Supernatural (2005–…): Season 5, Episode 13 - The Song Remains the Same - full transcript

The renegade angel Anna escapes from her prison in heaven. She travels back in time to kill Sam and Dean's parents so that Sam is never born, and cannot be the vessel for Lucifer. Castiel sends Sam and Dean back to stop Anna.


I remember. I'm an angel.
I have a death sentence on my head.

I disobeyed.

You really shouldn't have come.

- You have to stop it.
- Stop what?


- Mom?
- John Winchester.

My parents are Mary and John
Winchester and I am your grandson.

Mary gets killed
by a yellow-eyed demon in 1983.

If we don't catch this thing now and
kill it, and it gets away, then Mary dies.


I couldn't stop it. She made the deal.

She died in the nursery, didn't she?

Destiny can't be changed, Dean.

All roads lead to the same destination.

Oh, I take it all back.

I love the devil.

That's what I call peace on Earth.


I was just, uh, working on a case.

This is what you dream about?

This is awkward.

Why are you gatecrashing my head?
Why don't you just swing by the motel?

I can't find you.

Oh, Cass did this thing...

Cass. Right.

Now there's a friend
you can count on.


He didn't tell you.

- Tell me what?
- Where I've been.

Of course not, why would he?

Where have you been?



All the torture,
twice the self-righteousness.

- Why wouldn't he have told us?
- He's the one who turned me in.

Don't look so shocked.

He was a good soldier.
Did anything under orders.

I didn't know.

Are you okay?


And I don't have long.

I broke out, barely.
They're looking for me.

- If they find me...
- Okay.

- What do you need?
- Meet me.

225 Industrial.

And please, just hurry.


Who's there?

Hello, Anna.


if I didn't know any better...

I'd say the Winchesters
don't trust me.

They do. I don't.

I wouldn't let them come.

- And why is that?
- You're out of prison, they let you out...

they sent you here
to do their dirty work.

And what makes you so sure?

Because I've experienced
heaven's persuasion.

You mean,
when you gave me to them.

That was a mistake.

- Whatever they sent you here to do...
- They didn't send me.

- I escaped.
- No one escapes.

All these centuries
and you're underestimating me now?

If you're not one of them,
what do you want?

I wanna help.

- You wanna help?
- Yes.

Then what are you doing
with that knife?

- I'm not allowed to defend myself?
- Against whom?

That blade doesn't work
against angels.

It's not like this one.

Maybe you're not working for heaven.
There's something you're not telling me.

Sam Winchester has to die.

I'm sorry. But we have no choice.

- He's Lucifer's vessel.
- He's not the only one.

What, that guy Nick?

He's burning away as we speak.

Sam is the only vessel that matters.

You know what that means.

If Lucifer can't take Sam,
his whole plan short-circuits.

No fight with Michael, no Croatoan virus,
the horsemen go back to their day jobs.

Even if you could...

kill Sam,
Satan would just bring him back to life.

Not after I scatter his cells
across the universe.

They'll never find him, not all of him.

We'll find another way.

How's that going?

How's the Colt working out?

Or the search for God?

Is anything working?

If you want to stop the devil,
this is how.

The answer's still no...

because Sam is my friend.

You've changed.

Maybe too late.

But I have.

Anna, we've been through
much together.

But you come near Sam Winchester
and I'll kill you.

Oh, my God.

- Hey.
- Oh, my God.

Hey. You okay?

We have to get her to a hospital.
Come on.

Come on.

Really? Anna?

- I don't believe it.
- It's true.

So she's gone all Glenn Close, huh?
That's awesome.

Who's Glenn Close?

No one. Just this psycho bitch
who likes to boil rabbits.

So the plan to kill me,
would it actually stop Satan?

No. Sam, come on.

Cass, what do you think?
Does Anna have a point?


She's, uh, Glenn Close.

I don't get it. We're looking for the chick
that wants to gank Sam?

- Why poke the bear?
- Anna will keep trying.

She won't give up until Sam is dead.

So we kill her first.

- I found her.
- Where is she?

Not where.


It's 1978.


Why 1978? I wasn't even born yet.

You won't be,
if she kills your parents.


Anna can't get to you because of me.

- So she's going after them.
- Take us back, now.

And deliver you right to Anna?
I should go alone.

They're our parents. We're going.

It's not that easy.

- Why not?
- Time travel is difficult...

even with the powers
of heaven at my disposal.

But you're cut off.

You're like a DeLorean
without plutonium?

I don't understand that reference...

but I'm telling you, taking this trip,
with passengers no less...

it'll weaken me.

They're our mom and dad...

if we can save them
and not just from Anna...

I mean, if we can set things right...

we have to try.


- Not really.
- Bend your knees.

Get out of the street!

Did we make it?

Unless they're bringing Pintos back
into production, I, uh, I'd say yes.

- Cass.
- Hey.

Hey. Take it easy,
take it easy. You all right?

I'm fine.

Much better than I expected.


He's breathing, sort of.

What do we do?

I mean, the mustaches alone...

So I paid for Cass for five nights up
in the, uh, honeymoon suite.

I told the manager do not disturb.
You know what he said to me?

Yeah. "Don't sweat it.
Wanna buy some dope?"

Dope. We ought to stick around here.
Buy some stock in Microsoft.

Yeah, we might have to
if Cass doesn't recover.

- Is he all right?
- I look like Dr. Angel...

Medicine Woman? He'll wake up.

He's tough,
for a nerdy dude with wings.

If he landed like that, so did Anna.
Should buy us some time.

- So did you find them?
- Yeah, uh.

The Winchesters. 485 Robin Tree.

Let's go pop in on the folks.

- Sam. Sam. Wait, wait, wait.
- Dean, Anna could be here any second.

What are we gonna march up...

- and tell them?
- Uh, the truth.

Their sons are back to save them
from an angel-gone-Terminator?

Those movies haven't come out.

Tell her demons are after them.
She thinks you're a hunter.

Yeah, a hunter who disappeared right
when her dad died. She's gonna love me.

Just follow my lead.

How was work?

It was, uh, great.

Eh. Not until you wash up.

I love when you get bossy.

Ha, ha.

Hi, Mary.

You can't be here.

- I'm sorry if this is a bad time...
- You don't understand. I'm not...

I don't do that anymore.

I have a normal life now.
You have to go.

I'm sorry, but this is important. Okay?

- Sorry, sweetie, they're just...
- Mary's cousins.

We couldn't stop through town
without saying hey, now could we?


- You look familiar.
- Really?

Yeah. You do too actually.
Must have met at some time.

- Small towns, right? Gotta love them.
- I'm John.

This is Sam.

Sam. Uh, Mary's father was a Sam.

Well, it's, uh, it's a family name.

You okay, pal?
You look a little spooked.

Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah.

- Just a long trip.
- Yeah.

Well, Sam and Dean were just
on their way out.

What? They just got here.

Real happy to meet
folks from Mary's side.

Please, come in for a beer.

Twist my arm.

You sure you're okay, Sam?

Oh, yeah. I'm just, um...

You're so beautiful.

He means that in a non-weird...

- wholesome, family kind of a way.
- Yeah, right.

We haven't seen Mary
in quite some time...

and see,
she's the spitting image of our mom.

- I mean, it's...
- Eerie.

So how are you guys related?

You know, distantly.

- So you knew Mary's parents?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Mary's dad...

was pretty much like a grandpa
to us.


It's tragic.

That heart attack.

Yes, it was.

So, uh, what are you guys doing
in town anyway?

Uh, business, you know.

What line of work?

- Plumbing.
- Scrap metal.

Oh, gosh, it's almost 7.

I hate to be rude,
but I gotta get dinner ready.

- Maybe they could stay.
- I'm sure they have to leave.

Uh, look, please stay.
You know, it'd mean a lot to me.

I haven't met much of Mary's side
of the family.

Look, Mr. Woodson,
I'm begging you to reconsider.

I'd like to, John.

You're a great mechanic
but times ain't exactly rosy.

Even just part-time.

I really need this job.

All right.
Look, come on in right now...

let's talk,
maybe we can figure something out.

You serious?

I'll see you in 10 minutes.

Don't keep me waiting.

You have to leave, now.

- Okay. Just listen...
- No, you listen.

Last time I saw you,
a demon killed my parents.

Now you waltz in here
like you're family?

Whatever you want, no.
Leave me alone.

You and John are in danger.

- What are you talking about?
- Something's coming for you.

- Demon?
- Not exactly.

- What, then?
- It's kind of hard to explain, okay?

An angel.


- There's no such thing.
- I wish...

but they're twice as strong as demons
and bigger dicks.

Why would an angel wanna kill us?

Long story, we'll tell you,
but right now, you've gotta trust us...

and we gotta go.

Look at my face
and tell me if I'm lying to you.


- Where do we go?
- Out of here. We gotta move now.

Okay, but what do I tell John?

Just tell him...


Mr. Woodson?

You still here?

- I wish I could say it's good to see you.
- You too, Dean.

I'm sorry.

Sorry, it's not that easy
to kill an angel.

No, but you can distract them.


- Monsters?
- Yes.

Monsters are real.

- I'm sorry, I didn't know how to...
- And you fight them? All of you?


How long?

All my life.

- Understand...
- She didn't have a choice...

Shut up. All of you.

Look, not another word or so help me,
I will turn this car around.

Wow, awkward family road trip.

No kidding.

Place has been in the family for years.

Devil's trap.

Pure iron fixtures, of course.

There should be salt and holy water
in the pantry. Knives, guns.

- All that stuff will do is piss it off.
- What'll kill it? Or slow it down, at least?

- Not much.
- Ha. Great.

Well, he said not much, not nothing.

We packed.

We put this up...

if she comes close...

we beam her right off the starship.

This is holy oil.
It's kind of like a devil's trap for angels.

Come on. I'll show you how it works.

Hey, what's the deal with the thing
on the paper?

It's a sigil. That means...

I don't care what it means,
where's it go?

On a wall or a door.

How big should I make it?

- John...
- What?

You all might have treated me like a fool,
but I am not useless.

I can draw a damn... Whatever it is.

A sigil.

Why don't you go help Sam out?

Because this has gotta be done in...

It's gotta be done in human blood.

So how big?

I'll show you.


All of a sudden,
you really remind me of my dad.

That's really good.

You come to check on me?


I wanted to say
I'm sorry about all this.

I know it's a lot.

Look, how long have you known
about this hunting stuff?

Pretty much forever.

My dad raised me in it.

You're serious?

Well, who the hell does that to a kid?

You know, for the record,
Mary's parents did.

I don't care.

You know, what kind of irresponsible
bastard lets a child anywhere near...?

You know, you could have been killed.

I, uh, came kind of close.

The number it must have done
on your head.

Your father was supposed
to protect you.

He was trying.

He died trying.

Believe me.

I used to be mad at him.
I mean, I used to...

I used to hate the guy.

But now I...

I get it. He was...

He was doing the best he could...

and he was trying to keep it together
in... In this impossible situation.


my mom, um...

she was amazing, beautiful...

and she was the love of his life...

and she got killed...

and I think he would have gone crazy
if he didn't do something.

Truth is, um...

my dad died...

before I got to tell him...

that I understand...

why he did what he did...

and I forgive him
for what it did to us. I do.

And I just...

I love him.


- You look well.
- Shouldn't have called.

We're under strict orders
not to come down here...

much less take a vessel.

You're not the Anna of now.

No, but 30 years from now,
I'm still your superior.

I need you to kill some humans.

Always happy to do some smiting.

But what's going on?

In the future, these people are going
to kill you, Uriel.

I'm giving you the chance
to kill them first.

Thank you.


You said you'd explain everything
when we had a minute.

We have a minute.

Why does an angel want me dead?

Because they're dicks.

Not good enough.

I didn't even know they existed
and now I'm a target?

It's complicated.


All ears.

- You're just gonna have to trust me.
- I've been trusting you all day.

- It's kind of hard to believe.
- All right, I'm walking out the door.

I'm your son.


I'm your son.

I'm sorry.
I don't know how else to say it.

We're from the year 2010.

An angel zapped us back here.

Not the one that attacked you,

You can't expect me to believe that.

Our names are
Dean and Sam Winchester.

We're named after your parents.

When I would get sick...

you would make me
tomato rice soup...

because that's what your mom
made you.

And instead of a lullaby...

you would sing "Hey Jude."

That's your favorite Beatles song.


I don't believe it.


I'm sorry, but it's true.

I raised my kids to be hunters?

No, no. You didn't.

- How could I do that to you?
- You didn't do it...

because you're dead.


What happened?

Yellow-eyed demon.

He killed you...

and John became a hunter
to get revenge.

He raised us in this life.

Listen to me.

A demon comes into Sam's nursery,
exactly six months after he's born.

November 2nd, 1983.

Remember that date
and whatever you do...

do not go in there.

You wake up and you take Sam,
and you run.

That's not good enough, Dean.

Wherever she goes,
the demon's gonna find her.

Find me.

Well, then what?

She can leave Dad, that's what.

You gotta leave John.

- What?
- When this is all over...

walk away and never look back.

So we're never born.

- He's right.
- I can't.

You're saying that you're my children
and now you're saying...

You have no other choice.

There's a difference between dying
and never being born.

Trust me, we're okay with it,
I promise you that.

Okay, well, I'm not.

Listen, you think you can have
that normal life that you want so bad...

but you can't.

I'm sorry.

It's all gonna go rotten.

You are gonna die...

and your children will be cursed.

- There has to be a way.
- No. This is the way.

- Leave John.
- I can't.

This is bigger than us.

There are so many more lives
at stake here.

You don't understand. I can't.

It's too late.


I'm pregnant.

Hey, we got a problem.

Those blood things, the sigils,
they're gone.

- Gone as in...?
- I drew one on the door.

I turned around and when I looked
back again, it was a smudge.

- He's right.
- There's no more holy oil.

- Who the hell are you?
- I'm Uriel.

- Oh, come on.
- Go.

Here goes nothing.


- Sammy!
- Ugh.


I'm really sorry.




I didn't know.

Goodbye, Uriel.

- What did you do to John?
- John is fine.

Who...? What are you?

Shh. Shh.

Well, I'd say this conversation
is long overdue, wouldn't you?

- Fix him.
- First...

we talk.

Then I fix your darling little Sammy.

How'd you get in my dad anyway?

I told him I could save his wife
and he said yes.

I guess they oversold me
being your one and only vessel.

You're my true vessel,
but not my only one.

- What is that supposed to mean?
- It's a bloodline.

"A bloodline?"

Stretching back to Cain and Abel.

It's in your blood, your father's blood.

Your family's blood.


Six degrees of Heaven Bacon.

What do you want with me?

You don't know the answer to that?

Well, you know I ain't gonna say yes,
so why are you here?

- What do you want with me?
- I just want you to understand...

what you and I have to do.

Oh, I get it.

You got beef with your brother.

Well, get some therapy, pal.
Don't take it out on my planet.

You're wrong.

No, Lucifer defied our father,
and he betrayed me...

but still, I don't want this any more
than you would wanna kill Sam.

You know, my brother...

I practically raised him.

I took care of him in a way
most people could never understand...

and I still love him.

But I'm going to kill him
because it is right and I have to.

- Oh, because God says so?
- Yes.

From the beginning, he knew this was
how it was going to end.

And you're just gonna do
whatever God says?

Yes, because I'm a good son.

Trust me, pal, take it from someone
who knows, that is a dead-end street.

And you think you know better
than my father?

One unimportant little man. What makes
you think you get to choose?

Because I gotta believe...

that I can choose what I do...

with my unimportant little life.

You're wrong.

You know how I know?

Think of a million random acts
of chance...

that let John and Mary be born,
to meet...

to fall in love,
to have the two of you.

Think of the million random choices
that you make...

and yet how each and every one of
them brings you closer to your destiny.

Do you know why that is?

Because it's not random,
it's not chance.

It's a plan that is playing itself
out perfectly.

Free will's an illusion, Dean.

That's why you're going to say yes.

Oh, buck up.

It could be worse.
You know, unlike my brothers...

I won't leave you a drooling mess
when I'm done wearing you.

- But what about my dad?
- Better than new.

In fact, I'm gonna do your mom
and your dad a favor.

- What?
- Scrub their minds.

They won't remember me or you.

- You can't do that.
- I'm giving your mother what she wants.

She can go back to her husband,
her family.

She's gonna walk
right into that nursery.


And you always knew that was going
to play out one way or another.

You can't fight city hall.

He's home.

Safe and sound.

Your turn.

I'll see you soon, Dean.

Castiel? Hey, hey, hey.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.

- Cass.
- Got you.

You son of a bitch. You made it.

I did?

I'm very surprised.

Whoa, you're okay. Bed. Yeah.

- Well, I could use that drink now.
- Yeah.


this is it.

This is what?

Team Free Will, one ex-blood junkie...

one dropout with 6 bucks to his name
and Mr. Comatose over there.

- That's awesome.
- It's not funny.

I'm not laughing.

- They all say we'll say yes.
- I know. It's getting annoying.

What if they're right?

They're not.

I mean, why would we, either of us...

- but I've been weak before.
- Sam.

- Michael got Dad to say yes.
- That was different.

Anna was about to kill Mom.

And if you could save Mom...

what would you say?

- Where did you even get it?
- Garage sale.

Twenty-five cents.

Well, I'm glad to hear that anyway.


I mean, you really don't think
it's just a little cheesy?


I think it's sweet.

Can't even put my finger
on why I like it.

I just like it.

Well, then I love it.


Quite a kick there.

Troublemaker already.

It's okay, baby.

It's all okay.

Angels are watching over you.