Supernatural (2005–…): Season 8, Episode 5 - Blood Brother - full transcript

Given Sam's year off and lover, Dean is furious to be scolded for trailing to help find Kevin for a secret project of his own. It's actually checking up on vampire buddy Benny, who heads back to bayou country to go after his vampire sire Quentin, who still holds his human true love, which Benny wants to save. Dean finds it's a nest of vipers with fangs and helps deal with them.

I don't hunt anymore.
I found something.

What was her name?
- Amelia!

Dean, the year that I took off
I had something I've never had.

- Happy birthday.
- A normal life.

You were in purgatory?

It felt pure.

How'd you get out?

- I got something you need.
- What's that?

I show you the door,
you hump my soul to the other side.

We made it, brother.

Cass? Was he there?

Something happened to him down there.

I'm not leaving here without you.

Kevin Tran, prophet of the Lord.
- It does have a nice ring to it.

Hey. What's it say?

That we shouldn't come looking.
Kevin figures we don't need him.

But Crowley still does.

Hello, Quentin.



- It can't be. You...
- I get the confusion.

You of all people knew
I was really, truly dead.

After all, you held down my legs,
didn't you?

When The Old Man told Sorento
to saw off my head?

Where is he?

Are you serious?

Did you really think
I'd tell you where he is?

Well, I guess I was kind of hoping
you wouldn't.

On the other hand,
I might show you where he is.

After me and my boys
take off your hands and feet.

Well, don't go through all that trouble
on my account.

Please. You go and crawl your way
out of God's ass...

...for another ride
on the merry-go-round?

The Old Mars gonna wanna see this
for himself.

Well, they might be able to kill me.

And that's all right.

Because if they do,
I know exactly where I'm going.

And who I'll see when I get there.

Well, that is twice that he's burned us.
Shame on you.

No, no, no.
I'm the one who said he set us up.

No, you said,
"I wonder if Kevin is setting us up."

Then you started in
with technobabble.

- That was like two states ago.
- Whatever.

Either way, that's another room
billed to one of Kevirs false credit IDs.

And the motel ran his number today.

- Just like he actually checked in.
- Yes.

The kid's like a Rainman.

He's like a crappy
little credit-card-counting...

...criminal prodigy Rainman.

Well, he was in advanced placement.

Shut up. When is that little idiot
gonna stop running from us?

I don't know, Dean.
I mean, you did try to kill his mother.

I was trying to kill Crowley. Okay?

Who happened to be wearing
Kevirs mother at the time.

- Well, there's a difference.
- Apparently not to Kevin.

Oh, I know, maybe because,
oh, yeah, it's his mother.

Hold that thought. No, actually,
you know what? Don't hold that thought.



Uh, hang on. There's not enough bars.


Hey, Dean.

You, um...

You got a minute?

Afraid I messed up, buddy.

What did you do?

No, man. Not like that.

I'm sorry. You took on how many?

- What, are you crazy?

See, the thing is,
my legs ain't working so good.

There's a...

...fuel barge not too far from here.

I'm pretty sure I can make it
at a slow crawl.

I was kind of hoping maybe
I could ask you for one more favor.

And what exactly is that supposed
to mean, you've got to go?

- Which words are giving you trouble?
- We're on the case.

The "Winchester holy grail,
shut the gates of hell" case?

Sure are. But to close the gates of hell
we need our prophet, am I right?

So step one: Find Kevin Tran.

Well, he ain't here.
But he wanted us to be.

Which means we're probably as far away
from him as he could possibly put us.

So step two: Find Kevin Tran.

You mind if I take the Toblerone?

Wait. Dean, seriously?

The trail is dead,
but the room is paid for.

You got research,
I got personal crap I gotta take care of.

What does that mean, personal?

Did you have a stroke?

Vocabulary. Personal.

As in my own, grown-up personal,
I don't know, crap.

- Damn it...
- What, Sam?

Last I counted, you took a year off
from the job. I need a day.

You are a wascally wabbit, Mr. Tran.

Concerned. Ahem.

Not stalking.


Everett. Hey, buddy. You still on duty?


How's your dad?

He's having it rough
on the new regimen.

Can't keep anything down.

That sucks.

Listen, um, I'm gonna stay on another week.

Run it on this card.
I just canceled the one you got on file.

Okay, sure.

Figured you'd have moved on by now.

Right. Well, I'm kind of between jobs, uh...

Plus, uh, Dog has a surgery follow-up
on Tuesday.

Yeah. You really messed up that dog.

Heh. Right. Uh, thanks for that.

Aw, yeah. It's all that thing does.

Piss, moan
and eat up money we ain't got.

You got any tools?

Hell, if you can fix it,
you don't need to go and look for ajob.

You got one here.



Well, looking good.

Up yours.

Wow. You, uh...

...look okay.

Getting there.

Dude, you were double hamstrung.

Yeah, well, a little rest,
a half a cooler full of AB negative...

...most wounds, short of amputation,
will mend up.

Vampirically speaking.


Be a hundred percent
before you know it.

Thank you, brother.

Benny, what's going on?

Oh, your work here is done, Dean.

You already saved the day.

You know, I got my, uh, deal and you got...
What did you call it?

- The family business?
- Benny.

What's going on?

You and that whole friend thing, man.

I gotta admit,
the angel's got his strong points.

But holy hell if he ain't a magnet.

Before we found Cass,
you said my humanity...

...was drawing too much attention.
- Yeah, that too.

Well, I think we're clear
for the moment.

Does present a curious curl
in the metaphysics, doesn't it?

Murder a monster in Monster Heaven,
where does it go?

And this is the crazy aunt
I wanna take on the road?

I am not your aunt.

What? Really?

I have no relationship
to your sibling offspring.

- No, you're kidding.
- Oh, you two are killing me.

I have to agree with the vampire,

The risk of crossing purgatory
with a seraph, it's less than strategic.

When we have no reason to believe I can
pass through the door you're headed for.

You're an intact, living human being
stuck in purgatory's craw.

This dimension wants to spit you out.

Which is exactly what's gonna power
our escape pod.

I'm sure I can squeeze through too...

...because after all,
you take away the fangs and the fun...

...I was born human too.

- But...
- I don't think it will work for me.

You hear what he's telling you?
Your buddy is saying...

Listen, you undead blood junkie.

I'm the one with the mojo.
I'm the one with the plan.

Cass, we're gonna shove your ass
back through the eye of that needle...

...if it kills all three of us.

I'm less than comfortable with that.

Well, it's good to know
you're still dumb as ever.

Well, some things never change.

Now, why are you getting
into machete fights with your own kind?

Quentin, the one I came for,
we were in the same nest.

I'm hunting the vampire
who turned me.

My maker.

Well, now, don't get me wrong,
I'm down with the hunting, but, uh, why?

To kill him before he kills me.



Uh, if you're still on the clock,
lady in 118 said the sink's backed up.

What the hell? What are you doing here?

I knew there was something off, with
your creepy Army Navy, your sideburns.

Stop! Stop.
Um, I'm fixing your sink.


Quentin and I went way back.

One of The Old Mars favorites
next to me, it turns out.

Hey, listen to this.

"Age of Aquarius II, 0800." Then there's
some other numbers all crossed out.

Some other weird names here too.
The Big Mermaid, Solitaire.

It's all crossed out.
Except this one, The Lucky Myra.


Names of yachts.

Lucky Myra, Age of Aquarius II.

Look at this one. Sea You Later,
spelled S-E-A. I mean, come on.

So then these are launch times?

- And, what, destinations?
- Mm-hm. Except none of them ever get there.

Lucky Myra left yesterday.
I guarantee you it's already been hit.

What do you mean hit?

Boarded, burned and buried at sea.

My nest, that's how we fed.

How we always fed.

We kept a tight little fleet,
maybe half a dozen boats.

Nothing ostentatious,
just pleasure craft.

Must have circled the Americas
10 times during my tour.

Few of us act as stringers, troll harbors,
looking for the right size target.

Fat rich yachts going to far-off ports.

Take down the boat's name, destination.
Radio it to the crew on the water.

And then we just, uh, let the ocean
swallow up all our sins.

Vampire pirates.
That's what you guys are.


Heh. All the years we ran together,
can't believe nobody ever thought of that.

What do you mean?
It's like the third thing you say.

No, it isn't.

All right. So your maker is set up
to feed around here, right?

What are we looking for?

Well, he likes to live in style.

Usually rents legitimately.

Always remote, always coastal.

So an island, maybe?
Got a cable bill here.

Quentirs got the NFL Package.

Prentiss Island.

Heard of it?

Oh, yeah.

Okay. So if you were your maker's favorite...

...why did he kill you?

When you get turned...'s like you're reborn
into the vampire nest.

Your maker,
he means everything to you.

I mean,
you really start believing he's God.

Now, if your maker happens to believe
the same thing, well...

- I see how that could be a pickle.
- Mm.

You really have to do that?
I mean, right now?

I'm sorry, brother.

- I'm better, but I'm still on the mend.
- Right.


Our father, he was ajealous god.

Kept the family together, but kept us
apart from the rest of the world.

Always at sea.

I always did
what was best for the nest.

Till I met her.


Andrea Kormos.


I mean, words don't even cut it,
you know?

Greek. An heiress.

Come on.

She was sailing a 42-foot sloop
to the Canary Islands.

Now, I should've called
her boat's destination in to my crew...

...but instead I joined her on it.


Was Fabio on the cover of that paperback?
Ha, ha.

My life changed
when she entered it, Dean.

Everything I'd been
or done up to that point...

...just seemed to vanish
into what we had become together.

I mean, we found it, man.

Eventually, we settled in Louisiana.

And then one night,
we were coming home...

...and The Old Man, he was just there,
with Quentin and Sorento.

My oldest nest mates.

It was only that night I understood
what a crime it was to him...

...for me to leave them.

They pinned me down
and they beheaded me.

The last thing I saw
was The Old Man...

...tearing out Andrea's throat.

Well, that's what payback's all about,
am I right?

The docks are up ahead.
Should be able to find a dinghy to use.

We're close.

Remind you of anything?

It's weird, being back.

In the world, I mean.

Isn't it?

- Sure as hell is.
- I mean, what do you do with it all?

All the... All the everything.

Hell, I don't even know
if this world is real.

If I'm real.

Hey, listen to me.

I've seen what happens
down that rabbit hole.

Okay? We're real.

Benny, this is real.

It's the only way to play this game.
You get me?

Time to move, Benny.

The Old Mars harpsichord.



No, no.




You're gonna make me do this
all over again, aren't you?

Hello, Sorento.

He turned you.

Little busy right now.

This is Dears other other cell... you must know what to do.

So that's what you do?
You stalk helpless women...

...and you break into their motel room
and you fix their plumbing?

Why are you fixing my sink?

Well, because somebody jammed
about 800 limes down the drain.

Blew out the disposal.

- Oh. Right. Don't touch the produce.
- Right.

- I thought you were leaving town.
- I am. I'm just helping out...

...with maintenance at the motel
while Everett's dad is sick.

Who's Everett?

- How long have you been here?
- Three months. Why?

You know, usually
when someone moves into a town...

...they actually, uh, you know,
move into the town.

I did.

A motel is not actually part of the town
that it's in.

It's not part of anywhere.

Well, I haven't found a place yet.

Why am I explaining myself to you?

You're a drifter. Or a handyman.

- I think I should just go.
- Yeah, I think you should go.

- Hey.
Okay, what?

- What?
- Why did you call me?

Why are you whispering?

It's kind of hard to explain that.

I'm cleaning out a vampire's nest.
It's sort of gone a little sideways.

What? Are you an idiot, Dean?

- You know better than to go alone.
I'm not alone.

All right? I'm not alone.

I've got backup.
A guy who's been tracking the nest.

What guy? Garth?

What? No.

- You don't know him. He's a friend.
A friend? You don't have any...

- All your friends are dead.
- That's not what I called to talk about.

Sorento, go. Tell The Old Man it's true.

He listens to you?

It's been a long time.

Our father has come to trust
my judgment over Sorento's.

I answer only to him.

Well, sleeping with God
has gotta have some perks.

Yes, it does.

Make sure The Old Man
has everything he needs.

Oh, Benny.

When I heard you were back, I don't
know, somehow I knew it was true.

I had to believe it.

To hope.

Andrea, what happened?

The Old Man said
he was gonna bleed you dry.

I don't know, he changed his mind.

I blacked out. When I woke up,
I was drinking from his wrist.

I'm sorry.

- All this, it's because of me. I'm sorry.
- No.

It's not your fault.

You never hid anything from me,

I chose you.

But why'd you stay?

With them. With him.


You remember what it's like at first.

First everything resets.

Life is blood, that's all.

- And whoever gives it to you...
- I know.

It's complicated.

Every damn thing is complicated.

Doesrt have to be.

- Andrea.
- Benny, I can't kill him.

None of us can.

But you...

You came back from the grave.

You're proof
that he's not all powerful.

That he's not God.

He's scared of you, Benny. I know it.

You understand that I came back
to burn his operation to the ground.

To stop the killing.

Do what you came for,
and we can be together.

He wants Benny brought to him.

I get the separate
lives thing, but this is a hunting thing...

Oh, my God. Stop talking.
I texted you my 20.

Yeah, I got it. Look, I'm on my way.

And, listen, if you handle it, great.
I'll buy your friend the first round.

But, Dean, listen to me...


Dean, are you there?

Dean? Dean?

Are you kidding me?

Oh, man. Come on.

Damn it.

Hello, Father.


- I have no words.
- Now, I know that ain't true.

Can you help us understand?

I know you don't owe us anything.

But how?

How are you here,
standing in front of me?

I found a way back.

- From hell?
- Right next door, as far as I could tell.

Next door. What's that?

Oh, I think I'll just have to show you.

I know it won't change anything...

...but I regretted having you killed.

When it was all done, I wailed
when I saw you in all those pieces.

Didrt I, Sorento?

Didrt I wail like the ugliest baby
in the world?

Yes, Father.

That's when you decided
to turn his cow.

Poor So-So is bitter...

...because your cow outranks him now.

Why didn't you let her die?

- She meant nothing to you.
- But she meant everything to you.

If that's all I could salvage
from my wayward son...

...the woman he defied his maker for.

I wanted someone
to remember you by.

What the hell do you know about
the value of life? You're a vampire.

Yep. And I think we both know
which of our kinds kills more humans.

Statistically speaking, that'd be your...

Yes, thank you, Cass.

I get it.

You're worried what I might do
if we make it topside.

That I'll start eating your little piggies.

I already told you, man.

By the time I got iced,
I was strictly on blood transfusions.

Donated blood.

Not donated to me, I'll give you that...

...but I paid good black market scratch
for it.

So, what is that,
like the vampire zone diet?

Look, all I'm saying is I started
seeing something in humanity, okay?

Something that shouldn't be taken.
I drink blood. I don't drink people.

Why should I believe you?

Does it matter?
You got your head so far up your ass... don't even realize
we're already done for. Angel knows it.

We are never gonna make it
with him next to us...

...glowing like a beacon.

Do I need to remind you of our deal?
Of what you committed to?

- He is gonna get us killed!
- We may get to test that theory.

- More monsters?
- Leviathan.

- Why don't you blip out of here?
- They're too close. I can't.


No, no, no. Dog. Dog. Oh.

Dog, don't bother the angry lady.

Uh, hey. Sorry.

Dog? That's what you're calling him?


Well, it's accurate.

Is Dog taking his antibiotics?

Uh, yes, he is. He's doing much better.
Thank you.

You know, um, I have to say, um,
I've seen a lot of stitches in my time...

...and you've got really good hands.

Thank you.

So you think I'm creepy?

I think it's creepy you buy
all your clothing at Army Surplus.

- White supremacists do that.
- Yeah, but I'm not...

- Serial killers do that.
- Fair enough.

You come from nowhere, appear to be
going nowhere. You've "seen stitches."

It's all pretty solid creepy.

You have no idea
where you're going either, do you?

No. Not really.

And that's because you have no one.

I mean, at all. Right?

I mean, that's why you're here.
In this place.

I used to.

Have someone, I mean.

But that's over now.

That's gone.

You know what that's like, don't you?

This is Dears other other...

I suppose
you coming back from the dead...

...well, that's the definition of mutiny,
isn't it?

All of this has me feeling so tired.

- You should have let me go.
- But, Benny, I don't let things go.

Really? You've lived so long.
How is it you have so little? Hmm?

Nothing but a beat up old harpsichord
and a nest of hyenas.

I have the sea.

- And I have Andrea.

You don't have her.

At least that much I know.

Ah. That dumb bitch.

- When did you learn to fight like that?
- I've had a lot of practice.

- You're just gonna sit there?
- You're right.

I've been here so, so long, Benny.

Seen all the outcomes, all the patterns,
a trillion times.

It all means so little.

This universe is a pyramid of despair.
Nothing else.

A little dark.

I am evil, after all.

At least I've had that much
to keep me cold at night.

You never had that, did you?

Everything had to be thought about.


You know what Socrates said
about a life unconsidered.

Yes. But what we have in us?

Benny, that's not life.

That's what you still don't get.

That's why it's always been so hard
for you.

My poor Benjamin.

Get up.

This is the one last thing
I can take from you.


You try, damn it.
You try and kill me again.

This is my story, you gnat.

- Get up!
- It ends the way I choose. Not you.

Well, at least I can finally show you
something new, Old Man.

A whole new world.

The Old Man is dead.

Let's go.

- Where, Benny?
- What are you talking about?


You're not leaving here, are you?

And you never were.

We have everything we need
right here.

The operation is still perfect.

We can ride the high seas,
plunder together.

We can have the life
we always wanted.

What I wanted
was to leave a burning crater behind.

I wanted to put your memory to rest.

But I'm not a memory.

Benny, I'm right here.

What I loved... ain't here anymore.

It was snuffed out a long time ago
by monsters like me.

Like what you've become.

- You think you're better than me now?
- No.

I think we're all damned.

Why'd you do it, Dean?

Do what?

Resurrect me.

You could've drained my soul
into any culvert...

...and no one would've been the wiser.
- What the hell are you talking about?

Hey, you good?


I don't know what I am.

Oh, great.

I'm Benny.

I've heard a lot about you, Sam.

I can see you two have a lot
to talk about.