Supernatural (2005–…): Season 8, Episode 13 - Everybody Hates Hitler - full transcript

Sam and Dean go up against a group of Nazi necromancers.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Some asshat pops out of my closet
asking about my dad.

- Henry Winchester.
- Our grandfather.

My father and his father before him
were both Men of Letters.

- As John and you two should have been.
- Our father taught us how to be hunters.

Okay. What's that?
- I wish I knew.

I'm beginning to gather
I don't make it back from this time.

In the box is the key to every object,
scroll, spell...

...ever collected in a thousand years
under one roof.

Take it to these coordinates.

- Chances that place is still standing?
- Chance we gotta take, I guess.



Whers the last time
someone was in this place?

Sixty-five, 70 years ago?

Son of a bitch.

Look at this.

Ham radio, telegraph, switchboard.

This was their nerve center.

Henry did say that they ran dispatch
on their own team of hunters.

Oh, halfway through their coffee
and a game of chess.

Looks like whoever was manning the hub
left quick.

On the alarm call
that ended the Men of Letters.

Son of a bitch.

Sammy, I think we found the Bat Cave.

Get thee behind me, Satan



Ah, the, uh...

...water pressure
in the Letters' shower room is marvelous.

Yeah, I still can't figure out
how we even have water. Or electricity.

Yeah, well, I am putting that
under the "ain't broke" column.

Listen, little brother,
let's not go all geek on this stuff, okay?


Yeah. Yeah. I mean, don't get me wrong...

...this stuff is awesome, heh.

And it looks like they ran a real tight outfit
here. But I'm just saying... know, don't think that they knew
some big secrets that we don't know.

Dean, they were a secret society.

Which means that they made crap up.

And wore fezzes and sashes...

...and swung around scimitars
they probably didn't even sharpen.

It's very sharp.

Dean, look,
I think we might have something here.

Something that could help us,
help humanity. Henry certainly thought so.

I mean, you know damn well
we could use a break.

What if we finally got one?

You gonna take off the dead guy robe?

Well, well.

It's so late. I didn't expect you in at all.

Three times I had to transfer the bus lines
to lose him today.


Your sinister friend.

You don't believe me
I'm being followed, heh, heh.

Nobody ever does.

So, yes, I would like to see, uh,
Manuscript FD113...

...from the Holtzinger Estate.

Oh, my. You're going to catalog
that whole collection for us, aren't you?

If I have to.

- Thank you.
- Mm-hm.

This book, we need to protect it.

This thing they put on me, he's too close.
I can't take this ledger with me.

Of course you can't.
It's part of the special reference section.

Where it will be perfectly safe.


I still have 10 minutes, yes?

Eight minutes before all materials
must be returned to the main desk.

You're too damn fine

I saw the sign

For you I'd trade it all

Fly with me, slide with me

Leave a message after the tone.

Now, listen to me carefully.
I got no time left.

I found it. I found it.

When you follow me here,
you're gonna need this number. Here.


Why so shy? Come in.
Come in out of the cold, heh.

You'll have a cup of coffee
with your old enemy, heh, heh.

You Nazi piece of rubbish.

You Nazi pig.



So? How's Kevin doing?

You know, he's okay, I guess.

In his corner,
hacking out his Da Vinci code.

Nothing actionable yet.

- Garth says hi, by the way.
- Heh.

Anything from Cass?

No. Not a peep. Why? You?

No. He's, uh... He's not answering.

Right. Well, uh, so I have been trying to chart
out the Letters' network of hunters...

...their allies, uh, affiliated groups
they worked with, kept files on.

Circa 1958?

Yeah. True, um, most are dead or defunct.

But others, I'm not so sure.

And this one
we should definitely check out.

- The Judah Initiative?
- A European team.

- Active during World War II.
- Hunters fighting in a war? That's cool.

Not exactly hunters, not exactly fighting,
but, uh...

Rabbis. Rabbis?


The Letters' file on them is sketchy,
but apparently they were hardcore saboteurs.

So I ran a search on the Initiative's
entire roster and I got a hit.

One Rabbi Isaac Bass.

He was 17 years old when he joined
the Initiative and 85 years old when he died.

Two weeks ago.

In a college town back east. He was capped.

- Capped?
- Yeah.

He was there doing research...

...and according to eyewitnesses
he spontaneously combusted.

So this is a case.

Ah, I just got back.

So you worked with the late Rabbi Bass?

I was a research associate
of Rabbi Bass, yes.

I'm trying to complete his last paper
for publication.

- I'd like to review what he was after here.
- That'd be quite a lot of material.

He was here, open to close,
for almost a week.

Wow. Um, how about just the stuff
he was looking at... know, the day he, uh, caught fire?

Does shorten the list a bit.

- He was a really nice old kook.
- Really nice.

Kook? How so?

You know, he'd talk a lot.

To us, to himself, to anyone who'd listen.

He was always talking about this secret war
that nobody knew was going on.

Conspiracy stuff.
He was obsessed with Nazis.

But he said they were special Nazis.
You know.



Like from that "World of Whatever
Craft" my little brother is always playing.

Nazi necromancers.

It's sad, isn't it?

- That old people have to go so crazy?
- I know, it is sad.


You, uh...?

Sorry. You, uh, both saw the accident?

I can still hear his screams.

It was like the fire was alive.
Like it was attacking him.

It was like watching
the most awful movie...

...of the most terrible thing you could see.
It was like that.


Special Agent Bolan.

Oh, really?


I thought you were, like, a headhunter
or something, heh.

This is the second, maybe third time
I'm seeing you today.

Why are you following me, Gingerbread?

Oh, so we, um, heh...

We didn't have a thing back there, huh?

Back where? What now?

I'm sorry, man. I thought...

I thought we had a thing back at the quad,
you know, a little eye magic.

A moment.

I saw you here, figured I'd wait
until you were done with your meeting...

...and then maybe we might,
uh, I don't know.

Yeah. Okay, but, no.

Uh, no moment.

This is a federal investigation.

Is that supposed to make you
less interesting?

No, I'm sorry, man.

I hope I didn't freak you out or anything.

No, no. I'm not... Not freaked out.

Just, uh, you know, a federal thing.

Uh, ahem.

Okay, citizen.

As you were.

- You have a good night.
- You...

You have a... Okay.

- Yeah.

So I, uh, looked into the rabbi's research.

Doesrt make a lot of sense. Um...

- Bird watching.

Well, uh, the two very hot co-captains
of the womers volleyball team...

...agree that the rabbi's death
was very unnatural.

I think we still got a case.

That would explain
why I have something stuck to my shoe.

- You're being followed?
- Yeah, I think so.

I thought I was being followed.
Turned out to be a gay thing.

- What?
- Nothing.

- You need a hand?
- Yes, please.

- Got some place quiet?
- Visitor's parking. The boonies.

I'll park in the back, 30 minutes.

Hey, pal.



Oh, my spleen. Un.

What the hell is that?

He's a golem.

He's my golem.


The rabbi who was murdered, Isaac Bass,
he was my grandfather.

That's why we're here.

When you guys started to follow up
on his case, we started following you.

So, wait, what you're saying is that you
and me, we, uh, didn't have a moment?

No, man. I was tailing you.

I told you I was being followed.

He was my gay thing.

That was good. You had me there.
Very smooth.

Yeah, well, smooth's just about all I got.

- What?
- Un.

Yeah, that's right. Keep walking.

You Chia Pet.

So that's a golem?

Yes, shaped from clay
and brought to life by rabbis... protect the Jewish people in times of,
I don't know, general crappiness.

- And he's yours?
- Hardly.

My grandfather left him to me.

I'm the last surviving descendant
of the members of this thing, this initiative.

- The Judah Initiative.
- Right. And he...

Who are they to know
about the men of Judah?

It's okay.

We are the good guys.

We're hunters.

Uh, Sam and Dean Winchester.

We know about the Judah Initiative because
our grandfather was a Man of Letters.


The rabbis knew the Men of Letters.

- Thank you.

Take a seat.

So your grandfather
was into all this supernatural stuff too?

Yeah. Grandparents, mom, dad...

...truckload of cousins,
the whole family was lousy for it.

But we never had a golem.

Right, yeah. We, uh... We grew up in it.
But you didn't?

My grandfather's adventures,
the Initiative, the golem, the war...

...they were the stories he told me when
I was a kid. I thought it was make-believe.

So did my parents. Fantasies to help him
cope with all the horrible stuff he'd seen.

Every once in a while, crazy Grandpa Bass
would come back by on one of his trips...

...hand me a 20-dollar savings bond
and say, "One day you'll inerit the mantle."

Sure enough, few days after he died,
this big box shows up at my apartment.

He always said I'd know what to do.

Which was crap
because when I opened that box...

...this big, naked potato-faced lunatic
wakes up and goes crazy.

I didn't go crazy.

You trashed my entertainment center.

- My waterbed.
- This boy knows nothing.

Observes none of the mitzvahs,
labors on Sabbath, dines on swine.

Everybody loves bacon.

He's no rabbi.

Don't start with that stuff again.

Enough. Please. Quiet time.

What was that? What was he saying?

It's Hebrew for something like "take charge,"
but I have no idea what he means.

I grew up in Short Hills.
I cheated through Hebrew School.

Never listened to my grandfather,
what he was saying.

So, wait, he just sends you this golem
and expects you to work it out?

He didn't get much chance
to prepare me, I guess.

My parents,
they did everything they could... prevent him from screwing me up
with all his crazy talk.

After the war,
my grandfather spent his life...

...trying to track down something
he called The Thule Society.

- The Thule Society. Right. They were Nazis.
- Nazi necromancers.

Nec... Necro-who?

Necromancers. Uh, witches, sorcerers,
dark magic mostly with dead people.


All I know about the Thule is that they
were this twisted secret fraternity...

...hell-bent on world domination that
sponsored the early days of the Nazi Party.

Grandfather said the Judah Initiative
was started to fight them.

And the Thule murdered
your grandfather, boy.

Find them so I can do my work.

Hey! Hey!

We're renting here. Renting.


I think my golem's right.

My grandfather...

...he left me this message on my machine
the day he died...

...and he said that he had found something
that the Thule were willing to kill him for.

He said he was hiding it here
in plain sight.

He left me this weird, I don't know,
equation or...

It's not a phone number, or an address,
or coordinates.


What is that? A combination?

It's a call number.

Library of Congress, their filing system.
They use it in college libraries.

Uh, QL673.

That's Sciences.


Birds, I'm guessing. Heh, let's go.

What, do you two just break in
wherever you go?

Our dad wanted us to have a solid career
in case this hunter thing didn't pan out.

Okay, if I'm right, your grandfather switched
manuscript FD113 out of the archives.

I'll be right back.

I owe you thanks.

The rabbi led me this far...

...but you took me all the way.

Now, give me the ledger.

- Necromancer.
- Stay here.



Hey, big guy. They're both gonna die
unless we get whoever cast the spell.

Come on, come on.

Long live the Thule.

Or not.

Ow, man.

The Men of Letters healed you.
They saved your life.

What are they doing?
- Burying the necromancer.

It's like a bag of Legos.

- Golem destroyed this guy.
- Yeah.

So, uh, Thule Society necromancers aside...

...what's our contingency plan on that?

You mean how do we "Oh, no"
Mr. Bill over there?

I mean, I'd like to think we could,
if we had to.

Unless you think Aaron
can get a handle on him.

Oh, my God.
These guys are psychopaths.

What'd you find out?

I think it's a logbook
from a Nazi compound in Belarus.

It was run by the Thule.

This is the Red Ledger. It was lost
in the fire that destroyed the compound.

My grandfather was convinced
it had been found after the war.

Well, it describes the horrible experiments
performed on the camp's population.

Magical experiments.

More horrible than words.

You were there, werert you?

At the camp.

I was made in the Ghetto of Vitsyebsk.
To tear that hell down.

I broke its walls. Its men.

The commandant burnt the place
to ash around me.

Okay, um, what does it mean
when you tell Aaron to take charge?

The boy would know
if he could consult the pages.

Pages? What pages?

When I was...

When I was bar mitzvahed,
my grandfather gave me this little old book.

It was in Hebrew.

It was like an owner's manual
for a golem.

- Okay, great. Get that then.

I can't, exactly.

When I went to high school,
I sort of drifted...

...started getting off the academic track,
and, uh, I kind of, um...

I kind of smoked it.

The boy smoked the pages.

They were these thin, vellumy pages.

I mean, it was perfect for rolling.

Look, they were driving instructions
for a clay man.

Okay? It was nonsense.

Okay, all right. Look, I'm sorry. Okay?

Why can't you just tell me
what I don't know?

It's not my place to guide the rabbi,
to teach the teacher.

It's not my place!

That's not super comforting, gotta say.

So as far as I can tell,
these experiments...

...the Thule were murdering Jews, Gypsies,
just about anybody and everybody...

...then trying to magically reanimate them.

They were trying to figure out a way
to bring their dead to life.

Which I'm guessing they figured out
because this...

This last page is a roster...

...of every dead Thule member
who was reanimated.

This is why they killed my grandfather?

- Anything in there on how to kill it?
- Apparently, they experimented with that.


Head shot.

But if you don't burn the body
within 12 hours, it reanimates again.

Nazi bastards.

The security cameras' hard drives
have all been wiped.

You're sure he's been murdered?

Torvald was killed here, but not by a man.

I'd know more, but his ghost was forced
to depart before it could tell me.

They knew enough to burn his remains.



Torvald kills the Initiative's last rabbi...

...and now the golem of Vitsyebsk kills him.

No, no, Garth. Not a Tool Society.

Thule. T-H-U-L-E.

Yeah. All right.
Call me if you find anything.

All of Garth's contacts are stumped.

Nobody on the circuit has heard
of the Thule Society.

Whoever these people are, they've been
flying beneath the hunter radar.

- Anything?
- Nothing solid.

I mean, the lore is all over the place.

According to one legend, um... can be shut down if you erase
one of the letters off its forehead.

- Didrt see letters on Clayface.
- Exactly. Side-burner that. Another one.

Uh, some have a scroll in their mouth
you're supposed to rip out.

- Wouldrt that give him a lisp?
- They're not even supposed to speak.

We do know that he took on an entire camp
full of heavily armed German soldiers...

...and Thule necromancers, and won.

One badass Hummel figurine.

- That we have no idea how to put back.
- Great.

So that's your plan?

Taking out my golem?

It's not a plan.

We would feel a lot better
if we knew how, that's all.

What makes you think you have any right
to make that decision?

Believe me, if we need the right,
we will take it.

Look, he may be a pain in the ass...

...but he's my responsibility.

Look, the golem was built to go to war.

You're not trained for that.
How are you gonna take that on?

I don't know.


There you are, you grim piece of work,
after all these years.


I command you by the covenant of your makers.

Clay of Adam,
surrender your bond unto me.

So you are the golem's rabbi.

Heh. You woke him.

But you didn't take possession of him.

You write your name on the scroll, boy.

That's how you yifalchunbee.

I didn't know what he meant.

Knowledge is power, isn't it?

Now, which of you is going to tell me...

...where I can find a certain Red Ledger?

How about you screw yourself,
Nazi bastard?

Can we...?

Could we put the Nazi thing aside
for the moment...

...and just talk about this like...?

Nazi necromancer dicks?

- Pass.
- Heh, heh.

So I take it you're the commandant.

The one that authorized
all those experiments.

Invented those experiments, thank you.

So, what about you?

I mean, you're not undead.

So, what'd you do,
you cast a forever-21 spell on yourself?

Like your little friend at the library?

His name was Torvald.
And you will suffer for that.

Yeah, I gotta say, spell or no spell...

...he broke easy, so...

I'm sorry. So?

Let me tell you what I see.

A magic Jew at my feet,
not a master in sight.

And finally, our secrets
secret once again.

Which reminds me of a story.

A Jew, two gentiles and a golem
walk into a bar.

And it doesn't end
with them coming out.


You can kill me...

...but you will never kill all the Thule.

That's a start.

You okay?



Well, now we know.

Paper beats golem,
fire beats undead Nazi zombie freaks.

So, what do you say, Aaron?

I mean, we got a place we can keep him.


I mean...

...Eckhart might be dead,
but you heard him.

The Thule are still out there.

Hidden, active.

It's my grandfather.

He left me something important.

Something only I can do.

Looks like I'm the Judah Initiative now.

L... I thought I did.


What are you doing?

Ordering. I'm making a card entry
for our copies...

...from the Thule's Red Ledger
for our collection.

So, uh, what?

Aarors a JI and you're
a Man of Letters now? Is that it?

To the sunny side of the street

Can't you hear that pitter-pat

And that happy tune is your step


Life can be, oh, so sweet

On the sunny side of the street