Supernatural (2005–…): Season 9, Episode 21 - King of the Damned - full transcript

Abaddon makes a deal with Crowley to stop the Winchesters and recover the first blade. Castiel tries to bring Gadreel to his side in the war against Metatron.

Angels are slaughtering
one another.

It's open warfare.

What happened here?

A strange angel arrived.

He said he worked
for the new God.

I will find Metatron,
and I will make him pay.

Lead the angels
against me, Castiel.

I know who you really are.

What is it you want of me,

Rebuild heaven.

You want to be
my second-in-command,

prove you're ready.

When you find him,
say "poughkeepsie."


It's our go word. It means
"drop everything and run."

Take control, Sam!
Cast him out!

Metatron made Gadreel
kill Kevin.

It would explain a lot.

No. Do it!

Kill me!!

Oh, you'd like that,
wouldn't you?

Well, you can sit here and rot.

Was the winchesters grabbing me
part of your plan?

That was a surprise.

But I know something
they don't know...

The ending.

Abaddon. She's a demon...

Who is a knight of hell.

Do you know what I find
the most shocking

about time-traveling
through a closet?

Somebody thought
it was a good idea

to make you the king of hell.

I am your k...

You and I are gonna talk about
a regime change.

A devil's trap
carved into the bullet.

It's gonna keep you
from smoking out.

The knights of hell
aren't exactly the dying kind.

But there is something
that can kill a knight.

The first blade.

It's the bloody mark of Cain.

Without the mark,
the blade is useless.

The mark can be transferred
to someone who's worthy.

But you have to know, with
the mark comes a great burden.

They're seeing hellhounds,
demonic pit bulls.

You can control them?

Sic him, boy!

Look at you. You're a mess.

It's your DNA.

It's my addiction,

it makes you needy.

She reported everything I did
back to Abaddon.

What's that, you say?

"Come in"?

Don't mind if I do.

Who are you?

What do you want?

I'm a friend of the family.

And I want you.

I have no idea who you are.

But you'll be takin'
your leave now. Thank you.

Yes. You're packing.

Sailing for the colonies.

I know all about it.

Change of plans.


What's this, then?

Are we having a party?


A farewell party.

Kah-Nee-Lah, Poo-Goh,


She has a big slice of pizza
in her hand

we just got from the place
around the corner,

And a seagull
landed on her head

and started flapping
and distracted her

while another seagull swooped in. Oh,
I can't tell you how great it feels

to finally have a night off,
right, guys?

Uh, this other seagull came... get
away from all the pressure, you know?

A-anyways, so,
no one had any pizza after that.

'Course, I can't really complain...
You just see the bird...

Being handpicked
by the big man himself.

I'm not really supposed to talk about it.

'Cause it's Metatron.

What about Metatron?

Well, uh...
He's come to depend on me.

So, you know, we're... tight.

And I have to say,

I've come to appreciate
the met-man's vision.

His vision?

He threw us all out of heaven!

No, no, no, no. Big picture.

He's gmng the place
a makeover,

bringing back the chosen few,

starting with
the, uh, chosen chosen few,

if you, uh, know what I mean.

These are dangerous times.

You have to be careful
what you say.

You never know
who might be listening.

I said nothing.

Oh, you said plenty.

Apparently, you felt the need

to discuss your relationship
with Metatron...

His strategies... no.

...priveleged information.

You speak that freely,
and there are consequences,

as you're about to find out.

Is that... him?

It is.


If you'll follow me,
the Commander will see you now.

The Commander?


Um... dismissed.

He can be a little stuffy.

So... Commander?

Yeah, not my idea.

They had no leader, and
they insisted on following me.

Yeah. No, we get it.
You're a rock star.

Bartholomew is dead.

Malachi was murdered
by Gadreel,

and with Metatron as powerful
as he is now,

I needed to do something.

So this war between angels

is really gonna happen, huh?

Not if I can find
a diplomatic option

for getting rid of Metatron.

Good luck with that.

Dean, this angel-on-angel
violence... it has to end.

Someone has to say, "enough."

And that someone is you?

That brings me to
why you're here.

We have a prisoner.

It's an angel
from Metatron's inner circle.

I need to know
what they're planning,

but so far,
he's revealed nothing.

So, you're done
with the rough stuff,

and you want us
to be your goons?

Well, you've had success
at these situations before.

If you don't want to do it,
I understand.

Who says I don't want to do it?

So, here's the thing,
boys and girls...

We have a crisis.

a crisis of my own making.

In my extended absence,

where I handled
sensitive matters of state,

Abaddon made inroads
into my following,

creating chaos.

So I look to you,
my trusted advisors,

to restore confidence,

to soothe those jangled nerves.

Spread the word...
The king is back,

and the kingdom is once again
on sound footing.

So, all those with me,
say "yo!"


I mean, I'm literally with you,
not with you with you.

You betrayed me?

No one in the history
of torture's

been tortured with torture

like the torture
you'll be tortured with.

Relax, everyone.
You did the new Queen a solid.

You are sitting
at the popular kids' table.

Now, Crowley,
let's talk Turkey.

I know you helped
the winchesters

get their hands
on the first blade, yes?

And I'm hearing that one of them
also has the mark of Cain...

All bad news,
since the blade is the one thing

that can bring about my...

Utter destruction.

To be indelicate.

But here's the thing, pet...

Same goes for you.

And once I'm gone,

who do you think's next
on those cute boys' list?

That's right.

So let's get real.

Join me in taking out
the winchesters

and that ridiculous blade,

and then we'll deal
with each other.

To be clear...

I'll not be joining you ever.

at your death scene,

where I shall burst into song.

You have no hold over me.

Oh, no?

Gavin, honey,
say hello to daddy.

How did you... I know a
spell or two, Crowley.

Are you mad?

This is your big card?

The boy and I loathe
each other.

I made it clear in the past...

I don't care what happens
to the little bugger.


But that was before...

Wasn't it?

See, I know all about
your little problem...

Bingeing on blood,

going right to the edge
of being human...

All of those human feelings.

I'm clean.

And I'm willing to bet

that there's a smidgen
of humanity in there somewhere.

Not a chance.

I'm blind!

Help! I beg you!

You know these ghoulish
party tricks don't impress.

Seen worse, done worse.

No! Uh-huh.



You're playing
a weak hand, red!

I beg you!

You've made your point.

Now stop.


You're wasting your time.
I have nothing to say.

We disagree.

There's no use torturing me.
I am a trained commando.

It won't work.


Well, you just asked me
to dance.

Dean! Dean!

He won't be telling us
anything dead.

Besides, you know, I'm...
I'm really starting to realize

that he probably doesn't know

He was probably just pretending
at the bar.

Most likely, he's a nobody.

I mean, do the math.

Ezra here is
one of Metatron's elite posse?


One of Metatron's most trusted

is, uh... is hanging out at
bars, blabbing about the boss.

Does that make any sense?

Well, only if Metatron is purposely
surrounding himself with losers.

Exactly! Right? Yeah.

What's this guy even doing here?
He's a wannabe.

I mean, if he was a key player,

he would be up in heaven
with Metatron

where all the action is.

What if I'm a decoy?

Or in deep cover?

Uh, I-it's pathetic.

Mm, probably hasn't even been to heaven,
not since the fall. Of course not!

Yes, I have.

Buddy, the gates are sealed.

No one can get in.

Who said anything about gates?

You don't need gates
when you have a private portal.


If there was
a doorway on earth,

the angels would've sensed it.

Yeah, you can't hide
something like that. No.

You can if it moves around
from place to place,

if it's wherever
the boss wants it to be.

You are not my father.

My father was Fergus MacLeod,
a simple tailor.

A drunk, a monster.

Sounds about right.

He looked nothing like you,

and I buried him.

A lot can change in 291 years.


Can you cook a pigeon on it?

Not terribly quick, is he?

Holy mother of God!

We're amongst the stars!

Are we in heaven, then?

You must be angels!

Wow. Wow.

I see. I got it.

So, you heard a rumor about
Metatron's "secret portal,"

and you decided to run with it.

It's not a rumor. He showed me.

I get it. He's a fan.

A fan. Yeah. You're a fan.

Just 'cause you're hot
for Metatron...

...or Bieber or Beckham...

Just 'cause you know
everything about them

doesn't mean
that you actually know them.

Or that they even know you exist.
Ooh, that's cold, Sammy.

I'm just sayin', man.

I was interviewed personally
by Metatron for a key post.


Oh, wow. Well, then...
Then maybe you can tell me

why you weren't
at your key post

and you were hanging
down here instead.

Mm. Now, that blows.

He got passed over. Yeah.

I-I was a finalist. Oh, man.

To get so close and
then get kicked downstairs.

It sucks to be you.

Hardly anybody was chosen!

And ground forces is still
a very important assignment.

It was an honor to have even
been considered for the squad.

What "squad"?
There is no squad.

Yeah, says you.
It's a highly guarded secret.


And what you be doing, exactly?


Wait a second.
Just, please, uh...

Clarify this for me.

You desperately wanted
this job,

but you didn't know
what it was?

Well, until you were chosen,

the exact nature of the mission
was kept a secret.

Wow. Wow.

Hardly anyone was chosen.

Dim bulb.
No wonder he got bumped.


"Ground forces"?
"Elite secret squad"?

What's Metatron gearing up for?

I don't know...
Why don't we shove somebody

through the back door of heaven
and find out.

Oh, wait. No.

It's portable
and can't be found.

You sold your soul?!

Sold it?!

For an extra three inches
of Willy?!

Priorities change.

I wasn't the bon vivant
that I am now.

I'll simplify...

My soul did a stint in hell,
where it became demonized.

Then I had to possess
another person

so I could traffic
with the living.

Any of this sticking?

I-I can't be
consorting with a demon!

Not just any demon. I'm the
king... the king of hell!

And there you were,

worried the old man
wouldn't amount to much.

It's unbelievable.

I mean, he was fine
when we left him.

I barely touched the guy.

Still shackled, no weapon.
It wasn't suicide.


This was an angel kill.

Okay. Well, I'm gonna say it.

Maybe your operation's
been hacked.

You know, Metatron's got
somebody on the inside.

I was sure everyone here
was loyal.

Finally united
by a common cause.

Well, that's the problem.

See, you don't think
anybody's lying.

I think everybody's lying.

It's a gift.

Let's do some nosin' around.


You have a moment?

Yeah. What?

I wanted to ask you
about Gadreel,

the time he possessed you.

It's not really
something I like to...

Sam, please.

He didn't possess me

More like we, uh...
Shared housing.

I was still me.

Did you ever sense a presence?

I don't really know
what I felt.

I mean, maybe that I wasn't
completely alone.

Did you ever feel threatened?


More that he...

Wasn't at rest, l-like he had
unfinished business.

Now that we know
more about him,

I-I'd say he felt

But not... not a danger,
not hostile.


I was wrong, obviously.

He killed Kevin.

"Why do I hate you"?!

I mean, I beat you,
starved you,

came home drunk,

beat you some more,

woke up hungover,

and, yeah, I beat you.

In all fairness, I didn't
really have any role models.

My mother was a witch!

I grew up thinkin'...
Knowin' I was nothin'.

Less than nothin'!

You worked me harder
than the horse!

You never let me go to school.

To this day, I can't read!

It's overrated.

Most of Europe couldn't read.

You want to read?


Some buccaneers beat
the saints?

Can this be?

I can read.

King of hell.

Plenty of perks.


If you're a king...

That would make me...


And you say I've never
given you anything.

A title!

And if I was to accept you
as my father,

you could keep me from
eternally burning in hell?

No matter my sins?

You're negotiating with me?

That's my boy.

This might work out.

For the first time
in my entire life,

I can see possibilities,
a future...

Just as soon as you
take me back to my own time

and I can board that ship
for the new world.

Uh, about that ship...

What about the ship?

It's not important.

You can tell Abaddon
I'm ready for that chat.

Thank you for coming.

And thank you for coming alone.

I've seen you through
Sam Winchester's eyes,

and he trusts you.

You have a reputation
for honor.

In some circles.

As for reputations,
yours precedes you.

What happened in the garden
was not my doing.

I know you feel misunderstood.

And you're eager to redeem
yourself and maybe more.

You refer to my support of Metatron's
campaign to rebuild heaven?

Your support?

You've recruited for him,
you've killed for him.

And I know you truly believe
it's for the greater good,

but you've placed your faith
in the wrong master.

You don't know him.

I know him too well, Gadreel!

I made the same mistake,
and it led to the fall.

Which led to my second chance.

This is about more
than just you.

Castiel, are you suggesting
I change loyalties?

I'm suggesting you reclaim
your original loyalty...

To the heaven and mission
we were made to serve.

I thought that was
exactly what I was doing.

You've been deceived.

And as bad as you've had it,

all those centuries
locked away,

it will be much worse
under Metatron.



Give me your hand.

That's it.

Drop the blade, Dean.




What's wrong with you?
You hear your phone?

It's about time.
Where the hell have you been?

I told you I'd be in touch
when I'd found Abaddon.


I'm in touch.

Where are you?

First things first.

I'll give you the location
of the first blade.

You two fetch it,
I'll keep her in my sights,

then we'll remove her
from the payroll for good.

Oh! Come on, Crowley!

You really, uh, uh, have to
hide the blade in a corpse?

Not... not with a corpse
but a corpse?

I got to say, it's not
the first place I'd look.

All right, here we go.


Do you hear that?

I'm guessing Hellhound.

Go. Go!



Damn it, Crowley,
the grave is guarded!

That's absurd.

A Hellhound!

No, no, no, she was collected.

The hell she was! Guys!

Time was, no one would dare
disobey the king.


I'm gonna put you on speaker!


It's papa.

Stand down.

You're welcome.

All right.

Goin' in.

Hey, you know what?
Maybe, uh...

Maybe I should do this.

Sam, it's fine.

I... I-I can safely grab it
without... you know...


Well, let's go kill a
knight of hell, huh? Yeah.

What're you talking about?

Of course I'm boardin' the ship
when I go back!

I want to go back to my life!

It's not a good idea.

I'm going to the colonies.
I'm workin' my way across.

I've given my word!

Gavin, listen to your father.

I know what's... for you.



I hope you were nice
to your father.

What? Shut up.

Look, we got the blade.

You do?

Well, you need to
get it here at once.

Cleveland, humboldt hotel.

Penthouse, of course.

When you get here,
I'll take you to Abaddon.

I'll draw her out,

and then you can skewer
the ignorant hag.

Just selling it.

All right, we're on our way.

Oh, and, Dean,
you need to get a move on.

It's a good day's drive
from poughkeepsie.

What are you talking about?
We're not even near there.

Yeah, like I said,

you need to leave poughkeepsie
right away.

So, we good?



But here's the thing...

You've been plotting with
those boys for some time now.

When they get here,
it'll be you,

the winchesters,
the first blade,

and little, old me
in one place.

Now, I don't mind stiff odds,


...let's be reasonable.


You lost your mind?!

Little trick I learned
from Henry Winchester.

He pulled the same stunt on me.

I had a devil's trap
carved in the bullet.

You're not seriously damaged,

just... powerless.

I had nothing to do with it.

I never would have
agreed to meet

if I thought
concealed assassins

were going to try
and attack you.

I hope you know that.

Why are you telling me this?

Even though you and I are on
opposite sides in this situation,

I believe there must be honor,
even in matters of war.

But what happened... doesn't it
prove my point about Metatron?

You met with me in good faith,

but he lied,
and he used you to get at me.


Just as poor judgement undid you
all those centuries ago,

your mistaken trust in Metatron
will bring you down again.

I gave him my word.

Do you expect me
to come make war on him?

No. Not at all.

I want you to stay
right where you are.

Just give me reports
on what Metatron is planning

and when he will strike.

And the honor we were
speaking of?

Obviously, Metatron has someone
inside my camp.

It's how he knew
we were meeting.

Just fighting fire with fire.

Consider my offer.

All right. Let's do this.

Wait, wait, wait.
Hold on a sec.

We should give this place a
once-over before we go up there.

Okay. Why?

Crowley said he thought he saw some
demons headed down to the basement.

He'd have checked it out

but if word got back to Abaddon
that he'd been seen...

When did he say all this?
On the phone.

Look, it might mean that
she knows that he's here, okay?

So why don't you
check out the basement.

I'll, uh, take a look
on the main floor.

Hello, Dean.

Love the crazy bloodlust
in your eyes.

Let's not waste time.

I'll take you to Abaddon.

It's not far.

A boy and his blade.

And still no match
for the new Queen.

So, first...

You'll die...


And then Crowley will watch
his son die...


And then the king himself.

And blade destroyed.

That's quite a to-do list.



Dean! Stop!

You can stop.

You could at least... aah!...

Help me with this.

We didn't kill you, Crowley,

even though it would've
been very easy.

Isn't that enough?

You owe me.

Do I get no credit
for warning you this was a trap?

"Poughkeepsie" ring a bell?

I sense drama.

I just still can't get over
the fact that Crowley has a son.

How's he doing, by the way?


How do you think?

You get that he's got
to go back, right?

To his own time?

If the lad goes back,

his destiny is to board
a ship bound for America.

That ship went down in a storm.

All hands were lost.

He had one chance in this world
to change his life.

You want that
to all end in tragedy?

Well, I don't know
what to tell you.

Them's the rules. He goes back.

The lore all says
the same thing...

You change any one thing
in the past,

the ripple effect impacts
everything that follows.


No one bends the rules like
you two bend the rules.

He's one misfit kid.
He impacts no one.

You don't bend that rule,
okay? You don't.

We'll take him back to the
bunker, figure out the spell.

That's the way it's got to be.

Can I at least say goodbye?

I'll cheer the day

when the last trace of humanity
leaves me.


Damn it, Crowley!

The ship went down?

Well, that's a good fit
with the rest of my life.

Mustn't snivel, Gavin.

It might fit the old life.
This one could be different.

I don't know the first thing
about the 21st century!

You'll be fine.

Just avoid cheap whiskey
and cheap hookers.

Look at me,
getting all fatherly.

So this is goodbye, then?

Yes. Forever.

Unless, of course,
I catch you smoking,

in which case,
I'll smack you stupid.

Goodbye, then.

And thank you...

...father. Whoa, whoa.
Easy, easy.

As you were.

Goodbye, Gavin.

Oh, uh...

Don't go mentioning that
whole "prince of hell" thing.

Doesn't play too well
in most circles.

I didn't tell you
about the warning

because I knew
exactly what you would do.

You would make sure

that you were right alongside me
going in that room.

You mean like we always do?

Because we're
actually partners in this

and we watch
each other's backs?

I don't expect you
to understand.

Try me.

First time I touched
that blade... I knew.

I knew that I wouldn't
be stopped.

I knew
I would take down Abaddon

and anything else if I had to.

And it wasn't a hero thing.

You know, it wasn't...

It was just calm.

I knew.

And I had to
go it alone, Sammy.

Oh. Of course.

So it was just another time
where you had to protect me.

You could've gotten
nabbed by Abaddon,

and she could've
bargained her way out.

We couldn't afford
to screw this up.


I'm glad it worked out,
okay? I am.

And I'm glad the blade gives you
strength or calm or whatever,

but, Dean, I got to say...

I'm starting to think the blade
is doing something else, too.

Yeah? Like what?

I don't know.
Like, something to you.


I'm thinking
until we know for sure

that we're gonna
kill off Crowley,

why don't we store the blade
somewhere distant?

Lock it up somewhere safe?