Supernatural (2005–…): Season 7, Episode 8 - Season Seven, Time for a Wedding! - full transcript

Sam runs into Becky and they end up getting married. Dean finds it suspicious that Sam is falling for her and decides to investigate.

You can't just look me in the
face and tell me you're fine.

You're not sleeping,
you drink for the record.

Just be honest with me.

How are those
the actions of someone

who knows
they did the right thing?

You lied to me,
and you killed my friend.

Dean: Killing Amy
was not wrong.

You couldn't do it,
so I did.

You know, I can't even
be around you right now.

You might as well bite
the bullet and work

with me on this one.
I don't know if I can.

I'm just saying, let's try
and stop the killings.

That's your stuff.

Yeah. Yeah.
I figured we' take one car.

Look, you know what.

You were right, about Amy.

I get why you did it.
You were just trying

to make sure no else got hurt.


You're saying
this is a book?

It was a series.

Didn't sell
a lot of copies, though.

Chuck, I am
your number-one fan.

But I know that "Supernatural"
is just a book, okay?

Becky, it's all real.
I knew it!

- You okay, lady?
- Is it really you?

[ Breathing shakily ]

- Can you... Quit touching me?
- No.


[ Indistinct conversations,
rock music plays ]

Kelly: [ Laughs ] Okay,
you won't believe it.

People think I just say it
to get a bigger tip.

Try me.

I'm in grad school.

See? Okay?
There's a look.

[ Laughing ]
Okay? Stop.

No, this is my
"I dig smart chicks" look.

Now, if they, uh,
if they wore that, I...

I wouldn't have
dropped out of school.

[ Chuckles ]

So, what's your deal?

You came in here looking like
somebody shot your puppy.

[ Chuckles ]

Well, things are looking up
now that your shift's over.

All right.

Uh, here's the deal.

I have this friend.
He's got this younger brother.

Cannon's a little loose.

You know, his reactor blew
a while back.

It's not good. Um...

My friend -- he's, uh...
He's kind of been sitting,

waiting to see
if he goes guano again.

And I assume
it just hit the fan?

Well, that's the thing.
It didn't.

The kid's
all reasonable now,

considering he's crazy.

Well, he's --
I mean, he's not crazy. He --

he's starting to seem like things
might be getting a little better.

Well, that's a good thing,

It's a freakin' miracle.


When it happens
during their, uh...

Their sacred annual
pilgrimage to Vegas...

And he goes off
on some granola-munching hike

in the desert by himself.

Well, maybe he just needs
some time alone.


We all need
to face ourselves sometime.

Maybe he does.

Wasn't talking about him.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Excuse me.

[ Beep ]

Speak of the devil.

He's four blocks away?

[ Chuckles ]

See? Baby bro
needs you after all.

[ Horn honking ]

[ Electricity buzzing ]


It's okay.
You won't need that.

Come on.
I thought you were out,

uh, becoming one
with the land or some crap.

You got to --
come here.

All right.


[ Grunts ]


What is this?

Uh, apparently, uh,
pink is for loyalty.

All right,
so, what's the pretext?

What are we --
uh, wedding crashers, huh?

We lookin' for some kind
of siren or what?

No. Nothing like that.
All right, um...

So, a little sudden.

But life is short,
so I'll keep this shorter.

I'm in love.

And I'm getting married.
[ Chuckles ]

Say something, like, uh,

like, "congratulations,"
for example.


[ Wagner's "Bridal Chorus"
plays ]

What the hell?



I'm so glad
you're here.

[ Wagner's "Bridal Chorus"
plays ]

[ Glass shatters, music stops ]

Shouldn't she ask for my
permission or something?

[ Chuckles ]

Y-you want her
to ask for my hand?

How in the --

[ chuckles ]
How did this happen?

Short version?

We -- we -- we met.

We ate and -- and talked
and fell in love.

And, you know,
here we are.

Yeah, I-I guess
I'm all caught up.

That's -- okay.

You know what?
Ignoring everything...

Have you forgotten the average
life-span of your hookups?

Yeah, but --

but if anyone knows that,
it's me.

I mean,
I read every book.

So, open eyes, you know?

Open eyes.

I'm gonna be sick.

Dean, look,
it's simple.

I-if something good's happening,
I-I got to jump on it --

now, today, period.

Okay, "Dead Poets Society."

No offense -- did you make
sure she's even really --

Salt, holy water,


Not a monster.

Just the right girl
for your brother.


That's it.

The bill.

I got it.

You two
do your brother thing.

Superfan ninety-nine?!

Dean, look.
[ Scoffs ]

Honest to God, I-I had the exact
same opinion of her as you do.

But when we got past
the whole book thing,

I found out t-that she's great
and I was the dick.

Yeah, you know, speaking
of the whole, uh, book thing...

Becky randomly shows up
during Vegas week?

[ Chuckling ] Yeah.


Okay, um,
what are you trying to say?

I'm saying maybe she knew
you were gonna be here.

Maybe, uh, uh, uh,
Chuck wrote about it.

- Dean, you're paranoid.
- And you're in love?!

It's been four days, man!

You know what, Dean?
You know what?

Um, how about this?

Becky and I are gonna go up
to her place in Delaware.

Um, why don't you try and wrap
your dome around this,

get a little supportive,
then give us a call?

"First official Tweet

as Mrs. Becky

[ Breathes deeply ]

Bobby. Hey, I know you're, uh,
beard-deep in that Oregon nest.

I am headed to Delaware
to do a little snoop around.

Sam is there with his wife.

That's right. You heard me.
His wife.

Call me.

I thought we just ate.

Quick stop.

Well, is that my fault?

I told you we had tickets
11 times.

Hi, Jocelyn.

Let me call you back.

Just get a sitter.
It's not calculus.

[ Beep ]

Can I help you?

It's Becky.
Becky Rosen.


"Yechie Becky."

Ha. Long time ago.

♪ Yechie Becky ♪
[ Laughs ]


Well, you look just the same,
don't you?

I'm here to R.S.V.P.
for the reunion,

if it's not too late.

No, no, there is always room
for one more.


It's Rosen-Winchester.

So mark me down
"plus one."

[ Clears throat ]

"Jocelyn Caruso

Hi, Guy!

You're back!

How was Vegas?

It was awesome!

[ Laughing ] Really?

Becky: Guy...

Meet my husband...



It's an honor
to meet you, Sam.

Thanks. You too.

Guy's a really good

We met in the erotic horror
section at the novel hovel.

Oh, my God, Becky.
Come on!


Poor guy's
just met me.

No, it's okay.
Nice to meet you.

any friend of Becky's...

Anyway, I should,
uh, get back to it,

or this party's
not gonna happen, right?


Guy's an event planner.

Reunion season
is very busy for him.

Hold on one sec?

One more thing.

You get my message?

Of course.
I thought you'd never ask.

Give me a hug.

I swear, if everyone had
a Wiccan in their pocket,

the world would be
a happier place.

It is nothing.

Blessed be, sweetie.

[ Wipers squeaking ]

[ Indistinct conversations ]

[ The Association's
"Cherish" plays ]

♪ Bum-bum, bum ♪

♪ cherish is the word
I use to describe ♪

Sam: Wow.

Y-you look n-nice.


I was, you know...

Saving it.

♪ ...Inside ♪

♪ bum, bum ♪

♪ you don't know how many times
I've wished ♪

To us.

To us.

♪ You don't know how many times
I've wished that I could... ♪

[ Groans ]

♪ You don't know how many times
I've wished ♪

[ Echoing ] Are you okay?

♪ ...Cherish ♪

Sammy, honey,
what's wrong?

♪ ...As I cherish you ♪


W-why am I...

What am I doing here?

[ Grunts ]

[ Grunting ]

♪ ...To share your schemes ♪

We're celebrating, Dear.



Yeah, yeah, of course.

To us.

♪ Oh, I'm beginning... ♪

Feeling better, honey?

♪ ...That man
has never found the words... ♪

Now that I'm with you.

♪ ...Want me ♪

♪ that have the right amount
of letters ♪

♪ just the right sound ♪

[ Ball releases, thuds ]


[ Ball releases ]

Me being supportive.

to you and the missus.


It's a waffle iron.

Yeah, you just,
uh, you know...

I actually don't know how
to use it. Are we good?

[ Chuckles ]

Good, 'cause I'm sniffing
a case in this town.

The score is...

Guy wins Powerball,
gets squished by a truck...

Second guy went from the bench
to the Majors.

Oh, and one week later,

his face was
the catcher's mitt, huh?

Becky: Our first thought
was crossroads demons,

but there's that 10-year
time frame on collecting souls.

Then there's cursed object,
like in "Bad day at Black Rock,"

but we haven't been able
to connect the vics yet.

You're working this case...

[ Chuckling ] Yeah.
I know. Right?

I mean, I guess all those
Chuck Shurley books paid off.

All right, listen, Cookie, I don't know
what kind of mojo you're working,

but, believe me,
I will find out.

Dean, that' wife
you're talking to.

You're not even acting
like yourself, Sam!

How am I not?

You married
Becky Rosen!

What are you saying?

I'm a witch?

Or maybe I'm a siren.

Ever occur to you

we're just --
I don't know -- happy?!

Come on, Sam!

Guy wins the lotto,
guy hits the bigs.

All right, obviously,

uh, people's dreams are
coming true in this town.

Don't you think this is
a little bit of a coincidence?

You know what, Dean?

What Becky and I have
is real.

And if you can't accept that,

that's your problem,
not ours.

Or maybe
she's part of it.

Because for whatever reason,
you're her dream.

If you really do care about her,
I'd be worried.

Because people who do get

their little fantasies
or whatever

seem to end up dead
pretty quick.

You know,
I went after her, Dean.

Maybe that's
what's bugging you --

that I'm moving on
with my life.

I mean, you took care of me,
and that's great.

But I don't need you

[ Sighs ]

I don't want another hunter,
Bobby. Why can't you do it?

[ Groans ]


What's his name?

[ Inhales deeply ]

Sam: Hey.


[ Chuckles ]

I got you a present.

His and hers fake I.D.?!

Check this out.

"Junior salesman
leapfrogs to C.E.O.

at Mutual Freedom

You think the C.E.O.
is a lead?

Uh, Becky?

This is...


So, what do you think
about the C.E.O.?

Let's go pretext him!

[ Giggles ]

[ Indistinct conversations,
laughter ]

♪ La, la, la la la,
la la la la, la, la ♪

[ Man singing in German ]

Hey. You Dean?

[ Slurping ]

Hmm. I thought
you'd be taller.

[ Clears throat ]

I assume Bobby filled you in
on the road.

He told me two things.

One, he's tangling
with a major-league nest

up in Oregon territory.

Numero dos,

he said you'd be all,
uh, surly and premenstrual

working with me.

But, hey, man,
sticks and stones.

[ Paper rustles ]

Think I found a case.

Check the headline.

First thing's first.

[ Laughs ]

Oh, Marmaduke,
you're crazy!

[ Laughing ]

Are you trying
to humiliate me?

It's Marsha
with an "s-h-a,"

not a "c-i-a."

[ Telephone rings ]

Thanks again.

- Hey, is that your --
- Yes.



[ Chuckling ] Okay.


So, uh, no point in going in.
Guy's clean.

You sure?

Yeah. Positive.
Becky grilled him like a pro.

- She's a real natural.
- Huh.

W-what's with
the scrawny guy?


Throw a rock, hit a reporter
these days, eh?

[ Chuckles ] Well,
your story's a big deal

over at the, uh,
the Actuarial Insider.

Go ahead. Shoot.

All right.

How'd you get the gig?

Board came to me, asked.
Said yes.

Just out of the blue?

Pretty much.

Huh. And, uh, any idea
how the board landed on you

over your supervisors?

Um, they didn't say.

Could you tell us what
specifically excited the board

about your actual

Say, fellas,
what's with the third degree?

Oh, uh, no offense.

We were just wondering
if you got here

by nefarious means.

Whoa! Garth!

[ Chuckles ]

Oh. [ Chuckles ]

Uh, I-I didn't mean,
of course, uh,

corporate backstabbing --
I'm sorry.

I meant more like,

uh, you know,
black magic or hoodoo.

Ha ha ha ha! Ohh!

He jokes. He's a --
he's a jokester.

Let's, uh, rewind.

Why don't, uh,
why don't you tell us

what it felt like when
your big dream came true?

Look, on the record,
it's great.

Off the record?

It's not my big dream.

You didn't want this job?

Hell, no.
I'm a sales guy.

I was good in sales.

Your secretary's
an idiot.

I'll be at the printers
this afternoon.

All right, dear.
See you at dinner.

Just have the idiot
make a reservation.

Here's a tip -- remind her
she works for the C.E.O.

One more screw-up,
she's fired.

Your, uh, wife seems
pretty stoked

on the promotion,
don't she?

I've never seen her happier.

I have no idea how I'm gonna
tell her I have to resign.

- The news is just gonna --
- Kill her?

Mrs. Burrows? Hi.

Can I help you?

Yes, we're, uh,
we're doing a story

on your husband's

Wanted to ask you
a few questions.

I'm sorry. I can't today. If you
schedule it with his girl...

Okay, you know what?

I'm trying to save you
from a really bad accident.

Are you
threatening me?


No, I-I'm pointing out
a pattern.

Why do people keep thinking
I'm threatening them?

Because it sounded exactly
like a threat, dude.

Look, for your own good, what
did you do to get him promoted?

[ Chuckles ]

I have no idea
what you're talking about.

Now leave me alone.

Or do I have to
call security?

Sam: No, no, no,
something's not adding up.

I'm sure
we'll get a break.

"As soon
as we're done working,

romantic honeymoon

[ Grunts ]

Bring the damn car around.

I'm not walking five blocks
in my heels.


You okay?

How did you know?

'Cause you're not the first.
Come on.

You want to tell us
what's up here?

I was having lunch
with friends.

This guy
heard me bitching.

Next thing I know,
he's making me an offer.

An offer?

Craig's job
for my soul.

I know. Hilarious. I mean,
what have I got to lose?

Well, there's
your soul.

What kind of demon deal is this?
Timeline's wack.

- What are you talking about? "Demon"?
- Let me back up here.

You made a deal
with a demon

in exchange
for your everlasting.

Except those
are 10-year contracts.

Why's the bill
coming due so fast?

I don't know, but I got a bad
feeling about who's next.

We got to find Sam,

All right, all right, all right.
Uh, here's the plan.

I drop this lady
at my cousin's.

He'll stop anything
trying to get her.

We, uh, find Sam,
hopefully fix this,

everybody's home in time
for "America's Got Talent."

Now, you --
you'll be living

with a triracial
paraplegic sniper

until this all
blows over, okay?

Guy, where are you?

We need to meet up, fast!

[ Groaning ]
I'm losing Sam.


W-what's --
what's happening?

Don't you remember?
We're married.

Oh, g--

I'm calling Dean.

[ Inhales deeply ]

[ Groans ]

Sam, do you feel

How many fingers
am I holding up?

Where am I?
What the hell's going on?

Just calm down.

Calm down?!
You hogtied me t--

Becky, why -- why am I not
wearing any pants?

- They're very constricting.
- Ohh!

Don't worry.
I didn't do anything weird.

I was helping.

Let me go. Now!

Are you thirsty?

Or do you need
a bottle...

To, you know, tinkle?

It's okay if you do.
I can help.

[ Groans ]

[ Beeping ]

Wait. What? Wait. Becky?
Becky. Hey, hey, don't!

Don't! Becky!

Where have you been?!

I got your messages.

Big problem.

I'm at my parents' cabin.

I've got Sam tied to a bed.

I'm out of elixir.
I need a refill, okay?

This isn't the honeymoon
I had in mind.

Well, some of it is,
but not in this context.

And is it just me, or is this stuff
wearing off faster and faster?!


[ Breathing deeply ]

Do you know we haven't even
consummated our marriage?

We were taking it slow
'cause true love is forever,

but everything
just feels weird now.

All right.
Meet me in an hour.

[ Beep ]

So you dosed me
with a love potion.

- How --
- Thin walls.

[ Sighs ]


Yes, I used
a social lubricant to --

You roofied me!

A roofie? I'd never.

We had a great time

You were happy.

Oh, yeah.
I'm thrilled.

I have to go.

You know your pal Guy is the one
icing all those people, right?

No, he's not.

Oh, so he's not a witch?

[ Sighs ] No.

He's just a wiccan.

Wiccans are good,
like Glinda of Oz.

You're not this stupid,

is killing people...

It's something else.

It's never
something else.

When are there ever two crazy
things in town at the same time?

Guy's the creep,
and you're on his list.

No. He's my friend.

No, he's your dealer.

Look, I don't know

how much he's charging you
for that Spanish fly --

He gives it to me.

And he said
it wouldn't even work

unless you already loved me,
deep down.

It just activates it.

So you think I love you?

Deep, deep down?

Then untie me.

No. No!

You're still working
through your emotions.

[ Muffled shouting ]

I love you, too!

[ Groans ]

On the table,
next to the nametags.


Why don't you
take a seat?

Tough day?
[ Sighs ]


We can cut right to it
if you like.


Let's talk price.


Well, we're a little past
the freebie stage,

don't you think?

But I thought
we were besties.

[ Chuckling ]
Ohh, honey.

That is so depressingly

I mean, it's --
you're so pathetic,

it actually loops back
around again to cute.

You want me to pay, fine.

Do you accept
personal checks?


But I will take
your soul.

You're a crossroads demon.

Bingo, bango!

[ Laughs ]

I love reunions.

The desperation!

These schlubs will sign
on the dotted line

for money, power, hair --

whatever it takes
to impress

the nostalgically bangable
head cheerleader.

Sam was right.

You killed those people.

But for legal reasons,

let's just say they had...

unfortunate accidents.

So, what,
I hand over my soul,

and the next day
a piano falls on my head?

No, I'd never
do that to you.

I promise.

I'm not stupid.

But you are special.

I am?


I wasn't thrilled
to see your new hubby

was Sam freakin'

I mean, if he knew

that I was here talking to you,
I mean, he'd probably --

Gank your ass.


And I'm very protective
of my ass.

It's one
of my best features.

Becky, I'm prepared to offer you
a one-time-only deal.

Not 10 years.


No pianos, guaranteed.

Just Sam.

For my soul.

And your promise to not breathe
a word about this

to the Winchesters,

and I'll be
on my merry way.

No one gets a deal
like this, Becky.

Not Kings, not Popes.

I snap my fingers,

and Sam will love you
for the rest of your life.

I think I'll have
that drink now.

[ Lock clicks ]

[ Door closes ]


Uh, she's got
11 Twitter...Ers.

Last post --

"Going on romantic trip
with hubster!!!"

Three exclamation points.

I guess
she got excited.

That look romantic
to you?

Oh, hell, no.

But I got this thing
about fish.

Dead eyes, man.


[ Door opens ]


This is not how I imagined
spending my reunion.

[ Muffled talking ]

I was gonna show you off --

not that anyone actually knows
who you are.

"Supernatural" is not
exactly popular, but...

You're tall...

and nice and...

...they'd all think
I was happy.

[ Muffled talking ]

You're mad. I get it.


[ Sighs ]

[ Grunts ]
Can we talk?

[ Groans ]

I know
you don't love me.

[ Muffled talking ]

I know what I am, okay?

I'm a loser.

In school, in life.

Guess that's why
I like you so much.

[ Muffled ]

I mean,
not that you're a loser,

but you had that whole
character arc

about being a freak,

I can relate.

[ Groans ]


The only place
people understood me

was the message boards.

They were grumpy
and overly literal,

but at least we shared
a common passion.

And I'll take it,
you know?

Then I met you guys --

the real Sam and Dean.

And I started
dating Chuck.

And everything was...


[ Sighs ]

But you left,

and Chuck dumped me.

I think I intimidated him
with my vibrant sexuality.

[ Muffled talking ]

I just want someone
who loves me for me!

Is that too much to ask?

[ Muffled talking ]

[ Sighs ]


[ Groans ]

If you want somebody
to love you for you,

maybe don't drug them.

But I want you!

And this is the only way!


you're better than this.

That's sweet, but...

I'm not so sure.

[ Indistinct conversations ]


You missed the party.

Yeah. Well...

Weird night.

So, what are we thinking?


I'm in.

You're making
the right choice.

I know.


We seal the deal
with a kiss?


Pucker up,

I'm not
your sweetheart!

Blueberry vodka.

The answer to all
of life's problems.

You see that, Sam?!

I did it
just like we said!

I am awesome! I --

I'll be over here.

Dean Winchester.

This is really thrilling.

Hey, can I have
your autograph?


Yeah, I'll, uh, carve it
into your spleen.

So, how you running
your little scam?

how do you mean, Dean?

Signing 10-year deals,
snuffing 'em that week.

Well, I would never.

Rules of the road --

can't lay a hair
on any of my clients.

So how you cheating it?

I'm not a cheater.
I'm an innovator.

It's called a loophole,
you moron.

Yes, when a person
bargains away his soul,

he gets a decade,

But accidents happen.

So you're arranging "accidents"
and collecting early?

Oh, please.
White gloves.

I don't get my hands dirty.

That's why it's important
to have a capable intern.

What time did I ask you
to be here?!

Exorcizamus te,
omnis --


[ Gasping ]

[ Gasps ]

[ Groaning ]


How many deals you got cooking
in this town, Madoff?


Yeah, well,
call them off,

or I'll cut my own loophole
in your throat.

Oh, crap.

Yeah, you said it.
You're in a world --

Crowley: Hello, boys.

Oh, crap.

Sam, mazel tov.
Who's the lucky lady?

You're Crowley!

And you're --

well, I'm sure you have
a wonderful personality, dear.

Ah, another step,

and I'll Colombian necktie
your little friend here.

Please, don't let him
get off that easy.

Sir, I don't think
that you --

I know exactly
what you've been doing.

A little birdie named Jackson
sold you out,

e-mailed all the juicy deets
to my suggestion box.

I assume...

That's my whistle-blower?

Shame. Had a future.

Unfortunately, you don't.

I was just --
there's only one rule --

make a deal, keep it.

Well, technically,
I didn't --

there's a reason we don't
call our chits in early --

consumer confidence.

This isn't Wall Street!
This is hell!

We have a little something
called integrity.

This gets out,
who'll deal with us? Nobody!

Then where are we?!

I don't know.

That's right. You don't.

Because you're a stupid,
shortsighted little prat.

Now, hand
the jackass over.

I'll cancel
every deal he's made.

What are you gonna do
with him?

Make an example of him.

Fair trade, right?

We all go
our separate ways.

No harm done.

What, out of the goodness
of your heart?

Years of demons
nipping at your heels,

haven't seen one for months.
Wonder why?

We've been
a little busy.

Hunting Leviathan --
yes, I know.

That's why I told my lads
to stay clear of you meatheads.

So, what do you know
about --

too much.
You met that dick yet?

Smuggest tub of goo
since Mussolini.

I hate the bastards.

Squash 'em all, please.

I'll stay clear.

Rip up the contracts

[ Fingers snap ]

Done...And done.

Your turn.

No, no, no, no.
Let --

Pleasure, gentlemen.

[ Garth groans ]

What'd I miss?


It wasn't all bad,

y-you did save my life,

and for that, thanks.

So, I'll see you again?

Yeah, probably not.

Becky, look.

You're not a loser, okay?

You're a good person,
a-and you've got...

A lot of...


So, you know, just do your
thing, whatever that is,

and the right guy
will find you.



Well, buddy,
I got to say, man --

you, uh...
You don't suck.

[ Chuckles ]
Thank you.

That's the nicest thing
anyone's ever said to me.



Yeah. [ Chuckles ]
All right, that's --

thank you.
[ Clears throat ]

Take care.

[ Vehicle door opens, closes ]

- Aw, you made a friend.
- Unh-unh.

[ Engine turns over ]

Look, man, uh...

[ Clears throat ]

...When I was all dosed up,
I-I said some crap.

Oh, you mean, she --
she wasn't your soul mate?

Shut up.

I mean, I do need you
watching my back.


Yeah, when, uh,
crazy groupies attack.

You know what I mean.

You know,
I got to say, man...

For a wackjob,
you really pulled it together.

That's the nicest thing
anyone's said to me.

[ Chuckles ] Look,
don't be too impressed, man.

It's still a Denver scramble
up here.

I just know my way
around the plate now.

I'm just saying.

It's stupid to think that you
need me around all the time.

You're a grown-up.


You're a hike-in-the-desert,
hippie-douche grown-up.

Dude, I was camping.
You camp.

Yeah, whatever.

You know what, though?

- It might be nice.
- What?

I mean, you basically
have been looking out for me

your whole life.

Now you finally get to take care
of yourself.

[ Chuckles ]
About time, huh?



[ Car door closes ]

[ Engine turns over ]