Supernatural (2005–…): Season 5, Episode 22 - Swan Song - full transcript

With the Apocalypse looming, Sam and Dean realize they are out of options and make heart-breaking decisions that will change their lives forever.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
You're gonna suck it up,
accept your responsibilities,

And play the roles
that destiny has chosen for you.

You're the vessel.
Michael's vessel.

The answer's no.

You know who I am.

You're the one, Sam.
You're my vessel.

That'll never happen.

Hi, Lisa. Things are
about to get really bad.

Whatever you're thinking of
doing, don't do it. I have to.

The cage
you sprung Lucifer from --

You can shove his ass back in.

The key to the cage --
four rings from the horsemen.

Who is it?
That's our brother.

What do you mean Adam is gone?
The angels took him.

Maybe they're moving on
from you, Dean.

Think Adam's okay?

Doubt it.

What if you guys lead the devil
to the edge and I jump in?

Are you idjits
trying to kill me?!

You're going to
let your brother

Jump right into that fiery pit.

What exactly are you afraid of?


Or losing your brother?

On April 21, 1967,

The 100 millionth gm vehicle
rolled off the line

At the plant in Janesville --

A blue two-door caprice.

There was a big ceremony,

The lieutenant governor
even showed up.

Three days later, another car
rolled off that same line.

No one gave two craps
about her.

But they should have.

this 1967 Chevrolet impala

Would turn out to be
the most important car --

No, the most important object --

In pretty much
the whole universe.

She was first owned
by Sal Moriarty,

An alcoholic with two ex-wives
and three blocked arteries.

On weekends, he'd drive around
giving bibles to the poor.

"gettin' folks
right for judgment day."

that's what he said.

Sam and dean
don't know any of this,

But if they did,
I bet they'd smile.

After Sal died,
she ended up at rainbow motors,

A used-car lot in Lawrence,

Where a young marine
bought her on impulse.

That is, after a little advice
from a friend.

I guess that's where
this story begins.

And here's where it ends.



What's going on?

I'm in.

In with...?

The whole
"up with Satan" thing.

I'm on board.

You're gonna let me say yes?

No. That's the thing.

It's not on me
to let you do anything.

You're a grown --
well, overgrown -- man.

If this is what you want,
I'll back your play.

That's the last thing
I thought you'd ever say.

Might be.

I'm not gonna lie to you,

It goes against
every fiber I got.

I mean, truth is...

...You know,
watching out for you...

It's kinda been my job,
you know?

But more than that, it's...

It's kinda who I am.

You're not a kid anymore, Sam,

And I can't keep
treating you like one.

Maybe I got to grow up
a little, too.

I don't know if we got
a snowball's chance.


But I do know
that if anybody can do it...

It's you.

Thank you.

If this is what you want...

Is this really
what you want?

I let him out.

I got to put him back in.


That's it, then.

I still can't get used to you
at eye level.

So, was I right?

As always, Yoda.

Two stunt demons inside,
just like you said.

Did you get it?

Yeah, all the "go juice"
Sammy can drink.

You okay?

Not really.

What do you got?

Not much.
These look like omens to you?

Cyclone in Florida,

Temperature drop in Detroit,
wildfires in L.A.

What about Detroit?

Temp's dropped
about 20 degrees,

But only in a five-block radius
of downtown Motown.

That's the one.

Devil's in Detroit.


As far as foreboding goes,

It's a little light
in the loafers.

You sure?

Yeah, I'm sure.

Aw. Ain't he
a little angel?

Angels don't sleep.

Sam, I got a bad feeling
about this.

Well, you'd be nuts
to have a good feeling about it.

You know what I mean.


He always said
he'd jump your bones in Detroit.

Here we are.

Here we are.

Maybe this is him rolling out
the red carpet, you know?

Maybe he knows something
that we don't.

Dean, I'm sure
he knows a buttload we don't.

We just got to hope
he doesn't know about the rings.

Hey, um...

On the subject,

There's something
I got to talk to you about.


This thing goes our way

And I...Triple Lindy
into that box...

...Y-you know
I'm not coming back.

Yeah, I'm aware.

So you got to
promise me something.

Okay. Yeah.

You got to promise
not to try to bring me back.


No, I didn't sign up for that.

Dean --

Your hell is gonna make my tour
look like Graceland.

Y-you want me just to sit by
and do nothing?

Once the cage is shut,
you can't go poking at it, Dean.

It's too risky.

No, no, no, no, no.

As if I'm just gonna
let you rot in there.

Yeah, you are.
You don't have a choice.

You can't ask me to do this.

I'm sorry, Dean.
You have to.

So then what am I
supposed to do?

You go find Lisa.

You pray to God she's
dumb enough to take you in,

And you -- you have barbecues
and go to football games.

You go live some normal,
apple-pie life, Dean.

Promise me.


At least two dozen of them.

You were right --
something's up.

More than something.

He's here.
I know it.

I'll see ya around, kid.

See ya around.

He gets in...

You fight him tooth and nail,
you understand?

Keep swingin'.
Don't give an inch.

Yes, sir.

Take care of these guys, okay?

That's not possible.

Then humor me.

I was supposed to lie.


They'll be fine. I --

Just --
just stop...Talking.

You mind not watching this?


Let's go.

All right!

We're here,
you sons of bitches!

Come and get it!

Hey, guys.

Is your father home?

Hey, guys.

So nice of you to drop in.

The impala, of course,

Has all the things
other cars have...

And a few things they don't.

But none of that stuff's

This is the stuff
that's important.

The army man that Sam
crammed in the ashtray --

It's still stuck there.

The legos that Dean shoved
into the vents --

To this day, heat comes on
and they can hear 'em rattle.

These are the things
that make the car theirs --

Really theirs.

Even when Dean rebuilt her
from the ground up,

He made sure
all these little things stayed,

'cause it's the blemishes
that make her beautiful.

The devil doesn't know or care

What kind of car
the boys drive.

Sorry if it's a bit chilly.

Most people think I burn hot.

It's actually
quite the opposite.

Well, I'll alert the media.

Help me understand something,

I mean, stomping through
my front door

Is...A tad suicidal,
don't you think?

We're not here to fight you.


Then why are you?

I want to say "yes."

Excuse me?

Chock-full of ovaltine,
are we?

You heard me.


You're serious.

Look, judgment day's
a runaway train.

We get it now.
We just want off.


Deal of the century.

I give you a free ride,
but when it's all over,

I live, he lives,
you bring our parents back --

Okay, can we please
drop the telenovela?

I know you have the rings, Sam.

I have no idea
what you're talking about.

The horsemen's rings?

The magic keys to my cage?

Ring a bell?

Come on, Sam.
I've never lied to you.

You could at least
pay me the same respect.

It's okay.
I'm not mad.

A wrestling match
inside your noggin...

I like the idea.

Just you and me,
one round, no tricks.

You win, you jump in the hole.

I win...

Well, then I win.

What do you say, Sam?

A fiddle of gold
against your soul

says I'm better than you-ou.

So he knows.
Doesn't change anything.


We don't have any other choice.







I can feel him.

Oh, God!
You got to go now!

Come on!

Go now, Sammy.


I was just messing with you.

Sammy's long gone.

Chdr bvtmon
tabges babalon.

I told you...

This would always happen
in Detroit.


Come on.

I can feel you...

Scratching away in there.


I'll take the gag off, okay?

You got me all wrong, kiddo.

I'm not the bad guy here.

I'm gonna rip you apart
from the inside out.

Do you understand me?

Such anger...

Young Skywalker.

Who are you really
angry with?


Or that face in the mirror?

I'm sure this is all
a big joke to you, huh?

Not at all.

I've been waiting for you...

For a long, long time.

Come on, Sam.

You have to admit --

You can feel it, right?


The exhilaration.

And you know why that is?

Because we're two halves
made whole.



This feels
pretty damn far from good.

I'm inside
your grapefruit, Sam.

You can't lie to me.

I see it all --

How odd you always felt,

How...Out of place

In that...
Family of yours.

And why shouldn't you have?

They were foster care --
at best.

I'm your real family.

No, that's not true.

It is.

And I know you know it.

All those times you ran away,

You weren't running
from them.

You were running
towards me.

This doesn't have to be
a bad thing, you know.

I let Dean live, didn't I?

I want him to live.

I'll bring your folks
back, too.

I want you to be happy, Sam.

I don't want anything
from y..


Not even a little payback?

What's that supposed to mean?

Look closely.

None of these little devils
look familiar to you?

That's Mr. Bensman...

One of
my grade-school teachers.

And that's your friend Doug
from that time in East Lansing.

And Rachel...

Your prom date.

Sam Winchester,
this is your life.

Azazel's gang --

Watching you
since you were a rugrat,

Jerking you around
like a dog on a leash.

I know how you feel about them.

Me too.

So, what do you say you and I
blow off a little steam?

Reports are flooding in -- a 7.6
earthquake in Portland,

8.1 in Boston,

More in Hong Kong,
Berlin, and Tehran

The u.S.G.S. Has no explanation

But says to expect
a six-figure death toll.

It's starting.

Yeah, you think, genius?

You don't have to be mean.

,, what do we do now?

I suggest we imbibe
copious quantities of alcohol...

Just wait
for the inevitable blast wave.

Thank you, Bukowski.

I-I mean,
how do we stop it?

We don't.

Lucifer will meet Michael
on the chosen field,

And the battle of Armageddon

Okay, well,
where's this chosen field?

I don't know.

Well, there's got to be
something that we can do.

I'm sorry, Dean.
This is over.

You listen to me,
you junklesissy --

We are not giving up!



There was never much hope
to begin with.

I don't know what else to do.


Are we having fun yet?

In between jobs,

Sam and dean
would sometimes get a day --

Sometimes a week,
if they were lucky.

They'd pass the time
lining their pockets.

Sam used to insist
on honest work,

But now he hustles pool,
like his brother.

They could go anywhere
and do anything.

They drove 1,000 miles
for an Ozzy show,

Two days for a jayhawks game.

And when it was clear,

They pak
in the middle of nowhere,

Sit on the hood,
and watch the stars...

For hours...

Without saying a word.


It never occurred to them
that, sure,

Maybe they never really had
a roof and four walls,

But they were never,
in fact, homeless.

That's a good line.

Mistress Magda?

Um, no, Chuck.

Oh, uh, Dean.

Uh, wow. I, uh,
I didn't know that you'd call.

Who's mistress Magda?

She's a, uh, a --

Just a, uh...
A close friend.

Yeah, I'll bet -- real close.
Whatever happened to Becky?

Didn't work out.

I had too much respect for her.

Boy, you really got a whole virgin/hooker
thing going on, don't you?

Okay, this can't be
why you called.

Sam said yes.

I know.

I saw it.

I'm just working on the pages.

Did you see where
the title fight goes down?

The angels are keeping it
top secret --

Very hush-hush.

Aw, crap.

But I saw it anyway.

Perks of being a prophet.

It's tomorrow,
high noon --

Place called stull cemetery.

Stull ceme--

Wait. I know that.

That's -- that's an old boneyard
outside of Lawrence.

Why Lawrence?

I don't know.

It all has to end
where it started, I guess.

All right, Chuck, look,

You know of any way
to short-circuit this thing?

Besides the rings?

No. I'm sorry.

Well, do you have any idea
what's gonna happen next?

I wish that I did.

But I-I just --
I honestly don't know yet.

All right.
Thanks, Chuck.

You goin' someplace?

You're goin'
to do somethin' stupid.

You got that look.

I'm gonna go talk to Sam.

You just don't give up.

It's Sam!

If you couldn't reach him here,

You're certainly not gonna be
able to on the battlefield.

Well, if we've already lost,

I guess I got
nothing to lose, right?

I just want you
to understand --

The only thing
that you're gonna see out there

Is Michael
killing your brother.

Well, then I ain't
gonna let him die alone.

It's good to see you, Michael.

You too.

It's been too long.

Can you believe
it's finally here?


Not really.

Are you ready?

As I'll ever be.

A part of me wishes
we didn't have to do this.


Me too.

Then why are we?

Oh, you know why.

I have no choice,
after what you did.

What I did?

What if it's not my fault?

What is that supposed to mean?

Think about it.

Dad made everything.

Which means
he made me who I am.

God wanted the devil.


So why?

And why make us fight?

I just can't
figure out the point.

What's your point?

We're going to kill each other.

And for what?

One of dad's tests.

And we don't even
know the answer.

We're brothers.

Let's just
walk off the chessboard.

I'm sorry.
I-I can't do that.

I'm a good son,
and I have my orders.

But you don't
have to follow them.

you think I'm gonna rebel?


I'm not like you.

Please, Michael --

You know, you haven't changed
a bit, little brother.

Always blaming
everybody but yourself.

We were together.
We were happy.

But you betrayed me --
all of us --

And you made our father leave.

No one
makes dad do anything.

He is doing this to us.

You're a monster, Lucifer.

And I have to kill you.

If that's the way
it's got to be...

...Then I'd like
to see you try.

Howdy, boys.

Am I interrupting something?


We need to talk.


Even for you,

This is a whole new mountain
of stupid.

I'm not talking to you.
I'm talking to Sam.

You're no longer
the vessel, Dean.

You got no right to be here.

Adam, if you're in there
somewhere, I am so sorry.

Adam isn't home right now.

Well, then you're next
on my list, buttercup.

But right now,
I need five minutes with him.

You little maggot.

You are no longer
a part of this story!

Hey, ass-butt!


He'll be back --
and upset --

But you got your five minutes.


Did you just Molotov my brother
with holy fire?


No one dicks with Michael
but me.

Sammy, can you hear me?

You know...

I tried to be nice...

For Sammy's sake.

But you...

Are such a pain...

In my ass.




Are you in there?

Oh, he's in here, all right.

And he's gonna feel
the snap of your bones.

Every single one.

We're gonna take our time.

Sam, it's okay.

It's okay.
I'm here.

I'm here.

I'm not gonna leave you.

I'm not gonna ave you.

It's okay, Dean.

It's gonna be okay.

I've got him.

Bvtmon tabges babalon.


It's not gonna end this way!

Step back!

You're gonna
have to make me!

I have to fight
my brother, Sam!

Here and now!

It's my destiny!

Cass, you're alive?

I'm better than that.

Cass, are you God?

That's a nice compliment.

But no.

Although, I do believe
he brought me back.

New and improved.

Endings are hard.

Any chapped-ass monkey
with a keyboard

Can poop out a beginning,
but endings are impossible.

You try to tie up
every loose end,

But you never can.

The fans
are always gonna bitch.

There's always gonna be holes.

And since it's the ending,

It's all supposed to
add up to something.

I'm telling you, they're
a raging pain in the ass.

What are you gonna do now?

Return to heaven, I suppose.


With Michael in the cage,

I'm sure it's total anarchy
up there.

So, what, you're
the new sheriff in town?

I like that. Yeah.
I suppose I am.


God gives you a brand-new,
shiny set of wings,

And suddenly
you're his bitch again.

I don't know
what God wants.

I don't know
if he'll even return.

It just...Seems like
the right thing to do.

Well, if you do see him,

You tell him
I'm coming for him next.

You're angry.

That's an understatement.

He helped.

Maybe even
more than we realize.

That's easy for you to say.
He brought you back.

But what about Sam?

What about me, huh?

Where's my grand prize?

All I got is
my brother in a hole!

You got
what you asked for, Dean.

No paradise.
No hell.

Just more of the same.

I mean it, Dean.

What would you rather have?

Peace or freedom?

Well, you really suck
at goodbyes, you know that?

This is the last Dean and bobby
will see of each other

For a very long time.

And, for the record,
at this point next week,

Bobby will be hunting a rugaru
outside of Dayton.

But not Dean.

Dean didn't want Cass
to save him.

Every part of him,
every fiber he's got,

Wants to die

Or find a way
to bring Sam back.

But he isn't gonna do either.

Because he made a promise.

Hey, Lisa.

Oh, thank God.

Are you all right?


Uh, if it's not too late, I...

Think I'd like
to take you up on that beer.

It's never too late.

It's okay.

It's gonna be okay.

So, what's it all add up to?

It's hard to say.

But me,
I'd say this was a test...

For Sam and Dean.

And I think they did all right.

Up against good, evil,

Angels, devils, destiny,
and God himself,

They made their own choice.

They chose family.

And, well...

Isn't that
kinda the whole point?

No doubt -- endings are hard.

But then again...

Nothing ever really ends,
does it?

You okay?

Yeah, I'm good.