Supernatural (2005–…): Season 6, Episode 5 - Live Free or Twihard - full transcript

When six teenage girls disappear in seven days in a small town, Dean and Sam investigate the case. They go to the house of the last girl that went missing, Kristen, and they find that the ...

They turned me.
Made those fangs.

She bit me in the neck.
Bite doesn't work.

You have to actually ingest the blood
to be infected.

Vampire blood he dosed you with.

- What?
- Lights too bright?

Sunshine hurt your skin?
I get so hungry.

What you been doing? Hunting.

Hooked up with others.

You working with strangers?
More like family.

I'm your grandfather.

Stick around, I'll show you tricks
your daddy never dreamed of.

I can't just lose you and Ben.

Me and Ben will be here,
and you come when you can.

Just come in one piece.

- Are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm great.

There's been a few times
you've got me wondering.

It's Sam, Bobby. He's different.

Something's not right to me.

White on white
Translucent black capes

Back on the rack

Bela Lugosi's dead

The bats have fled the bell tower

The victims have been bled

Red velvet lines the black box

Bela Lugosi's dead

Bela Lugosi's dead

Undead, undead, undead

- You came.
- I told you I would.

Shall we sit?

I can't tell you that.

- It's too embarrassing.
- Come on.

Nothing you could ever say would-

I mean, those poems you posted...

they revealed who you really are.

I know you, Kristen.


I actually... One today, you wanna-?

Of course I do.


Damn it.

Paper cut. Clumsiest person ever.

I have to go.




I shouldn't be here.

So why are you?

I can't stop thinking about you.



We can't do this.

- We can't be together.
- There has to be a way.


You think you know me,
but you don't.

I've done bad things.

You should run. Now.

I can make my own decisions. I'm 17.

I have to show you something.


- I knew it.
- Are you scared?

- No.
- You should be.

I'm just scared...

I'm dreaming
and I'll wake up in math class.

Is it gonna hurt?

I could never hurt you.

Come with me.

- Where?
- Let me show you my world.


So your place,
is there gonna be velvet?

Yeah, sure.

This is it?

But it smells like pee.

Nice work, Robbie.

Robert. What's happening?

This is what you wanted, isn't it?

Hey. So I'm actually not far.
I'm about a night's drive.

Yeah? So you think...?

There's some stuff I gotta do first.

- Of course.
- But I was thinking that...

I'll wrap up here and, you know,
make sure I'm not followed.

I'll take side streets, come at night.

Will you just shut up
and get your ass home?

I can't wait to see you.

- This phone thing's getting old.
- Yeah.

Well, call us when you're close.

And be careful.

Of course.


- What are you so stoked about?
- What? Nothing. What do you got?

Six girls in seven days.

More disappearances than
this city has seen in over a year.

- All about the same age and-
- And cute.

Ice cream comes in lots of flavors.

Sure. Well, half a dozen girls, late teens,
a shower away from greatness.

It sounds like a profile.

- I wonder what else they got in common.
- Well, six directions to go here.

- Pick a number.
- Seven.

Another call just came in today.

Kristen's a good kid.

A little naive, sure.

You try and be a good parent.

Girls are hard.

We'd just like to find your daughter.

- Last door on the left.
- Thanks.

What do you think
he was talking about?


Oh, it is so much worse.


No, these aren't vampires, man.

- These are douchebags.
- Yeah.



A- ha. All right.

Let's see what we can see.

All right.

That's just uncomfortable.

What is he so bummed out about?

Look at this. He's watching her sleep.
How is that not rapey?

I gotta concentrate, Dean.

"He could hear the blood
rushing inside her, almost taste it.

He tried desperately to control himself.
Romero knew their love was impossible."

- Romero? Really?
- Dean, shut up.

This is a national bestseller.

How is that possible?

Hey, try "Lautner."

Wait, he's a werewolf.
How do you even know who that is?

You kidding me? That kid's everywhere.
It's a freaking nightmare.

Hey, how many T's
are there in Pattins-?

That's it. We're in. Ha.

All right.


Well, her inbox is full from
some guy claiming to be a vampire.

A real vampire?

Well... "I can only meet you at night.
I don't trust myself with you.

The call of your blood is too strong."
Vampires phishing for victims?

It's probably just
a human mouthbreather, right?

On the other hand,
talk about easy prey.

- For actual vamps?
- Yeah.

These chicks throw themselves at you.

All you gotta do is,
I don't know, write bad poetry.


Well, this guy wanted to meet her
at a place called The Black Rose.

- Give me a break.
- Just reporting the news.

This is probably just your
standard-issue perv, right?

DRIVER: Stop! Let me go!

Okay, so now you're sure it's vampires?
A hundred percent?

Definitely. We got a pattern now.

Kids go missing,
blood bank van gets jumped.

This is the fourth town.
Clincher is, this last hit...

driver was found, throat ripped out.

Okay. They grab kids.
That's food, right?

But if they already got a bunch
of walking, talking juice bars...

why bother with the blood mobile?
Doesn't add up.

Find the nest. Figure it out.

Well, you wanted emo chicks,
I think we hit ground zero.

Thank you.

You think she wears all that rubber
to the beach?

When was the last time
we had a beer together anyway?


What do you think?

He's hitting on her hard enough.

Well, it's hard to tell.

And we got multiple choice.

Yeah. Go call.

Great. Three of them, two of us.

Okay. Make that two of them.

- Come with me.
- One's on the move.

All right. You go with Efron,
I got Bieber.

Are you sure, baby?
Are you ready to join me in eternity?

Oh, my God, totally.

- Hey!
- Go. Get out of here.

What the-?
What the hell are you doing?

Open your mouth!

Take those out. Take them out.

Ugh. For the love of-
What, are you 12?

- Are you wearing glitter?
- I only do it to get laid, man.

Does it work?

I'll be damned.

All right, "MMMBop" your way
out of here. Go, go.

And use a condom.

You're pretty.

I'm sorry?

I said you're pretty.

Yeah, sorry again, pal.
I don't play for your team.



Oh, my God, what is that sound?

What sound, Dean?

Hey, come on. Keep it down, damn it.

Please, please, shut that off.


- Dean, you should sit down.
- You sit down.

Of all the ways to die,
never thought I'd be going out like this.

Dean, nobody is going out.


Samuel will kill me
when he gets here.

- He's not.
- Because I'm gonna ask him to...

- because you won't do it.
- Hold on a second.

- For what? Look.
- We can figure this out.


- Why aren't you freaked out?
- Of course I am.


Because I can hear your heartbeat,
and it's pretty damn steady.

That's because
I'm trying to remain calm.

Dean, look,
Samuel will know what to do.

Come on, man, I'm a monster. Okay?
This is not a problem that you spitball.

We gotta deal with this
before I hurt somebody.

How's it feel?


- Now you wanna talk about my feelings?
- No, I mean physically.

How do you think it feels? Not good.

- Where you going?
- Bathroom, okay?

News flash, Mr. Wizard. Vampires pee.




Hey, I wasn't expecting you
for a couple of days.

Yeah, yeah. I wanted to see you.

What's up?

- Are you okay?
- Listen.

- What's going on?
- It doesn't matter...

but I need you to know.

You and Ben.



Okay? For everything.

Dean, you're scaring me.

Oh, God, I'm Pattinson.

- What?
- Nothing. I've gotta go.

No. You can't just show up
like this and then-

Wish it was different.

Stop and explain to me
what's going on out there.

I can't bring this crap home to you.

- You're talking about your work?
- I'm talking about my life.

It's ugly...

and it's violent...

and I'm gonna die, soon.

Just tell me what the hell is going on.

- Dean?
- I gotta go.

- Dean?
- Ben, just stay there.

- I thought I heard you-
- I said stay back!

You can't keep track
of your brother now?

- Well, I didn't think he'd just-
- He's not himself, Sam.

He's a monster and he's hungry.

We gotta prepare to do the right thing.

I told you he'd kill me
when he showed up.

Did you feed?

I went to say goodbye to Lisa...

- which, for the record, was a lousy idea.
- Answer the question.

You can relax. I didn't drink anyone.

- Thank God.
- But I came close.

All right.

Do it.

Okay, if you insist.

Or I can just turn you back.

- What?
- What?

I didn't drive all this way to kill you,
Dean. I'm here to save you.

That's my grandfather's journal.

The cure's an old Campbell recipe,
kind of like the soup.

No one's tried it since God knows.

From what I hear,
the stuff is a bad trip.

- Awesome.
- Hey, the cure is good.

But a lot of this is on you.
You drink, you're done. It won't work.

- I'm talking one drop of human blood.
- I got it.

Do you? Because you will feed.
It's a matter of time.

What else do we need?

Some stuff we got, some we gotta get.

The trickiest thing,
blood of the fang who turned you.

That guy was huge.

Nothing in the recipe about easy.

I can get it.

You gonna walk right into the nest?

Well, I'm one of them, aren't I?

So all I gotta do is get in there,
get the guy alone...

and shoot him with
so much dead man's blood.

- I should come with you.
- No. Dude, you reek.

You're like a walking hamburger.
I gotta do this solo.

Yeah, except we haven't been able
to find them yet.

No problem. I can smell them.
They're two miles east of town.

You guys get the other crap
and meet me there.


It's dead man's blood.

Now, there's enough there
to drop a linebacker and then some.

Good luck, son.

What the hell's wrong with you, Sam?

- What do you mean?
- You knew about the cure.

What? No, I didn't.

We talked about it months ago.

Not me. It must have been
Christian or something.


Because if you had known, it'd be
almost like you let him get turned.

Get a man on the inside, help us find
that alpha vamp we been looking for.

You serious?

Think I'd do that,
risk my own brother?

What's wrong with you?

Look, I'm just relieved we can fix him.

- What's up?
- Hey. I'm-

The guy Boris turned outside the bar,

- He said to look out for you.
- Yeah.

Well, glad you made it, man.


Follow me.

So you must be starving.


Here you go.

I'm okay.

I killed so many people
on the way over here, so...

Yeah, about that...

company line is,
we don't just kill people anymore.

But you gotta tell me what that's like.

Yeah. Yeah, first chance I get,
I'll show you myself.


Don't worry about them.
They're jealous.

The recruiters get to bang
all the chicks.

That's you now, bro.

- The recruiters?
- Yeah.

Big man will explain.

Be with you in a minute.

"Your skin is the black velvet
of the night."


That stupid bitch will eat that up.
She'll be dying to meet.

Go get yourself some blood,

Then march that little ass
right back here, okay?

Thank goodness.

I thought the hunter
chopped your pretty head.

No, I got away.

- Sorry, what's a hunter?
- You'll see if he finds us.

You'll see him inside out.

- You eaten?
- Yeah.

Good. You'll need your strength.


Robert didn't tell you?

How old do I look?


You're off...

by about six centuries.

And these are the best days
in the last 600 years to be a vampire.

Dracula, Anne Rice? Please.

These brats are so horny...

they've reinvented us
as Prince Charming with a Volvo.

They want a promise ring with fangs...

so I give it to them.


You go out and you get them,
and you bring them home to me.

- So, what's with the cages?
- Oh, that's just, you know...

till they're compliant.

Eventually these girls
will fetch me boys like you...

and around and around we go.

I gotta say, I'm impressed.

This whole system, that's all you?

No, no, no.
No. I just implement, you know?

Make sure that you all fall in line.

It's his.

Our father's.

Your father's?

Aren't you the curious one?

Oh, you don't know the half of it.

In due time.


You want the private tour, don't you?

Thought you'd never ask.

You playing games with me, boy?






Go get him!

This must be the place.


So much for undercover.

Let's go.

You've stopped nothing.
You know that?

This is much bigger than you and me.

Looks like your brother has
some Campbell in him after all.

Dean, you okay?

Yeah, I'm good.

If this works, it's not gonna be
a kiddie ride.

That's great. Light her up.

- So, what'd you see in there?
- What?

- In the nest. What'd you see?
- I can't hear you.

Your blood is so freaking loud.
Just back off.

All right, give me the damn cure.


I don't think it-

- Is it working?
- Either that or he's dying.


So, what'd you see?

- What?
- In the nest, what'd you see?

I'm still working through it...

but they're not figuring out
anything on their own.

They're getting their orders from the top.
Where to go next, everything.

- The top as in...
- Their alpha.

That's what I think it is. They've got
some sort of psychic thing happening.

He sends them,
I don't know, messages.

Saying what?


Recruitment drive.

Their alpha's building an army.

- Well, that's comforting.
- This is not the worst.

Then what is?

We don't scare them anymore.

You've reached Lisa.

Leave me a message. Thanks.

Hey, Lis.

To continue recording, press one.

To erase-

How'd it go with Lisa?

- It didn't.
- I'm sorry.


At least you got my back.

No matter what happens, I can always
count on you. Right, Sammy?

Yeah. Of course, Dean.