Supernatural (2005–…): Season 3, Episode 7 - Fresh Blood - full transcript

Gordon Walker is out of prison and out for blood, Sam's blood, and pays Bela to reveal their location. Meanwhile, the Winchesters are hot on the trail of a vampire named Dixon, who in turn has a beef with Gordon.

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i know about sam's visions. i know everything.

gordon should be reaching for the soap

for the next few years,at least.

you were right about everything.

sam winchester is more than a monster.

i'm not even sure he's human.

we got to get me the hell out of here.

it's rude to sneak up on people.

bela talbot.

you have me at a disadvantage.

i don't know who you are.

gordon walker.

i've heard of you.

heard you were in prison.

got out.

released early on good behavior?

you looking for this?

i know you were just in massachusetts,

and i know you were with the winchester boys.

tell me where they are.

i don't think i know.

why don't you think a little harder?

put that down.

what's so pressing about finding the boys,anyway?

sam winchester's the antichrist.

i'd heard something about that... it's true.

...from my good friend,the easter bunny,

who'd heard it from the tooth fairy.

are you off your meds?

the world hangs in the balance.

so you go ahead and be a smart-ass,

but tell me where they are,or i shoot.

gordon,you and i don't know each other very well,

so let me tell you a little something about me.

i don't respond well to threats,

but you make me an offer,

and i think you'll find me highly cooperative.


how about...

you tell me where they are,or i kill you right now?

kill me.

good luck finding sam and dean.

i can wrangle up three grand.

i don't get out of bed for three grand.


scratch that.

give me the mojo bag,and we'll call it even.


this thing's a century old. it's --


believe me,i know.

now,how badly do you want the winchesters?


hey,where are you?

supernatural season 3 episode 7
Flesh Blood

hey,hey. don't worry.

we're gonna call you some help,okay?

where is she? where'd she go?!

smell that?!

come and get it!

that's right.

come on.

i smell good,don't i?

i taste even better.

come on!

free lunch!


cutting it a little close,don't you think?

ah,that's just chum in the water.

worked,didn't it?

you with us?


you're not going anywhere.

where's your nest? what?

nest -- where you and your bloodsucking pals hang out.

i don't know what you're talking about.


i don't feel good.

yeah,well,you're gonna feel a hell of a lot worse

if we give you another shot of dead man's blood.

just let me go.

yeah,you know we can't do that.

i'm telling you the truth.

i'm just -- i took something.

i'm freaking out!

i don't know what's going on!

you took something? yes!

i can't...calm down.

i just want to calm down.

what's your name?


please,just let me go.

all right,lucy,how about this?

if you tell us what happened,

we'll let you go.

you will?

uh,i don't really...

um,it's not that clear.

i was at spider.


the club on jefferson.

and there was this guy -- he was buying me drinks.

this guy -- what's he look like?

he was old,like 30.

he had brown hair,a leather jacket --

deacon or dixon or something.

said he was a dealer -- he had something for me.

something? something new.

"better than anything you've ever tried."

he put a few drops in my drink.

was the drug red and thick?

well,genius move there.

that was vampire blood he dosed you with.


you just took a big shot of the nastiest virus out there.

you're crazy!

he gave me roofies or something!


the next thing i know,we're at his place,

and he says he's gonna get me something to eat,

just wait.

but i get so hungry.

so you busted out?

but it won't wear off...

whatever he gave me?

lights are too bright?

sunshine hurt your skin?


and smells.

and i can... hear blood pumping.

i hate to tell you this,sweetheart,

but your blood's never pumping again.

not mine...


i can hear a heart beating from half a block away.

i just want it to stop.

it's not going to stop.

you've already killed two people -- almost three.

no,i couldn't.

-i was hallucinating!
-you killed them,all right?

we've been following a sloppy trail of corpses,

and it leads straight to you.

no. no,it wasn't real!

it was the drug!


please,you have to help me!


poor girl.

we don't have a choice.


sir,a few questions about the attack.

i already talked to the cops.

well,we're not cops. we're fbi.


can you describe your attacker?

she was crazy.

she had that,uh,super-pcp strength,you know?

she gnawed on my neck.

and did she bleed on you?

on me,no.

in your mouth,open wound,anything?

-you sure about that? -yeah,i'm sure. why?

this woman has a very dangerous virus.

what? she bit me in the neck.

the bite doesn't matter.

you have to actually ingest the blood to be infected.

good thing,too. we'd have had to kill you.

the attack?

she jumped me,then bit me.

then those two guys found me and chased her down the alley.

-what did they look like?
-i didn't get a good look.


one of them was real tall.

that was a big,fat waste of time.

look,three blondes have gone missing,including lucy --

all last sighted here.

i'm telling you,dean,this is the hunting ground.

you're sick.

you ready,sweetie?

one taste of this,you'll never be the same.

get out of here. go! go!


i'm good. come on.

all right. run. i'll draw them off.

what?! you're crazy!

there you are!


sorry,i stopped for a slice.

nice move you pulled back there,dean --

running right at the weapons.

well,what can i say? i'm a bad-ass.

so,i guess gordon's out of jail.

uh,yeah,i guess so.

how the hell did he know where to find us?

that bitch.

-hi,bela. -hello,dean.

question for you.

when you called me yesterday,

it wasn't to thank me for saving your ass,was it?

gordon walker paid me to tell him where you were.

excuse me?

well,he had a gun on me. what else was i supposed to do?

i don't know,maybe pick up the phone

and tell us that a raging psychopath was dropping by!

i did fully intend to call.

-i just got a bit sidetracked.
-he tried to kill us!

i'm sorry. i didn't realize it was such big deal.

after all,there are two of you and one of him.

there were two of them.

bela,if we make it out of this alive,

the first thing i'm gonna do is kill you.

you're not serious.

listen to my voice and tell me if i'm serious.

i know you're uncomfortable...

but this is just temporary.

the hunger will pass,and then you'll feel much better.

-you're awake.
-who are they?


you always keep your family in shackles?

we're still getting to know each other.

they've just been reborn.

you mean you grabbed some poor girls off the street

and made them monsters like you.

i do what i have to.

we're a dying breed.

but,then,you know that,don't you,gordon?

gordon walker...

one of the greatest living vampire hunters.

in the flesh.

you're a big part of why my people are nearly extinct.

your "people" are going extinct

because you're a bunch of mindless,bloodthirsty animals.


we're so much more bloodthirsty than you.

hunters slaughtered my entire nest

like they were having a party --

murdered my daughter.

i can't tell you how satisfying this is --

catching a hunter responsible for so many deaths

and making you lunch for my new daughters.


try "fang whores."

watch your mouth.

oh,did i hurt your feelings? i'm sorry.

i forgot you're just a misunderstood victim...

even though you murder and spread your filthy disease

on pure base instinct.

you got less humanity than a sewer rat.

i'm sorry you have such a low opinion of my people.

oh,you have no idea.

sorry,change of plans.

i'll be going out to get your lunch.

i've got a better idea for you.




that vampire's still out there,dean.

first things first.


about that -- when we find him,or if he finds us...

i'm just saying he's not leaving us a whole lot of options.

yeah,i know. we've got to kill him.


just like that?

i thought you would have been like,

"no,we can't. he's human. it's wrong."

no,i'm done.

gordon's not gonna stop until we're dead...

...or till he is.


i don't like it when people hold grudges against me,

and more to the point,i'd rather you didn't kill me,

so i went ahead and found gordon's exact location for you.

you're a hundred miles away. how the hell did you --

hello? purveyor of powerful occult objects?

i used a talking board to contact the other side.


two stories,riverfront,neon sign outside.

thanks. one more thing --

the spirit had a message for you.

"leave town,run like hell,and whatever you do,

don't go after gordon."

for whatever that's worth

please help us


go ahead

do it

kill me

what happened here?

gordon walker

i never should have brought a hunter here


i just

i just wanted some kind of revenge

stupid -- exposing him to my family

oh,yeah,you're such a family man

you don't understand

i don't want to understand,you son

i was desperate you ever felt desperate?

i've lost everyone i ever loved

i'm staring down eternity alone

can you think of a worse hell?

well,there's hell

i wasn't thinking

i just

i didn't care anymore

do you know it's like

when you just don't give a damn?

it's like

it's like being dead already

so just go ahead

do it


head wasn't cut off,it was ripped off

with someone's bare hands

Dixon,what did you do to gordon?


you okay?

not even close

i thought maybe you were dead

what is it?

something happened


they turned me

those fangs?

I'm sorry

you know what this means

It means you have to kill me

but not yet

what do you mean?

you have to let me do one last thing first


-kill sam winchester

it's the only --

it is the one good thing to come out of this nightmare

gordon i'm sorry

you know i can't let you walk out of here

listen to me

there is nothing more important


i can do one last good thing for the world

yeah i hear you

you know gordon

you're right

one last good thing

i'm sorry

man,i must have checked three dozen motels,

empty buildings,warehouses

yeah,me too

big city

it's like a giant haystack and gordon's a deadly needle

we're running out of daylight

won't have the sun slowing him down

yeah,he'll be unstoppable

hey,give me your phone

what for?

well,if gordon knows our cell numbers

he can use the cell signal to track us down

oh,yeah thanks

sammy,stay here

what? where you going now?

i'm going after gordon


you heard me

not alone,you're not

sam,i don't need you to sign me a permission slip,okay?

he's after you,not me,and he's turbocharged

i want you to stay out of harm's way

i'll take care of it

you're not going by yourself you're gonna get killed

just another day at the office

it's a massively dangerous day at the office

so you're the guy with nothing to lose now,huh?

oh,wait let me guess because,uh

it's because you're already dead,right?

-if the shoe fits
-you know what,man?

i'm sick and tired of your kamikaze trip

whoa,whoa kamikaze?

i'm more like a ninja

-that's not funny
-it's a little funny

no,it's not

what do you want me to do,sam,huh --

sit around all day writing sad poems about how i'm gonna die?

you know what? i got one

let's see what rhymes with "shut up,sam"?

dude drop the attitude,dean

quit turning everything into a punch line

and you know something else?

stop trying to act like you're not afraid

-I'm not!
-You're lying

you may as well drop it 'cause i can see right through you

you got no idea what you're talking about

yeah,i do you're scared,dean

you're scared because your year is running out

and you're still going to hell and you're freaked

-and how do you know that?
-because i know you!


yeah,i've been following you around my entire life!

i mean,i've been looking up to you since i was four,dean --

studying you,trying to be just like my big brother

so,yeah,i know you --

better than anyone else in the entire world

and this

is exactly how you act when you're terrified

and,i mean,i can't blame you

it's just


i wish you would drop the show and be my brother again


just 'cause

all right,we'll hole up

cover our scent so he can't track us,

and wait the night out here

you've had that phone two hours,dean

who'd you give the number to?



how'd you get this number?

your scent's all over the cellphone store

of course,i can't smell you now

-where are you?
-I guess you'll just have to find us

i'd rather you come to me what's the matter,gordo?

you're not afraid of us,are you?

we're just sitting here bring it on!

i don't think so




factory on riverside off the turnpike.

be here in 20 minutes

or the girl dies.

-gordon,let the girl go.

gordon! don't do this.

you don't kill innocent people.

you're still a hunter.


i'm a monster.

hey,we got you.

don't worry. we're gonna get you out of here.

get up. watch your head. watch your head.

sam,stay close.


damn it,sam!


you got me where you want me.

you might as well come out and fight!

i'm right here,sam.

what's the matter,sammy?

so,this is really the way you want to do it,huh?

damn right i do.

you have no idea what i faced...

to get here.

i lost everything...

my life.

but it's worth it cause i'm finally gonna kill

the most dangerous thing i ever hunted.

you're not human,sam.

look who's talking.

you're right.

i'm a bloodthirsty killer.

-don't talk about it like you don't have a choice.
-i don't.

yes,you do,gordon.

you didn't kill that girl.

no,i didn't.

i did something much,much worse.

i got to hand it to you,sam.

you got a lot of people fooled,

but,see,i know the truth.

i know what it's like.

we're the same now,you and me.

i know how it is

walking around with something evil inside you.

it's just too bad you won't do the right thing

and kill yourself.

i'm gonna...

as soon as i'm done with you.

two last good deeds --

killing you...

and killing myself.


you just charged a super-vamped-out gordon with no weapon.

that's a little reckless,don't you think?

-there you go.

figure out what's making that rattle?

not yet.

give me a box wrench,would you?


-there you go.


-wrong one?
-no,come here for a second.


this rattle could be a couple of things.

i'm thinking it's an out-of-tune car.


all right,see this thing?

it's a valve cover.

inside are all the parts that are on the head.

hand me that socket wrench.

all right,you with me so far?

yeah,uh,valve cover covers the heads.

very good.

this is your intake manifold,and on top of it?

it's,uh,a carburetor.

carburetor -- very good.

what's with the auto shop?

you don't mean you want --

yeah,i do.

you fix it.

dean,you barely let me drive this thing.

well,it's time. you should know how to fix it.

you're gonna need to know these things for the future.

and,besides,that's my job,right?

show my little brother the ropes.

put your shoulder into it.