Supernatural (2005–…): Season 7, Episode 4 - Defending Your Life - full transcript

Sam and Dean investigate murders of people who have their guilty pasts come back and kill them. Could Dean be next?

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
I'm having a difficult time
figuring out what's real.

You never left, Sam.
You're still in the cage with me.

Let me see your hand. I was with you
when you cut it. I sewed it up. This is real.

I'm a grade "A" freak,
but I'm managing it.

- There was a job in town.
- Where's the body?

- I let her go.
- Why?

You know me.
You know the kind of person I am.

She's dropping bodies, man,
which means we got to drop her.

She killed her own mom to save me.

- I'm sorry but it's that simple.
- She's done. Trust me.

- Dean, please.
- Okay.

You are what you are.
You will kill again.

I'm sorry.

That's impossible.

You're okay.
You're okay.

Oh, you're okay.



Feels wonky.


Working a regular job.

Bobby'll call if anything flares
up on the leviathan front.

In the meantime, you know you
want to work this case, Dean.

Cop on the wire sounded dumbfounded.

No arguments.

It's kind of nice, you know?
We're due for a little cut and dried.

And, uh...

And you seem good.

I am. For me.
By the way...

Thank you.



I know you didn't want to let her go,
but it was the right thing to do. So, thanks.

No problem.

Welcome to crazytown,
population... one dead guy.

Who was he?

Matthew Hammond.

- Seems to have been crushed to death.
- By?

Well, if we weren't on the
tenth floor, I'd say by a car.

It's going crazy.
Some kind of ghost?

With a license?

License to kill.


What do you got?

I don't know.
Looks like some kind of powder.

- Sulfur?
- No. Just dirt.

Could be "Christine"- like.

Even possessed cars can't do stairs.

It's something spectral.

Check this out.

"AA, 10 years."

Dead and sober.

- Double crappy.
- There's a charge keeps coming up.

50 bucks a month at a place called Jane's.

All right.
Congrats on your sobriety.

- I'll go find out what Jane's is.
- I gave up AA for lent.

We're not catholic.

Always with the details.

- AA gives me the jeebs.
- Wow.

- Shocker.
- Shut up.


I'll hit the meeting.
You go hit on Jane.

Matt was a nice guy.
Kind of a tortured soul.

Join the club.

But he just seemed to
have a lot going on, you know.

Any idea what it was?
Family, a girl?

He played it all pretty close to the vest.

Something was eating at him,
though, the last time I saw him.

- He almost slipped.
- When?

Just before he died, I guess.
Called me from Neal's tavern.

Said he was an inch away from drinking.
So I ran over, talked him off the ledge.

- Well, do you know what triggered it?
- Like I said, he didn't share much.

Oh. Hi.

May I help you?

Yes. I just had a few questions
about a customer of yours,

Name of Matthew Hammond.

Sure. He's not in trouble, is he?

Actually, Mr. Hammond is no longer with us.

Now it all makes sense.

- What does?
- He came in, couple days ago,

paid me three years in advance
to keep his monthly delivery going.

- Where do the flowers go?
- A Miss Elizabeth Duren.

You mind writing Elizabeth's address down?
I'd like to pay her a visit.

Here we go.

Meet Elizabeth Duren.

Died at 10.

- So, who was she?
- I don't know.

Why don't we chew on it back at the motel?

Elizabeth Duren. Killed 10 years ago when
a neighbor backed out of his driveway,

didn't see her bike.

No one was ever charged.
Police ruled it an accident.

Let me guess. The neighbor's
our tenth-floor pancake.

At least we know he felt bad.
I mean, the flowers...

Kind of makes you wonder if the guy
wasn't drunk when he ran her over.


All right.
Well, regardless,

now that we got a decent
bead on Ghost Rider, let's go.


Burn her bones.
Put her to rest.

The fun never stops.

Keep that thing away from me!

All right.

911. What is your emergency?

I need help.
There's a dog after me...

- What is your address?
- I don't know! I'm...

Some restaurant somewhere.



Hello? Hello, sir, can you hear me?

No! No!

Sir, you need to calm down.

We'll send the paramedics.
Just tell me where you are.

Sir? Sir?

Ohh, another night at the office.
Why don't you take the first shower?

Listen to this.
"A local man, Christopher Fisher,

was ripped to shreds in a
wild-animal attack last night."

It is a dangerous world out there.

He was in the restroom of a diner.

- Yeah, that doesn't sound right.
- Apparently, none of the patrons saw anything.

Guy calls 911, screaming about a dog,

but the operator didn't hear anything, either.

Looks like this guy had a history with dogs.

- Meaning?
- Five years ago, he was arrested...

for running a dog-fighting operation.


All right. So, what?
He causes so much misery...

that some Rottweiler goes cujo
on him from beyond the grave?

Wait a second.
Do dogs even have ghosts?

- First I've heard of it.
- That sounds weird."ghost dog"?

- No weirder than "ghost car," you know?
- You know what does make sense?

Vengeance on the guy that Michael vick'd you.

I mean, I'm no one to judge,
but it sounds to me like that guy had it coming.


But maybe not.

So, he got busted, got probation,
started volunteering at an animal shelter.

- Yeah, 'cause he had to.
- At first, yeah.

But he kept going long after
he served his time.

Looks like he got really into it.

Raised a lot of money for the cause.

- People change.
- Yeah, tell that to ghost dog.

All right.

Get suited up.

- Let's go check out the body.
- What?

- What?
- What? What?

Nothing. I...

- You okay?
- Peachy.

Yeah, let's do this.

So, guess what I found.

Red dirt. Under his nails.
On his shoes, too.

- Just like the car-crash guy's floor?
- Yeah.

So, gotta be someplace
around here they both walked.

- An apple farm?
- Yeah.

Apparently whatever's
in red dirt makes great apples.

Wow. I'd be so interested in that if I ate apples.

So this one's supposed to be pretty old,
mostly abandoned.

- Few hundred acres.
- A few hundred?!

We're gonna be searching all year.


- You okay?
- Guy just jumped in front of a car, Sam.

You want us to help you, sir?

Okay, well, why don't we get you out
of here before you get roadkilled, huh?


Warren. Just, uh, take a minute.
Tell us what's going on.

Look. you're good people, I can see that,
but you can't do anything for me.

- No one can.
- Why not?

Cause it's all impossible.

- You won't even believe me.
- Well, try us.

I was just put on trial and sentenced to death.

- What'd you do?
- Held up a liquor store.

I killed the owner and his wife.
I wasn't thinking. I was young.

- Young? When was this?
- 1981.

- And they just put you on trial?
- No, no, I just got out of prison.

Okay, you're making less
sense the more you talk.

No, it's okay.
Just... go on.

Did 30 years.
I just got paroled.

Not that you're ever free of that.

I think about it every day.

So, then, what were you running from?

Well, I told you... the trial!

All I know is, one minute I'm at the bar,
and the next, I get jumped,

- wake up in a damn courtroom.
- Courtroom?

Like a... courtroom?

Well, no.
There was a judge.

Everything was crazy.
It was in a barn.

- At the apple farm?
- Yeah.

And this bar where you were grabbed?

Neal's tavern.

Same place Matthew Hammond went before his...

car accident.

Think maybe dog guy went there, too?

Is there anything else you can tell us?

You believe me?

Who the hell are you?

We kind of... specialize in crazy.

So, uh, this judge... he got a name?

But there was these weird symbols.

Symbols? Do you remember any of 'em?
Can you draw them?

Excuse us a sec.

Can I talk to you?

- What is it?
- "What is it?" Sam...

How about a drunk driver,
Michael Vick, a murderer?

- And?
- And...

when did our black-and-white case turn to mud?

I'm just saying I'm having a hard time
not rooting for the ghosts on this one.

No, you said it yourself...
it's not on us to judge.

Yeah, except that that's complete crap.

Everybody judges all day long. Look,
I'm just supposed to ignore what that guy did?

- We've shot people, Dean... more than two.
- Yeah, you know what?

When those ghosts come to kick my ass,
they've got a compelling case.

So, what, you're saying what?
You don't want to work the job anymore?

I'm just saying, you know, one simple friggin'
day on the job is that too much to ask?

Well, look. I'm gonna go out,
I'm gonna go try and find that barn.

- You coming?
- I'm gonna check the bar.

To work or drink?

I haven't decided.

What's going on?
Where'd he go?

Everything's fine.

- Look, let's go back to that farm.
- Oh, no, no. No, I'm not going back.

- Warren, I need your help finding that barn.
- It's red... it stands out.

- I'm not going back. They're out there.
- Who?

The people I killed.

I just... no. No!

Look, you're safer with me than not.




I need you to stay inside this circle...

until I get back, okay?

- It'll protect you.
- How?

Just trust me, okay?
I'm trying to help.

Stay put.

Bobby? Hey. Me.

Listen, I'm sending you
some symbols to look up.

No. Excuse me.

Dive sweet dive.


Well, now I know why
everybody comes here.

- What can I get ya?
- Scotch and soda.

You know, hold the soda.
Make it a double.

So, you...
you work the night shift?

You plan on making this a regular thing?

No, I just got a few questions.
Believe it or not I'm a cop.

I believe it.

You look like you've seen some crap.

I'm sorry, I was off all week,
but Frank'll be back tomorrow.


I'll do another.

Love life or job?

Two quick doubles,
it's something.

I'm Mia, by the way.

Well, Mia, that is a complex question.

I'm Dean, by the way.

Well, Dean, luckily I'm like a captive
shrink with unlimited alcohol.

So, shoot.

You like to hear people's problems, do ya?

I get curious.

On occasion.

Work thing.
Since you asked.

You ever...

You ever do something behind
someone's back because you had to?

Now you feel bad?

Well, Dean, if you had to,
why feel guilty?

Doesn't make any sense.

Well, you know, we don't have
enough room for the worms...

if we pop that can, sister.

- You may want to slow your roll there.
- The more I drink, the better I tip.

Yeah, well, I'm off in an hour.

So don't pass out on me.

Well, then I think I'll switch to beer.

Good choice.

- Hey, Bobby, what do ya got?
- Those chicken scratches... definitely egyptian.

- "Book of the dead."
- So, good news, then.

They identify the god Osiris.

Real authoritarian type.

He gets ahold of you,
he's judge, jury, and executioner.

Lore says that he can see
directly into the human heart.

He weighs the guilt.

If he finds more than a feather's worth...
Boom, you're done.

So what's he doing in Dearborn?

Well, it seems like he just pops up
and does his circuit-judge act...

and then disappears again.

That's all I got so far.

- You know what this means?
- Yeah.

We've got to find him before
he goes underground again.

No, you idjit.

It means you two got to
get the hell out of dodge.

This guy hones in on people who feel guilty.

Who does that sound like to you?

It's been a while.
But you owe yourself.

It's nothing but a ground ball...
You just got to...

put your mitt down.

You are Dean Winchester.

This is what you do.

Dude, third message.
You better not be loaded.

Call me. This is important.

Dean. About time, man. I...

- Hello?
- Who is this?

Oh, well, I just...
I picked this off the ground,

where I've been standing for
10 minutes listening to it ring.

- Is this Dean's phone?
- Yeah.


- He was supposed to meet me here.
- Where are you? I can be right there.


No. Please.

I'm sorry.

- Please.
- You did it to us.

Well, I hope he's okay.

Now, where exactly did you find this phone?



Really, Warren? All you noticed
were the symbols?

Quit squirming, Mr. Winchester.

They're Houdini-proof.

Now, you want to talk charges or...

I'd rather talk about your
Bukowski schtick at the bar.

- What, you can't jump a guy when he's sober?!
- You and that waitress had quite a talk, huh?

Get a couple drinks in you,
and the guilt comes pouring out.

Oh, eavespropping... that's cute.

Speaking of...

You're gonna skulk all night, Sam?


Nice job finding us.

I assume you figured out who I am, too?


You want to fill me in?


He's an Egyptian God.

- Now, go about your business, Sammy.
- Look, if anyone should be on trial, it's me.

That's for me to decide.
Now go away.

But he has the right to an attorney...
Doesn't he?

- Let me defend him.
- Well, that's unusual.

Are you gonna respect his rights or not?

Why not?

You're not a lawyer.

- I was pre-law.
- Yeah, pre.

All right, then.
Let's get started.

Now, the list of witnesses I can call...

- endless.
- Objection!

- Are you gonna let me finish my sentence, Sam?
- No. This isn't fair.


I'm sorry.
Moving on.

I can make it very simple.

Three witnesses.

- Objection!
- Grounds?

Witness is being called without prior notice.

- Good one.
- I saw that on "The Good Wife."

Very fine objection.

- Denied!
- What? Why?!

Because I'm the judge, son.

Now stop objecting,

or I'll find you in contempt...

that is, kill you.

So I advise you to let me move it along.

The prosecution calls...

Joanna Beth Harvelle to the stand.


Dean. Sam.

Long time.

State your name for the court.

- Jo Harvelle.
- And...

what is your relationship to Dean Winchester?

We worked together.

Isn't it true that you admired him?

Well, as a hunter... Yeah.

As a guy, he was kind of a jerk.

So you saw him as a mentor of sorts?

- I wouldn't put it like that.
- How would you put it?

I don't know.

I trusted him.

So if you're trying to say
that he was a bad guy or something...

- Was it hard?
- What?

Working with him...

- Considering your feelings.
- No. What feelings?

You would have done quite a bit for him...

followed him into any battle.

I know what you're getting at, and it's bull.

So Dean had nothing to do
with your first case,

the one that started it all.

- It wasn't like that.
- No feelings.

None at all.

You would have chosen
the same exact road.

Ended up in that hardware store,

- holding the fuse.
- Oh, you're a piece of work. You know that?

Putting words in her mouth...

Keep him under control, counsel...

or I'll remove his tongue.

Your witness.



Your dad... was in the life?

Yes, he was.

- And your relationship with him?
- Good.

- I mean...
- You idolized him.

- Basically.
- So why'd you start?

To impress some loudmouth ass you just met...

or 'cause you wanted to be like your dad?

Daddy issues.


Listen, Dean, I don't...

All right.

You two can have a moment to strategize.

And then I'll call my next witness.

All right.
Who's the next witness?

He looked at you like you'd know.

I got no clue.

This whole thing's like a friggin'
episode of "Pee-Wee's Playhouse."

Next witness!

The prosecution calls...

Sam Winchester to the stand.


not exactly the life you expected, is it?

Details a little different.

For a while there,
you were gonna be a real lawyer.

- Marry Jess.
- Yeah, that was a long time ago.

But were you or were you not
happily out of the family racket...

until Dean showed back up
in that gas guzzler?

The truth, now.

It's complicated.

That one act had quite a domino effect.

- Come back, your girl's dead.
- Well, that wasn't his fault.

Sure, and neither is everything
that came after...

all the death and the blood
and hanging on by a thread.

None of that is on Dean, directly.

But don't you think that your brother dragged
you back into that catastrophic mess...

because he'd rather damn you
with him than be alone?

No. One way or another,
I'd have gotten pulled back in.

- You know that for certain?
- Pretty sure.

- "Pretty sure."
- I'm positive.

I believe you.
Hey, if it was about convincing me...

- I would say...
- What?

I don't decide anything, Sam.

I don't decide Dean's guilt.

I just weigh the guilt that's already there.

This is solely about how Dean feels,

way down deep.

- Them's the breaks.
- Wait.

So, if Dean believes
he's innocent, then he is?


A big "if."

Why do I bring up the past?

To see if he feels like dog food about it.

People want to be judged.

They really do.

When your heart's heavy,
let me tell you,

real punishment's a mercy.

- I want to call Dean to the stand.
- Oh, you do, now?

There is an order to this stuff, you know.

Okay. I'll allow it.

So, Dean...

When you came and got me,
did you know Jess would die?

Or any of it?

- 'Course not.
- Right.

How could you?
I mean, are you psychic?

That's a question.


- Definitely not psychic.
- Great.

So why would you feel guilty
about not predicting the future?

Yeah, I guess that doesn't make any sense.

Actually, yeah, no, I don't.

What about Jo?

Did you actually kill her?


Isn't it true that you don't
feel guilty about her...

that you're just... sad she's dead?

That it just... blows?

Maybe, yeah.

I like your style, Sam.

- Very engaging.
- Dean.

Does any of this feel like it's really... on you?

Not really.

Then is your heart heavy with guilt...

or just plain heavy
and none of this guy's business?

What you said...
the second thing.

Then I rest my case.

Very good...
Both of you.

All right.

Because I really enjoyed that,

I'm gonna be generous and ask...

do you want me to call my last witness?

I know you didn't want to let her go,
but it was the right thing to do.

No problem.

Or have we had enough?

What the hell's he talking about?

Enough Ally McBealing.
Just drop the hammer, will ya?

- Wait, Dean, he's giving us more time!
- It's not gonna make a difference, Sam!

You need another moment?
You done?

The court's reached a verdict.

I find you, Dean Winchester,

guilty in your heart...

and sentence you to die.

I'd suggest you get your affairs in order quickly.

Damn it, I told him.

Osiris would have got to him one way or another.

Guy's batting a thousand.

There's still time.
We can figure something out.

What do you got?

A way to give Osiris a dirt nap.

We need it.

Now, as near as I can figure,

it ought to put him down
for a couple of centuries, at least.

It's worked a few times
since the Pharaohs were big.

- So it's temporary?
- Long temporary.

I say we slap that band-aid on...

and leave finding a cure to
some hunter in a space suit.

Now, you're gonna need to
stab him with a Ram's horn.

A Ram's horn? Where am I gonna
find a Ram's horn in Dearborn?

No clue.

But make sure it's a sharp piece.
He ain't gonna let you stab him twice.


Ram's horn.


Apparently, Jewish people
blow through them once a year.

Where you gonna find one this time of night?

- Synagogue?
- You're gonna steal from a Temple?

- Well, that's a new low.
- You're on death row, Dean.

Quit joking around.

Here. Keys.
I'll be back.

The dick's gonna sic Jo after me, Sam.

You're a hunter, Dean.
You know how to deal with ghosts.

So, you suggesting I kill her again?

You didn't kill her, Dean.

I'll hurry.

You can come out now.

I'm guessing you're not here
for bar mitzvah lessons.

You know I'd never do this.

I know.

I guess it's his thing.

Some kind of twisted eye for an eye.

- It's okay.
- No, it's not.

- You deserve better.
- No, you did.

You deserved better, Jo.

Dean, my life was good.


He was right, you know...

- that dick judge, about me.
- No, he wasn't.

You were a kid.

- Not true.
- You and Sam.

I just... you know,

hunters are never kids.

I never was.
I didn't even stop to think about it.

It's not your fault.
It wasn't on you.

No, but I didn't want to do it alone.

Who does?

No, the right thing would have been to
send your ass back home to your mom.

Like to have seen you try.

He was right about one thing.

What, your massive crush on me?

Shut up.

You carry all kinds of crap
you don't have to, Dean.

It kind of gets clearer when you're dead.

Well, in that case, you should be
able to see that I am...

90%... crap.

I get rid of that, what then?

You really want to die not knowing?


- Yeah.
- It's time.

Come on, Dean.

I used to hunt ghosts.
I know the tricks.

He's making me do this.

It's okay.


So, it seem like...

You know, like...
She was in pain?


No, just kind of faded.
Regular Jo.

Actually, maybe a little happier.

I got a question.

So where the hell did that come from,

volunteering to defend me?

He was gonna kick me out.

I don't know, man in another life,
you might have made a pretty decent scuzzbag.

- I'm 0 for 1, Dean.
- Ah, it's not your fault.

You were pretty convincing.

So, who was he talking about?

- Who?
- That whole final-witness thing.

No idea.

Honestly, that could be just
about anybody dead we know.

By the way...

I mean, I get why Judge Judy put me on trial...

I got guilt coming out of my pores. But...

why'd he skip you?

I think I just don't...
feel guilty anymore.

- Come on.
- Look, I don't know what to tell you, Dean.

I mean, I've spent a lot of time
feeling pretty crappy...

like, my whole life.

What, you got a secret stash of happy pills?


Look, I'm not saying it's logical.
I just...

you know, I feel like I did a lot of stuff I...

should have felt bad for, and...

then I paid a lot of dues
and came out the other side, you know?

And that worked?

I mean, you really feel like
your slate's wiped?


Nothing ever gets wiped. You know?

Sometimes I see Lucifer
when I friggin' brush my teeth,

but, I don't know, I guess
I just finally feel like...

my past is my past,
and I can move on with my life.

You know, hopefully.

- Easier said than done.
- Not arguing that.

Well, I don't know whether to be...

jealous or weirded out.

You'll get used to it.

I mean, I don't want to sound lame, but...

I kind of feel good, Dean.

Well, you are going to be
a pleasure to ride with.