Supernatural (2005–…): Season 4, Episode 20 - The Rapture - full transcript

Castiel has been sent back to Heaven. His human host, Jimmy, tries to regain his life. But the demons won't leave him alone and now his family is at risk. Sam and Dean can help a little, but they're going to need a "miracle" to win.

- Who are you?
- Castiel.

I mean what are you?

I'm an angel of the lord.

Some angel you are.

My true form

It can be
overwhelming to humans

And so can my
real voice...

But you already knew that.

Certain people -
special people -

Can perceive
my true visage.

What visage are
you in now, huh?

This? this is... a vessel.

You're possessing
some poor bastard?

He's a devout man.

he actually
prayed for this.

Something major must have
happened while I was downstairs,

'cause I can't back and -

And you're BFF
with a demon?

Why do you trust
her so much?

Because... she
saved my life.

Sucking blood? you got
to know that's wrong.

I wish to god
I could stop.

We need to talk.

I'm dreaming, aren't I?

It's not safe here.

Someplace more private.

More private? we're
inside my head.


Someone could
be listening.

Cass, what's wrong?

Meet me here.

- now.

What'd he say, Dean?

What was so important?

If I knew,
would I be here?

What the hell?

Looks like a
bomb went off.

There was a fight here.

Between who?

Check it out.

Look familiar?

Yeah, it does.

Anna used
something like that

To wish the angels
back to the cornfield.

So, what? Cass was
fighting angels?

I don't know.




Hey! Cass!

- what's going on?

Just take it
easy. take it easy.

Cass, you okay?


I'm not Castiel.

It's me.

Who's "me"?


My name's Jimmy.

Where the hell is Castiel?

He's gone.

Mind slowing down?

You're gonna
give me angina.

I'm hungry.

When's the last
time you ate?

I don't know
- months.

What the hell
happened back there?

It looked like an
angel battle royal.

All I remember is there was
a flash of light, and I, uh...

- I woke up, and I was just, you know, like, me again.

So, what
- Cass just ditched out of your meat suit?

I really don't know.

You remember anything
about being possessed?

Anything at all?

Yeah, bits and pieces.

I mean, angel
inside of you -

It's kind of like being
chained to a comet.

Well, that doesn't
sound like much fun.


Cass said he wanted
to tell us something.

Please tell me
you remember that.


Come on. what do you know?

My name is Jimmy Novak.

I'm from
Pontiac, Illinois.

And I have a family.


Bless this food, o lord,

And ourselves to
thy loving service,

That we may always continue
in thy faith and fear

To the honor and
glory of thy name.

- Amen.
- Amen.

I can see my
head sticking out

From underneath
the front bumper.

My eyes were closed.

My head was turned
to the right side.

And on each side of me
is an angel, and, uh...


So, what do we do?

What do you mean? the
guy's got a family.

We buy him a bus
ticket, send him home.

I don't know about that.

Dean, he's the
only lead we got.

He doesn't know anything.

Are you 100% about that?

You think he's lying?

Well, you want to go
Guantanamo on the guy?

Dean, maybe he doesn't
even know what he knows.

I say at least we
get him to Bobby's.

Maybe all he needs is -
is hypnosis or a p-psychic,

Or, hell, maybe Cass will
just drop back into him.

I don't know, man.

Dean, back there, that was
angel-on-angel violence.

Now, I don't know
what's going on,

but it's big,

And we can't just let the only
lead we've got just skip out.


Remember when our job
was helping people -

Like getting them
back to their family?

You think I don't
want to help him?

I'm just being realistic.

I mean, hell, we're
doing him a favor.


Dean, if we want
to question the guy,

You can damn well bet
the demons do, too.

What the hell are you talking
about, I can't go home?

There's a good chance you
have a bull's-eye on your back.


From who?


Oh, come on. that's crazy.

What do they want with me?

I don't know
- information, maybe.

I don't know anything!

I know, but -

Look, I'm done, okay?

With demons, angels
- all of it.

I just want to go home.

We understand.

No, I don't think
that you do understand.

I've been shot and
stabbed and healed,

And my body's been
dragged all over the earth.

By some miracle, I'm
out, and I am done.

I've given enough, okay?

Look, all we're saying is
that until we figure this out,

The safest
place is with us.

How long?

We'll cross that bridge
when we get to it.

Where you going?

To see my wife
and daughter, okay?

No, you're not.

You're just gonna put
those people in danger.

So, what
- now I'm a prisoner?

Harsh way to put it.


Would you hurry up?

- uh, this is funny to you?

Mr. big bad prison guard,

And Jimmy McMook
gives you the slip?

Yeah, it's pretty funny.

What were you
doing, anyway?

I was getting a coke.

Was it a refreshing coke?

Can we just go, please?

- What the hell are you doing?!
- It's okay. I'm okay.



- What's wrong with you?
- Nothing's wrong.

He asked me to do it.

Who asked you to do it?


To prove my faith.


I'm fine.

It's a miracle.

Who's Castiel?

Hey, guys.



You ever try
calling ahead?

I like the element
of surprise.

You look terrific.

Um... yeah.

Not the most
appropriate time, Dean.

You let Jimmy get away?

Talk to ginormo here.


You seem... different.

Me? I don't know. Haircut?

That's not what
I'm talking about.

So, what'd Jimmy tell
you? he remember anything?

Why? what's going on?

It's Cass. He got
sent back home.

Well, more like
dragged back.

To heaven?

That's not a good thing?

No. That's a
very bad thing.

Painfully, awfully bad.

He must have seriously
pissed someone off.

Cass said he had something to
tell me, something important.

- What?
- I don't know.

Does Jimmy know?

I don't think so.

You don't think so?

Whatever it is, it's huge.

You got to find
out for sure.

That's why we're
going after Jimmy.

That's why you shouldn't have
let him go in the first place.

He's... probably
dead already.

Take the pills.

I'm not sick.

Jimmy, take the pills.

I know that this is
hard to understand...

But he chose me.

Castiel the angel?

He's spoken
to me now, Ames

A dozen times.

Hey, you believe
in god, don't you?

What kind of question
is that? of course.

And angels?

Yes, Jimmy.

So, why is it, then, so
hard for you to believe

That they're
talking to me?

Jimmy, you sell ad
time for a. m. radio.

No, he said that I'm
special, it's in my blood.

- what does that mean, it's in your blood? hmm?

He didn't say.

He just said that god has
chosen me for a higher purpose.

To do what?

You know, it's god's will.

Not really my place
to question it.

Hey, come here.

This is a blessing.

This is the most important
thing to ever happen to me.

I thought we were the
most important things

To ever happen to you.

Hey, have faith.

Jimmy... you're
scaring me.

God will provide.

If you won't take your pills
and if you won't get help...

... then I'm gonna take Claire
to my mother's in the morning.

so, I want to help you.

I'm about to lose
my... my family here

If you don't tell me how.

Please, Castiel,
just talk to me.

What do you want from me?

Yes, I understand.

Promise my family will
be okay, and I'll do it.

Then... yes.


I am not your father.

We, uh...

We stopped
looking for you.

I'm so sorry.

You were dead.

We, uh, we thought
you were dead.

I'm okay.

Claire, room, now.

Can I see her?

Oh... no.

I don't know yet.

It's been almost
a year, you know?

I know.

Think your daughter would have
wanted to know you were okay.

I was in a psych clinic.

I just wanted to get myself
straight before seeing you.

And no telephones, or...?

No. I know. You're
right. I'm...

I'm so sorry.

But it's all,
it's all over now.

I mean, I'm...
I'm really okay.

What does that mean?

I... I was, I was
confused, Amelia.

I was completely

And I thought, I thought god
was calling me to something,

And I thought that
it was important.


I was wrong.

I was such an idiot.

Heaven, hell...

None of that matters.

The only thing that's important
to me is you and Claire.

And I, uh...

I can't undo
what I've done.

But I just want
to come home again.

I don't know if
I can do that.

Not yet.

I mean, whatever
you're comfortable with.

Maybe we could start
with something smaller?

Like what?

I don't know.


where the hell
are you, Ruby?

This isn't funny anymore.

I'm all out.

Stop whatever
you're doing.

Call me.

I need more.

Hi, daddy.

Hi, baby.

Okay, so, we have
turkey and roast beef.

Better be okay.
it's all we have.

It's fine.

It's more than fine.

Shall we sit?


It's perfect.

Daddy... aren't
you gonna say grace?

no, honey, I
don't think I am.

Why are you crying?

'cause I'm happy.

Hey, Roger.

Hey, Ames. how you doing?


Am I crazy, or
did I just see

Your husband wander in
here about half an hour ago?

Yeah, uh, you did.

But, Roger, now's
not a good time -

Hey. there he is.

Son of a bitch. what
the hell happened to you?

Uh... long story.

But it's over.


I'm good.

Can I talk to you?

Can I get you a beer?

That'd be good.


get in here.

Buddy, you scared the hell
out of a lot of people.

I know, I know.

So, really, what happened?


Worst year of my life,

And you wouldn't
believe a word of it.

But... it's all okay now.


Actually, no, it's not.

What do you mean?

Well, I mean, I'm gonna gut
your daughter while you watch.

Here you go.

What are you doing?!

- He's a demon!
- Jimmy, stop!

- Run! run!
- stop it!

- Where is it?
- Roger was your best friend.

Roger was a demon.

Don't cross this line.

Jimmy, you thought you were
better. but you are so sick.

- Look, I'm not crazy.
- stay the hell away from us!

- Just stay the hell away from us!
- this is very, very real.

Claire! no! run!

Leave her alone!

Please stay there!


Damn it!

Hey, pal.

- Told you I'd gut the bitch.
- Roger.

- Daddy?
- just let her go, okay?

Now, me
- I would.

But the missus
- she has other ideas.


Oh, my god.


go! get them out of here!

Go! go!

Can't get it
up, can you, Sam?

No, but I can.

Come on, come on, come on.

Oh, my god.

- Where's your wife?
- right here.

Let's go!

You were right.

Sorry we were.

But I'm telling you
- I don't know anything.

I don't think they're
inclined to believe you.

And even if they
did, you're a vessel.

They're still gonna want
to know what makes you tick.

Which means vivisection...
if they're feeling generous.

I'm gonna tell
you once again -

You're putting your
family in danger.

You have to come with us.

How long?

And don't give me that "cross that
bridge when we get to it" crap.

Don't you get it?


The demons
will never stop.

You can never be
with your family.

So, you either get as far
away from them as possible

Or you put a
bullet in your head,

And that's how you
keep your family safe,

But there's no getting out
and there's no going home.

Well, don't
sugarcoat it, Sam.

I'm just telling
him the truth, Dean.

Someone has to.

So... I pretty much owe you
the biggest apology ever.

No, you don't.

Yes. I do.

I'm so sorry, Jimmy.

And I will never,
ever forgive myself

For letting you
walk out that door.

Well, you did what any
rational person would have done.

I mean, hell, I thought
I was crazy half the time.

So... demons, huh?


Can we...

Can we even
go home, or...?

What are we gonna do?

These boys are
gonna get you a car.

Don't ask me how.

And you're gonna take
Claire to Carl and Sally's

As fast as you can.

Wait. what about you?

No. I-I'm not going
anywhere without you, Jimmy.

Listen to me.

Every moment
that I'm with you,

You and Claire
are in danger.

I don't care. we are
not splitting up again.

We don't have a choice.

For how long?

We'll... cross that
bridge when we get to it.

we're family.

They will kill
you, Amelia.

And they'll kill Claire.

You just have to get as
far away from me as you can.

Okay, so, uh...
here's your car.

Take care of your
mom, okay, bub?

Why is he leaving again?

This is just not
my day, is it?

You little bitch.

What the hell
happened back there?


You practically fainted
trying to gank a demon.

Okay, I didn't faint.

I got a little dizzy.

Well, you can call
it whatever you want.

Point is, you used to be
strong enough to kill Alastair.

Now you can't even kill
stunt demon number three?

What do you want me
to say about it, Dean?

For starters, what's
going on with your mojo?

I mean, it's yo-yo'ing
all over the place.

Now, I'm not trying to
pick a fight here, okay?

I just - y-you're
scaring me, man.

I'm scaring myself.


Who is this?

It's your wife.


Oh, my god.

All right, they're
expecting you to come alone.

That's exactly what
you're gonna do.

We'll work our way
through the catwalks.

We'll be right behind you.

All you got to do is stay calm
and stall and let us do our job.

You want me to stay calm?

This is my family
we're talking about.

Listen to me
- this will work.

You understand?
nobody's gonna get hurt.


Give me a minute, okay?

There's no way they're expecting
him to come alone, Dean.

You know this is
probably a trap.

Yeah, I know.

That's why I have a plan.

Castiel, you
son of a bitch!

You promised me my
family would be okay!

You promised you were
gonna take care of them!

I've gave you everything
you asked me to give!

I gave you more!

This is the thanks I get?

This is what you do?

Your heaven?!

Help me, please!

You promised, Cass!

Just help me!


Hi, honey. you're home.

Listen, I'm...

I'm begging you here.

You d-do whatever
you want with me...

But my wife and
daughter, they're just -

They're not a
part of this.

Oh, they're a big
part of this, Jimmy.

And p. s.
- you should have come alone.

I am alone.

Oh, you're such a liar.

Like I didn't think you'd
bring heckle and jeckle.

Damn it.

Nice plan, Dean.

Yeah, well, nobody
bats a thousand.

Got the knife?

And you know what's funny?

You wearing a soccer mom?

Is I was actually bummed
to get this detail.

Picking up an
empty vessel?

Sort of like a milk run.

Now look who
landed in my lap.

Yeah, well...

You got us, okay?

Let these people go.

Oh, Sam.

It's easy to
act chivalrous

When your wonder girl
powers aren't working, huh?

Now for the punch line -

Everybody dies.

Waste little orphan annie.


Of course we
keep our promises.

Of course you
have our gratitude.

You served us well.

Your work is done.

It's time to go home now
- your real home.

You'll rest forever in
the fields of the lord.


Rest now, Jimmy.

No. Claire.

She's with me now.

She's chosen.

It's in her blood,
as it was in yours.

please, Castiel.

I mean, just
- just take me.

Take me, please.

I want to make
sure you understand.

You won't die... or age.

If this last year
was painful for you,

Picture a hundred
- a thousand more like it.

Doesn't matter.

You take me.

Just take me.

As you wish.

Cass, hold up.

What were you
gonna tell me?

I learned my lesson
while I was away, Dean.

I serve heaven.
I don't serve man.

And I certainly
don't serve you.

All right.

Let's hear it.


Drop the bomb, man.

You saw what I did. come on.
stop the car. take a swing.

I'm not gonna
take a swing.

Then scream. chew me out.

I'm not mad, Sam.

Oh, come on.
you're not mad?


Right. look, at least
let me explain myself.


I don't care.

You don't care?

What do you want me to say
- that I'm disappointed?

Yeah, I am.

But mostly, I'm
just tired, man.

And I'm done.

I am just done.

Hey, Bobby.

Hey, you and your brother
better shag ass to my place ASAP.

What's going on?

The apocalypse, genius. now,
get your asses over here.

What'd he say?

Well, thanks for
shaking a tail.

Glad you got here.

Now, go on inside. I want
to show you something.

All right.

So, uh, what's the
big demon problem?

You are.

This is for your own good.


Hey. guys!

This isn't funny!




I'm not drinking the
demon blood for kicks.

I'm getting strong
enough to kill Lilith.

All the seals falling.

Except one.

you give yourself over holy to the
serves of the god and his angels.

Yes. I swear.

I will wait on... time.

I'm not gonna give him
demon blood. I won't do it.

I won't let my brother
turning into a monster.

Guys, help

Sam is not going to last much longer

we are killing him.

This poison I
hope is Ruby.

she is poison, Sam.

you are gonna out door,
don't you ever come back

I’ve been waiting this

For a very long time.

then give me
your best shoot.