Supernatural (2005–…): Season 7, Episode 23 - Survival of the Fittest - full transcript

Sam and Dean make a plan to storm Dick's company building and kill him once and for all, with help from Castiel and Meg. Providing Bobby doesn't get to Dick first.

♪ Carry on, my wayward son ♪

♪ there'll be peace
when you are done ♪

♪ lay your weary head to rest ♪

♪ don't you cry no more ♪

What the hell?

Let's be friends,
you and I.

I'd sooner
swim through hot garbage

than shake hands with a
bottom-feeding mutation like you.

♪ Once, I rose above
the noise and confusion ♪

Dean: Bobby!

♪ Just to get a glimpse
beyond this illusion ♪

♪ I was soaring ever higher ♪

♪ but I flew too high ♪

♪ though my eyes could see,
I still was a blind man ♪

♪ though my mind could think,
I still was a madman ♪

♪ I hear the voices
when I'm dreaming ♪

What the hell are you?

He's a Prophet of the Lord.

♪ I can hear them say ♪

Sam: That's the word of God?

What's "Leviathan"?

You could read it?

Hello, Kevin.

The only way
to kill Leviathan

is with the three bloods
of the fallen --

fallen angel blood.

You got to bleed
an Alpha --

and blood from the ruler
of fallen humanity.

Hello, boys.

- You gonna give us the blood or not?
- Happily.

But not quite yet.

Well, then when?

♪ Carry on ♪

♪ you will always remember ♪

♪ carry on ♪

♪ nothing equals the splendor ♪

♪ now your life's
no longer empty ♪

♪ surely heaven waits for you ♪

It's a good thing we got Crowley
in our corner. Right?

Seeing as how
it all comes down to him.

What could
possibly go wrong?

[ Sighs ]

- How do you take it?
- Alcoholic.

Shall we get on
with this, then?

Just extending
the hand of hospitality.

To a mutation like me?

Tired of swimming
in hot garbage, are we?

[ Chuckles ]

That was a little colorful,

[ Glass clatters ]

didn't mean to offend.

Of course you did.

So, if you're
suddenly calling,

I guess you're up to speed
on the Winchesters,

which means
you intercepted the Prophet.

And the Prophet told you

that my blood
is the key to everything.

You know
what I like about you?

Lack of pretension?

You're smarter
than you look.

Oh, well,
now you're just flirting.

Not kill me,
but doable.

Especially for you lot.

You kill Angels.

You can certainly
wipe a demon off the board.

And yet, here we are,

like proper psychopaths.

Well, I assume you have a vial
of your blood stashed somewhere,

and in the event
of your death,

it goes directly
to Sam and Dean.

Smart assumption.

One can't live
on looks alone.

Here's my offer.

All ears.

Full immunity
for you and your constituency.

I'm talking free-range grazing
for all demonkind.

I'm willing to cordon off,
say, Canada.

You and your crew can work
your little deals,

have your way
with the locals.

All of Canada?

Have it.


And down here?

America's ours.

Your sales team
stays out -- period.

That's not up for negotiation.
We need America.

They're so fat.

And in exchange?

The blood of
one sadly unimpressive demon

in New Jersey.

All I ask is that you give it
to frick and frack,

tell them it's yours,
stand back,

and let them come to me.

I can't deny
I long to see those two digested

once and for all.

You have a deal.

I suppose
you want it in writing?

I don't kiss
on the mouth.

Your loss.

I just so happen to have
a standard rider...right here.

I do so like this part.

Don't you?

All right.
Exit's in 3 miles.

I still say
this is a bad idea.

Dean, it was your idea,

and it was the best one
either of us had.

I said it as a joke.

It was a bad joke --
good idea.

Yeah, only because we got
no magic spell, no book --

nothing on how to find
a freakin' righteous bone.

We can call Castiel

Dude, on my car,
he showed up naked...

Covered in bees.

Yeah, I'm not really sorry
I missed that.

...All-time high

following Roman's acquisition
of Sucrocorp.

I say Roman's a buy.

Woman: Got to disagree
with you there.

I'm gonna call him
a "wait and watch."

Come on, Lawshe.
You're killing me.

Hear me out.

This is a new sector for Roman.
That's right.

He's holed up at Sucrocorp
headquarters right now.

Just sit tight.
This --

Holed up at Sucrocorp,

"Should the party
of the first part

"fail to inform
the party of the second part

of his intent" --

Pause right there.

Correct me -- that should be
"party of the second part

party of the first part,"

'cause we just amended
clause 314-sub-a.

That's right.

You should do this


So, "should the party
of the second part

Well, I guess if we can't
find a righteous bone

in a friggin' nunnery crypt.

Sam: All right.
Here -- listen to this.

Sister Mary Benedict
taught the learning-impaired

and died at age 23.

Eh, it's a little young.

Find someone
who's had time to cook.

Okay, well, there was, uh...
here -- Sister Mary Eunice.

Uh, fed the poor, became
Mother Superior at age 60.

Sounds political.
Power corrupts.

[ Sighs ]
Right. Um...

Listen to this --

Sister Mary Constant,

83 years of quiet, humble
nun-like goodness.

What do you think?

Wow. I want to be more righteous
just reading this.


All right,
well, I lay odds on her.

Here we go.

[ Sighs ]


let's bone this nun.


" which case,
the party of the second part

forfeits all rights to Canada
ad infinitum."

I think we're done here.


Yes, sir.

Take this from Mr. Crowley,
make triplicates,

get pens and a notary.

We're ready
to sign this puppy.

Is he trying to make
a grand entrance or...?

I don't know...

Son of a bitch.
He's standing us up.

Well, we summoned him.
Doesn't he kind of have to --

If Crowley wants to screw you,
he'll screw you.

Or...he can't come
'cause something went wrong.


[ Knock on door ]

Maybe it's good news.

You deal with him.
I can't anymore.

You might want to be
more specific.

I was laying low
halfway across the world

when emo boy pops up
out of nowhere

and zaps me
right back here.

Go ask him, he was your boyfriend first.

♪ Look out on a summer's day ♪

♪ with eyes that know
the darkness in my soul ♪

♪ shadows on the hills ♪

♪ sketch the trees... ♪

Hey, there.

♪ Catch the breeze
and the winter chills ♪

♪ in colors
on the snowy linen land ♪

So, Cass, what's, uh,
what's the word?

Well, Dean,
I've been thinking.

Monkeys are so...clever,
and they're sensible

in that they leave the skins
on the bananas that they eat.

Is it really necessary
to test cosmetics on them?

I mean, how important
is lipstick to you, Dean?

Not very.

You want to come inside and, uh,
tell us what's going on?

Now, you understand

I don't participate
in aggressive activity.

[ Sniffs ]

Sister Mary Constant.

Good choice.

Why'd you go to Meg,

When I left, I wanted to observe
the flowers -- and fruit.

Flowers come first,

But I heard nothing
from them.

You heard nothing
from who?

The Garrison.

What happened
to the Garrison?

Well, finally,
the silence was deafening,

so I went to look...

to the home
of the Prophet.

You know,
Leviathan can kill Angels.

There's a reason why
father locked them in Purgatory.

They're the...Piranha that
would eat the whole aquarium.

They're gone.

The entire Garrison --

If there's anyone left at all,
they're in hiding.

Um, I'm sorry.

If the angels are dead,
where's Kevin?

I could steal them
from their cages, the monkeys.

But where would
I put them all?

Hey! Focus.
Is Kevin alive?

I don't want to fight.

No, I'm not --

we're worried.

They took him.
He's alive.

[ Sighs ] I felt such responsibility,
but it's in your hands now.

Wait. Hold on a freakin' minute.
[ Chuckles ] I feel much better.

Guys, what's all that?

We called Crowley.

You what?

Don't worry.
He never showed.

What do you mean "never" --
do you see him anywhere?

He stood us up.

Well, I'm sorry about that,
but I'm outie.

He could still sh--

Show up at any time.

Hello, boys.

Sorry I'm late.

This is
an embarrassment of riches.

Stay, won't you.

There's really
nowhere to run.

Don't even think
of smoking out, pussycat.

I've got eyes
all over the place.

Leave her be.


When last we spoke,
you -- well, enslaved me.

I'm confused.
Why aren't you dead?

I...don't know.

Well, do you want to be?
'Cause I can help with that.

All right, enough.

It's enough when I say.

I came here to help you.

I find out
you've been lying to me,

harboring an angel,
and not just any angel --

the one angel I most want
to crush between my teeth.

Oh, so you can
crush angels now, huh?

You bore me.
You know that?

You have
no sense of poetry.

Now, what do you
have to say for yourself?

Well, I'm still, uh, honing
my communication strategy.

I haven't even
been back to heaven.

I-I keep thinking
there are no insects up there,

but here we have...

You know,
they're making honey and silk

and...miracles, really.

What are you
talking about?

Um, preferring insects
to angels, I guess.

Here. I can offer a token,
if you like.

It's honey.

I-I collected it myself.

You're off your rocker.

He's off his rocker --
is that it?

[ Chuckles ]

Karma's a bitch,
isn't it?

Dean: Look, did you come here to, uh,
doggy-punch your old grudges

or to help us end Dick?

Pick a battle.

Well, I'm vexed.

I'd like to do both.

But where's the fun
in clobbering a ball of wet fur?

Text me when sparkles here
retrieves his marbles,

I suppose.


...a prezzie.

Really? Just boxed-up
and ready to go?

I'm a model of efficiency.

Is that right?

Then why were you late?

Dick had me
in a devil trap.

He's not an idiot.

He knows
what you two are after.

So what did he offer you?

A fair deal.

In exchange for giving you
the wrong blood...

It's demon,
but is it mine?

It's my blood.

Real deal.

And why should
we trust you?

Good God, don't.
Never trust anyone.

A lesson I learned
from my last business partner.

All right.

Give us the blood.


Oh, bonus.

Meg, I'm gonna scoop you up,
take you home,

and roast you
till you're jerky.

But not...yet.

Cass can have you for now.

Hilariously, it seems
he'd be upset at losing you.

And the boys need Cass
to get Dick.

Don't they, Cass?

Oh, I --
I don't fight anymore.

Come on.

Given the particulars
of your enemy,

sadly, you're vital.

[ Door handle rattles ]

Son of a bitch!

Pure iron. Damn it.

All right. My mistake.

- Let's go.
- No!

You stay away from me.

Will you please
let me go home?

[ Breathing heavily ]

I need you.

[ Whimpering ] No.

Powerpoint presentation's
on your desk for approval, sir.


do I look like a fool?

- Not in that particular body, no.
- Good.

Have I told you there are three
rules to contract negotiation?

Bring breath mints,
get it in writing,

and have a plan
for when they screw you.

Go to the freezer.

The arm?

Yep, the arm.

[ Sighs ]

[ Keys jingle, door unlocks ]


[ Door locks ]

I'm Kevin.


What are you doing here?


I guess.

Are you a prophet?

[ Sighs ]


I'm on my own, then.

Well, one thing's for sure --
we only get one shot.

This thing don't reload.

You think Crowley's,

Double-crossing us?


You've got to figure
who he wants dead more --

us or Dick.

[ Chuckles ]

what Dick offered.

Here we go.


Um, so do we, uh...

Uh, there's no magic words --

You just...just go.

All right, then.

Where's all the thunder
and lightning?


Maybe it worked?


[ Rustling ]

So, none of this
should cause you any ill effect.

I went to a little farm
in Normandy for the wheat

and the lettuce and tomato
and --

and I thoroughly examined
and comforted the pig

before I...slaughtered it
for the ham.

You need your strength.

Thanks, Cass.

Hey, Cass,
why was Crowley so certain

that you need
to come with us?

Crowley's wrong.
I'll be waiting right here.

But please --
accept this sandwich

as a gesture
of solidarity.

Morning, sir.

Delegates are
on their way.


We're gonna want everything
in place before they get here.

Send in the security detail,
would you?

Nice watch.

[ Door unlocks ]

Get dressed.

[ Door locks ]

Why does he
want you to...?

I'm a vegan.

You ready, Polly?

[ Door locks ]

Well, I'm pleased as punch
to see you all here.

Last time we were in one room,
it was inside that angel.

[ Laughter ]

Now, as key players,
I need you up to speed

on every aspect of the program,
not just the sudden influx

of happy, delicious stoners
in your neighborhood.

Oh. Eat up.

The Sushi's
made of fresh orphan.

All righty.

The slaughterhouses --

cutting-edge, humane,

First one goes online
next month.

Man: What's
the crowd-control strategy?

Glad you asked.

We've laid employees at key
junctures of law enforcement,

starting with the 911 call.

Everyone feels taken care of,
everyone stays calm.

We'll up the dose
just before harvest time.

They won't feel a thing.

We're taking
a regional approach.

Ohio -- beta-testing.

Wisconsin -- processing.

Florida -- breeding program.

If you'll flip to page 10,

you'll see we're having a ball
buying fertility clinics.

Real juicy stuff.

Why are you
out of your cage, mouse?

But now
I want to talk to you

about something
I'm really excited about.


meet Polly.

[ Engine shuts off ]

You got it yet?

Here we go.

Thank you, Charlie,
wherever you are.

Got you, Dick.

Yeah, that's, uh,
the second floor,

and then --

what's that?

What the hell?

Is that Dick?

And that's Dick.

Son of a bitch.

So, genetic propensity for
these three cancers -- zapped.

She's too stoned to care.

Polly, take off your dress.

She's a slip of a thing,
isn't she?

And she eats like a linebacker.

Bottom line --
we're not making art.

We want to engineer
the perfect beast.

We want meat, and these
zippy little hummingbirds

have to be bred out fast.

Additive 3.0.

Keep in mind,
the stuff we're shipping --

a little diluted,

[ Thud ]

Additive 3.0

targets only the characteristics
we want to breed out.

It'll be added in nondairy
creamer and multivitamins.

First shipment
heads to Los Angeles tomorrow.

So watch
those dysentery reports.

And stop by the lab
before you go,

'cause those creamer cups
are just adorable.

Cycle through again.

That's the maid
from the motel.

What motel?

Oh, no.

Oh, Bobby,
what are you doing?

Wait. Are you saying
that Bobby --

Look, just, uh,
wait here.

Are you out of your mind?!

You got the weapon,
and -- and eyes on Dick, plural.

I'll take care of Bobby.

Sam! Hey!

Shut up.


I know you're in there.

Listen to me.
There are cameras everywhere.

There's one right there.

Stop, okay?
You're gonna get her killed.

[ Grunts ]

Bobby! Damn it!

How are you gonna kill Dick,
huh? You can't!

Good enough for me.

[ Grunts ]

I'm not letting you go.

Get out of here, Sam.

[ Grunts ]

[ Gasping ]

[ Straining ]
Bobby, stop.



[ Panting ]

[ Grunting ]

Sam: Okay, thanks.

She's fine. Checking out
of the hospital tonight.

Well, that's positive.

Tell me again why
you turned tail for some maid.

You were right there.

Shut up, Meg.

Dick made more Dicks.

He must've kept a chunk of the
original Dick Roman somewhere.

They'd all
have to touch it.

Hey, shifty,
what's your problem?

We need a cat.

Doesn't this place feel
one species short?

You got anything to say
on the topic of Dicks?

Crowley was pretty sure
that you could help.

I can't help.

You understand?
I can't.

I destroyed...everything,

and I will
destroy everything again.

Can we please
just leave it at that?


No, we can't.

We can't leave it.

You let
these friggin' things in.

So you don't
get to make a sandwich.

You don't get
a damned cat.

Nobody cares
that you're broken, Cass.

Clean up your mess!

[ Plate clatters ]

You know...

we should play Twister.

[ Rustling ]


You scared off
the Empire's only hope.


It occur to you every one
of those things was in Cass?

He knows them.

He can see
past the meat suits.

So, he'll be able to spot
the real...fake Dick Roman.

Gold star, sugarpants.

Too bad he's Fruit Loops.
You might've had a chance.

[ Dick speaking indistinctly ]

There's no real point
in looking for a tell.

They all downloaded
Dick's brain.

They've all got
the same tells.

All right,
then maybe the question is,

what would the real Dick
be doing?

Is that the best
you can do?


We didn't know if you --

Well, you should've.

You got the flask.


You should've burned it
right off.

Bobby --

I'm still Jonesing
to go back...

grab some poor bastard,

kamikaze 'em
going after Dick.

It's bad.

America is for go-getters.

Folks who get off their butts
and make it happen.

Let's be real.

I damn near killed you.

And that woman.

It wasn't your fault, Bobby --
not really.


That's just
what ghosts turn into.

I really bet the farm
I could outsmart that.

So, what's it feel like?

What? Going vengeful?

[ Inhales deeply ]

It's an itch
you can't scratch out.

[ Breathing shakily ]


I'm done.

Go get Dick.

But don't do it 'cause you think
it'll scratch the itch.

Do it 'cause it's the job.

And when it's your time...


Here's to...

running into you guys
on the other side.


not too soon.

All right?

I need a wingman.


You don't want to jump
into the jaws of death,


How about we run
a little errand?

[ Rustling ]

Thanks for the lift.

My pleasure.


we've been over it.

I get it --
you can't help.

If we attack Dick
and fail,

then you and Sam die heroically,

I don't know.
I guess.

And at best, I die trying to fix
my own stupid mistake.

Or...I don't die --
I'm brought back again.

I see now.
It's a punishment resurrection.

It's worse every time.

I'm sorry.

Uh, we're talking
about God crap, right?

I'm not good luck,

but you know what?

Bottom of the line,

and you're the only guy
left on the bench...

Sorry, but I'd rather have you,
cursed or not.

And anyway,
nut up, all right?

We're all cursed.

I seem like good luck
to you?


Well, I don't want
to make you uncomfortable,

but I detect
a note of forgiveness.

[ Scoffs ]

Yeah, well, I'm probably
gonna die tomorrow, so...

I'll go with you.

And I'll do my best.

[ Chuckles lightly ]



can I ask the plan?

Well, according to Crowley,
Dick knows we're coming,

so we're gonna
announce ourselves -- big.

♪ Get your motor runnin' ♪

♪ head out on the highway ♪

♪ lookin' for adventure ♪

♪ in whatever comes our way ♪

♪ yeah, darlin',
go and make it happen ♪

[ Tires screeching ]

♪ Take the world
in a love embrace ♪

♪ fire all your guns at once ♪

♪ and explode into space ♪

[ Gunshots ]

[ Gunshots continue
in distance ]

[ Screaming ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Panting ]

Later, ho nuggets.

The King of Hell
will see you now.

[ Muffled grunting ]

Kevin. Hey, buddy.

We got to hustle, okay?

We can't leave yet.

Uh, yeah, we can.
It's okay. We got to go.

You don't understand.
Dick's got creamer in his lab.

- He's gonna kill all the skinny people.
- Wait. What? Slow down.

We have to blow up
the lab, Sam.


Yeah, fine. Let's go.

You know,
I think this might end up

the slickest little genocide
in history.

Thank you, sir.

Just sayin'.

I smell "promotion."

[ Rustling ]

[ Blade slices,
scientist grunts ]

[ Thud ]

Little abrupt...
but okay.


Good to see you again.

Thanks for the ride
into paradise.

And good on you!

Pulling that together --

Oh, you don't think
this'll work, do you?

You trust that demon?

You sure I'm even me,


But he is.

See, here's the thing
when dealing with Crowley --

he will always find a way
to bone you.

This meeting's over.

[ Grunts ]

[ Groans ]

Did you really think
you could trump me?



[ Groans ]

Figured we'd have to
catch you off guard.

[ Roars ]

[ Rumbling ]

[ Rumbling intensifies ]

Sam, we should go.

What the hell?

More chompers any second,

Not to worry.

I have a small army of demons

Cut off the head, and the body
will flounder, after all.

Think if you'd had just one king
since before the first sunrise.

You'd be in a kerfuffle,

Which is exactly
what you wanted.

So did you.

Without a master plan, the Levis
are just another monster.

Hard to stomp, sure,
but you love a challenge.

Your job is to keep them
from organizing.

Where's Dean?

That bone...
has a bit of a kick.

God weapons often do.

They should put a warning
on the box.

Where are they,

Can't help you, Sam.
[ Snaps fingers ]

Sorry, Sam.
Prophet's mine.

[ Snaps fingers ]

You got
what you wanted --

Dick's dead,
saved the world.

So I want
one little prophet.

Sorry, moose.

Wish I could help.

You certainly got a lot
on your plate right now.

It looks like
you are well and truly...

on your own.

[ Snaps fingers ]

[ Breathing shakily ]

[ Crickets chirping ]

Castiel: Wake up.


We need
to get out of here.

Where are we?

You don't know?

Last I remember,
we ganked Dick.

And where would he go
in death?

Are you telling me...?

Every soul here
is a monster.

This is where they come

to prey upon each other
for all eternity.

We're in Purgatory?

How do we get out?

I'm afraid we're much more
likely to be ripped to shreds.

[ Twig snaps in distance ]

I think we'd better --