Supernatural (2005–…): Season 8, Episode 3 - Heartache - full transcript

Dean and Sam read on the news that someone or something had ripped the hearts out of two persons in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and they decide to stop seeking Kevin out for a while to investigate the bizarre murders. They learn that both suspects had been submitted to a transplant of organs, eye and kidney, and the donor was the same person, the football player Brick Holmes that died in a car crash. They head to Boulder, Colorado, posing as FBI agents and interview Brick's mother Eleanor Holmes that gives vague replies. The Winchester brother seeks out who else received Brick's organs and later they break into his house, where they find a hidden room with a secret.

I don't hunt anymore.

- You quit?
- Yeah.

What could possibly
make you stop just like that?

- Was there a girl?

There was. And then there wasrt.

You need to know. I didn't just drop out.
I found something.

- Yeah. What was her name?
- Amelia.

Professor Morrison,
your government needs you.

God, where'd you find this guy?

He's supposed to be a top expert.

There's another tablet?

So another word of God.
How many are there?

- I just became a prophet like a year ago.
- This tablet have a name?

- Demons.
- What about demons?

As far as I could tell, everything.

Kevin! You gotta be kidding me.

What's it say?
Since we lost the tablet...

...Kevin figures we don't need him.
- Crowley still does. What's he thinking?

- He was our responsibility. Let's find him.
- Okay.

Congratulations. You're fast.

I do a lot of cardio.

Wow. Guy goes to purgatory for a year,
hell breaks loose.

Ajogger in Minneapolis
gets his heart ripped out.

- I'm guessing literally?
- Only way that interests me.

And then another article
from six months ago.

The same thing happens, also in
Minneapolis. What does that tell us?

Stay out of Minneapolis.

Two hearts ganked...

...same city, six months apart.
I mean, that's gotta be a ritual.

Or at least some sort of a heart-sucking
possessed satanic crack whore bat.

A what?

It's a case. Look, I say we hang out
the shingle again and ride.

We're on a case, Dean. Kevin and the
demon tablet need to be found.

So heart guy takes a number.

We just spent a week chasing our asses
trying to lock Kevin down.

And look at us. We're...

Where the hell are we?

Farmer's market.


What? I had a year off.
I took time to enjoy the good things.

While avoiding doing what we do.

Wow. Dean, does it make you feel
better every time you say it?

Man, look, I get it.
You took a year off to do yoga...

...and play the lute, whatever,
but I'm back. Okay?

We're back, which means we walk,
kill monsters at the same time.

We'll find Kevin.

But do we ignore stuff like this?

Or are innocent people supposed to die
so that you can shop for produce?

Here's what's odd about this thing.
The guy wasrt chopped.

No incision. But his heart was
ripped out of him like a peach pit.

- Was he robbed?
- Phone, watch, money, all still on him.

- What about enemies?
- In town for a conference.

- No connections.
- You had another one of these...

...about six months ago?
- Yeah. And we hit a brick wall.

We had nothing to go on.

Thought maybe we got lucky here.

A park surveillance camera
picked up something.

Huh. Chubby guy the last person
to see the vic?

Other than the killer. Name's Paul Hayes.
Pulled him in for questioning.

- What makes you think he's clean?
- No reason not to.

I mean, he said he briefly saw the victim,
ran out ahead, that was it.

He didn't fall to his knees,
confess to gutting the guy?

No. I mean we did
a thorough check on the guy...

...not so much
as a parking ticket came up.

I mean, look at him. I mean, pfft, sure,
he can run a little bit, but Thor he ain't.

He's gonna grab Freddy Fitness
and throw him down and rip out his heart?

I don't think so.

Forgive me if I didn't
take him out back and shoot him.

Okay. Um, ahem.

So any idea where we can find this guy?

Sorry. I kind of try to stick to a
nutrition and workout schedule.

- Do you want a hit?
- I'm good.

- Thanks.
- Oh.

So, Paul, you passed a runner,
who was later killed.

Did you speak with him at all?
Yeah, I went over this with the cops.

L... I didn't know him.
I've never spoken to him.

I ran past him. I never saw him again.

The end.

Mm. Oh. It's disgusting.
Tastes like crap, but it keeps you young. Heh.

Thanks. Too much fiber. Heh-heh.

- No such thing.
- Thank you.

See? Now, Paul...

...we couldn't help but notice
that the jogger you outraced...

...was a good deal younger than you.
- Yeah. And less, uh...

Should have seen me before.

Yeah, hugging a desk all day and watching
TV all night, eating fried everything.

It was killing me.
I had a health scare about a year ago.

- I'm sorry to hear that.
- No, it changed my life.

- I started taking care of myself.
- Your body's a temple?

Where I worship every day. Heh.


So, what's the word?
What'd you find, poking around at Paul's?

Just the usual. Condoms, hair gel.

No hex bags. Nothing satanic.
Nothing spooky.

So didn't seem like a guy who'd be voted
"Most Likely to Disembowel"?

They never do.

Wait a minute. Here's another one.

- What? Murder?
- And a do-it-yourself heart bypass.

- Two days after this one.
- What part of Minneapolis?

The Iowa part. Ames.

Paul was being questioned.
No way that could've been him.

This guy was a cop.

This is exactly
what happened six months ago.

Minneapolis, then Ames.

Guess you missed that one.

I'm just saying.

Arthur Swenson. A real top-shelf officer.
Twenty years on the force.

He'd ordered a pizza,
which the vic delivered.

And then?

The vic didn't make his next drop-off.

His body was found on the walk
in front of Swensors.

- And he wasrt wearing a heart?
- No. Heartless.

And what about Swenson?

Crumpled on the front stoop.

Covered in blood, crying like a baby.

Ironically, he had been in court all week.

- Testifying.
Hey, Levitt, line two.

Excuse me.

- Go ahead.
- That couldn't have been him in Minneapolis.

I hate when this happens.

So this Arthur guy, what does...?
What does he have to say?

Uh... It's not real helpful.

So you getting his statement?

Yeah. Kind of.

Probably not.

It's too bad I dropped out of Lunatic 101.

Whatever it is,
it sounds like he's repeating it.

Look at his eyes.

Hey, Arthur...

...did you do this alone?

Arthur, did some invisible voice
tell you you had to kill?

Now you've pissed him off.

Hey, Art. Can I call you Art?

Listen, I'm gonna sprinkle your arm
with holy water...

...and it's gonna steam and burn
if you're possessed by a demon.

He's a mushroom.

Okay. Not possessed.

you wanna tell us why you did this?


- So, what do you think?
- I prefer the Keith Richards version.

Can you actually understand
any of the words?

If they are words.
Sounds like babble to me.

- Wait a second.
- What?

I bought a translation app.

You bought an app?


Here. Play it.

And babble wins. Language unknown.

Agent Sambora.


So, Dr. Kashi, what are we looking at?
Some psychotic break?

Oh, definitely. He was very thorough.

Severed the optic nerve.
He was determined to remove the eye.

And he used what to cut with?

He doesn't look strong enough, but he broke
off the bed frame and used it as a knife.

- Thank you.
- Wow.

- Should put warning labels on those beds.
- Like I said, determined.

I notice he had different colored eyes.

Yes. Apparently he was in an accident,
where much of one eye was shattered.

His vision was saved with a transplant.

When was this?

A year ago. Almost to the date.

And interestingly, it's the transplanted eye
he chose to cut out.


Hey, let me ask you, is it possible
to trace the donor of a transplanted organ?

- Difficult.
- But possible?


- Hey.
- Hey.

Arthur Swenson had
an eye transplant a year ago?

- Yeah.
- I remembered Paul Hayes...

...was talking about a health scare
he had that changed his life.

So I pulled up his medical records
from Minneapolis.

You want me on board, I'm on board.

Anyways, you wanna guess who,
other than Swenson...

...had a transplant last year?

- Paul Hayes.
- I gave it away, didn't I?

We've got two suspects
in two identical murders... two different cities, both had
organ transplants a year ago.

- Yeah. Also...
- I love when there's an also.

I got to thinking about all that stuff
Arthur Swenson was talking about.

Maybe your translation app
called it language unknown...

...because it's a dead language
like Ancient Greek or Manx.


So I e-mailed an audio file
of Arthur's mumbling to Dr. Morrison.

- Who?
- Dr. Morrison.

The anthropology professor
who helped us out with the Amazons?

Yes. Okay. Okay.
Well, let's get our asses on the road.

Headed to...?

If we are in a repeat of a
cycle from six months ago...

...then after the murders
in Minneapolis and in Ames...

...the next heart attack
was in Boulder, Colorado.


Chick, right?

Loved your performance tonight.

Must take... Must take years of training.


...I'm kind of a natural.


You know, I don't normally do...

...this kind of thing.
- Mm-hm.

Um... There's just...

Just something about you.

All right, case is coming together. Things
are coming together, man. You and me.

It is all good.


- What?
- What are you thinking about? Tomatoes?

I'm not thinking about anything.

I don't know about you, but this
last year's given me a new perspective.

- I hear you. Believe me.
- I know where I'm at my best. Right here...

...driving down crazy street next to you.

- Makes sense.
- Yes, it does.

Or maybe you don't need me.

Maybe you're at your best hacking, slicing
your way through all the world's crap alone.

Not having to explain yourself
to anybody.

Yeah, that makes sense.

Because I have so many other brothers
I can talk to about this.

Look, I'm not saying I'm bailing on you.

Make room for the possibility
we want different things.

- I want my time to count for something.
- So, what we do doesn't count?


Hey, Dr. Kashi.

Okay. Thank you.

Could you run one more name for me?

Yeah. Hayes, Paul.

Uh-huh. And the donor? Seriously?

How many others?

Yeah, did anybody from Boulder,
Colorado receive any of those organs?

Okay. Thank you.

Well, this is gonna singe your axons.

She says that both Paul Hayes's kidney
and Arthur Swensors new eye came from...

You ready for this?

Brick Holmes.

- You don't mean the Brick Holmes?
- I do.

- All-pro quarterback?
- Indeed.

Guy played at the top of his game
for a million years.

Yeah, he bought it
in a car crash last year.

- Yeah.
- Nose-dived off a bridge or something?

He must have signed a donor card.

The doc say how many organs
he donated?

Including our two suspects? Eight.

- Eight?
- Eight.

Okay, and one of them's
in Boulder, am I right?

You would be wrong.
That's the bad news.

Good news is,
Brick lived just outside of Boulder.

- Well, Brick's dead.
- He's all we got. So we are going to Boulder.

I wanna say how sorry we are
for your loss, Mrs. Holmes.

- Thank you.
- Brick was my idol back in high school.

Amazing career.

Eighteen seasons. Seven division
championships. Four Super Bowls.

Never slowed down a day.

Brick lived for competition
and athletic perfection.

I don't think it occurred to his fans
that he was human like the rest of us.

Do you know your son
was an organ donor?

Does that make this a matter for the FBI?

Like we explained earlier, we're mostly
here to dot some I's on a different matter.

There was a public awareness thing
a few years ago.

A lot of star athletes signed on.
I'm sure Brick didn't think twice about it...

...since he never thought
he was going to die.

Lot ofjocks are like that, I guess.

You know, I can't help but wonder
what happened that night on that bridge.

There was light traffic.
No alcohol involved. No skid marks.

Bigtime athlete, reflexes like a cat.

How is it that he just
drives off the side of a bridge?

When things happen
that aren't supposed to happen...

...they're called accidents, I believe.

So everybody knows about
Brick's football career...

...but no one knows much
about his personal life.

- Was he ever married?
- Just to the game.

He gave it everything he had.

It's a difficult life.

Did you notice any changes
in Brick before he died?

- Anyone, anything new in his life?
- No, no. I don't think so.

So no new interests?
Fly fishing, stamp collecting, the occult?

- The occult?
- As for instance.

No. Heh.

Everything was just as it had been.

I'm sorry, but I'm afraid my time is up.

The university is naming
a new athletic building after Brick.

- I can't be late.
- Of course. Just one more question.

There is always one more question in life,
isn't there?

That's what I find.


Well, she didn't wanna say much,
did she?

- Son of a bitch. There it is. It happened.
- What?

Don't tell me someone
had their heart ripped out.

All right, then I won't tell you.

What are you doing here, Randa?

You know I like to stay close
to the mother ship.

I saw a car out front,
so I came in the back.


I suppose Brick's death
continues to fascinate.

So we're clear...'re still being careful
about what you say?

I'm old, Randa, not an idiot.

- I'm just trying to protect Brick.
- And so am I.

Brick's heart beats inside here now.

Brick gave me new life.

I can feel him.

It's why I moved to Boulder.

To be near here.

And I'll watch out for you like Brick did.

I don't need your concern.

We need each other.

And Brick needs us.

You keep our little secret safe,
and the three of us will be just fine.

All right, Professor Morrison.
That does it.

The FBI thanks you.

Yes, I am totally looking into adding
you as a technical advisor.

Yeah, it comes with a medical plan.
All right. Goodbye.

He come through?

Yeah. He did.

All right. So here's what crazy Arthur
Swenson was babbling over and over.

First, it is a dead language.

- Ancient Mayan.
- Doesrt get much deader than that.

So, what Arthur was saying was,
"The divine god Cacao is born."


Cacao. Yeah. The Mayan god of maize.
Corn. The big crop.

See, Cacao was the most powerful god...

...because maize was
the most important thing to the Mayas.

And torturing and killing
everyone in sight.

This is what we're looking for... a thousand-year-old culture's
god of corn?

- I guess.
- Whatever it is, we better cap it quick.

Or somebody in Phoenix is next
to get their heart yanked.

Someone in Phoenix
got a piece of Brick?

I got a name. Just emailed the cops.

Just heard back from them.
They haven't seen the guy in days.

Uh... I've got another e-mail here too.
This one's for you.

From a university.

Answering questions about admissions.

Just something I'm looking into.
An option.

You're seriously talking about
hanging it up?

I'm not talking about anything, Dean.
I'm just looking at options.

So we just go to Phoenix, and chase
our tails until this guy shows his face?

No. Brick Holmes is the way into this.

Eleanor Holmes was doing her damndest
not to tell us a thing.

Nice job changing the subject,

All right. Naming ceremony's over
at 10. We gotta get in and out.

- Master bedroom.
- Yeah.


Brick's closet. Doesrt look like
this stuff's been touched in a year.

Man, what this stuff would go for
on eBay.

Hey, Sammy...

...would it totally crush you to know that
your boy Brick wasrt a natural blond?

- Dean, this is really weird.
- What do you got?

I don't know, is this Eleanor's closet?

Why would his mother's closet
be in here? Are you sure?

Check this out.

This is what she was wearing today.

Maybe she moved into Brick's room
after he died?



Thanks, Dean. Now that image
is permanently etched into my retinas.

That's what I'm talking about.

Wow. I knew he'd have something like this
in his house.

This is a lot of hardware.

Okay, the football trophies I get.
But there's a lot of stuff here.

I mean, baseball, boxing.
Race car driving?

He was a fan.

Any kind of athlete, he respected them.
Look at all the old stuff.

Cricket mallet.

Golf clubs, a kendo sword.

Archery equipment.

Hey, look at this.

They're all the same. "Dearest Betsy,"
blah, blah, blah. Who's Betsy?

I don't know. Girlfriend?
Eleanor didn't mention a Betsy.

This one looks old. Uh...

"Dearest Betsy. Third day
of training camp. Roadwork improving.

Working on my left jab. They say this kid
Sugar Ray is going to be tough."

Sugar Ray? As in Robinson?
Didrt he box in, like, the '40s?

- Is it signed the same?
- Yeah.

"Love, me."

Here. "Dearest Betsy.
On the road again.

So hard to be away from you, honey.

Will give the Red Sox hell
and get back to you."

- "Dearest Betsy."
- "Le Mans'll be a bitch with the rain."

- "Phillies are tough."
- "Dodgers'll wish they never left."

"Looking for my best gal Friday."

"Our O-Line hung tough.
I had all day back there."

"Prost's a monster in straightaway."

"Dearest Betsy."
"Dearest Betsy."

"Love, me."
- Wait. This one looks recent.

"Dearest Betsy. So tired of it all."

Hey. I pulled up the names
on those trophies. Check it out.

All right. Brick Holmes,
football player.

Charlie Karnes, race car driver.

Davey Samuelson, baseball player.
Kelly Duran, boxer.

- Four different guys, right?
- Okay.

Check this out.

Same dark eyes. Same cheekbones.
Nose. Mouth.

You saying these guys,
who all look to be in their mid-20s...

...and go back 70 years,
could be the same guy?


For a 95-year-old,
Brick Holmes could take a hit.

So if all those athletes
were the same guy, how'd he pull it off?

Appear, then go away
and come back with a new look?

Cacao, the maize god, was Mayan, right?


The Maya were all about war and torture
and conquest. And sports.

"Their athletes were treated like kings.

The Mayan jocks made sacrifices
to Cacao by, ready for this?

"Killing a victim, pulling out his heart
and eating it.

They believed the rituals...

...gave them super-charged power
over their opponents."

Yeah, but they didn't stay young forever.

So, what, maybe Brick just made
some kind of deal with this Cacao?

We've seen it before,
people making deals with demons, gods.

Maybe he stayed young and strong
so long as his sacrifices kept coming.

Remember all that antique
sports equipment he had?

This guy could go back
to the Mayan days.

Wow. So one of the greatest QBs to ever play
the game was over 900 years old.

Well, that explains Brick, but what about
the mooks carrying his spare parts?

Maybe the spell went along for the ride,
infected the people who got his organs.

Remember Paul Hayes said he had
a health scare that changed his life?

Maybe the spell could compel him
to carry out the ritual.

It's like getting bit by a werewolf.

Once you're infected, you do
what you gotta do if you like the results.

Right. Except old Arthur, the dedicated
cop, couldn't handle it and went nuts.

Brick Holmes. A heart eater.
Who knew?

Yeah. Sorry, buddy.
The mighty, they fall hard, huh?

Well, at least he wasrt
sleeping with his mother.

Yeah. Good, Sam. Find the silver lining.

No. Seriously, look.

"Fighter Kelly Duran is congratulated
on his second-round knockout... wife Betsy."

Dearest Betsy.

Hello, Eleanor.

Or would you rather us call you Betsy?

Look, Eleanor, innocent people are dying.

And they're gonna continue to die
until we stop it.

Did you know about the murders
over the past year?

No. I didn't. I swear.

I thought when Brick died
it would be over.

Help us.

Betsy, this is not what you want
Brick's legacy to be.

His Mayan name was Inyo.

He was a proud young athlete
nearly a thousand years ago.

He lived for sport and never wanted
his days in the sun to end.

So he arranged a bargain with the god
Cacao through a high priest.

Stay young forever.

As long as the sacrifices continued
twice a year.

Once for the planting, once for harvest.

- When did you find out about this?
- Not until I began to age and Brick...

Kelly, as he was when I met him.

Did not.

But by that time,
Brick himself had changed.


He wasrt just the warrior whose
only reason for living was combat.

We were deeply, deeply in love.

So in love, I'm ashamed to say...

...that when I found out how
my husband stayed young and strong...

...I chose to ignore it.

You and Brick had to go underground
from time to time to hide your secret?

Every 10 years or so he would reemerge
with a new look, a new name.

And me, I was the wife.

And I was the woman in hiding.

And then, when I got into my 40s...

...I became Brick's mother.


I am so tired.

You can't imagine the burden of it all.

I think even Brick was through.

He could see the end of my days
were at hand.

He had lived centuries all alone...

...but I don't think he could bear
the thought of life without me.

That's why he drove off that bridge.

- You must think I'm a monster.

No. Just that you married one.

Well, see, here's the deal.

Now there are eight killers
out there that we have to deal with.

Not just one.

I don't think so.

What? Why not?

Brick used to say the heart was key.

That was the focus of the sacrifice.

Are you saying that if we stop
Brick's beating heart...

...then we could stop the whole thing?

Do you know where the person is
who has the heart?

Do you know?

Our king daddy monster is a stripper?

We're pretty sure this is gonna work,

Well, as long as Eleanor knows
what she's talking about.

Think Brick thought maybe he'd burn
to nothing when he crashed that car?

Yeah. But he didn't.
Which brings us here.

Smell that?

You're gross.

Eleanor sent you, right?

Figured she'd probably break
and give me up.

This won't end well for her, of course.

Not that it's gonna end well for you.

Now, you don't think we're gonna
let you do that, do you?


I'm the guy from Phoenix
you were looking for.

- You guys are stronger than you look.
- Comes with the package.

Plus, I work out a lot.


You can't imagine who I was before.

This shy, awkward little thing
from Georgia with a heart condition.

Then I had the surgery.

I became freaking Xena, warrior princess.

I couldn't dissect a frog in high school.

But sacrificing to Cacao?

Better than sex.

So if I go real slow...

...and take my time and enjoy this...

...I can actually show you
your own beating heart before you die.

Well, we better get going.

Just wanted you to know
that it really is over now.

Well, it had to be.
One way or the other.

I half thought you might fail
and Randa would come after me.

Either way, I'd finally be at peace.

You take care of yourself, Eleanor.

Wow. Back in business.

Got the win.

Admit it, it feels good, huh?

I was thinking about
what Randa said about...

...what it feels like to be a warrior.

I get it, man. I do.

I know. I know you do.

I don't.

Not anymore. Hell, maybe I never did.

Come on, Sam, don't ruin my buzz,
would you?

Dean, listen, when this is over, when we
close up shop on Kevin and the tablet...

...I'm done. I mean that.

No, you don't.

Dean, the year that I took off,
I had something I've never had.

A normal life.
I mean, I got to see what that felt like.

I want that.

I had that.

I think that's just how you feel right now.

Amelia? Amelia, this isn't funny.




Happy birthday.

What is this?

You've never seen
a birthday cake before?

Sit. Eat.