Supernatural (2005–…): Season 6, Episode 12 - Like a Virgin - full transcript

Dean and Bobby investigate the disappearance of teenage girls when Sam awakes after recovering his mended soul. Bobby still does not trust Sam and Dean and his brother travel to investigate...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Hey, Dean. It's me.

- How long you been back?
- About a year.

You've been back practically
this whole time?

- You finally have what you wanted.
- You wanted a family.

I need you to go. You're a hunter.

It's Sam. He's different.

It's his soul. It's gone.

You bag me a live Alpha and
I'll give you little Sammy's soul back.

- We wait for the word.
- Alpha's building an army.

- Like we're going to war.
- Bring me creatures.

But if you're the first, who made you?

We all have our mothers.

When we freaks die, where do we go?
Not heaven, not hell.

- Purgatory.
- And I want it.

- I want my soul back.
- I can't.

Sam's soul has been locked in the cage
with Michael and Lucifer.

Putting this back in
would smash me to bits.

We have no idea
what will happen. Paralysis, insanity...

psychic pain so profound, he's locked
inside himself for the rest of his life.

- The horseman of Death.
- Hello, Dean.

Death can put up a wall.

- Wall?
- You wouldn't remember hell.

What's the bet?

I want you to be me for one day.

It's my life. It's my soul.

- I don't want it.
- You need to scar your vessel.

I'm sorry.

- Don't do this.
- Don't scratch the wall.

How you doing?

I'm great. This is great.

Penny, it's gonna be okay.

You know, a lot more people
have died in the shower.

Good to know. Thanks.

I didn't think
we'd run into any weather, though.

Look, can we just land, please?

Couple minutes, all right?
We're close. I'm sorry.

- What was that?
- What?

Something just flew by the window.
It was huge.

- It was probably just a bird, okay?
- No. No, Stan, that was not a bird.

- Well, then what was it?
- I don't know.

Penny, there's nothing out there.
I promise.

- Hey, just close your eyes, okay?
- No.

It's okay. Just lean back. Try to relax.

- Think of someplace nice.
- Okay.

Nice waves on a beach.


Oh, my God. No, no, no.



His soul is in place.

Is he ever gonna wake up?

I'm not a human doctor, Dean.

- Could you take a guess?
- Okay.

- Probably not.
- Oh, well, don't sugarcoat it.

I warned you not
to put that thing back inside him.

What was I supposed to do?

Let T-1000 walk around,
hope he doesn't open fire?

Let me tell you what his soul felt like
when I touched it.

Like it had been skinned alive, Dean.

If you wanted to kill your brother,
you should have done it outright.

Like my daddy always said,
"Just because it kills your liver...

don't mean it ain't medicine."

Sam still asleep?


- He'll wake up.
- Yeah.

Dean, he's been through how much?

Somehow he always bounces back.

He's never been through this.

- Job?
- Hmm, might be.

Can I help?
Send me to the library? Anything?

Couple goes up in a light plane.
Wreckage was just found in the woods.

Couple of Buddy Hollys doesn't really
seem like "News of the Weird."

Pilot was found 17 miles away,

Girl's just gone. No body, no nothing.

- Okay, I'm not changing the channel.
- Dean.


Are you...?

Good to see you.

Wait. I saw...

I felt Lucifer snap your neck.

- Well, Cass kind of...
- Cass is alive?

Yeah, Cass is fine.
Sam, are you okay?

Actually, um...

I'm starving.

- So, Sam.
- Yeah?

What's the last thing you remember?

The field, and then I fell.

Okay, and then?

Um, I woke up in the panic room.

That's it?

- You really don't remember...
- Let's be glad.

Who wants to remember all that hell?

- Well, how long was I gone?
- About a year and a half.


I was downstairs...

I don't remember anything.

So how'd I get back? Was it Cass?

Not exactly.

Dean, what did you do?

- Me and Death...
- Death?

- The horseman?
- I had leverage.

It's done.

- You sure?
- It's over.

Slate's wiped.

- Well, isn't this just neat and clean?
- Yes, it is, for once.

Is there anything else I should know?


- Another beer?
- Uh, yeah.


How is he?

He's, uh...

He's good. Really good.
Better than I could have hoped.


What? Why the poopface?

I'm glad he's better. I really am.

But that kid went straight-up
Menendez on me not 10 days ago.

And now it's all just erased?

Sorry. I'm having a bit of a hard time
even looking at him.

- It wasn't Sam.
- Well, maybe it wasn't all Sam...

- but it was him.
- What do you wanna do?

- You want to tell him everything?
- No. Just wish I could, that's all.

We throw that at him, we don't know
what'll happen. Could crack the wall.

I know. I know.

So you know what?
As far as I'm concerned...

it's a gift horse
and I'm not looking for teeth.

I'm sending Death
a damn fruit basket.

He's gonna find out, you know.

One way or another, someone will
tell him or he'll figure it out on his own.

He's not dumb.
He should hear it from us.

Can we just leave it alone
for the moment, please?


But you better prep for the B side...

because when Sam realizes
we're shining him...

it ain't gonna be cute.

Sam still asleep?

Yeah, let him rest. We'll call him later.

Call me from where?


- Uh, there's this thing in Oregon.
- Great. I'm in.

Whoa, whoa, you just got vertical.

Exactly. I'm up. I'm good.

A few more days of cable couldn't hurt.

Right, because that's what you did
when you got back from hell.

All right. You, me and Bobby.

Oh, you two go on ahead.
You got this covered.

I, uh, forgot I promised that idiot Rufus
I'd work the phones for him, so...

You sure?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You two enjoy catching up, okay?

What was that?

One part age, three parts liquor.

You got it, officer. Thank you.
You too.

Besides the crash, there were two other
disappearances in town this week.

- Really?
- Last weekend...

a college girl vanished
from her apartment.

On the 17th floor.

Another girl didn't make it home
from school.

- They know each other?
- No. No connection.

Just young and female,
like the plane crash girl.

What would disappear a girl
out of the sky?

Good question.


And then I kissed you once

So you never even tried, huh?

- Tried?
- To go live a life, after.

You do remember
you promised that, right?

Yeah, I remember.

- So why didn't you try?
- What makes you think I didn't?

Because look at you. Look at this.
You're exactly the same.

Yeah, you're probably right.

Looking for a game to play

My luck should be so bad...

I was with them for a year,
Lisa and Ben.

A year?

So then what?

Oh, I had to leave today

Didn't work out.

It was a new day yesterday

But it's an old day now

You're, uh, Penny Dessertine's sister,


Uh, we'd just like to ask you
a few questions.

Look, the cops already came by.
I'm tired.

- So if you don't mind...
- I understand. Really, I do.

I know how hard this must be.

We'd just like
to figure out what happened.

This will be quick. I promise.

Okay. Fine. Come in.

Penny was very shy. To herself.

Not at all
what you'd call adventurous.

Flying through a lightning storm
in a two-seater?

She was terrified of that thing.

- She just did it for Stan.
- Stan?

They were just starting to get serious.

She didn't wanna seem,
you know, not interested.

I just wish I'd told her to stay home.

We don't even have a body to bury.

- Hey.
- What do you got?

Well, looks like those other two missing
girls both baked cookies for the Lord.

- What is that, code?
- No.

Church choir, bake sales,
uh, promise ring clubs, the works.

They were good girls.

- But Penny wasn't even a Christian, so...
- I have another theory.

Penny's diary.

Did you steal that from her room?

- I love that you even ask me that.
- And why wouldn't I?

No reason. So girlnappings.

What if it's not about religion?
What if it's about purity?

- You mean you think they're all...?
- Virgins, Sam. Virgins.

- Penny was 22.
- Yeah, with a pink room.

- So?
- And stuffed teddy bears.

Fine, but you really think...?

"I've decided I'm going to give Stan
my most precious gift."

Wow. That sounded creepy
coming out of your mouth.

I think I delivered it.

You know, you could have led
with the diary, you know?

Anyways, let's say you're right. Fine.
Who would want virgins?

You got me.
I prefer ladies with experience.

- I just can't believe it.
- Yeah, I know, right?

I'm going this way.

- Bye.
- See you tomorrow.

- Bye.
- See you guys tomorrow.

No. No.

It happened so fast.

It's all right, Melissa.

What came at you? You can tell us.

It... It looked like, uh...

a giant bat.

You think I'm making it up, right?

- That's what the other man said.
- Well, I'm not the other man.

It came right at me.

It was huge. I swear.

That's how I got this.

So it attacked,
and then what happened?

I don't know.

I passed out and when I woke up,
it was gone.

Anything else you can think of?

Anything you can tell us,
even if it doesn't seem important?

Well, my ring got lost.

Or else that thing stole it,
if that makes any sense.

- What kind of ring?
- Gold.

Promise ring.

Promise ring.

So, uh, from, like, a church,
like a purity ring?

Yeah. Why?

Ahem. I gotta ask. Ahh...

Melissa, look, nobody is judging
anybody here, okay? Believe me.

But should you really be wearing
that ring?

- Well, I mean, I am...
- Really?

Matt Barne didn't count.

So, what, you think Batman
tried to rape her?

Well, he does carry a lot of rage.

But he rejected her because
she was already dehymenated, huh?

You think?

I think it just goes to show that
being easy is pretty much all upside.

So, what kind of thing
likes virgins and gold?

- P. Diddy?
- Heh.

- It's comforting.
- What's that?

I died for a year, came back
and you're still not funny.

Shut up. I'm hilarious.

- This can't be possible.
- Try me.

I Googled fire, claws, flying...

stealing virgins and gold,
and it all takes me to the same place.

- Where?
- "World of Warcraft" fansites.

- I don't know what that means.
- Dragons, dude.

See? Told you. Not possible.

- Actually, it might be.
- How? In what reality?

It's been a strange year.
We should get a second opinion.


What do you know about dragons?

What? Nothing.


Well, they're not like
the Loch Ness monster, Dean.

Dragons aren't real.

- Could you make a few calls?
- To who, Hogwarts?

- Humor me.
- Fine.

- You're a gentleman and a scholar.
- Yeah, yeah.

Hey, how's Memento
doing over there?

He caught you in any lies yet?

Everything's fine. Sam says hey.

You okay?


Bobby say anything?


Dad never wrote anything
about dragons. I promise.

I'd remember if I read
The Neverending Story in there.

Hey, did we hunt a Skinwalker lately?

Doesn't ring a bell. Why?

I don't know.
Just déjà vu or something.

- Are you sure? I could have sworn...
- Your eggs are still a little scrambled.

But, yeah, I'm sure.

All right. Yeah. Never mind.

Hey, Bobby. What do you got?

Can't believe she didn't
jump right to mind.

Dr. Visyak. Medieval Studies, SFU.

Dr. Visyak, SFU. Got it. Thanks.

All right. I'm going to San Francisco,
figure out how to kill these things.

- You figure out where they are.
- Did Bobby say where they like to park?

- No.
- Great. Back to the lore.

Which says what,
that they live in Middle-earth?

No, caves.

You're such a nerd.

Please. Oh, please.

- Please, please, let me go.
- Shut up. Shut up.


No. No.

Shut up.
Shut up or I'll break the other one.

Now get in there. Come on.

It's okay. It's gonna be okay.

- Yes?
- Dr. Visyak.

My name is Dean Winchester.

Office hours are Monday and Friday.

Bobby Singer sent me.



Bobby Singer.

Tell him something for me
next time you see him.

Actually, just kick him in the jewels.
That's more poetic.

No love lost between you two, huh?

No. Just the opposite.


That's his story to tell.

He's the idiot.

So, what's this about?

Well, ahem, ahh...



What, no 12-sided-dice joke?

We can joke about them
because they've disappeared.

But they aren't funny. At all.

Well, one just flew in stateside.

- Are you sure?
- Fits the lore to a T.

But how? I mean, why?
It's been 700 years.

Banner crop of crazy
all the way around these days, doc.

- So you wanna know how to kill it.
- That's right.

Well, you need a blade.

Ahh, ahem. Okay. What kind of blade?

One forged with dragons' blood.

You need one to kill one, but gotta kill
one to make one. How does that work?

There aren't many dragon swords
around anymore.

Five or six tops, worldwide.

There's the sword of St. George
and of course Excalibur and...

- You know a lot about this, don't you?
- Well, I sure as hell better.

I have one in the basement.

You have one.

Finding it took two decades,
countless hours...

and some really bad sex with an
Eastern European ambassador, but, yeah.

That is not real. Is that real?

- Is it Excalibur?
- Ha. No.

This is the sword of Bruncvik.

Love of my life.

So, uh, what's with the cement shoe?

You know, binding sword to stone
used to be all the rage.

To protect them.

All right, well,
how do we get this puppy out?

Oh, come on. You know this one.

We need a brave knight who's willing
to step up and kill the beast.


All right, well, I'll, uh, give it a whirl.
Do you mind?


You okay?

Never better.

Oh, son of a bitch.
That's really on there.

Yeah, afraid so.

- Well, I have another idea.
- What?

You're not gonna like it.

- Sam. Where's Dean?
- Hey. Um...

He went to go see your friend.

So look, I'm trying to figure out
where this thing lairs up.

- Little help, maybe?
- What are the parameters?

Caves, basically.
But there's nothing around for miles.

So less literal, then.

What else you got local
that's cold, dark and wet?


Well, um...

there's no subway lines.

Sewers. Heh.

- That could be it. Thanks.
- All right.

Wait, Bobby. Wait. Um...

- You okay?
- Yeah, of course. Why? What's wrong?

Besides the way you been acting
and talking, nothing.

- Is there something I should know?
- No.

All you need to know
is where Godzilla's holed up.

Well, Bobby,
what happened this last year?

It had its moments.

No more than usual.

Got nothing to do with you, Sam.
How could it?

- Right. Of course.
- Call me if you need anything.



I'm back, so if you got a minute...


It's so good to see you alive.

Yeah. You too.

- Um, look, I would hug you, but...
- That would be awkward.

Um, so crazy year, huh? Heh.

I just talked to Bobby.
He told me everything that happened.

Frankly, I'm surprised
that you survived.

I was begging Dean not to do it.

Yeah. No, I can understand that.

You know, it's a miracle
it didn't kill you.

Yeah. Yeah, it's a miracle, all right.

So how does it feel?

- What?
- Well, to have your soul back, of course.

Right. You mean because I was walking
around with no soul.


Really good, Cass. I'm real good.

You know what? I'm just hazy
on a few of the details, though.

You think maybe
you could walk me through?

You know what?
I don't like this at all.

You do realize that this is the single most
valuable artifact you have ever touched?

It's also the only weapon we got.

Look, I know what I'm doing, okay?
I actually learned it all from Bobby.

Hey, whatever happened there,
you know he's at least a genius at this.

You want me to kill that dragon
or not?


Trust me.

You rocks think you're so smart.

All right.
Welcome to the 21st century.

All right, stand back.

Okay. Now...

You've got insurance for this, right?

What are we supposed to do with this,
give it a booster shot?

It's what we got.
We just have to get closer. That's all.

- Where are we on the caves?
- Nowhere.

Sewers, on the other hand.
Here, check this out.

So two of the disappearances
happened within a mile of here.

So I figure we start there,
work our way around.

Awesome. Who doesn't love sewers?
Let's go.


Nothing. Uh, yeah, let's go.

Oh, God. Just when I get used
to a smell, I hit a new flavor.

Dude, we have been here for hours.

There is nothing. I think the lore is off.
Hey, what if dragons like nice hotels?

- What is that?
- What?

Holy crap.

Okay, maybe there are dragons here.

Wait. Dean, not now. Check this out.

A little arts-and-crafty
for a giant bat, right?


Hello? Is someone there?

Can you please help us?


Over here.

Help us.

Hey. We're gonna get you out.

- He's coming back.
- Okay.

Where do you think
you're gonna stick that?

- Where did you get that?
- Comic-Con.

Come on, come on.

Hey, Sam. Ahem.
Ask me what time it is.

Why don't you cut to the chase,
just roll in it?

I rarely have wealth.

- Dean.
- Yeah?

I am so...

so sorry. I can't even begin to say.

For what?

You know what.

- Did Bobby...?
- Cass.

Cass. Frigging child.

- You should have told me.
- You weren't supposed to know.

What I did? To Bobby? To you?
Of course I should know.

Sam, Death didn't just shove
your soul back in.

He put up the Great Wall of Sam between
you and the things you don't remember.

Trust me when I say
the things you don't know could kill you.

- That's not a joke.
- All right.

But I have to set things right.

- Or what I can anyway.
- It wasn't you.

I feel like I got slipped
the worst mickey of all time.

And I woke up to find out
that I had burnt the whole city down.

And you can say it wasn't me...

but I'm the one with the zippo
in my pocket.

So I'm not sure it's that cut-and-dry.

Look, I appreciate you trying
to protect me. I really do.

But I gotta fix...

what I gotta fix.

So I need to know what I did.

- That could be dangerous.
- What would you do?

Right. Same thing.


Boys, something I think
you ought to see.

Now, as near as I can figure it,
this dates back around the 14th century.

- What language is it?
- Da Vinci Code.

Real obscure Latinate.

Gonna take me my golden years
to translate it all.

Oh, and, uh, FYI...

- that ain't paper.
- What is it?

It's human skin.

Okay. I'm fairly clear on this first bit.

It basically describes this place. It's
like the backside of your worst nightmares.

It's all blood and bone and darkness.

Filled with the bodies and souls
of all things hungry, sharp and nasty.

Where are they?

- I ran into trouble.
- You're damn lucky I got enough.

This is your lucky day, little girl.

Come on.

Come on.

- Monsters?
- It's monster land.

According to this, it goes by many names,
most of which I can't pronounce...

but I'm thinking
you know purgatory.


Well, that is, ahem, good to know.

So you're saying that these dragon
freaks were squatting in the sewers...

and reading tone poems
about purgatory?

Oh, no, no, no.

- They're reading an instruction manual.
- What?

Yeah. If you're nuts enough
to want access to a place that gnarly...

this book will show you
how to open a door.

Door to purgatory.

I know a demon who would have loved
to have known about that.

So how do you open the door?

Ask Cloverfield.
I'm pretty sure he's got that page.


Let me go! Please, no!


It'll go easier if you relax.

- It gets worse.
- Worse?

This ain't talking about
how to take a vacation over there.

This is all about opening a door
to let something in.

Bring something here.

- What?
- I'm working on it.

Could you give us something?

- I got a name.
- Okay.

- Mother.
- Mother?

- Mother of what? Mother of dragons?
- I wish.

It says it a few times here.

Mother of all.


You kept me waiting.

What the hell
does "mother of all" mean?

I don't know.

We have so much to do.