Supernatural (2005–…): Season 5, Episode 5 - Fallen Idols - full transcript

Sam and Dean decide to start hunting together again and their first case leads them to a small town whose inhabitants are being killed by famous dead icons like Abraham Lincoln and James Dean, etc. Once they discover Paris Hilton has been involved in demonic crimes too, they don't know what to believe anymore.

Lilith was the final seal.

I killed her and I set Lucifer free.

You chose a demon
over your own brother.

I just don't think I can trust you.

You think I'll take one look at
a demon and fall off the wagon... if, after everything,
I haven't learned my lesson.

Well, have you?

- I know you don't trust me.
- What are you saying?

Maybe it's best
we go our separate ways.

I think you're right.

You know who I am.

You're the one, Sam.
You're my vessel.

That'll never happen.

- Ah!
- You're the Michael Sword.

- What?
- You're Michael's weapon.

- I'm a vessel?
- You're the vessel.

You want back in.

I won't let you down.
- I know it.

What's so important
you couldn't tell me over the phone?

Trust me, Jim. It's important.

Wait a minute. You're not...?

- You're not telling me that this is...?
- Yep.

You found it?


You found it.

Oh, my God.

You sure?

The numbers match.

How much did you pay?

- A lot.
- Come on, how much?

- A lot.
- I bet.



- You start her up yet?
- Been waiting for you.

- Yeah, waiting to rub my nose in it.
- Exactly.

Whoa, wait, wait, wait.

We need to record this
for posterity's sake.

- Great idea.
- Yeah, great idea.

Oh, man.

They're only three games behind...



Hey, you all right, man?

I thought I heard something.


Is something wrong?

Oh, my God. Cal.


So, what's with this job?

Dude suffers a head-on collision
in a parked car?

- I'd say it's worth checking out.
- Yeah, definitely.

But we got bigger problems,
don't you think?

I'm sure the Apocalypse
will still be there when we get back.

Right, yeah. But I mean, if the Colt
is really out there somewhere...

We've been looking for three weeks.
We got bupkis.

Okay. But, Dean...

I mean, if we're gonna ice the devil...

This is what we're doing, okay?
End of discussion.

It's just that this is our first real case
back at it together.

You know, I think we ought to ease
into it. Put the training wheels back on.

- So you think I need training wheels?
- No, "we. "

We need training wheels.
You and me, as a team.



I really want this to be a fresh start,
you know? For the both of us.


Agents Bonham and Copeland.

Rick Carnegie. Good to know you.

- You're here on Cal Hopkins' death?
- That's right.

Afraid you came a long way for nothing.
We already booked the guy that did it.

I'm sorry. Who do you think did it?

Cal? Is something wrong?

Oh, my God, Cal. Cal!

Sicko taped his own handiwork.

- I don't follow.
- It was Jim Grossman that killed Cal.

Wait, what?

- Well, he was the only one on the scene.
- They were best friends.

Most violent crime are committed
by someone close to the victim.

And how, exactly,
did Jim slam Cal into a windshield...

...with all the force
of an 80-mile-per-hour crash?

Drugs, maybe?

Look, you know this ain't
brain surgery, boys.

Whatever it looks like,
that's what it usually is. It's simple.

Simple. Right.

Right. If you don't mind, we'd like
to speak to Jim Grossman anyway.

I was in the house when it happened.
Didn't even see it.

For argument's sake,
say we believe you.

- Why? The cops didn't.
- We're not your typical cops.

Please, just tell us what you saw.

It's not what I saw, it's what I heard.

Tyres squealing, glass breaking.

It was the car that did it.

The car?

I heard about the curse,
I thought it was a load of crap.

Curse? What do you mean curse?

The car. Little Bastard.

Li...? Little Bastard?

As in the Little Bastard?

- What's Little Bastard?
- It's James Dean's car.

- The one he was killed in.
- Yeah, that's the one.

Cal had been looking for it for years.
I mean, hell, we both had.

But he found it first.

We are definitely checking this out.

So what? This is like Christine?

Well, Christine is fiction. This...

This is real.

Okay, enlighten me.

After James Dean died, his mechanic
bought the wreckage and he fixed it up.

And it repaid him by falling on him.

Then Tony McHenry was killed
when it locked up on the racetrack.

I mean, death follows this car around
like exhaust.

Nobody touches it
and comes away in one piece.

Then in 1970,
it vanished off the back of a truck.

Nobody's ever seen it since.

I'm telling you, man,
if this car is Little Bastard...

...I will bet you dollars to doughnuts
it's what killed the guy.

So how do we find out?

Cal matched the VIN number
but the only real way to know... the engine number.

- I'm guessing the engine number...
- On the engine, yeah.

- You want me to do it?
- No.

No, no. I've got it.

Okay, baby, I'm not gonna hurt you... don't hurt me.

Need a flashlight?


Don't do anything. Just go away.

- Okay.
- Don't speak, all right?

In fact, don't even look at her.
She might not like it.


Find out who owned it.

Not just the last owner, you gotta
take it all the way back to 1955.

That's a lot of research.

Well, I guess
I just made your afternoon.

- So you wanna be an actress, huh?
- Yeah.

That is so funny,
because I am actually an agent...

...for William Morris Endeavor.
- Wow.

- You mind filling me up again?
- Yeah.

Thanks. Hey, you're a star.

- Yo.

Took me a while,
I traced the car's previous owners.

- Any of them die bloody?
- Nope. In fact...

Dean, are you in a bar?

No, I'm in a restaurant.

Here's your beer.


- That happens to have a bar.
- I've been working my ass off here.

Hey, world's smallest violin, pal.

I spent the afternoon up
Christine's skirt. I needed a drink.

- Actually, you didn't.
- Meaning?

The car's first owner was
a cardiologist in Philadelphia.

Drove it till he died in 1972.

So you're saying...

That Porsche is not,
nor has it ever been James Dean's car.

- It's a fake Little Bastard.
- Then what was it that killed the guy?

Good question.

Okay, Mr. Hill. I finished.

Thank you, Consuela.
Have a good night.

Oh, my God.

It's you.

You're dead.

You're supposed to be dead.


No, no.

I want you to use a fine-tooth comb.

The evidence is here.
Just gotta find it.

Heard you got another weird one.

Well, it's a little strange
on the surface, I admit.

But, you know,
once you look at the facts...

William Hill died
from a gunshot wound to the head.

No gun, no gunpowder, no bullet.

Nope, nothing strange about that.

There's gotta be a reasonable
explanation. There always is.

Well, what's your reasonable

Professional killer.

- Come again?
- Well, CIA, NSA.

One of them trained assassins.
Like in Michael Clayton.


Look, you're welcome to look around,
but these guys don't leave fingerprints.

- Mind if we talk with the witness?
- Be my guest.

She's not making any sense.

And she's not making any sense
in Spanish either.


Consuela Alvarez?
- Yes.

FBI. Now, you said you saw something
in the professor's house, right?

Something in the window?

Se?ora Alvarez.


- Nice.
Freshman Spanish.

Okay, a tall man, very tall,
with a long black coat and a...

A beard? Beard.

Dude was wearing a sombrero?

A hat. Not a...

- A tall hat?
- Oh, like a top hat?

Oh, you mean like a stovepipe hat?

- S?.
- Oh, yeah, like Abraham Lincoln.

S?. El Presidente Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln killed Mr. Hill.


So I go home now?

- S?. Gracias.
- Gracias.



It's a freeze-frame
from Jim Grossman's video.

Am I crazy
or does that look like James Dean?

That looks like James Dean.

So we got Abraham Lincoln
and James Dean?

- Famous ghosts?
- Maybe.

Well, that's just silly.

No, actually there's a ton of lore
on famous ghosts.

More than the, you know
non-famous kinds.

I'm surprised
we haven't run into one.

Now we got two?
Two extremely pissed-off ghosts?

- Who are apparently ganking their fans.
- What do you mean?

Professor Hill was a Civil War nut.
He dug Lincoln.

And Cal must've been
a James Dean freak.

He spent 17 years of his life
tracking down the guy's car.

So you're saying
that we've got two super-famous...

...super-pissed-off ghosts
killing their super-fans?

That's what it looks like.

That is muchos loco.

"Muy," not "muchos. "

The big question is,
what the hell are they doing here?

Yeah. Ghosts usually haunt
the places they lived.

I mean, I get Abraham Lincoln
at the White House.

Yeah, and James Dean at a racetrack.

But what the hell they doing in Canton?

You gotta be kidding me.


You gotta be kidding me.

Dude, he's short.


Gandhi was a great man.

Yeah, for a Smurf.

Okay. Sorry to keep you waiting.
This is our busiest time of year.

This is busy?

Well, not right now but it's early.

- It's 4:30.
- So, what can I do for you?

Well, we are writing a piece
for Travel Magazine.

Yeah, on how totally non-sucky
wax museums are.

That's fantastic, a little press.
Just what we need.

We're interested in a few exhibits.

Specifically Abraham Lincoln
and James Dean.

- Two of our most popular displays.
- Yeah?

- They bring in a lot of visitors?
- We have our regulars.

I don't suppose that William Hill and
Cal Hopkins were regulars, were they?

Yeah, as a matter of fact, they were.

I heard what happened to them.
It's tragic, just tragic.

That's not gonna be in the article,
is it?

No, no, no. Of course not.

You know, I gotta tell you,
that Lincoln is so lifelike.

I mean, you know, you can just
imagine him moving around.

You ever see anything like that?

- Uh... No.
- No?

Well, is there anything
you can think of...

...that would make your museum
unusual? You know, for the article.

I'll say. There isn't another place
like us anywhere.

How so?

Well, for one,
that's Honest Abe's real hat.

It is?

Almost like his remains.

I guess.

You wouldn't happen to have
any of James Dean's personal effects?

Yeah. Got his keychain.
I got a bunch of stuff.

Gandhi's bifocals, FDR's iron lung.


Who did that belong to?

The Fonz. Seasons two through four.

Well, wow.
Yeah, that's really cool-ish.

This? This is nothing. I've been working
on a new collection of figures.

Stuff that will wow the kids.

- The kids?
- Yeah, Gen Y.

Computer games, cell phones, sexting.

They're just fads.

I'm gonna make wax museums
hip again.

Yeah, Abraham Lincoln and
James Dean. Can you believe that?

Why so kill crazy? I don't know.

Maybe the Apocalypse
has got him all hot and bothered.

Well, we all know whose fault that is.

Well, I'm sorry, but it's true.

I'll call you later. Bye.

What's going on?

- Did you get the trunk packed up?
- Yeah, trunk's packed.

- Who was on the phone?
- Bobby.

- And?
- Nothing.

So we're just gonna pretend
I didn't hear what I just heard?

Pretend or don't.
Whatever floats your boat.

This was supposed to be a fresh start,

Well, this is about as fresh as it gets.

Now, we going or not?

Check it out.

Four score and seven years ago...

...I had a funny hat.
- Dean.

I can't have any fun with this?

Let's just torch the objects, torch
the ghosts, get out of here, okay?

I'll grab East of Eden's keychain.



- Dean.
- Is that Gandhi?

- Yeah.
- Dude, he's squirrely.

Get... Get the...

Get the what?


You couldn't have been a fan
of someone cool?

Really? Gandhi?

You ready to blow this joint?

Dean, didn't it strike you as strange
the way Gandhi just vanished?

- Strange how?
- No screaming, no big flameout.

I mean, that isn't the way
ghosts usually go.

Still, I torched, he vanished.

Yeah, but... Also, I feel like
he was trying to take a bite out of me.

- A bite?
- Yeah, like he was hungry.

But the thing is, Gandhi...
Or the real Gandhi.

He was a...

A what?

Spit it out.

He was a fruitarian.

Let me get this straight.

Your ultimate hero
was not only a short man in diapers...

...but he was also a fruitarian?

- That's not the point.
- That is good. Even for you, that's good.

I'm just saying,
I'm not so sure this thing is over.

It was a ghost.

It was a weirdly supercharged
fruitarian ghost, but it was still a ghost.

Now, let's go.

So first you drag me into town
and now you're dragging me back out?

You ain't steering this boat.
Let's go. Chop-chop.

You know, this isn't gonna work.

- What isn't?
- Us.

You, me, together.
I thought it could, but it can't.

You're the one that wanted back in,

You're the one who called me back in.

I still think we got trust building to do.

How long am I gonna be
on double-secret probation?

Till I say so.

Look, I know what I did.
What I've done.

And I'm trying
to climb out of that hole. I am.

- But you're not making it any easier.
- I'm supposed to let you off the hook?

No. You can think whatever you want.
I deserve it and worse.

Hell, you'll never punish me
as much as I'm punishing myself.

But the point is,
if we're gonna be a team, you and I... has to be a two-way street.

We go back
to the way we were before?

No, because we were never that way
before. Before didn't work.

How do you think we got here?

What's that supposed to mean?

Dean, one of the reasons
I went off with Ruby...

...was to get away from you.


It made me feel strong.
Like I wasn't your kid brother.

Are you saying this is my fault?

No, it's my fault.

All I'm saying
is that if we're gonna do this...

...we have to do it different.
We can't just fall into the same rut.

What do you want me to do?

You're gonna have to let me grow up,
for starters.


Yeah. Yeah, okay.

I guess you were right
about this not being over.

Sheriff Carnegie?
- Sheriff, what happened?

I, uh...

I don't know.

- Excuse us, girls. Hi, we're with the FBI.
- Can you tell us what happened?

- It was horrible.
- Way horrible.

- What was horrible?
- I thought she'd be nice.

I still can't believe it.

- Believe what?
- She took Danielle.


It's okay, you're safe.
Just tell us, who took your friend?

It was Paris Hilton.

- Sorry?
- She looked really good though.

- Skinny.
- Skinny and fast.

Wha...? Huh?

Where did they go?

- We don't know.
- They just vanished.

Would you excuse us
for just a minute?

Paris Hilton's
not dead as far as we know, right?

Pretty sure, no.

- Which means it's not a...?
- Ghost. No.

So either Paris Hilton
is a homicidal maniac...

Or we missed something.

What do you wanna do?

That's ripe.

What the hell?

- I can't believe I missed it.
- Missed what?

I went back over the other two vics.

- There was blood loss, major.
- Being a gory smear will do that to you.

No, more blood loss than a car crash or a
head wound should cause. Almost like...

Something's feeding.
- Yeah.

- And then there were these.

- What are those, seeds?
- Yeah, they were in both vics' bellies.

I hope you washed your hands.

They're unlike any other seed
I've ever seen before, Dean.

Wow, just when I thought
you couldn't get any geekier.


- What?
- The seeds aren't from around here.

In fact, they're not from any tree
or plant in the country.

- Where are they from?
- Eastern Europe.

A forest in the Balkans
which is not there anymore.

It was chopped down
like 30 years ago.

- So?
- So local legend has it...

...that the forest was guarded
by a pagan god whose name was Leshii.

A mischievous god.
Could take on infinite forms.

And let me guess,
he liked to munch on his fans.

Yep. "Could be appeased only
with the blood from his worshippers. "

It would drain them, then
stuff their stomachs with the seeds.

How does he do it?

What, he touches
James Dean's keychain...

...and then morphs into James Dean?

Hm. As good a guess as any.

Yeah, well, whatever.
How do we kill him?

Says here to chop off his head
with an iron axe.

All right.
Let's go gank ourselves a Paris Hilton.


She alive?

Yeah, barely.


Oh, I'm so glad you're awake for this.

This is gonna be huge.

Super. I wouldn't wanna miss it.

I mean, I've been stuffing myself
with fast food lately.

So it's nice to do the ritual right.

Prepare a nice slow meal for a change.

Just like the good old days, huh?

You have no idea. People adored me.

They used to throw themselves at me
with smiles on their faces.

I guess these days nobody gives a crap
about some backwoods forest god, huh?

No, not since they cut down my forest
and built a Yugo plant.

The march of progress, sister.

For years now, I've been wandering.

Hungry. Scared.

Scrounging for scraps.

So not sexy.

But then,
the best thing ever happened.

Someone tripped the Apocalypse,
and I thought:

What the hell?

I'm tired of watching what I eat.

I wanna pig out.

So I found this little place.
It's awesome.

Adoring fans stroll right in the door.

Yeah, but they're not your fans.

So? They worship Lincoln,
Gandhi, Hilton.

Whatever. I'll take what I can get.

You know, I gotta tell you,
you are not the first god we've met.

- But you are the nuttiest.
- No, you. You people.

You're the crazy ones.

You used to worship gods. But this?

This is what passes for idolatry?

What have they got besides small dogs
and spray tans?

You people used to have
old-time religion.

Now you have Us Weekly.

I don't know. I'm more of a
Penthouse Forum man myself.


But there's still a lot of yummy meat
on those bones, boy.

I hate to break it to you, sister,
but you can't eat me.

See, I'm not a Paris Hilton BFF.

I've never even seen House of Wax.

No. But I can totally read your mind,

I know who your hero is. Your daddy.

Am I right?

And this belonged to him.

Didn't it? Poor little Dean.

All you ever wanted
was to be loved by your idol.

One distant father figure,
coming right up.

- Not a word.
- Dude.

You just got whaled on by Paris Hilton.

Shut up.


All right. Thank you.

Sheriff Carnegie.
Danielle's gonna be all right.

She's sworn off The Simple Life,
but other than that...

Glad she's okay.

It gets better.

The sheriff's putting out an APB
on Paris Hilton. Heh, heh.

That ought to be good.

Listen, I was thinking
about what you said yesterday.

About me keeping
too tight of a leash on you.

Maybe you're right.

I mean, I'm not exactly Mr. Innocent
in this whole mess either, you know.

I did break the first seal.

- You didn't know.
- Yeah, neither did you.

I'm not saying demon blood was
a great way to go but you did kill Lilith.

- And start the Apocalypse.
- Which neither of us saw coming.

Who would've thought killing Lilith
would've been a bad thing?

Point is, I was so worried
about watching your every move...

...that I didn't see
what it was actually doing to you.

So for that, I'm sorry.


Where do we go from here?

The way I see it,
we got one shot at surviving.

- What's that?
- I am on deck for the devil.

Same with you and Michael.
There's no changing that.

Well, that's encouraging.

But we can stop
wringing our hands over it.

We gotta grab whatever's in front of
us, kick its ass, and go down fighting.

- I can get on board with that.
- Okay.

But we're gonna have to do it
on the same level.

You got it.

- What do you say we get out of here?
- Hell, yeah.


You wanna drive?

You sure?

Yeah. I could... I could use a nap.

- You ready?
- Hit it, Mr. Wizard.



Hey, Sam. What's happening?

Just the end of the world.

- Stay away from me.
- Mrs. Wright, wait.

- You're not demons?
- How'd you know about demons?

This child is half-demon and half-human.

It's far more powerful than either.

One word.

This child will destroy
the host of heaven.

And I can't take that chance.

Poker. You play for years.

That's 25 years.

- You sure?
- Yes.

Who the hell are you?

- Dude, relax, it's me.
- Dean?

I see you met John McCain here.


Well, I say jackpot.