Supernatural (2005–…): Season 6, Episode 14 - Mannequin 3: The Reckoning - full transcript

Dean and Sam travel to New Jersey to investigate a mysterious murder cases. However, Ben calls Dean and tells that it is an emergency situation and he heads to Lisa's house, leaving Sam ...

You finally had a family
and you were building something.

And it's as close to happiness...

as I've ever seen a hunter get.

- Dean?
- Ben, just stay there.

- I thought I heard you...
- I said stay back!

Ben won't even talk about it.

This is the worst time in the universe
to talk. Can we do this later?

You shoved my kid, Dean.
How about we do this now?

- You and Ben...
- Me and Ben can't be in this with you.

Lucifer's cage.

Sam's soul is stuck in that box.

Nasty, those memories.

You don't wanna know
what they'll do to him.

- Don't do this.
- Don't scratch the wall.

Death didn't just shove your soul here.

He put up the Great Wall of Sam
between you...

and the things you don't remember.

And trust me,
the things you don't know could kill you.

Sammy? Sam.

Sammy, talk to me.





Come on.

Come on, damn it.

- Hey, hey, hey. You with me?
- Ugh.

Okay. Come on. Come on.
We gotta get the hell out of dodge.

What the...?

Who's there?

Got it.

How you feel?

Like I got hit by a planet.

Well, lucky for you I'm a doctor.
I got Joe, grub, and:

- What are they?
- Effective.

I'm okay. Thanks.

Suit yourself.

So how long was I out again?

I'm telling you,
like two or three minutes.

Why, what'd it feel like to you?

About a week. Give or take.

You wanna talk about it?

- It?
- Yeah, whatever that was.

I mean, it was like
you were freaking electrocuted.

Look, I mean, it wasn't fun,
but I'm fine.


It was hell, wasn't it?

You got a big fat face-full of hell.

Ever cross your mind
you could have died?

- Oh, come on.
- I'm serious.

None of this
"it's just a flesh wound" crap.

We did it your way,
we let you go explore...

and every bad thing
that I said would happen, happened.

So guess what? Past stays past.
We're not kicking that wall again.

- So I'm supposed to just ignore it?
- Yes.

Dean, I might have done...

who knows what.
And you want me to just forget about it?

You shove it down
and you let it come out...

in spurts of violence
and alcoholism.

- That sounds healthy.
- Well, works for me.

This is not a joke.

Your life is on the line here, Sam.

This is not a debate.

I mean, first you were
a soulless dickbag, and now you're not.

So we good?

Yeah. Sure.


Well, let's get your mind off it,
shall we?

You, uh, up for a job?

Why, what do you got?

Janitor murdered in a college lab
last night.

Doors were locked.
Nobody else in or out of the building.

Great. Where to?

Paterson, New Jersey. Hey, maybe
we'll have a Snooki sighting, ha, ha.

What's a Snooki?

That is a good question.

Check it out.
These things are frigging awesome.

- Be my Valentine?
- Dude, we're working. Put it back.

- Have a heart.
- Dean.

Buzzkill. Heh.

You smell sulfur?

Yeah, we're in a science lab.


Who is it?

So, Lisa?

- Mind your own business.
- What's wrong with talking to her?

Thanks, Dr. Laura, that's very insightful.
Look at that, our time's up.


Ghosts Gone Wild.

Something's up in here.

Question is, what?

Sam, good news.

Big Brother's watching.

Hey. Ahem, so, what'd you find out
from the, uh, mop jockey's girlfriend?

Nothing. Just how great he was.
Went to church. Donated to charity.

- Rubbed her feet during Glee.
- I just threw up in my mouth.


Anyway, uh, checked his record, spotless.
What about the science building?

Built in '05.
Nothing weird about the land.

Uh, before this, the biggest mishap
was some genius...

accidentally spilled sulfuric acid
on his crotch.

They don't even dissect
anything good in there.

I mean, bigger than Kermit,
they use an iPad.

- So we got nothing?
- Yeah, a big steaming pile of it.


Who's there?


Is that you?

Okay, ha, ha, very funny.

What the hell?

- Got it?
- Yeah.

All right.

We're backing up.



- Yeah?
- This thing's humming.


Wait. That anatomy dummy
you were molesting at the lab.

- Excuse me?
- What if that's what this is about?

What are you accusing me of?

I don't mean that. I mean, there was
an anatomy dummy there. And here...

You're joking.

You're not joking.

Okay, uh, so what, we've got
a bunch of killer dolls like Chucky?

I mean, come on, that's just...

- frigging creepy.
- Huh.

I mean, if ghosts can possess humans
and move objects...

why can't they possess this?

I suppose, but riddle me this, Batboy...

ghosts aren't exactly known
for hopping county lines, right?

- True.
- This one hits up a college...

and now a factory,
what, three towns over?

Doesn't add up.

So we dig.

Over there.

I don't like the way
Kim Cattrall's looking at me.

Well, this dead guy's as squeaky clean
as the last dead guy.

I can't find a speck of dirt on him.



Well, here's a speck.

A seamstress named Rose Brown
went missing over a year ago.

Uh, cops just gave up on her.

Last seen at the factory,
presumed dead...

survived by sister, Isabel.

Fifty bucks, vengeful spirit.

Pay sis a visit?

All right.

Answer it.

- Lisa.
- Finally.

I've been calling.

- Ben? What are you...?
- Something's wrong with Mom.

- What are you talking about?
- It's bad, Dean.

- Define "bad."
- I don't know, she won't talk to me.

- Put her on the phone.
- She won't come to the phone.

Get your mom
and put her on the phone.

I can't, her door's locked.
She barely gets out of bed.

I'm not kidding.

Please, just... Just come help me.
I don't know what to do.

- Let me call you back.
- Dean.

Five minutes.

- Oh, come on, man. I can't just leave.
- Dude, you gotta leave.

- But we're talking life or death here.
- Right, I can handle it for 24 hours.

I get you wanna bury it,
but I had to deal with my past year...

- you gotta deal with yours.
- That worked so great for you.

Come on.

- So you and Rose were close, huh?
- Very.

Our parents died when we were little,
so we had each other.

What was she like?

Um, kind.


She had the biggest heart.

But people gave her a hard time.

How come?

She was shy. A little awkward.

I guess that made her an easy target.

- I've been defending her my whole life.
- I'm sure she appreciated it.

Well, it went both ways.

She did more for me
than anybody else ever could.

I just miss her.

- Um, may I?
- Sure, please.

Um, that's the company Christmas party,
a couple years back.

You work at Salzman & Sons too?

Well, everybody works at the factory.

And that's Rose.

Dean. Hey, get this. That college janitor,
he worked at the factory too.

Until last year. Apparently,
he quit right after Rose's disappearance.

Fair bet something happened
to that girl around the factory.

So let's call that ground zero.

But it still doesn't explain...

- how a ghost ended in another zip code.
- It's not like she hopped the Blue Line.

I'm headed to the factory.
I'll call when I get the whole scoop.

How long have you been
with the company?

About three years now.

Heh, I'm sorry,
what's, uh, this got to do with me?

Relax. Just a routine questioning.


Uh, well, did you know Rose Brown?



Heh, uh,
the name sounds kind of familiar.

She was a seamstress here.
She went missing about a year ago.


you mind taking a look?

Uh, yeah, I saw her around.

Anything you can tell me about her
that might help?

Heh, look, I'd love to help,
but I don't know anything.

And, uh, I'm about to be late
back from break, so...

You seem nervous, Jonny.

Well, heh, those guys that died
were my friends.

- I mean, of course I'm gonna be upset.
- I didn't say upset. I said nervous.


In case you remember anything.

Dean, what are you doing here?

Well, you look absolutely fine.

What's going on?

We've been Parent Trap'd.

- What?
- Ben sent out a 911.

Why would he do that?

You're going on a date, huh?

Come in.

- You wanna sit down?
- Not so much.

So who's the guy?

Who's the guy?

His name's Matt.

- He's a doctor.
- Oh, Dr. Matt.

- How respectable.
- Really? That's how this is gonna be?

- Look, I...
- I called you six times, Dean.

- I almost called back about a hundred.
- Good to know.

Lis, Ben called me.

I dropped everything and ran.
If you wanna know if I care...?

- Doesn't help me.
- What do you want from me?

- I'm not asking for anything.
- Well, then ask for something.


Go to your room.

You know, I...
I can't ask for something.

I know what I want...

but I can't have it, not how you live.

My phone rings,
I think, tiny chance it's you.

Big chance it's Sam calling
to tell me you're dead.

- Lis...
- No, don't.

Don't apologize, or anything.

It's just...

I get to this place where I'm okay
and then you show up at our door.

You keep doing that. Every time I think
I'm never gonna see you again.

I'm trying to get over you.

What are you trying to do?

What do you want from us, Dean?

Why am I flipping out?

I don't know,
maybe because of the feds...

and because Dave and Steve
are freaking dead.

Look, ugh, no. No.

Just call me later.

Come on.

What's going on?

That was a ghost
trying to kill you for being a dick.


You know what?

You're lucky you were
the most suspicious interview of all time.

I figured something like this
would happen.

Something like what would happen?

I don't have time for the big speech,
all right?

So brass tacks: Rose is back.

That's crazy.

You're gonna end up like your friends
unless you tell me what you did to Rose.

Do you want me to help you or not?

It was just a stupid joke.
You know, I mean, you play jokes.

We didn't think
it was that big of a deal.

What did you do?

We made Rose think
she had a secret admirer.

I don't think the girl
had ever been asked out in her life.

Honestly, she was kind of pathetic.

So we knew she'd take the bait.

She was so excited.

Poor girl never saw it coming.

Look, Rose, I think he likes you.

It was mean. But you know how it is
when a group of guys get together.

They act like jackasses.

Oh, don't be like that.

Come on, Rosey, it's just a joke.

Go to hell.

It happened so fast.

Hey, take a joke, Rosey, seriously.

We didn't mean for it to happen.

And then it was too late.

- What are you doing?
- I'm calling the cops.

- Are you crazy?
- It was an accident.

We tricked her here, I grabbed her.
That's involuntary manslaughter at least.

And that's if they even believe us.
You understand?

Steve said there was only one option.

I wish I could take it all back.

- I'm sure you do.
- I didn't kill her.

Okay, look me in the eyes
and tell me none of it's on you.

Look, I'm not saying you deserve to die.

I can help you.

- How?
- You have to tell me where she's buried.

In the woods.
Uh, a clearing off Canyon Run Road.

- No, no, no. You're not going anywhere.
- But I...

You need to stay inside the salt line
until I tell you you're safe.

You just want me to stand here
all night?

Consider it getting off easy.

That's ridiculous,
plants could never kill a zombie.

You think I'm gonna say I'm sorry?

Why would I think that,
because you lied to get me here?

It was an emergency.

A date's not an emergency, Ben.

It is if it's the third one.

I watch TV, I know what that means.

Well, your mom's a grownup...

she gets to go out.

Why won't you come home?

Can't you just say "I'm sorry"
and then come back?

- I'm sorry, I can't.
- Can't or won't?

- Both.
- So you hate Mom now?

What? No. Come on.

- So it's me.
- Ben, stop it.

- Whatever I did, I'm sorry.
- Listen to me.

You didn't do anything.
You understand that?

Look, one day you'll, uh...

You'll get this, when you're older.

Don't talk to me like I'm 6.

Okay, fine.

It's like this then.

Just because you love someone...

doesn't mean you should stick around
and screw up their life.

So I can't be here.

You think something
will follow you home?


No, I don't. But I think my job
turns me into somebody...

that can't sit at your dinner table.

And if I stayed,
you'd end up just like me.

Why do you say it like you're so bad?

Heh, trust me, I'm not someone
you wanna aim to be.

- Don't I get a vote?
- No, you don't.

I'm sorry, Ben.

But, you see, this way you got a shot
at living whatever life you want.

You know, pick one. Pick five.

Because with me,
there's just the one road.

- You're a liar, Dean.
- Excuse me?

You say family's so important.

But what do you call people
who care for you...

who love you
even when you're a dick?

You know you're walking out
on your family, right?

All right. It's over, you're safe.

look at this as a new beginning.

Lot of chances not to be a jackass.

Jenny? Hon...

we're leaving. Tonight.

So pack up. Just the essentials.

All I want is for us
to move on with our lives.

I love you. You know that.

It's been, ugh...

It's been really hard, Jen.

This is Dean's other other cell...

so you must know what to do.

Hey, it's not over.
Burning the remains didn't stop her.

She's gotta be hooked
to something else.

I'm gonna head to the sister's now.
Call me.

So, um, this is it?

I gave most of her clothes
to the Goodwill.

She didn't have much.

- Those yours?
- Yeah.

- Are you in school?
- Mm-hm, yeah.

- Where?
- Uh, Great Falls.

So let me guess.


You were at the chem lab
and the factory this week.

Well, yeah.

Did you happen to stop by a bar
called McOwen's last night?

Everybody from the factory
goes there.

I stop in maybe three times a week.


That's it. Huh.

So this is all about you.

- What? What is?
- The murders.

Your co-workers. Your college janitor.

What, you think
I could do something like that?

No, no, no.
But I think you're at the center.

- Me? How?
- What are you wearing of Rose's?

A ring? A bracelet?
Her baby teeth in a locket? What?

- You're scaring me.
- Just think, please.

What do you have of Rose's
that you carry with you?


Well, the only thing I have of hers
is a part of me.

When I was 16,
she gave me one of her kidneys.

- Her kidney?
- Yeah.

- You're kidding.
- Will you tell me what this is about?

Yeah, um...

But I'm gonna need you
to come with me.

- That the girl with the haunted kidney?
- Yeah.

Just when you think you've seen it all.

What do you wanna do?
We can't burn the thing, she needs it.

She can't walk around with it.
The spirit's attached.

It's gonna use her to get revenge.
It's not gonna stop killing.

- You suggesting we cut it out of her?
- And then what?

Leave her in a tub of ice
with a phone taped to her hand?

Maybe we should call Dr. Robert.

He might have some leads
on non-haunted replacement kidneys.

- He works out of a butcher shop.
- It's pretty clean, you'd be surprised.

- No. I think we have to go hoodoo.
- Hoodoo?


- That's more of a Band-Aid, not a cure.
- It buys us a minute.

- All right. Louisiana it is.
- Voodoo?

What the hell are you talking about?

Actually, it's hoodoo,
it's a little different.

- Hold on, Isabel.
- You're not feds.

Just let us explain.


- No way.
- That's impossible.

No, no, no.

She possesses sex dolls.
This is not a sex doll.

Hey, you leave my baby alone.
She's got nothing to do with this!

Go! Go! Go!

Here. Here. Here. Get in.

Son of a bitch!

I'm so sorry, baby.


- You all right?
- Yeah. Yeah, I'm good. You guys?


Yeah, I'm...


Hey, hey, hey.

I'm sorry.

I didn't mean for this.

How's it look?

Well, considering she got carjacked
by poltergeist...

could be worse.

What exactly did we do back there,

Yeah, I'm not putting it
in the win column either.

We saved a few dicks
and we killed an innocent girl.

I got a heartbroken kid
and a woman who's so pissed at me...

I see what you mean
about facing your past. It's, uh, heh.

- It's awesome. Thanks.
- Dean.

- I mean, all we do is make a mess.
- That's not true.

We do save lives, now and again.

Yeah, I guess. I'm just... I'm just tired
of all the bad luck, you know?

Well, you know, number one, bad luck
is kind of in the job description.

And two, it's not all bad.

Really. Look at me. I mean,
at least Satan's left the building.

Yeah. It's the little things.

And I have a soul, because of you.

I never thanked you for that, did I?

- That's all good, man.
- Well, thanks.

- You'd have done the same for me.
- I mean it.

Look, we keep our heads down,
keep swinging.

We'll lose some,
hopefully, we'll win more.


I don't know.
Anyway, for what it's worth...

I got your back.

Yeah, I know.