Supernatural (2005–…): Season 5, Episode 3 - Free to Be You and Me - full transcript

Not sure he trusts himself, Sam decides to give up hunting and goes off on his own. But that night, a late-night visitor tells Sam that he won't let him off the hook that easily. Dean, intent on stopping the Apocalypse, continues hunting on his own and teams up with Castiel to find the Archangel Raphael since Castiel believes Raphael knows the location of God's vessel on Earth.

Sam: you think
i'll take one look at a demon

And suddenly
fall off the wagon,

As if, after everything,
i haven't learned my lesson.

well, have you?

This is my girlfriend,

No! jess!

so, what are you gonna do?

You just gonna live
some normal, apple-pie life?

not normal. safe.

I'm a vessel?

you're the vessel.
michael's vessel.

The answer's no.

Where's cass?

The archangel
smote the crap out of him.

How are you...


That's a good question.

i just wish i could save people,
like i used to.

What -- you mean when you were
all hopped up on demon blood?

Your plan
to kill lucifer.

It's foolish.
it can't be done.

I have the solution.

I'm gonna find god.

Try new mexico.
i hear he's on a tortilla.

I killed two angels
this week.

i rebelled. and i did it --
all of it -- for you.

And you failed.

I'm in no shape
to be hunting.

Maybe it's best
we just go our separate ways.

Dean: well,
i think you're right.

[ sighs ]

[ inhales, exhales deeply ]

Hey, baby.

I missed you.


I'm dreaming.

Or you're not.

What's the difference?
i'm here.

[ exhales sharply ]

I miss you so much.

I know.

I miss you, too.

What are you doing,

What do you mean?

Running away.

Haven't we been
down this road before?


It's different now.


Last time,
i wanted to be normal.

This time...
i know i'm a freak.

Which is all
a big ball of semantics.

You know that.


Even at stanford,
you knew.

You knew there was
something dark inside of you.

Deep down, maybe, knew.

Baby, that's what
got me killed.


I was dead from the moment
we said hello.


Don't you get it?

You can't run
from yourself.

why are you
running now?

Why are you here,

Would you believe i'm actually
trying to protect you?

From what?


Sooner or later, the past
is gonna catch up to you,

Like it always does.

You know
what happens then?

People die.

Baby, the people
closest to you die.

Well, don't worry, because
i won't make that mistake again.

Same song,
different verse.

Things are never
gonna change with you.


[ lynyrd skynyrd's
"simple man" plays ]

?mama told me ?

?when i was young ?

?"come sit beside me ?

?my only son" ?

Hi, i'm
detective bill buckner.

Yes? how can i help you,

I'm here about those patients --
the exsanguinated ones.

?"and if you do this ?

?it'll help you
some sunny day" ?

Eat it, twilight.

[ crunching ]

?"oh, take your time" ?

?"don't live too fast ?

?troubles will come" ?

?"and they will pass" ?

?"go find a woman ?

?"and you'll,
and you'll find love ?

?"and don't forget, son ?

?"there is someone up above ?

?"and be a simple kind of man ?

?"won't you do this
for me, son ?

If you can?" ?

?"baby, be a simple..." ?

[ engine revving ]


[ pounds sink ]

Don't do that.

Hello, dean.

[ pounds sink ]


We've talked about this.

Personal space?

My apologies.

How'd you find me?

I thought i was
flying below the angel radar.

You are.

Bobby told me
where you were.

[ scoffs ]

Where's sam?

Me and sam are taking
separate vacations for a while.

did you find god yet?

More importantly, can i have
my damn necklace back, please?

i haven't found him.

That's why i'm here.
i need your help.

With what --
a god hunt?

I'm not interested.

It's not god.
it's someone else.


It's an archangel.

The one who killed me.

Excuse me?

His name is raphael.

You were wasted by
a teenage mutant ninja angel?

I've heard whispers
that he's walking the earth.

This is
a rare opportunity.

For what -- revenge?


[ scoffs ] so, what --
you think if you find this dude,

He's just gonna spill
god's address?


because we are gonna trap him
and interrogate him.

You're serious
about this.


So, what --
i'm thelma and you're louise,

And we're just
gonna hold hands

And sail off this cliff

Give me one good reason
why i should do this.

you're michael's vessel,

And no angel
will dare harm you.

Oh, so i'm
your bullet shield?

i need your help...

Because you are the only one
who will help me.


All right. fine.

Where is he?


Let's go.

Whoa, whoa!


Last time
you zapped me someplace,

I didn't poop for a week.

We're driving.

Hey, keith,
you play?

That depends --
what are we playing for?

World peace.

Oh, is that all?

Can i ask you something?


You finish that, uh,
crossword puzzle in the kitchen?

Uh, i-i guess.

the new york times
saturday crossword?

Was it?


You blow into town last week.
you don't talk to anybody.

You're obviously
highly educated.

You're like this...
riddle wrapped inside an enigma
wrapped inside a taco?

[ smacks lips ]

Here's what we play for.

When i win, you buy me dinner
and tell me your life story.

Sounds fair.

Very misterioso.

woman on tv: freak hail,
lightning strikes --

i like it.
now fire consuming the town
of hawley tonight, john.

locals say what started
as a torrential hailstorm

late this afternoon

suddenly turned to
massive lightning strikes.

that triggered the fire now
consuming more than 20 acres

here along
the route 17 corridor.

county officials are advising
all hawley residents

to prepare for what could
become mandatory evacuations.


Is it me, or does it seem
like the end of the world?

We're here why?

A deputy sheriff
laid eyes on the archangel.

And he still has eyes?

All right,
what's the plan?


Tell the officer that he
witnessed an angel of the lord.

Then the officer will tell us
where the angel is.

Are you serious?

You're gonna walk in there
and tell him the truth?

Why not?

we're humans.

And when humans want something
really, really bad...

We lie.


Because...that's how
you become president.

deputy framingham?


Alonzo mosely, fbi.

This is my partner,
eddie moscone.

Also fbi.

He's, uh, he's new.

Mind if we ask you
a few questions?

Yeah. sure.
talk here, though.

Hearing's all blown to hell
in this one.

That happen recently?

Yeah --
the gas-station thing.

That's why you're here,
isn't it?

Yes, it is.
[ clears throat ]

Do you mind just, uh, running us
through what happened?

Well, call came in --

Disturbance out at
the pump 'n' go on route 4.

What kind
of disturbance?

Would not have believed my eyes
if i hadn't seen it myself.

We're talking a riot --

How many?
30, 40.

In all-out,
kill-or-be-killed combat.

Any idea
what set them off?

It's angels and demons,

They're skirmishing
all over the globe.

Come again?
what did he say?

Demons. nothing.

Demons, you know --
drink, adultery.

We all have our demons,
walt. right?

I guess.

what happened next?

Freakin' explosion,
that's what.

Oh, they said it was one
of those underground gas tanks,

But, uh...
i don't think so.

Why not?

It wasn't your usual fireball.
it was, um...

Pure white.


Gas station was leveled.

Everyone was...

It was just horrible.

Then i see this one guy,
kneeling there,

Real focused-like.

Not a damn scratch on him.

You know him?

Donnie finnerman --
mechanic there.

And let me guess --

He just, uh...
vanished into thin air?

Uh, no, kolchak.

He's down at st. pete's.

St. pete's.

Thank you.

Dean: i take it
that's not raphael anymore.

Just an empty vessel.

So, is this what i'm looking at
when michael jumps my bones?

No, not at all.

Michael is
much more powerful.

It'll be far worse
for you.

[ cellphone beeps ]

[ telephone rings ]

[ telephone beeps ]


Sam: hey, bobby.
how you doin'?

Well, i ain't runnin'
any marathons, but...

I'll live.

[ chuckles ]
where are you?

Uh, garber, oklahoma.

I found a town up the road
showing some revelation omens.

What omens?

All right,
listen to this.

"and upon his rising,

There shall be hail and fire
mixed with blood."

ain't that delightful.


We already got hailstorms
and fires.

I'm guessing blood
can't be too far behind.



There a reason
you're calling?

Dean didn't tell you?

He told me.

Yeah, well...
so i just thought

You might want to find out
who's in the area,

Put a man on this.

Okay, let me see
if i can think

Of the best hunter who might be
in the immediate vicinity.

oh -- that'd be you.

[ sighs ]

I can't, bobby.
i'm sitting this one out.

Sam --
i got to go.

I'm so sorry.
hold on. sam.

[ cellphone beeps ]

[ telephone beeps ]

Where have you been?


Oh. how was it?


What is that?

It's oil.

It's very special
and very rare.

Okay, are we gonna...trap
raphael with a nice vinaigrette?


So, this ritual of yours,
when's it got to go down?


Tell me something --
you keep saying we're
gonna trap this guy,

But isn't
that kind of like

Trapping a hurricane
with a butterfly net?

No. it's harder.

Do we have any chance
of surviving this?

you do.

So, odds are,
you're a dead man tomorrow?



last night on earth.

What, uh...
what are your plans?

I just thought
i'd sit here quietly.

Dude. come on.

Hmm? booze, women?

you have been
with a woman before, right?

Or an angel, at least?

You mean to tell me
you've never been up there

Doing a little

Look, i've never
had occasion, okay?

All right.

Let me tell you

There are two things
that i know for certain.

bert and ernie are gay.

two, you are not
gonna die a virgin.

not on my watch.

Let's go.

[ bob luman's "let's think
about living" plays ]

Hey, sam.


what happened to "keith"?


He called you sam.

Yeah, uh...
sam's my middle name.

"keith sam"?

Man, i'm sorry.

Well, actually,
it's, uh, samuel,

So it's not
quite as dumb as it sounds.

[ scoffs ]

Are you guys

Huntin' buddies
with his dad.

But samuel here
is quite the hunter himself.


You kill deer
and things?

Yeah, "and things."

Uh, why don't i
get you guys some drinks?

Tim: sorry. didn't mean
to bust you back there.

No, it, uh,
it's all right.

So, what's up?

Well, bobby called.


You were right --

Major demon block party
going on.

But why?
what are they up to?

Don't know yet.

Bobby told us
you were off limits.

That true?

Yeah, that's right.

Well, that's fine
in theory and all,

But we could really use
all hands on deck here.

I know you could.

But i can't.
i'm sorry.

Why not?

It's personal.

Look, sam, no offense, but, uh,
what baggage is so heavy,

It can't be stowed away for
the freakin' apocalypse, huh?

Like i said...

Reggie: yeah.

You're sorry.

Heard you
the first time.

[ scoffs ] okay.

Suit yourself.

More for us, then,

Good luck.

But, hey -- beers are on you
when we get back.

Yeah, you bet.

So, your parents were drunk
when they named you,

And you shoot bambi?

I-it's a...long story.

That is it.

Enough with the kung-fu,
wandering-the-earth thing.

I'm gonna buy you dinner,
and we're gonna talk.

Lindsey, i can't.

No. the only way to avoid
bloodshed is to say yes.

[ exhales sharply ]


This is
a den of iniquity.

I should not be here.

Dude, you full-on rebelled
against heaven.

Iniquity is
one of the perks.


what's your name?


his name is cass.
what's your name?




Is that kismet or what,
buddy? huh?

well, he likes you,
and you like him, so...


Mm. come on, baby.

Oh, hey. listen.

Take this.

If she asks
for a credit card, no.

Now, just stick
to the basics, okay?

Do not order
off the menu.

Go get her, tiger.

Don't make me
push you.

Cheers to you.

[ chuckles ]

Chastity: aaaaaaaaaah!

Get out of my face!

No! leave me alone!

screw you, jerk!

I'll kill you!

Screw you, too!

Ohh! jerk!

What the hell
did you do?

I don't know.

I just looked at her
in the eyes

And told her
it wasn't her fault

That her father, gene,
ran off.

It was because he hated his job
at the post office.

Oh, no, man.


this whole industry
runs on absent fathers.

It's --
it's the natural order.

[ chuckles ]

We should go.
come on.

[ laughing ]

What's so funny?

[ laughs ]

Oh, nothing.


It's been a long time
since i've laughed that hard.

[ laughs ]

oh, it's been
more than a long time.



you gonna tell me who those guys
back there really were?

And don't say
"hunting buddies."

[ scoffs ]

Okay. um...

We used to be
in the same business together.

What business?

How's your salad?

Witness protection, right?
you're mafia?

I'm not mafia.

Okay. i get it.

I don't mean to pry.
my bad.

I used to be in business
with my brother.

Truth is, i was...
pretty good at the job.

i made some mistakes.

You know, i-i did some stuff
i'm not so proud of.

And people got hurt.

a lot of people.

What was your poison?


Come on.

You were hooked on something.
i know the look.

[ inhales,
exhales deeply ]

Three years sober.

You work in a bar.

[ scoffs ]
so do you.

Look, "keith"...

I don't know you,

And i'm the last person
to be giving advice,

But i do know that...

No one has ever
done anything so bad,

They can't be forgiven.

That they can't change.

When the oil burns,

No angel can touch
or pass through the flames,

Or he dies.


So we trap him
in a steel cage of holy fire.

But, uh, one question --

How the hell
do we get him here?

There's -- well,
almost an open phone line...

Between a vessel
and his angel.

One just has to know
how to dial.

[ speaking
foreign language ]

I'm here, raphael.

Come and get me,
you little bastard.

Just out of curiosity,
what is

The average customer wait time
to speak to an archangel?

Be ready.

Dean: well, that's a day
i'll never get back.

[ engine shuts off ]


[ electricity crackling ]



I mean, i thought you were
supposed to be impressive.

All you do
is black out the room?

And the eastern seaboard.

[ thunder crashes ]

It is a testament
to my unending mercy

That i don't smite you
here and now.

Or maybe
you're full of crap.

Maybe you're afraid

That god will bring cass
back to life again

and smite you,
you candy-ass skirt.

By the way -- hi.
i'm dean.

I know who you are.

and now, thanks to him,
i know where you are.

You won't kill him.

You wouldn't dare.

but i will take him
to michael.

that...sounds terrifying.

It does.

But, uh,
i hate to tell you...

I'm not going anywhere
with you.

Surely you remember zachariah
giving you stomach cancer.

Yeah. that was --
that was hilarious.

Yes, well...

he doesn't have anything
close to my imagination.

Oh, yeah?

i bet you didn't imagine
one thing.


We knew you were coming,
you stupid son of a bitch.

hey, don't look at me.
it was his idea.

Where is he?


Didn't you hear?

He's dead, castiel.


[ door opens ]

Bar's closed.

[ breathing heavily ]


Is there something
you want to tell me, sam?



You sure about that?

I-i don't...


Are you okay?

Where are
reggie and steve?

Oh, steve's good.

He's, uh...

His guts
are laying roadside

the hawley five-and-dime.

I'm sorry.

"sorry" don't cut it,

What do you
want me to say?

The truth.

[ scoffs ]
okay. fine.

Let me give you
some of my own, then.

We go into town,
we capture ourselves a demon,

And we get jumped
by 10 more.

Steve bought it.

I'm sorry.

Saying it twice
don't make it so, sam.

But you see, this demon,
he, uh...

He told us things.

crazy things.
things about you, sam.

Demons lie.


I'm gonna ask you
one last time.

The truth.


[ door opens ]

[ whimpers ]


[ panting ]

What's going on?

There's no other

He's gone for good.

You're lying.

Am i?

Do you remember
the 20th century?

Think the 21st
is going any better?

You think god would have let
any of that happen

If he were alive?

Oh, yeah?

Well, then who invented
the chinese basket trick?


That's my father
you're talking about, boy.

who would be so proud

To know that his sons
started the friggin' apocalypse.

Who ran off
and disappeared.

Who left no instructions
and a world to run.

So daddy ran away
and disappeared?

He didn't happen to work
for the post office, did he?

This is funny to you?

You're living
in a godless universe.


What --
you and the other kids

Just decide to throw
an apocalypse while he's gone?

We're tired.

We just want it
to be over.

We just want...


So, what -- god dies
and makes you the boss,

And you think you can do
whatever you want?


And whatever we want,
we get.

[ thunder crashes ]

Let's just take it easy,

Put the knife down.

It's true.

What the demon said --
it's all true.

Keep going.


Are you gonna hate me
any less?

am i gonna hate myself
any less?

What do you want?

I want
to hear you say it.

I did it.

I started
the apocalypse.

If god is dead,
why have i returned?

Who brought me back?

Did it ever occur to you
that maybe lucifer raised you?


Think about it.

He needs all the rebellious
angels he can find.

You know it adds up.

Let's go.


I'm warning you.

Do not leave me here.

I will find you.

Maybe one day.

but today,
you're my little bitch.

what he said.

What is that?

what do you think
it is?

It's go juice,
sammy boy.

Get that away from me.

away from you?

this is for you.

Hell, if that demon
wasn't right as rain.

Down the hatch, son.

You're insane.

Look, here's
what's gonna happen.

You're gonna drink this,
hulk out,

And you're gonna waste
every one of those demon scum

That killed
my best friend.

Or she dies.

You wouldn't do that.

It's funny how watching your
best friend die changes that.

Come on.
you know you want it, sam.

Just reach out
and take it.


[ groaning ]

[ panting ]

was that really so bad?

Ahh! ahh!


Don't think
we won't be back.

Don't think
i won't be here.

Hey, man, you okay?

[ scoffs ]

Look, i'll be
the first to tell you

That this little crusade of yours
is not expected.

I do know a little something
about missing fathers.

What do you mean?

I mean there were times
when i was looking for my dad

When...all logic
said that he was dead.

But i knew, in my heart...

That he was still alive.

Who cares what some
ninja turtle says, cass?

what do you believe?

I believe
he's out there.


Then go find him.

what about you?

what about me?

I don't know.


I'm good.

I can't believe
i'm saying that, but i am.

i'm really good.

Even without
your brother?

without my brother.

I mean,
i spent so much time

Worrying about
the son of a bitch.

I mean, i've had more fun
with you in the past 24 hours

Than i've had with sam
in years.

And you're not
that much fun.

It's funny.

You know, i've been so chained
to my family.

But now that i'm alone...

Hell, i'm happy.


This is your life now?

You think you can
just live forever

With your head
buried in the sand?

I love you, jess.

[ sighs ]

God knows
how much i miss you, too.

But you're wrong.

people can change.

There is reason for hope.

No, sam.

There isn't.

How can you be
so sure?

Because you freed me.

That's right.

You know who i am.


You are
a hard one to find, sam.

Harder than most humans.

I don't suppose
you'll tell me where you are?

What do you want
with me?

Thanks to you,
i walk the earth.

I want to give you
a gift.

i want to give you

i don't want anything
from you.

I'm so sorry, sam.
i-i really am.

But nick here
is just an improvisation.

Plan "b."

He can barely contain me without
spontaneously combusting.

What are you
talking about?

Why do you think
you were in that chapel?

You're the one, sam.

You're my vessel.

My true vessel.




That'll never happen.

I'm sorry,
but it will.

I will find you.

And when i do...

you will let me in.

I'm sure of it.

You need my consent?

Of course.
i'm an angel.

[ chuckles lightly ]

I will kill myself
before letting you in.

And i'll just
bring you back.

[ inhales deeply ]

[ exhales deeply ]


My heart
breaks for you.

The weight
on your shoulders.

What you've done.

What you still
have to do.

It is more
than anyone could bear.

If there was
some other way...

But there isn't.

I will never lie to you.

I will never trick you.

but you will
say yes to me.

You're wrong.

I'm not.

i think i know you
better than you know yourself.

[ voice breaking ]
why me?

because it had to be you,

It always had to be you.

[ sighs ]