Supernatural (2005–…): Season 4, Episode 14 - Sex and Violence - full transcript

The Winchester's investigation into a series of deaths takes a deadly turn when a siren tries to tear them apart for good.

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Your brother is heading down
a dangerous road, Dean.

I'm in.

You gonna tell Dean
about what we're doing?

I just got to figure out
the right way to say it.

He's gonna find out,

And if it's not from you,
he's gonna be pissed.

He's gonna pissed anyway.

You satisfied?

Why do you trust her so much?

I told you, Dean,
she helped me go after Lilith.

Well, thanks for the
thumbnail -- Real vivid.

Something major must've happened
while I was downstairs,

'Cause I come back and --
And you're bff with a demon?

You want to fill in
a little detail?

Sure, Dean.
Let's trade stories.

You first. How was hell?
Don't spare the details.




Ted's kind of cracking the whip, isn't he?

You think I like
coming home late?

I'm working my ass off.



No, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Long day.

Oh, hey. I ran into
jill martin today.

Gary's turning 40 on saturday.

- Yeah?
- She invited us to the party.

- What'd you tell her?
- That we'd go.

You're kidding.

You like gary.

Yeah, that doesn't mean That I want
to waste my saturday night with him.

I thought you'd want to go.

I don't believe you.

I-It's fine.

I'll -- I'll call jill and
tell her we can't make it.

What's with you tonight?

It's like you want to
have a fight or something.

supernatural s4 e14

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Yeah, that's what I'm
telling you. No storms, no --

No bad crops, nothing.


OK£¬i will keep looking.
You keep looking, too, okay?

All right, talk soon.


Up and at 'em, kiddo.

You're up early.
What are you doing?

Nothing. I was in the can.


Yeah. Want me to
draw you a picture?

No, I'll pass.

I found a job --
Bedford, iowa.

- Guy beat his wife's brains out with a meat tenderizer.
- Yikes.

And get this -- Third local inside
two months To gank his wife.

No priors on any of them,
all happily married.

Sounds like
"ozzie and harriet."

More like "the shining."

All right, well, I guess
we better have a look.

Why does the p.D.
Keep sending you guys?

I already said
I don't want a lawyer.

They're lining up
the firing squad.

I'm pleading guilty.

All right, look, you don't
want us to represent you --

That's fine.

In fact, it's probably not a
bad idea, between you and me.

We just want to
understand what happened.

That's all.

Mr. Benson...


What happened was...

I killed my wife.

And you want to know why?

Because she made plans
without asking me.

When it happened,
how did you feel?

Out of control?

Like something
possessed you to do it?

I knew exactly
what I was doing.

I was crystal clear.

- Then why did you do it?
- I don't know.

I loved her.
We were happy.

9 g's.

That's a hefty bill.

- Where did you get that?
- Doesn't matter. We have it.

See, certain charges --

Ones you don't want
the missus to know --

They show up under shady names
like "m & c entertainment."

Yeah, I don't know
what you're talking about.

Oh, you're dropping plastic
at a nudie bar, for instance.

We just... want to know
the truth, mr. Benson.

Her name was...


She was a stripper?

Dude, her name was jasmine.

I didn't mean for it to happen.

I don't like to
go to strip bars.

My buddy was having
a bachelor party,

there she was.

- Jasmine.
- She came right up to me. And...

I-I don't know,
s-She was just...


Everything that I wanted.

Well, you pay enough,
anybody will be anything.

It wasn't about the money.

It wasn't even about
the sex. It was --

I don't know.

I don't know what it was.
It's hard to explain.

And your wife found out?

No, she never had a clue.

Then why'd you kill her?

For jasmine.

She said we would
be together forever,

If -- If only j--Vicki was...


Afterwards, me and jasmine were
supposed to meet, And she never showed.

I don't know where she lives.
I don't know her last name.

I don't even know
her real first name.

I'm an idiot.

And you didn't think
to tell this to the cops?

What for?

The stripper didn't
do it. I did it.

And I know what I deserve.

Judge doesn't give me the death
sentence, I'll just do it myself.

- Rough night?
- Fun night.

Rough morning.

Can I help you?

Uh, yes.

I'm special agent stiles -- Fbi.

- You're dr. Cara roberts?
- Far as I know.

You do some work with
the sheriff's department?

Yeah, when I'm not
slogging it through the e.R.

It's a small town.
We multitask.

Well, I have some questions about
a case -- About several cases, actually.

You mind if I sit? Great.

Uh, adam benson, jim wylie,
and steve snyder?

Oh, yeah. The men
who killed their wives.

You handled the
work-Ups, right?

Autopsies for the wives and
tox screens for the perps.

Two-For-One special.

- You find anything?
- Not really.

I mean, c.O.D. On the
women was pretty clear --

There was nothing
unusual in their system.

What about the husbands?

Can I see your badge again?

There was one thing --

Um, an anomaly
in the blood work.

And I remember thinking
how strange it was

That it showed up
in all three of the men.

- That what showed up?
- Oxytocin.

And their levels
were crazy high.

- Uh, oxytocin?
- Mm-Hmm,

it's a hormone That's produced
during childbirth, lactation, And sex.


People call it the love hormone.

Um, you know how it feels
when you first fall in love --

The whole weak-In-The-Knees,
tattoo-You-On-My-Chest thing?

That's oxytocin.

Of course, it eventually fades, And then
you're stuck with every relationship ever,

That and the painful
regimen of tattoo removal.

What'd I miss?

This is my partner --
Agent murdock.

Please, "agent" sounds so formal.

- You can call me Dean.
- I'm dr. Roberts.

So, um...

Can I help you
with anything else?

Just one more thing.

- This chemical, this...
- Oxytocin....

oxytocin --

What would cause those
high levels that you found?

Nothing that I've ever seen.

Okay. That's it.
Thanks, doc.

By the way, uh,
try a greasy breakfast.

Best thing for a hangover.

Watch it, buddy.
I'm the only m.D. Here.

Dude, you totally c-Blocked me.

So, wylie and
snyder fessed up, huh?

One emptied his I.R.A.,
The other, his kid's college fund --

All on the same thing.

Live nude girls?

Club called c dhoney wagon.

These guys have affairs, too,
With a stripper also known as jasmine?

Yes and no.
This is where it gets interesting.

Each guy hooked up
with a different chick.

So, what, these girls
all connected somehow?

Well, they all described their stripper
in the same way, The exact same way --

Perfect and everything
that they wanted.

Yeah, at least they'll dream Barbie
convinced them to murder their wives.

There's that.

You know, it's almost like they
were under some kind of love spell.

Sure seems that way.

Which caused them to
become totally psychotic.


You seem pretty cheery.

Strippers, sammy. Strippers.

We are on an actual
case involving strippers.


I'm looking for three girls --

Jasmine, aurora, and ariel.

You seriously think
those names mean anything to me?

One's a redhead about 5'9".
The other one's asian about --

Do you have any idea
how many girls I deal with?

Fake names, fake hair, fake...

You got to have some sort
of paperwork, check stubs,

Some way to keep
track of the strippers.

Please. Exotic dancers --

Independent contractors
working for cash.

I stay out of their hair.

They stay out of
what little I have left.

Three of your customers
murdered their wives.

You don't think
that that's weird?

Yeah, I think that's
super-Freakin' weird.

But you know what
it ain't? My problem.

Any luck?

No. You?

A little. I just talked to Bobby.

We officially have a theory.

- What's that?
- Siren.

Like greek-Myth siren?
Like "the odyssey"?

Hey, I read.

Yeah, actually, but the
siren's not actually a myth.

It's more of a beautiful
creature that prey on men,

Entice them with
their siren song.

Let me guess --
"Welcome to the jungle"?

No, no. Warrant's "cherry pie"?

Their song is
more of a metaphor --

Like their call,
their al, you know?

So they shake their thing
and the guys zombie out?

Basically, yeah.

Sirens live on islands.
Sailors would chase them,

Completely ignoring the rocky
shores, And dash themselves to pieces.

- Sounds like adam and his buddies.
- Ah.

If you were a siren in '09 And
looking to ruin a bunch of morons,

Where would you set up shop?

So, whatever floats the guy's boat,
That's what they look like?

Yeah. You see,
sirens can read minds.

They see what you want most,

And then they can kind of, like,
cloak themselves --

You know, like an illusion.

So it could all be the same chick,

Morphing into
different dream girls?

Yeah, actually. Probably.

Sirens are usually pretty solitary.

- How do we kill it?
- Bobby's working on it.

But even if we figure that out...

How the hell are we gonna find it?
It could be anybody.

Hi, belle.

Thought you'd never come.

It's okay.
She's asleep.

Lenny, you're amazing...

Taking care of her like this.

Most guys would have
put her in a nursing home.

It's no big deal.

She's my mom.

Like I said --



...I love you so much.

The way you take care of me and your mom --

You're so sweet...

And strong.

I just wish you didn't have to carry it all.

I mean, your mom takes up all your time.

As long as she's around,

we can't really be happy.

She's not so bad.

I could be with you...


If only your mom wasn't here.

Don't you want to be with me forever?


Yeah, you know I do.

Then bash your mother's brains in.

Baby, do it for me.

Do it, baby.

Yeah, okay.

If you say so.

I love you.

Hey, Sam.


You there?

Lenny bristol was definitely another siren vic.

- You got in to see him?
- Yep.

Said he brought a stripper home named belle.
Couple hours later, he offed his mother.

Belle, of course, went m.I.A.

Wait. He killed his mom?

Woman he was closest to.

Yeah, you, uh...

forgot your cellphone.

Hey, Bobby.

Sam, did you find her yet?

Uh, no,

And doesn't seem like she's slowing
down any. What about you? Got anything?

Well, some lore from a dusty greek poem.

Shockingly, it's a little vague.

Oh, hold on a sec. I'm
gonna put you on speaker.

It says you need "a bronze dagger

Covered in the blood of a sailor
under the spell of the song."

What the hell does that mean?

You got me.

We're dealing with 3,000
years of the telephone game here.

Best guess?


the siren's spell ain't got
nothing to do with any song.

It's most likely some
kind of toxin or venom.

Something she gets in the vics' blood.

That makes them go all
manchurian candidate.

Uh, what do you think? She
infects the men during sex?


Supernatural std.

Well, however it happens,

Once it's done, the siren's
got to watch her back.

If she gets a dose of her own medicine...

It kills her.

Like a snake getting iced by its own venom.

So we just got to find a way to
juice one of the o.J.S in jail?

It's not that easy.

None of those guys are
under the spell anymore.

Haven't got a clue where you're
gonna get the blood you need.

I think I might have an idea.

Be careful.

These things are tricky bastards.

Wrap you up in knots before
you know what hit you.

Dr. Roberts.

Agent stiles.

Can't stay away, huh?

Actually, we're here on business About the
blood samples, the ones with the high... know, oxytocin.

Do you still have them?

Good. We need them.

What for?

Excuse me, dr. Roberts?

- Yeah?
- Excuse me.

we're a little busy here, buddy.

Yeah, so am I, pal.

Doc, could you give us a sec, please?

- Sure.
- Thanks.

What's your name?

Nick monroe. What's yours?

I'm special agent Sam stiles.
This is my partner -- Dean murdock.

What office you from?

Omaha -- Violent-Crimes unit. My s.A.C.
Sent me down here to see about the murders.

- You?
- D.C.

Our assistant director assigned us.

Which a.D.?

Mike kaiser.

What are your badge numbers?

You're kidding, right?

I'm just following protocol.

Look, man, whatever. Just call our
a.D. He'll sort things out, huh?

Uh, yeah, assistant
director kaiser, please.

Yeah, sir, hello. It's agent nick monroe.

I'm calling about...

two of your men -- Stiles and murdock?

Uh, it seems that they've been
put on my case by mistake.

Are you questioning my authority?

No, no, no, sir. I'm not questioning.

You could have fooled me.

Last time I checked,
son, d.C. Has jurisdiction.

Or am I wrong?


Well, good.

Well, the next time you want to waste
my time with stupid questions, don't.

Those idjits.

Well, I'm sorry, guys.

Just don't let it happen again.

So, where are you at with this?

Where are you at with this?

Well, I was about to run the perps' blood work.

I already checked. It's a dead end.

- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.

Well, get this -- I feel like I found
something that connects all the murderers.


They were all banging strippers

From the same club.

You don't say.

What do you say we go
down there and check it out?

Well, here's the thing, nick.

See, we're kind of lone wolves --

You know what? That sounds like an excellent idea.

Just give me a second with
my partner. And we'll, uh --

Dude, you got to stay with him.


Keep him out of the way.

Why me?

'Cause I got to get the blood samples.

What the hell am I supposed to do with him?

Just take him to the strip club,
Keep an eye out for the siren.

Come on, Dean, just --

Just focus on the naked girls.
You'll forget he's even there.

I'm not doing this for you.
I'm doing it for the girls.

We're taking my ride.
No complaining about the tunes.

No way.

- You drive an impala?
- Yeah.

It's a '67, right?

It's a 3274-Barrel.

Yeah, actually.

It's a thing of beauty.


How the hell did you talk the bureau
into letting you drive your own wheels?

And you want this blood because...

We'd like to run some tests.

You know, I've run every
test there is. It's, um...

my job.

Notice the lab coat.

We know a specialist who would
like to try out a theory.

If you say so.

What the hell?


The blood's gone.

"Nobody's fault but mine."

Oh, oh, oh, zeppelin recorded it, '75.

It was a cover of a blind willie johnson tune.


"You shook me."

Oh, '69, debut album, written by willie dixon.


And what?

Written by willie dixon and j.B. Lenoir.

Dude. Dude!

You know, for a fed, you're not a total dick.

Aren't we both feds?

Yeah. No, I just, you know --

Not a lot of feds as cool as us, huh?

So, what the hell with this case, man?

How does a girl talk four
different johns into murder?

Crazy world.

I guess.

Hey, can I level with you?

I found something kind of weird.


You brought your weird to the right spot.

Lay it on me.

I went to the crime scene this morning.

Saw them bagging this up.

So I went back through all the files.

It turns out a flower just like
that was found at every crime scene.

Like it was left on purpose?

I mean, you know, sometimes a serial killer
will leave an object behind, like a calling card.

But with this case?

To tell you the truth...

I got no idea what's going on.

I think I might.

I've seen a flower like this before.

We've watched them twice.
Whoever took the blood...

Must have tampered with the tapes.

Who has access to your office?

Everyone. I don't lock it.

You what?

I've never had this problem before.

What is so important about the blood, anyway?

I think someone drugged the
men, made them commit murder.


What kind of drug?

Uh, I'm not sure yet.

I don't know.

I mean, I interviewed those
guys,and they had their reasons.

Yeah, but they all loved their victims.

I'm sure they did.

Come on.

Haven't you ever been in a relationship
where you really loved somebody

And still kind of wanted
to bash their head in?

Sounds like you're speaking from experience.


Look, I'm sorry. I-I don't mean to pry.

It's okay.

I was the one who brought it up.


It's medicine.

I'm a doctor.

His name was carl.

And we were married.

So what happened?

Life happened.

I don't know. I mean, I loved him.

I still do, I guess. But, um,

I don't know. It's just like one day I looked
up, And I was living with a stranger. And...

You know what I mean, right?

I guess Or...

I don't know. Maybe.

People change.

God, I know I did.

But it's nothing to feel
guilty about. It happens.

So you two split up?

Yeah, I suppose that's a word for it.

You need to get that?


Not right now.


We've all got our own sad stories, so...

...screw it.

Have fun, no regrets, and live
life like there's no tomorrow.

For instance, I have been
thinking about you all night.


Parts of you.

Just parts?

Like your lips.

They're very distracting.

It's a problem.

And I can't stop thinking about

kissing them.

That so?


...what the hell, huh?

Sam, where the hell have you been?

With cara.

Oh, it's "cara" now.

And you're not picking up your phone.

We were trying to find the
blood samples. Someone stole them.

Yeah, I'll bet.

What's that supposed to mean?

Nick found flower petals at the crime scenes.


- So?
- Hyacinths?

Mediterranean, from the --

From the island Where the whole freakin'
siren myth started in the first place?

- Okay.
- Sam, cara had hyacinth flowers.

You think cara's the siren?

Well, I did a little checking up on her.

She's only been in town for two months.

- Yeah, and?
- And she has an ex-Husband.

A dead ex-Husband -- Carl roberts.

Dropped like a stone, no warning,
supposedly a heart attack.

Well, maybe it was a heart attack.

You're kidding me.

Look, I just don't think it's her.

And what makes you so sure?

I don't know. A hunch.

A hunch?

I'm giving you cold, hard facts here,
and you're giving me a hunch?

Did you sleep with her?


Holy crap. You did.

Middle of "basic instinct"
and you bang sharon stone?

Sam, you could be under her spell right now.

Dude, I'm not under her spell.

Unbelievable, man. I just don't get it.



No. Say it.

No, it's just --

First it's madison, and then Ruby, and now cara.

It's like what is with you and banging monsters?

Look, Dean, I'm telling you.
It's not cara. I feel fine.

I'll bet you do.

You don't trust me.

No because this could be the siren talking.

Look, just tell me where you are. I'll come
meet you, and we'll figure things out.


Are you serious?

I wish I weren't.

I got to handle this, Sam, by myself.

Sam's in trouble, Bobby.

I think the siren's worked her mojo on him.

Give me a call as soon as you get this.

Hey, man. What's up?

I need your help.

Uh, sure. With what?

Canvassing. We got to find somebody.

She went in just a second ago.

Nice work.

Should we follow her in?


I'm just waiting to see
who she comes out with.

So you think,


She's drugging these guys?

Pretty much.

I know how it sounds.

Are you sure about that? 'Cause
it sounds like crazy on toast.

All these different strippers --
They're magically the same girl.

But then they're not strippers at all --

It's dr. Quinn?

It's kind of hard to explain,

But I have my reasons,
and they're good ones.

So you're just gonna have to trust me on it.

Yeah. Okay.

I guess.

Thank you.

That's actually nice to hear.

So, let's say she is drugging her vics.

How's she pulling that off?

She could be injecting them,

You know, or passing the
toxin through physical contact.

Or it could be her saliva.

You really should have wiped the lip of
that thing before you drank from it, Dean.

I should be your little brother.

Sam... can't trust him.

Not like you can trust me.

In fact, I really feel like you
should get him out of the way

So that we can be brothers...



Yeah, you're right.


what are you doing here?


I got to tell you, you're
one butt-Ugly stripper.

Well, maybe.

But I got exactly what I wanted. I got Dean.

Dean, come on, man. This isn't
you. You can fight this.

Let me go.

Why don't you cut him just a
little on his neck right there?


Dean's all mine.

You poisoned him.

No, I gave him what he needed.

And it wasn't some bitch in a g-String.

It was you.

A little brother that looked up to him

That he could trust.

And now he loves me.

He'd do anything for me.

And I got to tell you, Sam,

That kind of devotion --

Watching someone kill for you... the best feeling in the world.

Is that why you're slutting all over town?


I get bored.

Like we all do.

And I want to fall in love again

And again and again.

Tell you what, I have fought some nasty sons of bitches,

But you are one needy, pathetic loser.

You won't feel that way in a minute.

No, no.

So, I know you two

Have a lot you want to get off your chests.

So why don't you discuss it...

And whoever survives can be with me forever?

Well, I don't know when it happened.

Maybe when I was in hell.

Maybe when I was staring right at you.

But the Sam I knew, he's gone.

That so?

And it's not the demon blood or the psychic crap.

It's the little stuff --

The lies, the secrets.

Oh, yeah?

What secrets?

Phone calls to Ruby, for one.

So I need your say-So to make a phone call?

That's the point.

You're hiding things from me.

What else aren't you telling me?

None of your business.

See what I mean?

We used to be in this together.

We used to have each other's backs!

Okay, fine.

You want to know why I didn't tell you about Ruby?

And how we're hunting down Lilith?

Because you're too weak to go after her, Dean.

You're holding me back.

I'm a better hunter than you are --

Stronger, smarter.

I can take out demons you're too scared to go near.

That's crap.

You're too busy sitting around

Feeling sorry for yourself,

Whining about all the souls you tortured in hell.


You're not standing in my way anymore.

Do it for me, Dean.

Tell me again how weak I am, Sam, huh?

How I hold you back.





You boys are driving, ain't ya?

Thanks, Bobby.

You know, you -- You hadn't shown up when you did --

Done the same for me, more than once.

Of course, you could have picked up a phone.

Only took one call to figure out

That agent nick monroe wasn't real.

You boys gonna be okay?

Yeah, fine.

Yeah, good.

See you

You know, those sirens are nasty things.

That it got to you -- That's no reason to feel bad.

You gonna say goodbye to cara?


Not interested.

Really? Why not?

What's the point?

Well, look at you. Love 'em and leave 'em.

Dean, look, you know I didn't mean

The things I said back there, right?

That it was just the siren's spell talking?

Of course. Me too.


So -- So we're good?

Yeah, we're good.