Supernatural (2005–…): Season 7, Episode 10 - Death's Door - full transcript

Bobby is close to dying. He must confront his worst memory to escape, before his reaper catches up to him.



They're like shapeshifters,

and nothing can kill 'em.

Dick is coming.

Well, it's like I always say --

if you want to win,
then you got to be the shark.

And a shark's got to eat.

You're bibbing me?

Bobby, what is it?

He's making the doctor
eat himself.

They got him.

Dean, there are at least
four Leviathans out there.

We don't even know how
to kill one.

it'll be quite a shock

when we walk in through
the front door, won't it?

Okay, sons of bitches.

See what you're up to now.

Bobby! Come on!

Go! Go!

[ Bullet ricochets ]

Hey, Bobby, your hat.

Oh, God. Bobby?



Bobby? Bobby?
Hey, hey, hey, hey. Hold on.

- Sam, is he dead?
- I'm checking.

Is he dead?!

Just drive, Dean!

You got to talk to me,

All right, he's breathing.
There's a pulse.

Keep him upright.
Stop the bleeding.

I'm not an idiot, Dean.

I know first aid for
a friggin' bullet to the head.

- I need the nearest trauma center.
- Hold on. Hold on.

What's the address?!

All right, Bobby,
hang in there.

[ Tires screech ]

[ heart beating ]

[ Birds chirping ]

I guess we found Phil.

[ Sighs ]

Wait a minute.

Something's not right here.

Yeah, no kidding, Bobby.
There's a corpse in a tree.

Something bad's
about to happen.

Yeah, well, danger's
kind of on the W2, Bobby.

That's why
we got the guns.

Or something bad's
happened already.


Y-you want to tell us
what's going on?

Dean: Yeah. What's going on
with your head?

I got shot in it.

You what?

Bobby, we've been with you
all day.

Yeah, I think we would have
noticed if you took a bullet.

I didn't take one here.

I-I took one out there,
I-I-in the real world.

You lost us.

Look, Bobby, you -- you
want to sit down, seriously?

No, there's something
I got to tell you.

I --

damn it,
I can't get at it.

Well, I-it's okay. Take your time.
We're -- we're right here.

No, no, not you you --

real you, o-out there
in -- in the waking world.

Numbers. Numbers.

Where's paper?

I didn't have time

[ Marker scribbling ] tell you
what they're cooking up.

You need to know.

Well, you just gonna stand there
or hand it over, Bobby?

What the hell?


You were expecting
Farrah Fawcett?

She always calls first.

[ Chuckles softly ]

That's what I said
the first time this happened.

What are you
talking about?




This is
just like it was.

You're beautiful.

Quit sweet-talking
and come here.

I feel like
we haven't talked in ages.

I know
just how you feel.

Listen --

I have something
I want to say to you.

No excuses this time,

Just sit, Bobby.

I know
what night this is.

I remember this.

I've thought about this
a lot.

I really sat with this.
...Sat with this.

Don't make fun of me.

I wouldn't.

But right now
I got to --

[ rumbling ]

[ Crashing ]

[ Wind howling ]

[ Rumbling continues ]

Mother Mary, I've got
a messed-up fruitcake.

What, Bobby?


I got to go.
I'm sorry, darling.

Bobby, wait.

[ Crashing ]

Don't go.

Number-one trick

is to act like you know
what you're doing, Bobby


What, I can't give you
advice now?

All of a sudden,
you know everything?

You know, I can always go
wait in the car.

No, wait.
I need your help. Bad

Your damn straight, you do.

No, listen to me, Rufus.
I'm gonna die.

Oh, now,
that's a realistic view

of the mortality rate
on a ghost hunt.

[ Warbling ] Whoa!
Whoa, Nellie, red line.

All right, baby boy,
here we go.

No, Rufus --

[ door closes ]

[ Rapid footsteps ]

[ Rain falling ]

Are you coming, Bobby?

I mean, we're not getting
any younger here.


[ Warbling continues ]

God's gonna punish you.

[ Glass shatters ]

[ Door closes ]

[ Rumbling ]

[ Electricity crackles ]

Hello, Mr. Singer.

[ Thunder crashes ]

Your time's up.

So you're my reaper,

You know, I've heard of you guys
grabbing reapees

in broad daylight
and in their sleep,

but I never heard of
a reaper showing up

inside a guy's custard.

You're in a coma, genius.
This is what happens.

I climb in your...custard
and fish you out.

- Oh, you think you can lose me?
- I'm gonna try.

I've got places to be, Singer.
Don't waste my time.

Might as well,
while I got it.

[ Chain jingling ]

You're prolonging
the inevitable.

[ Watch ticking ]

I can find you

Even in this
gin-soaked rat maze.

Sam: I'm just saying --
look, you can't really compare.

There's not even
a contest.

It depends
on the criteria.

Survival is the only criteria,
all right?

And when the crap
hits the fan,

it's not about
who has skill.

It's about
who's the bigger badass.

Bobby, will you
please tell Sam

that Chuck Norris
could kick Jet Li's ass?

Grab me a beer
while you're in there?

Woman: Bobby?

Bobby Singer, you had better be
washed up when you come down.

You're filthy.

God, what
is wrong with you?

It's like
you want him to get mad.

[ Silverware clinking ]

[ Thunder crashing ]

Whew! Poor thing.

Gets left at the altar,
kills herself,

and then gets buried
in the crypt.

Now she's going after men
who break their girls' hearts.

am I wrong?

Why you out of breath?

Did you go for a jog
up there, man?

- I need your help, Rufus.
- Yeah, clearly.

No, listen to me.

I want you to grab
a torch, man.

As soon as I open up her coffin,
showtime's coming pretty quick.

No. Will you listen to me,
you son of a bitch?

There's a damn reaper
coming for me.

There's a damn reaper coming
for all of us, Bobby.

All right, let's put
this damn ghost to bed.

I got plans for Purim.

[ Exhales sharply ]

Page the neurosurgeon
on call.

Tell O.R.
to put electives on hold.

Move trauma 2 to bed 7
as soon as it's clean.

Gunshot wound to the right frontal area
no exit wound found.

Breathing spontaneously.
Respiratory rate 18 and shallow.

RST at 120.
B.P. 90 over 60.

- GCS 5.
- Push 80 grams of mannitol over 30.

- Prep for intubation.
- Air entry clear to bases.

Let's get a central line
in here now.

What's happening?
Please just tell us --

- Get them out of here.
- Sorry. You need to stay out of their way.

- That's our Uncle.
- You got to stay back.

- What are they doing?
- We need to get him stable.

Okay, when are you gonna take
the bullet out?

If we can get
the swelling down,

if it's in a place
we can get to, if --

If he even lives
that long.

[ Monitor beeping ]

[ Rufus grunts ]

[ hinges creak ]

Forget it.
I got to keep moving.


[ Crunching ]

Doctor: Push 30 more
of mannitol over 10.

CBC and 'lytes.
Bolus him with 500 saline.

Nurse: The vitals were stable
two minutes ago.

Well, he's crashing now.

I'll break your heart.

[ Breathes deeply ]


Come on. You okay?
Say something.

Look out!

[ Screaming ]

Blood pressure
130 over 90.

[ Monitor beeping ]

[ Blows ]

Okay, Rufus, I need you --

oh, balls.

This would be the one job

you damn near got yourself
killed on.

Well, you're gonna be useful,
even if I have to carry you.

He's, uh, stable
for the moment.

Just have to see.

[ Monitor beeping ]


Where the hell
did you go?


Yeah, you!
You, kid!

Hey, what are you making
like a white rabbit

all over the place for,
you grubby little --

enough with the jump scares,

Who are you running from?

Wait a minute.
I know you.

Did you think I was dead?
[ Chuckles ]

Call me, all right?

Don't sit Shiva for me yet,

Listen -- after bridezilla
took you out,

do you remember what you told me
about your near-death experience?

I haven't told you
nothing yet.

But now
that you mention it,

pretty sure
I almost crossed over.

And what did you see?

What did I see? What are you
so riled up about, paco?

All right, all right.

I saw a hallway,
uh, plaid carpet,

uh, the apartment building
from when I was a kid.


And I wanted out.
[ Chuckles ]

I'm not dying
on no damn plaid carpet.

No, thank you.
So, what did you do?

Well, obviously, Bobby,
not being stupid,

I started looking
for the damn exit door.

Y-you know, I swear
that's what they mean

about your life
flashing before your eyes,

'cause every time
I opened the door,

there was another chapter
inside --

the good, the bad,
the bloody.

So, how did you get out?

Found the right door,

how did you find it?

- Oh, simple -- I went deep.
- Deep. Like old?

No, deep like...

Crap you do not
want to think about,

so you bury it,
you shove other crap over it,

and you don't go there,

So, you're telling me

that the way out was
through your worst memory?

It's an important door,

Okay, this is good.

What the hell are you
going on about, anyway?


I got to find the right door
to get this to Sam and Dean.

I'm in a coma, Rufus,
right now.

[ Chuckles ]

Get out.

I got shot in the dunce cap,

I'm -- I'm dying.

You sure?


[ Scoffs lightly ]
I'll be a prima ballerina.

Wait, wait, Bobby [chuckles].
Are you trying to tell me

I'm just one
of your better memories?

Would I make this up?

[ Rumbling ]

- Okay. I got to go.
- What?

- You're coming with me, Rufus.
- What?

I need my partner
on this.

[ Sighs ]

Aim for
your worst memory.

Think. Focus.

You got it?
The worst, okay?

I got a metric ton
of worst.

[ Sighs ]
Just take a shot.

By the way,
killer bride --

how come she call you
a heartbreaker, anyway?

I mean, you a family man
if I ever saw one.

Thanks for narrowing
things down.

[ Rumbling ]

Karen: [ Voice breaking ]
I can't believe you.

I hate you.

Everything's a lie.

Our whole life...

Our vows...


You knew
I wanted kids.

Why didn't you just...

Sit me down and say...

I don't understand.

You're a good man.

You'd be a good dad.

What does that
even mean,

you break
everything you touch?!

What kind of excuse
is that?!


Just stay away from me!

You broke my heart,

You happy?

Just go away!

Just so you know...
I'm sorry.

I never stopped
being sorry.

[ Inhales sharply ]

Bobby, I thought
you'd want a gang of rugrats.

[ Sobs ]

So, how long
after this --

did she get possessed?

Three days.

Biggest regret of my life,
this fight.

You'd think it was
when I had to stab her to death,


All through that...

I was thinking

we never
got to get past this.

If I'd have known,

I'd have said
anything she wanted to hear.

[ Sobbing continues ]



Try the door.


Thanks, Rufus.

[ Whooshing ]

[ Whooshing ]


[ Birds chirping ]

What year is this?


What's it matter?

I'm still stuck
in eternal friggin' sunshine.

No, I was just thinking, man --
you look pretty good there.

Must have drank less.

Hey, Bobby,
where are we going?

Well, Dean,
where's it look like?

Dad says I'm supposed to
practice with the double-barrel.

Well, we're gonna skip
the guns today. Here.


You're gonna throw
a ball around,

just like a regular
snot-nosed little jerk.

[ Chuckles ]

Rufus: You know, for a guy
who'd rather break his wife's

heart than give her a baby,

you make
a hell of a nanny.

Shut up, Rufus.

We need another door.

[ Child laughing ]

[ Birds chirping ]

Let's go.

Seriously, though, Bobby,
how come --

Dog with a bone,

No, I really want to know,
man -- why no kids?

Ain't that deep.

Dad was a mean drunk.

I figured
I'd be just like him.

And, hey, look --
I was right.

No sense
passing on the legacy.

Man, you're too hard
on yourself.

You're more
of a cranky drunk.

You do know that whatever
you're trying to avoid

with the eye rolls
and the grump-a-lumping --

that's exactly
where you need to go.

- I ain't avoiding nothing.
- Yeah, sure.

Get off my ass, Rufus.

Hey, Bobby, I'm trying
to help you here, okay?

You want to get out of here,
or you want to die?

I'm trying.

How am I supposed to know
what I don't want me to know?

Hey, look.

The crown prince decided
to drop by for a late bite.

Bobby's mother: Oh, he --
he was just washing up.

So, w-who would like
to say grace?

Hell with grace.
Pass me the biscuits.

- I'm sorry.
- What is the matter with you?

- I don't know. I'm sorry.
- You break everything you touch!

Let's just have
a nice supper.

A nice supper?


[ Gasps ]

[ Dish shatters ]

There's your nice supper.

[ Glass thuds ]

I get no respect
in this house.

[ Breathes deeply ]


Now, you can't tell me

that wasn't gnarly enough
to go spelunking in.

That was
any given Tuesday night.

Believe me --
it was nothing special.

- No, no, no. You're scared.
- No, I ain't.

I just know
we're in the wrong place, Rufus.

You --
[ Rumbling ]

Okay, Bobby,
you don't have time.

That sound was not the weather,
and you know it.

We can't keep bopping through
your greatest hits forever.

That reaper's
gonna catch up.

I mean, if there was some way
to stop the damn thing...

But it's a reaper, Bobby.
You're screwed.

I know
what we're gonna do.


We're gonna stop
the damn reaper.

Sam: So, there's
nothing else we can do?

I'm sorry.
We just have to wait.

- We'll see if the swelling goes down.
- How long?

It's hard to say
in cases like this.

Well, he's lasted this long.
That's something, right?

Well, yes.

Listen --
the bullet didn't shatter.

Only one hemisphere of his brain
was injured.

These are
all positive things.

But...I don't want to give you
false hope here.

He's far
from out of the woods.

Most of the time,
cases like this...

They die.

Right now
it comes down to him.

I'll keep you updated.

Excuse me.

Sorry to interrupt.

Is one of you
Robert Singer's next of kin?

We know
this is a stressful time.

Yeah, okay. No offense --
you can skip the garnish.

What, did his insurance lapse,
or what?

[ Clears throat ]
We're sorry to ask,

but, um, did your uncle
ever make his wishes known

I-in regards
to organ donation?

Organs are only viable
for a very limited window --


We're just hoping some good
can come of this tragic --

Listen to me.
I'm gonna say this once.

He's not gonna die.
It's one bullet.

He's gonna be fine
because he's always fine.

I apologize.

Why are you talking to me
like he's gonna die, huh?

I do my job!
Do your jobs! Save him!

Of course they're doing
everything they can.

Walk away from me.


[ Birds chirping ]

[ Engine idling ]

[ Engine shuts off ]

I know you're in there.

Come on out, you dick.

What, did you come here
to finish the job?

Yeah? Well, come on.

Right here, right now,

out in the open,
you and me, Dick Roman.


Deciding to jump a famous guy
ain't all upside.

You can kill me right now --
you want to see it online.

Maybe you should go check
on that friend of yours.

He can't be feeling too frisky
right about now.

I'm a very good shot.

We're coming for you,

and not just to hurt you --
to kill you.

You understand me?

Come on, Dean.
I can't be killed.

You're gonna wish
you could, then.

[ Laughs ]

That's some conviction.

You'd really crush it
on the motivational circuit.

You're either laughing
because you're scared

or you're laughing
because you're stupid.

I'll see you soon,

It's in
an old King James Bible.

So, what exactly
are we doing now, Bobby?

[ Sighs ]

Well, technically,
you're correct.

You can't stop a reaper,
not permanently.

Only their boss can do that,
and we don't want him involved.


Now we're cooking
with gas.

What is that?
Well, Sam and Dean

have run up against these
suckers a couple, three times.

Picked up a few tricks --

enough to slow them down
a hair, at least.

All right.
Let's work some mojo.

Woman on P.A.:
Dr. Flores, dial 118, please.

Dr. Flores, please dial 118.

[ Monitor beeping ]

Dr. Kravitz, you have a visitor
in the main lobby.

Dr. Kravitz, a visitor...

- What did that guy want?
- Uh, nothing.

Just some insurance mook.

Dick Roman was out there.

What happened?

Nothing...For now.

It was just a friggin'
staring contest.

That was about it.

What's the update?

The swelling's down
a little.

They took him
off sedation.

Apparently, he -- he
started fighting his tube.

So they pulled them out,
and he's breathing on his own.

That's good, right?
Is that good?

Yeah. Well, doctor said
best-case scenario.

All right, so when
they gonna take the bullet out?

t-they're not even --

they're not even gonna try that,
not yet.

What does that mean?

The word's "abrading,"
I think.


Cutting out
the dead brain tissue.

That's if the doctor even thinks
it's worth the risk.

[ Telephone ringing ]

Can I talk to you?

Talk about what?

You know what.

No, we're not gonna have
that conversation.

Oh, we need to.

- He's not gonna die.
- He might.

Dean, listen --

we need to brace

- Why?
- Because it's real.

What do you want to do?

You want to hug and --
and say we made it

through it when dad died?

We've been through

[ Thudding ]

[ Sighs ]

We still need gold ore,
hemlock, and mace.

Mm. So, pretty basic,
then, huh?

No, we didn't shoot rifles,
as a matter of fact.

We threw a ball around.

He's a kid, John.
They both are.

They're entitled.

Yeah, I know
I ain't their dad.

What the hell?

[ Sighs ]

O theristes,
kaleo se Kai deo.


[ Exhales sharply ]
Got to admit --

first time anyone's
pulled one on me

while actually unconscious.

Well, get comfy.

Not so fast.


Other business.

I'm trying to help you,

You're going to die.

Think you can stop it
by pinning me like a bug?

Well --

you've seen
the dark coming --

people disappearing,
things going blank.

Look around.

Cell by cell...

that bullet's
killing your brain.

You're running out
of places to hide.

So, understand --
this trap won't hold forever

this room won't hold

you are going to die.

You think.

Come with me.

Be done.

You've earned it.

Or fight me.

Stay here.

And you know the drill.

I don't know, Bobby.

I mean, you really
want to get stuck,

turn into some ghost?

I know
what I'm doing, Rufus.

Yeah, yeah, you're thinking
you can help those boys.

But how many spirits you meet
in their right mind?

Some hunter's
gonna cut you down.

Whose side
are you on?


You've helped.

You got handed
a small, unremarkable life,

and you did something
with it.

Most men like you die
of liver disease,

"Barney Miller" reruns.

You've done enough.

Believe me.

- I don't care.
- Why?

they're my boys.

All right.

The only way out
is through.

So lead the way.

Nice seeing you again,
old friend.

Thanks for the chat.

It's fine.
It'll just take a second.

You just
gonna sit there?

Get a broom
or somethin'.

You know
why he's like that?

Because you let him do
whatever he wants.

It's okay.
See? I'm almost done.

You just relax
a-and have another drink.

Don't tell me
what to do.

No. Wait.


I-- no!
[ Slap ]

[ Crying ]

Why do you
always provoke him?

Because he's a bad kid --

that's why.

that's a load of crap.

Who the hell
were you to say?

I'm your father.

And you show your father

The day he deserves it,
you drunken bully.

Punching women and kids --

is that what they call
fatherhood in your day?

Oh, you deserved it.
Believe me.

You were nothing
but ungrateful.

I was a kid!

Kids ain't supposed to be

They're supposed to eat
your food and break your heart,

you selfish dick!

You died,
and I was still so afraid

I'd turn into you
I never even had kids of my own.


You break
everything you touch.


as fate would have it,

I adopted two boys,
and they grew up great.

They grew up heroes.

So you can go to hell!

Keep the head of the bed up
for transport.

I.V. can run off the pump.
Just run a TKVO.

- We'll have to wait for respiratory.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait.

- What's happening?
- He's showing signs of responsiveness.

We're taking him up
for surgery.

If you want to see him,
I'd squeeze in there quick.

[ Crying ] I'm sorry.
I said that I'm -- I'm sorry.

Yeah, yeah,
you say that every time.

Please just stop.

This time, you listen!

Stop it.

[ Laughs ]

You're kidding, right?

You're not half enough man
to use that thing.

You leave the adults
to sort this out...

And I will deal with you

Ohh! Aah!
Bobby, just go.

Do what he says.
Just go.

Leave her alone.

[ Gunshot ]


what did you do?

God is gonna punish you.

Bobby: Hey.

You did
what you had to do.

This is where you learn

They pretty much never say
thanks when you save 'em.

Now go get a shovel.

Bury the old man
out behind the woodshed.

You got the only genetic case
of bullet in the brain

I've ever seen.

[ Whooshing ]

Not so fast, Singer.

[ Monitor beeping ]

We need to get moving.


Hey, um...

Bobby, um...


...For everything.

- All right. Please step back.
- Yeah.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Stop. His eyes are open.


[ Muffled speaking ]

[ Breathes deeply ]

What --

don't talk.
Don't talk.

A pen -- I --
here. Here, here, here.

What is it?

[ Gasping ]

[ Beeping continues ]

[ Grunting ]

[ Breathing heavily ]


[ Monitor beeping rapidly ]

[ Flatline ]



Call a code --
trauma room.

Dean: You microbrewing in there,
or what?

Come on -- we got a lot
of Chuck Norris to get through.

Let's go.

Nice move,
waking up like that.

Motivation's a mother.

You know why it's dark
out there, don't you?

This house --
it's your last island,

everything else melted
by that bullet --


This is your last chance
to come with me and move on.

For your own good, Bobby,
let go.

They'll be okay
without you.

Last memory, huh?

Glad I saved the best
for last.

All right, scoot, jerkface.
Show your elders some respect.

You scoot, ass-hat.

[ Clears throat ]

[ Bottle thuds ]

Did we get licorice?

No, we did not get

We got good snacks.
Licorice is disgusting.

I'm sorry.
I didn't quite understand that,

uh, Mr. peanut-butter-and-banana

You know what?
I stand by that sandwich.

Nobody likes licorice.
I-it's -- it's made of dirt.

It is a classic
movie food.

It's right up there
with popcorn.

Popcorn? Really?

You're out of your mind.

What -- it's like little
chewy pieces of heaven.

Oh, chewy pieces of heaven
if you're a girl.

Reaper: Well, Bobby?

Stay or go --
what's it gonna be?

[ Flatline ]