Supernatural (2005–…): Season 8, Episode 15 - Man's Best Friend with Benefits - full transcript

James Frampton, an old friend of Sam and Dean, has become a witch. Now he's supposedly killing innocent people.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Freaking witches.

I figured out how to close the gates of hell.
God built a series of tests.

- You do all three, slam the gates.
- Where do we start?

You've gotta kill a hound of hell
and bathe in its blood.

I need you to be safe,
so I'm gonna do these trials.


- I didn't pass the tests.
I did.

- I'm doing the rest of them.
- My ass, you are.

I can do this.

That was great.

Thanks for letting me do that.

Here, let me give you
a little something.

There you go. Thanks.

- Thank you.
- Yeah.

Guess it's not my night.

Guess not.

Wow, of all the lame-ass things
you've ever said...

...that's gotta be the lame-assiest.

I'm sorry, but I happen to think Shemp
was a funnier Stooge than Curly.

- Curly was a freaking genius.
- I found Curly's work a bit obvious.

It's supposed to be obvious, man.
They're Stooges.

- So are we calling James tonight?
- No, let's just call him tomorrow.

The drive was a bitch.

- I wonder what he wanted.
- His text said that he needed help.

He's a cop.
I figured it was work-related.

Yeah, well, we do owe him.

The guy saved our lives once, Sammy.
It's not like the guy...

Saved our lives?

- Gonna go for a beer run. Need anything?
- No, I'm good.

- You sure?
- Yeah.

Because you did just gank a hellhound,
which is no slice of pie...

...and there's a minefield
of who-knows-what-crap ahead.

Just wanna make sure
that you are okay.

I'm good.

You know,
we could find another devil dog... could tag out,
I could snuff the son of a bitch.


Kevin doesn't even know
what the next trial is yet.

So whatever it is
you're worried about, stop.

I'll be ready.

Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Uh... Oh, no.

Hey, you friendly?

Friendly, good. All right.

You're a pretty dog.

Oh, really, you want a little
belly scratch, huh?

So who you belong to? Uh...

Right, no tags.

Uh, what are you doing here?

Oh, no.


- Hey.
- Okay, okay, okay.

Before you get pissed off,
I want you to know this isn't my fault.

She just showed up at the door, okay?

Didrt track in any mud.
Just wanted her belly scratched.

I figured maybe
she could stay tonight...

...and we'd try and find her
a home tomorrow.

She can stay the night.

Two seconds ago, she was a dog.

All right, who the hell are you?

Not a Shapeshifter,
so you can stash the blade.

I'm a familiar.

- A what?
- Companion to a witch.

Some witches.

They split their time between
human and animal form.

I get a more accurate read on people
in my other persona.

Approaching guys in a motel room like this...

...that gets complicated.
- Hmm.

My name's Portia.
I belong to James Frampton.

No. No, no.
See, that doesn't work for us...

...because that would mean
that our buddy James is a witch.

Wow, you're quick.

- James is a freaking witch?
- He wasrt when you met him.

- But that last case you worked on...
- A lunatic alchemist. It was nasty.

James wanted to learn more
about that world.

Black arts, witchcraft.
Became the center of his life.

Wait, so you're telling me
that James the cop...

...became a witch because of us?
Uh-uh. Heh.

You don't like dogs, do you?

Wait, so James isn't a cop anymore?

Sure, he is. Homicide detective.

His new powers
make his work even better.

- Then what does he need from us?
- Something has been happening to him.

It started with excruciating headaches.

Screaming sounds in his ears.
Horrible nightmares.

Unable to sleep or think.
He can't work.

It's like he's having a breakdown.

Maybe you can find a way to help him.

Well, here's the thing.

Witches, not real fans.

Well, James is a cop with a spotless record.

He's used his skills
for nothing but good.

So why don't you lose the ignorant bigotry
for maybe two seconds...

...and give him a shot?

That was incredibly hot.

It was pretty hot.

Might wanna go easy on that.

God, you look awful.

Not getting any better?


I don't know what's happening to me.

These dreams.

They're like, uh... Like torture.

You didn't mention dreams.



Spencer, they, uh...

They scare the hell out of me.

They're so real.

Just night after night.

Enough, James.
It's time to see someone.


Who do we see?

There's no medicine for this.

Maybe you just need time away.

It's way beyond that.

James, it's too much.

All that you've taken on.

Not just the workload,
but the nature of the work.

Look around.
See a lot of cops, do you?

Life in this realm is life on the fringe.
We don't fit.

How do you reconcile what you are
with what you do?

I don't know where Portia is.


She's gone.

I think I'm pushing her away.

These dreams James has,
he thinks they're real?

- He thinks he is actually killing people?
- I think so.

That's what I picked up
before he started blocking me.

What does that mean, blocking you?

Familiars and their masters,
we can communicate telepathically.

I could get inside of James's head
any time I wanted...

...but he shut me out.

You think there's something
he doesn't want you to see?

Possibly, yeah.

Something dark, you know,
that's destroying him.

He can't go to the police
and he doesn't trust other witches.

But he trusts us?
You do know who we are, right?

We're the last people
James needs to be telling his troubles to.

This was my idea. I was the one who
sent you the texts under James's name.

He doesn't know you're here,
but I think you may be all he has.

Someone there?

You had no right to do this.

I was afraid for your life.

My life is none of their business!

Sam, Dean.

Witchcraft, James, really?
What the hell were you thinking?

You come to help or pile on?

I'm just saying,
you screw with that stuff...'re gonna fry your wiring.
- All right.

Look, why don't you tell us
about these dreams?

She said people were dying in them.

Dying? They were torn to bits.

I, uh...

...could feel my fingers
ripping into their flesh.

But they were dreams?

Well, I, uh, woke up in my bed.

Okay, so dreams?

I'm not so sure.

Not helping, James.

Those people, they died.

I checked with the precinct.

All right, well, maybe you heard it
and it stuck in your head.

You don't think I told myself all that?
You don't think I didn't say:

"That wasrt me.
I couldn't have done such a thing"?

Is it yours?

James Martin Frampton.

What's happening to me?

Well, how about this? Um...

You pissed off another witch and
he or she hexed you and forced you to...

It's possible, I suppose,
but I never heard of it.

- How many dreams have you had?
- Four.

Most recent was last night.

He was a blind man.

I, uh...

I was choking him and, uh...

All right, James,
we're gonna help you figure this out...

...but you have to do your part.

Which is?

You're gonna have to stay put.

House arrest, my friend.

Got the last of it.

Well, I have been looking
at the crime scene reports...

...and they are exactly
the same as James told us.

Vics, dates, location.

The most recent one was a blind man,
just like he said.

That's not good.

Also, I looked into his record on the force.

He went from rookie detective
to lieutenant overnight.

And in the last four years,
his solve rate's been right at about 100 percent.

Of course,
he's got the booga-booga on his side.

Man, you know
that we've never actually seen...

...this witch-killing spell of Bobby's work,

- I mean, this is not a sure thing.
- Heh.

Is anything we ever do a sure thing?

Well, no, but I would just like to have
the odds in our favor... much as possible.


Well, I'm concerned.

Concerned about the, uh...
The witch-killing spell?

Or that I'm gonna mess
these trials up?

Look, we get too far down the road with this,
we can't go back.

- And it'll be too late for me to jump in.
- Who says that you're gonna have to?

- Maybe I'll actually pull this one off.
- I'm just saying...

I know what you're saying, Dean.
You've said it.

You know, I've been going over this
and over this...

...asking myself,
"Why doesn't he trust me?"

And it occurred to me finally.
It's not that you don't trust me.

It's that you can only trust you.

- You done?
- Yeah, I'm done if you're done.

You know, once I get this put together...

...we can't hesitate.
If we gotta use it, we use it.

You mean if we find the witch
that's doing this to James.

Or if there is no other witch.

Or it wouldn't be the first
free pass we've given, Dean.

Look, I like James as much as the next guy,
but people are getting ganked here.

Besides, Benny, Kate,
they were forced to be what they are.

James chose this.

Vics were all torn up pretty bad.
- Like someone shredded him...

...with their bare hands. Heh.
Like that could happen. Ed.

Ed Stoltz. He's lead on the case.

Special Agent Keith.

Josh here tells me
you don't have a lot to go on.

Yeah. Isolated parts of the city.
Vics who meant nothing to nobody.

My partner and I
had a look at the crime scenes.

Things really must be slow
at the Bureau. Heh, heh.

Locations have already
been knocked down.

Well, we did manage to find
this piece of fabric.

Things get overlooked. It happens.

Why don't you run the blood?
Could be the vic, could be the doer's.

Let's see if we get a match.

A witness did mention seeing a man
in a suit and white shirt leaving the area.

You didn't mention a witness in your report.
Anything else?


We'll get back to you on the lab work.
So if that's all...

- Sure, but this witness...
- That's all that was said, Agent Keith.

We really don't have a lot here, okay?
We'll be in touch.

- I getting the stink-eye in here or what?
- They can tell you're an outsider.

- Are they all witches?
And stuff.

But if there's information out here
about James, they'll know.

How did James find you, anyway?

Not the way it works.

The familiar finds the master
and they become inseparable.

Guess a lot of people
feel that way about their pets.

- What?
- Heh, I'm not James's pet.

Well, not all the time.

Not ever.

The master and the familiar,
there's an unbreakable bond.

Like a melding of souls.

We would die for each other.


Over here.

Dean, meet Phillippe LeChat.

- Dears a Wiccan from Detroit.

Well, sit, sit.

- Spencer here?
- Somewhere.

That's weird.
It only happens around cats.

Tell me about James.
Lot of buzz out there.

All gossip.

The community has a little attitude going.

Heh. He brings it on himself.

The whole cop thing.

- Witch cop, is he nuts?
- I said the exact same thing.

Then there's you, babe.

It isn't done, Portia, and you know it.

- I'm sorry, uh, remind me. What isn't done?
- Portia.

Uh, I'm a... I'm a Wiccan. I'm from Detroit.

Spencer is the man to ask.

Oh, okay. Um...

You ever heard of a spell...

...where a witch can control
the actions of another witch?

No, I've never heard of a thing like that.
I don't think it's possible.

- How's James?
- Better. I'll tell him you asked.

- Phillippe, it's time we were going.
- Of course.

Good night.

So nice to meet you.

I knew it.

Excuse me. Yeah.

- Where are you?
- Some witch bar, why?

I just got the lab work back
from the blood on James's shirt.

- And?
- Not good.

Blood is an exact match
to victim number three.

- That pretty much says it all, doesn't it?
- Yeah.

I hate doing this to you.

It's okay, really.

We don't have to.
You know, they wouldn't find out.


...if I believe I'm innocent,
I have to do the right thing.

And if I'm not innocent,
I have to do the right thing.

Tell me one day this will be over.

I love you.

No! No, Dean.

You have to listen to me, please.
It's not James.


...James and I were close,
without psychological walls.


- I don't...
- They had sex.


I, uh, didn't expect that.

We have an unusual relationship.

Familiars aren't supposed to be
sexually involved with their witches.

You know, considering that you're a...

Well, and that he's...

That's... Heh. Little help here?


James and I,
we hadrt made love in weeks.

His agony ate him up
and he shut me out.

But tonight I saw his thoughts.

Memories of the murders.

I'm sorry, is this you trying to talk us
out of ganking James or...?

Dean, that's all I saw. Just the kills.

No preparation, no thought process,
no anticipation, no motive.

Just the kills without context.

- No other awareness of the crimes?
- No.

Doesrt that at least suggest
he's under another's control?

- Spencer said that wasrt possible.
- He said he never heard of it.

James is chained.

He's confined.

At least take a shot.


Still investigating
this crappy little case?

I'm awed the Bureau has so much time
on its hands.

Right, well, we have some, uh,
individual discretion... pursue cases.
- I'll catch up later.

But at some point cases like this go cold,
I'm sure you're aware.

- Just not enough to keep them floating.
- Sure.

- No new leads, then?
- No.

And it's drifting towards the back burner.
We just don't have the manpower.

Must have been tough to lose
a valuable resource like Lieutenant Frampton.

See, he and I, we, uh...
We caught a case together a while back.

Well, he's not lost.
I mean, he's on leave.

I remember he said he was the youngest guy
here to ever make lieutenant.

- Must have made a few waves.
- No.

This place is run like a dogsled.
No stars, just grunts.

One mutt goes lame, another one pops up
and slogs through the slush.


So this, uh, warlock we're meeting,
he's a snitch?

Cops have snitches all over town.

James uses Drexyl when he suspects
someone in the community.

I gotta ask. I can't help but wonder...

Which came first, dog or girl?


Yeah, I mean, I'm just curious as to
which one you consider yourself mostly.

This have anything to do with what I told you
about James and me last night?

How you're imagining it?


No. That's... Heh.


Drexyl, this is Dean.

Wiccan. Detroit. I heard.

So here's the deal.

Absolutely no word on the street
about any witch hexing another one.

You sure there's not any kind of spell?

Look, Detroit,
I pride myself on reliable sourcing.

There is, however,
a lot of chatter about our James.

- What kind of chatter?
- That he's gone ripper.

As in Jack the...?

Someone's circulating the rumor
that he's set at full kill.

Someone? One of us?

If the cops get wind of it, arrest James,
find out what he really is...

...that exposes the rest of us.

You know that can't happen.


They're gonna give James two choices:
Leave or the full hara-kiri.


- Witches appreciate the grand gesture.
- I won't let him do that.

Well, the community might do it for him.

- Hey.
- Hey.

So I have been going over
Bobby's data.

- Anything?
- Uh, Portia might not be wrong.

Turns out there is a spell for implanting images
into another persors brain.

- Really?
- Yeah. Uh...

"Creating false memories
into another witch's mind."

Wow. Heh.

James could be convinced he killed
those people without ever touching them?

- Maybe it is somebody else.
- Going to a lot of trouble... make it look like James.
What do the cops say?

That's the thing.
Um, according to Ed Stoltz, they got zip.

But they got something. I saw the, uh,
tech guy who's working the case...

...and he had a huge file folder
marked "James Frampton."

- Ed didn't mention that?
- No, he did not.

All right. Ahem.

Oh, by the way, gotta hand it to you.

It's been 15 hours since Portia
mentioned her night with James.

And not one bestiality joke out of you.

Portia tells me my friends in the community
want me burned at the stake.

Not gonna lie, it's, uh... It's getting ugly.

Cops have more on the case
than they're saying.

- Including a thick dossier on you.
- Me?

I get the feeling whatever they have... under lock and key at the precinct.
Uh, Room C-110.

Then we need to break in.

Sure, a locked room
in ajoint crawling with cops 24/7.

Why didn't I think of that?

Dean, a witch can go to a place
without having to go to a place.

What, like phone sex?

Astral projection.
I can project my awareness anywhere.


From the comfort of right here.
But these have gotta go.

Not gonna happen.

Irons on, no magic.
No magic, no break-in.


But only if we can go with you.

James, are you sure
you're still even able to do this?

That's a confidence builder.
Anything else I should know...

...before I become some disembodied thing
at his mercy?

Just close your eyes.

Whatever I see,
I'll pass on to you two.

Give us a little warning
if you're gonna snap us back like that.

- Stoltz. He's building a case against me.
- What?

Ed, he's always wanted
a breakthrough case.

Nailing a renegade cop,
that would qualify.

Yeah, especially one he holds
a grudge against.

My first case.
They dropped him as lead detective.

They went with me.

So, what is this, you think, a payback?

He can't just arrest you.
He needs evidence, he needs proof.

He's got it. He's got everything.

- From who?

The cat.


- Hey, take it easy. Talk this out, buddy.
- James, hey.

- James, don't. We'll do this together.
- No, we won't.

It's not safe for you.
Our time together is over.

Standing by you is my duty, my choice.

Portia, the ceiling is coming down on me.
You still have a life.

- Please.
- Portia, go.

- James.
- Go!

It's not too late for me
to wear braces?

Wort even notice them.
We'll put in transparents.

James, what are you doing?

- Why are you telling lies about me?
- I'm not. I wouldn't.

I saw the evidence room.

I saw the police sketch
based on an eye-witness account.

Get lost.

Please, don't.

Tell me why.

- I had no choice.
- What does that mean?

- My master made me.
- Liar.

You're a coward and a liar.
Spencer is my friend.

A direct command.

Please, don't hurt my face.

I'm not interested...

He was always spineless.

Now literally.

It was you?

You were behind all this?

I humbly accept credit.

You made me think I was a killer.

Ed Stoltz put you up to it.

He found out you were a witch,
tried to blackmail you.

You're not using your thinking cap,

It was crucial that he didn't
believe in the occult.

I'd say he's built quite a solid case,
don't you?

I don't understand.

Of course you don't.

Neither of you ever considered my feelings.


This is about her?

Can you imagine the insult
when she chose you?

I wanted her as my soul mate
the moment I saw her.

She was meant to be my familiar.

Oh, she's way more than familiar,
isn't she?

When she picked you as master,
I endured it.

But when you two went all
Bella and Edward...

...broke the code, put your passions
before the community rules...

...well, the arrogance,
the entitlement was too much.

Your total ruination
seemed appropriate.

The Wiccan from Detroit.

So, James didn't kill those people...?

Seriously? You wanna take me on?


It's not only James's head
I can get inside.



Agh! Un!

Kids, don't try this at home.

You sure you don't wanna stay
and fight this?

Look, we can help you.

Spencer was right.

Ed Stoltz has built enough
of a case against me... make life hell for a long time.

And the community here
wants no part of us.

We start over. We're used to it.

It's the way it's always been.

For all of us.

I'll miss you.

Maybe even you.

I like dogs.

No, you really don't.

It's possible I was wrong.

What, about James?
Dude, we were both ready to gank the guy.

No, that's not what I meant.

Back there, when Spencer had us.

He screwed with my head.

I saw Mom.

When she died.

And some other crap.

Me too.

When I look back at
what our family has been through...

...what everybody has been through...

...seeing all that pain...

...I realize that the only way we've made it
through it all was by hanging together.

I trust you, Sammy.

And with this deal...

...locking those sons of bitches up
in the furnace once and for all...'s too important not to.

So if you say you're good...

...then that's it.
I'm with you 100 percent.

I'm good.