Supernatural (2005–…): Season 5, Episode 2 - Good God, Y'All - full transcript

Rufus, an old friend of Bobby's calls, panicked about demons attacking a town in Colorado. Sam and Dean arrive to help, but soon discover things aren't exactly as they seem.

- You did it.
- What?

- Opened the door.
- Lilith was the final seal.

I killed her and I set Lucifer free.

Are you jonesing for another hit
of bitch blood or what?

You're the Michael Sword.

- What do you mean?
- Michael's weapon.

- I'm a vessel?
- You're the vessel.

Rufus Turner. He's a hunter.

I'm what you got to look forward to
if you survive.

We need some help here.

- What the hell was that?
- The Enochian sigil.

It'll hide you from every angel
in creation, including Lucifer.

Ellen, this is my fault.
But Jo did good out there.

- You're angry and I understand.
- Angry doesn't begin to touch it.

Is this about me hunting
or something else?

You chose a demon
over your own brother.

I just don't think I can trust you.

Dr. Adler
to Radiology. Dr. Adler to Radiology.

It been, like, three days now?

We gotta cheer him up.

Maybe I'll give him a back rub.

- Dean.
- Well, what, then?

Look, we might have to wrap our heads
around the idea...

...that Bobby might not just bounce back
this time.

What's in the envelope?

Went down to Radiology,
got some glamour shots.

Let's just say the doctors are baffled.

Holy crap.

Yeah, well, Cass carved you one too.



Speak of the devil.

St. Martin's Hospital.
Why, what are you...?


Dr. Cohen to ER,
stat. Dr. Cohen to ER, stat.

Cell phone? Since when do angels need
to reach out and touch someone?

You're hidden from angels now.
All angels. I won't be able to simply...

Enough foreplay.

Get over here
and lay your damn hands on.

Get healing.


I can't.

Say again?

I'm cut off from heaven...

...much of heaven's power.

Certain things I can do,
certain things I can't.

You're telling me you lost your mojo
just in time... get me stuck in this trap
the rest of my life.

I'm sorry.

Shove it up your ass.

- Well, at least he's talking now.
- I heard that.

- Don't have much time. We need to talk.
- Okay.

Your plan to kill Lucifer...

- Yeah, you wanna help?
- No. It's foolish. It can't be done.

- Thanks for the support.
- But I believe I have the solution.

There is someone, besides Michael,
strong enough to take on Lucifer.

Strong enough to stop the apocalypse.

Who's that?

The one who resurrected me
and put you on that airplane.

The one who began everything.


I'm gonna find God.

- God?
- Yes.

- God.
- Yes. He isn't in heaven.

He has to be somewhere.

Try New Mexico.
I hear he's on a tortilla.

No, he's not on any flatbread.

Listen, chuckles, even if there is a God,
he is either dead...

...and that's the generous theory...
- He is out there.

Or he's up and kicking and doesn't
give a rat's ass about any of us.

I mean, look around you.
The world is in the toilet.

We are literally
at the end of days here...

...and he's off somewhere,
drinking booze out of a coconut.

- All right?
- Enough.

This is not a theological issue.
It's strategic.

- With God's help, we can win.
- It's a pipe dream, Cass.

I killed two angels this week.

Those are my brothers. I'm hunted.

I rebelled, and I did it, all
of it, for you, and you failed.

You and your brother destroyed
the world...

...and I lost everything for nothing.

So keep your opinions to yourself.

You didn't drop in
just to tear us a new hole.

- What is it you want?
- I did come for something.

An amulet.

An amulet?

- What kind?
- Very rare. Very powerful.

It burns hot in God's presence.
It'll help me find him.

What, like, God emf?

Well, I don't know.
I got nothing like that.

I know. You don't.

- What? This?
- May I borrow it?


Dean, give it to me.

All right, I guess.

Don't lose it.

Oh, great. Now I feel naked.

I'll be in touch.

When you find God,
tell him to send legs.

Your belt, your belt.

- Aah. Unh.
- Tight, tight. Like this.

- Hello?
- Bobby.

Bobby, damn it, can you hear me?

- I can't hear you.
- Listen, I need a little help.

Seems I'm up to my ass in demons.

Whole damn town's infested.

- Hang on, hang on.
- Where are you?

River Pass, Colorado.

- Colora... Colorado?
- Colorado.

- River Pass, Colorado?
- River Pass.


You there? Rufus.

Bobby, it's...

This is the only road in or out.

No signal.

Rufus was right.
Demons got this place locked down.

Looks like we're hiking in.

And the hits just keep on coming.

Prepare yourself, you know it's a must

Gotta have a friend in Jesus

So you know that when you die

- Ellen?
- Hello, boys.

Ellen, what the heck's going on here?

We're us.

Real glad to see you, boys.

The can of whoop-ass
I ought to open on you.

You can't pick up a phone?

What are you,
allergic to giving me peace of mind?

I gotta find out that you're alive
from Rufus?

- Sorry.
- Yeah, you better be.

You better put me on speed dial, kid.

Yes, ma'am.

- So, what's going on, Ellen?
- More than I can handle alone.

- How many demons are there?
- Pretty much whole town...

...minus the dead people
and these guys.

So this is it, right?

End times.

- It's gotta be.
- Seems like it.

It's me.

This is Sam and Dean.
They're hunters here to help.

You guys hip
to this whole demon thing?

Yeah, are you?

My wife's eyes turned black.

She came at me with a brick.

Kind of makes you embrace
the paranormal.

All right, catch us up.

I doubt I know much more than you.

Rufus called, said he was in town
investigating omens.

The whole town was possessed.
Me and Jo were nearby...

You were hunting with Jo?

Yeah, for a while now.

We got here and the place...
Well, the place was like you see it.

Couldn't find Rufus,
then me and Jo got separated.

I was out looking when I found you.

Don't worry. We'll find her.

Either way, these people cannot just
sit here, we gotta get them out, now.

It's not that easy. I've been trying.
We made a run for it once.

- What happened?
- There used to be 20 of us.

- There's three of us.
- You don't know what it's like.

Demons are everywhere.
We won't cover everybody.

What if we get everyone guns?

Are you gonna arm up baby bump
over here?

More salt we can fire at once,
more demons we can keep away.

There's a store we passed on Main
on the way in. I bet they got guns.

All right. You stay. We'll go.

- What about...?
- If Jo and Rufus are there...

...we'll bring them back.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on.

Why don't I just go?

What? Alone?

Somebody's gotta stay,
start giving them Shotgun 101.

- Yeah, Ellen.
- No, no, no.

It'll go faster if you stay and help.

While you go get guns and salt
and look for Jo and Rufus?

- That's stupid.
- I can handle it.

You don't want me going out there.

- I didn't say that.
- Around demons.

- I didn't say that.
- Fine. Then let's go.

- I'll get the salt. You get the guns.
- No, we'll go together.

Dean, it's right there.

Can we at least do this
like professionals?


Okay. All right.

No, hang on a second.
Make sure your thumbs are holding it.

- Oh, sorry, sorry.
- When you're loading a rifle...

...put it down, take it, snap it in.

You know your way around a gun
at all?


- Where'd you serve?
- Fallujah.

Two tours.

Got back little over a year ago.

Takes one to know one.

Where'd you serve?


Heh. No, seriously.

Seriously. Hell.



What's wrong?

Just... At the store, those demons
were possessing teenagers.

- I mean, I had to slit some kid's throat.
- Come on, Sam. You had to.

I know. It just... It used to be like...

I just wish I could save people
like I used to.

What do you mean, when you were
all hopped up on demon blood?

- I didn't say that.
- I'll be back.

- Where are you going?
- I can't sit on my ass.

My daughter's out there.
I'm not back in half an hour, go.

- Get these people out of here.
- No, wait.

- I'll go with you.
- Oh, hold on. Can I talk to you for a sec?

- Would you go out there again?
- Crap doesn't hit the fan with breaks.

- I'll go.
- Stay, get them ready. I'll cover Ellen.

- Why does it gotta be you?
- Oh, that's right, I forgot.

You think I'll take one look at a demon
and fall off the wagon... if after everything,
I haven't learned my lesson.

Well, have you?

If you actually think I...

So where'd you see her last?

Up ahead.

So, what's up with you and Dean?

It's hard not to notice how different
things are between you guys these days.

Had a bad road there, huh?

What happened, some girl
come between you or something?

Just stresses of the job.
You know how it is.

Kind of surprised, you and Jo hunting.

Weren't you always saying
she couldn't hack the life?

She can't.
But if she's gonna do it anyway...

You wanna keep an eye on her.


- Is that a chimney going?
- Looks like it.

Come on.

Guess we found base camp.

Demons don't get cold.

Makes you wonder
what they're burning.

Don't move, you evil skank.

Don't you hurt her, don't you...

Give me my mom back,
you black-eyed bitch.

Ellen, run!

Got you now, you bastard.


No way you're getting out of those.

Did you up myself.

You're stuck right where I want you.

You evil son of a bitch.

No. Wait, wait, wait.

Just... Just wait. No, wait.



The Lord is my shepherd,
I shall not want.

He layeth me down in green pastures
and he raiseth me up again.

Though I walk through the valley of the
shadow of death, I shall fear no evil.

Where's Sam?

They took him?

Demons took him?

Oh, my God.

What if they're in here? The demons?

- Could they get in?
- No.

Everybody sit tight, I gotta...

We need to get a plan.
Tell me everything.

Please. Come on.

Look, something's not right.
Do you see that?

Come on. Stop. Listen.

Look. Listen.

- Why isn't it working?
- I don't know.

Look, listen to me.
Something's not right.

He's not as strong as he thinks he is.

You can see that.

Please, please.

Just listen to me.

Dean, one of them's in Jo.

We gotta get it out
without hurting her.

It called me a bitch.

- Bruising a little easy, don't you think?
- Oh, it's not what I meant.

It called me a black-eyed bitch.

What kind of demons are these?
Holy water and salt roll right off.

My daughter may be an idiot,
but not stupid.

She wears an anti-possession charm.

It's all kind of weird, right?

The whole thing's off.

- What's your instinct?
- My instinct?

My instinct is to call Bobby
and ask for help or Sam.

Well, tough. All you got's me
and all I got's you. So let's figure it out.

All right.

Do you know why Rufus came to town?
Was there a specific omen?

He said something about water.
That's all I know.

Padre, you know what
she's talking about? The water?

The river ran polluted, all of a sudden.


Last Wednesday.
The demon thing started up next day.

Anything else? Anything?

- Maybe, but it's pretty random.
- Good, random's good.

Shooting star. Does that count?

Real big. Same night, Wednesday.

Well, that definitely counts.

So you think that all this comes
from outer space?

This isn't X- Files, pal.

"And there fell a great star from heaven,
burning like a torch...

...and it fell upon the river, and the name
of the star was Wormwood.

And many men died."

Revelation 8:10.

Are you saying
that this is about the apocalypse?

You could say.

These specific omens,
they're prelude to what?

The four horsemen.

- And which one rides the red horse?
- War.

That cherry Mustang parked on main?

- You can't think that a car is...
- It's the way I'd roll.

I mean, think about it.

It all makes sense.

If War's a dude and he's here,
maybe he's messing with our heads.

- Turning us on each other.
- Jo called you a black-eyed bitch.

They think we're demons.
We think they're demons.

What if there are no demons?
We're killing each other.

Wait, just back up.

It's the apocalypse?

Sorry, Padre.

Who the hell are you?

What are you?

You caught me.

Popped in to watch.

I can hustle like that.

The Roger everyone here knows,
the real Roger?

Buried in a ditch.


So who are you?

Here's a hint:

I was in Germany, then in Germany,
then in the Middle East.

I was in Darfur
when my beeper went off.

I'm waiting to hook up
with my siblings.

I've got three.

We're gonna have so much fun

I know who you are.

There aren't any demons in town.

Nope. Just frightened people
ripping each other's throats out.

I haven't had to do much.

I mean, take out a bridge here,
lay in a little hallucination there...

...sit back, pop some corn,
watch the show.

Frankly, you are a really vicious
little animal, Sam.


You're doing this.

Please. Last week, this was Mayberry.

People are stabbing
each other's children.

You made them see demons.

Honestly, people don't need a reason
to kill each other.

I mean, you seen the Irish?

They're all Irish.

You think I'm a monster.

I'm Jell-O shots at a party.
I just remove inhibitions.

I'm gonna kill you myself.

Oh, that's adorable,
considering you're my poster boy.

And what's that supposed to mean?

You can't stop thinking about it.

Ever since you saw it
dripping off the blade of that knife.

- You're wrong.
- Save your protests for your brother.

I can see inside your head
and, man, it is one-track city in there.

Blood, blood, blood.


...for power.

Same as always.

You wanna be strong again...

...but not just strong.

Stronger than everybody.

Good intentions, quick slide to hell,
buddy boy.

You feel bad now?

Wait till you're thigh-deep
in warm corpses.

Because, my friend...

...I'm just getting started.

Showtime for the meat suits.

Watch this.

- He did it.
- No.

He said they're coming.
He said they're coming to get us.

Stop, Jo. Rufus, he's lying. No.

- You shut your mouth.
- Please. Jo, he's lying.

So now you're saying that there
are no demons and that War is a guy.

You believed crazy before...

Open up, man! Open up! It's Roger!

I saw them.

The demons.
They know we're trying to leave.

- They said they're gonna pick us off.
- Wait, wait, wait. What?

- You said there were no demons.
- Where did you go?

- I thought someone should go out.
- Where? What did they say exactly?

- We sit here, we're gonna be dead.
- No.

They're gonna kill us
unless we kill them first.

- Okay, hold on.
- No, we got people to protect.

All right, the able-bodied go,
hunt some demons.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow your roll.
This is not a demon thing.

Look at their eyes. They're demons.

Go, go, go.


- Those are real.
- They could've been demons all the time.

All this salt and holy water talk,
as far as I'm concerned, it's crap.

Are you sure?

It's them or us.

- I think I saw some knives in the kitchen.
- Great.


- Hey, Rufus.
- Yeah?

- Pipe bombs won't kill a demon.
- Right.

But in my experience...

...demons come at you slower
if they're in a body with no limbs.

One of them is in my mother.

Jo, listen to me.
You know I'm gonna do everything I can.

Your mom's gonna be okay.

Unless she comes through
that window.

All right, let's move.

Stay low, move fast.

- Unh.
- Rufus!

Now, you listen up,
Joanna Beth Harvelle.

Listen to me. I am not a demon.

- Think, Rufus. All those omens.
- You go to hell.


The polluted water, the shooting star,
the red Mustang?

It's War. I'm telling you, it's War.

You're damn right it is.

The horseman.

- Horseman?
- Yes.

He's turning us against each other.
You're hallucinating.

Horseman. War.


Did you figure this out
all by yourself, genius?

Whoa, whoa.

We all on the same page?

Good. Hi, Jo.



We gotta find War
before everybody in...

Damn it.

- Where's Sam?
- Upstairs.

All right. You three go around back.
Take the alley.

Dean, it's not demons.

- It's War.
- It's War. Yes.

- I just can't figure out how he's doing it.
- The ring.

The ring. The ring!

He turned it before he made everybody
hallucinate me going hell-bitch.

We gotta move. Come on.

People, cease fire!

Stop shooting! Stop!

I'm getting too old for this.


Oh, my God!


I'm not what you think, honey.
Come on. Here. Put this right here.

"Stop firing"
usually means stop firing.


Whoa. Okay.

That's a sweet little knife,
but come on.

You can't kill War, kiddos.

Oh, we know.

Come on.

So pit stop on Mount Doom?

- Dean...
- Sam, let's not.

No, listen. This is important.

I know you don't trust me.

Just... Now I realize something.

I don't trust me either.

From the minute I saw that blood,
the only thought in my head...

And I tell myself
it's for the right reasons.

My intentions are good
and it feels true, you know?

But I think underneath...

...I just miss the feeling.

I know how messed up that sounds...

...which means I know
how messed up I am.

Thing is,
the problem's not the demon blood.

Not really. I mean, I... What I did?
I can't blame the blood or Ruby...

...or anything.

The problem's me.

How far I'll go.

There's something in me that...

...scares the hell out of me, Dean.

In the last couple days,
I caught another glimpse.

So, what are you saying?

I'm in no shape to be hunting.

I need to step back
because I'm dangerous.

Maybe it's best we just go
our separate ways.

Well, I think you're right.

I was expecting a fight.

Truth is, I spend more time worrying
about you...

...than about doing the job right.

I just... I can't afford that, you know?

Not now.

I'm sorry, Dean.

I know you are, Sam.

Hey, uh... wanna take the Impala?

That's okay.

Take care of yourself, Dean.

Yeah, you too, Sammy.