,

This is, uh, what we call
in jail a hope book.

This book is just about someone
joining, know what I'm saying,

a certain life,
and it's titled Trey Way.

This is, um,
where I based my idea

for the, uh, record label.

Shit 'bout to be lit,
you hear me? Treyway.

[Seqo] The plan was
to build an empire,

know what I'm saying,
the money was gonna come.

I didn't wanna just have
street rap or-or--

you know what I'm saying,

I wanted to have
some diversity.

6ix9ine is in the building.

I feel like you
snuck up on us.

We're gonna take over
the world.

We bringing New York back,
know what I mean?

We trying to, like,
unite New York,

-know what I'm saying, again.
-[DJ] Okay.

'Cause New York, they ain't
had that in a minute.

We were all about building
Danny's shit first.

It's crazy, 'cause I held off
on even being an artist.

I was helping the situation.

It was bigger than--
bigger than me,

and I knew it'd be
bigger for the label,

which, you know what
I'm saying, is my label.

[DJ] I see you got
unity up here.

-You got your homies up here.
-Yeah, I got Seqo Billy.

-You know what I'm saying?

Everything went smooth.

Everything's going
according to plan.

[Billy] Fire, 14 million.

We down here
in Atlanta, Georgia.

[all cheering]

[overlapping chatter]

Seqo, where you at, bro?

We all the way down here
from Brooklyn, New York.

-We just got here yesterday.


tense music

[Ron] It's a very
romanticized culture, gangs.

A lot of entertainers
know in this business

that it adds a lot
of clout to you.

It's just a marketing tool
used by musicians

that can get their name
out there very fast,

and it makes you
a lot of money.

Gangsta party,
that's a Fendi fact

Weed rolled,
where the Henny at

Billy up, Billy dat

[Ron] Nine Trey, they knew
darn well, number one,

they were getting a lot more
clout on the streets.


[Ron] Everybody was
intrigued by this,

and you had people wondering
about this lifestyle.

Everybody wanted to know, you
know, what is this Nine Trey?

What is this Blood stuff?

Rikers Island has always
been ground zero for gangs

on the East Coast
and New York State.

In the early '90s,

you had a group
called the Latin Kings

who were the power group
in Rikers Island.

You saw a war,
a power struggle

between Latino inmates
and African American inmates.

Because of this
power struggle,

what they did was,
they formed the UBN.

The UBN is
the United Blood Nation.

You know,
the Nine Trey gangsters

were sort of known
as the originators

because '93 was
the year that they birthed

in Rikers Island.

And every time
somebody says Nine Trey,

they think Rikers Island
in 1993, first Bloods set.

When Tekashi started getting

that label of being
a Nine Trey,

it was already to a point
where the Bloods

were just looking
to make money.

Having somebody who was
a non-African American

involved in that group,
that was the norm by then.

They saw the sensation
he was becoming.

They saw the attraction
that he was becoming.

And when you see that,

it's sorta like
dollar signs are blinging.

It's like, you know, "Well,

what can we do
for this individual?

What can this individual
do for us?"

You can get money
from the [indistinct],

and you can put that
back on the streets.

It could be illegal.

Most of the time with gangs,
it is illegal.

You know, buying more drugs
and selling more drugs.

Buying ammunition.
Buying weapons.

And put that right
on the streets

and triple that money
that you just had.

[Billy] Armed robbery,
home invasion,

kidnapping, assault,

possession of a firearm during
the commission of a crime.

All type of, like,
little extra dumb shit

I can't even remember.

I ended up going to prison
for a long time,

and I can talk about it
and stuff

'cause it's something
that I went through

and I've been through
and I served time,

paid my debt to society,
and I'm out,

so I can speak about it.

Before I was locked up,

I never really
cared about much

or ventured out into
learning different things,

but in there, it's more like,

you have a lot of time
to do stuff.

Either you can do
stupid stuff,

or you can choose your time,

and I choosed
a lot of them years

to do stupid stuff
and not caring,

and then after a while, I was
like, "Man, I'm getting older.

This stuff ain't getting--
like, you're not--you-you--

like, you really not gonna
get a G--at least a GED?"

So I started reading
a lot of books,

watching, like,
the History Channel

and Animal Planet

and just stuff like that,
learning about different stuff

that I didn't even know about,

like the Bermuda Triangle,
Area 51,

just different stuff on Earth.

I was like, "Oh, shit,
this is kind of interesting."

dramatic music

There's a fucking place
in the middle of the ocean,

I read it was, like, in 1952
or something like that,

and they were flying over,
like, a routine,

like, exercise or whatever,
and two of them just vanished.

They vanished off the radar,
they vanished off everything,

and, yo, they made it
a zone from then on.

I was like, "Oh,
this shit is interesting,"

so I just started learning
about mad shit.

upbeat electronic music

[Giancarlo] ...would cause
ships and planes

to disappear...

[Billy] On the other hand,
you know,

I'm real cranky,
I got attitude problems.

You know what I mean?
I hate authority.

I don't listen to nobody.

I-I'm more prone to an-anger
and violence than other shit,

'cause I'm forced to.

Just imagine growing up
where everybody's mad.

Somebody's serving ten, 20,
life, five, seven years.

Everybody--nobody really gives
a fuck, know what I'm saying?

The littlest thing is,
"Oh, you trying to play me?

I gotta protect my manhood.

I gotta show everybody
I'm hard

so nobody fucks with me,
fuck that.

The first person who,
you know, comes at me crazy.

I don't care if he owes me
a 39-cent soup.

I'ma try to make
an example out of him."

[man] You pick the name yet
for the record?

Y'all can't pull up out here,
though, that's a fact.

Wherever my boy at
is lit at.

Y'all already know my body,
y'all know what's up with me.

Y'all know how to give
it up out here, Red-Stuy.

Billy [indistinct],
Billy Ado, you heard?

The Bloods was his security.

We was everything,
played all the roles.

But nobody gonna touch you.

You the artist.
There's no way.

I'm gonna back you regardless,
you know what I mean,

just like everybody else
would back me.

No, it's on.
Stop playing.

Stop playing.
Y'all know it's on.

I seen him,

and his hair wasn't
even rainbow at that time.

Then when he came back
and dyed it rainbow,

I was like, "What the fuck
is up with this dude?"

Seqo telling us
he got this song,

it's pretty up-tempo,
it's lit,

and it's like--
it's pretty, like, scream rap,

some kind
of rock and roll thing,

but it's kind of rap and it's
kind of hard-core, it's lit.

A week later,
I get a call from Seqo,

and I'm like, "Yo,
remember that video we shot?"

He's like, "Yo, it's at
a million views, bro."

I'm like, "You fucking lying.

That video we shot
on the block

is at a million--
so you mean to tell me

a million people
just seen me in a video?"

I was hype as hell.

Thirty days later,
it had 50 million views.

All my niggas
really gangbang

Talk that damn slang,
rap about it

Do the same thing,
let your nuts hang

We gon' pull up, nigga,
andalé, on Sangre

We post up,
we don't do the race

You gon' die today

[DJ Pvnch] You're using
the big camera.

-I almost died.
-[man] You want another chair?

I just almost died.

[man] You want a different
chair, or are you good?

Nah, it's lit.
I think it's lit.

Fuck it, we lit.

Tekashi was really known
as, like, a YouTube rapper.

The difference
of all of those guys

were they would have
millions of views,

but it never felt real,

because those were, like,
Internet enigmas.

So people would
look at it like,

"Oh, that's, like,
one of the Internet rappers

or the SoundCloud dudes."

It would almost be, like,
a dismissive thing.

In the famous words
of my friends,

a lot of you DJs won't be here.

Y'all can't be here.

I was big in the DJ shit
at that point already.

I was trying
to reach out to 'em.

They was trying
to reach out to me.

It looked really exciting.

[indistinct chatter]

I'm street,
but I'm not gang.

I've just been surrounded
by it my whole life.

Yo, let me tell y'all
something real quick.

6ix9ine in the building.

We in New York,
we invading.

Nobody better
than Tekashi 6ix9ine

to give it to 'em.

You know what they keep asking?

They say, "Yo, Pvnch,
what you doing with 6ix9ine?"

I think it's time to make
a nice announcement, man.

You know what I'm saying,
Pvnch is our official DJ,

you know what I'm saying,
for the 69-city fucking tour,

-you know what I'm saying?
-Get it, get it.


[DJ Pvnch] Get around Tekashi,
and you go,

"This kid has
a spark about him,"

but we didn't know
where it was going yet.

It was just moving fast, and
it's like, "Yo, just jump on."

And when I jumped on,
I didn't lag it.

I didn't pull it
off the tracks,

I didn't do nothing,
but I was like,

"Okay, cool, now we gonna
get a direction."

posted that--

yo, it was Virgil, and then
Hypebeast literally--yeah.

-So Virgil played it?


Virgil played it?

New York, the vibe is back.
Let's hit it, Brooklyn.

Catch my man Shotti
on the camera, man.

Bring up
the big dog, man.

If y'all see him around, you
already know what time it is.

[DJ Pvnch]
I go, "That's Shotti?"

"Yeah, that's Shotti,"
and I'm just like,

Why is Shotti here?"

They're like, "Oh,
Shotti's down with the team."

I'm just like, "Oh, shit,"
'cause everybody knows Shotti.

Shotti's Shotti.

Um, first of all,
I wanna say to all my haters

that, you know, I really
appreciate y'all, 'cause, um...

[DJ Pvnch] Shotti's name was
ringing throughout Brooklyn.

It's the streets, man.

You start to hear these-these
Marvel, DC-like stories, man.

That's the big dog, man.
People know Shotti.

[Ron] Shotti was
an older gentleman,

mid-30s at the time, that had
that name on the streets.

So think of Shotti as somebody
like a Derek Jeter, you know?

You don't have to be a Yankee
fan to know who Derek Jeter is

'cause every time
you talk about the Yankees,

everybody would talk
about Derek Jeter

'cause he was the star
on the team.

[Tekashi] Scary.
That's scary.


The Billy, Seqo Billy,

-Look at the future.

Treyway, it's the future
right here.

Seqo Billy, know what
I'm saying, [indistinct].

Family's here.

New York is strong,
and we back, man.

Niggas runnin' out they
mouth but they never pop out

I got the drop on your spot,
everybody watch out

All my niggas on 50,
so you know we hopped out

Mobbed out, opps out,
we gon' show what we about

All my niggas
really gangbang

Talk that damn slang,
rap about it

Do the same thing,
let your nuts hang

We gon' pull up, nigga,
andalé, on Sangre

We post up,
we don't do the race

You gon' die today


You, Chris, you think it need
a third hook?

Why you smiling like that?

-It's hard, right?
-You know what I mean?

Yeah, that shit gonna go, bro.

What'd you think,
it should be shorter, though?


-It's beautiful.
-It's dope, yeah. It flows.

[man] Let me hear that
one more time.

gentle music

[Brendan] Music discovery
happens differently now.

By, like, the early 2010s,

you start to see
actual streaming services.

The streaming economy,

it just changes
the whole paradigm.

If you want someone
to pay attention to your song,

you need to get in
and get out.

Kid in Ohio,
they have literally

millions of options
of things to listen to.

You got, like, ten seconds.

The short songs thing
mostly came out of SoundCloud

and SoundCloud rap.

Tekashi figured this out.

He decided to capitalize
on it.

He definitely
knows his skills.

SoundCloud's the biggest
platform right now for music.

That's where
the Lil Pumps come,

the XXXTentacions.

-Who else?
-That's you.

-All the new shit.
-Rock star [indistinct].


All right,
let's play this shit.

You can [indistinct].

Just name it, um--
just name it "Kooda" for now.

[DJ Pvnch] The music was just
a new--it was a new sound.

I was blown away.

Said, "How the fuck
did he do this?"

He's like, "If short music
is connecting with people"--

Tekashi was always
keen and aware,

and Tekashi's a tech kid.

dramatic electronic music

If you don't get in tune

to what the Internet is,

the Internet
is a powerful thing.

The Internet literally
showed artists

all you need
is a fucking phone.

With this device, you can
make a million dollars.

With this device, you can
make a billion dollars.

[Giancarlo] Every supervillain
has their go-to weapon,

the thing that enables them
to carry out their agenda.

Darth Vader
had the lightsaber...


...and the Joker, the crowbar,

the old-school pistol,
the mystery card,

all of which had
their own purpose:

some to straight-up kill

and others to intimidate.

Here's my card.

[Giancarlo] So when it comes
to our supervillain,

his weapon of choice
is perhaps

the most dangerous
and effective of them all:

the cell phone.

Seems harmless, right?

Tekashi was a tech kid,

someone who understood
the digital age

and how to use
these little devices

to move their agenda forward

every single time.

You got the whole Internet
in a frenzy,

the Worldstar,
the [indistinct]--

Bro, I got--
right now, no funny shit,

shout out every artist
from New York.

But literally right now,
nobody got nothing

on Tekashi 6ix9ine,

Nobody got nothing
on Tekashi 6ix9ine.

I love this talk.

tense music

My phone is ringing off
every single day.

Every single club
is calling me.

Everybody wants it.

[Seqo] When we first
started going to clubs,

he started seeing the reaction

that we was getting
when we was going out.


[Seqo] We're getting love
from strippers.

We're getting love
from the celebrities.

We're getting love
from other niggas.

He like, "Damn, like,
I'm really in this."

Now he probably
telling himself, like,

"Damn, I gotta act
the part now."


[DJ Pvnch] He was Treyway
at that point.

That momentum, ooh,

we're talking about
something unreal, man.

[Seqo] Shit,
the energy was turned.

Like, it was lit.

Everywhere we went,
it was packed.

I was getting crazy.

I was behaving crazy.

[crowd cheering]

[Billy] Hell yeah, he feel
like he on top of the world.

You in the club,
got a pocketful of money,

your music is lit.

He was going to the top.

[indistinct yelling]


[Seqo] This shit
is gonna work.

That was in my head.

It was-it was-it was--I mean,
it was in plain sight.

[indistinct chatter]

When I was locked up,

every night before
I went to sleep in my cell,

I used to dream
about that shit.

[DJ Pvnch] These guys, they
were trying to do better.

I know that my guys
were trying to do better.

[crowd cheering]

[Billy] Life in Brooklyn,
you know what I'm saying,

really hard growing up where
I'm from, you know what I mean,

growing up in, like,
poverty and violence,

not because people
want to be in poverty

and they just want
to do violence.

They just have no choice.

Turn the lights on.

And it was gonna get crazy.

You don't--
this shit was about to be--

this shit was about
to be brazy, man.

This shit was about
to be brazy.

dramatic music

Everything was building,

and it was doing--
it was doing so very fast.

I was like, "We should involve
people that we're close to

who could be an asset to us."

I already know,
gotta feed the wolves,

gotta feed the dogs.

So I tried to involve
Shotti in the plan,

because he was a close
figure to the family.

So tried to put him on

in a managerial position,

and he started--
he started soaking it up.

Look at this shit.
Look at this shit.

Look at this shit.

In a minute, it can get nasty,
but we keep it calm, you heard?

In a minute, it can get nasty.

Y'all better let us in,

[indistinct chatter]

Yo, hold up.

Relax, yo.
We good--we good tonight, boy.


[music playing faintly]

[DJ Pvnch] In New York,
we got, like,

a whole police task force.

They call it
the hip-hop police,

and they at all our parties.

We see the same cop, like--

we go in the Bronx,
go to Queens,

go to Brooklyn,
go to Manhattan,

and it's the same, like,
ten cops.

And they know everybody.
"Pvnch, what's going on?"

I'll be like,
"Ah, what's good?"

[pounding hip-hop music

The hip-hop police,
they be out,

and no matter where you at,
if it's a lit rap event

or-or urban event--

you know, I guess
that's the popular,

you know, clean way
to say it--they there.

I bring that kid in the club.

They're like,
"Yo, what's going on?

What's up?

See a lot of gang activity.
What's going on?"

So I'm like,
"Yo, everything is cool.

This is just for the rap.
It's just for the YouTube.

There's no beef happening.
Everything is cool."

[Ron] That's the new wave
in policing.

That's the newest and only way

police can stay up
on what's going on,

because what they do is,
they hire individuals

that know who to look for.

They know who high-profile
people are.

Certain departments have
the players right on a list.

Makes policing easier.

[DJ Pvnch] Tekashi started
making so much money,

and that's when he stopped
caring about learning,

and he just was awesome,
"I'm making money.

I'm the hottest rapper
in the game."

And it starts
to just get really messy,

'cause you're so excited
for the moment

versus being careful
and cautious.

Yo, out here every day with it.

Brooklyn, Billy Ado,
you know what I'm saying?

Red-Stuy, you already know
what it is. [trills]

Gang, gang, gang.

-Yo, let these cars pass him.
-[man] Fuck.

[Billy] I loved the attention.

I loved everything
that was going on.

Every time we was outside,
it was a movie,

you know what I'm saying?

Nobody had seen such a big,
large group of people

that's just only them
and they're lit.

[excited chatter]

[DJ Pvnch]
This is something that

a lot of niggas could never
imagine this'd happen.

There's so much gang
in one building.

[Billy] I helped him
choreographer the videos.

We was everything.
Man, just setting stuff up.

Getting the camera, getting
tribes joining him out there,

making sure we got the corners
of the blocks blocked off

so nothing happens while
we're shooting this video.

[hip-hop music blaring]

Back it up, y'all.

-Easy, easy.
-Back it up, back it up.

[man] Just keep backing up,
just keep backing up.

Yo, Chris, hold her.
Hold her.

[indistinct chatter]

Yo, back up, back up,
back up, back up.

Give him a scene by himself.

Yo, back up.
Back up, y'all.

Back up. Do your thing.
Do your thing.

[overlapping chatter]

[rapping indistinctly]

[Billy] There's no way
he could've choreographed

that video by himself,

How could he?
He doesn't know these Bloods.

He doesn't--he's a young kid

from Bushwick, Brooklyn,
you know?

He got them real Bloods
with him.

Big gang members here.

There's a lot
of gang shit, man.

-Gang, gang, gang.
-[imitating machine gun fire]

We bringing back Dipset.
We bringing back G-Unit.

[indistinct chatter]

My nigga Drew at?

-My nigga Drew at?
-Look, look, look, look.

My boy, drive through, man.

gentle music

Loyalty just means to me

being down for somebody

or something or a group
or whatever

with everything you got.

You don't lie,
you don't steal,

you don't play games.

You honest with them,
right or wrong.

Even if you think it's
gonna hurt their feelings,

you still just tell 'em
what it is,

you know what I mean,

and just be true to you

and everybody that you around,
you know what I'm saying?

If you say you love somebody,
love somebody.

If you say you don't
fuck with nobody,

don't fuck with that person,
you know what I mean?

So it's protecting each other.

It's just us we got in here.
You're not letting no--

letting nobody disrespect us
or nothing.

We just in our own zone,
you know what I mean?

Everybody get in a circle.

Everybody get their shot.
Everybody get their face on.

[indistinct chatter]

Give everybody
their space here, unh.

Just throw that shit up
as we go along too, man.

[Seqo] "Billy Dat" video,
6ix9ine wanted to shoot it.

So I'm like, "All right,
dope, that's fire.

You just shot--
say you just did a video--

We did the video for you.

Now you wanna shoot it.
That's fire, that's love.

All right, I'm jacking that."

[man] Wait, over here,
walk around, come on.

-Billy dat.
-Time to go.

[Seqo] We shot the whole day.

We shot it in my hood,
up the block from the crib.

So he took--
he got a lot of footage.

tense music

When I look back,

he just did a lot of things
behind people's back.

It's like he was just
manipulating things.

[engine revving]

[indistinct chatter]

[engine revving]

How you doing, son?
Six, what we doing?

Behind the scenes?

Yeah, fucking "Keke"
video shoot,

you know what I'm saying?

This shit about to be
a real movie.

We going three for three
on the charts.

-I love it.
-You know what I'm saying?

Now, there are scenes
in that video

that are in "Billy Dat" video

that he didn't put
in the video.

So basically he just,
know what I'm saying,

stole the ideas
from the "Billy Dat" video

and threw them in his video.

[Billy] They shot that video
in the same time,

and you can just be like,

They got similar scenes
from Seqo's video."

That shit hit home.

So I hit Ebro up over text
and I said,

"Yo, I think we should have
Tekashi on the show."

[Joe] I have been forced
to pay attention now,

and, uh, kind of like
the kid, man.

-That's how I feel.

[man] 6ix9ine is booming
right now.

Listen, you have to sit down
with 6ix9ine.

I have to.

Shout out to my fucking fans.
It's fucking Treyway.

Ain't nobody
tougher than us, man.

Ain't nobody doing shit
like we doing, nigga.

I promise you.

Ain't nobody in the industry

fucking with this mob
right here, nobody.

We the mob, nigga.

We the mob, nigga.
[indistinct], nigga.

[excited shouting]

[all] Happy birthday

Dear Saraiyah

Happy birthday to you

[all cheering]

[indistinct chatter]

Hey, you know,
we rocking.

You know, happy birthday to
my daughter, you already know,

turned two and all that shit.


Yeah, I thought
this fat-ass bitch

was gonna leave me.

He my biggest hater.

He don't like
the attention I get.

Sara, you don't got
no attention.

I get attention.

What talents do you have?

I don't have to have a talent
to get attention.

The fuck are you talking about?

What talent do you have?

I have a lot of talent
in the world

to bring me
to this level of fame.

"Of fame."

[Sara] I was just happy.

My daughter's healthy.
I have a kid.

I went from sleeping
on floors with him,

having no money,

to paying for passports
for him to travel,

selling out arenas,
getting recognition.

[crowd cheering]

And it hit him overnight,
and it hit him fast,

and it hit him hard.

[Harvey] Tekashi 6ix9ine
also went to the White House.

No, no, it was a strip club.
I'm sorry.

-[Charles] It was a strip club.
-[Harvey] Sorry about that.

Tekashi's throwing money,

I presume at strippers,

and someone gets offended
and throws some--

and then glasses start flying.

Keep an eye on the woman,

uh, who's standing
right next to Tekashi.

tense music

[Sara] I'm seeing on TMZ
him posted up with a girl,

and they're getting into
a fight at a strip club.

It made me insecure.

It made me feel like
I didn't measure up

to this standard
or type of woman.

I was like,
"This is a phase.

He don't know
how to handle fame."

At some point,
I thought it would grow old.

That will wear off of you,

and you'll realize
this is more.

A home, a house,

your daughter,
your family, me.

Y'all should know,

if y'all wanna know
the truth about Sara,

y'all won't even be fans
if I tell you the real truth.

If y'all wanna know
the truth about him,

y'all would never, ever
be friends, ever, ever.

Look at him.

[sirens wailing]

I worked on the feature

that we published
for about four or five months,

but it started less as,

um, the story it became

because so much happened

from, like, the beginning

of the reporting process
to the end.

And so we started looking at it

primarily as a legal story.

Before Tekashi gets famous,

he was involved
in a child sex charge.

He is doing a lot of the stuff

that he would continue to do
once he becomes famous,

which is, like,
try to get attention

by broadcasting the most
outrageous shit he can do

onto the Internet.

The child sex charge
involves a 13-year-old

performing sex acts on someone
who is not Tekashi

but Tekashi filming it
and posting it on his Snapchat.

He gets arrested,

and put under probation.

He got out of prison,
but through his whole rise,

it's something that
he tries not to address

for most of the beginning
of his career, um,

and maintains that he--
he just--

he, like, honestly just lies
about it quite a bit.

At the time when we
first heard about it,

he told us, "We didn't
have no paperwork.

We didn't know what happened.
We wasn't there."

It's like, when I asked,
I was like,

"What's up
with this rape shit, bro?"

And he like, "Yo, bro,
I was in somebody crib,

and they had some
young girl in there."

"And they brought
the girls over here.

They start shaking their ass.

You know, we slapping them
and stuff.

The girl was 13.
She said she was 19.

It was cool.
They was talking.

How was I supposed to know?"

That's why he had got
locked up.

Earlier before that,
he had got released.

I don't know how or what,

Know what I'm saying,
he-he did some-some wild shit.

Some shit--just wild shit.
It ain't make sense.

It just ain't make sense.

We looking at it like,
"Yo, damn,

you might be right,
you know?"

And it didn't happen like that

when we found out
the true story in the paper

when it came out
and everything, you know?

And that was years later
after, you know, we find it,

and it was like,
"Oh, shit.

This fucking little bastard."

[horns honking]

[Brendan] When you're
a music journalist,

your job is to cover
the music industry,

and your job is to cover,
like, what's popular

and what people need
to know about.

Suddenly, he's so popular
that you kind of

have to have a conversation

about whether you
cover him or not.

I think the instinct is,
you don't want to look--

make it a cosign.

You don't really want
to write about a guy

who has child sex charges
against him.

You don't want, like, more
people to become aware of him

because of the words
that you-you put on a page,

um, and I think that's
something that a lot of, like,

conscientious journalists
wrestle with all the time.

It would be
a little hubristic

for anyone
in the music industry

to suggest that, like,
we could cancel somebody.

The audience always decides.

[Adam 22] I don't think
that there's anybody

who writes about music
that has any, like,

legitimate influence
at this point.

Pitchfork ignoring 6ix9ine is
not gonna do fucking anything

because 99 percent
of 6ix9ine's audience

have never even heard
of Pitchfork.

You don't--you wanna calm down
at a certain point

with the getting head
on Instagram and everything,

because at a certain point,
it's like,

"Oh, this Instagram
is a big way

that I'm promoting my music."

I stopped
talking to him,

like, stopped responding
to his texts and stuff

because of the fact
that he lied

about the child sex case
or whatever,

like, on my interview.

In my interview
that I did with him,

I asked him, I'm like,
"There's all these comments,

all these people saying
that you basically

had a situation with this
little girl, blah, blah, blah."

And he just straight up said,
like, "Never happened."

He's like, "Look my name up.

Like, look my--Google my name,

Daniel Hernandez,
blah, blah, blah."

Like, as if you
could learn anything

from Googling
Daniel Hernandez.

There's probably, like, 8,000
people in New York named that.

Look me up,
my name is Daniel Hernandez.

D-A-N-I-E-L, space,

And so he basically--
he said that you were

messing around with
underage girls or something?

That's a fact,
you know what I'm saying?

-Okay, and that wasn't true?
-That was not true, bro,

you know what I'm saying?

[Adam 22] With 6ix9ine, it's
like he's constantly lying.

He's constantly
doing shitty things.

He's constantly
doing stuff that--

it's like, he's so bad,
he's so lacking in moral--

in a moral compass
that it's impossible

to convince the public
to really dwell

on any specific thing.

My name is--my full name
is Daniel Hernandez.

I'ma put it right there
in the camera.

Look me up.

[Adam 22] I mean,
6ix9ine is Trump.

Because if the media
had as much power

as it did previously,

then he would basically
cease to exist,

but he has his own platform.

He doesn't need
any of that help, really.

I think 6ix9ine understands
the power of that platform

more than almost anybody.

[Tekashi] Donald Trump,
I think he's

a good-ass fucking president.

People don't understand
that Donald Trump,

he doesn't paint
a picture for the media.

He doesn't hold his tongue.

And that's what the fuck
he does,

you know what I'm saying?

I like people like that.

[electricity crackling]

gentle music

[Giancarlo] We live in an era
of misinformation.

Literally fake news.

-Fake news.
-Fake news.

-Fake news.



There can be clear-cut

physical evidence...

More than a dozen women

have accused President Trump
of groping them

or other types
of sexual misconduct...

[Giancarlo] ...firsthand
testimony from witnesses...

[woman] He just started
grabbing me and...

...had his hand on my leg.

...stacks of court documents

describing everything
in detail...

[Anderson] ...New York Times
was a total fake.

It's a fake newspaper.

[Giancarlo] ...and even tapes
of you admitting fault.

[Donald] And when you're
a star, they let you do it.

You can do anything.
Grab 'em by the pussy.

[voices swirling]

Deny, deny, deny.

But it's all irrelevant

if you understand
how to control the narrative.

These claims
are all fabricated.

They're pure fiction.

Being a supervillain today

is about propaganda...

And they're outright lies.

[Giancarlo] distract us all

from what's really going on.

All you see when you see
his fans defending him,

it's always, "Look at how big
these numbers are.

You're just a hater.
Look how big he is.

Blah, blah, blah."
And it's like--

it's, like, a refusal to have

an honest conversation
about it.

Yo, fans are something special.

A fan in reality,

a real fan,

becomes so disillusioned

to the person that they love
and admire

that they can't accept fault
or mistake by them.

[crowd roaring]

[indistinct chatter]


[crowd cheering]

[hip-hop music playing]

[crowd roaring]

[rapping indistinctly]

Hold up.

dramatic music

You can't take away
that there was a high level

of talent and charisma
and star factor to this kid.

[crowd cheering]

What he does, the energy,

he really, really performs
his ass off,

and he risks a lot
to get the best show possible.

[crowd roaring]

I said are y'all ready?

Very mosh-like.
It's rock and roll.


You can't take it away.

[crowd roaring]

Tekashi's energy
is nearly, like--

it's, like, self-threatening.

rock music

The show was put together
really tightly.

It's a whole workout.

[crowd roaring]

He comes out running.

Run, whoo, whoo, whoo.

Dives into the crowd.

Comes back,
pull back the song.

Start the record again.
Runs, runs, runs.

Does the second record.
Runs, runs, runs.

Takes off one of his shirts.
Runs, runs, runs.

Take off his pants.
Goes into the crowd.

Does this whole shit.

Comes back bruised,
sometimes bloody,

all of this shit.

'Cause they're pulling on him,
pulling his hair.

Like, their favorite artist
is, like, sweating on them.

You know, the fan mindset
is crazy.

[crowd cheering]

6ix9ine, I mean, his audience,
they don't give a fuck,

and he has his own platform,

so it's like, he doesn't need
anybody to put him on a show

or to-to hire him for anything.

He's able to just put
his own stuff out like that.

I think cancel culture
often backfires.

[high-pitched voice]
Ha, look at me.


I'm such a happy rapist,
and I'm free.


[Seqo] Trolling was the--
was the main thing

to help with his marketing.

Just the trolling
and saying off-the-wall shit

just to get the people
to listen.

Whether they feel good
about it or bad about it,

the fact that
they listened mattered.

[Billy] He had
his marketing strategies

to times he used to wait
to post Instagram stuff.

He knew what to say,
how to post,

what to do in videos,

how to get people
attention to stuff.

It's like his character,
you know?

It's like he goes
into character, you know?

He goes into Tekashi 6ix9ine.

[intense whirring]

I just wanna let y'all know,

be careful who you shit on,
you know what I'm saying?

Tables turn, bridges burn,
and lessons learn,

you know what I'm saying?

I got three
top 100 Billboard hits,

you know what I'm saying?

Um, let's take a listen
to this.

What's up? It's Slim Danger.

This Chief Keef baby mama.

I'm out here in New York,
and guess what.

That nigga don't do shit
for his fucking kid.

She knows.
Treyway here, man.

You don't know how to take care
of your girl, niggas,

we gonna take care
of her for you.

Tchaikovsky's "Dance of the
Sugar Plum Fairy" playing

[DJ Pvnch] Trolling
is forcing someone's hand

to make a move.

That's all it is.

They just come up
with cuter names for it.

[Conor] I'm absolutely
honored to be here before you.

His little legs,
his little core,

his little head.

I'm gonna knock him out
inside four rounds.

Mark my words.

This is a tough business,
to run for president.

Oh, I know, you're a tough guy,
Jeb, I know.

And we need to have
a leader that is--

-Real tough.
-You're never gonna be

president of the United States
by insulting your way

-to the presidency.
-Well, let's see, I'm at 42,

and you're at three,
so so far, I'm doing better.

Little homies, man.
Look to the left of me.

-Look to the right of me.
-We outside.

-We outside. Oh!
-And we coming to LA.

[DJ Pvnch]
It's like a magician.

The trick is happening
in the off hand,

and I'm like,
"Everybody, look right here."

And everyone actually looks.

"Stare at my hand.

Stare at my hand.
Don't stop looking."

Yo, I got a lot
of people mad right now.

Like, I know they, like--
they looking at their phone

right now like--

[Brendan] Beef is part
of hip-hop.

Always has been.

People got more
worked up about it

because he wanted people
to be worked up about it.

It was also adapted
for Instagram.

It was not, like, songs
that went back and forth.

He was just filming himself
yelling at people.

It was more designed to piss
everyone off than-than usual.

It's not, like,
a mano-a-mano situation.

He's-he's spraying
all over the place.

Luda, Luda, Luda,

you bum-ass pussy-ass

Fast and the Furious geek.

Suck my fucking dick.

On the Bloods.

Fuck 6ix9ine, nigga.

Yo, I don't know how more
disrespectful can I get.

YG, suck my fucking dick,

No, 99.9 percent
of y'all rappers

is fucking bitch-ass niggas,

and y'all can all
suck my fucking dick.

Do not beef with me if you're
not ready to get disrespected,

'cause I'm
a disrespectful-ass kid.

I will tell you suck my dick
with your mother's lips,

and nobody give a fuck
if you put up a post saying,

"Damn, bro, my mother's dead."
I don't give a fuck.

I'm standing on suck my dick

with your mother's lips
still, nigga.

In a way, he like a-like a-
like a little mad-ass genius.

In a way, yeah.

'Cause, he--yeah,
he perfected something.

[lighter clicking]

He perfected something.

[electricity crackling]

dramatic music

[Giancarlo] Maybe the most
fascinating part

about supervillains

is their obsession
with notoriety.

Look what I did
to this city

with a few drums of gas
and a couple of bullets.

[Giancarlo] They are obsessed
with being the bad guy.

They'll do anything
for attention,

even if it creates
absolute havoc...

And here we go.

...leaving those around them

to clean up the mess.

They love seeing
the world burn.

And we can't take our eyes

off of them
igniting the fire.

I do have to ask.

You know, this weekend,
a lot of--you--

a few social media posts.

-You might be aware of this.

There was guys looking for you
based on your

-social media posts.
-Yeah, yeah.

-Does that make you nervous?
-Not at all.

See, I'm all, you know,
calm and whatever,

you know what I'm saying?

It's all cool, like,
you know what I'm saying.

I gotta keep a smile on my
face, you know what I'm saying,

'cause all this shit
is funny to me.

Yeah, so are you gonna continue
to post on social media?

I'm gonna keep trolling
these niggas, man.

You know who these fuckers
are, man.

You're gonna keep trolling?

Hey, what's your message
to those guys

that are looking for you?

I mean, they still
haven't found me.

I'm not that hard to find,
know what I'm saying?

All right, man.
Glad you're good, man.

-All right, bro.
-All right.

[Billy] When we was in LA,
he was like--

I swear he was like,
"Yo, we should do something.

We should do something big,

like, stage something, man,
'cause we in LA.

People are saying
nothing happened and stuff."

We like, "Man, we're not
doing all that."

Like, "I don't know,
we out here, we safe, man.

Thank God we're about
to go back home, chill out."

Then the LAX fight
really happened.

He was like--
that was what he wanted.

That what he wanted.

[man] Fuck, nigga!
[shouting indistinctly]

Which one of you niggas
want me, nigga?

Fuck me, nigga.

-[man] This is crazy.
-What y'all niggas doing?

[man] Oh, shit.

All-out fight right here.

Tekashi's getting in.

-[indistinct shouting]

We just got this video.

-[Charles] Wow.
-[Harvey] Just got this video

of a rapper and this massive,
massive fight at LAX.

[Charles] At LAX, spilled out
into the street at LAX.

Uh, seven or eight guys.

The rapper's name
is 6ix9ine

or Tekashi 6ix9ine.

Uh, he's 21 years old,
fighting out of New York.

[Seqo] There's no--
there's no need for that.

Man, you asking for it,
and you asking for attention.

Shit that we don't need.

Shit that we're not
welcome into.

We don't want that,
not that kind of attention.

[Billy] It's a big game
to him, you know?

He don't care about nothing,
you know what I mean?

He just care about himself
and whatever he--

his personal gain, it's just
always been him, and...

and I don't mean
to sit here and bash him.

I'm just trying
to tell everybody, like,

how this guy really was,
you know?

[indistinct shouting]

Two thousand and eighteen
Super Bowl.

Super Bowl weekend
was in Minnesota.

Shit just got crazy, man.

Shit was kind of fucked up,
know what I mean?

Really was.

[overlapping shouting]

[man] Rock the fuck out, man!

[overlapping shouting]



-[man] Fuck.
-[man] Fuck, bro.

Mad times we stood up
for Danny

in so many, so many, um,
instances and situations.


[man] Goddamn, where are they?

We put my life--I put my life
on the line every time.

Sometimes I was just--feel like
I was riding for the cause.

Like, whatever happens,
you know, I'm just--

I'm too deep in at that time,
I felt like,

you know what I mean?

We just wasn't with that shit.

And I know for a fact,
me-me and Chris

and a couple other niggas,
everybody used to be like,

"Nah, we're not jacking that."

It was just one person
that was on his side.

What the fuck going on, man?

We ain't ducking chains
out here, man.

We out here,
king of New York shit, man.

It's my CEO birthday today.

-Treyway shit, man.
-Treyway shit, man.

-You seen me out here, man.
-You gotta come get right--

Come get tripped up, man.

New York City,
406 Broadway.

New fucking Death Row, man.
We out here, man.

King of New York City shit,

[Billy] Shotti's screaming
out, "The new Death Row."

All this-this whole
character he's on.

Like, what are you
doing all this for?

What's up?

On the West Coast,
I'm feeling like Puff,

feeling like Suge.

What the fuck is up?
It's Treyway.

[Seqo] Shotti knew 6ix9ine
and the Treyway name

was-was strong.

I'm guessing he just
wanted to be a-a mogul

like he say--
like he say he-he trying to be.

In his mind, to me,
I think he was like,

"I'ma use this kid
as much as I can

to be the next lit
Suge Knight."

You know, we got a--
we got a little circle:

myself, Tupac, Snoop.

Marion "Suge" Knight,

head of Tupac's label,
Death Row Records...

Knight behind the wheel

of a hit-and-run
in Compton, California.

Let me tell you like this,
I know people say don't curse,

but I'm a fuckup.

When Suge Knight do something,
they know I'm a fuckup,

so it ain't no big problem.

Now, if a fuckup like me
can do something and make it,

anybody can make it.

Happy birthday, Suge Knight.

Treyway shit, man.
Happy birthday, Suge.

Shout out.
Thanks for the love, Suge.

Appreciate that call
last night.

Fuck Suge, nigga.

You know, can't run no Suge,
know what I'm saying?

Like, you trying
to be somebody else, nigga.

Nigga, be you.

You know, come on, man.

He tried to make
his own Treyway,

like, a--his own LLC,
after I did the corporation.

[DJ Pvnch] That's what started
a lot of the conflict

with Seqo and Shotti, because
they both have Treyway,

and they both
have different visions

for what they have
for Treyway,

and then they
spell it different.

I-I know that that created
a conflict with both of them.

[Seqo] Can't be
two Treyways, nigga.

Fuck are you talking about?

Like, there can't be
two Seqo Billys.

Know what I'm saying?

If it is two Seqo Billys,
we gotta fight for that.

[indistinct], man.

Look how-look how-look how
the homie living.

He invited you people
into his house

-on his fucking special day.
-[man] Talk that talk, Shotti.

Praise the Lord
on his special day.

-[man] Hallelujah.
-You feel me?

[DJ Pvnch] Tekashi would
play the chessboard

against everyone.

I started to really watch
how he dealt with people.

He's very, very chessboard-ish,
you know what I mean,


I know who's the back line,
I know who's the pawns.

[indistinct chatter]

Tekashi would
cut people off around him

and kind of be like,
"Look, Shotti, yo,

tell Seqo I don't
want him around,"

and Shotti would enforce it.

To be real, that's where
Shotti started losing

a lot of friends.

electronic hip-hop music

[man] Sick.

I said motherfucking 6ix9ine
in the motherfucking building.

[Billy] In my mind I'm like,
"Why are you just listening

to everything Shotti say
all of a sudden?

What the hell are you
talking about?"

Danny, he don't wanna
be controlled.

He's another person
that hate to be controlled

or told what to do.

He felt like,
"Man, Shotti don't care.

Shotti with everything
I'm with.

All the bullshit
and shenanigans

that I could come up with,
he's approving of it."

So it kind of, like, drifted
him more to Shotti and stuff,

you know?

[Seqo] Niggas gonna do
what they do.

I felt betrayed.
I was like, "Damn, son."

Nigga dead.
Nigga played me.

That's how I felt.

Nigga played me,
know what I'm saying?

tense music

[Tekashi] I don't think
y'all know how hard it is

to make fucking Billboard
in the first place is.

We six for fucking six, nigga.

Take your hat off.
Six for what?

-We six for six.
-Six for what?

Fucking talk about,
six for six, Blood.

Six for six.

We fucking six
for fucking six, man.

[Shotti] This is New York shit
right here.

Fucking New York shit.

This is the shit
that's happening, man.

I stopped coming around,

'cause I saw,
you know what I'm saying,

what was--what was going on.

The Temptations' "Just My
Imagination" playing



[Ron] Police have analysts
that their job solely

is social media.

You just look at social media
every day.

After shootings,
high-profile incidents.

Most of the time,
it's out there so much

that they don't really
have to work hard these days.

Casanova, you big stuffy bitch!

-Treyway shit, man.

I don't give a fuck about y'all
niggas feelings, my nigga.

I'm a gangsta,
and when you see me, man,

I'll knock your
motherfucking teeth out.

But it was just
my imagination

Runnin' away with me...

[Brendan] We knew he was
affiliated with gang members,

but we didn't know
to the extent,

and what he didn't know
was that

the gang had already
been under investigation,

and he was basically
the gasoline

on these, like--these embers
that turned it into

a-an entirely different

that was out
of everybody's control.


[reporter] A shooting
near the Barclays Center

right outside
the Atlantic Center Mall.

The gunman seen here,
police say,

still on the loose tonight.

On the receiving end

of those bullets, police say,
a 50-year-old man

hit once in the ankle.

[Tekashi] This how the fuck
we mob, man!

Treyway shit, man!

Jack boy shit, man.

The fucking Barclays, stupid!

[Adam 22] You can be
a famous gang member,

but you can't be
the famous dude

who's really up close
and personal doing the shit

or, like, ordering the hit.

When's the last time you shot?

Who was the last person
you shot?

I know you lying.

But it was just
my imagination once again...

[reporter] Rapper Chief Keef
now back in Los Angeles

after being shot at
in Manhattan.

He believes the shot was fired

because of a beef
with Brooklyn rapper

Tekashi 6ix9ine.

[reporter] What about
this Chief Keef thing, man?

I'm a big fan.
I'm a big fan of Chief Keef.

You're a big fan?

How much you think
a feature cost?

What was the situation?

I don't know,
we don't play with guns, man,

you know what I'm saying?

Tekashi 6ix9ine is for the
kids, you know what I'm saying?

We don't promote
no gun violence,

you know what I'm saying?

[Ron] Just by hanging out
with a Blood member,

calling yourself
a Blood member,

if you are
under investigation,

they're not only
looking at you,

but they're looking
at all the pictures

that are viral,
videos that are viral,

and they're putting
a package together

where they're gonna sweep up
the whole crew.

You can tell 'em you're
a gangster all you want, man,

but telling the feds you're not
is gonna be the hardest part.

Just my imagination

Runnin' away with me

I never met her,
but I can't forget her

Just my imagination

intense music

[crash, glass shatters]

[indistinct chatter]

I mean everything, nigga.
Get out.

Get out, get out,
get in the car, get in the car.

Get in the car, nigga.

Get in the car,
get in the car, get in the car.

All right, get in the car,
get in the car.

He gonna shoot you.
Get in the car, get in the car.

-Get in there, get in there.
-That's what he'll do.

Get the fuck in.

tense music

speaking Spanish

Mega, you played that boy.

Yo, tell 'em pop out
where it's litty at

Really, homie,
Billy dat

Where all
the oh trey biddies at

Gansta party,
that's a Fendi fact

Weed rolled,
where the Henny at

Billy up, Billy dat

Red-Stuy is where
we really at

Billy up nigga,
Billy dat

Tell 'em pop out
where it's litty at

Really homie,
Billy dat

Where all
the oh-trey biddies at

Gansta party, Fendi fact

Weed rolled,
where the Henny at

Billy up, Billy dat

Red-Stuy is where
we really at

Billy up, nigga,
Billy dat

Walk in the spot,
I'm like gimmie dat

Shit match, penny pack

All in designer,
don't skip a rack

Fuck the Balmains,
those don't fit the scrap

Red Chucks low-cut

Laces on the floor,
I'm really Nine Trey

B hop all over nigga face,
ever disrespect the gang

Always red flag
when I Billy Bop

Paint the town red,
make the bitty hot

Bang like them niggas
from Cedar Grove

Trip on my set,
you get pita rolled

Chuck it up, soo-woop

Puss gotta be fat
like a moose knuckle

It's triple fat
like a goose bubble

Lotta raps
let my goons touch you

Put some baby in the kitty
and my apes getting filthy