Supernatural (2005–…): Season 8, Episode 18 - Freaks and Geeks - full transcript

A hunter has been training Krissy and other kids to be hunters.

JOHN: A cross won't repel them.
Sunlight won't kill them.

The blood lust, that part's true.

That's vampire blood he dosed you with.

- Lights too bright, sunshine hurts skin.
- I get so hungry.

- Just so you know, 911 is on speed-dial.
- Krissy, you can trust me.

Your dad's on the road. Been gone a while.

My Dad left and he didn't come back
so I'm coming with you.

- Hell no.
- I'm coming.

Why's that waitress in the truck?

All right. Come on. Give it up. Good work.

You're a dweeb.

Hold on, I got you.

- Dean.
- He can't help you. No one can.

- Uhn!
- Guess I'll have to help myself, then.

I'm retiring.

- We're so lame.
- Yeah, we are. Take care of yourself.


It's cold outside
And I'm not quite

Ready for the morning light

Oh, oh, oh

My hands are tied
'Cause if I tried

To leave this place
I'll surely die

Hey, hey, hey
I'll surely die

What was that?


There's no one out here but us, Krissy.

Hey, hey, hey
I'll surely die


I'll surely die



No. No. Don't leave me here.
Aidan! Don't leave me here.

Oh, God.


You okay?

That was close. Next time one of you
can be the bait.

It's him.

One down. Two to go.

So what are we looking at again?


Two women found near the freeway
with their throats ripped out.

- Sounds vampy to me.
- Yeah, maybe.

If you wanna take a knee on this one
if you're not feeling up to it...


You know, the trials. What Cass said.
That you got what he can't cure.

Which means what, exactly?

I don't know. You tell me.
You okay?

I'm fine. Are you okay?

- Me?
- Yeah. Cass dinged you up pretty good.


And I just wanted to make sure you're okay.

- What, like my feelings?
- If that's what you wanna talk about, sure.

Okay. I'll tell you what...

- Why don't we go get some herbal tea?
- Okay.

- Find Cowboy Junkies on the dial.
- Eat me, Dean.

And you know what? We'll just talk it out.
Good talk.

Nay, great talk. Very healthy.

FBI. You're here about the
lady-killer murders, aren't you?

The lady-killer murders?

- Yeah, coined it myself.
- Congratulations. What can you tell us?

Well, both victims were female, under 21...

...and here's the kicker, they were drained of
all their blood.

SAM: Huh.
SHERIFF: Exactly.

We found that strange also.
But then last night...

...things got even stranger.
- Last night?

We'd set up a security camera
on Fuller's Point, for safety purposes.

It's where our local young people like to go
make out. Last night, things got crazy.

Hell of a thing, ain't it?

You ID any of these people?

SHERIFF: Well, not yet. Crime scene was empty
when we got there. No vic, no nothing.

Uh... I'm thinking it's some kind of cult
or a drug thing.

So I put a statewide APB out on
these three about an hour ago.

Gonna need you to call that off.
And we're gonna need this footage.

- What?
- Sheriff, why do you think we're here?

You crossed with a federal
investigation. I suggest you cooperate... off your APB, or you're
gonna find yourself in a world of hurt.


- So, what was that all about, G-man?
- You remember Krissy Chambers?

The Vetalas case, right? They were
working that truck stop by the freeway...

...she and her dad helped us
shut them down.

He promised to go civilian so she
wouldn't be a hunter.

- Guess who the star of this snuff film is?
- Come on.

Well, maybe he doesn't know
she's doing this.

Sneaking out at night
to hunt monsters...

...with the Apple Dumpling Gang? Is that
what kids do for kicks?

- Maybe he knows and he's helping her out.
- What, get caught on Candid Camera?

Let's just go find her before she gets into
any more trouble.

You're 25?

Actually, I think I'm 40.

I told you I have a boyfriend.

Then how come I couldn't find him
in your cellie?

Because we only Skype.

Right. And let me guess,
he also lives in Canada?

Yeah, he does, actually.
A small town called kiss my ass.


But you sure were giving off a
different vibe in the car.

Good, you're back. Let's do this.

Vamp was last seen by an ATM camera
checking into this hotel.

I tapped into the hotel's security cams
and found him. Room 215.


- Let's do this.
- You transmitting?

You bet.

He alone?

I can't tell.

Hey, how about we start a new

...and before each job we give each
other good luck kisses?

How about I punch you in the
throat instead?

You know you're not gonna get anywhere
with Krissy with those cheesy moves.

How about you stop putting salt in my
game and mind your own business?



Hey, Krissy.

- What are you two doing here?
- Saving your bacon, that's what.

Does it look like my bacon needs saving?

Wait, how did you find me?
I paid cash everywhere.

Only two hotels in a 20-mile radius
and we paid cash too. Just more.

Freaking clerk.

Krissy, where's your dad?


Well, let's do this again,
like, never.

Now go. We got this.

We, who? And got what?

A vampire.

Sorry. A what?


We're in. Room's clear. Nobody here but a vic.





I got him.

Son of a bitch.

- Call an ambulance.
- On its way.

She's in shock. I'll stabilize her. We'll leave
her here for the paramedics.

Please, don't shoot me. Don't shoot me.
Please, don't.


Please, God, it hurts so bad.

- How did you drop him so quickly?
- Darts filled with dead man's blood.

- Where's the blue van?
- What blue van?

The blue van that he was
Usain Bolting it to.

Never mind.

Wait, stop.

This is not your kill.

What are you talking about?

Three months ago this blood banger
snuck into a house...

...and killed three people in their sleep.
- What? No, I didn't do that.

One was a woman...

Never hurt anyone!

The other two, a brother and a sister.

I don't know what you're talking about.

I came home from a friend's house
and I found them.

They were my family.

This isn't happening.

I didn't do anything, I swear.
Please, help me.


It's okay.

It's over.

I need to talk to you. Privately.

You know this guy?

Yeah, we have a past.

All right, so you're gonna have
to catch me up. What, did your dad...

- Couldn't quit the life, could he?
- No, he did.

For a while it was amazing.
We had dinner every night at a table.

We watched TV. Went on walks.
Even went to the mall.

And then?

And then the past came knocking.

I woke up one morning
and found him dead.

His throat ripped out.

Well, I'm sorry.

Me too.

If it weren't for Josephine and Aidan,
I don't know how I would've made it.

- So they both lost their families as well?
- Yeah.

Same vamps we're hunting together. A nest.

Well, look, I am sorry to rain on your parade,
but you are too young to be doing this.

You're never too young to kill monsters.

Especially ones that kill your family.

Hunting isn't all about killing and revenge.
I thought we had this chat last time.

Do you have any... Do you have
any family that's still out there?

- An aunt in Cincinnati. Why?
- Because you're packing a bag...

...and we're taking you there.
- Victor will have a problem with that.


He took us in,
showed us everything we know.

Wait, so what are we talking here?
Some sort of kids' school for hunters?

Don't be such a dweeb, okay?
We're not the X-Men.

- Victor's helping us get revenge.
- I don't care what he is, he sucks.

Because you and your crew got
caught. If it wasn't for me...

...your faces would be all over the news.
- So what.

It's time that people know
what's going bump in the night.

Oh, and cause panic? Create mayhem?
Yeah, that's a great plan.

Look, I don't need you to save me, Dean.
I'm not a little kid anymore.

- What happened?
- Teenager, that's what.

- She tell you about Victor?
- Yeah. What do we think?

Didn't we meet up with a hunter
named Victor one time in Spokane?

That's a long time ago.
I haven't heard about him since.

SAM: So these kids are...
- Dangerous and off their meds? No kidding.

So, what, we go and talk with Victor?

All right.


Not what I'd call a compound.

- Huh.
KRISSY: What's wrong?

It's just not what I expected.

And what was that?

A little more Lord of the Flies,
less Huxtables.

Sorry to disappoint.

Victor Rogers.

We met, a Rugaru hunt in Washington.
I'm Sam, this is Dean.

- Oh, yes. The Winchesters.
SAM: Right.

- Better now?
- Much.

And what do we always say?

- Move on, but never forget.
- Good.

Now, don't you have a trig test
in the morning?

Oh, I'm good, Vic. No test. I'm gonna chill.
Play video games.

Keep dreaming. I asked you to clean your
room twice and you haven't done it. Go on.

And you.

Full report about the hunt on your desk
by morning.

- Okay, I'll be in my room.
VICTOR: All right.



So these kids go to school?
Like school, school? Real school?

Yes. And they're doing incredibly well,
considering all they've been through.

Okay, so how does this work?

After... After soccer practice and,
and, and the bake sale...

...they chop vampires' heads off?

Well, yeah, I think a balanced approach
is best, don't you?

They're kids.

They shouldn't be hunting at all.

You gotta break this up right now.

When I found them, they were lost,
confused, angry.

I give them family and purpose, and you
wanna take all that away? Why?

So they don't get killed.

- They know the risks.
- Yeah, but why take them?

Because the next generation
of hunters has to be better.

- Better than what?
- Better than us.

Come on, guys, I know your friends.
I mean, Martin was insane...

...and somebody obviously dropped Garth
on his head when he was a baby.

I know you two loved Bobby,
but he was a barely functional alcoholic.

Watch it.

No disrespect, but Josephine is an
all-state athlete and National Merit Scholar.

Aidan is so fast he could pick your pocket
before you could blink.

And Krissy, well, she's just a natural born
leader and hunter.

- So what?
- So these kids are the cream of the crop.

They are The Beatles.
They are the Dream Team.

And once they get their revenge...

...they'll be better hunters
than any of us ever dreamed of.

This is crazy.

SAM: Is it? They got a pretty good life.
- Kids aren't supposed to hunt, Sam.

- We did.
- Yeah, look what that did for us.

Maybe they're right.
Maybe they can hunt and have a life.

- That's not true.
- Because it didn't work for us?

- It doesn't work for anybody.
- Okay. Then what do you wanna do?

Because Victor's not gonna stop this.

- They said they were hunting nests, right?
- Yeah.

Then let's hunt it for them.

That way, until we figure out what to
do with Victor, they stay safe.

All right, um, so what's your move?

I'll talk to that girl tied up at the hotel.
Something didn't smell right.

Why don't you stay here
and look after the Brady Bunch?



Sam, just in time, grab a seat.

- Waffles?
VICTOR: Yeah. Krissy's fave.

My Dad used to make them
for me all the time.

I think it was the only thing
he knew how to cook.

- Interact.
- Yeah, nerd.

And you. Manners.

We're gonna be late.

Grab your stuff.

- I'll pick you up after school.
- Yeah.

- Wow.
- Ahem. Whirlwind, right?

- Yeah.
- It's always like that with kids.

- You got any?
- Me? Uh, no.

- You want any?
- Uh, I don't know.

Trust me...

...the answer is yes.

- These yours?
- Yeah.

Well, until we went camping
and a Wendigo ripped them to shreds.


Is that why you're doing this?
Taking all these kids in?

But you know what I realized, Sam... that these kids, they don't have
to live it the way we have.

You know, crappy hotel rooms.
Always moving. No family. No life.

It's not the only way.

Like I told the cops already, I'm not sure why
Jimmy Day would do something like this.

Jimmy Day? Wait. So you knew the guy
that grabbed you?

Everyone in town knows Jimmy.
He's a hero.

We had a parade for him downtown
when he came back from Afghanistan.

Sorry. When was this?

A few weeks ago.

So this Jimmy Day guy, he just
grabbed you and took you to the hotel?

No, I came from work and was in
the parking when this blue van pulled up.

This guy with a hoodie asked me directions.

That's all I remember until I woke up
tied to that bed.

And was Hoodie there too?

Just Jimmy, and he was crying...

...saying he was sorry and all.
- That he was sorry?

At first I thought he was gonna kill me,
then he just...

He just seemed scared.


Hey, what happened to school?

- Victor pulled us out.
SAM: He... Why?

Because we found another target.

- Who?
- Vamp that killed Krissy's dad.

You ready?

Okay. Pulled this from a security camera
at a nearby gas station.

Wait, how do we know
this is definitely her?

Police sketch, victim's accounts.

And this.

My Dad's necklace.

Mom gave it
to him on their anniversary.

- You sure this is a video surveillance pic?
- It's her.


Excuse me.

- Hey. You there?
- Yeah. How'd it go with the girl?

Strange. Might be that vampire wasn't lying.

He was fresh-made within the month...

...but Josephine's family was murdered
three months ago.

- So who killed them, then?
- I don't know.

I'd like to talk to whoever's driving
that blue van. Other than that, you?

Victor says he has a surveillance photo
of the vampire that killed Krissy's father...

...but, Dean, I'm not so sure.
- Why's that?

- There's no time stamp on it.
- Okay. So you think he's lying?

- That or he's just wrong. It's hard to say.
- I never trust a guy who wears a sweater.

- You want me back there?
- No, I'm good.

- Let me do some more digging.
- I'll talk to the hotel clerk, see what he knows.

Hey, where'd everybody go?

Tracking that vamp.

Well, I think we got a problem a lot
closer to home. Look at this.

See that blue van? My brother saw it
outside the hotel yesterday.

We think he's working
with the vampire we popped.

Looks like we're going hunting.

- Ah. Nice to see you again.
- Yeah, I bet.

Listen, I need to know who
checked into room 215 yesterday.

It was some guy wearing a hoodie.
It was hard to make out his face.

- He drive a blue van by any chance?
- Do I look like a valet?

He took one of those.

- Which one?
- One that says lodge on it.

Conway Springs Lodge?

Yup, big during the summer season,
but this time of year it's closed.

- How far away is it from here?
- It's a couple miles down the road.

Hey! Who the hell are you?

Answer me.

Please make it go away, it hurts so much.


No, shut them off. They're too bright.

- Not until you tell me what's going on here.
- I don't know. Aah!

What's happening to me?

Come here.

- That's never happened to you before?
- No.

There's something wrong with me.
That guy, he did something to me.

- What guy?
- I don't know.

This guy in a blue van.
He grabbed me, he took me here.

Oh. Oh, my stomach. It hurts so much


Put those away and we can talk.

Why are you with the vampire
that killed my Dad?

You're barking up the wrong tree.

She didn't kill your pops.

I don't want to hurt you, Dean.
But I will if you don't move.

Listen to me, Krissy...

She's innocent.

- And how would you know that?
- Because she's fresh-made.

A day or two.
Her dad was killed months ago.

This whole thing stinks.

That vamp that we killed last night?
Why was he swearing he didn't do it?

Because he was a liar.

Vampires don't beg for their lives,
they attack.

Last time I'm gonna ask nicely...

...take the damn guns off me
or somebody's gonna get hurt.

- Big talk.
- I know, it is, isn't it?

Let's say this isn't the vamp
who killed my dad.

She's still a monster and deserves to die.

Not if we can save her.

- What?
- She hasn't fed yet.

We can reverse this if we find
her maker, get his blood.

Why should we care about her?

Like I said, hunting isn't always
about killing.

Oh, please. Preach to some other choir,
we're not buying it.

You wanna kill an innocent girl?

I want the bloodsucker who killed my Dad
to pay.

And we're gonna find out who that is.

But let's not be so bloodthirsty
that anyone will do.

- But Victor says it's her.
- And I say it ain't.

So we're gonna pack her to go,
and we're gonna ask Victor ourselves. Okay?


You're awake, good.
We don't have much time.

- For what?
- Picture this...

The kids arrive home victorious...

...only to find you, dead,
in their living room.

Seems that nest of vampires
they were hunting was seeking revenge.

And killed you.

Thus, inspiring them to hunt even more.

I'm sorry, Sam. I can't have anyone
poisoning my kids' minds.

Other than yourself, that is.

I don't need to justify my actions to you
or your self-righteous ass of a brother.

You mean like why you're working
with a vampire?

So what's he get out of this?
Free roaming rights?

We are at war.
A war that we are losing.

That Leviathan fiasco was a wakeup call.

We have to do what we can to survive.

But I wouldn't expect you to understand.

You're not a father.
You don't know what it's like... hear the cries of your children dying.

But now I have a second chance
to make it all right.

To create the next generation of hunters.
Stronger. Faster. Smarter.

Hey, we're home.

What is going on here?

These two are not to be trusted.

They're trying to destroy us.

Do you know this vamp, Victor?

Of course he does.
They're working together.

Is that true?

It's complicated.

No, actually, it's not.

See, Blue Van here has been turning
fresh vamps...

...and setting them up for you kids
as easy kills.

But why?

Because they didn't kill our families,
did they?


- Well, then who did?
- I did.

And they all screamed...

...and begged for mercy.

- Especially the little ones...
- Enough, Seth!

You have to understand.

I saw a way to make the future better.

To get there, I had to do something hard.

- He killed them off your orders?
- You needed motivation.

I scouted each and every one of you.

I knew it was the only way
to get you to hunt.

So you killed our families?

I know the deaths are tragic.

But think of all the future lives
that will now be saved...

...because you are now together.

These fake vampires were just a way for
you to train us and fill our heads with lies?

Don't you see?

This is bigger than all of us.

We have to learn
to put things in perspective.

Come with me. We can get past this.

That is unfortunate.


- We're leaving.
- That's not happening.

I taught you everything you know.

Don't make me hurt you.

Not everything, Victor.



Krissy, don't.

If we want revenge for our families' deaths,
he gives it to us.

We don't kill people.

You don't kill people.

He's not a person, he's a monster.

Krissy, this ends bad no matter what we do.


Krissy, don't.

This is for my Dad.


For Josephine's family.

For Aidan.

For me.

- So we're just gonna let him live?
- Yeah.

All alone. With himself.

No family. No friends.

Ask me, that's not much of anything.


Let's save that girl.



Just drink slowly.
This will take away all the pain.

- I'm proud of you.
- Shut up before I punch you.

- So how's she doing?
- Better now.

Well, uh...

Think this is yours.

Thank you.

I'll wait outside.

Okay. Whenever you're ready,
we'll be in the car.

- What are you talking about?
- Your aunt.

Cincinnati? Normal life?
We'll be there by lunch tomorrow.

Look, I hate how we were put together, but...

...I can't deny that it feels right.
Why should I let Victor ruin that too?

You're saying you like that boy
over there, and you wanna stay?

What, Aidan? No.

I mean, he's like my brother.

It's nothing like that.

- Well, you're all still minors.
- Not for long.

Josephine will be 18 in a few months,
we're gonna have a life and each other here.

- And hunting?
- We won't go looking for it.

But if any monsters show up around here,
they better look out.

- Okay, good.
- Really?

I thought I was gonna have to fight you
way more on that.

You're right, you're not a kid anymore.
You can make your own decisions.

You're all right for an old guy.

- I'm really not that old.
- You keep telling yourself that.


I'm gonna have a guy come check on you
every once in a while.

His name is Garth. He'll make sure
you're all right and you got what you need.

- Garth?
- Yeah.

He's a little strange at first,
but you'll come to love him.

Take care, Dean.

Yeah, goodbye, Dean.


There's something I wanna tell you
about Krissy.

I know, I know. You'll kill me
if I ever hurt her. Blah, blah, blah.

No, no. No. She'll kill you.

Good luck.

This is good.

- Is it?
- Could have been a lot worse.

It will be if we don't
shut those gates of hell soon.

What do they have to do with any of that?

They're hunters now.
You don't just walk away from that.

There's only one way out of that.
You and I both know it ain't pretty.

Maybe they'll be different.

If we shut that hellhole once and for all,
those three can have a real life.


Maybe they won't be the only ones.

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