Supernatural (2005–…): Season 8, Episode 16 - Remember the Titans - full transcript

Sam and Dean come across a mysterious man that dies once every day.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
I figured out
how to close the Gates of Hell.

God built a series of tests.

When you've done all three,
you can slam the Gates.

You need backup.
No, I need you safe, Sam.

We both know where this ends --
one of us dies.

I'm gonna do these trials.

I'm gonna do them alone --
end of story.

The spell's not gonna work
for you, Dean.

I didn't pass the test.

But I did...And I'm doing
the rest of them.


I'm good. I'm okay.

I can do this.

Oh, God.

Oh, no.

Dang it.

Dispatch, Seven-Mary-Four --
you got your ears on?

Go ahead, Seven-Mary-Four.

I got a hit and run
on 89.

He's dead.

What's the condition
of the body?

Looks like he's frozen solid.
Please advise.

please hold your position.

We'll send an ambulance
to your location.

What the hell...

♪ Supernatural 8x16 2013-02-27 ♪
Remember the Titans

What's up with you?

Nothing. Why?

Heard from Kevin?

Uh, no. Nothing yet.

What's it been,
like, three weeks?

What's taking that little
brainiac so long?

It's a book. Read it.

Just a guess, but translating
an ancient language

with zero help might be
more difficult than we think.

So, no word from Cass,

Kevin's taking
his sweet little time,

and you're acting cagey.

We need a lead before I start
climbing these walls.

Well, um...

In that case,
I can give you zombies.

Guy gets hit by a car,
left for dead overnight,

guts spilled out
all over the road,

then gets up
and walks away from it.

Nothing about
brain munching?

Remember Bobby's wife?

She didn't...
munch on any brains.

Well, who's the witness?

Montana state trooper,
20-year vet.

Checked his pulse,

saw his insides spilled out
all over the place,

pronounced him dead
with a capital "D."

Since when have the Feds

started tracking
zombie activity?

We don't track
zombie activity

because there's no such thing
as zombies.


Why don't you just tell us
what you saw?

Article said it all --

dead as dog poop,
guts pecked out, face frozen.

People don't walk away
from that.

Zombies do.

And you don't think something
could have dragged him away?

One set of footprints,
no drag marks.

You didn't go after him?
That's grizzly country.

You couldn't pay me enough
to hike those woods,

not without a bazooka.

Uh, Jack?

I got something here.

Came across the wire
from Livingston.

John Doe --
presumably mauled by a grizzly.

Holy crap, that's him.

That's the dead guy?
Dead my ass.

That's a zombie, boys.

Uh, you know what,

Why don't you stay here?

We'll take care
of this one.

We need someone
to hold down the fort.

You sure?

Yeah, and if things go
all "Dawn of the Dead" on us,

you'll be our first call.


Aim for the head.

No I.D. on this guy?

came up blank, too.

What's going on down here?

Liver was eaten.

Best guess
is a bird got at it.


I got to say,
I am a little disappointed.

Yeah, 'cause you wanted
to shoot zombies.

Damn straight I wanted
to shoot some zombies.

Look, man, this is about as
open-and-shut as it gets, all right?

Guy gets Mack-trucked,
goes down for a nap, wakes up,

takes a detour into mama bear's
den -- end of story.

Then why would he run?

He was injured.

That trooper
could have helped him.

I don't know. Shady past?

Dean, don't guys
with a shady past

usually have a fingerprint
on file?

Whatever it was,
the guy's dead now, all right?

what Bobby said, hmm?

"Wood chipper
beats everything"?

Yeah, well,
so does grizzly bear.

You better start talking.

What are you?

If you say, "zombie,"
I swear --

No, I'm not anything.

Look, two minutes ago,
you were room temperature.

You're something.

Look, I don't know
what I am, okay?

I don't know who I am.

All I know
is all I do is die,

so if you want to shoot me,
shoot me.

Just promise me
you finish the job,

'cause I can't take this

All right. Get up,
get up, get up. Stand up!

All you do is die?

What's that
supposed to mean?

Once a day,
for as long as I can remember.

After a few hours,
I'm back.

What are you,
like a real-life Kenny?


No, my name is Shane.

All right,
well, listen, Shane.

We're not gonna find out
what the hell you are in here,

so you're gonna
come with us, okay?

We're gonna run a few tests,

make sure
everything's kosher.



This is FBI-sanctioned?


All right, so, uh,

how long has this dying thing
been going on?

As long
as I can remember,

but my memory only goes back
a few years.

so now you have amnesia?

How do you know your name?

My real name isn't Shane.

It was given to me

I don't know, people had to
call me something.

Okay. So, then,
what happened to you?

Got pulled off a mountain
in Europe.

They said that I got caught
in an avalanche.

I don't remember anything
from before the rescue.

When I realized
my condition,

I knew I couldn't
be around other people,

so I built a little cabin,
learned to hunt, kept to myself.

Seemed easiest that way.

Then a couple pot growers
grew nervous

with me being
so near their crop.

Shot me -- twice.

I figured it was time
to move on.

Right into the grille
of that pickup.

You think maybe I could
clean up?

Yeah, man.
Knock yourself out.

he's definitely something.

Yeah, but maybe
he's not the monster.

Maybe he's the victim.

You thinking curse?

Could be looking
for a witch, yeah.

You know what?

He's parked here.
He's safe.

Maybe we should
just get another room

until we can
figure this out.

All right,
but you're the one

going full-cavity
for the hex bag.

Who are you?

You don't remember.

Never mind.

Who are you?

Now I'm your worst enemy.

Who the hell was that?

She -- she said
that she knew me.

Yeah, how?

I don't know, but, uh, I could
have sworn that she was upset

I didn't know her back.

This is, uh -- this is a lot
more than a curse, man.

You've got, like,
some tiger blood.

Where did you learn
that kung fu?

Hey, buddy, you okay?


I just need a minute.

I've never been in a fight
in my whole life.

Whoa, hey, hey, pal.

Hey. Are you --

Hey, whoa.

Is he having
a heart attack?

Do we call 911?

And tell them what?

That the dead guy we stole
from the morgue

is alive
and having a coronary?

I feel like
I'm sitting Shiva.

Well, that's not --
never mind.

Um...We need to think.

Dean, what do we know of

that has Jason Bourne
fighting skills,

dies a lot, and has a history
with violent women?

I don't know -- you?

May I help you?

Agent Bonham?

And you are?

This is gonna sound
really strange,

but I'm looking for a corpse
that went missing today.

The coroner said that you were
the last one to see it.

I'm Hayley.

Uh, this is Agent Jones.

Why are you looking
for our John Doe?

Well, his name is Shane.

At least,
that's what I called him.

I'm the mother of his son.


Why don't you, uh,
slap me some skin, huh?

He's shy.

It's okay, Oliver.

Oh, you weren't
supposed to see --

It's okay.

Stay with the nice
FBI agents, Oliver.


When I was younger,

I had friends that wanted to
climb this mountain in Europe,

and I thought
it sounded exciting,

so...I joined them.

The avalanche?

He -- he told you?

What else did he say?

Just that he doesn't remember
how he got there.

My friends were gone,
and when I found him,

his clothes were torn off,
his eyes were frozen solid,

but he was still alive.

I just knew there was
something off about him,

the way that...he would --

Die every day?


I thought it was
from exposure or shock.

Maybe he was unconscious.

We were both in bad shape.

And I know I couldn't have
made it down the mountain

if it weren't for him.

And when we got to the bottom,
we, um...realized

that it had become
something else,

and we spent
the night together,

and while we were, you know...
He had a heart attack.


So, I called 911,
and they couldn't save him.

And I had to go down
to I.D. the body...

He popped up again.


I freaked out.
And I ran.

And nine months later,
I had Oliver.

I hired
a private investigator.

I really tried to find him,

but when they gave up,
I gave up.

Until a couple
of months ago.

Now, what made you
look again?

The worst thing.


Hello, Shane.

come here, honey.

I thought it was time
you two meet.

This is Oliver.

Did you find anything?

Well, uh...

Looks like we were right
about that curse thing.

From what I can tell,
we're looking at a Titan.

A Titan?
What is that -- like, a God?

More like a proto-God,

like the Gods
before the Gods.

They ruled over Greece

before Zeus and the rest
of the Olympian Gods

overthrew them.

so who is this guy?

Best I can tell?



Well, didn't he --
he steal fire or something?


He, uh, "Ocean's Eleven'd"
Mount Olympus

and stole the flames
of Olympia.

For what, kicks?

For us, actually.

Zeus decided to revoke
humanity's ability to make fire

so we couldn't cook,
couldn't stay warm,

couldn't see in the dark.

Sounds like a monster's

And this guy made it right
for us?


And in return,

Zeus decided to strap him
to that mountain

and make him relive death
every day.

Every day for how long?

No wonder the guy's hard drive
is fried.

Did you figure out
who, uh, Xena-wannabe was?

I'm guessing Artemis,
Zeus' daughter.

She's been known to carry around
weapons like that dagger.

They're nasty.
They'll kill Immortals dead.

All right.

Well, we've never battled
a God curse before.

Hope we can break it.

This is an eagle
chowing down on your intestines.

You don't remember that?


Okay, look,
I hate to break it to you,

but you are Prometheus.

Well, then,
the best thing for me

is to get as far away from them
as I can.

Wait. I'm sorry.

You just discovered that you
have a seven-year-old son,

and you want to walk away?

And I'm a God.

And this God and his daughter
are hunting me.

What chance do I have?


We're gonna help you,

but we need a plan first,

and we can't
come up with one here.

Where are we going?

Someplace safe.

What's wrong?

He fell.

Do I need to call
an ambulance?

No. Don't.

He's dying, isn't he?

I was going to tell you,

I just wanted you to have
a chance to adjust.

Wait a second --
he has your curse?

What curse?

Just put him right here.

This curse was put on you.
Why the kid?

I don't know.

You keep saying "curse."
What curse?

How long has this
been happening?

Oh, well, I -- since he turned
seven a few months ago.

It started with the dying,
and then he stopped talking.

Wait, seven?

Age seven marks one of the first
Greek rites of manhood.

So, what?

Are you saying the curse is
hardwired into his programming?

How do you know that?

Look at me.

I'm sorry that I ran out on you
all those years ago.

I was scared.

I didn't understand
what was going on.

But we have a child,
and whatever you have, he has.

I need to know
how to stop it.

What curse?

Okay, so Ollie's dad
is a Greek God

who has been cursed to die
every day by Zeus.

And you guys

Am I getting this right?

Well, you know,
due to the fact that your son

is currently,
albeit temporarily, dead,

I'm gonna
let that one slide.

You have to realize
this sounds crazy.

It's true.

I didn't believe it myself
at first,

but it's the only thing
that makes sense.

Look, the faster you wrap
your brain around this,

the faster we can
solve the problem.

Solve the problem?

I-I'm just not even sure
I understand the problem.

All right.

So, the way
we usually handle this

is we summon the bastard
and we work him over

until he undoes
whatever it is he did.

Summon Zeus.


And if he doesn't want
to undo it?

Then we take him out.

And hopefully,
the curse dies along with him.

This can't be happening.

This I can handle.

Listen, you can run and hide
and die for all eternity.

It's your choice.

But Sam and I are gonna
go after Zeus...

...with or without you.

I'm in.

Here we go.

What you got?

Dragon penis.


Ancient Greek hunter
by the name of Drakopoolos.

Near as I can tell,
he was a badass

whose name, incidentally,
is Greek --

No, no, no.
I got that.

Thanks, Ace.


How's the, uh...
Is the kid?

He's fine.

Oh, please, keep going.

Right, so, uh,

tangled with Zeus
back in the day,

and the Men of Letters
translated his journal.

The Men of Letters?

It's a secret society.

This is
actually their lair.

We're legacies.

No big deal.


So, it says here
he summoned Zeus into a trap

and found out
how to kill him.

What's that?

Wood from a tree
struck by lightning.

Right. So, it says we need
two things for the summon --

frozen energy
from the hand of Zeus,

and the bone
of a worshipper.

Frozen energy --
you thinking fulgurite?

Well, it makes sense.

All right.

You get on the web,
see if there's any greeks nearby

that are still worshipping
the Old Gods.

On it.

W-what about the wood?
Is that easy to find?

With a little bit of luck.

Oh. Wait --
t-this journal just ends.

What do you mean?

I mean, how do we know
if Drako-whatever survived?

How do we know
Zeus didn't get to him?

We don't know.

How do we know
this is going to work?

We never know for sure,
but these books --

they're, uh,
they're pretty good.

So, we're hanging our lives
on the writings of a dead man named after

It's a loose


All right.
Listen to this.

Greek pagans two towns over.
Best part?

They have an obit page
with cemeteries.

All right.

You two
are on grave duty.

We'll handle the B&E.

We'll be in touch.


B&E? You mean,
breaking and entering?

Well, the book
calls for fulgurite.

It's a little hard
to come by.

The last time
we needed it,

we, uh, stole it
from a one-percenter.

You do know that fulgurite
is available

in crystal shops
all over, right?


The new age people, they use it
to make cheap jewelry.


Why are you doing this,

We need a bone,
so I dig.

No, I mean for us.

This isn't your problem.

You're risking your life.

Why'd you risk yours
to steal that fire?

Good question.

Wish I could remember.

Trust me on this --
it was worth it.

You pretty much, uh,
saved the whole world.

Yeah, I guess.

But none of that --
none of that means anything

unless I can save my son.

I know this all seems

a little haphazard,
all right?

But trust me when I say
that me and Sammy

have gone in with a lot less
and come out on top.

I believe you.

It's just all this.

And I'm about to ask Zeus,
the Greek God,

to help cure my son.

The thing
you got to remember

is this is not about
asking for his help, okay?

He's not your friend.

It's about getting him
to do what's right.

Stay calm.

Oh, come now.

Can't we do this

it depends on you.

All we need is to break a curse
you put on a little kid.

So, how about you say, "yes,"
and we all go home?

Nice to see you again,

All cleaned up.

I've been
looking for you.

It's gone too far, Zeus.

Break the curse.

It's your child
who has the affliction.


So, what's it gonna be?

The easy way or we could
do this the hard way.

Break the trap, dear man,
and I'll break the curse.

No dice.

Fix the kid.

Going once...

Don't be that guy.

Going twice...

Hey, you can rot here
for all I care.

Yes, and the child
will continue to suffer.

Let's roll.

He needs me,
and you know it.


Hayley, no!

Now save my son.

What do you say?

Shall we try this
the hard way?

Bring forth the child.



I trust
you've met my daughter.

Hayley, don't do it.

This is the son
of Prometheus.

And he's cursed
to suffer death every day.

I must admit, I could never have
conceived such a horrible fate

for such
a beautiful child.

Just goes to show,

we must all leave room
for happy accidents.

What does that mean?
I don't understand.

Tell me,

has Prometheus experienced
the child's death yet?

How did he take it?

Did he hurt?


Imagine a thousand children
all dying in unison.

Only then would you
understand my pain.

But we can't always have
what we want, so... will have to do.


I have a special job for you,
my little friend.



So, you know
who this is, Dean,

walking us
to our deaths?

Don't know. Don't care.

It's our God, Artemis --
the Goddess of Hunters.

Oh, that's fascinating.

See, she's who we'd
pray to for courage

when hunting
the Gorgon or the Minotaur.

Of course, she's not really
worship worthy anymore,

uh, having lost
a step and all.

The hell I have.

Really, Sam?
Trash-talking a God?


So, let's see
if we can make up

for seven years
of lost time.

Still at full power?

Then why did it
take you seven years

to track down Prometheus?

He was hiding.

Hiding from you?

So the God of Hunters couldn't
find a shack in Montana?

Maybe it's that you didn't
want to find him.

Good, Sam,
you're doing great.

Your dad's gonna
kill that kid, you know?

Don't worry.

He'll come back.

Unlike you.

He was in love with you,
you know.

He told us.

You lie.

Okay, sure, yeah.

Believe whatever you want.

No, no, no, no.

Don't pass out on me
just yet.

I'm only
just getting started.

What did he say to you?

This wasn't the first time
he escaped that mountain,

and that you
let him go free

as long as you could hide
your little tryst

from the old man.

The hell he said.

His brain is mush.

Oh, yeah?
Then how did I know?

What, have you spilled it
to anyone?

Homer? Hesiod? Herodotus?

Of course not.

You were afraid big daddy
would find out

that you fell for the person
he hates most in this world.

Of course, when he saw
the zombie article,

it kind of forced your hand,

and you had to come hunt him
down no matter how much it hurt.

You know what?
Go ahead.

Kill us.

And let your father
slaughter that boy.

Over and over again.

That won't leave a mark.

You like being an immortal,
don't you?

Oh, sure,
you die every day,

but nothing
can keep you dead.

It's almost like taking
a little nap.

All of your cares and worries
disappear for a little while.

Well, it's sleepy time,
my dear boy.

This has to stop, father.


I'm only
just getting started.

You've done enough.

I am doing this for us --
for our kind.

He is the reason we're here
and not ruling the world.

He's the reason they have
forgotten all about us.

Let them go.

All of them.

I am your father,
and you will obey me.

You were once my father.

Now you're someone else.

I never get tired
of watching you die.

Your boy is going
on the mountain.

I'm sorry.

You know what?

How about we go get
some ice-cream sundaes?


I'd like to stay.

Well, here's to that crazy
little wild card called love.

How did you know Artemis had
the hots for Prometheus, anyway?



Yeah, well, whatever it was,
it worked...pretty much.

At least the kid's
all right.

You know...

I'm starting to think
maybe I was being naive.

What are you
talking about?

When I said that I could
just will myself

into coming out of these trials

No, no, no.

Stop with the sullen
emo crap, all right?

That's -- you're not gonna die
like Prometheus.

How do you know, Dean?

Bobby, Rufus,
now Prometheus --

you think any of them
chose death?


The life chose for them.

Yeah, well,
you promised, okay?

You promised to live a long,
Clark Griswold life

full of prostate exams
and colonoscopies, all right?

You're not welshing
on that deal, not on my watch.

If you die, it's gonna be
because of something normal.

Like a heart attack?


Yeah, eat your burger.

Cass, you got your ears on?

Listen, you know I am not
one for praying,

'cause in my book it's...
it's the same as begging.

But this is about Sam,
so I need you to hear me.

We are going
into this deal blind...

...and I don't know what's ahead

or what it's
gonna bring for Sam.

Now, he's covering pretty good,
but I know that he is hurting,

and this one
was supposed to be on me.

So, for all that
we've been through,

I'm asking you... keep a lookout
for my little brother, okay?

Where the hell are you, man?