Supernatural (2005–…): Season 8, Episode 8 - Hunteri Heroici - full transcript

Castiel decides to become a hunter, like Sam and Dean. But his first day on the job is a doozy when they investigate a series of murders caused by old cartoon gags. Meanwhile, Sam thinks back to his first time meeting Amelia's father.

You have no one at all, right?

My husband.

He died in Afghanistan
eight months ago.

- Cass.
- Hello, Dean.

Getting me out of purgatory
wasn't your responsibility.

I pulled away. I needed to do penance.

For the things I did on Earth
and in heaven.

How the hell did you make it out?

My name is Naomi. We rescued you.

Consider these chats your repayment.

You will report to me regularly,
and you will never remember having done so.



After last time,
I didn't think that you would come.

I wasn't going to, but...

I'm glad you did.

So am I.

Do you hear that?

- What?
- The thumping noise.

Is? Is that you?

You can hear that?


- Ow.
- Gary.

Gary, what is it? Wha...?

Gary. Gary!

Right, yeah. No, just, uh...

Just call us whenever
you find something. Yeah.

Yeah. Of course.

Right, no, I, uh...

Yeah. Hey, you know what?
Dean's here.

He really wants to talk to you.

Miss Tran, yeah, hi...


What's going on in Tran-Land?

Garth, uh, got them to his houseboat,
but Kevin's having a lot of trouble...

...reading their half of the tablet.
So far, bits and pieces.

Nothing about boarding up hell.

Garth has a safe-house boat?

Dude, I don't even ask questions anymore.

What's the word, Cass?

It's a shortened version of my name.

Yes, it is.
I meant what's the word on the Word?

Any, uh, tablet chatter on angel radio?

Oh, I couldn't say. I turned that off.

- You can do that?
- It's blocking out subsonic frequencies.

- I could draw a diagram if you want...
- No, that's... We're good.

Why'd you flip the switch?

Because it's a direct link to heaven.

And I don't want anything to do
with that place. Not anymore.

So, what now? Move to Vermont,
open up a charming B and B?

No. I still want...

I still need to help people.

So I'm gonna become a hunter.

- Really?
- Yeah. I could be your third wheel.

- You know that's not a good thing?
- It is.

A third wheel adds extra grip,
greater stability.

I even found a case.

Oklahoma City.
A man's heart jumped 10 feet out of his chest.

It sounds like our kind of thing, right?

- He's got a point.
- Excellent.

- I'll see you there.
- Wait, Cass.

Cass. You wanna play cowboys
and bloodsuckers, that's fine.

But you're gonna stick with us.
None of this zapping around crap. Capiche?

Yeah, I capiche.

All right, then.

Can I, uh, at least ride in the front seat?


Coroner said his heart was ejected
from his body.

Got some air too.
Found it in a sandbox.

Any idea what happened, detective?

A lot of people are thinking drugs,
Agent Nash. An assload of drugs.

There are no narcotics in that man's system.
His molecules are all wrong.

But you don't think that, huh?

Never seen an eight ball do that.


- Who called this in?
- Friend of his named Olivia Kopple.

She saw the whole thing.

Oh. Uh, I have to take this.
Here's everything we got. Knock yourself out.

- Thanks.
- Listen, you see anything weird...

...anything out of the box,
you just call me.

Whatever you say, Scully.

Detective Glass. On my way.

I can't sense any EMF or sulfur.

Mr. Frieling's arterial health is excellent.


He did recently suffer from a mild, uh...

What is that?

- Bladder infection.
- Cass, stop smelling the dead guy.

Why? Now I know everything
about this man. So we can...

Do you know he was having an affair?

- What?
- Strike one, Sherlock.

According to Olivia, they would meet
at the park every Thursday at 12:45...

...walk to the Moonlight Diner, where she
ordered a salad, dressing on the side.

They would chat about everything,
and she'd be back on the road by 1:30.

- You don't think she's telling the truth.
- Too much detail. Sounds rehearsed.

Plus, we drove past the Moonlight Diner
on the way into town.

It's attached to the Moonlight Motel.

Okay, well, let's say
that Gary here's on the prowl...

...but he's playing it safe because, ha, ha...

Dude's married.
Doesn't want anyone to see his ride...

...parked out in front
of a by-the-hour fleabag.

He stashes his car at the park
across the street, meets Olivia.

- Wife found out. It broke her heart.
- So she breaks his.

- Sounds witchy.
- Yes, it does.

Heh. Guy was living a lie.
It came back to bite him in the ticker.

But nice job on the bladder infection.

He said he'd be here by 5.

Uh, just deep breath.

- It's gonna be okay.
- I know.

It's just this house, you.

He's gonna think
we're moving too fast.

Are we moving too fast?

We're making up for lost time.

Don't talk politics.

Don't say anything bad
about the Cowboys.

And whatever you do, don't.

Do not use the words "moist"
or "irregardless."

There goes my opener.

Hi, Dad!

Oh, munchkin!

Okay, embarrassing.

That is my job, kiddo.

So who's this handsome fella?

Yeah, he's a good boy.

How you doing there?
You're beautiful.

That good boy
belongs to this good boy.

Stan Thompson,
this is Sam Winchester.

- Hi. I heard a lot about you.
- Not all bad, I hope.

So this is a nice place.
Lawn could use a mow.

Sam found it.

I've been so busy lately.

He's had to move us in by himself,
pretty much.

Job almost well done.

Do you want a drink, Dad?

- We have beer, iced tea...
- Anything cold will be fantastic.

- Thank you, sweetheart.
- Okay.

Mr. Thompson, um, I just...

I know this must be weird.
You haven't seen Amelia in months.

Now she's living with a guy
you've never met.

Ame said you went to Stanford.

- I did.
- It's a good school.

- It is.
- So, what do you do now?

I work at a motel in town.


Balancing the books? Heh.

Uh, no. Maintenance mostly.


Well, that makes sense.

Because I gotta say, Sam,
you look like a real fixer-upper to me.

I don't understand. Gary had a heart attack.
Why would the FBI...?

Parks are government property.
We just got a few questions for you.

I'll, uh...

I'll handle this. I've done research.
I can crack her.

Now, Miss Frieling.

I don't wanna bother you.
I really don't.

But I do have just one question for you.

- Why did you kill your husband?
- Agent Stills. A word, please.


- I was being bad cop.
- You were being bad everything.

Please, forgive my partner.
He's, uh, going through some stuff.

- Listen to Sam.
- What he was trying to ask is... there any way Gary might
have had secrets?

Something he was hiding?

Hiding? Like what?


- Olivia.
- Hey.

Are you okay?

As in mistress Olivia?

This is awkward.

I'm sorry.
What did you think Gary was hiding?

That he was sleeping with her.

- Ahem.
- I know.

You know?

Gary and I...

We had an arrangement.

He was seeing Olivia...

...and I was spending some time
with our neighbor PJ.

- Ahem. I'll put this in the kitchen. Yeah.
- I'll help. Okay.

- Friggin' suburbs, man.
- So she's not a witch.

Just the best wife ever.

- Then what killed her husband?
- Who gives a...?

It's a miracle!

God wants me to live!

Looks like suicide.

It was. Guy left a note.
He invested everything in Roman Industries.

- Lost it all when they crashed last year.
- So why call us?

I have two witnesses who swear...

...that Madoff here floated in midair
for a good 10 seconds...

...then he looked down, and splat.

Not sure, but the way they're talking,
sounds like straight out of...

- Cartoon.
- Hey, detective.

- You said you wanted weird.
- Thanks.

- Yeah, what do you got?
- She's right.

The whole heart jumping
out of the guy's chest...

...the delayed fall,
that's straight-up Bugs Bunny.

So we're looking for some sort
of insect-rabbit hybrid?

- How do we kill it?
- No, we don't, Cass.

That's a character,
like Woody Woodpecker or Daffy Duck.

They're little animated movies.
You know, the coyote chases a roadrunner...

...and then the anvil gets dropped
on his head.

- Is it supposed to be funny?
- No.

It's hilarious.

Stay tuned, kids! We'll be right back!

I understand.

The bird represents God...

...and coyote is man,
endlessly chasing the divine...

...yet never able to catch him.

It's hilarious.

I got no idea what we're hunting.
Maybe it's a tulpa, some crazy god...

...who watched
too much Robot Chicken. I...

There a link between "Heartbreak Hotel"
and "Free Fallin"'?

Not that I can find.

All right, well, I'm gonna call it.
Cass, you gonna book a room or what?

No, I'll stay here.

Yeah, we'll have a slumber party...

...braid Sam's hair.
Where are you gonna sleep?

I don't sleep.

- Okay, well, I need my four hours, so...
- I'll watch over you.

That's not gonna happen.

Something's coming across the police band.

- Wait, you can hear that?
- It's all waves.

A bank has been robbed.

It sounds loony.

Define loony.

That's loony, all right.

I was just about to give you a ring.

Gotta ask. Do you boys chase the crazy
or does the crazy chase you?

- Depends on the day.
- Who's the pancake?

Security guard.
He called in reporting a robbery.

- By the time we got here...
- A robbery?

Black Hole was trying to open
a safe deposit box...

...when Mr. Rent-A-Cop found him and...
Well, you know how that story ends.

Black Hole?

Our name for a burglar
that's running us ragged.

He's a pro. No fingerprints,
never any sign of forced entry.

Just a pair of those every time.

Like he's signing his work.

Perp's never done anything
like this before, though. Obviously.

You mind if I take a look at your files
on those other break-ins?

No skin off my nose.
I'm headed to the station. Want a ride?


Hey. Can you lift this?

X marks the spot.

Whoever's doing this
is playing by cartoon rules.

- Animation doesn't have rules.
- Sure it does. In Toontown...

...a girl can make your heart leap out
of your chest, anvils fall from the sky.

And if you draw a door
or a black hole on the wall... can stroll right through it.

So this is how the thief got in.

And out.

And cracked the vault.

Then why isn't it working now?

I got no clue.

Your father...

Beautiful handwriting.

How you feeling, Cass?


Well, I just... I know that when...

...I got puked out of purgatory,
it took me a few weeks to find my sea legs.

I'm fine.

Don't get me wrong.
I'm happy you're back.

I'm friggin' thrilled.

It's just this whole
mysterious-resurrection thing.

It always has
one mother of a downside.

- What do you want me to do?
- Maybe take a trip upstairs.

- To heaven?
- Poke around, see if the God squad...

...can't tell us how you got out.
- No.

Look, man, I hate those flying-ass
monkeys just as much as you do, but...

Dean! I said no!

Talk to me.

Dean, I...

When I was bad
and I had all those things...

...the Leviathans, writhing inside me...

...I caused a lot of suffering
on Earth...

...but I devastated heaven.

I vaporized
thousands of my own kind...

...and I can't go back.

If you do, the angels will kill you.

Because if I see what heaven's become,
what I...

What I made of it...

...I'm afraid I might kill myself.


- Got something.
- Good.

Excellent. What?

So this Black Hole guy,
before he tried the bank...

...he robbed a house.

Across from the park
where Gary blew a gasket.

So, what, you think the house heist
and Gary's corpse are connected?

According to the file,
they happened at the exact same time.

Here. Check this out. Okay.

Here's the house,
and Gary died across the street here.

That building from this morning,
right there. Black Hole hit that too.

Let me guess. Where what's-his-name
took a swan dive.

All right, I'll bite.
What about the others?

Those are the places that stuff got stolen.
But nobody got dead.

Take away the graffiti...

...and these all look
like just normal smash-and-grabs.

But I made a few phone calls...

...talked to some people who were
nearby, neighbors and whatnot.

- And they reported a whole lot of crazy.
- Like?

Like a jogger bumping his head
and sprouting a 4-inch lump.

Or a kid walking into a wall
and hearing birdies.

For 50 yards around each robbery,
people were living in a cartoon.

But it didn't last long.
Five, 10 minutes at each place.

The time it would take a thief
to get in and out.

Exactly. But whatever power he's using,
it's not targeted.

I mean,
it's kind of like an area of effect.

I mean,
picture him in a bubble of weird...

...and anything that touches it
gets daffy.

So this Animaniac can step
through walls, can toss an anvil?

But he's warping reality to do it.
So if someone happens to be nearby...

...meeting the girl of his dreams...
- His heart makes a break for it.

Okay, so smashing the rent-a-cop,
that was on purpose...

...but the rest of them,
is that just collateral weird?

- Maybe.
- So we're looking for a thief.

And the deposit box he was after.
Ahem. Now, the house, the office...

...every place he's hit belonged
to someone living... the Sunset Fields
retirement home.

- So you think our guy's there?
- Worth a shot.

All right. Well, let's gear up.
It's "wabbit" season.

I don't think you pronounced that correctly.

- Come on, it's not that bad.
- Tell me this joint...

...doesn't give you the heebs
and/or jeebs.

- Hello. Can I help you?
- Hi.


Agent Crosby. FBI.

Sorry, I'm Dr. Dwight Mahoney.
I run Sunset Fields.

We need to question your residents.

Well... Why? About what?

Grand larceny, mostly.

Of course. Ask away. If there's anything
I can do to help, let me know.

- Appreciate it.
- Great.

All right, let's do this.
No flirting, you two.

You are so pretty, Charles.

That's not my name.


You look so much
like my third husband.

We're here to talk
about the robbery, ma'am.


Mm-hm. The one the police talked to you
about a few days ago.

Someone broke into your old house
and stole a stack of bearer bonds...

...and some jewelry you stashed
under your floorboards.

Oh, my diamonds, yes.

I hid them there.

I'm sorry, Charles. I didn't trust you.

You were quite the bounder.

Did you tell anyone
where your valuables were, Mrs. Tate?

I don't think so.

But then I get a little fuzzy

Have you noticed anything strange lately?
Cold spots, smells?

Well, there's the cat.

The cat?

He talks sometimes.

Really hates that mouse.

I'll interrogate the cat.

You all done here?

All right.

It's creepy, right?

A lot of these people, they just tune out
and live in their own heads.

It's like maybe the real world
is too much for them...

...and they just run and hide,
you know?

Soup's on.

And semi-edible.

Ha, ha. You remembered.

Dad was in the Army, so we moved
around a lot when I was a kid.

Spaghetti and hot dogs,
our first night in a new house...

...was sort of a tradition.
- All right. Got it.

My father was in the Marines.

- Jarhead, huh?
- That's right, 2nd battalion...

...1st Marines, Echo company.

I always thought
they were a little puffed up, myself.

But, hey, what do I know?

I'm just an old grunt.

You're my old grunt.

So Ame tells me you never served.

- No.
- See, I find that hard to believe...

...because I gotta say, Sam,
you got the look.

- Look?
- The one guys get after they've been...

...through the meat grinder. Lets you know
they've seen crap they can't forget.

The second their feet hit solid ground,
they start running and they don't stop.

Not till they find something
to hold on to.

You think that's what I'm doing here?

Just holding on?

I think the two of you are holding on
to each other, yeah.

Because I know she's scared.

After what happened to Don,
I don't blame her for taking off.

Needing to run away and hide.
I know why she did it.

The question is
what are you running from, Sam?

Hey, what do you got?

Hey, um, nothing.
No hex bags, no EMF. You?

Nada. Half the folks I talked to
don't even remember being robbed.

Dean, um...

Remember Fred Jones?
A contact of Dad's, lived outside of Salt Lake.

Guy gave me my first beer.
Don't think I was double digits.

Right, yeah. Me too.
Um, he was psychic, right?

Psychokinetic. Why?

Because he's in room 114.

Cass. Let's go.

I've almost cracked him.


Hey. I'm not through with you.


Mr. Jones?

Hey, it's, uh, Sam Winchester.


My nerves! Get me a doctor!

Fred. Hey.

So you really think this one man
is causing all of these shenanigans?

Well, if he is, he'd be surrounded
by a circle of crazy, right?

Hang on.


But how?

Fred's got juice.
An average psychokinetic can move things...

...but a guy like Fred, you get him worked up,
he can reshape reality.

- So where's his off switch?
- I don't know.

I'm not even certain
if he knows we're here.

Do we kill him?

Excuse me, agents.

Did he just threaten
to murder one of my patients?

Real friggin' smooth.

Well, we don't have to leave him.
I could teleport him.

Fred's radioactive, Cass. You zap him,
no telling what will happen.

Me and Sam will circle back tonight,
get Fred nice and clean.

You go Invisible Girl
and keep an eye on him. You hear me?


Happy birthday, Sheila.

- The birthday girl.
- Come on, Edmund.

Help her blow the candles. Julia.

- Make a wish.
- Not a day over 70.


Get ready. Big breath.

- Happy birthday.
- Ready?

I'm just gonna wipe this off for you,

I'm just gonna put this on you.

You got my message. Good.

What the hell happened?

- There was a pastry mishap.
- Okay, and?

And the frosting reached
near supersonic speeds.

- Hey. Fred's gone.
- Hey.

- What?
- Fan-friggin-tastic.

Way to take your eye off the ball.

You're not supposed to be here.

- Oh, trust me, you got bigger fish.
- Charles, she's wearing my diamonds.

- Wait.
- What? What's wrong?

This is Mrs. Tate's bracelet.

Where did you get it?

- Answer the question.
- My boyfriend gave it to me.


Bearer bonds.
Maybe these belonged to Sheila Tate.

- So this man is our thief.
- Yeah.




- Stay still.
- What are you...?

Move your hands.

How did you...?

- Guy eats his Wheaties. Come on.
- What...?

- Get up, come on. Sit down.
- Wait a second.

- What did you just do to me?
- Listen to me.

- Where is Fred Jones?
- I... He took him.


Dr. Mahoney. That guy's evil, man, okay?

- He's using Mr. Jones.
- How?

All Fred does is watch cartoons,
but he is magic.

A few weeks ago, I slammed my foot
in his door. I smashed it flat.

When I shook the thing, it popped up.
Like something out of a cartoon.

- Yeah, we know.
- So I told Dr. Mahoney...

...and then he started
doing experiments.

- We wanted to see what he could do.
- What about the robberies?

Mahoney's skimming off Sunset Fields.
Lot of folks got stuff stashed away.

Like off the books.

Mahoney would track down the loot.
We would take Fred for a drive.

Use his bubble of weird to rip people off.
How did you end up gut-shot?

Mahoney. After he anviled that guard,
he started freaking out.

You showed up, and then the cake
blew in the day room, and he lost it.

What does that mean, he lost it?

He's on his way back to the bank
right now for one last score.

Doc's blowing town.

He said that Fred was a loose end.
He was gonna kill him.

I like Fred. I said that if he hurt the guy,
I'd go to the cops.

- And I didn't know that he had a gun.
- Okay.

Do you think Mr. Jones knows
what's happening?

I don't know. Seems to me like
the dude's living in a dream world.

I am trying to help.

And I'll tell you, if Don could see you...

Don't. Just don't.

You can't...

- You need to come home.
- Is that why you're here?

- To drag me back? This is my life.
- This... It won't last.

You are living in a dream world.

I like it here. I like this house.
I like Sam.

Sam is a mess.

I'm a mess.

But when I'm with Sam,
I'm happy, Dad.

And I haven't been happy
in a really long time.

So please,
just, ugh, let us be messes together.

Give us a chance.

I'll dry.

Is that your car outside? The Impala?

Yeah, it was my dad's.

Guy had good taste.

For a jarhead.

All right. Jones has gotta be close.

I'll hit the bank.
You see if you can find him.


Can you feel that, Sam?

The power.

Calamity Jane, for you.

Fred, hey.

Fred. Hey, buddy. Hey.

Hey, Fred? Listen to me.

Can you hear me? Fred!

If we could just talk to him.

Hey, buddy.

Hey, wake up. Wake up... Cass?

Wait. Wait!


Cass, uh...

- Where are we?
- Inside Mr. Jones' mind.

You said you wanted to talk to him.

Who the hell are you?

Fred. Fred, um...

Hey, it's me. I'm, uh... I'm Sam.

Sam Winchester.

John's boy?

- That's right.
- The scrawny one?

It's only been three, four years...

...since I've seen you. You...
- More like 20.

Listen, Fred,
I'm gonna need you to focus.

How did you?

Why are you here, Sam?

What's up, doc?

No, no, no. You're lying!

This is happening, Mr. Jones.
They're using you.

As what?
Some kind of a damn psychic coppertop?

Plug me in, world goes wacky?
It doesn't work that way.

How would you know?
No offense, but it seems to me... you've been spending more time in here
than you have out there.

You wanna know what's the worst thing
that can happen... a guy who's got a mind
like I got?

Losing it.

You let me walk,
and half of this is yours.

I'm gonna pass.
I'm not into stealing from sweet old ladies.

I'm not stealing from them.
I'm stealing from their children.

Bastards think they can drop their folks
off at a home, visit twice a year, maybe.

I took care of all these old geezers.

- I think I deserve...
- I don't care!


Have it your way.

Welcome to the fun house.

Cartoons. I always loved them
when I was a kid. They made me feel...

...happy, safe.

They were...

Something to hold on to.


Give up? I've been dealing
with this crazy for months.

And you idiot bring a gun
to a gag fight.

Yeah, well, I did bring this.

And X marks the spot.

I need you to stop this. Take control.

It's too hard!

Look, it can be nice
living in a dream world.

It can be great, I know that.

And you can hide, and you can pretend
all the crap out there doesn't exist...

...but you can't do it forever...

...because, eventually,
whatever it is you're running from...'ll find you.

It'll come along,
and it'll punch you in the gut.

And then...

Then you gotta wake up.

Because if you don't...

...then trying to keep that dream alive
will destroy you.

It'll destroy everything.

Looks like somebody turned off
the boob tube.


Means I can use this.


You are never going to hurt anyone again.

Well, that's all, folks.

My God.

Fred. You good?

Now I'm good.

In a month, a year...

Nobody gets sharper with age.

I mean, I'm gonna lose control again...

...and somebody's gonna get hurt.


You gotta make it stop.

There might be a way.

The procedure will be painful...

...and when it's over,
I'm not sure how much of you will be left.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Is he, uh?

Is he okay?

He's listening to "Ode to Joy."

He's happy.

All right, well, let's blow this termite terrace.

Cass, you get to ride shotgun.

- You done good.
- Thanks, but I, uh...

I can't come.

I, uh...

Hello, Castiel.

And no.


I can see what you're thinking,
and I won't allow it.

You don't understand.

I have been trying to pretend that
I can escape what I did in heaven.

But I can't.

All that pain that I caused...

I have to come back,
to make things right.

And you are.
By doing what you're told.

Bottom line, unless I ring my bell,
you stay out of heaven, Castiel.

Well, then what should I do?

What do you wanna do?

You what, Cass?
Why can't you come with us?

I, um...

I wanna stay with Mr. Jones.

Someone should watch over him
for a few days just to be safe.

- Okay, and then what?
- Then I'm not sure.

But I know I can't run anymore.

So Ame is playing
the Sugar Plum Fairy.

- Right, right?
- Now, this is her big moment.

- She waddles onto the stage.
- Waddles?

What? You were a chubby kid.
It was adorable.

she waddles up onto the stage...

...and she is dragging
2 feet of toilet paper behind her.


- You remember that?
- Yeah.

Officially the end of her career.

- You want one of these?
- Please, yeah.


My, uh...

My brother used to do that.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

- He a good guy?
- Yeah.

Yeah, he was.

The best. I, uh...

I lost him, and I ran.

I'm sorry to hear about that.


Are you sure?

Oh, God.


Baby? You okay?

It's Don.

He's alive.

Sam, you with me?