Supernatural (2005–…): Season 9, Episode 20 - Bloodlines - full transcript

Sam and Dean visit Chicago and find the city's underbelly is divided between powerful clans of monsters, including werewolves and shape-shifters.

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It's all right.

You're beautiful.

Look, Ross, if you think
laying it on thick like that's

gonna get you somewhere

- I'm right?'re totally right.

Okay, spill.
Why are we here?

Hold that thought.

Mr. Ross,
I hear it's a big night.

Yeah. The biggest.

Can you put this
in a glass of champagne?

- Something nice?
- How unique.

- MAN: Hey!

Long time no see.

Too long, Maurice.
How you been, man?

- Good, how are you doing?
- Good. Good to see you.

Dude. Man, we were just talking.

You got a problem?

Chill out, Marv.

It's all good, yeah?

- Yeah.
- MAURICE: This way, gentlemen.

- How you been?
- Good, Mr. Lassiter. Good.

Sometimes you give,
and sometimes you get, huh?

And sometimes you really get.




Hey, Mindy. You miss me?

- Aw...

I liked you as a blond.


I hear they have more fun.

Hello, Julian.

I'm not looking for trouble.
I just want a drink.

And I want
to eat Taylor Swift's heart,

but we can't always get
what we want.

Now get your shifter ass
out of here.


I wasn't asking.

You werewolves.

You think you're so special,

when really
you're just sons of bitches.



That all you got?

Oh, trust me, slugger.

I got more.

So much more.

Where you goin', Old Yeller?





Ennis! Where are we going?

That place... it wasn't us.

So, you drag me
to a ferry stop, why?

We met on a ferry.

That field trip?
Fifth grade?

You had your hair in braids,

And I couldn't take my eyes off you.

Tam, this is us.


Oh, my God!


Call 911!

Call 911!


SAL: David...

I'm sorry.

- David? Who's David?
- I didn't have a choice.


Tamara! Tamara!

No! Ah!

No! No!






What are you doing here?

Uh... My office.

Why aren't you at lunch?


I thought you and your wife
had gone away for the weekend.

We have. We are.

I just forgot something.

Don't worry about it.



Matt? It's David Lassiter.

Spread the word.
I've got answers to the math final.

Fifty bucks a pop.



Teddy's House of Piñatas,
Cinnamon speaking.

WOMAN: Not funny, David.
Where the hell are you?

- You need to come home.
- Margo. Margo. Slow down.

David, listen to me.
You have to come home now.

What do you mean?

- It's about Sal.
- What about Sal?

Our brother's dead.

I know what I saw.

And you're sure?

I mean... sure?

'Cause, what you're tellin' me,
about this faceless whatever-it-is?

ENNIS: That thing had claws.

Look, maybe you got confused.

You know, maybe it was
some banger with a knife.

- I know what I saw.
- I am trying to help.

- By calling me a liar?
- Wow. You are just like your old man.

Nate Ross was a great cop.

Taught me everything I know.

But his temper
never did him any favors.

Look, you had a tough break,
losin' your dad as young as you did.

And I have done all I can to help.
But if you go off half-cocked,

spouting this monster crap
or doing something stupid,

I can't help you anymore, Ennis.

I know what I saw.


Agents Bonham and Peart, FBI.
We will take it from here.

MAN: Like hell you will.

Since when did the feeb
start working stabbings?

Listen, Detective...

...your perp fits a certain profile.

Now, I could go into detail,
but I'm not going to.

All right.
Let's talk about last night.


So you can call me crazy, too?

Try us.

And when I got to her...


There is nothing
you could've done.

That supposed to
make me feel better?

Look, this thing wasn't human.

So what are you
gonna do about it?

I don't know what to tell you, kid.

There's no such thing
as monsters.



MAN: Margo, calm down.

MARGO: Don't tell me
to calm down, Detective.

Just tell me,
the ghouls, are they with us?

- Maybe.
- Maybe?

We don't pay you
for "maybe," Freddie.

Cut to the chase.

All right, well,
with your pop the way he is,

and now that Sal's gone,
the families have concerns.

Tell the ghouls, the Djinn,
and whoever, I run this family now.

So they can either back us,
or I'll bend 'em over,

jam a.45 elbow deep,
and empty the damn clip.


You actually came.

Welcome home, David.

Hey, I'm sorry about Sal.
He was a... He was a good one.

- What happened to him?
- Julian Duval happened.

He and Sal had words
in the backroom of II Secundo,

then the wolf circled around
and tore that place apart.

He clawed out Sal's heart,
and he will bleed for that.

Maybe you can talk some sense
into her,

'cause I sure as hell can't.

DAVID: Margo?

What's with the NRA Christmas
in here?

- What are you doing?
- We're going to war.

You don't like it, talk to Dad.


DAVID: I didn't know Pop
was this bad.

You've been gone three years.
Things change.

Margo, are you sure it was Julian?

- Costa's got a witness.
- That saw Julian?

He hated Sal.

You knew it, I knew it.
The whole damn city knew it.

The dick saw his shot,
and he took it.

- That's a "no."
- The mutt gutted our brother!

You don't know that!

- And if the werewolves did this...
- lf? Look at you.

Falling all over yourself
to defend the family

that's had their foot
on our neck for years.

It's just like old times.

Oh, by the way...

...your ex is getting married.

You know that, right?

Her father pimped her out
to the New York wolves

to seal some deal.

I'm not saying don't fight.

I'm saying be smart.

Find out what happened.

- And if Julian did this.
- Yeah, you'll what?

David, come on.
You don't want this.

You ran away to be a human.

You always had a soft spot for 'em.

Look, you're out.

Stay out.


You're sure
I can't get you anything?

Bourbon? Blood?

I'm fine.

Do you really think
the shifters will make a move?

Margo is not stupid.

WOMAN: Julian.

- Not now, Violet.
- We need to talk. Please.

I just heard Sal Lassiter's dead.

Oh, dear.
Whatever shall I do?

- Did you kill him?
- No.

From the look of his body,
Sal died quick.

- Wait, you saw his body?
- I'm thorough, aren't I?

- Then who killed him?
- Like I care.

Why are you meeting
with the Djinn?

Because that whore,
Margo Lassiter, wants me dead.

She thinks I sliced up her brother,

and I'm not gonna tell her
any different.

After what those shifters have done,

chipping away at our territory,
insulting us...

There's a war coming.

And I need Tattoos in there
on my side.

- Wait, Julian, stop...
- What do you think you're doing?

You're the bitch in this pack,

Yourjob is to be pretty and silent.

So war, no war...
you don't get a vote.



- No! No!






Chicago PD!
Stay right where you are!

I don't think so.

- What the?



He looks better with a little
off the top, don't you think?


You want to run, now's the time.

I'm not going anywhere

until someone tells me
what the hell's going on.

- You should go.
- No.

All right, Sammy,
give him the talk.

All right, look,
my name is Sam Winchester.

That's my brother, Dean.

We, uh...

We kill vampires.

And werewolves,
and demons, and...

Basically, we chase down evil
and we cut its head off.

So you're, what,
monster cops?


Then what killed my girlfriend?

DEAN: We're working on it, okay?

And from what you told us...
this thing sounds new.

Or Freddy Krueger.

What about that guy
I saw in the mirror,

with... with the messed-up face?

It's probably a wraith.

Look, a lot of these things,
they can look human

until you catch them in a mirror
or sometimes a camera.

So, you find this...
this whatever, and you're...

You're gonna chop its head off?

Yeah, or sometimes,
when in doubt, try a silver bullet.

- DEAN: Hey, Sammy.
- SAM: Yep?

This is full of blood and meat.

A lot of meat.
Actually, this one...

This one's labeled "Susan."

What is this,
some kind of backroom...

Monster VIP.

Yeah, well, if it is,
and Sal Lassiter was here...

Then he's not human.

So, what, we got monsters
killing monsters now?

SAM: Maybe.

- We got to see the body.
- I'm coming with you.

- No. You're gonna stay.
- Or what? Huh?

You gonna hurt me?

Kill the girl I love?

Ruin my damn life?

Yeah, you're too late.

Ennis, listen. I get it.

Believe me, I've been there.

But what we do,
it's messed up.

So do yourself a favor
and stay out.

You can get hurt, too.





- Hey. Can we talk?
- About what?

Last night.

This thing you think killed Tamara,
what'd it look like?


You said it was
"some banger with a knife."

Chasing down every lead, kid.



Like I told you,
it didn't have much of a face.

He... it... whatever, say anything?

- I told you that, too.
- Then tell me again.

Hey, if you got the time,
why don't you hang around?

Dad's working the graveyard,
but he'll be home soon.

And he'd love to see you.

Sure. Be good to see him, too.

Sorry. Text.


No worries.

Look, Ennis, I...
I know this is hard.

See... that thing slashed up
my jacket pretty good.

Forensics went over it, but...
Well, you want to see?

That'd be great.

I appreciate this, kid.



Look, there's a silver bullet
in this gun!

Ennis. Ennis, don't.

You're not Freddie Costa,
so who are you?

My name is David Lassiter.
I'm a shapeshifter.

- You're a what?!
- We shift our shape.

It's kinda all there in the name.

Sal Lassiter was my brother.

I'm just trying to find out
who killed him.

So you slap on
somebody else's face, huh?

It's kind of my go-to.

Look, I read the police report.
I know you lost someone, too.

Shut up!
See, you don't talk about her!

You know what's going on
out there?

Do you have any idea?

Freaks. Hunters.
Yeah, I got the basics.



You are so in over your head.

Let me give you the short version.

Chicago is divided up
between five monster families.

- What? Is that ajoke?
- Do you hear a laugh track?

- What about the police?
- We own the police.

Look, I'm talking shakedowns,
organ trafficking.

The werewolves
run the Gold Coast,

the Djinn owning the South Side.

But we want to keep a low
profile, so... we keep the peace.

And human casualties
to a minimum.

- A minimum?
- Look, I don't like it either, okay?

But you know
what's behind door number two?


That's blood,
human and monster, in the street.

And right now?

There's exactly one guy
trying to stop it.


You know, good for you.

I'd slow clap, but, well,
my hands are a little full.

Just stay out of it, okay?

These cuts
are flecked with silver.

How do you know?

- Because it burns.
- So?

Julian Duval hasn't got silver claws.

He's a werewolf.

Hey! Hey!

So, get this.

The... coroner says this guy,
this... Julian Duval,

shows up, drops three grand
to see Sal's corpse.

And he lives in a friggin' castle.

- Who is this guy?
- Well, if we're lucky,

someone who knows what happened
in that monster bar.


You can cut the act, David.

- DAVID: How did you...
- I know you.

Yeah, well, ditto.

Is the real butler okay?

He's resting.

- Locked in a closet.
- You shouldn't be here.

You think I want to be here?

It's about Sal.

I heard. I'm so sorry.

- Julian didn't do it.
- Yeah, I know.

That's why I need you
to talk your brother,

get him to a have a sit-down
with Margo,

so they can just work
this crap out.

- There's no way that's happening.
- We can stop a war, Violet.

One, Julian doesn't want
to stop this, and second, how?

You're a runaway and I'm...

I'm a bitch. We don't matter.

What's wrong with you?

Since when
do you play their game?

And since when do you let your dad
sell you to some dick from New York?

- You think I had a choice?!
- You did!

Union Station. Midnight.
You had a choice.


You're the one
who said we should go away,

live a normal life.

You set the time, the place...

...and I was there.

Where were you?





Violet! Violet!


- What the hell's going on?
- It took her.

- Wait, who are you?
- His name's David Lassiter.

- He's a shapeshifter.

We got to go. Now! Let's go!

All right, everybody out.

So you're tellin' me
there are five monster families

that run Chicago?

What is this,
The Godfather with fangs?

Well, if it is, I'm gonna need
all the help I can get.

Well, he doesn't quit.
I'll give him that.

Violet's not picking up.

Wait, so this girl,
she's a shifter, too?


BOTH: Awesome.

If she has her cell,
we could trace the signal.

Yeah, you might be right.

All right.
What's her number?

Take me with you,
and it's all yours.


Oh, hell no!

Dude, he's a freakin' Transformer.

And sometimes you
got to work with the bad guys

to get to the worse guys.

Dude, I'm right here.

Yeah, I see you.




MAN: You think I'm some freak... you.

But I'm not.

I'm just a man...

...with some fun... little toys.

Signal's coming from in there.


Thanks for... you know.

And about your girlfriend, I'm...

Look, I don't need
no apology from you.

I lost someone, too, okay?

But I'm trying here.

I'm sorry about your brother.

He spoke about you at the end.

He said, "David, I'm sorry.
I didn't have a choice."


All right, you guys
can kiss and make up later.

We got work to do. Come on.


It burns if you're evil.

If you're a monster.


- No! No!

Look at him!

He was my son.

And your brother
and the shifter, Lassiter...

They ripped him apart.

The police told me
that it was a wild animal.

And I believed them for years.

But now I know the truth.

Please, Sal and Julian
hated each other,

and neither of them
would hurt a kid.

Why should I believe you?
You're dead.

Tomorrow, they will find
pieces of you all over town.

Oh, won't the doggies be mad?

That's what you want.

You're trying to start a war.

When freaks start killin' freaks,
we win.


Once this starts, do you
have any idea how many people...

how many children will die?


All right, you're with me, Romeo.

Sounds good, Buffy.






I'm so sorry, Violet.


Guess I'm gonna have to make
an example of you, too.

- No!
- Don't hurt her!



'Cause she's your girlfriend?

Yeah, I heard you talking.

Real sweet.
Hell, it was almost human.



Here's the thing.

You can look human
and act human...

...but deep down?
You're just a monster.



Violet, no! Please!

Please! Violet.



It's all right.
It's all right.


What'd we miss?

I know you.

I'm sorry about your girl.

But she was in the way.

You understand.
I know you do.

They're monsters!

I only see one monster here.

- You all right?
- I will be.

- Are you?
- I'll get back to you on that.

Sal... he said he was sorry.

Those were his last words.

"David, I'm sorry.
I didn't have a choice."

But Sal never
did anything to me.

Why would he say that?

Sal, what are you do...

He's not coming, is he?

David'll be here in a few minutes.

You won't be.

Why are you doing this?

'Cause he's
my little brother, Violet.

It's my job to protect him.

It's my job
to keep our blood pure.

You believe that bloodline crap?

We all do.

everyone knowing our place.

It's the one thing
we all agree on.

If your people find out
you ran off with a shifter,

they'll be lookin' for payback.

And they'll come after my family.

And then it's nothin' but bad times
and dead bodies on both sides.

David wants to go straight,
that's his call.

But he does it alone.

So you have a choice, Violet.

You could either
walk out of here alive...

...or I'll take you out and dump
what's left of you in the lake.


I love him.

I wish that mattered.

DAVID: Even after I left the family,
I knew if things got bad,

that Sal would always have my back.


What did he mean?

I don't know.

I should go.

Sure. Right.
That's what you do best.







(WEAKLY) Your sister.
She wants war.

You have to stop her.

All this was some...
messed-up guy.

The Duvals are clean.

Fine. We done?

And I'm coming back
to the family.

I thought you were out.

Well, now I'm back in.

I've waited a long time
to hear you say that.

Welcome home, David.


You live here alone?

My sister's
on the other side of town,

my mom's out of the picture,
and my dad...

Well, he died.

Line of duty.
A long time ago.

- I'm sorry to hear that.


- ENNIS: So, what's next?
- SAM: Nothing, you're done.


We're on our way. Yeah.

- Just give me a second.

- SAM: Yeah?
- DEAN: We've got a gig.

You want to leave?

Dean, this city
is crawling with monsters.

Cass has a line on Metatron.

This is what
we've been waiting for.

This is our shot, Sam.

You're going?

Look, we'II... We'll call in
some other hunters, some pros,

and download them on the monster
mob situation, all of it.

- Look, guys, I could...
- Ennis, seriously. Don't.

You get into this too deep,
there's no getting out.

ENNIS: But I couldn't walk away.

This is my fight now.

Hell, it's a damn war,
and I got to start somewhere.


- Hello?
- MAN: What are you doing?

Who is this?

If you start hunting,
the monsters will kill you.

- Dad?

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